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#taekookau where Jungkook becomes the bodyguard of idol Taehyung

9. The next day
12. A week later.
13. “Instead of tweeting about your sad life, get back to work.” Jungkook quickly turns around to hear Taehyung who stood right behind him. He forces a smile and motions the idol to walk so he can follow him. They had to go to one of the photoshoots.
14. Tae gives Jungkook his phone as he had to change his clothes and get ready. It had been only fifteen minutes and the idol’s phone had been buzzing more than twenty times. Jungkook takes a deep breath trying to calm his nerves and not burst on this saesang.
15. His nerves aren't very strong so he ends up picking up the phone. “Hi, Taehyung.” “What do you want?” Jungkook groans. “You're not Taehyung. Who are you? Are you his stalker?” Jungkook scoffs. The annoying bastard on the other side of the phone gets on his nerves.
16. “No, I am his boyfriend. Now go to hell,” he says, cutting off the phone. “Who were you talking to?” He looks and finds Taehyung standing there, all dressed. It would be a lie if Jungkook said his heart didn't skip a beat seeing the idol. “Some annoying stalker of yours.”
17. “And you said to him you are my boyfriend?” “Yeah,” It is not a big deal, it is not like that person is going to believe him. “That’s amazing! I should give you a bonus.”
18. “Oh well thank you.” the younger replies feeling a little proud of his quick thinking. He stares in confusion when Tae rolls his eyes and goes back.
19. The next day
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- drama, fluff, crack (I'll try) - happy ending - time stamps are not important until mentioned - this is fiction :) - your interactions means alot I hope you like it 🤧💜
26. Next morning
27. Jungkook was dozing off standing still when he got woken by a nudge from the manager. It was 9 pm and finally they were free. The whole day Jungkook just stood there and only went to eat. He needed his precious sleep.
28. He follows the idol, opening the door for him. Before he could get inside the car, Jungkook gets stopped by one of the female staff of some other celeb. He remembers the instruction given to him by Joon to be nice to everyone.
29. “How can I help?” Jungkook smiles thinking about his union with his precious sleep soon. “Are you new here?” “Yes.” “Must be hard for you.” She says tucking her hair behind her ear. Jungkook seemed tired as he just wanted to go,
30. “maybe you can share your number with me, and I will help you.” “No thanks. I am fine. You don't have to worry. Thank you. I have to go now.” People are nice here, Jungkook thinks, giving a smile to the girl and getting inside the car. “She was hitting on you.”
31. “No, she was talking to me.” Taehyung just puts his blindfold on and lays back. To be honest the younger knew why the girl wanted to talk to him but he wasn't in the mood. He needs to get money be free from this shitty life and prove his dad he can be responsible.
32. They reach the building and Jungkook looks back and finds Taehyung already going out. This is what always happens. The idol never took him on his way to the apartment. He doesn't mind because that means he could go home fast.
33. The only difference today was that the elder left his phone in the car. At first, Jungkook thinks of driving off and giving it to the other in the morning. He inhales sharply and quickly gets out of the car, grabbing the phone and rushing inside.
34. He enters the elevator where Tae had already been standing. “You live here?” “No, you forgot this.” Jungkook hands it over. He decides to drop Taehyung at his doorstep given he is already in the elevator. The younger eyes widened seeing a box with blood smeared on it.
35. He puts Taehyung behind him and goes to check. His heart almost comes to his mouth seeing a pool of blood with Taehyung’s photos in it. “Fuck.” “Yeah, I will call the po-” “The blood seeped through the box and got into the mat.”
36. Jungkook was more surprised by the remark than by the actual scene they witnessed. Nevertheless, he takes his phone out to call but the idol grabs it from his hand. “No need.” judging from Tae’s expression, it wasn't the first time this happened. “Don’t tell the company.”
37. He picks the box up and throws it in the trash. “I've been receiving these meaningless threats for a long time.” Taehyung applies code to his apartment and was about to go inside together when Jungkook grabs his wrist, stopping him. “We are going to live together.” “Huh?”
38. “Yeah sure.” Taehyung removes Jungkook’s hand and proceeds to go inside followed by the latter. He closes his eyes, feeling tired already of how this conversation is about to go. “I am going to live with you.” “You don't have anything better to do? Stop annoying me.”
