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Dec 21, 2022
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#taekookau where Jungkook and Tae have nothing in common Tae is a part time artist, full time pet store owner. Jungkook owns a motorcycle garage and races illegally for cash. So yes, they have nothing in common, except for Jungkook's older brother, who Tae is dating.

Heavy angst/ happy ending. Very short. It's just a prompt but I've been thinking of it all day. 😣😣😣😞
Tae doesn't get too close with jk because they have different interests. Jks brother junghyun is a vet student he met at his store and he's nothing like his brother. To be honest, jk scares him a little, because there's no doubt he lives life on the edge.
So despite having known each other for years, they don't spend too much time together. It goes like that , even after Tae and jks brother get married. Jungkook is home every other weekend for dinner but Taehyung leaves the brothers to it, retreats to his room.
And it feels like he's going to live his entire life not knowing a thing about his brother in law, when the unthinkable happens. There's a car, a drunk driver, his husband behind the wheel. The drunk guy survives. His husband doesn't. Taehyung is numb with grief.
And suddenly there's no one there except Jungkook. Of course there isn't Jungkook is the only family they both had. Taehyungs parents had passed years ago. Taehyung doesn't know what to do. He can only watch as Jungkook takes care of everything.
The funeral, the formalities. Dying is an expensive affair apparently, and Taehyung doesn't have a lot of money saved. They weren't rich. But Jungkook takes care of everything, and he does it all without exchanging more than two words with him. Which is just as well.
Taehyung doesn't have anything to say.
Until five whole weeks after Junghyun's death, on a rainy afternoon. Jungkook is out on the patio, staring into the rain. Because Taehyung is in the living room and Jungkook never intrudes into his space when he's over.
The temperature is a little too low and Taehyung is warm in the cozy living room. He had been scrolling through this blog about grief and he hadn't checked the time. He stares at Jungkook through the window. The younger is rubbing his arms, exhaling sharply from the cold.
Taehyung has to take several deep breaths before plucking the courage to go over. When he does, he stands in the doorway and stares for a few seconds. Jungkook looks up and for a few seconds they hold each other's gaze. "Come inside, Jungkook. " He says finally. πŸŒ™πŸŒ™πŸŒ™
Jungkook sits on the couch. Taehyung is in the kitchen, watching the kettle on the stove, sifting through his tin of tea leaves. He brews the hot beverage with care, and then carefully adds honey. Every few minutes he looks at Jungkook.
The younger is flipping through a magazine on the table and Taehyung feels a lump in his throat. He pours the tea into a cup before carefully placing it on a tray. "He's on page 54." He says softly holding the tea out. Jungkook jumps a little. "Oh." He whispers.
Jungkook keeps the tea aside and then flips to the page. Sure enough there's a picture of his brother, attending to a woolly sheep. The picture is adorable and Taehyung smiles through the pain. Jungkook however, starts crying right away.
Taehyung doesn't say anything, merely retreats back to the kitchen. He's not sure what to say. He's not sure if Jungkook even wants him to say anything. Probably not. But when he turns back around, Jungkook is standing right there, eyes dried. "I'm allergic to honey. "
Tae stares, first at the tea and then at him. "Oh." He says. "Are there any other photos of him? Can I make a few copies?" Jungkook asks quietly. "Yes.. Of course. " Tae rushes to get as many as he can. Jungkook leaves on his motorcycle after a quiet, " Thank you hyung."
Grief comes in all forms. And mourning as a response came in many forms as well. Taehyung learns that life doesn't wait for you to finish mourning. Life goes on. Seoul's summer rain turns into a cold and windy fall, and as the leaves change color, so do a lot of things.
It's a cold October evening and Taehyung feels the wind against his face, biting and turning his nose red, as he carefully locks the door to the pet store. "Hyung hurry up! " Jungkook's voice is loud and impatient. He turns to the younger and frowns when he sees the bike.
Three months is too short a time to know someone, but it's definitely long enough to start caring deeply for someone, he thinks. Shaking his head he walks over and punches Jungkook in the shoulder. "The roads are wet. I told you to get the car. " He scolds.
Jungkook winces. "I'm supposed to be delivering this to a client.. " He pouts. " Thought we could take it for a spin before. " Taehyung shakes his head. In the end he makes Jungkook call the client over to pick his bike. "He's gonna give me a one star rating. "
Taehyung stares as he complains. Like this, at times the resemblance is uncanny. Jungkook's features are more refined and sharp than his brother but when be pouts and smiles wide and throws his head back and laughs... It's like he's seeing him again. It's a bittersweet thing.
For the first few months they spoke only of. His brother. Exchanging stories, photos and videos. It was something Taehyung found healed him. To Be able to talk about his husband to Someone who had also loved him deeply. It felt like his grief was safe with Jungkook.
But as January's bitter cold brought snow and frost, Taehyung realized that they were running out of things to say about his husband. Jungkook led a far more interesting, life than he did and Tae wondered if he bored the younger. Did he find him exhausting?
But then one day Jungkook finds his way to the house in the middle of a snow storm, freezing and shivering but with a thermos full of hot soup and Chinese take out in his hand. "Hyung, i can't drive back. Can I crash here tonight? " Tae feels his heart skip a beat. πŸŒ™πŸŒ™
When winter melts into spring, the scent of blossoms comes with a lipstick stain on Jungkooks collar. Taehyung fights the urge to bring it up but Jungkooks the one who says it. "Hyung I went on a date with this girl. We're seeing each other again tomorrow. "
Spring they say is a season of rebirth. Taehyung thinks, that spring is truly a sign of how beautiful change can be. Jungkooks words fill him with warmth. The past months, the younger has been a constant, by his side at all times. But life goes on. "I would love to meet her."
πŸŒ™πŸŒ™ The plum blossom blooms are gorgeous, Taehyung thinks, as he strolls through the streets. It's still cold and he's bundled up. He was supposed to meet Jungkook for soup but the younger is busy with his Sumi. Taehyung is perhaps a little jealous.
But it's a slight jealousy, one that amuses him rather than upsets him. He misses Jungkook. That is all. Around him there are couples everywhere, and he feels a lump in his throat. His hands feel empty, his lips cold. The worst part of it all is, he's starting to forget.
He doesn't remember so many things about his husband. He doesn't remember his scent or his kisses. His touch or his voice. Even his features are starting to blur in his mind. And it fills him with gut churning guilt.
In April there's a pocket of rain, and he tells Jungkook to stay off the motorcycle. "But bike rides in the rain are so fun. " Sumi is pouting, glaring at him as she climbs on to the back of Jungkooks Harley. "It's dangerous" Tae snaps. "Hyung... I'll be fine. "
Famous last words, Taehyung thinks... When exactly three days later he's at the hospital, pale as a sheet while the doctor tells him that Jungkooks arm is fractured in two places and his ankle has a ligament tear. When they reach home, he rounds on him.
"Do you have any idea, what you just did to me?!! " He screams because his entire body is still in survival mode. Has been since he got that call. "Hyung.." "You're not allowed to get on that thing again. " He fumes. " Never again. I need you to promise me that you will never-
"Hyung, please hug me. " Jungkooks voice is low and soft. Beseeching, almost. Taehyung goes still. He swallows, staring at the younger, tucked into Taehyung's bed. Jungkooks holding both his arms out.
