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Jan 2, 2023
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A Yoonmin AU where- A legendary dragon comes to kidnap a crown prince but instead the prince captures the creature and temporarily locks it away in his tower just to teach it a lesson. The dragon thinks he is more powerful but the prince shows him that everyone can be broken…

🐉Tags🐉 - 🔞 NSFW 🔞 - Drabble? - smut, just hardcore smut - Dom/Sub dynamics - Some bdsm? - Light non-con - dub-con - rough sex - dragon hybrid/shifter - abo non-traditional dynamics - alpha! dragon shifter YG - human! Prince JM - Switch YM? - a little dark? - magical realism
*Original prompt* 💕
Ok…hear me out! 🐉 A Yoonmin AU where a legendary dragon comes to capture a crown prince but instead the prince kidnaps the dragon and temporarily locks it away in his tower just to teach it a lesson… #Yoominau #Yoonmin
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Jimin was bored out of his mind. His life consisted of mundane tasks a future king is assigned. But mainly, he has to follow his father around and try to remain present, patient and polite.
Presently, they are walking back to the castle surrounded by their security detail. When they were in the market, the royal duo had heard gossip of a rare legendary creature spotted not too far from the city.
His father sent some of his best soldiers out to the forest to investigate after the pleas from the frightened citizens. Jimin didn’t really care. But if the gossip is actually true, maybe he will finally have an eventful day for once.
After dinner, the prince manages to escape the awkward and mind numbing pleasantries of the noble court. He almost ran all the way to his room once he realized he was free from that torture.
He quickly closes the heavy wooden door behind him, leaning against it and releasing a sigh.
Before he can even peal himself off the door, he hears a loud commotion outside his window. Excitement bubbles underneath his skin as he walks towards his balcony to investigate the noise.
You have to be bored out of your mind to feel excited because of loud urgent shouting from the soldiers. He sees a row of them on horseback racing towards the gate while others are frantically reaching for the big chains holding the portcullis open.
When the gate finally slams shut, Jimin hears an ear piercing roar. His eyes snap up toward the forest, just beyond the courtyard and the curtain wall.
And then he sees it. A gigantic flying creature. Suddenly, Jimin hears another loud shriek and the courtyard is engulfed in blue fire. A dragon is flying straight for the tower.
The prince smirks as he leans and grabs his bow. He quickly chooses the right arrow and aims. He makes eye contact with the creature just before he releases the poisonous arrow.
He only has time to see it sink into the dragon’s chest before the creature disappears in thin air and a naked man lands at his feet. ~~~~~~
When Yoongi opens his eyes, he can only feel the burning in his chest. He can’t see anything. But he is definitely sitting on the cold floor of a very dark room. How did he even get here?
The last thing he remembers is making eye contact with the crown prince. The prince he was supposed to kidnap.
He hasn’t been in his human form in a long time and feels the cold prickle his exposed skin. He quickly surveys his body with bound hands, feeling for any major injury.
“Hello Dragon!” The voice he hears somehow makes all the hair on his body stand up. Soon, there’s a flicker of light and he sees a dark silhouette near a fireplace.
The fire quickly grows and Yoongi is finally able to see the room he is in. “W-Where am I?” He tries after clearing his dry throat. “Well, you are in my room /Dragon/” The man says neutrally but almost hissing the last word.
When Yoongi finally sees him, his jaw drops. The crown prince. He stands there proudly with a dark gaze on the cornered hybrid.
He is wearing nothing but his crown. The diamonds shine with the glow from the fire, the majestic royal crown sitting on a bed of shiny dark hair.
Yoongi’s eyes slowly lower, staring at the stunning naked man until he notices the leather snakeskin whip in the prince’s hand.
“Tell me Dragon…what were you trying to accomplish by flying here and attacking our men?” The naked royal taunts. “I-I was…You know what…it doesn’t matter…” Yoongi utters, feeling his contained strength rumble inside him.
He tries to get up but his hands are attached to a chain, preventing him from getting on his feet. “Actually, it does matter…Dragon. I’ll have to decide what to do with you…” The Prince says as he steps forward and circles the hybrid.
He caresses the leather whip with his other hand before he brings it to Yoongi’s chin. “So tell me…/Dragon/…what are you here for?” “You.” Yoongi grits, a deep growl building in his burning chest.
“Me?” He sees a flash of curiosity in those dark eyes. “What could you possibly want with me…Dragon.” The prince crouches before Yoongi, unbothered by his state of undress.
The hybrid keeps his mouth shut and they stare at each other for longer than is considered normal. Finally, Yoongi breaks the staring contest and looks around the room for his escape.
The room is big enough for him to shift inside but he wouldn’t be able to exit through the window or the door. “Looking for a way to escape?” The Prince grins.
