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Kaisoo au; "YOU'RE WHAT?" Shouting in rage, Kyungsoo's mother slapped him.. "YOUR WEDDING IS IN FEW DAYS AND YOU'RE PREGNANT WITH SOMEONE ELSE'S CHILD?" Jongin who was sitting on the couch with crossed legs watched the duo silently until the woman almost faints.. "Mrs. Doh.."

After few minutes, Kyungsoo sat beside his mother.. "I'm sorry, mom.." The woman didn't bat an eyelash and turns to her other side.. "Kim, both our families will be humiliated if this wedding gets called off..But I'll leave it to you decide.."
"My reputation will be tarnished too.." Mrs. Doh nods, relieved.. "So.." "Just make sure.." Jongin points at Kyungsoo's stomach.. "No one else knows except us.." "Don't you worry about it.. I'll take care of that" she says and Kyungsoo looked at the two in utter disbelief..
The next day, Kyungsoo was unwillingly dragged to the hospital.. "Mom.." he almost tears up.. "It's wrong..We shouldn't do this to a fetus.." "Tell me if you have any other better option.." He stays quiet, leaning his head on the window as her mother drove to the destination..
After arrival, he was immediately taken to a private room.. Soon the process starts and he rubbed his belly for one last time with a heavy heart before anesthesia takes over his system..
๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ The wedding happened as planned and Kyungsoo decides to accept his fate.. He forced smiles when Jongin introduced him to friends, family and some VVIPs.. When he notices his mother talking to someone with a wide smile he couldn't help but to hate her more..
That night, they moved into a new house.. "I'll take the room upstairs" Jongin told him.."This is yours.." Though Kyungsoo was surprised when the taller showed him the room to his left, he felt glad for not having to share the room with a man who is also a reason for his loss..
When he was about to walk to the room, a question pierced right into his heart.. "Who is the father?" He turns and fists his hand when he met the taller's eyes.. "Why? Are you planning on killing him too?" "I wouldn't mind doing that if he tries to meddle in my life.."
What more he can do rather than wallow in self-pity as he watches the man walked upstairs and soon out of his sight..
๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ The next day, both went to their respective companies and carried on with their work as usual.. But Kyungsoo didn't expect a sudden visit of his mother-in-law at his office..He greets her first and let her sit..
"Look at you two" the woman shook her head, sighing.. "You guys should be together discussing about your honeymoon but you both are working instead..That too right after the next day of the wedding.." "Uhmm" he pressed his lips into a thin line not knowing what to say..
"I need a grand child, Kyungsoo.." His heart almost stops at those words.. "The sooner the better.." she says, preparing to leave.."I can't discuss these things with Jongin..He won't listen to anyone that easily so make him a father and get him under"
After the lady leaves, he sits on his chair suddenly feeling nauseous.. His head and heart felt so heavy..
That night soon after Jongin came home, he notices Kyungsoo lying on the couch.. He walks past him unbothered by a pair of eyes staring at him.. "Your mom came to my office" He stops, his back facing his husband.. "She wants to me to have your child asap.. Ain't that funny?"
He finally turns to see the shorter who had a smug look on his face.. "Why is that funny?" Kyungsoo frowns when he went and stood by the couch.. "She is expecting a heir and what's so funny about it, Doh Kyungsoo?" He asked and he could see a visible tension on his husband's-
face... "Both our families are bound to expect a heir and that's one of the reasons we got married.." he sits down to the other's eye level.. "And it's our duty to fullfill their wish..I really hope you won't cause any trouble" He pats on Kyungsoo's cheek making him flinch..
With eyes never leaving Kyungsoo's, he took a cover from his coat pocket and puts it on the other's lap.. "Choose the country.." he says.. "I'll send you my secretary number.. Let him know and he'll take care of everything.. We're going on a honeymoon next weekend.."
"You're so shameless.." Kyungsoo comments, flaring up.. "You killed my baby and you want one for you..You monster -" "If you are so fond of your baby, why didn't you try to save it? Why did you marry me? You could have easily run away with your lover..Why didn't you do it?"
When Kyungsoo kept silent, brimming with tears, he stood up.. "It was your choice..You have absolutely no right to blame me.."
๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ Kyungsoo wondered how his life would have been if he had chosen a different path like his husband said.. Sitting in his office and after a lot of thinking, he calls Jongin's assistant.. He introduced himself but it seemed unnecessary since the man was already-
waiting for his call.. "What's your CEO's favourite destination?" He asked, looking at the different options in the paper.. "Uh.. I'm not sure, sir but he'd visit Paris quite often .." He hums.. "Paris, It Is Then.."