He let's himself move closer and finally hugs him tight, clinging to him in desperation. Jungkook runs a hand up and down his back. "I'm sorry i scared you. " He whispers. Taehyung closes his eyes, and grips him tighter. πŸŒ™πŸŒ™πŸŒ™
Summer comes in with a vengeance, and the sweltering heat is cloying and sticky and impossible to be rid of. Much like Jungkooks girlfriend. Taehyung dislikes her actively and Jungkook thinks it's very funny. "Hyung... Don't be mad. " "She gave you a honey apricot! "
Jungkook still has a little trouble walking right. The pain in his ankle comes and goes . Jungkook grabs Tae's arm to steady himself, before shooting him a soft smile. "Yes, but I didn't eat it." he says with a grin. " No harm, no foul right?" Taehyung shakes his head.
" How can she not remember?" He demands. " When you love someone you remember things about them..." Jungkook gives him a small smile at that. "Oh, to be loved by someone like you.." He mutters. Taehyung blinks. "What?" Jungkook laughs. "Nothing hyung. Also, she doesn't love me"
"What do you mean?" Taehyung demands. "We're in a casual relationship." Jungkook says with a shrug. " We've only known each other a few months. And to be honest she's been ghosting me after the accident." He pouts a little. " Guess I'm not really interesting when I'm hurt."
Taehyung remembers how terrified he had been. He had hired an extra helper at the store just so he could drive home and check on Jungkook thrice a day , as the younger recovered. It completely baffles him that anyone would not love Jungkook. "It's getting hotter."
Jungkook mutters, tugging on the neckline of his shirt. "We should go to the beach someday." Taehyung hesitates before nodding. Somewhere thunder rumbles. The first drop of rain lands right on his nose. Jungkook laughs and swipes it with his thumb. Let's go in , hyung.
As June arrives, there's a flash of panic. Because Taehyung is working on a newsletter for his store when a photo app sends him a notification. This day, a year ago. And its a picture pf him and Junghyun, arms wrapped around each other and sharing candyfloss at a fair.
Taehyung feels hollowed out and empty at the sight of it. He runs his pinky finger over the curve of his hubsand's face and there's a lump in his throat because from today its a countdown . A countdown to that last picture, taken on the morning of the accident.
Taehyung turns the screen off, fighting tears. And startles because in the black screen of his laptop , is Jungkook. He jumps a little, turning around in alarm. Jungkook's standing there with a warm mug of tea, and a smile. "Hey!" he grins. Taehyung blinks. He smiles back.
Its a realization. There's a heaviness that comes from loss, a kind of exhaustion that no amount of sleep can fix. Its like he's carrying around all the love he was supposed to give his husband. But as he sits across from Jungkook listening to him talk,
he finds that his ability to laugh and tease and enjoy someone's company...its coming back to him. Things that, a year ago seemed impossible, were now just a part of his life. And he knows , he has Jungkook to thank for it. "Hyung's anniversary is coming up." he says.
Jungkook pauses in the middle of his rant. "Oh.." he hesitates. " It's been a year." Taehyung smiles through the lump in his throat. "Yeah." he acknowledges. There's a silence that follows. "Do you think he knows?" Jungkook whispers, " That we're friends now?"
Taehyung has no answer to that. In the early days, he would talk aloud in their bedroom all the time, fully convinced that Junghyun could hear him. Because he just couldn't accept that someone just stopped existing, just like that. But now? Now he's not too sure.
There's this irrational upset in him, that if there was an afterlife, why didn't Junghyun try to reach out to him. But that's all it is really : irrational. But then, sometimes so is grief. He doesn't say all this of course. "I think, " He says softly, " He would be stunned."
Jungkook laughs at that. "Oh yes. We never talked much back then. " What an understatement. "Was there a reason? " Tae says with a grin. "Did you hate me a lot?" Jungkook blinks. "You didn't know? " He looks surprised. "Didn't know what?" "I had the biggest crush on you."
Taehyung blinks, completely stunned. "You what?!! " Jungkook dissolves in laughter. "You don't know it, but I saw you before hyung did. Was gonna ask you out but he beat me to it. I didn't even know you were the one he was dating till he introduced us. " He pouts.
Tae is too stunned to say a single word. Jungkook however is smiling at his drink. "But then you guys were so good together. " He says softly, " And you loved him so deeply and so much... I couldn't begrudge either of you that happiness hyung. You were perfect together. "
Jungkook looks up. "My mother used to tell me that, when you're loved by someone deeply, their love alone adds to your beauty. " He grins. "Everytime I saw you, you looked prettier than before and I knew. He loved you. A lot. "He bites his lips." Life can be cruel, sometimes."
The day they go to the beach, it rains. Taehyung doesn't mind though. In fact he's grateful because the downpour has left the sands deserted and he sits on the shore, a thin plastic sheet between him and the wet sand , watching the waves.
Jungkook is standing in ankle deep water, just staring out into the horizon. It's cloudy and the sun isn't visible, there's no breeze to speak of and the humidity is making him suffocate. The thing about certain confessions: they change things even if you wish they didn't.
Taehyung has always been an overthinker, a person who thrived on the what ifs and the possibilities and the , if only and I wish I hads.... It made his early months of grief so much more difficult, so much more painful because he imagined a lot of things.
What If I had kissed him a second longer that morning? Was there a possibility that he would be alive, if I'd driven him to work and picked him up. If only I had called him during lunch break and asked him to get me a chicken on his way home. I wish i had been a better husband.
And now in the wake of Jungkook's confession , there were other possibilities, Other what ifs. Once that he feels guilty just thinking but he can't quite help it. What if Jungkook asked me out first? Would things be so much different now? Would I have fallen in love with him?
Of course, right now, he can't imagine falling in love with him because Jungkook is his brother in law. But back then he would have been a stranger. What if... "Hyung, you're not coming in?" Jungkook calls out, the rain making him a blurry outline near the waterline.
Taehyung's never been fond of the ocean water. Sand gets in his pants and the salt water is hell against his skin and hair really. But Jungkook holds a hand out and Taehyung feels the pull even from the dozen or so feet between them. He stands up and makes his way over.
He lets himself link his fingers with Jungkook's tattooed ones. Their palms brush, Taehyung's soft manicured ones against Jungkook's rough callused ones. "The waves are a little rough today." Jungkook says casually. Taehyung nods, staring at their feet next to each other.
There's an odd feeling of discomfort. A feeling of guilt and wrongness in holding Jungkook's hand , and yet there's warmth spreading up his arms at the contact, the muted scent of Jungkook's cologne still evident through the smell of the salty sea air. He's gotten used to it.
So when his mind tells him he should pull away, put some space between them just to be safe, Taehyung doesn't really listen. He swallows it down and instead squeezes the youngers fingers and tugs him closer. "Race me to the rocks over there?" he smiles. "You're on!"
Summer is at its peak, as July gives way to August, and the rainy hot days make him feel like he's been wrung out and left to dry. The pups like the heat though, especially because there's a huge plastic pool there that Taehyung fills with water for them to play in.
It's one such Thursday, the late afternoon sun brutal, when the expensive looking car slides into the parking lot in front of the store. A suit clad man gets out, locking the car behind him. "Can I get dog food here? " He calls out. Taehyung rolls his eyes. "Yes."
The man stares at him for a good long minute. "It's for my brother's dog. " He says after checking him out thoroughly, much to Taehyung's amusement. "What breed is it? " He asks as the man makes his way over and looks around the store. "Uh... White and fluffy? "
Taehyung laughs despite himself. "Okay. Do you have a picture? " "Yes.. Yes.. " Taehyung helps the man pick out a suitable selection of kibbles and food and also a few toys. Then as he pays, the man clears his throat. "I'm Park Jimin. " He smiles.. Taehyung grins.