“I thought you were here for me…” he adds, the whip lowering down Yoongi’s neck and continuing towards his chest. “Don’t act so almighty Prince.” Yoongi hisses.
The giggle that comes out of those pillowy lips startles the dragon for a second. The Prince stands up and Yoongi can’t control where his eyes land.
“And are /you/ feeling mighty Dragon? You look pretty small and helpless from up here…” The man continues to taunt. Yoongi feels that familiar anger building up and if the Prince doesn’t step back, he will get hurt.
“You better step back Prince…” Yoongi utters through his clenched teeth, putting emphasis on the last word. “What for?” The Prince tilts his head with a smirk.
“Think you can shift right now? Well think again. You are stuck like this until the poison is out of your system” Yoongi’s brain halts for a few seconds. This damn Prince. That motherfucker. He feels the fire almost consuming his insides but he can’t shift.
The man giggles again and it sounds so sweet but the look in those dark eyes betrays the sweetness of his laughter. Yoongi was such an idiot to think the Prince he saw in the market was defenceless.
“I wonder if you’ll feel all strong and powerful once I’m done with you…” The Prince continues. Yoongi chuckles darkly. “You can’t do shit…” he hisses through his teeth but there’s an ounce of doubt scratching at the surface.
“Funny you should say that…” the Prince giggles as his gaze turns to the bed close by.
Yoongi turns his eyes towards it and finally notices the contraptions. He can’t help but gulp. His cock surprisingly comes to life when he turns his dark blue eyes towards the naked smirking prince.
The man turns around and grabs an item from the bed. When Yoongi sees what it is, his hands buck against the restraints. The prince turns back towards the dragon.
“Now…are you going to behave or are you going to make me hurt you?” Yoongi stays silent as the man locks the thick magical collar around his neck. His instincts start to go haywire and he trashes suddenly.
“Tsk Tsk…stay still Dragon, or you’ll regret it…” The prince loosens the chains and grabs the leash attached to the collar. When he yanks, Yoongi has no choice but to stand up on wobbly legs.
The Prince leans forward, a tight grip on the leather leash. Yoongi follows those lips and then he hears that sweet voice again directly in his ear. “Now. You wanted me…so you’ll have me.” The man whispers, bringing the whip to Yoongi’s tight abdomen.
He is suddenly yanked forward and thrown unceremoniously onto the bed. The prince immediately climbs over him, their cock brushing against each other. Yoongi feels his last warm breath escape his lungs.
The prince reaches for a new chain restrain that he attaches on the collar. He skillfully unties Yoongi’s hands and he works so quickly that before the stunned dragon can realise his hands are free, they are already restrained again.
The prince pulls his arms over his head and ties the binding to the bed frame. He leans back and sits on Yoongi’s hardening cock. The dragon automatically lets out a hiss. He feels impossibly dizzy.
“So…big bad alpha…how do you feel being at the mercy of the poor helpless prince you were trying to kidnap?”
Yoongi’s heart starts racing. He should be burning everything around them with rage but somehow, the only thing burning right now is his sudden desire to take the not-so-innocent Prince and impale him on his knot.
The soft golden skin is begging to be touched. The sweet scent of the naked human unconsciously imprinting in the dragon’s brain. The need to survive and escape suddenly dissipates, replaced by a growing need to grind against the warm ass.
The prince suddenly freezes and his dark eyes lower before gazing back into Yoongi’s soul. “Not planning on escaping anymore, huh?” He smirks as he slowly grinds his plump ass onto Yoongi’s hardening member. ~~~~~~~
Jimin feels all his blood rush south as he looks at the beautiful man underneath him. Exactly where he wants him. At his mercy, ready to beg for more.
He can hear the soft growls when he grinds his ass down on the dragon’s hardness. His skin erupts with goosebumps at the size of the cock sliding between his ass cheeks.
He knows that what he is doing is questionable but he doesn’t care. The dragon was here to kidnap him. He would be damned if he died before having some fun.
He had the dragon locked in his tower for a full day while the king and his soldiers searched the woods for the magical creature. Surprisingly, the army commander was easily assured the dragon had flown away.
Nobody knew how skilled the prince actually was. He was skilled in many different ways. But he kept a polished unthreatening aura in public. So no one suspected anything.
“You better pick a safe word, Dragon!” He says with a satisfied smirk, grinding down especially hard causing a deep hiss to release from the hybrid.
Those dark blue eyes lift up and the hybrid dares to growl. Jimin feels amused by the obviously frustrated alpha. He waits patiently and then he crawls off the man’s lap to reach for some rope.
“So what is it going to be?” “As if you’d stop even if I had a safe word.” The dragon huffs, glaring at the Prince.
Jimin can’t help but chuckle. He’s not that cruel but he likes that the big bad dragon thinks he might be. “I’ll give you five seconds to pick one.” He states, as he starts to work the rope around the hybrid’s thigh.
