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Winning trophy; a #taekookau “You two's story is like a fairytale,” the interviewer gushes, her eyes sparkly and smile bright, “the one we all dream of having. The duke competed with every eligible bachelor to win you over. How does it feel, prince Taehyung?”

Taehyung smiles, bright and elegant, “I feel like a trophy.” Everyone laughs in the studio. Taehyung smiles too, his eyes avoiding the gigantic ring that sits on his ring finger. No one catches his sarcasm. No one even dares to think the prince feels like an object.
The duke in question has a small smile on his lips. His arm circled around Taehyung's waist. “Is there anything you would choose over him?” the interviewer wiggles her brows at Jungkook, “sir?” Jungkook eyes Taehyung, “well, I can exchange him for his property, I guess.”
The room fills with laughter again. Taehyung smiles too, eyes boring into those brown irises that stay fixed on him. Jungkook is not lying. That is the only thing the room will never pick up on. The duke is not lying. He would exchange Taehyung for his property. Any day.
Taehyung looks back at the girl, winks, “you see, money is the first sweetheart.” Jungkook hums, “and I was in for the money heist. He came as the winning trophy.” The laughs ring in Taehyung's ears, and he wishes he could just slap the duke right across his face. Anything.
The interview goes on and the arm around his waist falls away. Jungkook pulls back, resting his hand on Taehyung's thigh and answering the questions thrown at him. Taehyung takes part occasionally, his eyes glued on the interviewer. Anything to not see that face. His husband.
His husband. Jeon Jungkook. The duke of Busan. Married the prince of the country while competing against the other dukes who took part in the ceremony. Taehyung cannot believe he fell for the youngest suitor's charm and words. He cannot believe his judgement was so foolish.
tags – morally ambiguous characters, angst with a happy ending, arranged marriage, modern royalty, there might be some trigger warnings that right now I don't know but, will add if the story needs, anxiety issues, hurt/comfort.
As soon as the door of their car closes, Jungkook turns to him. His eyes going blank and jaw hardening. Taehyung glares at the man. “What was that for? Will you stop acting like a brat?!” Jungkook sounds gravelly, “god, you are getting on my nerves!” Taehyung arches a brow.
“I am sorry, am I supposed to worship you?” Taehyung laughs, “the duke of Busan? I was acting like a brat?” Jungkook rubs his forehead, “don't make me repeat myself. This is a deal your father and I signed. He knew exactly what he was getting you into. I didn't lie to him!”
“He needed my help with his business and I needed the money for my farm,” Jungkook glares at Taehyung, “I don't think I-” “What about me?!” Taehyung slams his hand down on the seat, “you and dad made deals. No one told me anything! I am not a damn trophy, Jungkook!”
“I needed to know you didn't mean any of the words you told me,” Taehyung hisses, “I needed to know you didn't even bother with those gifts you sent. I needed to know you have a damn boyfriend! I needed to know you don't care about me, but my status! I am a person, Jungkook!”
Jungkook rubs his lips with his index finger, eyes on the passing by buildings, “get over it, Taehyung. It's just for a year. Just go along with it.” Taehyung watches the man, “you don't understand, do you?” his voice thins out, “I wanted it for the rest of my life.”
“Grow up, Taehyung,” Jungkook rolls his eyes, “it's not the end of the world. It's only for a year. Just a business deal. Then you can go home and find your damn prince charming. Jesus, stop nagging me.” Taehyung sits there, eyes on his husband, “right. I am being a kid here.”
He looks out through his window, leaning his head back to watch the streets their car passes. A business deal. A deal his father and Jungkook signed. Something Taehyung is not even sure about. What the deal is. He does not know. His father did not tell him. No one did.
'Don't stress your pretty brain with it,' his father said, smiling at him, 'take it as a deal, taetae. You will be out of it in a year. Trust me, I am doing this for your own good.' Taehyung feels helpless, somewhat used and like a trophy. He feels caged in this wedding now.
“I am leaving for a business deal tonight,” Jungkook speaks, “I will be back in a week.” Taehyung snorts, “I assume your boyfriend is going with you.” When no answer comes, Taehyung closes his eyes, forcing his words down his throat. They spent the car ride in silence.