"Okay." He says with a casual shrug ignoring the expectant look on the mans face. It takes Park Jimin a few moments to realize that Taehyung isn't going to give him his name in return. "Can I take you out to dinner? " The man blurts out. Taehyung smiles and shakes his head.
He holds his hand up with the ring. "I'm married. " He smiles softly. It's his go to response to people hitting on him. He doesn't really want to date anyone. He's happy like this. Jimins face falls. But he nods and bows, paying before leaving. Taehyung plays with his ring.
He gives it a small kiss before turning back to work. πŸŒ™πŸŒ™πŸŒ™
Three weeks later, Jungkook and him are out getting dinner in a posh restaurant when Taehyung sees Jimin again. It's truly a small world, because Jungkook apparently fixed Jimins car up for him.
And the restaurant , as it turns out, belongs to the shorter male. Jimin comes out to greet Jungkook and his eyes widen at the sight of Taehyung. "I didn't know you were married to Jungkook. " He blurts out. Jungkook chokes on his wine. "What? " He glares." Are you crazy?"
Taehyung feels his cheeks flare red. This is embarrassing but at this point he doesn't want to complicate things to much. "I'm married to his brother." He says quietly, looking beseechingly at Jungkook who is staring at him in surprise. "Oh, my bad." Jimin laughs.
Later that night , when Taehyung stops the car in front of Jungkook's apartment, the younger doesn't immediately get down. "You told Jimin hyung you were still married?" he asks softly. Taehyung grips the steering wheel. "i mean.." he chuckles nervously, showing his ring.
"Come on hyung.." Jungkook protests. " Is that what you do? You tell people that you're married?" Taehyung bites his lips and stares down at his lap. "its not a lie , is it?" "Hyung, its not but... you're not bound to it anymore. You know that right?" Tae looks up at him.
"Jungkook..." he sighs deeply, shaking his head. " Its not that simple. I... I know its been more than a year but, I have you." he mutters . " Your friendship and presence in my life , its filled most of the void left by your brother. I don't.. I don't want anything more."
Jungkook stares straight ahead at that. "I'm not saying this to pressure you." Taehyung says quietly. " But the thing is, I don't have it in me to start and build another relationship from scratch. I feel like, if i did, I would forever be comparing them to your brother."
Jungkook hesitates before reaching out and taking his hand in his own. He runs a finger over the wedding ring "Hyung wouldn't want this to be some kind of a handcuff." he whispers. "He would want to see you meet other people I think." Tae tugs his hand but jungkook grips tighter.
"Hyung...." Jungkook links their fingers together. " You don't have to overthink it. Love isn't something you should be running from. Its just... I think you deserve to be loved, well and thoroughly right until your old and wrinkly." he grins, lightly flicking his nose.
"Jimin hyung's a great guy" Jungkook says softly, "Funny and sweet and kind." Taehyung shakes his head. "Jungkook .. I..." "Hyung... come on... One dinner. For me?" He pouts again. Tae sighs before pinching his lips. "You're a menace, Jeon Jungkook."
Taehyung doesn't plan on dating Jimin. He does agree to dinner. One date and he spends the entire date with a bitter churning in the pit of his stomach, a feeling of wrongdoing in his veins and he thinks he's an entire mess. But Jimin? Jimin is incredible.
Everything about Jimin is warm and sweet and just so full of affection that Taehyung , touch starved and love starved, just takes it all in like a starving man. He realizes, in a moment of self realization that Jungkook was right. He wanted to be loved . He wanted to be wanted.
And over the past year and a half, Taehyung hasn't received this particular brand of attention from anyone. This teasing, flirtatious exchange of banter, this casual brushing of fingers as they stroll down the side streets, talking about anything and everything.
There's an easiness to the conversation, a sort of freedom that he hadn't had with Jungkook to be honest. With Jungkook, he had always been wary of seeming too... okay. He was afraid, that Jungkook would think he moved on too soon. That he forgot his brother too soon.
But with Jimin, Taehyung truly lets himself forget , for those few hours, that he's anything but a young man meeting someone handsome and kind, someone who was attracted to him. When Jimin asks him out on a second date, he can't come up with an excuse. And he doesn't want to.
Dating Jimin is fun. He indulges Tae in every way and there's no doubting that hes serious about him. Not even the late summer downpour keeps him away, and on a Friday, two days before Summer ends, They kiss in the rain. Tae is grateful because it hides his tears.
Life goes on. Autumn brings with it the most pleasant time of the year in Taehyung's opinion, with clear , periwinkle blue skies and a cool soothing breeze against his face as he stands on the pier in Busan. Its late September, and he's visiting Jimin's hometown.
It's Junghyun's hometown too and Taehyung hasn't been here since the wedding. Jimin watches him as he stares out into the ocean, humming lightly. "I spoke to Jungkook yesterday." Jimin says casually. "Oh?" Tae smiles. " How is he?" Jimin raises his brows. "You don't know?"
Taehyung rolls his eyes. "He's always telling me he's fine. I'm fine hyung don't worry. I'm good hyung don't worry. Its the same thing over and over again. He doesn't visit me either." Taehyung sighs. " We only talk a couple times a week." Jimin hums. "Tae.."
Jimin lightly touches his elbow prompting him to turn around. Taehyung does, still leaning against the railing and Jimin cages him against it with his arms, making him blush. "What's this?' he laughs. "Tae." Jimin swallows, " I.. I really like you. A lot." Tae blinks.
"Oh," he licks his lips, face heating up. " I like you too Jimin ah..." he says softly, eyes dropping a little. Jimin reaches out, gently cupping his chin and making him look up. "I know you're still mourning your husband." he hesitates, but.. these two months,
they're the happiest I've ever been. I've never met anyone as amazing, as beautiful and as incredible as you. I... I want this to be something special. I want you in my life Tae for a long long time. And I just want to know, do you see yourself having that with someone again?"
Taehyung stares at him, face a little pale and lips parted in surprise. And then, "Jungkook." he whispers.
Jimin startles, eyes going wide as he recoils. "What?" he asks, stunned and Taehyung blinks rapidly. "Oh.. uh.. no..." he points over Jimin's shoulder. " Look, Jungkook." he steps forward, " That's him right?"
Jimin whirls around, and sure enough Jungkook is there a few dozen yards away , astride on his motorcycle, helmet tucked under his arm as he runs a hand through his thick flyaway hair. The younger is clad in his black leather jacket and leather pants, with combat boots.
Jimin moves to call Jungkook on his phone but Taehyung is already moving, sprinting the distance between them , not even looking back. Jimin stares after him and feels the first tendril of doubt.
πŸŒ™πŸŒ™πŸŒ™ In the end Jungkook joins them in their hotel, in the room next to theirs. After dinner, Taehyung, cheerful in a way Jimin had never seen him before, says he wants an early night. Jimin joins Jungkook at the lounge bar on the ground floor.
The younger is nursing a beer, hand wrapped around the neck of the glass as he stares out into the modest crowd. Jimin takes the stool next to him and orders himself a dirty martini. Jungkook looks up at him. "Hey." Jimin says casually. "Hi, hyung." Jungkook smiles.
Jimin doesn't beat around the bush. "Why are you here?" he asks shortly and Jungkook holds his gaze, taking a sip of his drink. "I was born in Busan too , hyung." he grins. Jimin feels annoyance bloom.