39. “It is my job to protect you. I am getting paid for that. I am not just your chauffeur.” Jungkook was firm with his decision. This is way too dangerous. He feels irritated as Tae keeps on telling him to leave, “I will tell the cops and the boss. Let me stay.”
40. “Fine. How long is your stay?” “Till we find the people who are threatening you.” Jungkook smiles seeing Tae sigh in defeat. He soon realizes he is just in your bodyguard fit and has no casual clothes with him.
41. He looks at Tae thinking that the latter might take pity on him and give him clothes. His hopes are shattered when the idol goes to his room without sparing a glance. He sits on the sofa, resting his head. He doesn't know why he even volunteered to stay with him.
42. Taehyung is not the type to care about these things. In the past two weeks, he knows that the latter is not many fans of conversation nor does he care about what people do. He closes his eyes thinking he will just sleep like this and go tomorrow to get his things.
43. An icy cold thing touched Jungkook's face and he shot his eyes open. It was Taehyung, in a bathrobe, water dripping from the locks on his face. He stares at the latter in confusion till he extends his hand out. It was some clothes.
44. “You can stay in the room which is the closest to the entrance. Go change and if you're hungry just go into the kitchen and eat.” “You took a cold shower in winter?” the elder nods, “no wonder you're stone cold,” he mumbles and quickly rushes to the room.
47. the next day
48. Jungkook follows Taehyung behind as they walk towards the apartment. /His figure is nice./ His eyes widened upon realizing what he just thought about the other. He quickly shakes his head and looks up to see Tae looking at him.
49. “A big puppy.” Jungkook smiles. As soon as he enters the house, he gets a weird eerie vibe. Tae didn't switch on the lights. He slowly walks towards the living room, eyes widening and sees someone pinning the idol to the wall.
50. Without wasting a second, the younger kicks the stranger in the stomach, making him fall to the ground. He gets on top and is about to land a punch when Tae turns on the lights. “He’s my friend, let him go.” Jungkook's mouth gape and he quickly gets up.
51. He feels annoyed by the lack of emotions Taehyung has and the weird stranger who pinned the latter. “I'm Yoon Jae.” the stranger smiles and puts a hand over his side. Jungkook feels guilty. This would have been avoided if Tae just spoke. “I am sorry I didn't know.”
52. “No worries. So Tae, he's your latest?” Yoon Jae smirks. “He is my bodyguard hired by /agency./” Jungkook finds it odd how Taehyung emphasized the last word almost like he is sending the signal to his friend to shut up which he could see the latter quickly catches on.
53. “Oh, I see. I was just here to take you to the club. We all miss you.” “Nope.” Taehyung plops on the sofa followed by Yoon Jae who almost sat on his lap. Jungkook decides to stay as he still gets a weird vibe from the said friend.
54. “For old time's sake?” Yoon Jae says, putting his hand on Tae's lap in an intimate way. Quite a weird friendship but it is none of Jungkook's concern. “Or I will tell the press.” the younger furrows his brows. “That we used to date?” Yoon Jae nods.
55. This said friend was getting on Jungkook’s nerves more and more. What kind of friend threatens you? “Though I don't care about that, I also need a distraction so let’s go.” Taehyung stands up and goes to his room.
56. After getting dressed he goes out and finds Jungkook also dressed and waiting. “I told him to tag along.” Yoon Jae smiles. “I am going because it is my duty. Let’s go.” Jungkook says.
57. With the strong smell of booze and sweat and loud music, Jungkook realizes that he made a wrong decision by coming here. He grabs Tae by the arm, pulling him back before they further go inside, “Are you sure about this? This is not a good place. What if someone catches you?”
58. He explains as the loud music pierces. “The people here won't tell a soul. Don't worry.” Taehyung grabs Jungkook's hand and walks through the crowd to the bar.
59. “He is here with his work bodyguard,” Yoon Jae announces as soon as they reach the friend's circle. Jungkook could see some of them eyeing him up but he doesn't care. He never expected Tae to be interested in these types of things.
60. Jungkook is the type to hire the VIP club room for the night with his friends, without the tons of people. He has his fair share of experience with clubs and the last one didn't go well because he ended up with someone who got himkicked out of the house and now working.
61. Taehyung goes to one of his friends and leaves Jungkook to sit on the other side where there was a chair. He could see the idol talking to an intimidating-looking man. The loud music made it impossible for him to listen to anything.
