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Dec 15, 2022
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#taekookau where unbeknownst to anyone clg student jungkook runs a nsfw fanart acc as a source of income. he's gotten a lot of strange commissions but nothing could've prepared him for when his well known enemy/rival kim taehyung sends him a text asking him to draw "them"

rest is upto your imagination or if anyone thinks it makes sense and they want to continue it its open to use 🥹🥹
their profiles
should i do it 🥹
1. jungkookie has a brilliant idea
3. life is hard bro 😞
4. 😼💪
5.what's the worse that can get ? 😹
6. choose kook choose
7. weewooweewoo
8.same jungkook same
now tell me is it worth continuing or not
9. fair points 💁🏻‍♀️
10. and did i mention they're academic rivals?? oh yeah i love that shit
11. not the nicest idea jungkookie 😞
13. spoke too soon😹
• also i forgot to mention but this au will have nsfw memes and dialogues and maybe images so interact only if you're 18+ and comfortable • rivals/lovers (ofc they think they hate each other) • bts are in same clg and even tho jungkook is younger taekook are in same class
16. did you actually tho?
19.who knows🤷🏻‍♀️
20. he's not the strong soldier 😓💪
21. curiosity or realisation??
this is it for you like it
24. he's mad😓
26. pick a side jungkook 😭
27. the best idea😏
30. uh oh
31.we saw it coming
that's it for today my wifi is sucking ass how to you think jungkook willl suffer next
33. its clg fest time guys don't fight 💆🏻‍♀️
35. we all knew they're idiots 🫡
i might add a written update too should i?😳🫡 its getting longer than i imagined i have some things in mind but i don't know how to organise lmao 😂 i just want them to 😵‍💫
guys as i am not a pro writer i don't really know what to do next, i have few scenes in my mind but idk how to interconnect them or smth and i think its getting actually long too ,so is it okay if i make it short and conclude the scenes ?🥹🥺 or if anyone has any idea? pls share
•~•~•~•~• Now jungkook started this job as a hobby but when he continued what he was doing he saw the opportunity of getting paid. and anyone who's in need of money would be called stupid if they refuse it.
he's has gotten a lot of challenging projects and commissions but nothing made him this frustrated like this specific one right now. the one his so called rival kim taehyung gave him. ugh just his name runs a shiver down his body because wdym taehyung has been thinking "that"
about him??? so all this time, when jungkook refused to even breathe near taehyung, taehyung was looking at him in an entire different light?? now this changes everything because what are the chances that taehyung is just a pervert and wants to take advantage of jungkook??
then there's this "what if he likes me" lingering in air too...but the chances seem so less because they've never really talked that much, what would taehyung even like about jungkook? except his looks?? but then again taehyung never tried anything funny or weird with him??
you see jungkook is quite conflicted and not to forget his own frustration after whatever taehyung said to "painterkoo" about him. if jungkook jerked off in washroom after that talk no one needs to know about it. he's just a man who can see that kim taehyung is fucking hot.
its not like he hates the idea of being a bottom or something actually it doesn't even matter to him. he's had his share of boyfriends in past too, they might've not worked well but atleast it taught jungkook what he needs in his sexual or dating life and kim taehyung-
seems to know exactly that. now they have to work together, even celebrate fest together and then jungkook has to draw "them". its safe to say jungkook might rip his hair off, he might even have to delay the drawing and ask some extra time from his customer "taehyung"
but right now he needs to go to practice room before taehyung fvcks it up again and ends up getting them in same dance team
39. protect my yoonie😓
47. day 2 of apology
~•~ after this entire week of hell in name of fest preparations jungkook decided to fix it all. he had a plan and this time it was gonna work completely fine. he'll survive this last day or preparations then he'll complete the drawing after fest and give it to taehyung
and then its over. he and taehyung got a lil close and talked way more than before so its a simple plan and he's ready to execute it before he trips on stairs and was ready to fall face down but like the dramatic romcoms he felt a hand gripping his waist and saving him.