"I told you I'm bringing Tae here. I told you about how special that pier is to me, about how special Taehyung is to me. I told you I'm going to ask him to be my boyfriend, here at sunset and somehow you turn up at the exact spot at the exact time? What are you doing?"
Jungkook holds his gaze. "Hyung, if Taehyung feels the same way about you, it shouldn't matter if I'm here or not." he says with a shrug. " Or do you think you need to get rid of every other man before Taehyung falls for you?" he chuckles." Come now. i'm not a threat."
Jimin leans back, holding his gaze. "You're right. You're not. Taehyung would never date you. Because every time he looks at you, he probably sees his brother."
There's no mistaking the sharp flash of angry hurt on Jungkook's face and Jimin feels bad, but all's fair in love and war , he thinks. He likes Taehyung. He wants Taehyung. And he knows, that in time Taehyung would come to love him. And he wasn't lying was he?
Jungkook takes a deep breath. "You're right." he says softly. " But he did love my brother. And I'm happy to be at the end of Taehyung's loving gaze, even if it is by proxy." He shrugs. " But you, you have quite a long way to go, if you're this insecure, about him."
Jimin stares him down. "How about this?" he says quietly. " You call him over to the lounge, right now. And I'll call him over to the balcony on our floor. Let's see who he goes to." Jungkook raises his brows at that. "And?" "And whoever loses, backs off." Jungkook sighs.
"Tae isn't a thing to be won or lost" He says quietly. " Its immaterial whether he comes to you or me. because like you said he would never date me" Jimin shrugs. "But we'll know where we stand with him, priority wise." he says , " Come on, don't tell me you aren't curious."
Jungkook shrugs. "No, I'm not. " He says simply. " Hyung, " He stands up quietly, placing his half full beer back on the counter. "If Taehyungie hyung wants to be with you, that's fine. Just Don't pressure him into it. I came here because two months is too soon. Give him time."
Before Jimin can respond, Jungkook moves away from the bar, and towards the elevator. πŸŒ™πŸŒ™πŸŒ™
When Jimin reaches the hotel room, he finds Taehyung sitting on the bed, looking at the wall. "Tae? " "Oh, hey. " Tae smiles. " I couldn't sleep. Is Jungkook in the next room? Which one is it? " Jimin blinks. "Why?" "Oh, if he's up I'm gonna ask him to play games with me."
"You're what? " He blinks. " Tae.. " "We used to stay up all night playing games. " Tae grins. " It's been a long time since we did that. " "Tae... " But Taehyung was already standing up. "I'm going to be back in a couple of hours, okay? " He says softly. "Sleep."
Taehyung knocks on the door to Jungkook's room and it takes a few minutes for the younger to open the door. He's shirtless , wearing oversized shorts and brushing his teeth. "Hyung? "
Taehyung pushes past him and closes the door behind him, moving to the bed and sitting there. "Did Jimin tell you why he brought me here? " He asks shortly. " Is that why you came here? " Jungkook blinks. "Hyung." "You have no reason to be here otherwise. "
Taehyung glares him down and Jungkook's ears turn red. " Did Jimin tell you that? " He asks quietly. " Hyung I'm just looking out for you . I don't want you to rush into anything.. " Tae shakes his head in disbelief. "You were the one who told me I should be dating people. "
"And no, Jimin didn't tell me anything. " He mutters. " I know you. I know how your mind works." Jungkook stills. "Hyung.. " He sighs. " If you think you're ready, then go for it. Move in with him... But.. " "What? " Tae balked. " Move in.. Where?! "
Jungkook's eyes widen. "He didn't ask you yet? " "He's going to ask me to move in? " "And be his boyfriend... Yes. " Jungkook groans. " Fuck, I fucked up. " Tae shook his head. "I'm not ready for that. " He mutters at once. Jungkook holds a hand up before moving
To the bathroom. He returns a couple of minutes later, smelling of minty mouthwash. "Hyung, it's okay. If you're not ready that's fine. Just let Jimin hyung know. He'll wait. It's going to be okay. " He says quietly. Taehyung nods, hesitant. He stares at the floor.
"Is that why you came? " Jungkook asks. " You should go back. Hyungs probably waiting for you. " Taehyung stares at him. Jungkook looks painfully young in the low glow of the lamp. "You don't have a crush on me anymore, right? " He asks without thinking.
Jungkook goes still. "Does that matter? " He asks quietly. Taehyung thinks it should. He's not sure how, but he thinks it should matter in a lot of ways. So he holds the younger's gaze. "Just tell me the truth. " Jungkook stares back. "No," He says firmly, " I don't. "
It's the wat he says it, with a completely blank, absolutely uncaring look on his face, his tone completely even with not a tremor in place. Tae stares at him for a few long seconds and then nods. "I'm just.." he starts slowly , considering his words carefully," I'm sorry."
There's a sharp intake of breath from Jungkook, at that. "Why are you sorry hyung? You have no reason to be sorry." Taehyung licks his lips. "I know I was a bit distant , when you told me you used to like me." he explains hesitantly. " It was just a lot to take in."
Jungkook nods, moving to sit by his side. Tae stares as the younger wraps a hand around his shoulder, hugging him before pressing a kiss to his forehead. "I was stupid for saying it out loud." he says finally. " Its the kind of thing I should have taken with me to my grave."
Taehyung looks up at him. "You've been distant with me, after I met Jimin." he says softly. " I just made the connection that maybe.. that was the reason. If it is..." he trails off. "It's not." Jungkook says firmly. " I don't... I don't feel those things for you anymore.
-And even if I did that's not something you should burden yourself with, hyung. Its my problem and I should sort that out myself. I don't want you to think even for a second, that you need to accommodate my feelings when it comes to your personal life. That's not fair to you."
Tae nods. He stares out of the window. Its a clear fall night and the air is probably crisp and cool, pleasant. "Do you.." he hesitates, " Want to go for a walk?" "Now?" Jungkook blinks." It's almost eleven." "Please?" Jungkook stares. " Okay. Anything for you, hyung."
Jimin doesn't ask him to make it official for another couple of months. Taehyung is glad, because the six weeks gives him time to sort out a lot of his emotions. He realizes that if Jimin was serious about it, he owes the other honesty at the least. And the honest truth is,
Taehyung wants to give this a shot. He's not sure, if they would make it. He's learnt the hard way that being sure of something only made it so much more difficult to bear when things went south.
So when, as the last vestiges of fall fade away, bringing in the cold, chilling winds of Winter, Taehyung kisses Jimin on the night of the first snow, and agrees to be his boyfriend. As they hug, he stares out into the snow clad landscape and feels oddly bereft.
In January, Jungkook visits him at the pet store. They have dinner once a week as it is, and Jungkook's presence is a surprise. Especially because its unlike the other to just turn up without calling first. Jungkook is dressed in a fluffy winter coat, face fully obscured.
Taehyung turns up the heat in the store because Jungkook's nose is red. "Jungkookie..." he smiles. " What brings you here?" he chuckles. " Are you hungry? I'm picking dinner up for Jimin and I on the way home." Jungkook shakes his head , stepping closer to him. "Hyung."
Taehyung blinks up at him, surprised by how serious he sounded. "What's wrong? Is everything alright?" Jungkook nods. "Remember that job I was telling you about? In Germany?" he smiles. "With Porsche?" Taehyung stares in disbelief. " No way!" Jungkook grins. "Yes way."