62. The girl sitting beside him was trying her best to engage him in the convo. Jungkook didn't want to engage himself in any flirting of sorts. He already felt annoyed coming here and sacrificing his precious time. “Can I buy you a drink, cutie?” Jungkook rolls his eyes.
63. He wanted to just sit and babysit and then go home. He does not want anyone to see his drunk self as he is super horny and super into taking his clothes off. He will not embarrass himself in front of strangers.
64. “I am into dudes,” Jungkook says, hoping that the lady will leave him alone. The loud music makes it difficult for her to hear. The younger said it multiple times but the poor woman couldn't hear.
65. “Lady, I like dudes!” he screams at the top of his lungs and soon realizes that he said that in between the changing of songs and now everyone heard it. Jungkook has never been this embarrassed.
66. He quickly gulps down the shot glass in front of him. It was tequila and now his throat burns like hell. He gets startled when someone turns his face and puts a lemon in his mouth. It was Taehyung. Jungkook bites on the slice making some of the juice trickles down his lips.
67. “You don't need to feel embarrassed about that.” The deep voice of Tae, whispering in his ears sends a shiver down his spine. He shouldn't feel anything about this but he is, which is not good.
68. He comes back to reality when Yoon Jae slams his hand in front of them. “So we have a tradition that the newcomer has to have a drinking competition with the loser of the drinking game. You two are up.” Jungkook realizes that the other person he is talking about is Tae.
69. “So you're a lightweight.” “It's not my fault they are alcoholics.” “Sure sure.” Jungkook tries to suppress his smile and Tae didn't fail to notices that.
70. The younger thought the idol might deny this challenge as they had to go back but it didn't. And Jungkook had never walked away from any challenge. So they end up drinking and drinking letting their senses get lost by the loud cheers and music of the club.
71. ~~~~ Jungkook opens his eyes and a sharp pain in his head makes it impossible to keep them open. He sits up and puts his feet on the floor. The whole room keeps spinning. Everything seemed too loud to him.
72. Last night was hell. The only thing he remembers is drinking, singing and dancing. All his memories were hazy. Well, Namjoon never said anything about drinking. The only rule is to not have any intimate relationship with the idol.
73. He can follow that simple rule even if he drinks with him. He hears a groan beside him. Jungkook turns around and sees someone lying beside him with sheets covering his head. It seemed he slept with someone after drinking given the hickeys on his body.
74. The horny jk didn't go away just because he is working now. His smile drops as the certain someone takes the sheet off his face, still sleeping soundly So it seems that Jungkook has broken the one and only rule…
75. Jungkook quickly got up from the bed and soon fell to the floor as his foot got tangled up in the sheets. He lets himself stay on the floor waiting for the floor to just swallow. How can he mess up this badly?
76. He told Joon that he will be more focused but now he ends up sleeping with the idol. “You are naked.” Tae's voice startles Jungkook and he quickly stands up, wrapping the sheet around his waist. He doesn't say a word and just sees the elder getting up and going to shower.
77. He quickly puts his clothes on and sits on the bed. He cannot leave like this. They were in a hotel and Jungkook doesn't know if he can go out like this. Taehyung comes and the only talk they have is the latter telling him to follow him as they were about to leave.
82. Jungkook slightly opens the door. It was midnight and the younger stomach growled in agony. He hadn't eaten a thing. Checking that the coast is clear, he goes to the kitchen and makes himself instant ramen. The front door clicks and his stomach drops.
83. Who could be here at this hour? Carefully, Jungkook gets out of the kitchen, ready to overpower whoever it is. In an instant, he grabs the person and pins him to the wall putting his hand on the throat. The light turns on and Jungkook's eyes widen seeing Tae.
84. His eyes fell upon the latter’s lips and he quickly moved back in embarrassment. He wanted to just hide. Jungkook decides to just abandon his precious food and tries to go to his room when Tae stops him. “Go eat and after that let’s talk.”
85. Jungkook obeys and goes to the kitchen. He's not the type to get embarrassed by these things so he couldn't understand why he was acting like this. It was not the first time he had slept with an idol. He just doesn't want to lose th3 job, maybe that’s what makes him like this
86. Jungkook stiffens when Taehyung enters the living room. Maybe he shouldn't have had the ramen as his stomach was now aching due to anxiety. The idol sits right across from him. “Is it the first time you have slept with someone?” Jungkook shakes his head.
