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Dec 20, 2022
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Puzzle Pieces With all of their friends pairing up and finally moving on to the next stages of their lives, Yoongi and Jimin find themselves being constantly pushed into each other's orbits as the only unmated alpha and omega left in their group who have yet to "tie the knot".

And in theory, maybe it would've worked out, if not for the fact that Jimin has no plans of ever being mated, and Yoongi's just too busy chasing his dreams.
-T -omegaverse -alpha!yoongi x omega!jimin -friends to unconsciously lovers to lovers -mostly fluff, fleeting angst -hopefully wholesome -probably going to be long lol -a stress-reliever *will add tags along the way if needed :D
Yoongi received the invitation about a month ago, only somehow remembered its existence last week, managed to open it just yesterday, and today he's running on 2 hours of sleep and 3 cans of Red Bull as he speeds through the expressway headed straight to Busan.
Attending a wedding in his current state--sleep-deprived in an uncomfortably tight, rented suit, with a crooked tie and greasy, unruly hair, basically one drop of Red Bull away from a heart attack--probably isn't optimal, but he figures it's better than not attending at all.
He wishes he had more time to berate himself for not reading that invitation much, much earlier. Or for not even remembering about it if it wasn't for his beloved 5-year-old notebook finally running out of pages and him discovering that he tucked the letter at the very back.
He does berate himself--because he could always find time for some self-deprecation but never for important matters like reading his friends' wedding invitation--groaning and cringing and making faces as if that would absolve him of his clear disregard to human relationships.
It's pretty funny how he's got an obvious lack of common sense when it comes to anything that has to do with feelings or emotions or all those other abstract sensations when most of his songs are centered around such concepts. Huh. Maybe that's what's lacking from his music.
Well at the end of the day, he can only really sigh about his shortcomings, stepping on the gas and hoping he can at least catch Taehyung say his vows with snot dripping down his annoyingly handsome, lower face. Even making it to the reception might be pushing his luck too far.
Or not. He has always been undeservingly lucky, finding an empty parking space as soon as he reaches the venue and indeed making it to the beach fast enough to watch Taehyung absolutely bawling all over the mic as he professed his undying love to Jungkook for the umpteenth time.
Yoongi doesn't make it to his designated seat where all their other friends are whooping and crying. He stands at the far back, clapping along as the newly-married couple finally--god, /finally/--seals the deal with a kiss.
It's been a long time coming, and Yoongi's just thankful he no longer has to see the two of them tiptoe around each other like the pair of hopeless idiots that they are. God knows he's been through enough of that ever since college.
Still, it's surreal watching them walk down the aisle hand in hand, laughing and smiling as the sun sets on the horizon behind them; a truly picturesque scene out of a fairytale. Just like the rest of their love story--all roses and no thorns. He told himself he won't cry, but...
"Yoongi-hyung, is that you?" His hand come up to his face as if on reflex, wiping the tears that were definitely not rolling down his cheeks just a second ago.
"Oh my god, are you crying?" "Fuck off." He groans, trying to pull away from Hoseok's embrace but ultimately failing. "You are! I knew you'd cry!" Yoongi glares at the ground, a juxtaposition in the sea of smiling faces and joyous celebration.
"Where have you been, though? Did you just arrive?" Yoongi just scowls even more, trying to think of a good enough excuse as to why he's late. He doesn't want to say he forgot to read the damn invitation and had to run all over Seoul the last minute looking for a suit and a gift
"I bet you forgot about the invitation and crammed until the last minute." He hates that his friends know him too well. "Well, at least you made it!" Hoseok pats him on the back, as if he's a kid who finally did something right in his life for once.
"Tae was having a massive panic attack a while ago--you know, typical wedding blues." Yoongi couldn't possibly know. "He was demanding for the wedding to be postponed so we can search for you. He thought you got lost again and ended up in some forest or something."
"I know how to use a damn navi." He sighs, exasperated. At least, he knows now. "Yeah, that's what we told him! Good thing Namjoon managed to talk some sense into him. The whole thing was mess before it started. You should've seen it." He's kind of glad he didn't.
"Appa!" They both turn at the childish squeal, finding Hoseok's son running towards them with a plastic sword in hand. "Woah, slow down, Kai." Hoseok picks the kid up before he can crash into Yoongi's leg, hefting him up in his arms. "Say hello to your uncle Yoongi first."
"Yo!" Kai greets him with a peace sign and a big grin, almost rivaling his father's energy. Yoongi always thinks he's just seeing a de-aged Hoseok whenever he sees this kid. "Yo to you too, kiddo." Yoongi ruffles Kai's dark hair with a smile.
"Ah, Yoongi-ssi! Hello." Seungwan also walks up to them, following close behind her son, clad in a simple dress that makes her look prettier than she already is. "It's so nice to see you." "Hey, you too." Yoongi bows in greeting, reaching out to shake the kind omega's hand.
"It's been way too long. How are you?" "I'm good." He answers with a light shrug. "Just busy with work." "Aish, Hobi does tell me you've been working way too hard." "'Way too hard' would be an understatement." Hoseok pipes in. "He's exaggerating." Yoongi rolls his eyes.
"Well, drop by sometime, okay? Kai always asks about you." "I want to be a rapper like uncle Yoongi!" Kai suddenly exclaims. "A rapper swordsman!" He says as he brandishes his toy blade, playfully hitting his father who produces sound effects with every swing his son makes.
"Really now," Yoongi chuckles. "You think you can beat me in a rap battle?" "Of course!" Kai says with full confidence. "Appa taught me how to beatbox. He told me I can wipe your butt on the floor with my skillz. Easy peasy lemon squeezy."
"What kind of words are you even teaching to your kid?" He snorts at his friend, shoving his hands deep in his pockets as the temperature starts to drop. The sky is getting darker, the people thinning out as the rest of the guests head towards the nearby resort for the reception.
"Gotta start 'em young." Hoseok winks at him. Yoongi's not sure what that's even supposed to mean, but he's fond. He can't help the softie in him from crawling out whenever he's in the presence of his friends' pups. It's like he becomes another person altogether. A better one.
He makes Kai promise to show him his beatbox skills, and tells him they can battle it out the next time he visits. The kid couldn't be even more excited. Seokjin and Namjoon joins them short after, towering over Yoongi with their handsome smiles and glamorous outfits.
"If I had a penny for every time you show up looking like you've gone through 6 Shibuya meltdowns in one night, I'd probably be rich." Seokjin jests as a greeting, staring pointedly at his overgrown hair just swaying carelessly with the wind. Of course he notices the damn suit.
"And if I had a penny for every time I see your face without wanting to punch it, then I'd probably be broke." Yoongi snarls back, but he lets himself be pulled by those annoyingly long limbs, breathing in the familiar waves of sea breeze and cool, winter snow.
"I missed you, Yoongi-ah." Maybe it should be annoying how Seokjin's scent still has that tranquilizer effect on him, easily calming down his nerves and relaxing his sore muscles and basically just dissolving every problem and worry he's ever had in his life.
He doesn't say it back, there's no need to. They both know Yoongi always misses Seokjin. "Hey, Joon." "Hyung." Namjoon flashes him his dimples, probably the only friend he has who is also a no-nonsense greeting enjoyer like himself. "Long time no see."
It really has been a long time. He doesn't know how many months he's gone on without seeing any of them. He doesn't want to think about it. They get caught up in mindless banter and chatter--forced to listen to Seokjin's bad jokes and Hoseok's questionable teachings to his son.
Thankfully, said son grows bored and impatient, pulling at his mother's dress and pointing to where all the other people has disappeared to. "Eomma, let's gooooooo! I'm hungry!" "Shall we?" Seungwan laughs at her son's eagerness, urging them to come along as well.
Yoongi lags behind his friends, watching their coupled backs grow farther and farther away as they hurry to the reception, all the while he keeps his pace leisurely and consistent. A wistful smile spreads across his lips, thinking how conveniently metaphorical it is.
Well, he never was the type to hurry on anything (aside from work). He never quite understood the need for it. He much prefers leaning back and taking it slow, content on watching everything flash by him while he goes at his own preferred speed.
His mother says he doesn't have much time; life is too short, you only live once, and all those other overused phrases old people like to tell you just so they can sound the least bit wise about what you need to do with your life before you kick the bucket.
Seokjin says he's just afraid of change.
Maybe he is, so what? Who the fuck isn't? Not like he's ashamed about it. His one philosophy in life is that if it works, then there's no need to change it. And this works. 34, comfortable job, nice apartment, alone. It still works.
So he doesn't see why he should disrupt the balance when he's been so comfortable living like this for so long. Other people just can't seem to understand that for some reason.
It's hypocritical to fault them for it though, seeing that he can't comprehend their side any better. He just wishes they can cut him some slack and think up of a more profound conversation starter other than bringing up his age and the visible absence of a mate by his side.
Either way, he braces himself as they approach the fancy, glass doors, hoping he won't be the sole target of tonight's grilling (just as he's been for the past two weddings he had to go through) and that he can share the torture with kindred souls who share the same sentiments.
Stepping inside, Yoongi can already tell-- This is going to be a long night.
A/N: hey! (not so) long time no see~ i just wanted to write some warm fluff for some stress relief so here we are. i hope you're enjoying so far and thank you for reading πŸ˜€ thank you for still being here πŸ˜— merry christmas to you all btw!!! πŸ₯³
Yoongi should've known better by now to always be careful of what he wishes for, because the universe really has a funny way of twisting his good intentions against his favor each and every time without fail.
It seems he's not the only latecomer written on the guest list for tonight, a familiar face he hasn't seen in way too long bursting through the doors and making quite the ruckus as Taehyung practically zoomed across the room with a resounding squeal. "Yah, is that Jimin?"
Yoongi can't contain the urge to sit up straighter and crane his neck in intrigue, also trying to get a glimpse so he can confirm if it's really their long-lost friend who has arrived. Last he checked, he's supposed to be halfway across the globe, just past the Pacific Ocean.
But it is Park Jimin, with his never-changing blonde hair and youthful eyes. He's wearing a dashing suit and a big smile as him and Taehyung make unintelligible noises that only the two of them can probably understand. Yoongi is hit with an unexpected sense of longing.
Some dashed excitedly to join the commotion, greeting the omega groom's best friend (and apparently supposed Best Man) that they haven't seen in, well, forever. Even in Yoongi's skewed sense of time, he knows--felt it--to himself just how long it's been since Jimin left.
He also wants to get up on his feet and make his way to where his friends are, as uncharacteristic of an urge that is for someone like him. But he wants to greet Jimin with a warm welcome too, check up on how he's doing after all this time and stuff like that.
It's jarring to him just how much he wants to do it--as soon as possible, if even possible--that wistful sensation of missing someone dearly just spreading inside his chest like a bad case of heartburn. It occurs to him only now, in full magnitude, just how much he missed Jimin.
He stays stuck on his seat though, just watching the whole thing from afar with a small smile. He'll get his chance later. Besides, he's pretty sure he's going to keel over if he even attempts to stand up right now in his debilitated state.
Something about the food caterers encountering a culinary-related issue that's delaying getting some actual sustenance in his system. Not that he's complaining or anything, he'll be fine as long as he keeps his ass still and seated. So he does just that.
The program picks up from where it left off, Yoongi barely hanging by a thread trying to focus on the speeches and the conversations around him. Seokjin's "hey, you still alive?" every now and then actually helps in keeping him grounded, not that he'll admit that out loud.
When dinner finally comes, he almost cries.
Seungwan was kind enough to offer getting some food for him, probably noticing just how much of a wreck he's becoming the longer the night progresses, but Yoongi still has his ego in check so he politely refuses.
Drinking water helped clear his mind a bit, just enough to suffer through the long line with Soonyoung and Dokyeom chattering his head off, teasing him of being a studio caveman and just generally expressing how much they missed hanging out with Yoongi through their usual jokes.
Yoongi missed them too of course--he misses all of his friends--on a good day, he could ride along to match their chaotic energy, but today is just not turning out to be one of his bests, and it's giving him a headache instead.
He pushes through, by some god-given miracle, coming back with a plate full of food. His first proper meal for the day. The wedded couple is waiting for him when he returns to their table, along with Jimin, whose eyes widen like saucers upon seeing him. "Yoongi-hyung!"
Yoongi almost drops his precious plate from the force of Jimin throwing himself at him in a tight hug. Yoongi wants to hug back despite his fragile, startled condition, but he just ends up awkwardly balancing the damn plate in his hand while his other pats the omega's back.
"I was looking for you. I thought you weren't here." Jimin says in a frenzy when he pulls back, eyes darting all over Yoongi as if to check if he's real. "You're one to talk. I thought you're going to miss your best friend's wedding." "Yah, I was just late." "As usual."
Jimin pouts at him, giving him a "beakie" as Yoongi likes to call it, which quickly dissolves into a smile. "I missed you." It's been--5? 6 years? But Jimin is still the same. "I missed you too."
He's not sure how it's even possible for someone to not age for 6 years, but Jimin seems to have done the unthinkable. He always does. Exhibit A: he's the only one who can make Yoongi verbally say that he misses him.
He's smothered once again in a hug, that flower-citrus scent still making Yoongi's nose scrunch in a sniff. It has always been too strong for his oversensitive nose, and his tolerance for it seems to have regressed quite a lot, making him want to sneeze.
He holds it in though, not wanting to upset the omega as it has been quite the touchy issue between the two of them ever since they first met.
Although he knows they've both made peace with that "archnemesis" phase of theirs, and that Jimin no longer finds it offensive when Yoongi reacts poorly to his scent, he still doesn't want to do anything that could potentially ruin their little reunion.
Which is unfortunately cut too short than Yoongi would like it to be, Jimin's attention being whisked away by other people who also wants a piece of his precious time.
Yoongi quietly fades into the background despite wanting to talk with the omega some more, convincing himself that he'll have all the time in the world to do that later and that at least now he gets to focus on eating first.
Two returns and a bowl of steaming soup he doesn't even know the name of later, Yoongi finally feels a little bit human. The color has come back to his face, the headache subsiding, and he could stand up on his own two legs now without wobbling. He feels okay, albeit sleepy.
Booking it early and driving back to Seoul crosses his mind once or twice, but he doesn't want to be a dick more than he already is for arriving late. He can't believe he's thinking of work when Hoseok and Jungkook is quite literally dancing to WAP right in front of him.
Like he's well aware he's workaholic, but even he surprises himself sometimes.
"Beer?" He's pulled out of his thoughts by that familiar, sweet voice, turning his head to the side to find Jimin offering an ice-cold bottle with his equally sweet smile. "Probably not a good idea." "Oh. How come?"
The younger pulls a chair right next to him, scooting closer to also watch their sober--emphasis on sober--friends act like they've chugged ten shots of tequila in one go. "Too much Red Bull in my system. I might end up joining them."
"All the more reason to drink. I'd love to see that." Jimin's light giggles are a welcome sound amidst the blaring party music currently blasting out of the speakers, like a god-sent melody in the middle of all the nonsensical noise irritating Yoongi's sensitized ears.
They're close enough for Yoongi to get a whiff of Jimin's scent. At least, he should, but it has tamed down considerably compared to earlier, the mutedness bringing another sense of nostalgia that he associates with Jimin's presence. Maybe he's being a dick, after all.
"You didn't have to do that..." He sighs, shooting Jimin an apologetic look, which the other dismisses with a snort. "What? It's fine! Should've applied it before I came. I mean, it's a good thing I even remembered to bring it, knowing you'll be here."
"Besides, you look like you've gone through a lot today. I didn't want to add on to whatever's bothering you." "I'm /fine/," Yoongi retorts, because really, he is. Leave it to Jimin to turn "you look like shit" into something caring that tugs at his heartstrings.
"It's not like I'm allergic to your scent. You don't have to put on blockers for me, Jimin-ah." He can't count how many times he's had to say that, but Jimin ignores him every time. He has basically turned it into a whole personality trait when it comes to Yoongi.
"I just don't want you to sneeze on me when I get close to you, hyungie. Don't worry too much about it, okay?" Yoongi worries about it. He's been worrying about it ever since Jimin showed up one day smelling like /nothing/.
Imagine inadvertently forcing an omega to subdue their scent just for you. Sometimes Yoongi thinks about it at night, how it's one of his biggest regrets in life out of countless others, and wonders if he can ever do anything to make it up to Jimin.
Or better yet, turn back time so he can smack his stupid, younger self on the head for being so immature and rude to someone he literally just met. Sit him down and just give him a 3-hour lecture about the gravity of words and their long-time effects on a person's life.
"You're worrying about it." Jimin calls him out, giving him a light flick on the forehead to snap him back to reality and out of his spiraling thoughts. Denial is already on the tip of Yoongi's tongue, but Jimin knows him too well, so he doesn't bother.