Tae feels his heart take a steep dive, and he's terrified that Jungkook would see the crushing disappointment in his face, the selfish disappointment that Jungkook was no longer going to be in touching distance, and he throws his arms around him, burying his face in his neck.
He holds him close. Really close and really tight, squeezing tight, and he takes the time to compose himself, his grip on Jungkook almost desperate as he struggles to compose himself. Struggles to let himself smile and say the right things. "I'm so proud of you, my baby."
Jungkook hugs him back, palm stroking his back gently. "I'll miss you hyung." he whispers against his hair and Taehyung gives him a watery chuckle. "I'll visit you." he says at once. " I'll save money and come see you. Every month if you want me to..." Jungkook laughs.
Every month?" he teases, pulling back and gently cupping his cheeks with his palms before running his thumb on the underside of his eyes, where tears run in rivulets. Taehyung's lips wobble, as Jungkook's eyes shine too. "Promise me you'll take care of yourself hyung. For me?"
Taehyung nods, laughing a little. "I should be saying that, you brat." he chuckles. " When are you leaving?" "In two days." he says quietly. " Can't miss our weekly dinner tomorrow." Taehyung stares at him. "When will you come back?" he asks softly. Jungkook hesitates.
"I'm not sure I will, hyung."
Taehyung stares down then, no longer trying to fight the tears. Yes, he had known that. A job like this was incredibly rare and Jungkook would be doing what he loved, and getting paid for it. There was nothing here in Seoul, more appealing than what he would have there.
"Hyung... " Jungkook says quietly. " There's something you need to know." Taehyung looks up. "I'm only saying this, because Jimin hyung knows and I want you to hear it from me and not him." he whispers. Taehyung stares at him, confused. "What?" "I lied." Jungkook whispers.
"Lied about what?" he asks shakily. Jungkook takes a step back, slipping his hands into his pockets and staring at his feet. "My feelings for you." Taehyung's entire body goes cold. "I don't know what they are." he whispers," but I know they're there." Tae feels numb. "Oh."
"Jungkook..." "Jimin hyung knows." he says shakily. " And I think, in a way, as long as I'm here.... he will always feel a little wary of me." Taehyung can't think. His entire body feels heavy and like there's cotton wool inside his head. "I want you to be happy hyung."
Jungkook finally looks up at him. " I want you to be loved the way you deserve to be loved. Openly and loudly and by someone who isn't a fucking coward." he closes his eyes and Taehyung can't bear the sight of Jungkook's tears so he looks away, fingers trembling.
"Just..." he whispers. " Don't hate me hyung. I tried to stop this. I tried to fight it, I really did ...but..." he laughs. " What can I say? You're just too amazing. The most amazing, the most beautiful person I've ever met in my life. "
Taehyung feels like his heart has been ripped to shred, because the only thing that registers in his mind is that Jungkook is hurting and he is the cause. He's the cause of those tears and he feels gutted. Because Jungkook is the reason Taehyung learned to smile again.
And Tae cannot bare the thought of repaying him with tears. "This isn't something you have to think about hyung." Jungkook says shakily. " I don't want you to worry about it. I only said it because It felt like I was deceiving you, by not telling you the truth of what I felt.
And I know you would never feel the same way about me and its alright... I accept that and you don't owe me a thing hyung, I promise.. just..." Taehyung doesn't really think his next actions through. His body moves before his mind can take control, and he surges forward.
He cups Jungkook's face with his hands, tugging the younger close, before slotting their lips together in an urgent, desperate, terribly timed kiss.
Time seems to stop. Everything around them stills, the cold winter air freezing , the falling snowflakes just stilling in the air as their lips meet and there is a starburst of warmth right where they touch, spreading all over his body as he closes his eyes.
Jungkook doesn't kiss him back for a second, when he does, it knocks the breath out of him. The younger holds him close, pressing in with a desperate longing and Taehyung tastes the tears , both his and Jungkook's as he chokes on another sob.
And then without warning, Jungkook is being pulled away from him and Taehyung stumbles, eyes wide in horror as he realizes what he had just done.
it takes him another second to realize they aren't alone. Jimin's there. and hes the one who pulled Jungkook away. Taehyung feels sick and nauseous, his mind in shambles, heart hammering in his chest.
"Jimin!" He begs... "What are you doing here?" Jimin demands. " Why are you so hellbent on confusing him at every single turn and..." "It was me." Taehyung screams. Jimin goes still. "What?" "It wasn't him. It was me. I kissed him." he says shakily. Jimin stares.
Before Tae can say anything, Jungkook steps forward. "It was a mistake. " He grits out. " A stupid, impulsive mistake. He didn't mean to do it. " He says firmly. " Right hyung? " Tae can't bring himself to say a single word, the gravity of what he'd done finally hitting home.
Jimin looks back and forth between them. "You know what..." He sighs. " I tried Tae.. okay? i tried but this is just... " he shakes his head ." I can't do this. I can't." Taehyung stands rooted to the ground as he watches Jimin turn on his heels and leave.
The silence that remained was heavy and stifling. "You need to go after him." Jungkook said shakily . " Hyung you need to..." Taehyung turns to him, staring at him in disbelief. "That's all you have to say?" he whispers. Jungkook shakes his head. "Hyung.. just...Go."
"Jungkook...I'm so-" "Don't fucking apologize.. okay?" Jungkook snaps. " I know why you did it. I could practically see the guilt in your eye when I told you about my feelings and I know you thought you were making me feel better but Your pity hurts more than your rejection."
It wasn't pity. Not even close but Taehyung still has no idea what it was. He still has to sort the tangled web of feelings currently coiling tight around his throat and choking the life out of him. And he wasn't going to make things worse by saying something he didn't mean.
"I need to go," Jungkook says softly. " i still have a bit of packing to do and stuff. So .. Uh.. I may not make it to dinner tomorrow." He looks away. . "Just so you know, if I break up with Jimin tonight, it's not your fault." He says shakily. Jungkook laughs a little at that.
"If he breaks up with you over this..... he's a bigger idiot than I am." Taehyung watches him leave with his heart feeling numb and heavy. Jungkook was leaving and there was nothing he could do. And it reminds him so much of losing Junghyun that he cannot breathe.
πŸŒ™πŸŒ™πŸŒ™ The conversation with Jimin is largely one sided. Taehyung is in no position to say a single thing, he feels And Jimin doesn't ask him for an explanation. "You know Tae," he says softly. " The moment I saw you kissing him, it felt like my worst fear had come to life."
He pauses. "But then I realized, my boyfriend kissing someone else shouldn't be my worst fear. Its shouldn't even be a thought, let alone a fear. I shouldn't feel like I'm always hanging onto to your ankles, trying to keep you from drifting away from me. That's not love."
Taehyung doesn't respond. He's not sure if he's been in danger of drifting away from Jimin. He's always been fiercely independent and Jimin's need to have him close by at all times, to always know what he was upto, it had been a bit of stifling thing in their relationship.
But it hadn't bothered him that much. "I just didn't think you would actually do it." Jimin says quietly. " I mean, he's ... You know who he is." Taehyung clenches his fists. "Yes." he says shortly. " I'm well aware who he is."
Jimin sighs. "I told Jungkook you probably saw his brother whenever you looked at him." he says softly. Taehyung goes completely still. "You, what?!" He can't believe it. " Jimin what the fuck?!" Jimin looks away. "He's Junghyun's brother." he says shakily.