87. “Then stop acting like that.” “So you are not going to fire me?” “Why would I? We both are grown men and I don't think this one-night stand will come between us unless you have a problem?” Jungkook shakes his head. With that, the idol goes to his room.
88. He was relieved to find out that the elder is not the type to fire someone just because of one drunken mistake. They will only have a professional relationship and Jungkook is happy to keep it like that. Or so he thought.
89. Few days later
91. The female struggles as Jungkook's hand covers her mouth. He finally let's go and the lady turns around slapping his chest. “What the hell is wrong with your head, dumbass!” she says pinching jungkook’s shoulder making him wince. “Why the hell are you here? Dumbass.”
92. “Because I'm here to shoot the drama. And I'm older than you. Don't call me dumbass.” Jungkook, who was busy mocking her, soon realizes what she just said. “Wait. You're the leading actress with Tae?” “Yeah?” He was stunned.
93. He wanted to keep their professional and personal lives separate. And now Tae is working with his actress sister, Jiwoo. “You are working for Taehyung?” Jiwoo laughs out loudly,” so dad kicked you out. I thought mum was being dramatic.”
94. Jungkook rolls his eyes, “Just stay away from me and don't involve yourself with Tae much.” “Why.” a smirk comes across jiwoo’s face as she approaches his brother, “you like him?” “What?! No! No!” Jungkook scoffs, “Why would I? You are crazy!”
95. “Okay then give me his number. Personal number.” Jiwoo smiles as Jungkook stammers saying the idol is not good for him, “I am not taking advice from. Your ex stole your money.” “Look, we only dated for a week! And it is not like you have great taste in men.”
96. “Please.” Jiwoo rolls her eyes, “I am bi. I made some wrong decisions.” “At this point, you are just by yourself.” Thus began their chase as Jiwoo followed Jungkook and finally she got the latter in a headlock. As the younger tries to break free, he hears the door open.
97. Looking up he quickly pushes his sister away seeing Tae. “It is not what you think.” he tries to clarify. He didn't want to get fired by baseless rumors of him dating some actress, plus if the actress is his sister. It makes him barf.
98. “Don't worry it is none of my business. I was just trying to find it. I thought you left. Come back when you are over talking.” Taehyung bows to the actress and leaves before Jungkook could say anything. “Oh, my,” Jiwoo gasps, “you slept with him!”
99. Colour fades from Jungkook's face hearing her sister’s words. He denies sharply, pacing around the room to not look suspicious which made him look more suspicious. Jiwoo grabs his brother, turning him. “Your ears have turned red. You're averting my gaze. You did!”
100. “If you focused this much on your acting, it wouldn't have taken you five years for you to get a role.” Before they could fight any further, Jiwoo's manager came and took her away. He hopes his sister would drop this topic without thinking much about it.
101. ---- Jungkook drives the car slowly. Finally they were going home. His mind was filled with useless thoughts. He wanted to keep it a secret and his sister ended up finding out which is not a big deal. More than that, it is the indifferent behavior of Tae towards him.
102. The idol was just like before, it should be a good thing. This is what infuriates him more. He should also forget this like the elder. Why does his mind keep on trying to remember the events of the night club whenever he sees Taehyung.
103. His thoughts halted as soon as his eyes fell upon a certain individual who looked like his thief ex. His guess was right. Without wasting a second, Jungkook stops the car and runs after his ex to catch him.
104. In a rush, he forgot he left the car door open and couldn't hear the elder calling out to him. After a good five-minute chase, Jungkook ends up losing the ex. He felt like he forgot something but couldn't remember what it was.
105. His stomach drops when he realizes that he had left Taehyung, probably sleeping in an unlocked car, in a sketchy alley. He quickly turns around and runs at full speed hoping that his luck will work and the idol is fine.
108. “Where were you?” Jungkook rushes toward Taehyung who stood in a dark alley. Judging by the expression, the younger made himself ready for his funeral. Another shock awaits him as the idol grabs someone by going back and bringing him forward. “You were looking for him?”
109. Jungkook's mouth gape recognizes his ex, Leehyun getting caught by Tae. /did he try to be nice?/ “Your genius self took the first turn wrong. This man was hiding behind the trash can. So you end up chasing a normal person.”