"/Seriously/ hyung, stop it. Stop. Just--stop." Warm, soft palms squish his cheeks, forcing him to look at that frown he hasn't seen in way too long. "Okay, I'm stopping." Yoongi mumbles. Secretly, he worries about it. "Good." Jimin releases him with a huff. "So--"
"So." "So." A hand lands on his thigh, squeezing as Jimin gives him an expectant look. "What?" "What /what/? I haven't seen you in forever! Start talking." "Start talking about what?" "Anything. Everything. Your life. You're the only one who doesn't chat with me."
"Should I chat with you?" "Um, yes? Why /didn't/ you chat me all those years, hyung?" It sounds accusatory and Yoongi is surprised that he feels even the slightest bit of offense for looking like an uncaring friend. He knows he's got lots of shortcomings but he /cares/. Lots.
"Well, why didn't you?" He fires back, the toned-down, creeping agitation under his skin so nostalgic it gives him a momentary whiplash. Only Jimin can really bring out this stubborn side of him without much effort.
It will always be a guilty pleasure seeing Jimin splutter and lose his bearings just from a little teasing. Something about making those eyebrows furrow and those lips frown in a pout that Yoongi finds so oddly satisfying for reasons that are still beyond him up to this day.
Maybe that's why he finds himself always going out of the way just to pull a reaction from him. Although he supposedly left that childish "hobby" of his behind when they all went their separate ways after college, he can't believe he still enjoys doing it after all these years.
When Jimin takes too long to formulate a believable excuse that Yoongi wouldn't even bother believing because it's not like he /minds/ the lack of communication ever since Jimin flew to America to dance and pursue his dreams, he decides to spare the man some mercy.
"Aish, just drop it. It would've been boring anyway because I'll just say 'I'm fine' every time you asked me how I'm doing." "That's how you answer even in real life." Jimin counters with a huff. "Exactly. It's small talk. It's futile and it doesn't work on me."
"You really haven't changed much, have you?" And it doesn't sound bad coming from Jimin. More like fond. "I'd be worried if I did. You will no longer have the cringey awkwardness you need to offset all the fun, spontaneous things going on in your life.
"I missed you." Jimin smiles goofily at him, like all it took was Yoongi mentioning his best quality--cringey awkwardness--for him to decide that yes, indeed, he missed Yoongi very much. Yoongi always had a hard time understanding what goes on in that pretty little mind of his.
"Because you have way too much fun and spontaneous things going on in your life?" "Yes. I think I need some uncomfortable silence and dead-end conversations for a change."
Except there have never been uncomfortable silence nor dead-end conversations when it comes to the two of them. Jimin's just saying that but he has never really experienced first-hand what Yoongi is best known for. He's too much of an odd, special case to ever experience it.
That is to say, they've never been the closest with each other. Like, they're close, but not Taehyung-Jimin "let's just marry each other if we still don't have partners by 50" close. Or Seokjin-Yoongi "you're my bestfriend but I fell in love with you oops" kind of close.
It's more of...fondness. Yoongi's fond of Jimin--shit, who won't be--and again, he doesn't easily get fond of another human being unless they're annoying little children running around, but Jimin's the type to bring it out of you by pure force. Like you just can't help it.
And they're just comfortable with each other despite their differences--and oh, are there a fucking lot--so it works. Somewhat rocky at the beginning, but they grew up and now Jimin has become a vital part of Yoongi's social dot that he is trying his darn hardest to preserve.
For the first time that night, Yoongi talks. He talks a lot, forgetting about his need for sleep in exchange of making up for those 6 years he hasn't talked with Jimin (not counting their obligatory birthday/holiday greetings to each other on the groupchat).
For the first time that night, he's compelled to talk, because Jimin has chosen a more profound conversation starter that didn't involve mentioning his age nor the visible absence of a mate by his side.
It's a relief; he knows Jimin won't bring up such overused topics because they're technically on the same boat when it comes down to it. Maybe he's the kindred soul Yoongi has wished for. The one and only who shares the torture that is mid-life social "obligation" crisis.
The only difference is, Jimin hasn't been present to most of their friends' weddings, so Yoongi had to soak up most of the aggravating questions alone. He's practically an expert at being scandalized at this point. "So you're staying here for good?"
"Just for a time. Maybe. I don't know," He watches the other laugh, blonde hair pushed back by ringed fingers. He's still very much into jewelry and accessories it seems. "I haven't thought much about it yet. I just wanted to go back home."
"What about your, uh, crew? Is that what you call them?" "My crew, yes. Well, we all decided to take a breather. Get some break while we're at it and do whatever. Most of them started to have families too, so you know how it is." Yoongi hums in understanding.
"It's good though. That you came back." "Mm. My parents won't let me hear the end of it, only coming back after so many years." "You kind of deserve that one." "Probably." Jimin laughs. "And did you know that Jiwon is having a baby?"
"Your younger brother?" Yoongi asks in surprise. "Yes! My baby brother is having a baby! Can you believe?" "Wait, since when did he even grow up? He was only, like, a beansprout the last time I saw him." "Right? My exact same thoughts. Time is fucking weird."
"So weird. I feel like every person I know is either getting married or having pups." "Same." Jimin chuckles, swirling whatever's in his glass before chugging it down. "It's cute, though. Being an uncle and all."
"Handsome and rich uncle Jimin." Yoongi teases with a grin, earning a light kick on the leg. "I know I'm handsome, but I don't know about the rich part. I'm basically unemployed right now." "But you must have earned a lot from dancing around all those years."
"'Dancing around,' what am I, a stripper?" They share a laugh. Somewhere in the background, someone screams. Probably a kid. "I'll probably be fine for a while, but I have to think about my next step and shit. First off, I need to go hunting for a cheap apartment in Seoul."
Yoongi can't help but snort, "Goodluck with that. Where are you staying right now? With your parents?" "Yeah. Only a matter of time before they kick me out for being a freeloader though." "They're not going to do that." Yoongi reassures, although he's sure Jimin knows that too.
"I know, but like, I can't just depend on them all the time, you know? I need to get my shit together. On my own." Jimin's got some serious issues when it comes to depending on people and Yoongi wants to point it out, tell him there's nothing wrong with that, but he doesn't.
"Besides, if there's some place I'm going to settle in for good, it has to be Seoul." "Why? What's wrong with Busan?" "Nothing's wrong with Busan. I just want to be in Seoul, that's all. It calls to me."
Yoongi's the opposite. If he can get away from that city, he would. But he couldn't. Not even for a little while.
He thinks he desperately needs to.
"What are you two talking so seriously about?" Jungkook appears out of nowhere, wearing that same boyish grin Yoongi has known him for as he invites himself in Jimin and Yoongi's circle. Of course Taehyung is not too far behind, also joining in on the conversation.
"What's going on here?" "They're having a meeting without us." Taehyung gasps, all dramatic and in full offense. "How /dare/." Jimim and Yoongi share a weird a look.
"Don't you two have more important matters to attend to?" Glancing around at the other guests, they definitely warrant more attention from the stars of the evening compared to the humble little corner Yoongi and Jimin have saved for themselves.
"Hey, this is important!" Taehyung defends, plopping down on his alpha husband's lap with a giggle. Of course they just had to get all flirty and distracted, sucking faces with no regard whatsoever of their friends' wellbeing.
They're worse than a pair of horny teenagers getting it on for the first time, Yoongi thought. And they're /married/.
"Get a room, jesus." It's Jimin who speaks up this time, though he looks more amused than apalled. Must be all those years rooming with these two that made him immune to such scenes. "Didn't know the honeymoon was also being held here." Yoongi adds on with a snort.
"Okay, give us some slack. It's been a while since Jungkookie made love to me, and this reception is dragging /on/." Yoongi wants to gag. "Shut up." Jimin's quick to shut his best friend down with a raised brow. "There's no such thing as 'been a while' with the two of you."
"Seriously, Chim! 3 weeks, 2 days, 17 hours, and 13 minutes. I've been keeping count!" "I didn't need to know that." Yoongi mumbles, mostly to himself. "Seriously," Jungkook looks them with a grim expression, "Planning a wedding is a nightmare."
"Good thing I'll never plan one, then." Jimin shrugs with a laugh, sounding so carefree that Yoongi is almost envious. "Mm, baby watch your mouth." "It comes back around." They even finish each other's sentences. Great. Jimin, on the other hand, just rolls his eyes at them.
"But you would look so good in a tux, babe. What happened to your dream of wearing a gown on your own wedding?" "Oh, Tae, I don't need a wedding to wear a gown. I'll wear one tomorrow if you want. Besides, I'm already gorgeous on the daily." Yoongi can't help but snort mid-sip.
"Yes, hyung? You want to say something?" By the look Jimin is giving him, Yoongi better save the taunt at the tip of his tongue for later. Or better yet, never. "Nothing." He clears his throat instead.
"How about you, Yoongi-hyung?" "Huh?" "Hyung looks like the type to have everything planned down to the very last detail." "Even how many centimeters the table napkins should be from the edge." "I can totally imagine him fussing around trying to perfect everything." "Cute."
Yoongi lets them be because it's their big day. Better not to comment on such subjects anyway and add unnecessary fuel to the flame. He will neither confirm nor deny. Soon, Namjoon and Seokjin join them, then Hoseok, who's magnetized wherever the fun seems to be brewing.
The topic stretches on, all kinds of wedding and honeymoon anecdotes thrown around for the laughs. Jimin and Yoongi both stay as mere listeners with Jimin occasionally joining in with his dynamic reactions.
"Man, nothing could beat Hoseok's Everland wedding." "That carousel ride was amazing." "Didn't he barf after getting off?" "Exactly. So romantic." "Shut up, you little shit." Hoseok joke-chokes Seokjin, and Yoongi thinks it's nice.
Not Hoseok choking Seokjin (although that's entertaining in its own right) but being together like this again. Complete. And chaotic. It's been way too long since he's had a genuine, good laugh.
"How dare you make fun of me on my wedding day when you guys didn't even bother inviting us to yours!" Hoseok points at their two tallest friends with an accusatory finger.
Waking up one day with a picture of Seokjin wearing a wedding ring and a casual "me and Joon got married" on their groupchat is still a sore, recurring topic that Hoseok likes to bring up every now and then every time Seokjin is being an ass. Which is, all the time.
"Man, you should really do an upgrade because your rebuttals are getting stale." Seokjin shakes his head with a laugh. "Also, again, no plane tickets to Vegas, no opinion." "You didn't even invite Jimin! And he was only, like, one state away or something."
"Well, unlike you, Jimin doesn't hold it against us because he's an angel. Right, honey?" "I think it's romantic." Jimin sighs dreamily, smiling up at the alpha couple. "Spontaneous wedding in Vegas, honeymoon in a cheap motel...I really loved that for you guys."
The whole fiasco was Seokjin-coded. As to how he managed to convince Namjoon to do it though...Yoongi is yet to know.
But he guesses it's just fitting for the two of them. It's not like they can do something like that here, being a same-alpha couple. Korea's still got a long way to go when it comes to those things. And Seokjin can be pretty convincing if he wants to. Yoongi's happy for them.
"In all fairness, our motel room was Pokemon-themed and we had a blast." "Uh huh. I bet your Dickletts had a real blast." Yoongi shoots Namjoon a smirk, who just groans at his bad joke.
They all get immersed in their own circle, with Taehyung and Jungkook excusing themselves for a bit to attend to their other guests, and Yoongi was almost on the brink of relaxation when the dreaded question comes up. "When will /you/ two settle down?"
"Settle down like get married?" Jimin sounds properly horrified by the notion, his reaction more than enough for the two of them. "Yeah! Didn't you meet any nice alphas while you were out there in California, Jiminie? Anyone worth bringing home?"
"Well, I've met a lot, but I'm not going to 'settle down' with any of them nor bring them back home here. God." "You look like someone just suggested you to eat your own shit." Seokjin observes with a laugh.
"Hey there's always Yoongi-hyung as last resort if you're out of options." Hoseok pats him on the shoulder, wriggling his eyebrows at the two of them. Ah, here we go again.
"Yah, Yoongi-hyung is not a last resort," Jimin says in his stead. At least Yoongi had enough energy to flash the younger omega a grateful smile, knowing they'll both have to endure this overused joke that has been going on around their friends since time immemorial.
"He'll always be my first choice." Jimin winks at him and Yoongi has no qualms riding along because Jimin says that to everybody. He's sweet like that. "You guys look good together, actually." Namjoon pipes up. "Agreed." Seokjin hums with a mischievous glint in his eyes.
"Yeah, you've said that a thousand times already. Too bad we're not." His replies are robotic at this point, a well-practiced response. He sighs, the fatigue catching up to him. Maybe he should go after all. Drive home and get some actual sleep.
"It's not going to work out because hyung can't stand my scent. Imagine we're fucking and he has to hold his nose like--" "I don't--" Yoongi opens his mouth to say something, but he shuts it back up, watching his friends laugh out loud with a frown.
Yoongi is used to Jimin being frank and brash at times, and it's not like he's saying those things to get back at Yoongi or make him feel guilty, but it's equally concerning how Jimin can make jokes like that at his own expense.
"I'm kidding! Don't be mad!" Jimin elbows him on the arm, trying to coax a smile out of him but Yoongi just stares until the smile melts from Jimin's face. "Hey, I'm just kidding." He says much more seriously this time, tilting his head at Yoongi in worry.
He lets out a long-winded sigh, ruffling the other's hair. "You're fine. I don't hate your scent." He bids an abrupt farewell after that, much to the wedded couple and their friends' complaints, but Yoongi thinks he did enough socialization for the night to last a lifetime.
"You sure you'll drive all the way back to Seoul? It's pretty late." Taehyung is pouting at him and that's dangerous to Yoongi's health. "You do know you can just get a room here, right? It's all paid. "Yeah, I've got work tomorrow anyway. I need to get up early."
Now it's Jungkook's turn to look at him with those big eyes. Super dangerous to Yoongi's health. "Hyung? Stop working so much." "I'm not." He reassures their maknae with a smile.
"Drop by sometime, yeah? You promised." Hoseok tells him, with Kai waving wildly and Seungwan also waving but in a much gentler manner. "Bye, Uncle Yoongi!" "Answer my texts, will you?" Seokjin huffs at him. "And stop pretending like you're asleep and answer your goddamn door."
"I'm not pretending. Maybe stop coming to my house at ungodly hours of the morning without warning. " He retorts. "You want me to visit at dawn, then?" "Yes." "Ugh, you're impossible." Seokjin rolls his eyes. "Drive carefully." "Yes, mom."
"Take care on your way home, hyung." Namjoon smiles at him, and they bump their fists. "Thanks, Joon-ah." "You're seriously going?"
Turning around, he finds Jimin with his arms crossed. He doesn't look too happy when Yoongi nods. "Can't you stay a bit longer?" A pout. Fucking lethal to Yoongi's health. "Please?" "Sorry, Jimin-ah. Hyung will make it up to you when you go to Seoul. I promise."
"You better." Jimin punches him lightly on the chest before hugging him. Yoongi holds on just as tight in that brief moment. "See you around?" "Yeah. See you."
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It doesn't take long for Yoongi to see Jimin again. And it happens in a way that he never would've expected.
Friday morning, Yoongi just got home from work. He's on the verge of passing out when he crosses the threshold of his bathroom, but he feels pretty good about himself for the first time in a while.
The song he has been working on for weeks was finally finished, and it couldn't be more perfect than it already is. After taking a long, hot bath, he gets ready to spend the next three days in bed absolutely dead to the world when a loud noise startles him out of his relaxation.
It came from the other side of the wall, presumably from the room next to his, which has been vacant for quite some time now. Oh, is he finally getting a new neighbor?
The possibility doesn't garner much thoughts from his mushy brain, more concerned about the noises that's keeping him from completely shutting down. It's ignorable to a degree, but Yoongi's got sensitive ears, and he can't sleep until his whole room is a black hole.
He debates on what course of action he should take, though there's not much to debate on when neither choices are appealing. Eventually though, his need for some peace and quiet wins, and he soon finds himself getting up from bed with a sigh.
His boss keeps telling him to be assertive. That he should voice out what he wants instead of keeping quiet all the time. Yoongi thought this would be a perfect opportunity to practice that.
His confidence wanes the closer he gets to his destination, and when he's right in front of his neighbor's door, he reconsiders. Will the social awkwardness be worth it? He could just wait it out, no need to interact with another human being if he just goes back inside...
No, right, he needs to be assertive. Without thinking too much, he rings the doorbell. It produces that horrible buzzing sound like something getting zapped with a thousand volts. That's when the regret kicks in.
He doesn't have much time to mourn about it though, the thump of footsteps quickly approaching along with a muffled "Coming!" that he's pretty sure is for him. Shit. The door opens without warning, showing a familiar face that makes Yoongi blink in surprise. "Jimin-ah?"
For a moment, Yoongi thought his sleep depravity was just playing tricks on him, but-- "Yoongi-hyung?" Yep, it's him. His eyes may have deteriorated over the years, but his ears never miss. He knows that voice all too well.