He came home a little late that night and Jongin was already home.. He took a quick shower and decides to eat something but when he reached the kitchen, he finds piping hot dishes on the counter..
"The new chef will prepare the dinner everyday before you reach home" he hears Jongin's voice from behind but not too close.. "I can cook for myself.." "I know" Jongin replies.. "After coming back from work, it's too much to cook and eat..And some days we may skip which I-
don't want to happen.. You should eat healthy.." Kyungsoo chuckled and takes a plate.. "To carry your child?! How affectionate.." And there was no response..He just heard the other's footsteps walking away..
๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ As days passed by, Kyungsoo felt more and more anxious.. He wasn't mentally ready for the honeymoon but since it's the life he has chosen as said by Jongin, he should atleast be physically ready.. But the more he tries to convince himself, the more he reminded-
of the child he lost due to his incapability.. He suddenly felt sick to the stomach on a Sunday morning while having the breakfast.. "What's wrong?" Jongin inquired, concern evident in his tone.. "No..I just don't feel like eating.." he says, standing up..
He soon felt better after taking a nap and had his lunch.. "Shall I call the doctor?" "I'm fine.. And thanks for the lunch" he tells Jongin.. "It's a Sunday so I couldn't call the chef and I'm not an expert so I just made what I can.."
"You could have simply ordered for delivery..Why so much hassle?" "How can I let you eat delivery food when you're sick?" Kyungsoo felt his heart skip a beat for the first time.. For Jongin..
How can a simple thing give him butterflies, he didn't know.. He is always like that afterall..He tends to easily trust and fall for wrong people.. But right now, walking along with Jongin in the garden really made him feel better..He felt relaxed..
"Why did you choose Paris?" Jongin starts the conversation.. "I heard it's your favourite.."
Few days later, the couple was ready to go for their honeymoon.. Kyungsoo felt so much at ease with Jongin now but still the latter hasn't opened to him much.. His jaw drops in astonishment once they reach a mansion in Paris.. "Wow the rent must be too high?!"
"Yeah.. You're gonna pay for it.." Kyungsoo gulps.. It's not like he can't afford but still he's not the type to spend so much money on himself.. "But don't worry..The owner is too kind so he will let you stay for free.." "Who's that? Do I know him?"
When Jongin points to himself, he punched on the taller's arm playfully.."It's yours? God,I'm so dumb" That's also when he witnessed the most beautiful smile ever..He isn't sure if there's anyone else out there who can surpass the handsomeness of the man in front of him..
They decide to call it a day since they were so tired due to jet lag.. After finishing a light dinner, they went to the room.. "It must be so hard maintaining this mansion" Kyungsoo comments, sitting on the bed in his pajamas.. "Six staff will be here 24/7 in shifts.."
He hums.. "how many rooms are in total?" "7.." "And yet we're staying in the same room?" He lied to his side and watched Jongin who's already on the other side of the bed, busy with his phone.. "You don't like it here?" "No.."
And that made Jongin to turn to his side... "I won't touch you until you're comfortable with me.." "Who said I'm uncomfortable?" He mumbled and turns his back to his husband.. "What? What did you say?" "Good night..."
Seconds later, Jongin slowly crawled to his side and lied closer to him... His hot breath tickled Kyungsoo's ears.. "I'm s-sleepy" he mentally facepalmed for stuttering.. "Yeah?!" The taller whispered in his ears which made him shiver.. "Good night then.."
Saying so, Jongin puts an around his stomach pulling him much closer.. And he felt his own heart beating too loud at the contact.. "W-what are you doing?" "Let's sleep like this for today..."
It hasn't been even five minutes and he just couldn't control himself..He tried to stay still and sleep but it didn't seem to work.. "Jongin.." he almost whispered.. "I couldn't sleep in this position.." There was no response so he decides to slowly turn his body-
to the other side.. Jongin was already asleep which made him smile instantly.. "Who even sleeps this soon?" He asked and raises his hand to move a strand of hair from the other's forehead and slowly caressed his face with his fingers..
The touch made Jongin flinch in his sleep which eventually ends up in a tighter hug.. And Kyungsoo stuns when he realises that their faces are just an inch apart.. He felt his lips dry at the sight of other's plumpy ones..
Caught up in the moment, he kisses on Jongin's lips and his eyes widens in shock when Jongin opened his eyes.. He retreated immediately in embarrassment.. "I- uh..Sorry.." But Jongin pulled him back to his original place and without a word went back to sleep..