"So?" Tae demands. " That doesn't mean I see Hyun when I look at him. It means that when I look at him I remember that both of us loved his brother . That both of us have been through the same grief of losing someone we loved deeply. That I know his pain and he knows ,mine. "
"And how am I supposed to compete with that?" Jimin whispers. "You don't talk about your pain to me. How can I know?" Taehyung stares. "It was never a competition. Maybe if you'd realized that we would have been together long enough for me to share my pain and my past with you."
"Don't turn this on me when you kissed him." Jimin says quietly. Taehyung closes his eyes. "You're right." He says finally. " I did something stupid." He swallows." Do you want to break up?" "Do you want to stay together?" Jimin responds.
And there's really only one answer to that. πŸŒ™πŸŒ™πŸŒ™
Taehyung doesn't mourn his relationship with Jimin, nearly as much as he regrets the kiss with Jungkook. Or maybe regret really wasn't the right word there. What he regrets, truly , is how much of a coward he truly is. He doesn't see Jungkook before he leaves.
Instead he spends the two days in bed, underneath his sheets, stalking the younger on social media. Jungkook was popular , well known in the racing scene and he's being tagged by so many people in good bye posts. He's smiling in every one of them and has his arms wrapped
around them. There's so much affection there he aches and longs for it. Taehyung feels like a child outside a candy store, with his face pressed up against the glass, watching people enjoy what he so desperately wants for himself, but can't really afford.
H's finger hovers over the dial button a number of times but he cant bring himself to call. Because he has no idea what he could possibly say. As the hours pass, time going closer and closer to when he would leave, Taehyung feels the walls closing in on him.
An hour before his flight leaves, Jungkook finally posts. And the breath is knocked right out of him. He recognizes the photo. It's a shot of Jungkook standing in the shallow waters by the shoreline on a rainy summer day, with humidity fogging the lenses a little.
He recognizes it because he's the one who took it. And just like that two years worth of memories come rushing into his mind Taehyung stares at it and then the caption which says, 'When it hurts too much too hold on, its time to let go." Tae tosses the phone aside and cries.
Time slows down when you're counting the seconds , but speeds up when you can't afford to miss that last bus home. Tae stands in front of the large apartment, gripping his suitcase in one hand and his passport in the other. Time stands still when you're terrified.
The weather here in Germany is really not that different from Korea. The late winter temperatures are still dipping low enough to make his teeth chatter a little, despite the layered coats and shirts he has on. He looks at his phone. He's never been good at this.
But he thinks of Jungkook , and how he had stepped up and reached out to him when Junghyun had passed, how despite Taehyung's obvious indifference to him, he had stuck around , being there for him, offering his affection and support when he needed him the most.
He wants to do this. He's not entirely sure what ' this' entails, but he knows that the first step is this, being here , seeing Jungkook, letting him know that he's not stopped thinking of him for a single minute since the day he left Seoul.
To let him know that just like Jungkook, Taehyung has tried not to think of him, tried not to indulge in a daydream that feels so fanciful and out of reach and so morally wrong. But just like Jungkook, he can't do it. He can't stay away.
He hasn't spoken to Jungkook in over three weeks. And even then it had been a few formal , barely there texts. He's not even sure if the address he has is the right one. Sighing, he wraps his hand around himself. It's okay. He just has to ask around. "Hyung?"
The voice, so familiar and so hauntingly beautiful, makes him whirl around, lips parted in surprise. Jungkook stands a few feet away, carrying a large bag full of what looks like groceries, eyes wide and a look of shock on his features. "Am I drunk?" The younger says quietly.
Taehyung chokes a little on his own words, feet rooted to the ground as he blinks up at the other. "I told you I'll come visit you." he whispers, lips almost numb from the cold and from having bitten them for so long out of nerves. Jungkook merely stares and shakes his head.
He looks at the suitcase and the passport and then back at him and shakes his head again. "I just... " he laughs. " Wow. Okay... um... Should we go in?" he points at the apartment complex and there's still a look of dazed disbelief on his face. Taehyung nods.
πŸŒ™πŸŒ™πŸŒ™ Jungkook's apartment is on the top floor, with a breathtaking view of the city and Taehyung looks around at the expensive, tasteful decor, the soft golden lighting and the bronze black interiors in awe. "I didn't realize how successful you are. " He blurts out.
Jungkook carefully places the groceries on the table and there's a moment of awkward silence when they just stare at each other. "So..." Jungkook clears his throat. " You're here." Taehyung doesn't respond right away. He takes a second just to stare at the younger.
Jungkook looks like he's been working out, and there's a definite harshness to his features that wasn't there before. Taehyung counts a couple of extra piercings, one one on his brows the other in his lips. There's also the shadow of a tattoo peeking out over his neck.
"Hyung?" Jungkook prompts. "Oh,, sorry?" Taehyung blinks, a little disoriented as he stares back at him. "I said, is Jimin hyung doing alright?" There's a small pause as Taehyung considers the question. "I hope so." he says finally." I haven't spoken to him in months."
They're both speechless after that and Taehyung suddenly feels terrible. He came here. He shouldn't be waiting for Jungkook to ask all the right questions just so he could give him a few cryptic answers and hope that he would read between the lines. No, that wasn't fair.
"I missed you." He says finally, deciding to voice the one feeling that's been so achingly present every second of every day. This desperate clawing emptiness inside him , in his life, where Jungkook once was. Jungkook shrugs off his jacket and tosses it on the couch.
"It will pass." he says quietly, not meeting his gaze. " you shouldn't have come here hyung." Taehyung licks his lips and nods. This wasn't going to be easy. He had known that, even as he booked his tickets here. This was going to be painful. But pain was an old friend.
And Taehyung's always been adept at dealing with him. He looks around the apartment, taking in the small bronze and silver trinkets. There were model race cars in glass cases. Some intricate mechanical devices with hypnotic moving parts. It all looks so impersonal.
"Do you live alone?" he asks without thinking. Jungkook shrugs. "For now, yes." he says casually. Taehyung feels his heart skip a beat. "Oh?" He hesitates, " You're seeing someone?" Jungkook looks hesitant. "Yeah," he says finally, looking away. " He's a colleague."
Taehyung closes his eyes, fighting the desperate urge to scream. "Are you lying to me?" he says quietly. Jungkook startles. "Hyung..." he freezes when he takes in the light sheen of moisture in Taehyung's eyes and he swears , moving to sit on the couch, face in his hands.
"Fine," he sighs, " I'm not. I'm not seeing anyone." he rubs at his eyes with the heel of his hand. " But I don't see how that matters ." "It does." Taehyung says quietly. " It does because I don't want you to see anyone else." Jungkook looks up at him, eyes wide. "What?"
"Can I stay here with you?" Taehyung follows up, not answering Jungkook's question. " For a couple of weeks?" Jungkook looks flabbergasted. "Hyung, we can't..." "I think I'm in love with you." Taehyung whispers. " Rather madly in love, in fact." Jungkook is pale as a sheet.
"Hyung..." "Please hear me out." Taehyung whispers. " I loved your brother. So very much and with my entire heart. He was my first love." he swallows. " For a long time, I was sure i wouldn't feel that way about anyone else. And its true. I don't feel the same way for you,
But what I feel for you, it just... it feels just as powerful, just as overwhelming, if not more. " He shook his head. " And I realized, as I grow older, the way I love people, the love I expect from people, it changes too." he breathes out.
"Jungkook, at my lowest, you loved me the exact way I needed to be loved. And I don't think there's anyone else in the world who would have done what you did for me."