"Um, hi? It's...nice of you to visit me? How did you know where I live?" Jimin laughs, brushing back the strands of hair that have fallen over his face. He looks haggard, skin matted with sweat, like Yoongi just interrupted him in the middle of a workout session.
"Uh...hey," Yoongi greets back, brows furrowing in confusion. "I'm not--" He shakes his head. "So you live here now?" "Yep! Just moved in today." Jimin sighs, hands over his hips. "Don't tell me you also live in this building?" "Actually, I'm right next door."
"Whaaaaaaaaaat, that's crazy. So we're neighbors now? Is Seoul really this small?" It's obvious the younger is too exhausted to express the full length of his surprise. Usually he's more...dynamic. Makes Yoongi wonder what he was doing before he knocked.
"Nah, I kind of see how you ended up here. This place is cheap, but worth it. Good job on finding it." "Thanks. You can't even imagine how many places I've checked out before I landed here." "Trust me, I know."
"Yeah? How long have you been staying here, hyung?" "3 years? Almost 4 this October, I think." Jimin nods with a hum and a couple seconds pass by with just them standing there before the younger speaks up again. "Anyway! Why did you knock?"
Right. Yoongi's reminded of why he's here in the first place. "Uh, yeah, I was just going to ask if you could quiet it down. I'm trying to sleep. Didn't know it was you, though." "Oh! Shit, I'm sorry, hyungie. You do look like you haven't slept for a month."
"You can just say I look like shit." He rolls his eyes but with a smile. "What are you doing, anyways?" "Ah, I was just--" Jimin points his thumb inside, letting out another long-winded sigh. "Assembling some furniture. You know, just moving in things."
"Yeah?" Yoongi's interest piques at the mention of furniture assembly, like a switch getting turned on. "Need some help?" "Oh, no, no, I'm fine. You should sleep. I'll try to keep it down. Sorry again, hyung." "I'll help you, Jimin-ah. Seriously."
"You sure? Because honestly, I'm at my wit's end here with the fucking bed. It's insane how much I suck at following instructions." Yoongi chuckles, "I'm sure. Come on, let's take a look." Jimin steps aside to make way, inviting him in and closing the door behind them.
"I'll hug you, but I stink right now." Yoongi hears Jimin say while he takes off his slippers. "Well, more than usual. Sorry it's all over the house." "You don't stink." He mumbles, following the omega further into the apartment.
The layout is the exact same as his, Jimin's scent indeed the strongest once they reach the bedroom. It doesn't /stink/, it's just...too strong for Yoongi. He switches to breathing through his mouth, hoping the younger won't notice.
But Jimin is already dashing around to open the windows in a hurry, and Yoongi feels guilty. He doesn't comment on it though, not really in the mood to do a back and forth of this neverending scent issue all over again. "I'll be back. Make yourself at home, hyungie."
Yoongi surveys the progress of the bed, scanning the pieces and screws all just lying around in a mess. He finds the manual, doing a quick skim of it and figuring out which step is next when Jimin returns. "Hey. I don't really have anything but water right now, so here you go."
"Thanks." Of course he doesn't miss the muted citrus that was prevalent just a few minutes ago, but he ignores it despite the annoyance that bubbles up inside. Maybe it's just the lack of sleep making him crankier than usual. Or maybe Jimin's just too damn stubborn.
Either way, they get down to business. Yoongi finds it amusing how all the tiredness just seems to leave his body in favor of renewed excitement while they screw and hammer the parts together, the bed starting to look like an actual bed in no time.
Conversation is scarce aside from assembly-related questions and instructions, the two of them probably too exhausted--or immersed in Yoongi's case--to explore any other topic. "This takes me back to our dorm days." Jimin snickers, handing Yoongi the screwdriver.
Yoongi snorts, knowing the exact memory Jimin is referring to. "Until now, I still don't know how you and Jungkook managed to break your table so many times." "We didn't mind breaking it because we know you'll always be there to fix it for us." Jimin teases with a laugh.
"Until I graduated." "Yeah, it stayed permanently broken after that." Yoongi shakes his head remembering those times, though he never really minded it whenever anyone asked him to fix stuff for them. It's like music, he supposes. He always enjoyed doing it.
They finish the bed then moved on to the coffee table in the living room. By the time they're done, it's almost noon. "Oh my god, we did it." Yoongi slumps on the couch, wiping the sweat on his brows. Beside him, Jimin looks like he's on the verge of passing out.
"I thought it's going to take me a week just getting my bed done. I was ready to sleep on the floor." Despite the fatigue creeping in at an alarming rate, Yoongi manages a chuckle. He pats the younger's knee, giving it a squeeze to let him know he did well.
"You hungry?" "Yes." "I'll cook us a quick lunch. Let's go." He's the first one to stand up, urging Jimin to follow suit so they can go to his house this time.
"For real? You'll cook for me? God, hyung, I'm starting to think moving in here is the best decision I've ever made in my entire life." "And why is that?" Yoongi muses, keying his passcode to let the two of them in. "Because I get to be neighbors with you."
The truth is, Yoongi rarely cooks. Even rarely does he invite anyone inside his home just like that, overly conscious of his personal space and privacy. But he finds that he doesn't mind doing those things. He doesn't mind a lot of things when it comes to Jimin.
As is the case ever since he can remember.
"Will you help me with the dining table, too?" "You haven't set up your dining table?" Jimin shakes his head with pleading eyes. "What will you even do without me?" Yoongi sighs, pushing more of the fried rice towards the younger. "I seriously don't know, hyung."
And so they do Jimin's dining table. And his shelf. And his shoe rack. And before he knows it, it's already dark out and he's still awake by some miracle.
"Thank you so much, hyungie. I love you, love you, love you." Jimin wraps his arms around him from behind, dropping playful kisses on his shoulder while he tightens the final screw. Yoongi leans into the touch, used to the omega's affection. He missed it, actually.
"I feel like you can fix my life too with how good you are." "Sadly, I think that's way out of my skill level." "I'll still trust you with it." The warmth squeezes him, but disappears all too fast. Quicker than Yoongi could realize how touch-deprived he has been all this time.
"Do you have plans tomorrow?" Plans. "Sleep." Yoongi's the type of person to never have plans on his free days. "I was thinking I'll treat you to breakfast, lunch, and dinner." "Okay, not sleep then." But maybe that's about to change starting today.
"You're all mine tomorrow then, hyung."
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Yoongi never thought having a friend for a neighbor would incur major life changes, but here he is.
'breakfast for my fave hyung <3 have a nice day~ love u!! -jimin β€’α·„Ιžβ€’α·…' A smile plays on his lips even though it's practically the same note from yesterday, with minor differences to the wording here and there. Still, the message is clear: Jimin is too sweet.
He's been finding these small notes stuck on his front door, along with paper/plastic bags of food, everyday ever since Jimin moved in. The younger told him it's his way of saying thanks, even though Yoongi already reassured him that he didn't have to give him anything in return.
But how can he say no when Jimin attacks him full on, with guns blazing in the form of pleading eyes and a "Please, hyung? You need to eat more." He doesn't eat breakfast--can't even remember the last time he did--but he wakes up every morning now to fetch whatever Jimin gave him
He knows it's mostly leftover dinner, but Yoongi is beyond grateful and he doesn't want to waste even one grain if he could help it. He starts dropping by the grocery too, compelled to cook and give something in return, which starts their cycle of sharing food with one another.
Not only is his body clock reverting back to normal, but his eating habits are also improving. As he said, major life changes.
He doesn't see much of Jimin though, the both of them probably too busy to run into each other, save for one Friday night when he's startled by the sound of his rarely used doorbell. He opens the door to find his said neighbor waiting outside.
"Hi, hyung!" "Hey, Jimin-ah." He eyes the big pot the younger is holding. "What's up?" "Ah, nothing much. Just wanted to ask if you want to eat dinner together. I made too much." Jimin gestures to the container in his grip with a sheepish smile. "Are you busy?"
"Uh, no." He glances behind him where he left his bottle of beer in front of the paused movie he was planning to watch for the night. "Not really. Come in." Jimin happily welcomes himself inside Yoongi's apartment, handing him the pot when he offers to carry it.
"So I just realized I could've just chatted you before dropping by. Sorry, it totally slipped my mind." "It's fine." Yoongi snorts, setting the food on the table. "Not like I got anything better to do. You don't have plans for tonight?"
"Good question," Jimin leans over the kitchen counter while Yoongi grabs them some plates. "I /wanted/ to have plans. You know, go out, have a couple of drinks and stuff, but all of my friends are too busy, so." He shrugs. "I thought you might want to hang out with me instead."
"I'm glad I could be here to be your last resort in case all else fails." "You are not my last resort!" Jimin retaliates just as Yoongi has planned, which makes him snicker under his breath. Jimin is just so predictable sometimes it makes it too easy for Yoongi to tease him.
"I'm kidding. If I get free food out of it, then who am I to complain?" He shrugs with a smile, Jimin following him back to the table. "You've been cooking a lot these days." "It's fun to cook for myself. And for you, too." "You didn't even know how to fry an egg back then."
"Hey, living alone has its perks. I learned a lot of important life skills." "Looks like that turned out really well for you. Let's eat."
It dawns on Yoongi that he's actually pretty hungry, though he didn't exactly have plans for dinner before Jimin came. The stew is great, the best he's ever tasted, but maybe he's just being biased. Now it's his turn to wonder what he'll do without Jimin around.
"So what have you been up to these days?" he asks after there's a lull in their banter about food, watching the omega chew with his cheeks full. "You found work?" Jimin shakes his head, "I'm studying right now."
"Studying? You went back to college?" "Yep! Figured I might as well finish my damn degree since I've got nothing better to do anyways. They credited my previous units so I didn't have to repeat my first three years." Yoongi whistles, shooting the other an impressed look.
"Look at you, being a model student." "Ha-ha, I always was. I missed contemporary though. It feels like it's been such a long time since I've tried it." "I also missed watching you dance." Jimin flashes him a shy smile. "You're the first one I'll invite if we get a show."
"That's a promise." Yoongi holds him to it, remembering the days when they'd all come to Jimin's shows to support him. Yoongi is proud to say that he never missed one despite how busy life came to be.
"I'm trying to look for a part-time job, though. Not too demanding. Just to add on to my tuition." "You plan to work while schooling? Sounds tough." "Not like I have a choice. It's fun, anyway. Like I'm finally getting my shit together, you know."
Yoongi gets it, he supposes. That sense of accomplishment when you work hard for things you want to achieve. He has always known Jimin to be the most persevering human being he has ever met. "You interested in being a personal assistant?"
The omega shoots him a funny look. "For who?" "Me." Now he gets an even funnier expression. "Wait, you're serious?"
Yoongi shrugs. He didn't really think too much about the random offer, but he has been pondering lately in passing how nice it would be to have someone organizing his life for him when he most definitely isn't up for such a task.
"It's really nothing. Just remind me if I should be doing something important for the day. I can't be fucked to read my emails." Jimin laughs behind his closed fist, still with that unbelieving look. "Wow, hyung, is being a famous producer that taxing?"
"I'm not famous." Yoongi grumbles, because he isn't. Not yet. "And also I think I'm just lazy." "I think you're cute." Jimin giggles fondly at him. "Okay, sure. I'll be your sexy secretary." He gets a suggestive wink.
"About the payment--" "I'll accept hyung's eternal love as payment." Finger hearts this time around. "I doubt my love can pay for your tuition." "I mean, if you must insist, then feel free to add some bills here and there. You're too generous to me."
Thankfully he's become immune to all of Jimin's mannerisms, and he can just let them fly with an obligatory eye roll. The omega must have majored in sweet, tender-talking and absorbed all the adorable qualities a person could possibly have in this lifetime.
Yoongi has never been this fond of another person, and he thinks it's showing and clawing itself out of his usually stoic exterior whenever Jimin is around. It's a scary power to have over him. Jimin can probably tell since he knows exactly when to use it to his own advantage.
"What were you watching before I came?" They move to the couch after washing the dishes and clearing the table, returning to Yoongi's paused TV and his now lukewarm beer bottle. "Uh, some western show. I don't know, I just downloaded it."
"Downloaded? Isn't this on Netflix?" "I don't have Netflix." Jimin stares at him like he just announced that he actually eats his cereals warm. "Why?" "It's too expensive."
"Expensive? You're willing to pay me to read your emails for you!" "Hey, reading emails is serious business, alright. It takes skill." "Skill." Jimin smiles at him like he's a helpless little kid. "Besides, their subtitles are shitty. Torrents are superior." "Oh my god."
Against his wishes, Jimin forces his Netflix account to him for free, basically spending an hour trying to debunk every bad thing Yoongi has to say about the capitalist platform. They spend the next couple hours browsing, unable to choose on what to watch.
It's not how his typical Friday night usually goes. Actually, nothing in his self-proclaimed routine has ever gone smoothly after Jimin showed up, said major life changes creeping its way into his system bit by bit.
As he said, he's never been good when it comes to changes, always malfunctioning and cowering at the slightest chance of it threatening to happen, but this time, Yoongi finds that he doesn't particularly mind.
"You look good."
Yoongi frowns. "The fuck is that supposed to mean?" Across him, Seokjin returns the favor with a scowl. "That you look good? Should it have any other meaning that I'm not aware of?" "I'm just used to you telling me I look like shit. I thought you got creative with it."
"This is why I never compliment you." In the end, Seokjin gives up, sighing behind the rim of his mug. "Coffee's especially good today." "That's a compliment. Jimin taught me his blend." "Then I'm complimenting Jiminie, not you."
TouchΓ©, Yoongi thought as he sips from his own cup. It's the kind of coffee that makes you sigh with satisfaction. Makes you wonder how long you've gone on in life not drinking it. Grabbing his phone, he drops a quick chat to the genius barista:
[Yoongi-hyung 😚] your coffee is so good He already made sure to shower Jimin with all the compliments and praises he deserves after letting him taste the holy nectar that is the omega's personally-brewed coffee, but Yoongi thought a little more won't hurt.
[🍊] LOL thank youuuu ❀️❀️❀️ eat breakfast [Yoongi-hyung 😚] i am jin's here [🍊] ohhh tell jin-hyung i said hi!! and that i miss him so much πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί "Jimin says he hates you and he never wants to see you again." "Jimin will never say that." "You're right. That was stupid."
[Yoongi-hyung 😚] he says hello *insert cute jin pic here* [🍊] wah i'm jealous wish i'm there too [Yoongi-hyung 😚] you have class right now, right? [🍊] yeah boring as fuck [Yoongi-hyung 😚] pay attention [🍊] if you're my prof, i will πŸ˜‰ [Yoongi-hyung 😚] bye
Seokjin is smiling weirdly at him when he puts his phone down. "What?" "Nothing." The other denies, though he's still smiling like a maniac. "You look good when you smile." As if on reflex, Yoongi stops. He didn't even know he was smiling. "That was Jimin." "Uh huh."
After an uncomfortably long silence, Yoongi suggested they move to the couch to watch that movie where Seokjin was casted as an extra. "Hey, don't--" Mid-taking a seat, he stops the other alpha before his rear can make contact with the cushion. Seokjin raises a brow in question.
"Don't...sit there." He finishes lamely, his voice dying out when he thinks of the conversation that's about to happen. Seokjin glances down at his chosen spot, where a layer of blanket is laid out along with some throw pillows, still in a squat as he looks at Yoongi again.
"That's Jimin's nest." The words feel like lead rolling off of his tongue. "I think." He adds for good measure. "Oh." Seokjin straightens up, going for the armchair instead. "Cozy."
Yoongi's not entirely sure if it /is/ a nest--do omegas just nest anywhere they want?--but it's Jimin who did spruce up that little area and Yoongi always sees him curled up on the spot whenever they hang out to watch--as much as he's still against it--Netflix together.
He never once dared to touch even one hair of fabric from that part of his couch ever since Jimin made it like so, leaving it as is and resigning to the fact that it now belongs to his friend slash neighbor.
Not that Yoongi's bothered by it in any way. Jimin may not show it much, but Yoongi has noticed how his eyes always seem to sparkle whenever he sees the little spot undisturbed and exactly how he left it, sauntering over the alleged nest with a skip in his step.
Seokjin has that weird smile on his face again, not even hiding the fact that he's staring at Yoongi. Yoongi doesn't engage, hoping that if he ignores it long enough, it will just go away on its own. But of course it doesn't.
"What's the name of the movie again?" "Tonight I'm Awake with an Epiphany from the Moon's Abyss." "What a long ass title." He grumbles under his breath, struggling to type through the remote.
"Wow, since when did you get Netflix? I thought you got that whole teenage piracy aesthetic going on for you." He saves the retort on his tongue in favor of rolling his eyes. Before he could think better of it, he's spilling the truth. "It's not mine, it's Jimin's."
... "Shut up." He slices through the once more uncomfortable silence. "I didn't say anything?" Innocently, Seokjin tilts his head at him. "I know what you're about to say so I just beat you to it. There's nothing going on between us. /Nothing/ will go on. We just hang out."
