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Dec 19, 2022
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Ok, random thought of Taehyung and his sugar baby Jungkook #taekookau But the little plot twist is that they both are broke.

Taehyung says he doesn’t have to be super rich or anything, for him to constantly pamper his baby (he kinda does but shh, he’s in love). And Jungkook doesn’t have to have the best quality things to feel like a sugar baby (he kinda does but shh, he’s equally in love).
• They’re perched over the springy couch, feet tangling in playing octopus over the creaking centre table, when Taehyung grabs the remote and turns the tv off. (After two failed attempts and a rabid slap on the remote ofc)
Jungkook has a whine instantly crooning out, but one look at the beam on Taehyung’s face and he’s curiously shuting up. “I’ve got something for you, baby.”
Eyes wide, shining “Hyung! You got me a cadbury just yesterday!” Already on his way to snuggle, he’s unconsciously purring at the hand rubbing his nape. “Don’t waste money. You spoil me too much!”
“Shh I deserve to spoil my baby.” Taehyung’s all inscrutable like the jazz show host he admires, when he folds his lips in and Jungkook may be a lot of things but definitely not patient. “Okay what is it!”
“Remember when I asked you what country you’d like to visit someday and you said—“ “Saipan, of course.” There’s a mischievous glint in Taehyung’s eyes before he’s prodding a hand between his back and the couch cushion, and pulls something out.
Jungkook’s gasp almost sends him in a coughing fit. “NO WAY!” He snatches it from Taehyung, uncaring of the claw he digs on his hand. “HYUNG, YOU DID NOT!!”
“I did.” Taehyung’s already pulling him across his legs, bouncing his thighs till he has Jungkook straddled in a comfortable position. “I’d do anything for my baby.” “OH MY GOD!” Jungkook looks hypnotised.
He opens the book. His eyes bulging like the bulbs that fit on the lamp for the first time, shining warm filaments. “2060 Premium Pictures From Saipan Tourism.”
“I could cry right now.” He says dramatically and looks like it. “You’re so cool hyungie.” It’s said almost in a trans as he softly runs his fingers over the soft paper of the beach picture. “So high resolution. I feel like I’m there.” “Mm, maybe we are.”
But Jungkook’s gone; he’s bending down to take a long sniff from the cold pages. “Smells like beach water.” Only once he’s gone through every picture of every page thrice over, does Taehyung get his well deserved smothering.
Snogging and then snogging some more, Jungkook’s giggling giddily; still feted by the vacation experience from the brochure. “Next week we’ll go Paris.” Jungkook has lost count of his whoopy gasps in the last hour. “REALLY?!”
Proud, satiated, Taehyung nods with a smirk. “You spoil me too much, hyungie.” A cocktail of frustrated and flustered, he nuzzles into the neck again. “Of course, baby. Who else do I have so much money for!”
When they laugh, the couch makes a dangerous warning sound, so they try not shake too much. It’s not too much, but it’s all they need.
~the end~ Weather too cold? Here’s some warm fuzzy taekook for you.


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