He plays with the hem of his shirt for a second, gathering his thoughts with a little difficulty. "This isn't easy for me." he whispers. " And I think that's why I kept running away from you. You're affection was something I took for granted. Something i received with open arms
because its always easy to receive, right? Its the giving back...that becomes hard." he sighs. " And I just .. I didn't want to acknowledge all the feelings that you brought inside me. It filled me with guilt because, well..." he smiles. "But I can't run from it anymore."
"Its not fair to you." he says softly. " Between the two of us, you're the amazing one. Not me." he whispers. " You've been holding on to something painful for so long so I don't blame you for letting go.
But I am here to ask if , instead of holding on to me, will you just walk by my side ? Just... "he breathes out shakily, " share my life with me? I want to hold your hand like I did that evening at the beach." he whispers, " I want to stay by your side and just love you."
Taehyung gets up, before slowly moving over to Jungkook's side, kneeling on the lush carpet and gently taking Jungkook's face in his own. "We can take it as slow as you want." he whispers. " I know its.. difficult but.. please, please let's just give this a chance."
Jungkook stares down at him for a few seconds, before closing his eyes and leaning forward, till their foreheads touched. He breaths out and nods shakily. "Okay, hyung." He whispers. " Anything for you."
πŸŒ™πŸŒ™πŸŒ™ When Spring arrives in Seoul, bringing with it the fresh scent of plum blossoms, azaleas, hyacinths and daisies, the bright hues of magnolias and cherry blossoms, the dark grey winter with its freezing cold winds and somber landscape becomes a distant memory.
Taehyung sits on a park bench, overlooking the lake , staring at the bright blooms lining the streets, the men women in bright dresses , with their arms wrapped around their lovers. He recognizes a few of the people who are frequent visitors to the park.
And he thinks it's quite telling, how the seasons change but with it, so do people. They change the way they dress, they change the way they eat, they change themselves , because that's how you deal with changing seasons. You change yourself to adapt.
And Taehyung thinks that this probably applies to the seasons of life as well. He's not the same person he was three years ago, before he knew what grief was, before he knew what loss was. Before he knew Jungkook.
And that's fine, he thinks. It's fine because the seasons will keep changing and through the years Jungkook and him? They would change too but... He stares down at his wedding ring, there's one thing he doesn't think will change.
As the sun shines down on him, he carefully takes the ring off and carefully pockets it. He's ready for change. In fact he welcomes it. πŸŒ™πŸŒ™πŸŒ™
A few years later πŸŒ™πŸŒ™πŸŒ™
"Where are you going? " Taehyung's sharp voice startles Jungkook bad enough to make him Jump a little. "Hyung, what the hell, you scared me. " He complains, clutching his heart. It's six in the morning. Taehyung ia usually dead to the world at this hour. "Answer me."
"Why are you up hyung? " Jungkook grins a little, " Didn't I wear you out last night? " Taehyung rolls his eyes at that. "Don't try to distract me. It's going to rain today. I don't want you getting on that motorcycle. " He points at the helmet. "I'll be careful. "
Taehyung frowns before shaking his head and turning back around to their bedroom. "Just don't expect me to nurse you when you break all your limbs, jeon Jungkook. " He calls out, disappearing into the room. Jungkook smiles. Taehyung isn't fond of his motorcycle.
Jungkook slips on his jacket, and zips it up before carefully locking the door behind him as he leaves. πŸŒ™πŸŒ™πŸŒ™
The cemetery is deserted this time of the day and Jungkook picks his way to his brother's resting place with careful steps. The headstone is polished, a fresh bouquet of flowers there. He had paid for the flowers to be replaced every day. He settles on the wet grass.
For a few moments, he just stares at the headstone. It's simple, with his brother's name, followed by an epithet that reads, beloved son, brother and husband. He runs a finger over the word brother. "Hi, hyung. " He whispers shakily.
Taehyung doesn't feel any attachment to this particular place. The somber air of grief was something the older didn't like much. But Jungkook likes serenity. And the stillness makes it easier to unload his heart. " I'm going to ask Taehyung to marry me. " He whispers.
"I know you probably want to punch me in the face for it.. " He grimaces. " And if you were here, I probably would let you. " He chuckles.
"But then if you were here, " Jungkook says softly, " Taehyung and I would probably still be strangers. You would be celebrating many more years together and I would watch you fall in love with him more and more everyday. " He swallows. " I'm sorry how things went hyung. "
He places a hand over his brother's name. "I just want you to know that, if I could undo things, I would rather have that... Than this. I would rather spend a lifetime not knowing love than a lifetime without you hyung. I swear that's the truth. " He chokes on a sob.
"I just want you to know that I love him. Deeply and as much as I am capable of. And I will work everyday making him smile as wide as he used to, with you. I have big shoes to fill, " He chuckles, " But I'm grateful that you loved him right, hyung. If you didn't, he wouldn't
Have let me into his life this easily. So thank you for being the best big brother and the best husband. " He leans over and presses a kiss to the smooth marble surface. " And maybe when we are each other again, you can get in that punch, yeah? "
The late summer breeze is pleasant against his neck, and the scent of the flowers is soothing to his senses. The wind picks up just then, and a lone flower petal flutters past, before pressing against his cheek in a soft caress that is almost a kiss.
Jungkook reaches up and lightly grabs the petal, staring at it. "Thank you hyung." He whispers, before walking away. The sun slowly rises, the wind dies down. It's just another Summer day. And Life, as always, goes on. πŸŒ™πŸŒ™πŸŒ™
The End.πŸŒ™
( drabble who, we don't know her lmao. πŸ₯²) anyway no regrets. Thank you for sticking along for the ride. πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ’œπŸ’œ
The log cabin had been Jungkook's idea. Taehyung, an ardent lover of all the comforts that the modern world had to offer, had felt skeptical from the start. But Jungkook's excitement was and still is contagious. So here they are.
The place is beautiful, that much he can agree. Deserted, because it's the middle of winter and no one is as much of a masochist as his soon to be husband. But still beautiful. "Hyung, watch your step! " Jungkook calls out as he steps on a slightly slippery patch.
Taehyung turns to look at Jungkook who is talking to the resorts manager. The weather is a little harsh with warnings for a lot of snowfall. The cabin is well stocked, satellite phones were available but there is a chance they may be snowed in. Taehyung is a little worried.
Once the man leaves, after helping them unload their luggage, they finally have the place to themselves. Jungkook crowds him up against the wall of the cabin,eyes narrowed as he lightly tries to grip his waist through the dozen layers but fails. Tae laughs as the younger pouts.
The cabin is heated and warm and he feels a little hot in his clothes. Jungkook stares at him , uncharacteristically quiet and he squirms a little under the scrutiny. "What is it? " He asks shyly, gaze dropping to his tattooed neck. "You're so beautiful, hyung."
Jungkook's voice holds a lot of reverence and awe. Taehyung feels heat rise up his face. He doesn't think he'll ever get used to this. Jungkook is so extravagant and generous with his adoration, that Taehyung sometimes drowns in it completely.
He lightly boops the younger's nose, chuckling softly. "That's because I'm well loved. " He whispers. Jungkook hums in confirmation before leaning in and catching his lips in a slow kiss. Taehyung melts into it, his limbs turning into jelly.
Jungkook's kisses always leave him hungry and aching for more, and Taehyung clings to him as Jungkook licks into his mouth with slow kittenish little strokes of his tongue, sending a heady wave of arousal through his body. But just as he reaches for him, Jungkook pulls away.