He skillfully tightens knots into a criss-crossed pattern around the man’s knee and up his upper thigh. “So you wanna go the route of no safe word, I see…” he smirks.
“Don’t blame me then…if I don’t stop…” he adds, fingers working more intricate knots around the other milky thigh. “R-Red…” the dragon utters under his breath.
“That’s fitting…ok /red/ it is…” He ties the last knot, tugging lightly to admire his work against the pale skin.
He spreads the hybrid’s legs as he shuffles closer. He sits down with his own legs sliding under the man’s roped thighs, lifting him up slightly as his cock grazes just below the hybrid’s balls. His own breath stutters.
Grabbing the end of the rope that ends just above the man's knees, he lifts the hybrid's bound leg to secure it to the headboard. Jimin's cock twitches at how flexible the Dragon is while he does the same to the other leg.
Both legs bound tightly, the indents from the rope leaving mouth watering marks on the pale thighs that Jimin intends on marking later.
He can feel how embarrassed and frustrated the dragon is getting the more he stares but he intended on admiring his work thoroughly.
And admire, he does. The pale stunning dragon is laying against the headboard, his hands tied above his head. His dark hair falling over his forehead, doll lips slightly parted with deep blue eyes boring holes in Jimin’s skull. His legs are spread as wide as humanly possible.
The tight rope preventing any movements. The hard redden cock rests against a firm abdomen. The hybrid’s pink hole is fully exposed, slightly fluttering as if waiting for Jimin to stuff it full of his cock and cum. Jimin can’t help but smile at the view.
“Not feeling all strong and mighty now, Dragon?” Jimin taunts while reaching for the whip. The dragon's eyes narrow comically before becoming emotionless again. ~~~~~~~
TW 🔞 Beware of the dub-con / non-con undertone here…with a sprinkle of Dom/Sub 🔞
The ropes digging into his skin were nothing compared to the fire he felt coursing through his body. Between not being able to shift and the annoying arousal spreading through him, Yoongi felt like his skin was constantly burning.
“Not so cocky now are you, Dragon.” The prince says smugly. “Actually, you’re quite cocky…”
Yoongi feels a cold hand wrap around his painfully hard member, giving it a fierce tug before letting go. Next, he feels the quick slap. A groan releases from his mouth, his mind reeling from the pain and pleasure.
“Fuck you, I’ll burn you alive.” He breathes out, his muscles tensing under the bindings. The Prince's eyes darken, his plush lips straightened out and his grip on Yoongi’s hip tightening. Light purple showing already on the pale skin that never sees daylight.
With his other hand, the Prince brings the whip to Yoongi’s ass and a loud crack resonates in the room. The dragon clenches his teeth tightly to avoid making a sound.
“Don’t speak to me like that, Dragon.” The Prince says dangerously low, the timbre causing Yoongi’s dick to twitch slightly.
Before Yoongi can retaliate, the man has a bottle of oil in his hand and is pouring it on his exposed hole. He has no time to utter a word before the man shoves two fingers into his tight heat. Yoongi feels like his insides are going to burn him alive.
The stretch on his rim and the intrusion consuming his every sense. The breath is knocked out of him and he curves his back, moving up against the ropes. “A-ah!”
The Prince had set a harsh pace immediately. He doesn’t let up. Instead he drops his head to lick a stripe up the dragon's chest. Once at his nipple, he bites harshly.
“You’ll regret this, asshole!” “I don’t think so...” He says before sucking the nipple again, moving and scissoring his fingers slightly.
Once the Prince slips the third finger in, Yoongi feels all the fire in his body move to his stomach.
He repeats to himself over and over that he will not give the Prince the satisfaction of cumming but he can’t help it when, at one particular thrust of the fingers and bite of his nipple, he comes completely undone.
His cum spreads across his stomach and hits the prince’s chest, reaching his chin. His vision darkens. The Royal looks down at the mess, removing his fingers with no care. He wipes under his chin before licking his fingers clean.
“Too bad you’re a piece of shit,” Jimin said while leaning down to lick Yoongi’s stomach, his spent cock coming to life again. “You taste really good.” ~~~~~~~
Jimin sits back on his heels, admiring the mess in front of him. His eyes quickly lowers to the stretched fluttering hole. He pours some oil onto his aching cock before making eye contact with the panting hybrid.
He stares deep into those dark blue eyes as he moves his hand up and down his own shaft. The pleasure he already feels is all consuming. “Any final words dragon?” He says with a soft smile.
The man continues to stare at him silently. When Jimin lowers his gaze, he notices the slight twitch of the dragon’s thick cock. The Prince wipes his hand on the covers before he reaches to tighten the ropes.
The dragon almost bends in half, his knees now up to his shoulders and ears. Jimin leans back and lines himself up. The dragon doesn’t utter a word as he forcefully bottoms out. The only sign of discomfort is the slight crunching of the cute button nose.