"Okay," Seokjin holds his hands up, but his face says otherwise. "I'm just saying, me and Joon don't even have this level of domesticity. And we're already married." "Friends can be domestic. Don't make it weird."
"I'm not! Can't you see how happy I am for you? It's nice that you have Jiminie around to drag you out of your studio and get some sunlight. It's doing wonders to your skin and your overall vibe, I swear."
It's true. His time suffering inside his studio has reduced dramatically thanks to Jimin. He even thinks he has become more productive nowadays, finding it easier to gain inspiration from all kinds of things. Who knew distancing himself from his craft was all he needed?
"Yeah, I guess it is nice to have him around." He admits. "Well, more than nice." "He's good for you." "He's good for anyone." He corrects Seokjin, once again feeling unsure of what good deed he must have done in his past life to deserve being Jimin's neighbor and friend.
"You can be good for each other." "I'm good to him." He felt the need to defend himself for some reason, not wanting Seokjin to think that he's just leeching off of Jimin's overall kindness without giving anything back. "I know you are. He won't nest on your couch otherwise."
Yoongi stares at the empty "nest" on the other end of his couch. He could verify with Seokjin if it's really a nest, but he no longer sees the point of delving deeper into the topic. It just means he's doing a good job making Jimin comfortable around him, right?
"Anyway," The other singsongs, hiking up his long legs atop the coffee table much to Yoongi's annoyance. "Until you realize Jiminie's a potential candidate in making your life eternally happy, I got a couple of friends who are pretty interested in meeting you."
Oh, here we go. "Did you babble about me to other people again? I told you, I don't have time for relationships--" "I know, I know, I'm not telling you to date them right away. Just, you know. Try it out. Get yourself out there."
"Out where? In meaningless small talks that lead to nothing? Thanks, really, but no thanks." "Alright, you don't have to be an ass about it." Seokjin scoffs, rolling his eyes. And maybe rightfully so. Yoongi admits that he can be quite stubborn and grumpy when it comes to this.
"I just don't get what's with the obsession..." He sighs, slumping back against the soft cushion. "As if I can't achieve true happiness if I'm not dating somebody. I'm doing just fine, aren't I? So stop making it seem like I'm so miserable being all alone."
"You /are/ miserable alone, Yoongi. You're the only one who can't see that." He glares--yes, he dares to glare--at Seokjin. How did their conversation even end up in this direction? They were just supposed to watch Jin's long-titled movie, for fuck's sake.
"You spend what, 150% of your time working? You barely eat unless I force food down your throat. You don't even /sleep/. And for fucking what?" They've had this conversation before, though Yoongi already conveniently labeled it as a forgettable memory.
It didn't end well back then nor will it this time around, he believes.
Still, this just reminds him why he fell for Seokjin in the first place. He's the only one who can call Yoongi out on all his bullshit and look good while doing it. And the only one who always makes a lot of sense, too. It's just so aggravating.
"You can't keep living like this. You'll shrivel up." "Aren't you being a little too overdramatic? You're right, I just need some sleep, and I /have/ been sleeping, okay? I've been sleeping really well lately, my body clock's even gone back to normal."
"Also I eat. Jimin keeps me fed, and vice versa. As you said, I look good because I'm doing good. I'm fine." Saying all of that is like listing down all of the achievements he has done for the past weeks, which feels pretty good to brag about.
"Uh, yeah, all because of Jimin." But of course Seokjin just had to knock him down a peg or two. It's what he's good at, after all. "You're lucky you receive some form of affection from him, but if Jimin's not there? If he didn't become your neighbor, what then?"
"Then life goes on." He shrugs. "You're not a beta, Yoongi. You /need/ to be hugged, to be scented, to have your hand held--" He scoffs with a shake of his head. Not this shit again. "Please, that whole thing is just a myth--" "It's been scientifically proven two years ago!"
If he can't admit it to himself, then he won't admit it to anybody else. Yeah, he may daydream about physical intimacy every now and then, maybe wrote a song or two (5 to be exact) about it, bought a long pillow just so he can have something to hug every night, but that's it.
He's /fine/. His life isn't in constant threat just because he's not receiving his daily dose of physical connection from somebody else. It's not like he's going to actually /die/.
But it's not like Seokjin to get so worked up unless it's about something he considers really serious, so Yoongi decides to just shut up. Do both of them a favor and get some peace of mind. "Alright, I'll meet up with your wonderful friends. Happy?" "Absolutely delighted."
"Don't expect much, though. You know I'm not good with the whole getting-to-know stage." "Oh, no worries. I already gave them a heads-up how much fun you are to talk to." Yoongi grabs the nearest pillow and throws it straight at Seokjin.
"Hey, despite that, they're still interested! They said you're really hot!" "Ugh, I don't know why I still welcome you into my house when you just scandalize me every chance you get." "Take a compliment, geez. You got that whole washed-up, overworked DILF-in-the-making vibe."
"Wow, what a compliment." He answers dryly. "Can we just watch your damn movie and get this over with?" "Okay, play it. I know just how much you've been dying to see my handsome face." "I'm dying. Period."
"You still owe me miniature versions of you running around. Until then, live happily." "Your existence is making it very difficult to do so." "Shut up. You love me." "I seriously don't know why I ever did." "And I love you too, Yoongi. Now play it and praise me."
It's actually not as bad as Yoongi expected.
He made time to meet up with Seokjin's friends--well, more like Seokjin made time in his otherwise busy schedule. Thankfully work hasn't been as taxing as usual so Yoongi managed to go through with it despite his clenched fists and gritted teeth.
There were 4 of them--2 omegas, 1 beta, and an alpha. They've all been very pleasant to have lunch with, all were great conversationalists--which spared Yoongi from the awkwardness he prepared himself for--and their scents were tame enough for him to handle.
Yoongi got to hand it to Seokjin; the pinpoint accuracy he has on Yoongi's tastes is both amazing and terrifying. Yoongi almost surprises himself with how interested he is. Specifically with one of the omegas.
He's a bassist, which is already a win in Yoongi's book as talking about music came all too naturally. He's got that certain handsomeness like a prince, with a touch of being delicate yet manly at the same time, and Yoongi knows to himself how easily charmed he is to those types.
Despite his initial skepticisim, he finds himself going with the flow and seeing where it actually goes.
Today he's bound to go out of the house. By some miracle, said bassist omega wanted to meet up again and this marks the third time. Yoongi is kind of going crazy trying to believe if this is actually happening to him.
He spends about an hour agonizing about his unruly hair in front of the mirror, then another hour trying to pick out a cool enough shirt from his monochrome closet. When he finally steps out of the door, he almost bumps into another person.
"Oh. Sorry, dude." He mumbles a quick "It's okay," catching sight of Jimin in his peripheral vision. "That's the wrong way, Mingyu-ah. Elevator's on the other side." He hears Jimin call out, which has the alpha (? Yoongi can tell he's an alpha) turning around with a laugh.
"Ah, shit, sorry." He watches the Mingyu guy walk the other way, shooting Jimin a big smile as he passes him by. "Thanks again. I'll see you around?" "Mmhm." Jimin nods from where he's peeking out behind his door, only half of his body visible as Yoongi also walks over.
"Oh, hey hyung." Jimin greets when he notices him, sinking further inside his apartment until only his head can be seen by Yoongi. "Hey." He glances to the direction of the stranger and back to Jimin. "You alright in there?"
"Yes! I'm just, uh," He clears his throat. "I'm kinda not presentable as of the moment. Sorry." "Ah." Yoongi looks at the hallway again then back to Jimin, a knowing smile growing on his lips. "Yep." Though he looks shy, Jimin still smiles along with him.
"Boyfriend?" "No," Jimin quickly shakes his head. "Just a...friend. Who happens to be a boy." "Right." Jimin clears his throat again and looks at Yoongi from head to toe. "Going somewhere?"
Yoongi looks down at himself, afraid he's going to find some stain on his carefully-picked out clothes. "Uh, yeah. Just going out for lunch." "Ooooh, a date?" "I--how did you know that?" "Well, you look like you're going out on a date. You look dashing."
"Really? Thanks. My fashion sense is validated now." "You're welcome." Jimin grins. "Well, don't let me keep you, hyung. Have fun with your date! Meanwhile, I should really get some sleep." "Thanks, Jimin-ah. Sleep well." "Mm, catch ya later, hyungie." "Okay. Later."
Yoongi comes home later than expected, spending too many hours just chatting with Jeonghan by the banks of Han River that he didn't even notice the time. The so-called "date" went well. Maybe /more/ than well based on the smile he can't seem to erase from his face.
Jeonghan is, by all means, great. And the more Yoongi gets to know him, the more interested he becomes. Being able to coax him to talk for hours on end is already a good sign. Everyone and their mothers know that Yoongi can barely hold a conversation for the life of him.
He doesn't want to get ahead of himself though, storing thoughts of the future into a part of his brain that he reminds himself to visit later on when things are more...concrete. Along with the excitement that comes with the hopeful feelings of meeting someone significant.
For now, he just enjoys all these new sensations; basks in the lightness he feels, and allows himself to look forward to certain things for once. It won't do him good to be his usual cynical self when literally nothing has happened yet. 'Don't be an ass,' he reminds his brain.
He checks his phone after taking a bath, seeing a new message from Jimin: [🍊] heyyyy r u zzz? can i come over for a bit i want to give you something [Yoongi-hyung 😚] not zzz sure Not long after, his doorbell buzzes.
"Hi, hyung!" Jimin greets brightly when he opens the door. The omega is clad in a very much oversized hoodie and some comfortable-looking sweats. It makes him look smaller than he actually is, the baggy clothes just engulfing his whole frame. "Hey, what's up?"
"Nothing much, actually. I thought you weren't coming home but then I heard your door." Jimin flashes him a teasing smile. "I just wanted to give you this." Yoongi takes the lunch box handed to him, peeking inside to find several tupperwares filled with food.
"Oh, wow." "My mom came by a while ago to visit and she cooked for me. She said to give you some too since she knows you're right next door." Jimin shrugs, shoving his hands inside his jacket's pockets. "Too bad I didn't catch her." Yoongi laments. "This is a lot."
"Eh, you know her. She loves my friends more than me." Jimin's light laughter echoes in the empty hallway. "Wanted to give it to you right away because I might forget tomorrow." Yoongi hums, smiling. "Thanks. This will save you from cooking for me for a couple of days."
They chat for a bit about Jimin's mom, how she's also visiting Jimin's younger brother who has apparently just bought an apartment here in Seoul with his husband.
"We're all going to have dinner together tomorrow and she said to invite you." "Me? Why?" He can't help but laugh. The woman has always been too sweet and kind to him even from the first time they happened to meet in one of Jimin's dance events.
"She doesn't want you to have dinner all alone. We're just going to eat by that chicken restaurant near uni. The one that serves those big ass beer mugs. You're free to join if you don't got plans tomorrow night." "You and your mom are too nice to me. Anyway, you wanna come in?"
He noticed they've been talking for quite a long time now, and it's getting chilly outside even in the hallways. "Oh. Aren't you going to sleep?" Jimin peeks behind him, as if checking if his apartment is already in sleep-mode or not.
"Nah, it's too early. Come in." He steps aside, gesturing for Jimin to enter. "Only if you'll tell me all about your date." Yoongi rolls his eyes at the teasing. "Why do I feel like you only really came here to snoop?" "Ah, you know me so well, hyung."
The same muted citrus wafts over his nose as Jimin passes him by, heavily masked by blockers as usual, but underneath all that is a foreign scent that makes Yoongi's nose twitch in the slightest. He remembers the alpha from earlier and figures it must be that Mingyu guy's scent.
He tows it away as nothing, the scent too faint to be in any way bothersome for him. Well, aside from the thoughts that form in his mind regarding what must have happened between him and Jimin a while ago, which Yoongi immedately dispells from his head.
Jimin goes straight to his spot on the couch, lounging comfortably while he waits for Yoongi to make them coffee and join him. He tells Jimin all about his afternoon, much to his embarrassment and unenthused storytelling. Jimin seems excited and immersed in his stead at least.
"What's his name? Yoon Jeonghan?" "Yeah," Yoongi says slowly, watching as the younger types aggressively on his phone only to stop and look up at Yoongi once more. "Can I search him?" "What? Why?" "I'm curious. I kinda want to see what he looks like."
Yoongi's not sure what to do when Jimin hehe's his way into asking, coupled by those big eyes that plead at him to say yes. "Uh, yeah, sure. I guess." In the end, he relents, unable to do anything at all as the other grins at him in thanks.
"Oh, no." He perks up at the sound of Jimin's voice, looking up from his own phone to watch the omega's brows furrow. "Oh no, no, no." "What?" He asks, almost tempted to cross to the other side to see what's so wrong that got Jimin looking like that. "Noooooo..."
"Jimin. What." Finally, Jimin looks at him, a comical frown on his face. "He's hot."
Yoongi blinks, not really knowing what to say to that. "And that's a bad thing, because...?" "It's not! It's a good thing! Really good. He's so handsome hyung, oh my god. I'm happy for you." "Thanks...?" "But a bad thing for me because how am I going to compete with /that/?"
"Compete--why would you need to compete? Compete for what?" Yoongi is genuinely lost in confusion. "For your heart." Jimin lets out a fake sob, all but slumping dramatically down on his couch. "How am I going to be #1 in your heart if Jeonghan-ssi is my competition?"
Yoongi opens his mouth only to close it. Jimin really does not run out of antics. Ever. He sighs, letting his friend cry fake tears as he laments how good-looking Jeonghan is and how nice they must look side by side together.
"You're such a child." He deadpans, though he can't fight the smile on his lips. "Shut up, I'm brokenhearted and I'm fragile." Jimin retorts with a huff. "Are you going to leave me all alone in the singles' club? I thought we're in this together 'til death do us part?"
"I don't remember ever saying such a thing. Also, we've gone out 3 times. Three. Nothing is set in stone." "So I have a chance?" Jimin's eyes light up, keeping up his charade. "Uh, yeah. Sure. Whatever." Yoongi rolls his eyes at his neighbor's continued shenanigans. "Yay!"
"No, but seriously though, he looks really nice, hyung." Jimin finally breaks out of his character, regarding Yoongi with dreamy eyes. Almost looking hopelessly romantic, like nothing could ever go wrong in his fantasies. Yoongi wishes he could be the same.
"He's nice." Yoongi agrees. He wants to say more, but he doesn't want to sound too excited lest he's subjected to more teasing. "It seems like you guys are a real match. So cute." "Thanks?" He chuckles, feeling awkward talking about romances to a friend. He's not used to it.
"You'll introduce him to me someday, right?" "Of course. I mean, if it works out." "It will." Jimin reassures him, nudging him with his stretched out feet. "Trust me." "Okay, I trust you."
"But hey," Jimin catches his attention with another nudge, those eyes softening as they gaze into him with a small smile. "Even if it works out, I'll still be #1 in your heart, right?"
Yoongi wonders if this is still part of the joke. Jimin mumbles the words so softly that it almost sounds like a sincere question. Either way, he answers-- "Of course," He bumps his knuckles against Jimin's foot, going along with a smile. "You'll always be my #1, Jiminie."
The smile he gets is so genuine and warm that Yoongi can't be mistaken he chose the right words.
It's then that his nose twitches, picking up a scent that's neither foreign nor familiar. More like something in between. Citrus, fruity, but more subtle and somewhat kind of...whole. Sweet. It only happens for a second, not long enough for Yoongi to actually process it.
It makes him blink a couple of times. What was that? But before he could think about it further, Jimin is already calling his attention to show him a picture of Jeonghan playing the bass. He looks exceptionally good in it and Yoongi forgets about that weird scent.
"What about you? It's your turn." He lightly kicks Jimin's leg, seizing the opportunity to turn the tables when he catches sight of all the marks on the omega's neck hidden previously by the hood of his jacket. "Jesus, did you get mangled by a feral animal or something?"
"What about me?" Jimin clears his throat quite audibly, swiping his hood back over his head and tightening the strings so only his face is visible through the hole. "I don't know what you're talking about." Unfair, Yoongi thinks, which he apparently mumbles out loud.
"I'm talking about your friend. Who happens to be a boy." He says, hoping it will serve to jog the other's memory. Just enough for him to stop acting innocent. Yoongi doesn't make it a habit to be nosy, but he convinces himself he's just returning the favor.
"Mingyu?" Jimin laughs. Yoongi doesn't miss the way the omega's skin flushes a shade darker, gaze getting evasive. "He's--well, he's Mingyu." "Insightful." Yoongi says flatly, unamused. "He's just an alpha in one of my classes. Very young." "Uh huh." "But so fucking hot."
"...I guess I could see that." Yoongi whispers after a short pause, making Jimin grin from where he's sitting on the other side. "Knew you'd get me, hyung." Jimin winks at him with a conspiratory giggle.