Taehyung whines a little at that, chasing after his lips but Jungkook laughs, pressing a forefinger to the plush folds and holding him off. "Hold your horses, " He whispers. "You haven't seen your surprise yet. " Taehyung blinks. "Surprise? " "Come here. "
Taehyung smiles as Jungkook. Comes around to wrap his hands over his eyes, making him laugh. "What are you doing? " He chuckles. "I want to see your face as soon as you see it. That way I'll know whether you really like it or you're just pretending for my sake. "
Taehyung rolls his eyes a bit at that but let's him lead the way, walking carefully to the front and then down a hallway. A minute of so later, Jungkook reaches out and pushed the door open, and Taehyung blinks up at the room. His eyes widen a little.
"Oh, this is breathtaking. " He whispers, momentarily awed. Tae moves quickly to the large windows, peering out into the snow clad landscape , heart racing a bit at how beautiful it is. He quickly reaches for his shoes, kicking them away and clambering onto the bed.
The bed dips behind him and a second later, Jungkook is right behind him, wrapping his arms around him in a tight hug. "Did I do well? " He whispers against his ear, pressing a kiss to his cheeks. Taehyung exhales, reaching back and ruffling his hair. "This is incredible."
Jungkook hesitates before tugging him around to face him. There's a slightly troubled look on his face, despite the small smile there. "Hyung picked the place out. " He says quietly. " He was going to surprise you with it... For your anniversary. " Tae blinks, taken aback.
"I was supposed to drive you down here.... There was a whole thing he had planned and... Just... " He sighs. " I kept wondering if it would be weird or not to bring you here but.. I know he really, really wanted you to see this place. And this is the best time of year to visit-"
Tae cups his face, leaning in and kissing him firmly. He held him close, wrapping his arms around him and lightly nipping his lips, before smiling into the kiss, and pulling back and staring right into his eyes. "Why do you look so worried? " He smiles. Jungkook looks away.
"Thank you for bringing me here. " He says quietly. " Being here with you only makes it more special for me, Jungkook. " Jungkook nods lightly, but Taehyung can see the worry still etched there. "Baby, " He says softly, reaching out and brushing his hair. " Come back to me."
Holidays are difficult. They miss him. A lot. But with it, comes the reminder that if he were here, things would be different. Very different. Taehyung feels like he's moved on. Jungkook? Not so much. Taehyung knows it's not something he can help with.
Jungkook sighs deeply, before curling up next to him, head resting on Taehyung's lap. Taehyung runs a hand through his hair, as they watch the snow start to fall outside the cabin again. "I'm sorry. " Jungkook whispers. " I shouldn't have brought it up. " Taehyung hesitates.
He leans down and lightly kisses the top of his head. "Jungkookah.. " He whispers, " Do you think you have to love me enough for both you and your brother? "
That makes Jungkook look up at him. "Hyung.. " Taehyung shuffles down,moving to lie down next to him, till they're face to face. "I'm not in love with your brother anymore. " He says softly. " You know that right? " Jungkook merely stares at him, wide eyed.
" I love him yes. But he's a part of my past. He's not of this world , baby. " He sighs. " You on the other hand. You're here in my arms and you're here, " He took Jungkook's hand bringing it up to his chest, " In my heart. I am in love with you. You're my present and my future."
"I want to spend every minute of every day, with you. " He whispers. " When I'm at the store, I keep thinking about what you're up to. And I keep staring at the clock because I can't wait to get back home to you. When you come in covered in grease and tell me you can't kiss me,
Because you're dirty and you need a shower, it makes me want to scream because I don't care. I just want to kiss you because I've spent the whole day thinking of kissing you. " He laughs a little. " I want to be loved only by you. By Jungkook. And that's more than enough for me."
Jungkook holds his gaze for a few seconds, before moving closer and resting his forehead against Taehyung's own. "I just want to be good enough for you, hyung. " He whispers softly, and something inside Taehyung just breaks. He hugs him tighter. πŸŒ™πŸŒ™πŸŒ™
The snow builds up as the clock ticks closer to the midnight hour. Tae is curled up against the glass window, dressed now in just a plain white t shirt and shorts, buried under the large fur blanket, with Jungkook spooning him from behind. The snow flakes fall like fairy dust.
Jungkook leans closer and slips a hand up his shirt, lightly stroking the skin on his tummy, running circles around his belly button with the tip of his fingers. Taehyung leans back against his chest, completely at peace. "Any New year resolutions? " Jungkook kisses his neck.
Tae hums, tilting his head to give him better access. "Yes. Build up my boyfriend's self esteem by loving him more and more every day. " He mutters. Jungkook nips at his earlobe. "Imp." He whispers. " Wanna hear mine?" "Yes." "Marry the man I've been in love with for years."
Taehyung grins turning back to give him a smile. "What about me then? " He teases and Jungkook pouts. "I'm serious. We need to set a date. " He mutters. "Hmm." Taehyung stares out into the white landscape. " How about tomorrow? " Jungkook goes still. "Hyung.. "
"Or you know what.. " Taehyung turns around wrapping his arms around Jungkook's neck. " How about right now? " Jungkook smiles, lightly gripping his waist as he climbs over him, straddling the younger's waist. "You want to get married right now? " Taehyung nods.
Jungkook laughs at that shaking his head. "We need an officiant. " Taehyung hesitates before reaching across the next and grabbing a large Olaf plushie from the window sill and placing it on the side. "He will do right? " He grins. Jungkook nods seriously.
"Very well. " Tae clears his throat. "Ladies and gentlemen, snowmen and snowwomen" He grins, " Elks and reindeer, and all kinds of snow creatures. " He pauses, " We are gathered here today, to unite in Holy matrimony.. " "I do. " Jungkook mutters, before grabbing him close.
He moves to kiss him but Taehyung presses his palms right up against his chest, frowning. "Wait... Don't jump the gun. We still need to say our vows. " He mutters. "I love you. " Jungkook says simply. " I loved you from the moment our eyes met. I loved you when
the only thing I knew about you was your name, and I loved you even when you belonged to another. " .. Taehyung goes still at that. "Jungkook.. " "I loved you even when I knew nothing about you, but now? Now, love isn't enough to describe all that I feel for you.
A few lines aren't enough to tell you how much you mean to me. And more importantly, " He tugs him close, " A lifetime isn't enough to give you all the love I have for you. " He hesitates. " It isn't enough, but still, I'd like to try. " Taehyung feels the tears spill over.
"This isn't fair" He whispers through the tears. " I don't have mine written or ready." Jungkook smiles at that. "It doesn't matter. "He lightly wipes at the tears spilling down Tae's cheeks, " Your eyes tell me all I need to know" He kisses the tip of his nose. " Marry me?"
Taehyung laughs a little before nodding. "Okay." He whispers. "By the power vested in me, I now declare you, husband who will stop bringing puppies home without asking and husband who will stop riding his motorcycle on rainy days. " Jungkook grins.
As if on cue, the little clock on the mantel buzzes. "Ten seconds to the new year. " Jungkook smiles, " You may kiss your husband. " Taehyung grins and throws his arms around him knocking him to the sheets and kissing him senseless. Outside the snow falls.
When they finally part for air, Jungkook has a wide smile on his face. "Happy New Year, Tae. " He whispers. "Happy Married life, husband. " Taehyung mutters, before kissing him again. πŸŒ™πŸŒ™πŸŒ™
Happy new year my lovelies πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
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