The next day Kyungsoo slept till afternoon since he slept late..Even his tiredness couldn't make him sleep because of the 'thing' he did last night.. On the other hand, Jongin finished his morning routines and when Kyungsoo wakes up to empty bed he felt kind of relieved..
He came to the kitchen where a staff greets him and asked if he likes to eat something.. He shook his head and his stomach growled on contrary.. "Please take a seat, sir.." He sheepishly smiled and within few minutes all his favourite foods were served..
He looked at the man, astonished.. "Mr. Kim told us only to prepare your favourites till your stay here" the man said with a polite smile and leaves..
Just in time he finished his food, he felt a nudge on his shoulder.. He turned and met with Jongin's handsome face.. "Hey.." "Are you full?" "Yeah" he rubbed his belly with a big smile.. "Thanks.." And Jongin nods in satisfaction.. "Do you wanna watch a movie?".
"Sure.." he responds but he didn't expect it to be a big theatre inside the mansion which occupies around 20 people.. Jongin leads him to the centre seat with a best view and sat beside him.. "Here.." Jongin hands him the remote.. "Your choice.."
Few minutes into searching, Kyungsoo finally decides to go with a horror movie.. But before he could play it, Jongin grabbed the remote.. "Not this one.." the man says, frowning.. "Why not?" "I h-hate horror movies.."
"Ohh" He singsongs amusedly.. "That's interesting.." Jongin rolled his eyes at the teasing.. "Stop it right there orelse I've to discuss something with you about last night.." Kyungsoo immediately stops teasing, his cheeks feeling hot and red..
๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ After the movie ends, Jongin turns to ask Kyungsoo about what he wants to do next.. The shorter shrugs.. "It's almost evening and I don't feel like going out.." "How about a videogame?"
Kyungsoo nods excitedly like a child but unfortunately it didn't last as he keeps on losing to his husband for the nth time.. "I quit" he puts down the console in frustration.. "Yeah?" Jongin shuts down the system.. "Come on.. Let's get something to eat.."
After sometime, they both lied on the bed in a comfortable silence.. "Tomorrow let's go for sightseeing.." Jongin broke the silence.. "It's the first time I've stayed inside the mansion for this long in a day.." "Oh..What would you do then?"
"I usually prefer roaming around..I meet my friends here at the club during night time..Paris is like my first love.." Jongin finishes with a smile.. "Who's second?" "Huh?" The taller turns to Kyungsoo who's eyes are already fixated on him.. "Who is your second love?"
"It's-.." "No.." Kyungsoo interrupts, now facing the ceiling.. "I don't want to know.." And silence prevailed once again.. "Just tell me I'll be your last love" Jongin who wasn't expecting that became speechless.. "I honestly trust you but I am scared of another break up.."
Just a few seconds later, Jongin was on top of Kyungsoo..Both now panting hard after a long deep kiss.. "Touch me..Please" Kyungsoo says to which Jongin happily complied.. That night, Kyungsoo fell for Jongin even more with the way he handled him gently and with so much care..
๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ A month later: After coming back from their honeymoon, the couple then decides to stay in the same room downstairs.. Kyungsoo wanted to stay upstairs but Jongin preferred this one which he didn't mind..
Now that they both become so comfortable they couldn't keep their hands off eachother whenever they're together.. "It's getting late" Kyungsoo complains, pushing Jongin away.. "Our parents are coming tonight, remember?! Be home early.." he tells as if it's an order and-
Jongin smirked.. "Yes, sir" he says.. "But I don't do anything for free.." Kyungsoo scoffs.. "Tonight let's continue where we left, happy?" "Yesssss.."
It's the first time both of their parents visited their home that evening.. Kyungsoo still couldn't forget what his mother did to him so he avoided her but she didn't mind that at all.. But somehow Jongin's mother loved him and he liked her too..The woman is kind and-
caring since he met her for the first time.. "We are all so happy that you two get along well.." Kyungsoo's father said in the middle of eating dinner.. "Yeah" It's Jongin's dad who agreed to that.. "Everything is going so well that I am kind of scared" he joked making the-
others laugh.. "Grand child is all we need now.." Jongin's mother says and the couple looked at eachother awkwardly.. "We can expect it, right? Kyungsoo?" "Mom, what are you doing?" Jongin frowns.. "Stop pressuring him like this.." "Jongin, it's ok-"
Kyungsoo tried to calm his husband but the latter didn't seem to listen.. "Honey.. Don't ruin his mood.." Jongin's father tells and his wife who nods..