It's not a secret that Yoongi swings in all possible ways, but he doesn't go announcing it to the world either. Jimin just happens to be sharper than most people so he caught on pretty quickly. Perhaps it's what made them closer in a certain kind of way.
"But are you really alright? Those marks don't seem normal." Still, he worries, checking Jimin from head to toe as if to assess more damage. "He wasn't too rough on you or anything?" Jimin only laughs behind his sleeved fists, eyes disappearing into crescents.
"I'm fine, hyung. I won't let anyone just mark me up like that if I didn't want it. But thanks for worrying." "Okay." Yoongi says, but he leaves some room for doubt. "So you guys are friends?"
"You could say that." Jimin brings up his knees to his chest, shoving them inside the oversized hoodie. He looks like a ball of coziness sitting on Yoongi's couch. "We just...tend to each other's needs." "Needs." "Yeah. You know," The omega shrugs. "Needs. It's nothing serious"
Yoongi ignores how his brain tries to conjure up an image as to how exactly Jimin and his friend tend to their "needs." He doesn't want to know more than he already does. "Is that his jacket?" Jimin looks down at himself and grins sheepishly.
"Yeah," The omega sinks further into himself, wrapping his arms around his own body in what looks like the comfiest position ever. "He's cute. He lets me borrow his clothes, which are really nice and big. TMI, but I like it when alphas let me wear their clothes."
It's weird, but Yoongi suddenly recalls a time when he offered Jimin his clothes to keep him warm, but the omega insistently refused, as if horrified by the mere idea alone. Huh. He always wondered what that was about (maybe secretly offended), but oh well.
"That's nice. careful, I guess." He sighs, staring blankly at the space betwewn them. "You sound like my dad." He hears Jimin laugh, raising his head when he feels the other get up from the couch.
"Anyway, I should get going. Got a long day ahead tomorrow." He watches Jimin stretch in front of him and he chances a glance at his wall clock. It's gotten really quite late without him noticing.
"And you do, too." A finger is suddenly pointed in his face, startling him out of his thoughts. "Don't forget your 8AM meeting tomorrow, hyung." "Oh, shit, right. Thanks for reminding me." Yoongi groans as he just remembers he got to wake up early tomorrow.
"And you have lyrics to submit for review, too, okay? I'll chat you again so you won't forget." "Okay, okay," Yoongi nods along as he walks Jimin out of his apartment. "How could you remember all of that? You're amazing." "You didn't hire me for nothing." Jimin winks.
"I should give you a raise." "And I won't say no to that." They reach his door, Jimin giving him a small wave. "Night, hyung. See you tomorrow at dinner?" "Yeah, I'll let you know if I'm free. Thanks for the food, by the way." "Don't mention it. Eat lots!" "Mm. Good night."
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"Sorry for making you do this." "Hyung, it's the 3rd time you're apologizing for the past hour and I keep telling you, it's fine." "But--" "Shh, you're distracting me. Let me focus." Yoongi shuts up. For now.
It's day 5 of being stuck inside his studio trying to beat an upcoming deadline and Yoongi couldn't be more thankful to Jimin for helping him, but at the same time, guilty for keeping him here for god knows how many hours everyday.
The company is welcome, of course--the mood is much more lively with the omega around, Yoongi not wanting to keel over every 10 or so minutes thanks to Jimin's presence--and he knows what they have is a mutually beneficial arrangement, but Yoongi still can't help but feel bad.
"Stop it." "What?" He blinks out of his thoughts, glancing back at Jimin who is still sitting cross-legged on the floor, crouched over a laptop with a focused furrow on his brows. "You're overthinking again. I can literally hear your brain from over here."
"I'm...not." "Liar." Yoongi sighs. "I just--It's your semester break." "And?" "And I'm making you read emails." "Which is what you pay me to do. I don't see what exactly is the problem here, hyung."
Yoongi stares back at his screen, at the jumble of tracks that are yet to make sense to him. He wants to just delete all of them and start from scratch. "The problem is you should be out and about, enjoying your vacation."
"I /am/ enjoying my vacation. Can't you see how much fun I'm having sorting through your emails and files?" "I don't know if you're being sarcastic or not. You have to tell me."
Jimin finally looks up at him, a helpless smile adorning his lips. Yoongi watches him stand up and walk over to where he's sitting, soft hands cupping his face and lightly squeezing. It forces his gaze to only focus on Jimin. "It's fun because I get to do it with you, hyung."
Jimin's palms are warm and smooth, but they're gone all too fast. "You know what, I think you could use a little snack. How does jjajangmyeon sound?" "Amazing." Yoongi answers in a daze, stomach grumbling in response to the thought of food.
"With pork and soda?" "Fuck, that sounds good." Jimin only laughs, patting him on the head on his way out. "Okay, I'll be back!" With a sigh, Yoongi returns to his computer, taking the time to glare at the screen before he musters all the strength to continue.
He doesn't make much progress, the creative block and the accumulated fatigue finally getting to him after days of refusing to perceive their obvious existence. That, and the immense summer heat is rendering him incapacitated. "You're so sweaty, hyung."
He didn't even notice Jimin's return, blinking at the bowl of black noodles and the glass of ice-cold Coke right in front of him. His stomach grumbles loudly, throat itching for any kind of hydration. He doesn't waste time wolfing it all down like the starved man that he is.
"I also bought ice cream for you. It's in the fridge." "Thanks." He says with a mouthful, shooting Jimin a look of salvation. "You're a literal angel." "You just don't take care of yourself." Jimin snorts, ruffling his hair fondly.
Yoongi doesn't bother defending himself knowing there's not much to defend. He just enjoys the food and the brief contact of Jimin's fingers on his scalp, secretly wishing it could stretch on longer. As if reading his thoughts, Jimin grants his wishes like he always does.
"Your hair is getting so long." Those fingers rake through his messy hair, untangling the strands with every gentle stroke. It makes Yoongi sigh, subconsciously leaning into the relaxing touch. "It looks good on you though."
He continues eating like that--with Jimin combing back his hair and unknowingly lulling him in a state of pure relaxation. It's as if all the thoughts in his head are also getting unraveled one by one along with his unruly locks (that he should probably cut one of these days).
"So how's the song coming along?" The song. Shit, right. He still got a song to finish. "It's not." He feels a light tug, the bulk of his strands pulled into a bun. It's a bit weird, but the air from the AC hits his face more directly, cooling his overheated skin.
"There. Is that better?" Yoongi can't see him but he knows Jimin must be wearing a pretty proud smile, waiting for him to approve of his handiwork. He nods, but he's quietly lamenting the loss of those magic fingers on his throbbing head.
"You can have my hair tie so you can tie your hair anytime you want." Jimin says while tucking some strands behind Yoongi's ear, turning him slightly to the side to get a good look at him. He laughs, "Hyung, you look cute!"
The compliment doesn't appease Yoongi more than those same fingers squeezing his shoulders. It almost warranted a "Please keep doing that," out of him, but he manages to stop himself just in time. Even then, Jimin doesn't stop, massaging the stiff knots out of his muscles.
He finishes the last of his jjajangmyeon and drink with a satisfied "Ah," eyelids fluttering to a close as Jimin continues massaging him. "Is that good?" Jimin asks, his soft voice close to Yoongi's ear.
"You're good." He murmurs under his breath, fully meaning it. Jimin must have heard him with the way he chuckles and squeezes that much more tenderly. "Aren't I the best secretary?" "You are. The bestest of the best."
There it is again--that scent. It happened around once or twice since the first time, but it goes as quickly as it comes, and Yoongi's always left wondering if it's just a figment of his imagination or if his sense of smell is finally malfunctioning.
He suspects it has something to do with Jimin's scent, but with a fuck ton of blockers literally /blocking/ his nose from identifying that distinct, fruity citrus, he really can't be too sure.
Jimin practically beams behind him, Yoongi can physically feel it like a warm hug--only, he is being hugged, loose arms draping around his shoulders and a comfortable weight settling on top of his head. "And you're the sweetest boss ever."
But just like everything that has to do with Park Jimin, it's all gone too fast. "Is it okay if I step out for a bit? I'm almost done, anyway." "Almost done?" Yoongi whips his chair around, watching Jimin grab his phone and keys.
"Yep! I'll come back later to finish the rest." "Where are you going?" "Just gonna eat out with Mingyu." Jimin smiles, straightening out his clothes and fixing his hair. "Do I look okay?"
"When you say 'eat out', you mean actual food, right? That's not a euphemism for something else?" "Yes, hyung," Jimin laughs, standing in front of him with hands on his hips. "Why, what kind of euphemism were you thinking?" "The kind of eating out that doesn't involve food."
"Nasty." Jimin scolds, which is probably deserved. That thought /is/ unnecessarily nasty. "Also, bold of you to assume that food won't be involved." "/Nasty/." It's his turn to hiss, not wanting to conjure any more images than his brain already did. It's borderline invasive.
"I'm kidding." Jimin walks closer to play with his bun. "We're good friends. It's not like all we do is fuck." "That's nice to know." Though it doesn't make Yoongi feel any better. Jimin must pick up on his blatant staring because he stares back, unmoving.
Eventually, the ice breaks. "Are you going to be okay on your own? Do you want me to stay?" Yoongi blinks himself out of it, shaking his head in a sort of knee-jerk reaction. "No. I mean--yes. I mean no--" He groans. Maybe he's at his wit's end.
"Yes, I'm going to be okay. And no, don't stay." "That sounds cold." Jimin pouts, a very unfair skill to use against him if Yoongi may say so himself. Either way, he sighs, "You know what I mean."
"You sure? Because I can always cancel if you really need me here to help you." That sounds nice; having Jimin within the vicinity to combat his creative spiral down to musical oblivion. The vibes are especially bad today, and Jimin is such a...breath of fresh air.
He wants to say yes, he'd love it if Jimin would stay with him and hold his hand through the storm, but the whole world also deserves to be graced with Jimin's light, and to keep him here all to himself is way too selfish. "Go. Eat lots and have fun. With food involved or not."
Jimin walks closer to him with a smile, reaching out to fuss over his hair again. "Okay if you say so. What if we go out later for dinner? You know, walk around? Get some fresh air? Maybe grab some drinks? Would you like that?" "Would you?" "Yeah, of course!" "Okay."
"Cool. I'll see you later then." Jimin kisses his forehead but blocks it with the back of his hand, producing a loud 'mwah!' for much exaggeration. Yoongi feels like a kid whose parent is going out on a date, leaving him all alone to fend for himself.
"Goodluck on your song." "Thanks." Yoongi dreads. "You'll do great." Still, Jimin reassures him. "I'll be back!" And he's already moving away to head for the door, a spring in his step. "Take care." He has half the energy to call out. "I will. Bye, hyungie." "Bye..."
The sound of the front door closing echoes in his ears, and he's left all alone again in the silence. Yoongi should be used to being by himself, but he can't help but wish for later to come a little bit faster so he won't have to be anymore.
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Face down on the couch is how Jimin finds him, and sparkly clean is how he finds his apartment when he comes to.
He looks around, blinking repeatedly and wondering if he somehow ended up in some place else. Everything has been organized, his worn clothes that used to hang on the back of every possible chair in the house are now nowhere to be found.
No more cigarette ashes on his carpet, the once overcrowded ashtray on the table now void of any cigarette butts--he can even see the design at the bottom, looking brand new and unused. He turns his stiff neck this way and that, scratching the back of his head in confusion.
Did he just imagine the chaos that is the last couple of days? Because he doesn't remember his apartment being this organized even when he first moved in. Hearing the sound of running water, he heads to the kitchen, squinting at the figure standing behind the sink. "Jiminie?"
"Oh, hey, hyung. You're finally awake." Jimin glances at him with a smile before returning to the glass he's washing. The dishes piled up on the sink are gone, too. "Hey," Yoongi croaks out in greeting, blinking the sleepiness out of his crusty eyes. "You're back."
Jimin hums, putting away the glass to dry and turning off the sink. "Shit, what time is it?" He notices how dark it is, the only light in the apartment being the one in the kitchen. "I think around 10 or 11? You were out for quite some time." Jimin faces him. "Sleep well?"
"Yeah..." He looks around, attempting to smooth out his wild strands. "What happened?" He asks vaguely. "I cleaned up a bit. The trash was starting to pile up and your clothes too, so I did your laundry for you."
"Oh, I cooked too by the way!" Jimin hurries past him towards the dining table, grabbing the pot and placing it on the stove. "I know we were supposed to go out to eat, but I didn't want to wake you up. Are you hungry? Let me just heat this up for you."
Yoongi doesn't know what comes over him--the exhaustion, the hunger, the depravity to function for the past few days, maybe the overbearing weight of living the person that he is, but he's compelled to step forward, eyes squeezing shut as he rests his forehead on Jimin's shoulder
He feels like crying--he is, eyes growing wet with the corners stinging as he tries to fight it. He can't quite stop himself, the emotions too great and overwhelming all at once that he can't compartmentalize for the life of him.
His arms are moving of their own accord, wrapping around the nearest thing it can latch onto like a life line, and just letting out a shaky breath to somehow expel even a bit of what he's feeling. "Thank you."
Its odd for Yoongi to be taken care of, having gone all those years just being by himself. He never knew the realization that another human being actually cares enough about him to do all these things would feel this strong, rendering him incapacitated in a different kind of way.
"Oh," Jimin stiffens, Yoongi can feel every change in his posture and the tension in his muscles. He's aware that he's hugging the omega, he knows it must be weird, but it's warm, and he's so thankful, and Jimin smells-- He smells good.
"You're...welcome." Jimin says quietly, that scent waning off like a good dream Yoongi wants to chase and keep to himself. "It's unlike you to hug me." That snaps him out of it, pulling back both from the omega and to reality where his brain catches up to his actions.
"Fuck, sorry--" He winces at his own self, cringing. Jimin is catching him by the arm before he can fully take 5 steps back. "I didn't say I didn't like it." He gets a smile, a contrast to what Yoongi expected. "Are you crying?"
He swipes at his eyes, shaking his head. Being caught all vulnerable makes him feel like shit, and he blames it on his toxic alpha instincts. He knows he's allowed to cry sometimes, it just really feels wrong when he does so.
"No, I just--sorry." He's helpless with words, hands gesturing between them as if it would explain himself. "I was...I don't know what got into me. I should've asked first."
"You don't need to apologize for that, hyung. And you can always hug me anytime. No need to ask." That's a relief to hear, though Yoongi doubts he'll allow himself to act without thinking again. But it's reassuring to know that he can get free Jimin hugs if he ever needed one.
"Thanks." Jimin's hold loosens, sliding down until their palms graze, and Yoongi unwittingly catches his hand. It's soft and warm and so small, completely engulfed by Yoongi's own. He never knew Jimin had such small hands. "And thanks for, you know. For doing all of this."
"Don't mention it. I figured you'll be too tired after working so hard everyday so I just thought I'd help out a bit." "You helped out a lot. Not just a bit." Yoongi corrects him. "I'm starting to wonder how I even survived all this time without you."
"Oh wow, hyung, that's cheesy." His scent spikes again into that foreign one just as he laughs the words out, confirming Yoongi's theory. "It's as if you're saying you can't live without me." "That's exactly what I'm saying."
Jimin laughs even more, eyes disappearing into those crescents Yoongi knows so well. His pale cheeks brighten into a flush and his smile makes him glow more than usual. The nice scent washes over Yoongi like a cool wave, a little stronger this time but still heavily masked.
"Don't say that or I'll start to think you're actually serious." "What, you think I'm joking? I'm already dreading the day you finally decide to leave me." "You are quite the dramatic today. What's gotten into you?" "Just more thankful than usual that you exist."
The scent lingers for a little longer--the longest it has since Yoongi first caught a whiff. Jimin can't stop laughing and smiling with his flushed face, his eyes having vanished completely in pure glee. Yoongi has always liked seeing him smile. He looks beautiful when he does.
"You know what? That's just the hunger speaking, hyung. You should eat." Jimin ushers him towards the table, practically forcing him down on one of the chairs despite Yoongi's attempts to continue the topic.
"Why are you so good to me, anyway?" He asks once he's got his mouth full of Jimin's delicious cooking. "I don't think I did anything to deserve all this."
"You deserve to be taken care of regardless if you did anything nice to me, hyung." Jimin lectures, watching him eat with a fond smile. "And it's not like I do this because I expect something in return or because I'm returning a favor. I just like taking care of you."
Yoongi can't help but stare at Jimin and look at him. Like really look at him, discovering features and details of his face that he never noticed back then. "What?" Jimin tilts his head with a curious smile. "Just thinking that whoever's gonna have you would be so lucky."
"That' random. Seriously, what's up with you tonight?" Jimin asks with a sparkle in his eyes. Maybe it's the kitchen lights. Yoongi wants to answer but even he doesn't know what's gotten into him. It just felt right to say because it's true.
