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♡⁷ new au coming

♡⁷ new au coming

Dec 31, 2022
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#jikookau Rising Alpha singer J/k collapsed on stage while singing his closing song "Still With You" no one had a clue about what happened. Only if they knew, He no longer felt the bond that connected him to his lost mate J/m. Will j/k handle his mate not remembering him?

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#jikookau ↬00.01
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#jikookau ↬00.04 it's been 2 years
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#jikookau ↬00.06
#jikookau ↬00.07 coma
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#jikookau ↬00.09
#jikookau ↬00.10 deaf omega
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#jikookau ↬00.12 who's my mate?
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#jikookau ↬00.16 likes have been increasing
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#jikookau ↬00.21 I need to see him
#jikookau When j/k woke up in the hospital, he felt disorientated. He felt strange like his body did not belong to him. He sensed the dead silence of his inner wolf and winced bc of his throbing head. He also deciphered the missing second heartbeats next to his.
#jikookau They were not there and concerningly the alpha welcomed the burning layer of the crippled truth. He willingly cracked the door open to the levitating upcoming hooray. J/m had broken their bond and he was at loss of how to adjust to the empty shell echoing inside.
#jikookau It hurt to close the door knowing he will have to knock on it each day to pick up his favorite memory of his lost mate, among the billion stars of pieces he preciously held the closest to his heart. The alpha tiredly flattered his seared crimson eyes shut.
#jikookau He brought his trembling hand and Waverly placed it against his loud drumming crippled beats. The first drop of downpour ran coldly against his unkissed cheek.
#jikookau It was followed by heavy streams when the alpha could no longer pinpoint his ultimate lullaby. It was gone summoning nightmares where his omega’s scent went dull and withered among the scentles roses.
#jikookau His fingers started digging harder into his chest, irritating the skin through the material when the pain spread like wildfires inside his chest.
#jikookau It felt like a poison slowly but wrenchingly rushing through his veins making sure that every piece was drenched in despair.
#jikookau He was thrown into a phase where hanker had never meant to taste bitter nor love to smell like grief.
#jikookau When j/m was declared missing, j/k's alpha declared war inside his head. The police failed to find him during The Golden Hour.
#jikookau 72h hours were spent going through the dilemma of receiving the worst-case scenarios. J/k had scanned every damn corner wearing unmatched slippers and a thin layer under the biting cold.
#jikookau He was close to losing his sanity and throwing himself off the nearing bridge, but his inner alpha held him sternly. They must find their mate. They need to find him and bring him back to their home. To his nest. To his alpha's arms. To the comfort of his scent.
#jikookau However, the night fell into a heavy day, and the next day brought another distressing and sleepless night, yet there wasn't a trace of his mate. If they had to drag him inside and sedate him, he couldn't remember.
#jikookau He only recalled the wrenchingly howls calling out to his mate to be home. His soul was mourning. His mating bite was bloody awful and agonisingly throbing.
#jikookau The irritating skin wretched everywhere, from his shoulder to his harrowing heart. Thus, hearing j/m was pretty much alive & was found, only put the desolation pieces of his soul together. It gathered his inner alpha inside a bubble of hope and the never-ending hanker.
#jikookau He needed to see him. To touch him and make sure it wasn't a fragile memory of his deceiving brain. He yearned to drench him in his scent & engulf him with their déjà vu moments, where his mate didn't smell like himself but a lovesick alpha who'd die for their omega.
#jikookau He wanted and wanted and wanted. He was growing restless and his inner alpha was agitated at him for not running already to their mate. It was menacingly fighting for the upper hand because j/k wasn't making a move.
#jikookau ↬00.22
#jikookau ↬00.23 I miss him
#jikookau ↬00.24
#jikookau ↬00.25 tattoo 13
#jikookau ↬00.26 lost ur memories
#jikookau ↬00.27
#jikookau ↬00.28 broken matin bite
#jikookau ↬00.30
#jikookau ↬00.31 I'll see him
#jikookau ↬00.32
#jikookau ↬00.33
#jikookau ↬00.34
#jikookau ↬00.35 dark roses & rain smell
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#jikookau ↬00.41
#jikookau ↬00.42
#jikookau ↬00.43 he doesn't know me
#jikookau ↬00.44
#jikookau ↬00.45 my mate
#jikookau ↬00.46
#jikookau ↬00.47 it hurts*
#jikookau ↬00.48
#jikookau ↬00.49 you're my mate j/m
#jikookau ↬00.50 you're breaking my heart
#jikookau ↬00.51
#jikookau ↬00.52 his mate's name is j/m
#jikookau ↬00.53 I blocked him
#jikookau ↬00.54
#jikookau ↬00.55
#jikookau ↬00.56
#jikookau ↬00.57
#jikookau ↬00.58
#jikookau ↬00.59 what happened to him
#jikookau ↬00.60
#jikookau ↬00.61
#jikookau ↬00.62 rejecting his inner wolf
#jikookau ↬00.63 only him
↬a/n possessive alphas 🙄🙄🙄
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#jikookau ↬00.68 my smell
#jikookau ↬00.69 truth hurts
#jikookau ↬00.70
#jikookau ↬00.71 Present past
#jikookau ↬00.72 my omega remembers u
#jikookau ↬00.73
#jikookau ↬00.74 our reality
#jikookau ↬00.75 a pup
#jikookau ↬00.76
#jikookau ↬00.77 I'll win ur heart again
#jikookau ↬00.78
#jikookau ↬00.79
#jikookau ↬00.80
#jikookau ↬00.81 in every life
#jikookau ↬00.82 the end♡
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♡⁷ new au coming

♡⁷ new au coming

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