110. Jungkook inhales sharply. How can he think that? Taehyung doesn't know the meaning of the word nice. “Well your woke self should have stayed in the car instead of wandering like a kid,” he mumbles not knowing that the elder had heard.
111. “I had to follow you. I know you are still a kid and would've gotten lost.” “Oh really” Jungkook mocks, “if I am a kid how come I ran for five minutes and still got my way back to the car.”
112. “That is not the burn, that’s just sad.” Taehyung laughs and the ex nods infuriating him more, “he is yours to deal with.'' The idol lets go of the man in front of Jungkook and goes to the car. He gets surprised when Jungkook opens the door and throws the man in it.
113. Tae just quietly observes as Jungkook gets in the car and drives off. “Taking him to the police?” “No. I will deal with him on my own. But I am sorry I have to drop you off in front of the building and deal with him somewhere else. If you don't mind, can I take the car?”
114. “Yes, sure.” The younger notices the idol's smile. He finds it quite odd how the latter didn't ask him further questions but instead, he seemed to be delighted to know that. After dropping Tae off Jungkook headed straight to joon’s house to deal with this matter.
I didn't feel like writing it in tweets so 😅 115. ---
118. Next morning
119. Jungkook gets out of the room and spots Tae standing in front of the kitchen counter. “Why are you here?” the idol rushes to him, “weren't you taking the day off?” “No. I just needed a few hours.” Jungkook stops hearing a thud from the living room.
120. He was about to turn his head when Taehyung pulled him into a hug. He could feel his heart stuck in his throat or maybe he just got too surprised by this sudden action from the other. He quickly moves back. “Why would you hug me?” “I missed you.”
121. Jungkook gets flabbergasted by this announcement. “What do you mean?” “You know I am used to living alone but you forcefully stayed with me and somehow it didn't feel right last night when I was alone.” The younger cheeks turned red upon hearing this.
122. “Stop saying cringey things”. He pushes the elder aside and goes to the kitchen. To avoid eye contact with the latter he keeps on washing his hands in the sink trying to calm his racing heart.
126. Jungkook gets out of the car and escorts Tae inside the club. This place wasn't as he expected. Turns out they were in a hostess club. As soon as he made eye contact with the producer, he could sense an eerie vibe from him which he quite really disliked.
127. He almost tells Tae that they should just leave because of the PD whose behavior seemed quite weird and almost like he is trying to bed everyone sitting there. There were some hostesses and some other people from the entertainment industry.
128. He figures that this man must have a big impression on showbiz as almost all the people there try to butter him up. Maybe that is why the manager told him to not mess it up like he has been doing for the past months.
129. Quite lost in his thoughts, he gets startled when the pd offered him a drink and sat right beside him. Jungkook is not dumb to not notice that this is the way the latter tries to flirt with him. He looked around and couldn't find Tae. Someone from the table tells him that+
130. the idol went to pick up the call. Jungkook decides to go after Tae because he badly wanted to get out of this awkward situation. “Why don't you drink with me till he comes back?” the pd smiles, “maybe I will cast him in my next movie.”
131. Jungkook sits back down. He cannot mess up again, he didn't want Namjoon to be more burdened by his mistakes. He smiles and starts drinking. After a few minutes, he realizes that he is no match as the man keeps on drinking and is still fine. Meanwhile, he felt tipsy.
132. When the pd offers him another drink, the younger denies it. Seeing the former being persistent he ended up pushing the glass away and it fell to the floor. Judging by the people stunned around him, Jungkook figured he messed up. He stands up and apologize hoping that +
133. the man will let it go. “Are you out of your fucking mind?!” the man yells, “you thought I was flirting with you?” he pushed the younger causing him to stumble. Jungkook wanted to scream at the shitty pd but he couldn't.
134. If he does and loses this deal, he will end up proving his father's words that he can’t even hold one job on his own and his friends who are also tired at this point of hearing him mess up. No matter how angry he is he can’t botch this up.
135. “Clean the floor.” the pd throws the napkin on the younger’s face, “you lowlife, you just need to get smacked to get back to your senses.” Jungkook kept looking at the napkin resting on his foot. He knows he should clean the floor to avoid further fighting. How could he?
136. All his life, he has been treated like a prince. The youngest in his family, he is the one who got spoiled the most. Even his dad always made sure to give him everything he wanted. He could see the producer approaching him with his hand raised.
