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duck | PO PINNED E34 - 35 CF16 🦆

Dec 14, 2022
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#アルカヴェ #haikaveh  🌱🏛 | haikaveh omegaverse | a little nsfw at the end Kaveh's consciousness is roused as he feels the bed dips beside him. A warm body and familiar scent follow right after and Kaveh takes a deep inhale of the comforting scent. The almost muted

restlessness inside of him also settles down with his alpha’s arrival in their nest. "You're back." Kaveh murmurs hoarsely as he lets himself be pulled deeper into the other's embrace. He opens his eyes and he's greeted with a blurry vision of his mate’s figure.
"I am." Alhaitham responds, momentarily loosening his hold so he can find a more comfortable position. Kaveh turns his head back a little to glance at the clock. “Did something happen?” He sleepily asks. It’s way past Alhaitham’s usual overtime hours. “Something like that.”
Alhaitham replies rather shortly. Kaveh hums, unable to articulate any reply. His body still feels extremely lethargic and combined with Alhaitham’s presence, it only fuels his drowsiness. He takes another lungful of Alhaitham’s scent as the younger man gently but firmly strokes
his head. “It feels good.” Kaveh murmurs, leaning deeper into the alpha’s chest. “Does it?” “Mmmh.” Comfortable silence fills the gap between them as Alhaitham continues to stroke the omega’s head. “Did you kill someone? An official perhaps?” Kaveh asks. The abrupt and blunt
questions generates a small chuckle from the gray-haired man. “That’s the first reason you can think of?” “I don’t want any bloodstain in my house.” Kaveh shrugs. “You mean 𝘮𝘺 house.” Alhaitham points out amusedly. “Details. Also, it wasn’t a proper and habitable house until I
moved in and decorated the place.” Kaveh scoffs. “Which you paid with my money.” “Consider it as a fee for my consultation. You should be grateful too, you know that I 𝘤𝘩𝘰𝘴𝘦 my project.” The blond excuses as he unashamedly lets out another comfortable sigh. “I was in the
desert today.” Alhaitham drops out of nowhere. “What–” Kaveh exclaims as he looks up to the younger man. “Why didn’t you say that earlier!” “Does it matter?” “Of course! You’re going to put sand and dirt on the nest.” He hisses. Grumbling under his breath for the unwanted grimes,
he pushes the young alpha away. "Go clean up first!" Kaveh protests. "Give me a bath then." Alhaitham replies and the architect scoffs faintly. "I know what you're aiming for Haitham and I'm not falling for it." He says before a loud yawn escapes from his mouth. "And what is
that?" Alhaitham asks. The younger man might look composed as ever, but Kaveh recognizes the amused glint on his eyes and he scowls. "Pretending to be innocent doesn't fit you." Kaveh flicks the alpha’s forehead. "Go, you've disturbed my sleep and I want to resume it."
"Alright,you can go back to sleep." Alhaitham responds. The remarks surprises Kaveh but he shrugs it off. "Good." He says as he closes his eyes to chase his slumber back. 𝘉𝘶𝘵 𝘰𝘧 𝘤𝘰𝘶𝘳𝘴𝘦. Kaveh is forced to open his eyes when his shoulder is pushed, making him lay on his
back as the alpha hovers above him. "That is, if you can." Alhaitham says before he leans down and starts kissing his neck. "Haitham-!" Kaveh hisses as he tries to push the gray-haired man off of him. Instead of success, his hands are grabbed and pinned to the bed by Alhaitham.
A low whimper escapes from him when Alhaitham gently bites and pulls on his scent gland. The action makes him instinctively baring his neck for his alpha, letting his submission known and the low growl of appreciation from the younger man is enough to generate another moan from
him, as his alpha licks and bites his neck to his heart’s content. "I'm just responding to your provocation." Alhaitham hums innocently after he’s satisfied with the littering bright red bruises. "Provoking what you horny-" Kaveh’s half-hearted complaint is interrupted by a mewl
when one of the younger man's hand brushes and toys on his nipple. "Wearing loose white robes with your nipples peeking out of the edge, while your sensuous thighs are free for me to feast on," Alhaitham explains as if he's giving a lecture, nevermind that he's groping the older
male’s body lecherously. “You're provoking me to breed you.” He concludes as his fingers firmly pinch and pull on the pink nipple, abusing it further. The action causes Kaveh to gasp loudly as his body moves in accordance with the rough treatment. Familiar warmth pools on
his belly. “Haitham-” he hisses as he tries to take off the hand on his nipple. Instead of letting go, Alhaitham continues in his ministration, rubbing the hardened pebble between his thumb and pointer. “If I get you pregnant, can I milk you off while doing this?”
“Haitham enough-” Kaveh scolds as red hot embarrassment fills him with the rather obscene question. “Shall we try?” “Alhaitham!” “It’s 𝘢𝘭𝘱𝘩𝘢 now, Kaveh.” Alhaitham chuckles darkly. “Or would you rather get punished?”
duck | PO PINNED E34 - 35 CF16 🦆
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