“How did he take the news?” Jungkook asks, walking inside the office, “did you get anything on him?” Seokjin nods, files spread across the table, “he is flying in. Soon. He got the news, obviously. He won't rest until he gets what he wants.” Jungkook hums, “I know.”
“I don't think you should have done this,” Seokjin looks at the files, eyes moving to the photos, “he is obsessed, I would say. He killed each man who dared to reach for Taehyung.” Jungkook chuckles, “and, yet, here I am. Alive and safe.” Seokjin gives him a pointed stare.
“There was no other way,” Jungkook picks up a file, “there was no other way we could have got rid of the man.” Seokjin leans back on his chair, “I don't know, Jungkook. This is like inviting your death.” “I need to keep my client safe,” Jungkook shrugs, “it's business.”
“Your client is your husband,” Seokjin arches a brow, “he is-” “He is my client,” Jungkook waves his hand, “well, his father is. Anyway,” he sits down, “did our men say anything? When he is coming here? Or, his next moves?” Seokjin shakes his head, “nothing. Radio silence.”
Jungkook clicks his tongue against his cheek, “Dan never goes radio silence on us. Why is he doing that now?” Seokjin rubs his face, “well, one, he got caught. In that case, rest in peace, Dan. Two, he is with the man himself. Three, they are already moving.”
The door of the room burst open and Eunwoo rushes to the television installed on the wall. “What are you doing?” Jungkook asks his secretary and best friend, “Eunwoo-” The screen flashes to the news, and Seokjin and Jungkook both turn their focus on it.
“The duke of Daegu returns to the country after his year-long break in Europe. He is already on his way to his mansion-” The room is silent. Jungkook looks at the man in question, watches the duke walk out of the airport with his guards surrounding him. “He is here.”
Seokjin curses, “Taehyung's obsessed lover is here.” “Except, Taehyung does not know the duke is obsessed with him,” Jungkook watches the duke get inside the car, “he does not know the fate his potential lovers met every time he tried to date someone. He does not know a thing.”
“He does not know why his flings won't return his calls or why his boyfriend of one month suddenly went missing,” Jungkook glares at the screen, “the king does not want to tell him. In fear that Taehyung will be traumatized. That's why we are appointed. To get rid of this man.”
“Can we get rid of him fast?” Eunwoo asks, begs almost, “it's just that, it's very disturbing when your husband gives me these nasty looks because he thinks we are hooking up. The thought in itself is cringe.” Jungkook rolls his eyes, “I had to lie. Ignore it, yeah?”
“Why lie about us, bro?” Eunwoo winces, “the thought of you around me, like that, cringes the f'ck out of me.” Jungkook goes back to those files, “I had to make sure he hates me. I had to draw that line. I can't tell him, that's the deal. So, somehow I had to keep him away.”
“After a year, the prince will go back to his castle and the detective slash assassin will take up another case and be done with it,” Jungkook flips through the pages, “had to keep the prince at bay.” Seokjin hums, “now, what's our next move? What are we doing next?”
“Well, if he is here, I don't need to leave for the meeting,” Jungkook thinks, brows furrowed, “I think it's time we throw a party. Invite every royalty and show off our wedding. Invite him too,” he winks at Seokjin, “let the duke of Daegu step in my territory.”
Seokjin looks troubled, “are you sure? I mean, the Duke is not someone we should poke at, you know? We should really think this through. Wait for Dan's reports.” “Is he even alive?” Eunwoo asks. Seokjin shrugs, “if he is dead, that's even more worrying. The duke might know.”
Jungkook closes the files, looking at Seokjin, “just throw a party and invite everyone. I will personally give the duke a call.” Seokjin hesitates for a second but gets up to go and arrange the party. Eunwoo follows, listening to Seokjin's instructions for him.
Dan pants into the mattress, the duke fucking in him with brutal pace. He grasps the bedsheet, trying not to get slammed against the headboard with the force the duke is using. He curses when the duke reaches his peak, emptying in the condom and pulling out to leave him there.
He rolls over, wrists still bound to the headboard and eyes on the duke who goes to clean himself up in the washroom. Dan watches the man come back, a robe tied lazily around that pale frame. He gives the man a playful smirk. “Tired, old man?” Dan winks, “now untie me.”