After sometime, Kyungsoo was alone in the kitchen when his mom came in.. He was about to walk away but she grabbed his hand.. "Are you still angry on me?" "Let me go.." "Kyungsoo, all I wanted is to see you happy..Why don't you understand that?"
He finally turns to face his mother, his eyes flashed nothing but anger.. "I can never forgive you.." The woman let go off his hand.. "I don't care.." she replies coldly.. "You heard your mother-in-law's words, right? Make sure you give them a heir and secure your life.."
Saying so, she walked out and all of a sudden he felt so hard to breathe.. He leaned his hand on the counter for support but soon he felt dizzy.. "J-Jongin.." was all he could say before fainting..
Hearing a loud thud, Jongin and others rushed to the kitchen to find Kyungsoo on the floor.. Jongin runs to his husband and carried him to the bedroom.. "Kyungsoo.." he calls the name repeatedly, holding the other's hand.. "The doctor will be here soon.." his father assures..
๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ "Congratulations, Jongin.. You're going to become a father soon.." Everyone in the room shared their joy while hugging each other except for Jongin who's worriedly staring at his still unconscious husband.. "Don't worry..He'll wake up soon" the doctor pats on his back..
Kyungsoo woke up an hour later.. "Jongin.." he calls.. The taller who was almost asleep in the sitting position whilst holding his hand, awakens at the voice.. "A-Are you okay?" He smiles when Jongin cups his cheeks gently, worry evident on his face.. "Yeah.."
Soon the elders join them, breaking the happy news to Kyungsoo and Jongin's mother fed him a piece of cake followed by a kiss on his cheek.. "I can't believe you made my come true this soon, Kyungsoo..Thank you..Thank you so much..."
๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ Jongin let out a big sigh after he closes the door bidding goodbye to their parents.. He sits on the couch, rubbing his forehead tiredly.. He looks up when he notices Kyungsoo standing in front of him..
"Sit" he held the shorter's hand but it was swatted away.. "What's happening?" "Kyungsoo.." "Why am I pregnant?" He stands up to hold on to Kyungsoo's shoulder.. "Look-" "YOU NEVER ONCE CAME INSIDE ME, JONGIN..HOW CAN I BE PREGNANT?"
"It's your baby.." he finally picks up the courage, revealing the truth.. "It's your baby, Kyungsoo.." Kyungsoo breaks into tears and slides down to the floor.. He kneels and hugs his husband.. "I'm sorry for not telling you earlier..But isn't this you wanted?-
I know you wanted to keep the baby, Kyungsoo.." He felt confused when the shorter starts to cry harder.. "H-how?" "When I said nobody should know about your pregnancy, I didn't mean to make you abort.. I didn't know your mother's plan until I got a call from her next morning-
As soon as I got to know, I made the move and stopped everything without letting her know.." Kyungsoo tearfully pulled away from the hug and looked at him.. "Is that why you were so gentle and cautious of using protection every single time we did it?"
He nods.. Kyungsoo then looks down and keeps a hand on his stomach, feeling both happy and sad at the same time.. It truly felt bittersweet.. But soon a wave of fear crashed into his mind as he looks at his husband in dismay..He took the taller's hand into his, shaking -i
fear.. "Does it mean you'll leave me? Jongin..I love you...You-" he felt his throat dry.. "Don't leave me..Please.." Jongin was flabbergasted as he cups his cheeks.. "How can you even think like that?" "But why would you want me?" He starts to sob again.. "You-
deserve better.. I'm carrying someone's-" "It's mine" Jongin tells with a stern voice.. "The moment we got married, you became mine and so is the life inside you..I don't care about your stupid past.." he says, pointing to his husband's belly.. "Let's welcome our future happily"
๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ After thirty years, Jongin kept his word as he hands over to the business to his first born proudly.. "Hyung, let's take a pic together" his youngest son clinged to his brother and the old couple left the room in content..
"He's too playful.." Kyungsoo complained about their younger son.. "I don't know what he's doing with his life?" "He has his hyung, honey.." Jongin responds flashing an assuring smile as he holds Kyungsoo's hand, walking forward..
๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ "Jongin, look at this" Kyungsoo showed him the magazine where his son gave his first interview after being appointed as the new CEO.. Jongin proudly read it and without realising he tears up at his son's last answer to a question..
Q: Do you believe in reincarnation? If so, what would you wish for? A: I don't believe in those (laughs) but if I had any, I just want to be born as Kim Jongin's son once again.. The End๐Ÿ’•
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