"I'm hit with the sudden realization that someday we won't be neighbors anymore." "Oh." "And it's devastating." "It is?" Jimin seems fascinated by his words. "You like me as a neighbor?" "I love you as a neighbor."
Jimin chuckles, "Well, I love you too, hyung." Oh, how long has it been since someone last said those words to him? "As a neighbor."
"That's a relief. Although I don't think I do anything that can live up to what you do for me." "You're the best neighbor, hyungie. Honestly, I was scared you'll be annoyed with me because I always bother you to hang out."
"You never annoy me. And you're never a bother." The words roll off his tongue as smoothly as butter, hurrying to be heard. "You're like oxygen underwater. The light at the end of the tunnel. You're the best part of my day."
"Hyung, you--" Jimin buries his head in his arms folded on the table. Yoongi can hear his merry laugh, like a comforting melody to his ears. "You seriously need to stop flirting with me or I'll end up falling for you."
"If you fall for me does that mean I get to have you around for a long time? Jimin turns his head a bit to look at him. Even without seeing it, Yoongi knows he's wearing the biggest smile. "A very long time." "Then I guess I should make you fall for me."
"You--I--" Jimin stammers, "You say such crazy things, oh my god. I never knew you had a PhD in flirting, hyung. Is this how you woo Jeonghan-ssi? Because damn if I were him I'd be head over heels for you by now." "It's my secret weapon. Works every time." "I bet it does."
It doesn't, and Yoongi can't flirt for shit when it comes down to it, but he feels light and in his element, and it's always fun watching Jimin be a flustered mess. "Okay, okay, but we should stop for real. I wouldn't want to get in trouble with Jeonghan-ssi."
"Alright, but I'm not just flirting, you know? I'm telling the truth." He says with sincerity, all the fun sizzling back to a comfortable atmosphere. "Seriously, thanks for everything, Jiminie." "I know. You'll always have me, hyung." "And that's why I'm the luckiest."
"Hey, speaking of," Jimin leans closer, smile turning cheeky. "How are things going with Jeonghan-ssi?" "It's going." Yoongi answers without much substance, which is a reflection on his progress with the said omega.
"We chat every now and then, but I've been so busy the past few weeks that we haven't had the chance to meet up again. He seems understanding though, so there's that." "Oh...Well, you're almost free so I'm sure you guys will get to meet up real soon." "Yeah, I hope so too."
"How about you?" He diverts the topic real quick, not wanting to be the only one having his slow-paced love life revealed in all its uneventfulness. "How was the date?" "What date?" Jimin raises a brow. "The one you went to a while ago."
He gets a scoff, the same one Jimin gives him when they're on the topic of his "friend", Mingyu. Yoongi can somewhat pick up on his tells now--the similar-toned snort, the rolling of eyes, the brushing back of his hair coupled with a silly grin--Jimin is not that hard to read.
"It's not a date. We just ate then hung out at the park. Like how friends usually do." Yoongi hums, putting down his chopsticks on top of his finished bowl and turning his full attention on Jimin. "But you like him?"
"No, /dad/, I don't like him." Jimin reiterates, narrowing his eyes at Yoongi's knowing smile. "I mean I like him, but not in that way, and even if I do like him in that way, it's not going to work out." "That's uncharacteristically pessimistic of you to say. Why not?"
"Because he--" The younger sighs. "He's the kind of guy who would want to settle down. Get mated, have pups and all that, while I'm--you know." Yoongi already knows so he won't prod further with any more 'buts' or 'what ifs'. He gets it.
"Besides, he's too young for me." "He doesn't seem to have any problem with your age." "Well, yeah, no. He thinks it's hot--" "Okay, I don't need to know that." "Right, sorry." Jimin throws his head back with a laugh.
"Ah, would be easy. Falling for someone like him." A wistful smile plays on his lips. "He's really good to me." It has always made Yoongi wonder why no one has swept someone as lovable as Jimin off his feet yet. He always figured the competition would be quite fierce.
Only now does he realize that maybe it's a choice on Jimin's part after all.
"As he should." He says more seriously than he intended, earning another laugh. "You sounded scary just now. What if he isn't? What would you do, hyung?" "You don't want to know." "Cute. I like it when you get protective of me." "I don't exercise, but I'll protect you."
"Then I'll hold you to that, hyung." The night passes with them just talking about all kinds of things. Yoongi should be exhausted, but he's surprisingly feeling the exact opposite of that when he suggested they watch a movie just to make Jimin stay for a little longer.
"Can I sit closer to you?" He asks while staring at the blaring gap between them that is always there whenever they situate themselves on his couch. It's nothing much really, just kind of awkward being on both ends trying to converse with slightly raised voices.
It's obvious Jimin didn't expect such a question from him, eyes widening with a suppressed giggle. "Sure? It's your couch, hyung. You can do whatever you want." And so Yoongi does whatever he wants. He sits right next to Jimin.
"That's better." He decides with a satisfied sigh, turning his head to the side to share a grin with Jimin. "This close is okay with you?" It's his turn to be confused, wondering what the younger meant with that question. "Yeah. Why?"
"Nothing, just--You might be bothered by my--" But Jimin cuts himself off, shaking his head. "Nevermind." And he leans closer, their shoulders pressed against each other as they resume watching. The tension leaves Yoongi, relieved by that subtle feeling of being accepted.
There's still that stiffness he can't help but pick up from Jimin's posture, and the sudden proximity is a bit awkward, but it's the closest they've ever been without the omega slithering away in the span of 3.5 seconds and Yoongi thinks he could get used to this.
A weight slumps on his side by the time the credits are rolling in, even puffs of breath blowing softly over his neck. His arm moves in a way it thinks is the best, addled by reflex as it wraps around the sleeping omega's shoulders to keep him close and safe.
Jimin is all warm and soft, cozy as he fits himself by Yoongi's side until he clicks perfectly into place. Something inside Yoongi settles into an abrupt calm and contentment at that moment, and he thinks--
He could really get used to being complete like this.
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He doesn't see Jimin again after that night they fell asleep on his couch and woke up with matching stiff necks. And Yoongi is getting kinda worried.
Probably an overexaggeration on his part because they do see each other; in passing on his way to work, on weekends when he catches Jimin going out, and once in the convenience store, but ultimately-- They don't see each other.
As in, they don't hang out like they used to. Jimin still gives him food and leaves him little notes without fail, but that's it. Yoongi tells himself maybe life is just hectic and busy, but it's been almost 3 weeks, and he misses the younger's comforting presence.
He misses Jimin. A lot.
"Everything alright?" Jeonghan's voice pulls him out of his thoughts, and he looks up to see the other gazing at him worriedly from across the table. "Oh, uh, yeah. Why'd you ask?" He tries to mask his momentary dip with a small chuckle, scolding himself for getting distracted.
"You've been frowning at your coffee for 2 minutes now with your eyebrows all scrunched up." Yoongi immediately raises his brows and wills them to relax, clearing his throat in slight embarrassment. Jeonghan doesn't seem too bothered, smiling as he leans his cheek on his hand.
"Sorry," He mumbles lowly, taking a sip of the said coffee. It's all lukewarm now. "Just--there's this friend of mine, he's my neighbor, and we haven't been hanging out lately." "Is this the same friend who thinks you hate his scent?" "Yeah. Same one."
"Jimin, right?" "Oh, mm. His name is Jimin." He didn't even know he already mentioned Jimin's name to Jeonghan. "You seem really distraught about his absence." "I do?" He blinks. "You guys seem really close based on everything you've told me."
He lets out a small laugh, tracing the rim of his cup with his finger and just generally avoiding Jeonghan's curious gaze. Why though, he doesn't know. "I guess. I'm used to him being around and suddenly not being with him is just--"
/Devastating/, he would've said, but he cuts himself off before he can, clearing his throat. That's too dramatic even for him, and he doesn't want Jeonghan to get the wrong idea-- What wrong idea? He shakes his head.
"Are you okay?" Jeonghan asks, sounding that much more worried now than a while ago. "Yes--sorry." He shakes his head again, dispelling whatever it is he's thinking about. Intrusive thoughts, really. He must look weird. "Don't worry about it. Anyway, you? How have you been?"
At least he's successful in changing the topic, listening intently as Jeonghan updates him on what's going on in his life at the moment. He likes listening to Jeonghan--his voice is nice and calming, and so is his scent when he's all relaxed like this.
Yoongi wonders if he's actually starting to like him. ... He thinks he is.
"Oh, by the way, I've been meaning to tell you--" "Hm?" "We'll be having a gig next Saturday night. I wanted to ask if you'd like to come and watch?" A gig, wow. The amazement must show on his face because Jeonghan laughs.
"I'd love to. I just realized I never actually heard you play yet." "Well then now you'll have a chance to." "I'll be there." He confirms without hesitation, sharing a smile with the omega. "Cool. Be prepared though, you might fall for me when you do."
He laughs fondly, meeting the teasing gaze head on. "Aren't you confident. Let's see if your band is up to my standards first. Then we'll talk about falling." "This just gives me more incentive to do better." "Always glad to be a source of motivation."
Again, Yoongi can't flirt for the life of him, but with Jeonghan it's easy. Rather, it has become easy over time as they're becoming more open to each other. Such exchanges flow so naturally now that he almost fools himself into thinking that he actually knows how to.
"You should invite your friend, too." "Jimin?" He asks in surprise, thoughts about Jimin come sauntering back along with the longing ache he can't even place nor name. "Mmhmm. He likes band music, right? I think he'll enjoy it."
"He does." Memories of them going to various gigs to see their faves back in college playing on Yoongi's mind like a nostalgic track he hasn't heard in a while. "Yeah, sure, I'll ask him." "The more the merrier." Jeonghan grins at him, the rest of the afternoon passing by idly.
On his way home, by some miracle, he bumps into Jimin. He was starting to think winning a lottery might be more likely than this happening with neither of them entrenched in their individual agendas for the day. He's speed-walking towards him before he even knows it.
Jimin yelps when Yoongi taps him on the shoulder, whipping around with wide eyes. "Hyung, hey!" "Hey." Yoongi exhales in relief, stopping in his tracks to stand in front of the omega. "Fancy meeting you here. Going home?"
"Yep. You?" He nods. "Want to walk together?" "I mean, do I have a choice?" Jimin jokingly asks. "Nope," Yoongi is quick to say, snaking his arm around the omega's shoulders and holding him close as he starts to walk them to the direction of their apartment.
Jimin goes rigid for a split second before Yoongi sees him school his expression, the younger pulling away just a bit so there's a small gap between them as they walk. Awkward silence ensues for a moment before he decides to get rid of it. "Coming home from school?"
"Huh? Ah, yeah," Jimin beams, Yoongi noting the backpack and the whole college get up. He looks so youthful he could almost be fooled he turned back time and this is actually the Jimin from their university years.
The omega's nose twitches like a rabbit's, "Did you put on cologne, hyung? You smell different." He sniffs playfully at Yoongi, that familiar teasing smile spreading on his lips. "Or just came from a date?"
He snorts, "Should it even be called a date when we're not even together yet?" "It's a date." Jimin decides for him. "No wonder you look dashing today." "Only today?" He raises a brow. "Oops, I mean, everyday, hyungie." Jimin winks. Yoongi really did miss him.
"Wah...So that's Jeonghan-ssi's scent. It's super nice." He hums, agreeing. "He's like Sakura blossoms on a summer day." "Tell me you're whipped without telling me you're whipped." Jimin teases with a snicker. "You know what else he smells like?" "What?" "Boyfriend material."
Yoongi's almost obliged to pinch Jimin on the cheek for such a bad pun, but the younger is quick to dodge and get away from him with a sprint. "You have to admit, that was kind of genius." The omega laughs from--from quite afar, the distance between them now unnecessarily huge.
"It was so bad I almost gagged." He deadpans. He wants to pull Jimin back closer, but something tells him Jimin doesn't want to, so he refrains from doing so. They continue walking back to the apartment with a comical gap between them, which Yoongi wants to question, but doesn't.
Yoongi mentions about the gig and Jeonghan's invitation, to which Jimin responds eagerly. "Woah, I'd love to come! It's been so long since I've been to gigs. I really missed it." "Me too. Let's go together, then?" Jimin nods with a grin. "I'm excited to hear him play."
Just before Jimin could bid his farewell and disappear in his own room, Yoongi decides to take his chances. "Hey, uh, I was wondering if you want to eat dinner together?" Jimin stops short of opening his door, turning his attention to Yoongi with a questioning glance.
"I'll be cooking some pasta. We could watch that show we started a few weeks back? I stocked up on soju yesterday." He only realizes he's hoping (a lot) that Jimin would say yes when Jimin gives him a sad smile and he feels the disappointment before he could even be turned down.
"Ah, I wish I could, hyung, but I'm so fucking spent today I feel like I'm going to collapse any minute now. Dance practice is working me to death. And I badly need a shower. Sorry." "Hey, no, it's totally fine. I hope you're not overworking yourself."
"Only enough to be the very best like no one ever was." Jimin sing-songs with a chuckle. It's not so much of a reassurance knowing Jimin's tendencies to ignore his limits and push past them. Safe to say, Yoongi worries.
He curbs his disappointment in favor of putting on his hyung shoes, regarding Jimin with a serious tone. "Make sure to eat lots tonight and get some rest. Don't stay up late reading manhwa." "Yes, sir." Jimin salutes. "Thanks for caring, Yoongi-hyung." "I always do."
He's almost inside his own apartment when Jimin calls out. "I miss you." That longing doesn't ease up one bit, but something inside him settles knowing Jimin has been feeling the same way. He returns the smile, wishing they could spend some time together again. Soon.
"I miss you too."
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Yoongi taps a beat on the steering wheel while he waits, taking a deep breath and letting it out. Then doing it all over again. He's a mix of nerves and excitement, sensations he's not familiar with in a positive light, so he's kind of at a loss as to how he should deal with it.
Something's going to happen tonight--something important--he doesn't know exactly /what/, but he's almost sure of it. As if the whole week has been building up to this, the anticipation almost bursting at the seams the closer he gets to the promised day.
Or it could just be Seokjin conditioning his brain that enough time and pining has passed, and that today will be the day that he finally takes that step. That big, big step that's apparently very important in life to achieve what they all call "happiness".
Tonight, he'll ask Jeonghan out.
Shit, just thinking about actually doing it is making his stomach twist in impossible knots, palms growing sweaty--sweatier than usual, nerves going haywire at the thought of just about everything going wrong, but heart soaring because what if everything actually goes right?
Good thing he stops thinking altogether when he sees Jimin.
"Hey, sorry I made you wait," Is the first thing Jimin says when he gets in the car, pulling the seatbelt over his torso as he gets comfortable on the passenger seat. He turns his head to the side, meeting Yoongi's staring eyes. "Okay, let's go."
"Hyung?" Jimin calls out to him when it takes too long for him to move a muscle. "Oh. Yeah," Yoongi has to physically tear his gaze away, flexing his fingers to remind himself that right, he should start driving. Yet he can't help but steal one last glance. "You look...good."
"Really? Thanks." The younger giggles, raking his ringed fingers through his blonde hair. It's messy, but in a way that only Jimin can make look, for the lack of a better term, sexy. "I haven't gone out in a while so I wanted to dress up. You're not too bad yourself."
"Thanks..." Yoongi steals a glance again, gaze zeroing in on the black band around the omega's neck. The dark material creates a nice contrast with his fair skin, practically accentuating the long line of his smooth throat.
"I like that--" He tries to point out, but reminds himself to not stare too much because Jimin might find it weird. He himself is finding it weird. "That thing around your neck." "My choker?" Jimin fingers the simplistic gem situated perfectly in the dip between his clavicle.
"Yeah." He nods, unable to stop his eye from wandering on its own. "It looks good on you." "Oh, thanks hyung. I like it, too. Though it's really kinda tight." "I can see that." Yoongi mumbles under his breath.
"So!" The tense air lightens up as Jimin claps his hands together, breaking Yoongi's fixation on that exposed neck. "Special night, huh? Are you excited?" The question brings him back to reality, reminding him of his previous dilemma before he got distracted.
Yoongi just hums while he drives, fingers gripping the wheel tighter in a mix of anticipation and restlessness. "I'm excited," The younger beams. "God, it's been so long since we've last watched a gig together."
"Tell me about it. I think the last time was before you went to America?" "Shit, yeah...My farewell party. That's so fucking long ago." Talking about the past helps calm Yoongi down, finding the shared nostalgia comforting and familiar.
"Didn't you go to any when you were out there in the US?" He asks, slowing down to a stop under a red light. He looks at Jimin and again he's hit with the realization that the omega looks exceptionally amazing tonight.
It's probably the leather jacket. The iconic tights pants, maybe. But also his hair and his earrings. Or the faint gloss spread across his lips. That choker, definitely.
"I did, but mostly we go to noisier places like clubs and stuff." Jimin scrunches up his nose, glancing at Yoongi and catching him staring. Again. He doesn't call Yoongi out on it though, giving him a sweet smile instead. "Besides, it's always different when I'm with you."