it was funny he was about to laugh before he saw who it was and got flashbacks of kim taehyung's big hands on his waist. its true he found his new kink and he accepted it with the way he was blushing rn
"I'm fine now leave me" jungkook speaks a lil bit embarrased but taehyung finds home in those pink flushed cheeks and he'd do anything to see them again and again. just like rn he doesn't leave him but circles his arm around his waist and pulls him closer
"are you flustered jungkookie" "don't call me that and you're all talk anyways" "when did i talk about anything? do you think about me often" he smirks and walks closer while jungkook feels like he'll explode
"uh huh look at you, who's all talk now?? are you shy jungkookie" he teases "shut up don't call me that and i don't think about kissing you you're annoying anyways" "kissing?? oh I didn't even mention it"
is it possible to dig a hole on 5th floor and bury right there and then?? because jungkook sure would try. he pushes tae off his chest and is about to go away when tae holds him again.
god if ppl could die from one weakness jungkook would sure be dead thrice by now. he melts again like a puddle in taehyung's arms and tae can never not notice those pink hues on jungkook's cheeks. he loves it
"fuck off taehyung" jungkook tries to move again "do you like being a brat" and jungkook almost moaned because 'fuck yes i do will you put me in place' his train of thoughts trailed to not so pure scenarios and he wants nothing else than kissing tf out of him
"fuck off i have to practice" he tries again "tsk tsk no respect for hyung, i see" jungkook just laughed as if it wasn't a fact "who said you're my hyung" "i saw your datasheet you're 2 years younger than me so i am your hyung" "hyung my ass" jungkook huffed "now move"
jungkook's breath gets knocked again when he feels taehyung coming even closer, close enough that their lips are touching.a
and jungkook might actually lose it this time. "its a promise then-" tae speaks with his lips hovering just above jungkook's jungkook is too dazed to even process but he hears the last words "-i'll make you call me hyung soon" and tae leaves
jungkook stands there processing everything but one thing he couldn't accept is "HE DIDN'T KISS ME???"
sksksksk oh my god that's it for today i feel like I'll dye this is so hard and not I'm embarassed I'm never writing it again 😭😭😭😭 pls be honest and tell me was today's update okay?? did you like the written part ??😭
45. i am so dumb i missed this one 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 it was supposed to go this way 😭😭
before i start this update i want to clarify • yes its a toptae and bottom kook au (it can also be switch if i extend the au but i won't , somebody asked me this so I'm so yeah) • its more than 50% done (it got way longer than i ever imagined) • its nsfw and will have🔞content
• if it starts to get boring or uninteresting pls tell me and I'll stop,no hard feelings i won't feel bad so don't hesitate • and thank you for keeping up with my shenanigans till here y'all are so supportive and cute idek if its worth anything or i deserve it but yeah lets go
49. bunny going through 5 stages of grief meanwhile tae
50. in shock😓
51. in denial👍
52. anger😠
53. acceptance 🫡
54. uhmmm
55. exactly
56. science is a myth 😓
59. oop-
61. never-ending misery
62. two can play the game😏
After a week long preparation it was time for the actual celebration. With Christmas around the corner everyone enjoyed the preparations to the fullest. Well except for Jungkook. Not like he didn't enjoy anything but he sure had a very hard time because of certain someone.
College fest will be 2 days long and end just before Christmas eve, that'll mark the start of winter vacations. And just like always jungkook has no plans for the holidays but he sure has worries that he can spend his days on. ~•~•~•~
Now jungkook is a nice guy, he always helps everyone but this time he wants to k!ll jimin because jimin just texted him, asking him to accompany taehyung to the stage. "what is he a child? can he not go himself why do i gotta bring him ughh" jungkook walks while complaining
While thinking about the recent pic taehyung had just posted jungkook goes to him. And he is met with the exact scene he had just seen on twitter.
There stands kim taehyung with his messy hair and a useless shirt that is clearly failing its job. And jungkook had to fight everything in him to suppress the urge of trailing his hands all over taehyung's body.