137. /I should just take it and this humiliation will end./ he didn't want others to look at him anymore. So he closes his eyes and waits for the slap to hit his face.
138. A loud gasp and Jungkook open his eyes to see Tae pouring a whole glass of wine over the man’s head. “You couldn't shut your trap.” “Do you know what you did!” he grabs Tae’s collar. “Your career is ruined! You don't know who you messed up with!”
139. Taehyung whispers something in the producer’s ears and his eyes widen. A smirk comes across his face as the man moves back looking horrified. “Next time before flirting, look at your face in the mirror and humble yourself.”
140. Jungkook's breath hitches when Taehyung grabs his wrist and starts walking away. He didn't say anything when the latter took the keys from his pocket and told him to sit in the car.
141. Thousands of thought circled in his mind. Tae isn't the type to involve himself in other people's matters. Why would he save him when he is the one who messed up? “Just because you don't have any experience with working doesn't mean you have to take it from a shit person."
142. Jungkook feels a lump in his throat. He desperately needed to hear that. “Tsk. Why are you crying? Despite being from a rich family, you worked hard enough this past month and got a hang of things. You should be proud of yourself.”
143. Taehyung ruffles Jungkook's hair and the waterfall starts. He didn't want to cry but the idol’s words really comforted him and he just wanted to break down because it is so damn hard for him.
144. All his life he just got trained to take the position of the CEO and he had never experienced any inconvenience “Crybaby.” “I am not!” Jungkook protests, ignoring how his heart thumps when Tae smiles.
145. ---- They entered the house and Jungkook kept on looking at Taehyung who walked right in front of him. Maybe being tipsy made his mind lose all reasoning as it tells him to just hug the elder. He tries to control himself and eventually gives in. He could feel Taehyung+
145. stiffening when he hugs the latter from the back wrapping his hand around his waist. The smell of lavender coming from Tae made him feel at ease. “You need sleep.” Tae sighs hearing Jungkook hum in response and takes the latter to the room while he still hugged him.
153. Jungkook walks slowly towards the door of the warehouse which was slightly ajar, not enough for him to enter. Judging by the rusty door he knows it will make a lot of noise while opening. So he decides to opt for a different way to enter undetected.
154. After taking a tour around the building, he spots a window open but it was not within his reach. Thankfully he spots a broken chair laying there and he uses it to peek through the window. He saw some men standing but couldn't hear a single. /I need to get inside silently/
155. He grabs onto the window pane to lift himself. Not taking into the fact how old it might be, he ends up falling when the window crumbles in his hand. A loud thud was heard. Jungkook quickly takes a run for it, praying that he can reach his car before getting caught.
156. And he did. He tries to catch his breath leaning alongside the door of the car. A knock almost takes his soul out of his body. It was Taehyung, with his arms crossed, standing in front of him. Jungkook smiles awkwardly, fixing his posture. “Why are you here?”
157. “I can ask the same,” the younger maintains his confidence. He can’t let the idol know he messed up. He soon realizes it won't work when Tae repeats his question without paying mind to his words. “Well you went out and you still have a stalker. It is my job to protect you."
158. Taehyung hums in response, finding the younger cute due to a failed attempt to cover his real motive. He lets it slide. “For your information, I have some stunts to do so I am practicing here. It was early in the morning and I didn't want to disturb your sleep.”
159. “Why?” Jungkook counters. If that were the case, it is the latter’s job to take the idol and stay there. He is hired because of that. “Because I know you are still not used to my schedule. I was just looking out for you. Sorry for caring.”
160. Jungkook quickly averts his gaze and tries to calm his stupid heart which is always weak to words like this. “Okay, then umm. I will wait in the car and you should come after you're finished with your practice.” he opens the car door and quickly sits inside.
162. Jungkook comes out of the room, he just took a shower and was headed to sleep when Tae texted him to come out. He already woke up so early to spy on him. “What is it?” he plops on the sofa, resting his head. Tae was sitting right across him.
163. “I need to practice the script. Normally I do it with the manager but he was too busy these past two days because of my album in the process.” /what a hardworking man you are./
164. He picks up the script which lay on the table. Tae had already marked the part they needed to play out. The idol had asked him to revise it first which he followed. After reading it they finally get into their roles.