"You mean aside from the fact that I always foot the bill?" "Well, that too, but ugh. Why do you always got to ruin the moment when I say something nice and sincere?" Jimin shoves him lightly, which only makes him laugh louder.
"I missed it too. Going with you." He admits once the teasing has died down. "We should do this more often." "We should." Jimin eagerly nods with the biggest grin.
After several more experiences to reminisce and laugh about together, they finally reach their destination.
The place isn't that crowded nor noisy, none of those annoying flashing lights either, thank god. An indie song is being played by the current band, which is just right up Yoongi's vibe, and it's easy to spot Jeonghan and his friends from across the room.
"Hey! I'm so glad you could make it." Jeonghan pulls him into a short hug as soon as he sees Yoongi. "Hey." He greets back, returning the gesture. Jeonghan's scent washes over him in calming waves, settling his nerves almost immediately. "It's good to see you."
"Oh, by the way, this is Jimin." He makes way to show the younger to Jeonghan and vice versa. "Jimin, Jeonghan." "Hi! It's so nice to finally meet you!" "You too, hello! Yoongi has told me so much about you."
"He did?" Jimin shoots him a surprised look. "Only good things, I hope?" "Oh, only the best things, Jimin-ssi." Jeonghan reassures with a smile. Yoongi watches the two omegas laugh cordially with each other. They seem like they'll get along just fine.
Jeonghan introduces them to his band members as well--their vocalist, Seungkwan, and their lead guitarist, Vernon. "We're up next after this set, but our drummer is running late." "As always." Seungkwan groans, not looking too pleased about the situation.
The three excuse themselves not long after to go prepare on stage, while Jimin and Yoongi walk to the bar to go get some drinks. He bids Jeonghan a goodluck before they're separated, already knowing he'll do great anyway.
"He looks even prettier in real life." Jimin gushes once they've placed their orders. "And his scent is so nice, hyung. /He's/ so nice." "He really is." His eyes find Jeonghan, their gazes meeting with a shared smile.
"Alright, /fine/," He turns to the younger in curiosity, watching him down the shot of tequila he just ordered and gesturing for two more of the strong stuff. "I give up. I thought I had a chance, but it seems Jeonghan-ssi has already won by a landslide."
"What are you talking about?" He laughs unsurely, only for his smile to turn into a frown as Jimin drinks the shots back to back then sips on his tall glass of vodka right after. "Hey, shouldn't you slow down? We just got here, Jimin-ah."
"Shh," Jimin shushes him with a finger. "I'm brokenhearted, let me be. And please, you of all people know I can take care of myself, hyung. I'm fine. Look, they're about to start."
Yoongi rolls his eyes at the running joke the younger keeps on playing, reminding himself to look out for him throughout the night anyway. He does turn around when Jimin points to the stage, the crowd quieting down as the lights dim and Seungkwan does a mic check.
They introduce themselves as "13", an up-and-starting rock band hailing from Seoul, and Yoongi cheers along when their song starts and the sound of instruments fill the room.
It's not his go-to genre, but he finds himself bobbing along, cradling his bottle of beer in one hand while he watches Jeonghan play. His confident fingers moving along the length of the bass are mesmerizing, the flick of his wrist graceful just like every other part of him.
Their eyes meet once again from across the room, and Yoongi thinks-- Yeah. He likes him.
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"What the fuck, is that Mingyu?" He hears Jimin gasp beside him, standing up from his seat with squinted eyes. "Holy shit, it /is/ Mingyu." When Yoongi looks, he sees the alpha sitting behind the drum set, arms moving in a blur with vigor and passion.
He and Jimin share a look, then the younger bursts out laughing. "Oh my god, what the hell? Why is he here? This is so random." "So I guess he's their...drummer?" Yoongi asks unsurely despite the clear answer currently rocking it out right in front of him. "What the fuck."
They only get to react properly to it when the set ends, their newly-formed circle of strangers reuniting again once the band members get off the stage. "Jiminie?" Mingyu easily spots Jimin as they approach the table, what with him literally towering above everyone else.
"Yah, what are you doing here?" Mingyu seems elated as he makes a beeline for Jimin, while the omega also expresses his pleasant surprise with matching energy. "Wait, you guys--" Vernon points at Jimin and Mingyu, a funny look on his confused face. "You guys know each other?"
"Yeah! We're classmates." Mingyu grins, an arm around Jimin's waist as he pulls him close. "So what brought you here, anyway?" "Oh, I'm with Yoongi-hyung." Jimin turns to him then back to Mingyu. "You remember Yoongi-hyung, right? He's my neighbor."
"Oh yeah, the neighbor. Hey, man. Nice to finally meet you. I'm Mingyu." Yoongi shakes the younger alpha's hand with a polite smile. "Yoongi. Nice to meet you too."
"Uh, so, Yoongi-ssi knows...?" All eyes turn to Jeonghan, and Mingyu's curious expression clicks into place. "Ah, okay, wow. Small world, huh?"
They all laugh about the peculiarity of the situation for a good minute before they settle down in their little corner of the room. Seungkwan and Vernon leave to get their drinks, leaving the four of them on the table.
"You were great." Jimin tells Jeonghan. "I really liked the last song you played." "Yeah, you were amazing." Yoongi agrees, smiling when he hears Jeonghan laugh. "Thank you. I'm glad you guys enjoyed it."
"What about me?" Mingyu pouts, but it's directed more to Jimin than anyone else. "I totally killed it up there. I believe I deserve some praises, too." "You're such a child." Jimin snorts, though the fondness bleeds through.
"All of you killed it up there. Especially Seungkwan-ssi's voice, holy shit. He is out of this world. But yes, yes, you were good too." Jimin pats Mingyu on the head, and Yoongi swears he can almost see the young alpha's tail wagging at Jimin's words.
Yoongi can't help but watch the two of them, realizing it's the first time he sees them together. Actually, it's the first time that he sees Jimin interact like this with an alpha.
Mingyu doesn't seem to have any qualms invading Jimin's space, his hands confident and sure of themselves, like he knows fully well that Jimin likes it. How Jimin likes it. And Jimin lets him.
He lets Mingyu get close and touch him, all relaxed and willing, not a hint of tension in his body language. It doesn't take a genius to tell that they're comfortable with each other. That they've already established some level of trust that surpasses what he and Yoongi have.
It's a universal fact that Jimin is a sweet person, openly showing his affection to those he cares about through physical intimacy. He's touchy and clingy in the most endearing of ways. Yoongi has witnessed it a lot of times. He just hasn't been...experiencing it as often.
Don't get him wrong, Jimin is /nice/, to him especially--to anyone, really. He doesn't want to seem like the type to think he's Jimin's favorite, but sometimes it do feel that way, and he enjoys playing with the idea for the sake of his own helpless ego.
There just really are instances...instances where he can't help but wonder why Jimin never hugs him, or even when he does, it never lasts for more than 5 seconds. Or why the younger always seems constipatedly stiff whenever Yoongi approaches him This is one of those instances.
He never got around to actually asking about it because he figured "Hey, why won't you touch me more like you do with everybody else?" would be a weird question to raise in any kind of situation. Besides, maybe he's just being self-centered and unreasonable. As always.
"--gi. Yoongi." He's snapped out of his trance by Jeonghan's voice, a warm hand on his arm grabbing his attention. "You okay?" "Yeah," He laughs to mask his embarrassment, shaking his head. "I spaced out, sorry. Uh, you want any drinks? I'll go get us some."
The night goes on without any major hiccups, Jeonghan is pleasant to talk to (and he looks so graceful and pretty under the dim lights), and Yoongi would even say he's having a blast if only he could stop glancing over Jimin's direction like a paranoid guardian.
He knows Jimin can take care of himself, and he knows Mingyu won't do anything bad to their mutual omega friend, but his eyes keep wandering towards the two anyway and watching every little interaction with unnecessary scrutiny.
He catches Mingyu running a finger over Jimin's choker, fiddling with the lone jewelry on Jimin's throat and whispering something in his ear that makes Jimin's cheeks bloom and his lips stretch into a wide smile. He whispers something again, and Jimin gets even more flustered.
It' interesting sight. Yeah, Yoongi should just use the term "interesting", seeing that he doesn't know the right words to describe his thoughts on seeing Mingyu practically kissing Jimin's ear right in front of his salad--beer, rather. "Interesting" will do for now.
But there's a discomfort brewing in the deepest depths of his subconscious, unsure why it's even there or what's causing it in the first place. Well, that's a lie. He is aware of what's causing it, he just doesn't know why.
Jimin seems to be fine with all the attention, he's basically basking in it, and that in turn makes it fine with Yoongi . Of course he likes seeing him happy--he should /always/ be happy, and Mingyu looks like he's fulfilling his life's purpose making Jimin laugh like that.
It's fine, of course it's fine, it's just-- "Are you wearing blockers again?" He hears Mingyu ask, sniffing not so discreetly along the length of Jimin's neck, scenting him. Jimin nods, leaning into the intimate touch.
No one bats an eye except for Yoongi. Scenting in public is considered pretty normal. Especially between couples. There's nothing wrong with it. Mingyu makes a face, showing his disapproval. "I don't know why you keep applying some when you don't need it."
"How do you even know I don't need it?" Jimin snorts. "Because your scent is fucking amazing. It's a mortal sin to hide it. From me, especially." "You're a baby." Jimin groans, looking annoyed at Mingyu's clinginess but obviously pleased with what he just said.
"You wear blockers, Jimin-ssi? I heard they cost a ton for just one bottle." Seungkwan pipes up from his side of the table, sounding genuinely intrigued and curious. "Ah, the one I use isn't too expensive." Jimin clarifies, waving his hands in front of him.
"Still, you should stop using them. It's a waste of money." Mingyu huffs. "And a waste of your scent." "I like blockers, okay? It's like my own perfume. Well, reverse perfume. Whatever."
Guilt creeps into the forefront of Yoongi's mind, that same one whenever this particular topic is brought up. His eyes must be boring holes into Jimin's head with all the staring he's been doing, but Jimin never meets his gaze, abruptly changing the topic instead.
He chugs at his bottle of beer, hoping it could wash away the weird emotions that decided to pay him a visit tonight. It doesn't, but talking to Jeonghan helps, so he does just that.
He can't stop fixating his attention to Jimin every now and then, even though the table has practically been divided and they're on two different sides of their respective conversations. At some point, he gives up trying to stop himself, succumbing to it with an inward shrug.
"You really care for him, don't you?" The sudden question catches him off-guard, snapping his head to the side where Jeonghan is smiling knowingly. "You look like you're ready to throw hands the moment Mingyu does something weird."
He stammers for a good second, blood pressure fluctuating at being caught, but he reigns himself in pretty quickly.
"I do. Care for him a lot, I mean." He admits lowly, gaze softening in fondness as he watches Jimin laugh. "But Mingyu-ssi seems..." He clears his throat. "He seems good...for Jimin." "He's a good kid." Jeonghan hums. "Very sweet guy. You don't have anything to worry about."
Nothing to worry about. "Right." He nods even though he's not exactly comforted nor reassured, finishing what's left of his bottle. It's tastes more bitter than usual. "So," Jeonghan sucks in a breath, grabbing his attention, which Yoongi tries his darn hardest to give. "Hm?"
"Did you fall for me?" He almost chokes on nothing. "Wh-what?" "When you watched me play, did you fall for me?" Their previous "date" plays in Yoongi's mind, offering a brief respite from his odd thoughts, and he remembers the words they've exchanged that day.
He also remembers the main reason why he's here, his supposed /goal/ before the night ends.
Jeonghan is being more forward than usual--well, he's never been the type to be shy, always having that certain charm--looking at him with hopeful eyes. It's rare that Yoongi can confidently say the feeling's mutual, but fuck, he thinks the feeling is actually mutual.
He can hear his heart starting to beat louder inside his chest, alarms going off in his head telling him "THIS IS IT! THIS IS THE SIGN! GO FOR IT!" along with a small voice which sounds suspiciously like his father saying "About time you give me some grandpups."
He opens his mouth, ready to take that exciting leap, but then from the corner of his eye, he sees Jimin. For a moment, they look at each other, first time ever since they sat down on that table. Jimin blinks at him and smiles. Sweetly. Tenderly. Like he always does.
And the words that roll off of Yoongi's tongue turn out different than what he initially intended.
"I think I might have to watch another show just to make sure." He says it in a teasing way, but he himself is confused why he changed his mind so quickly--more like chickened out. He can sense some disappointment from Jeonghan's expression, but it's soon replaced with a smile.
"I should keep inviting you to watch until you do, then." "That would be perfect, actually. All part of my elaborate plan to snag free tickets to gigs."
At least he could afford the jokes and still make Jeonghan laugh. He can't say he's not a bit disappointed and confused with himself though, the fact that he just let a perfect chance slip by sinking in like a punch to the gut. He won't be hearing the end of it from Seokjin.
But for some reason it felt like the right thing to do. That he should probably reconsider his capacity to engage in a relationship being the way he is right now. Which is-- A fucking mess.
In the midst of another one of his internal crises (been happening a fair lot lately), Mingyu has stood up to tell them he needs to go. "Already? Where you off to?" Vernon asks from the far end.
"I got some shit to finish. School shit." The young alpha answers, which gets him a long "Booooooo" from Seungkwan. "Fuck school. Cut classes. Don't attend your graduation." Their vocalist jokes. Although Yoongi doubts he's actually joking.
"You're really going?" It's Jimin's turn to pout, nursing a glass of whatever colorful cocktail that is. Yoongi has lost count of how many drinks the younger has had ever since they stepped inside the pub. Safe to say, he is concerned. Immensely.
"Why, want to come?" Mingyu flicks Jimin on the chin with a grin. They share a smile that's probably exclusive only to the two of them, and Yoongi feels like a proper outsider. Which, technically speaking, he is.
"Tempting, but no, I don't want to /come/." Jimin jests back, a playful glint in his eyes. "Too bad," Mingyu sighs, "I thought I could make you come tonight." "I get the feeling that we're talking about a different kind of coming here." Seungkwan so helpfully adds.
Mingyu laughs, leaning down to kiss Jimin on the forehead. "I'll text you." "Mm." Jimin returns the favor with a small peck on the alpha's cheek. "Be careful on your way home." "You too, babe."
Babe. That word repeats in Yoongi's ears like a bad song stuck in his head.
Seungkwan and Vernon keep Jimin company after Mingyu has left, talking his head off while Yoongi and Jeonghan are still sort of isolated on their side of the table.
He gets the feeling that it's on purpose, Jeonghan's fellow band members probably know something's up between the two of them, and it seems Jimin has decided to ride along. Yoongi appreciates their efforts. If only they knew how much he's wasting it at the moment.
At some point, some popular band gets called on stage and people start getting up from their seats to collectively swarm the makeshift dance floor. One way or another, Jeonghan manages to convince him to join in on the singing crowd, and so here he is.
But if Yoongi's going to be honest with himself, he's not feeling too good. His social battery has run out and his mood is at an all time low. The song currently being played is familiar, he probably heard it somewhere in passing, something about realizing your feelings too late.
More importantly, he kind of lost Jimin amidst the musical chaos, and he can't find him no matter which direction he turns his head.
"Hey, are you okay?" Jeonghan must have asked that for the 7th time that night. "Yeah--" He starts to deny, only to shake his head with a sigh. "Actually, no. I'm--I'm sorry." "Oh. Why? What's wrong?" "I just--I keep getting distracted all night. I'm sorry. "
There's only understanding in Jeonghan's expression when Yoongi tries to look for anything remotely negative that hints at what he's really thinking. "It's okay. Distractions can't be helped. Don't apologize for that. I really enjoyed tonight and I'm glad you're here."
"You're too nice to me." He chuckles in slight relief, stepping closer to Jeonghan so they could hear each other better. "That's because I like you."
"Oh." He breathes out after a couple of seconds, realizing he's been holding it in. "Wow." "Yeah. Wow." Jeonghan laughs. "It's--Sorry, that came out of nowhere. You don't have to give me an answer now or anything. I just wanted to let you know."
He should probably be elated, run out of that bar and pump his fist up in the air in victory. But instead he's just gobsmacked in utter shocked silence even though he already knows all this time that it /is/ mutual. Has been for god knows how long.
All he needs to do is to say he likes him too.
But the theme for the night is distractions, and if there's one thing Yoongi's good at, it's being consistent.
His head jerks by itself when he catches a flash of blonde walking out of the door, Jeonghan following his gaze. "Jimin?" The other asks with a tilt of his head. "You were looking for him weren't you?"
"Yeah," He alternates between Jeonghan and the closed door, a peculiar kind of restlessness settling over him. " I, um--" He struggles to find the right words, not even knowing how he should go about this.
A part of him wants to stay--he should--but another part of him is telling him he /needs/ to go after Jimin.