Jeon Jungkook is utterly fucked and clearly frustrated.
"hi~" Jungkook is brought back to his senses by a simple hi but he loses his shit again when he witnesses the boxy smile directed towards him. ['i think i like him fr'] that's what taehyung said last night.
'did he mean it tho?'
"what are you doing here don't you have to perform?" taehyung asks to jungkook as he starts buttoning his shirt amd walks towards him. "huh? um no..i have a performance tomorrow. what about you?" 'focus jungkook focus' he scolds himself.
"same i have a performance tomorrow, i think its just jimin who is performing today?" taehyung is ready by the time he's done talking.
"Jimin?! oh yeahh jiminn!!! he sent me there, he wanted me to take you to the stage because he thinks you're stupid and you'll forget the route or you might trip on your way" Jungkook smirks through his bullshit lie.
"oh so you think I'll forget the route to the stage that "I" helped in building?" taehyung tries so hard not to crack a smile "uh huh i didn't say it, jimin did" "well let me ask jimin then? huh?" taehyung smirks as he makes his way towards jungkook.
"Ugh come on lets just go we're getting late" Jungkook groans in defeat "besides we don't have to perform today so we'll have to sit at the back which is already so far from the stage and we won't be able to watch anything clearly, atleast let's get a decent seat huh?!"
"we're sitting together?" Jungkook stops complaining about his worries of getting a good seat when he hears taehyung and oh is it bad if he wants to?
"No i was just doing you a favor and telling the trick but as you don't want it, I'll just go" Jungkook turns around to go out but taehyung holds his hand stopping him.
"sit with me jungkookie"
Another thing added to the list of things that makes jungkook weak in knees. The nickname with the tender look in taehyung's can jungkook say no?ughh Taehyung holding his waist still tops the list btw
"i told you to not call me that" jungkook complains but the blush on his cheeks and those sparkling eyes says otherwise. Taehyung can't help but get lost in those doe eyes he finds so mesmerizing.
"Earth to taehyung?" Jungkook snaps his finger in Taehyung's face to wake him up from the trance.
"Still no "hyung" huh?" taehyung tsked and pinches jungkook's cheeks while walking out of the room. "lets go bunny we'll get late &miss the awesome seat you saved for us" jungkook stands there caressing his cheeks, wondering if taehyung was serious about what he said yesterday
65. i agree🫡
67. 1 like 1 prayer for yoongi😓
76. i wonder who🤷🏻‍♀️
81. oh how the turned tables😏
84. sope my ship😼🫡
85. (just so yk i cried while making this one I MISS HIM SO FUCING MUCH)
87. he's going through it😓
88. don't worry tae I'll help you🫡
89. true tho
•~•~• Jungkook had no plans for Christmas or christmas eve. The only thing in his mind was his commission and to get back his no.1 spot in college. And also a certain someone named kim taehyung. He planned on spending his holidays on these three things only.
But as jungkook's history of brilliant plans shows, this plan was bound to ruin again and now there's a party at his dorm. Jungkook cleans his dorm a little,fully aware that its gonna be a mess after party. But as he likes his things arranged and clean he spends his day cleaning
The clock strikes 6pm and 10 mins later jungkook's phone rings. "Hello" he wonders as its an unknown number. He gets a little flashback of tae's prank for a sec but "Hello jungkook, i am jin" "hey hyung, is this your new no.?" Jungkook asks as he clearly remembers saving jin's
contact. "No no there's something wrong with my phone so I'm calling from my brother's phone. I called you to say sorry. My brother came here to seoul suddenly for Christmas shopping and i can't leave him alone. so i dont think i would be able to come. I am really sorry".
"But hyung, yoongi hyung already cancelled, now you too?" Jungkook asks keeping his phone down on kitchen counter and continuing his cleaning work. "Yoongi cancelled? why?" Jin's voice comes through the speaker.
"idk he just called saying he went to home a day earlier than planned so he can't come. He also whined about how he couldn't meet love of his life" Jungkook smiles recalling yoongi's exact words. "lmao i feel bad for him tho, but i really don't think i can come" jin apologizes.
