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Dec 30, 2022
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♡ After winter break ends, Yoongi returns to classes. He’s glad to see most of his students from Music Production have enrolled in his other course, meaning they enjoyed his teaching. In addition, the students constantly distracted by Jimin have registered in his class again.

And on the first day of classes, they arrive earlier than usual and sit close to his desk, still watching Park Jimin’s content on their screens. As Yoongi drops his tote bag and pulls out his laptop, Yoongi thinks it’s good that they are loyal fans. Jimin deserves the best fans.
For a quick second, Yoongi wonders what they think about Jimin’s latest Instagram posts. Jimin posted a photo with a person a few weeks ago and covered their face with an emoji. No one seems to notice that Yoongi is wearing the same coat and scarf as the person in the photo.
Through a text, his sub informs him about his schedule, telling Yoongi that he’s going live in a few minutes, and Yoongi gets to see Jimin’s fan’s reactions in real-time as they get the notification from the app. Yoongi sits at the teacher’s desk but opens the app on his phone.
He sees Jimin's face, waving his hands around for everyone joining the stream and smiling at the comments. Yoongi focuses on the silver collar hanging from his boyfriend's neck. For anyone, it would be a simple necklace, but Yoongi knows what it means. Jimin is finally his.
♡the end♡
and that's the last au of the year! I wanted to do something short and sweet and write d/s for the first time. I hope you enjoyed it and that you have a pretty new year just like this couple :)


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