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Jul 26, 2021
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"My Only One" angsty AU in pics. Part 1

I'm sorry
I got a bellyache from a drawing... yeah that was part 2
Part 3
Part 3 as well
"Beard" is a slang for lavender marriage — a male–female mixed-orientation marriage, undertaken as a marriage of convenience to conceal the socially stigmatized sexuality of one or both partners. I also mentioned before that Tae married because of his parents wish.
The golden windows resembling a golden cage mean that Tae had to marry because of the social norms pressure that forced him to be a 'man' of status and wealth. Status = respect and future. This is what his family wanted. But he wanted none of this. He wanted only to love his man.
Part 4. The last night
Part 5. Separation
JK felt helpless being unable to protect his loved one from the cruel world. After he was called up for military service, he joined the Army. JK wanted to become emotionally stronger, strengthen his spirit in training and discipline. Their break up... was inevitable.
Long distance relationship ?
Part 6. The struggle
The episode is not about political, rather social problem of homophobia, not only in military, but in society of any country in general. Tae had to marry, JK had to lie about having a girlfriend, cause his coming out will not let him serve and rise through the ranks. Sad reality.
missing you💫
he's missing his ex boyfriend...
Part 7. Life goes on
Note: the story of AU is from Jungkook's POV, em dashes (—) are dialogues, no em dashes - is his thoughts.
Lovers can't be friends
Part 8. Without you
Jimin and Chaeyoung came to see him
Everything will be alright
Part 9. Stigma
I'm so scared...
Now cry
Part 10. Battle buddies
Live-fire drill - a military exercise that simulates battles to test military concepts and weapons. Friendly fire - an accidental attack of one's own military forces or those of an ally. Hands in pockets - in military is considered unprofessional so there's a rule forbidding it.
#taekookau trigger warning for this part of AU: war, injury, blood
for loving one.
Part 11. To be with you
Part 12. I've found you
Part 13. What happened to us?
Part 14. Discipline
Part 15. I remember
to be continued
Part 16. Next-door neighbors
That evening
Part 16. It's been a long time
it should have been part 17 or?? lmao I was too excited thought it's a sequence of one night... whatever
Part 17. #taekookau
Part 18. It's YOU #taekookau
Part 19. Protector
Part 20. Like a man
[flashback end]
Part 21. Sacrifice #taekookau #soldierjeon
[flashback end]
to be continued...
Part 22. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Part 23. Flower boy #taekookau
wth the thread breaks? bruh twt is annoying ><
Part 23. Flower boy
oh boy
Love hurts
Part 24. Love hurts
he replied
Part 25. The kiss of life #taekookau
kiss of life
20 push ups 🤭
Part 26. In the office (#taekookau My Only One)
Captain... 🙄
*belay in military means 'stop'
to be continued
Part 27. I'm fine
other side of love
Part 28. Have mercy
He is my...
Part 29. Against the wall
introduce properly
Part 30. Out of my league [flashbacks]
love at first sight
secret love
*gunghap - in saju - korean traditional fortune telling means compatibility of a couple for marriage. Remember part 21? But he didn't marry him...
to be continued.
My Only One
Part 31. Kiss-me kill-me
bad boys bring heaven to you.
to be continued
Part 32. Don't Ask Don't Tell
don't tell
don't ask
to be continued...
Part 33. His order
he was kissing you, Doctor Kim.
Part 34. Need Help? 4/14. to be continued...
ride something else...
need help?
like father, like son
Part 35. Truth or Dare
spin the bottle
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