Jungkook has attended parties before but he doesn't remember a party with 4 people only- [sorry jungkook i think i might not make it to the party] reads a notification on his phone from 'hobi hyung' well now 3 people.
He picks up his phone to call jimin. "istg I'll commit cr!mes if he didn't come after hosting this party" Jungkook mumbles as he doesn't know what else to do. "Hello" jimin picks up "why are you calling me aren't you busy getting ready for the party? And don't give me excuse-
that its a house party and you don't need to get dressed up, I'll break your bones" Jimin rants on the other side. well atleast jimin is coming. "Jin hyung, hobi hyung and yoongi hyung just cancelled" Jungkook tell him about his recent conversations.
"WHATT??? WHYY" jungkook regrets putting speaker phone on his ear. "jin hyung is out with his brother, yoongi hyung went home and idk about hobi hyung he just said he can't come" "so now its only me, you and taehyung?" Jimin asks, strangely in a very polite way.
"well technically yes, unless taehyung decides otherwise" jungkook feels a little sad as jimin was so excited about it.
"mhm so do you have anything planned for the party like anything you wanted to do?" jimin asks "no? i don't even have anything to do , i thought you planned everything"
Jimin hums on the other line and now jungkook is sure there's something in jimin's mind. and jungkook definitely do not have a good feeling about it.
"Hello Jimin? are you there?" Jungkook asks after almost a min of silence from the other line. Jimin hums again and "yes yes I'm here wait a sec" Jungkook might not trust his plans but his gut feeling is always right whenever he senses something wrong. just like now
"Jk i am sorry i am not coming" This is it. He knew it.
"now whyyy?" he whines to jimin "i am sorry hoseok hyung just texted me and its urgent. I'll have to go" Jimin apologizes (or does he?) "so now what? a party with 2 people? that's not a party hyung" Jungkook is full on whining because even tho he didn't prepare much
he was kind of looking forward to it. and he even cleaned his house a little extra today. "so I'll just text taehyung that party is cancelled" Jungkook concludes the call
Jungkook clicks on taehyung's profile to text him but his doorbell rings at the same time. He looks at clock and its 5 mins past 7pm. looking at the time and ocassion, it's definitely none other than taehyung.
well luck is definitely not on jungkook's side or is it?
okay now what do you think, did jimin lie or not
sksksk there's more to come but the thread was stopping and i wanted to update at once so wait for me, till then 🫡
---- Jungkook opens the door and shuts it immediately on taehyung's face. He just realised that he is alone? with taehyung? at his dorm? and kim taehyung looks like a fucking snack because jimin threatened him to dress up properly for a party.
Jungkook has an idea.
he'll just say that taehyung is at wrong dorm and this is not jungkook's dorm. Yes The loud banging on the door says otherwise and jungkook just sighs cursing his fate for leaving him with a hot man who may or maynot be his crush.
"Jungkook open up, i saw you" taehyung's voice echos in the hallway. "And what if i don't?" Taehyung definitely switches on jungkook's bratness. "And how are you supposed to party without opening the door?" taehyung is confused. "well the party is cancelled"
Jungkook tells him about everyone without opening the door. "so now what?" taehyung wonders loudly. "idk since no one is here, party is impossible so you can maybe go back if you want" jungkook chimes "and who said we can't party with 2 people?"
'WHAT' jungkook's thoughts are loud, louder than his heartbeat. He remembers the last time he was alone with taehyung. Though it was for a very short time it still fucked up his brain for good. And this time they're at his dorm and taehyung is here.
"Jungkook? open the door?" taehyung tries "Jungkookie? open the door please?" taehyung gets startled when the door opens and jungkook is glaring at him. "i told you not to call me that" "Mind telling me why you weren't opening the door?" taehyung stands there crossing his hands
"i just thought since party is cancelled, there was no reason for you to be here" jungkook goes to sit on the sofa. "okay so I'll just go back" taehyung turns "NO WAIT" taehyung raises his eyebrow turning towards jungkook "didn't you say i should go?"
