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Dec 26, 2022
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💭 #jikookau where jk watches over his best friend's younger brother jm who keeps coloring his tattoo's while humming some nursery songs. "your tattoo's are pretty, hyung~ it just needs some colors!" "whatever you say, sweetheart."

"need a few new tats" jk said as he walked over to nj who crunched his nose, "again?" nj chuckled. jk just nodded and sat down on the chair, "yeah, y'know the drill. no co-" "no colors, i get it" nj rolled his eyes, and started to do his job.
"acb't you just get one colored at least? try something new." nj said as he tattoos jk's arm, "nah, someone's been doing a lot of coloring for me" "oh, yeah?" jk nodded, "so, you'll get your tats colored by another artist?" nj looked at him offended
jk nodded, "he's an artist, better that you" jk laughs, he started imagining jm coloring his black and white tattoo's the younger would say it needs some pop of colors to match the older's personality. jk ws so endeared by him.
"then, you bteer start going to him from now on" nj rolled his eyes as he continued, "nah, you draw, he paints" nj scoffs, "didn't know you're a canvas" "i am, he's so cute when he colors my arm with washable markers" jk hums
nj looked at him confused, "what kind of an artist would color— oh wait, you mean jm?" "yep!" "jin's brother?" "yep!" "does he know that you have a soft spot for his brother?" "he knows... i think"
---- "jk! i need you to watch over jm again! im going out with nj!" "alright" jk went upstairs to jm's room, he saw the little bundle of joy rolling in his bed, his hair a bit of a mess. "hey, your favorite hyung is here" jm looked up to see jk -
leaning against the door frame, he smiled widely as he jump off the bed hugging jk. "hi hyung!" "hi, sweetheart, i have a new painting for you to color on" he winked. jm gasped, "really?! did you get them colored?" jk shook his head, "nope! you're the only one -
who has the rights to color on my tattoos" jk smirked, he closed the door and sat down on jm's bed, he pulled the younger closer and nuzzled his once in jm's neck.
"can you please color my tattoo's, angel? jm nodded shyly as he grabbed his markers. coloring every single tattoo jk has.
jk would just watch jm color his tats with some bright colors, it stings his eyes but he could bare with it just to see jm smile, "hyung, is this new?" jm looked up at jk jk nodded and smiled, "you like it?" jm nodded, "yeah, it's pretty~"
"that's a relief," jk chuckled, jm handed him a red marker, jk looked at him confused. "you should color my arm too!" jm said as he rolled up his sweater revealing his silky soft skin
"that would harm your skin, sweet cheeks," jk said, a bit confused. "buy, hyung~" "we can color my arm if you want to," jk suggested, making jm smile, "really?" jk just nodded and started coloring one of his tattoos
-- jin came to see jm on jk's lap who was sleeping as he colored/ draws on jk's arm, nj laughed. "guess i'm gonna be out of business for a while," jin just glared at nj. "jm, sweetheart, what are you doing" jin whispered, not wanting to disturb jk's sleep
"coloring" jm answered not looking at his brother, "i can see that, but why?" "hyungie's tattoos are pretty, but i would like to have them colored... but he said that i'm the only one that could color it" jm looked back at jin
"he even told me that he loves me" jm smiled, jin and nj were in awe. "really?" nj chuckled, "yup! and i love him too!" with that jm smiled brightly at jin and kissed jk who woke up from the sudden action.
"i love you, hyung~" jm smiled, jk sighed feeling satisfied, "i love you more" jk smiled as brightly as jm. jin and nj were just there standing awkwardly watching their brothers flirt in front of them
-end! just a short au! { jk- 21, jm- 18} jm's has a very child-like personality


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