The duke observes him, those feline like eyes moving all over Dan's figure. Those shaped lips curve up around a smile, and that is the most chilling smile Dan has ever seen. The duke reaches for the bedside table, pulls out the drawer and brings out his gun. Loads it silently.
“Min Yoongi has a lot of names, he is a lot of things,” the duke trails the tip of the gun down Dan's face, slowly pressing it against Dan's lips, “stupid is not one of them, Dan,” he breathes out a laugh, “or, shall I say, Park Jimin?” Jimin feels the gun in his mouth.
“Your cover blew up the first time we did this,” Yoongi smirks, “a prostitute can't be that bad at giving head, you know? You were sloppy,” he pulls the safety gear off of the gun, “I had a hunch. I never saw you in that club. Your antics gave you away. You thought you had me.”
“Hey, I made you cum with that blowjob,” Jimin frowns, “what are you talking about? I was good!” Something dances in those orbs, “are you offended that I commented on your d1ck sucking skill? Don't you think you have a more pressing matter to think about?” The gun moves.
Jimin shrugs, “ehhh,” he speaks around the gun in his mouth, “everyone is going to die one day. I will die after a good fuck. Win, I guess.” Yoongi watches the man, his eyes trailing over that face, “or, you can tell me what your boss is planning, and I can let you go.”
“I would rather die,” Jimin shrugs, “go for the gun, please. I hate poisoning and hanging or stuff like that. This is good.” Yoongi does not falter, but he does not pull the trigger either, “did your childhood f'ck you up enough for you to be this reckless? Or…?”
Jimin laughs, “well, being a baron's illegitimate son has its perks. I mean, you can say, I was never thrilled about living or life. So, you are getting nothing out of me.” Yoongi nods, shrugs, “okay, then. I don't like wasting my time on dead ends.” He pulls the trigger.
“You did not tell me if there is a theme or not, so I wore what I saw fit.” Jungkook looks over his shoulder while buttoning his cuffs. He almost chokes on thin air when he sees the prince. “You,” Jungkook coughs to find his voice, “you look fine. It's all good.”
Taehyung looks down at himself, nodding, “okay. If you say so.” Jungkook eyes the deep cut of the shirt and the see-through material of it. He is not sure if it is quite formal, but he does not have the voice to tell the prince otherwise.
The prince eyes him, and Jungkook stands still. Taehyung makes a face. “You look boring,” the prince observes, “if you ask me.” Jungkook looks down at his all black formal and shrugs, “I am not asking you. Now, come on. Let's go. We can't be late for our own party.”
Jungkook walks out of the room, a hand pressing against the prince's lower back to guide him down the stairs. His eyes keep sliding over to Taehyung. “I can see your nipples through this shirt,” Jungkook murmurs, “that's a little inappropriate for a formal ball, Taehyung.”
“Well, then maybe stop eyeing my nipples,” Taehyung murmurs back, “and focus on the guests. Yeah?” Jungkook chews the inside of his cheek, “I will, but the guests will look.” “Who cares,” Taehyung frowns, “really? I think no one will be bold enough to point it out like you!”
“But, they will look?” Jungkook stops at the top of the stairs, “at least, wear a coat over it.” Taehyung crosses his arms over his chest, “the shirt's look is the shoulders with its embroidery. No way in hell I am hiding all that because you can't stop looking at my nipples!”
Jungkook waves his hands, “it's not about the nipples. The shirt is very...” he pauses to find the words, “I don't know, slutty.” Taehyung blinks, “what did you just say?” Jungkook fish-mouths, “I-I mean,” he gestures, “I am no one to tell you to not wear it but it's so-”
“Exactly,” Taehyung nods, “you are no one to tell me what to wear and what not to. Tell your boyfriend that. He is wearing a suit that has no back,” he points down in the living room, “right there. Go and boss him around. Don't try that with me.” Taehyung storms down the stairs.
“I will tell him if I can stop looking at your nipples for a minute,” Jungkook murmurs to himself while he walks down the stairs, “for heaven's sake, Jungkook, pull it together!” He catches up with Taehyung, arm going around the prince's waist, “okay, I am sorry. Damn it!”
Idk if I will continue or not. Let's see the response
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