"And you'll actually go? You're bullshit taehyung" Jungkook complains sounding offended. "And you're dumb jeon jungkook" Taehyung pinches jungkook's cheeks and sits on the sofa.
They sit awkwardly. Taehyung feels his head spinning because of the tension in the room and so he suggests the only idea he could have. "Let's watch a movie" "i don't have a tv" well fuck
"but i do have a laptop" jungkook gets up to bring his laptop and takes this as a chance to breathe. He comes back after 5 minutes and sits again setting up the laptop on the table. "what do you want to watch?" Jungkook asks "show me the list" taehyung takes the laptop
Jungkook thinks of ordering some food so he goes to the kitchen in the meantime while taehyung searches for movies to watch. While searching through jungkook's laptop taehyung stumbles upon a folder named "my arts"
"Jungkook you draw?" Taehyung asks and jungkook doesn't even remember the last time he ran this fast. Jungkook sprints towards the sofa and snatches the laptop "uhh no?" he stutters "why'd you think that" he chuckles awkwardly.
"well there was a folder and i assumed you draw as well considering how good you're at singing. and everyone says you're multi-talented so i thought" Taehyung answers but he doesn't fail to notice jungkook's awkwardness. "come on show me" Taehyung teases now Taehyung is an ass
Taehyung tries to peek at jungkook's laptop but jungkook close it and holds it behind his back. Taehyung is determined to know why jungkook was so cryptic about it and jungkook is determined to dig a hole in ground and bury himself.
Taehyung manages to snatch it from jungkook and hides it behind his back in between sofa. No one knows how it happened but jungkook ends up almost on taehyung's lap. And its only now they notice the position they are in.
Jungkook gets back to his senses and almost falls down the sofa but taehyung holds him by his waist and pulls him closer. Jungkook d!ed for the forth time in this lifetime. yes he is keeping the count.
The tension in room is thick enough to cut it through a knife and no one dares to move. Jungkook's thoughts trail back to the day when taehyung robbed him off his kiss. yes he is still bitter about it.
Taehyung's eyes drop down to jungkook's pouty lips and jungkook may or may not know how to get back his robbed kiss.
Jungkook tried, he really did but there's something about kim taehyung that makes him lose his mind. He breaks his character easily when it comes to taehyung, or say he finds his another self.
And with kim taehyung being this close to him, looking at him like he's the most amazing thing he's ever seen, jungkook does what a sane, whipped and frustrated person would do. Jungkook pulls taehyung closer to him by his neck and lets his lips meet taehyung's.
He stays like that for a sec, savoring the moment but also wondering if he did the wrong thing or took the wrong sign.
Taehyung was surprised because he never imagined his rival/enemy (?)/ crush would kiss him one day. He did daydream about it tho. He thought about it to the point he went to an artist to get a pictorial representation of a moment like this. He wished for this.
Jungkook's eyes widens when he realises taehyung is actually kissing him back and maybe taehyung too wanted this as much as he did.
Taehyung pulls him closer by his waist and savors the taste of those pouty lips he's been dreaming about since forever. Taehyung kisses him like this is the last breath he's breathing and he wants to make most out if it.
Who knows if this is the only chance he gets to be this close to him and kissing him?
And its true, Jungkook's lips are sweeter and addictive than any candy taehyung ever tasted. Taehyung breaks the kiss to look at jungkook, to find any sign or discomfort or hesitation, and when he finds none of these he finds himself getting lost in those eyes once again.
Those eyes looking at him so lovingly as if taehyung is the only thing jungkook wants right now. And its true he does, jungkook only wants kim taehyung right now and he wants taehyung to know that. To make taehyung believe jungkook does what he's been dying to do.
"fuck come here" he breathes out and holds tae's neck and kisses him again straight on his mouth. He climbs his lap to properly straddle him and dives right into his heaven. Taehyung's breath hitched and he feels himself falling for the boy on his lap. Maybe he already fell...