"It's okay," Jeonghan answers for him, still with the same gentle smile. "You need to leave, right?" Yoongi nods. "Sorry. I really--thank you. For tonight. You were great." "You too. I'll see you soon?" "Of course."
Jeonghan hugs him before he goes, the sweet scent of refreshing sakura blossoms lingering on him like a promise. "Hey, I just saw Yoongi-ssi leave." Seungkwan and Vernon find Jeonghan alone in the crowd. "Everything okay? How did it go?"
He wishes he could say everything is okay, that things went well and he got what he was hoping for all night. Instead, he shakes his head with a sad smile.
"Shit, did he dump you?" Seungkwan frowns. "Do we have to punch somebody?" As usual, his friends never fail to cheer him up with such simple words. Jeonghan laughs despite the heavy realization that has settled in his mind.
"No! It's fine. I think he's just..." His gaze fleets towards the door with a sigh. "I didn't know he was interested in somebody else."
The cold hits him as soon as he steps out, but he barely registers it, too busy turning his head this way and that in hopes of finding Jimin. He spots the familiar blonde not too far off, and he swears to god he never heaved a sigh so deep in his life.
Jimin has his back on him, standing on the side of the road with a little wobble every now and then. Although that could just be the wind, Yoongi's not really sure. Yoongi doesn't waste time walking up to him. He doesn't know why he's in such a hurry and also worried, but he is
"Jimin-ah." He calls out. Jimin turns his head with wide eyes and flushed cheeks. He's not drunk, but Yoongi's almost certain he's tipsy. "Hyung, hey. Why are you--" Jimin looks genuinely confused and surprised. "What are you doing out here?"
"Want to ask you the same thing. It's cold." He rubs at his jacket-covered arms, doing a quick check on the younger's outfit. That can't be, in any way, warming him up from this weather. "Oh, I'm going home. I was just about to text you." Jimin gestures at his phone.
"What? How were you planning to go home?" "Uh, I was trying to book a cab." "Why didn't you just tell me? Come on, I'll drive us back." He grabs Jimin's hand, but the omega hesitates. "Ah, no, no, it's fine, hyung. I'll just get back on my own. You can stay."
"No, I don't want you going home alone. Let's go together." He tugs again and Jimin follows with unsure steps. "But--You--H-how about Jeonghan-ssi?" "Jeonghan?" "Yeah, weren't you guys, like--having a moment?" "What moment?"
He stops when Jimin does, turning his body just enough to look at the furrowed brows and frowning pout directed at him. He doesn't let go of Jimin's hand though, gripping it even tighter as if he's afraid the younger would run away at any given moment. He is afraid.
"Weren't you supposed to ask him out tonight?" Yoongi did not expect Jimin to mention that, much less /know/ about it, and it must show on his face because Jimin is quick to add-- "Jin-hyung might have told me to keep an eye on you so you 'won't do anything stupid'." He quotes.
Yoongi's not sure which emotion he'll prioritize first--the annoyance, the embarrassment, or the slight regret for not having done the one thing he was planning to do tonight. Annoyance wins. "He what? That fucking--" He mumbles the rest under his breath.
"So did you?" Jimin cuts through his imaginary cursing battle with Seokjin, peering up at him with big, curious eyes. "No," Yoongi answers after a pause. "I was--" He searches for the right reasons, but he can't come up with a proper one at the moment.
A cold breeze blows over them, making Jimin shiver, and Yoongi uses that as an excuse to change the topic. "Let's get you somewhere warm first." He leads--practically drags--Jimin to the car in the gentlest way possible, ushering him inside in all his fuss.
He wastes no time starting the engine so he could turn on the heater, grabbing the younger's cold hand again to bring it nearer to the fan. "There," He huffs, completely wrapping it with his own to encourage more heat. "You should do the same with your other hand."
Jimin follows his instructions obediently, letting Yoongi hold him until his fingers no longer feel stiff and icy. "Better?" "Mm." Jimin nods, turning to him with a small smile. "Thanks."
The reassurance brings Yoongi some relief, the urge to never let Jimin experience being cold ever again now curbed. As well as this unreasonable need (that has been churning inside of him all night long) to have Jimin's attention and have him close.
"So...what happened?" Jimin speaks up after a long time, glancing at Yoongi. Their fingers are still entangled messily in front of the AC, but neither comments about it so Yoongi figures it must be okay to stay like that for a little longer. "If you don't mind me asking."
Yoongi doesn't mind. What he does mind is him asking himself the same question. What /did/ happen? He sighs, brushing the wayward strands of his hair out of his face and making them messier in the process. Just like his life. "Shit, I don't know. I chickened out?"
"I just--I felt weird. All night. Like I'm out of it. I don't know. Am I making sense?" He scoffs at himself, turning to Jimin for--again, he doesn't know. Support? Reassurance? Agreement? Of course, Jimin gives him all three.
"No, yeah, you're--I get it. You're making sense, hyung. I was also..." The younger shrugs. "I also felt weird. All night." "Yeah?" "Yeah." ... "Maybe because you drank too much?" Yoongi suggests with a slight tease to it, earning a not-so-lethal glare.
"I'm not drunk!" "I didn't say you were." It's effective in diffusing whatever tension was building up in the enclosed space the two of them are currently in. Makes it that much easier to say things. Things that are otherwise embarrassing and awkward and weird to admit.
"You know what, I'm just going to outright say it--" Jimin sucks in a deep breath, but he's not meeting Yoongi's gaze when he speaks. "Seeing you with Jeonghan-ssi made me kind of jealous."
"I was like 'Wah, they look good together and hyung looks so happy.' But it also felt like you were kind of leaving me behind and going forward just like everybody else, which is great, by the way, I'm super happy for you, but I don't know. I felt sad? Ugh, maybe I /am/ drunk."
Yoongi's brows shoot up before anything else, not because he was surprised at the admission, but because he didn't expect for Jimin to voice out the exact same thoughts that have been plaguing him all night. Well, maybe not /exactly/, but it's close.
"Sorry, I'm rambling. Forget it--" Jimin starts to laugh it off, but Yoongi squeezes his hand tightly. "I was jealous too." He blurts out. "I was jealous seeing you with Mingyu. I didn't know you guys were that close."
Of course he knows they're close, they have sex, for fuck's sake--thinking about that fact brings back the irritation for some reason, and Yoongi can only take deep breaths to calm himself. "Oh...You were jealous of Mingyu?" With gritted teeth, he nods.
"Jealous as wish you were in his place kind of jealous?" He's got no reason to lie. This is Jimin. It should be fine. "Yeah, I guess...? I didn't like that he's so--I don't know. Touchy with you? Scenting you and calling you, uh, sweet nicknames."
Wow. That sounded even more psychotic when said out loud. He cringes at himself, wondering what Jimin would think about all of that. He gets his answer through that mouth-watering scent blooming and filling the whole car, making Yoongi gulp as he turns to its source.
It permeates between them like a warm blanket, comfortable and everything good as they let what Yoongi just said sink in. Jimin's cheeks are even more flushed than a while ago, staring back at Yoongi in stunned silence. Even in the dimness of the parking lot, he looks handsome.
"Is that...weird?" Yoongi finds his voice, but it's too low even though it's just the two of them there. "I mean I...feel the same way?" Jimin responds with an equally soft tone. Randomly, Yoongi realizes they're still holding hands, caught in the middle and suspended.
So Jimin feels the same. It's not just him. This isn't normal, he supposes.
But it gets increasingly difficult to think and rationalize, especially with his senses being overwhelmed by everything that has to do with Jimin.
It's that scent, mostly. Yoongi feels like he's being drowned and smothered with how potent it is--how much more potent it's becoming--and he's more than happy to be. Drowned and smothered. Enveloped until he can taste those sweet tangerines in the back of his throat.
If only he could ignore the underlying smell of another alpha mixed somewhere deep in there, making his nose twitch and his insides squirmy with unrest. Unfortunately, he can't.
"Hey, can I--" Yoongi licks his lips to wet them, feeling how dry and chapped they have become. His gaze lands on Jimin's neck and stays there. The question seems to shake the younger out of his dazed trance, blinking at Yoongi in question.
"Sorry, this is going to be even weirder, and you can totally say no of course, but can I just--" He huffs and sighs and stares at Jimin's neck--with that choker--as if it would give him the peace of mind he desperately needs right now. "Jiminie, can I scent you?"
"Scent--/me/? You want to scent me? As in, me me?" That's way too many reconfirmations in one go, but Yoongi doesn't call him out on it. It comes to his attention that he has never actually scented Jimin in all their years of friendship. Nor has Jimin ever scented him.
It feels impossible now that he thinks about it. Scenting isn't even something peers do consciously, it just happens sometimes. He's not the type to be affectionate or intimate with his omega friends, but he's pretty sure he has scented Taehyung at least once, and vice versa.
But Jimin? Jimin never nuzzles Yoongi when they hug. He doesn't cling to Yoongi like he does with Hoseok, nor does he purr in comfort and satisfaction when he's being cuddled--well, they never cuddle--which Jungkook can do without much effort. He doesn't even need to ask.
It's a bit sad, even though Yoongi knows it's nothing personal and it's mostly his fault anyway. But it doesn't make his alpha feel any better about the blatant avoidance and isolated exception. Maybe that's why he himself is reluctant in initiating anything.
A big part of him is scared of being rejected by Jimin.
"You don't want to?" He didn't mean for it to come out pleading with a dash of vulnerability, but it does anyway. "I mean, it's okay if you don't want to, of course. I just--I can smell Mingyu on you and it's--" He groans. Mostly at himself. "It's making me feel...weird."
He doesn't know up to what extent the word 'weird' could be used to describe one's inner turmoil, but it seems to be an effective and fitting umbrella term for Yoongi's unnamed emotions so far.
"It's not that I don't want to. It's just--um, are you sure? I think my blockers are waning off and my scent might know. Too strong for you, hyung." "I don't care." He immediately answers. "I want to scent you."
Tension aside, Jimin still manages to laugh, giving Yoongi a fond look. "You know, you could be surprisingly pushy if you want." "Am I being pushy? Shit, sorry, I'm not trying to force you or anything. Only if you want, Jimin-ah." Though Yoongi wishes he'll say yes.
"It's fine. I kinda like it when you go all alpha on me. I rarely see that side of you." "Go all alpha on you?" He repeats with a funny smile, the air around them considerably lightening. "Yeah, like right now. Being jealous and wanting to scent me. It's kind"
"You think that's hot? I thought I'm being too possessive." Yoongi starts feeling warmer. And bolder. Definitely bolder. "You are." But Jimin is inviting; it's in his body language, the way he's looking at Yoongi so intensely. Almost provoking him to do something. "I like it."
"So is that a yes?" Slowly, Jimin nods. Some of that confidence chips off, making way for that shyness Yoongi is more than familiar with. How Jimin can switch so seamlessly between his contrasting aspects is beyond Yoongi though. "If you're really super extra sure, hyung."
Yoongi chuckles, matching Jimin's shy smile before he's bringing up his other hand to the side of Jimin's neck, squeezing in the slightest. "I'm sure."
A part of him expected Jimin to flinch away from the touch like he always does, but the omega stays put. Yoongi's fingers dive in the soft mess of blonde strands, his wrist grazing Jimin's gland in the simplest form of platonic scenting between two good friends.
It's quiet, Jimin just keeping his eyes on Yoongi as he leans into it. Citrus finally mixes with his own pine, probably for the first time in forever, giving Yoongi a taste of what their combined scents could've been like if they've done this much, much earlier.
It's quiet--/too/ quiet. He gets the notion that it's pretty awkward. He wonders if scenting has ever felt this awkward and tense. If it should even feel that way with a friend in the first place.
But something inside Yoongi settles from manic unrest into seething impatience. His nose can still pick up bits and pieces of that foreign alpha scent clinging to Jimin several layers deep. He rubs with more purpose, hoping it would disappear and leave no trace, but it doesn't.
He stops trying eventually, still riddled by the incessant itch under his skin. "Can I--" He leans in, stopping midway to get ahold of himself. He stares at Jimin's neck, at the black band digging against the smooth skin.
Jimin leans in too with a curious hum, tilting his head and further showcasing the graceful line of his neck. Yoongi staggers for a second, the sane part of him wondering if this would be crossing a line, but Jimin is alluring in all sense of the word, and he can't stop himself.
Yoongi's hit with an olfactory explosion so intense it makes him feel weak. Pliant, and at ease, his alpha groans in satisfaction knowing it's exactly where it should be.
He hears Jimin's breath hitching before his own sigh makes its way to his ears, eyes fluttering close at the overwhelming sensation. He nuzzles gently, tracing the omega's neck with the tip of his nose, breathing heavily against the curve of Jimin's warm skin.
Fingers curl over the front of his shirt, keeping him close with a tight grip. Yoongi wouldn't be able to pull away even if he wanted to anyway even though it's an awkward position they're in and the gear shift is digging uncomfortably into his side. It smells too fucking good.
When he does pull away, it's almost as if he got drunk--lightheaded and hazy, intoxicated from that heavy citrus which is now complemented by his own scent and nothing but his scent. As it should be. Always.
"You okay?" Jimin asks softly. They're still close enough that he can count the lights reflected on Jimin's dark pupils, can feel the small puffs on his cheek every time the younger exhales. "You should stop wearing blockers around me."
"Hyung--" Yoongi sees the telltale signs of that scoff-eye roll-deprecating denial triple threat so he beats Jimin to it. "Your scent is warm." Not exactly the most blatant compliment, but it's the first thing that comes to Yoongi's mind.
"And comfortable. And familiar." He continues, gaze falling down on their still-joined hands. He flexes his wrist, Jimin's fingers following suit to fill the gaps between Yoongi's own. It fits perfectly-- Like puzzle pieces.
"You smell like home."
When he raises his head, Jimin is looking at him. It's the first time Yoongi sees that kind of expression on his face. He can't exactly describe it or get a full read on it, but he-- He feels it. If that even makes sense.
"You mean that?" Jimin sounds small and afraid of what Yoongi's going to say. But there's also hope in there somewhere. Yoongi wants nothing more but to reassure him no matter how many times it takes. "I do."
The smile he gives Yoongi is special, like it's only reserved for Yoongi and Yoongi alone. As it should be. Always.
Yoongi rarely acknowledges his wolf and all the annoying factors dragging behind it, he has practically subdued and ignored it ever since he first presented, but Jimin brings out the possessiveness lying dormant inside of him.
He makes Yoongi want to protect him and be the sole reason for more of those smiles and that...that scent. Only him. Not anybody else.
Jimin's eyes glisten with something dangerously like tears, and he's sniffing before he could stop himself. "Ah, what the fuck." The younger moves away to cover his face with his hands, breaking off their contact that Yoongi already misses dearly.
"What's wrong?" Yoongi panics, if only a little. "Nothing! Nothing--nothing's...wrong. I don't even know why I'm crying, oh my god." "Hey," Yoongi reaches out, fingers wrapping around Jimin's wrist to pull them away from his flushed face.
Jimin has a small frown slash pout when he meets Yoongi's gaze, flustered with a half-giggle, half-sob, sniffing and groaning at himself in all his adorable mannerisms. "I just--" The younger sighs, tears rolling down his cheeks. Which Yoongi mindlessly wipes.
"I love you." Oh.
"I mean--shit, not in a /weird way/," Jimin hurriedly rambles, holding on tight to Yoongi's shirt again. "Oh." Yoongi lets out a small laugh. For a second there he almost forgot how to breathe.
"I just--I love you so much, hyung. You know that, right?" Jimin is practically wailing now, but still in a subdued manner that makes his voice pitch a tad bit higher. Yoongi has never been this fucking endeared with someone it almost hurts. "I know, Jimin-ah."
After Jimin has expressed his embarrassment for breaking down in front of Yoongi and has more or less recovered from it, they both agree that they should probably go home before it gets too late.
Yoongi's hand refuses to part with Jimin's, so he keeps holding it even as he drives them back to their apartment, intertwined fingers resting more comfortably than he expected on the gear shift. When they arrive, Yoongi finds it difficult to let go.
"Thanks for tonight, hyung. I had lots of fun." Jimin grins while he works his door's lock. Yoongi hovers nearby, convincing himself he's just waiting for Jimin to get inside safely before he enters his own apartment too.
"Yeah. Thanks, too, for coming with me." "Anytime." Jimin winks with a chuckle. "See you tomorrow?" "Yeah." Yoongi watches him step inside, but before the door closes, he calls out-- "Hey."
"I love you too, Jimin-ah." Yoongi can count on one hand the number of times he's said 'I love you' to someone. It rolls off so easily with Jimin. "Not in a weird way." He adds as an afterthought.
Jimin looks stunned for a second only to break out into the sweetest smile. He walks towards Yoongi and hugs him tight with a happy laugh. Yoongi can barely even react when soft lips press over his cheek. "Sweet dreams, hyungie."
If that's the case, he hopes he dreams of one Park Jimin. Because that, for sure, would be the sweetest.
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