165. ~~ “I swear if you take one more step I will never forgive you!” Jungkook screams, he tries to stop himself from smiling by pressing his lips together. “I cannot be with you now. You know who I am.” “I don't care!” Jungkook breaths when Tae comes and grabs his arms.
166. There was very little distance left between so little that the younger ended up pushing the idol harshly causing the latter to stumble and fall to the floor. “Oh, I am so sorry.” “Keep your strength in check. I almost died.” Tae puts a hand on his chest.
167. “I just- it is your fault. You got too close.” “I need to practice my role. I don't want to make a fool out of myself. So can we please do it without you almost killing me? This is the third time you have pushed me. We need to cover the rest of the lines.”
168. Jungkook nods and once again they start. Finally, the younger one was able to withstand this proximity. They were now back in the role. “You don't?” Tae's grip tightens and Jungkook could feel his skin getting hot just by mere touch.
169. “I know you are lying. You are just too blinded by love and when that love is gone you are going to see what type of monster I am.” Jungkook puts a hand on Tae’s face and finds his heartbeat rushing more and more.
170. “So love me till my last breath and I will stay blinded by this love forever.” Tae moves back, “you don't understand. We are from two different worlds. I am from a gang. The only thing I know is to hurt people and you're a gentle soul who has never even hurt an animal.”
171. “You had no choice.” Jungkook comes towards Taehyung reading his script along the way, “this is how you were raised.” “And if I don't want to stop being like this. You will leave me?” /quite a messed up character they have written. Both are crazy./
172. “I won't. I will love you till the end of the world.” “Living with me is not easy.” “I don't like easy.” ~~~~
173. Jungkook feels quite proud of his dialogue delivery. He did pretty well as someone who does not know how to act. He gets taken back when Tae grabs his face. Scripts fell from his hands when Tae connected their lips and his eyes still widened.
174. It takes him a few seconds to bring himself back to reality. He quickly pushes Tae making him stumble, “what was that?” “I was just following the script.” Tae shakes the paper he was holding and a smirk plasters his face.
175. “You-” Jungkook's face turns red, “do you do that with the manager too?! You are a pervert.” he throws the script on the sofa and rushes to his room trying to hide the embarrassment. He quickly jumps on the bed and pulls the sheet up to his face and keeps on tossing +
176. and turning as his mind squeals and malfunctions on what just happened. His energy calmed down after a while. He traced his finger on his lips thinking about how Tae's lips felt on his. He liked the kiss a little more than he should.
177. Few days later
180. ---- The manager had told Jungkook to take some props to the shooting site because he is among the ones who are built well. After thirty minutes of working and ten breaks in that, he just had one box left.
181. Picking up the box, Jungkook feels happy thinking he is finally free from this hell. As he reaches close to his destination, his eyes widen when his foot gets stuck on some kind of wire and he ends up falling, the box under him. He hears the crashing sound.
182. There were some fragile objects in it. At first, he thought about throwing this box away and saying he had never found it. His good self didn't allow him to do that so he ended up going to the site. “The props are broken, I fell.”
183. Jungkook's voice comes out meekly and he grips the box tightly waiting to be insulted by the set manager. Judging by the latter’s face he knows that she is going to hear an earful.
184. Before that could happen Tae barges in, “I am sorry. I accidentally bumped into him harshly and he ended up falling on the box. Can you forgive me?” “Oh no no it's fine.” her expression softened and she went away.
185. Jungkook stiffens, feeling Taehyung breath on his ear, “Be careful next time. You could've gotten hurt.” A shiver went down his spine listening to the deep voice. He nods and walks away without looking back. He is too shy to know what expression Tae’s face carried
188. Jungkook enters taehyung’s room to thank him for the morning and probably asks him out for dinner to express his gratitude. He finds the latter sleeping with the laptop still on and him wearing his reading glasses.
189. He smiles and quietly turns it off and takes the glasses off and puts a blanket on him. He decides to leave for now and just thank him tomorrow. He stops in his steps seeing the nightstand cabinet. As he bends to close it he sees an unfamiliar object there.
190. Curiosity gets the best of him and he decides to open it. Jungkook's stomach drops seeing what it was. Taehyung has a gun with him.
[To be deleted - bookmark above ] Is taehyung sus 🤔 or is jungkook thinking too much 😁😁
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