If you asked jungkook a few months ago that he'd be kissing his rival, he'd just laugh and told you to suck it up because he refuses to let himself lose in front of someone who makes him feel less.
But right now Jungkook doesn't feel less. He feels like he's sitting at the top of the world enjoying the heaven that's only reserved for him. He wants it to be reserved for him only but isn't it too early and selfish for that?
He still wants it all. He feels greedy now that he's had a taste of what it feels to kiss taehyung.
He snakes his arms around taehyung's neck and dives in deeper giving taehyung the signal and hoping taehyung would do more as he would like him to.
jungkook is a brat but tae is such a tease he makes jungkook insane like right now he's kissing him back but it's not enough . jungkook gets annoyed because why isn't he doing anything more. 'Does he not want me as much as i do?'
And as easy jungkook is to read like a poem, tae is smart enough to understand him.
Jungkook moans when tae holds him and caress his waist under his tshirt. He whines when tae starts sucking on his tongue and trails his hands all over his abs. tae teases him until he reaches his chest and pinches his nipples making jungkook moan loudly in his mouth.
Taehyung smirks for his new discovery about jungkook. he just learnt how sensitive the baby is and can't wait to tease him more next time. next time?
he wonders if there will be a next time but his train of thoughts gets broken by jungkook when jungkook starts grinding on his lap and they both moan.
They knew they both had some sexual tension to resolve but they couldn't decipher when the mere sexual tension turned into a want. They couldn't stop kissing each other. Now they don't want to stop.
jungkook loves this feeling, he loves how big taehyung's hands are and how they can touch him everywhere.
Taehyung was so right about everything he said to painterkoo about jungkook and jungkook wants to learn more now. He wants to know everything taehyung thought about him and all the things Jungkook isn't aware of.
Taehyung ends his suffering and does exactly what his baby wants. he kisses him deeper and harder, traces his abs slowly and intimately. Caresses his vline until he goes down and down but stops just above his boxers and jungkook loses it.
"hyungggggg~~" he whines, moans and puts tae's hands under his pants without second thought.
Jungkooks feels happier and taehyung feels like this moment and feeling is everything he's ever wanted.
They kiss and touch each other until they feel satisfied and breathless but jungkook's suffering doesn't end there. He gets robbed off his orgasm when tae stops his movements and smiles at jungkook, leaving him annoyed and pissed.
Jungkook loved everything, he loved the kiss and he'd do it again and again and again but still he pouts.
Maybe he was being greedy and impatient and now he feels a little sad.
Tae feels ecstatic after kissing jungkook. He found his favourite thing to do in this world but most importantly he feels like a winner because he had just won a bet they made sometime ago.
And if tae knew all it would take is a kiss for Jungkook to finally call him hyung he would've done that just when they made this bet. He loves it more than he thought. It feels more than just a honorific and now he just wants to hear it again and again.
Taehyung was hesitant at first, he felt like he'd miss the best opportunity to be closest to jungkook when he stopped but now he knows and looking at jungkook's expression and disappointment rn, he's pretty sure there will be a next time.
And taehyung may or not want to take jungkook on a date first before doing anything. He wants jungkook to know that he likes him not just for his body as jungkook once questioned him.
Taehyung can't wait the holidays to get over soon so he can come back "home". Jungkook can't wait to get back to kim taehyung for torturing him for a second time.
91. next morning
92. vmin dms
93. we ate* sorry😞
95. baby is going through it😔
100. hundred tweets of jungkook panicking over tae😵
101. that's enough talking for jungkook 🥺
105. us jungkook us😔
108. what are you thinking baby👀
Morning 💜
110. oh👀
112. well well well....
A/n : i like this art so much so i used it i even got the permission to use it ☺️🥰 the link is in the above tweet and its here too so pls check it out…
Morning 💜
i will finish this in next few updates so pls tell me if you're liking it or not :(
choose: jungkook gives drawing
also choose one, plot ending depends on the poll
so now that this apocalypse seems to be almost over is anyone waiting for updates on this??
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