Jimin doesn’t hold back. He thrusts in and out a couple times slowly before he slams inside the tight heat. His hands lift from the hybrid’s ass to come grab at the ropes on the pale thighs.
He pistons harshly against the dragon’s ass. The man finally starts to moan and Jimin is suddenly transported into another universe. There’s a loud cry as he finds the man’s sweet spot. And he continues to abuse it violently.
The dragon becomes a crying mess as he cums again after a few more hard thrusts into his prostate. His spent cock spurting only a small amount onto his stomach.
Jimin pulls out quickly and licks the cum, continuing up the dragon’s chest and harshly shoving his tongue into the man’s parted mouth.
The hybrid thrashes for a fraction of a second before he’s kissing the Prince back. Jimin quietly releases the ropes from the bed frame and slowly lowers the dragon’s legs while his tongue explores the man’s godly lips and mouth.
He finally leans back, feeling breathless. A pair of deep blue eyes pierce into his own. This time, he sees something different. The gaze is hooded, lust dripping through the dragon’s eyes. But now there’s a ring of fire around the blue irises.
Jimin doesn’t think twice before he manhandles the hybrid onto his knees, now facing the headboard. His hands remain tied above his head and his back is beautifully curved.
He quickly slams into the dragon again, earning a loud shriek. The long fingers grip at the ropes and the hybrid drops his head with a loud moan.
Jimin is merciless. He quickly finds the same spot again and abuses it frantically. Feeling himself fall deeper into a trance. He blindly grabs the leash and tugs harshly. The dragon’s head snaps up just as he lets out a deep low growl.
The sound throws him over the edge as the hybrid cries out in pleasure. The Prince believes he blacks out. He spills inside the dragon while trying to catch his breath. The pleasure pulsates under his skin and all over his body. He slowly pulls out and the dragon’s legs tremble.
He tugs on the leash again, hearing a strangled moan. “How mighty do you feel now, slut?” Jimin growls into the dragon’s ear. ~~~~~~
Yoongi’s entire body catches on fire when the Prince shoves his tongue into his abused hole. He can’t help the sounds coming out of his mouth as the other starts to bite at the soft skin of his ass.
He sucks more bruises before shoving his lubed up fingers back into the hybrid’s sensitive heat.
Yoongi is losing his grip on reality. The pain and pleasure explodes as the Prince plows into him and slaps his ass sharply. Yoongi’s mind goes blank and his body numb.
He finds himself overwhelmed with an animalistic need to claim. He feels the fire roaring inside him. His vision tunnels. He suddenly comes again at the same time as the Prince and his bindings all burst, his aching arms falling with a thud.
The ropes around his thighs fall on the bed as the collar clicks open. He’s quickly overcome with his usual magical power but this time it’s bursting at the seams. He whirls around, glare landing on the surprised Prince and throwing the collar aside.
Once confident looking, the Prince is now frozen. Yoongi can’t tell if it's out of arousal or fear. From his experience with the man so far he thinks it's arousal. The painful burn that comes when he needs to shift is back in full force, backed by the blinding need to claim.
Although the need is deep and powerful, Yoongi can’t help but feel angry. Why this Prince? This foul mouthed, self absorbed prince who takes what he wants.
He can feel his body start to vibrate with the roar that is growing in his throat. His teeth aching as they elongate.
“Prince.” Yoongi grins, showing off his now longer teeth and orange rimmed eyes. “Does the safe word still work for you?”
“You’re speaking too freely for someone who was just used for hours.” The Prince comes to his senses, making direct eye contact with the Dragon.
Yoongi’s smile only grows, his completely spent cock hardening at the thought of getting his hands on the beautiful Prince. He lifts his gaze and notices the pretty crown on the man’s head. It remains in place, not having moved an inch.
“I think it’s time I return the favour, dear Prince.” Yoongi drops his tone, staring back at the man through his lashes. He sees the Prince gulp before shuffling backwards slightly, as if getting his footing to run away.
“I wouldn't recommend running away, you may have got me the first time but I’m a fast learner.” “Fuck you.” The Prince bites out before turning around and jumping off the bed.
His perky ass jiggling causing the dragon to groan before moving fast after him. Before the Prince can reach the exit, Yoongi has him pinned to the closest wall. ~~~~~~~~~~~
The minute the ropes and collar broke and Jimin saw the fire rim around the Dragon’s eyes, he knew he was fucked. He couldn’t tell if the feeling in his gut was fear or arousal but the thought of the hybrid's thick cock splitting him open caused his own to harden.
Now that the tables were turned and the dragon’s hardness was rubbing against his awaiting hole he couldn’t help the sounds that were released from his mouth. The other man was panting in his neck, seemingly struggling with more than just arousal.
Soon Jimin felt a hand come and wrap around his throat. The veiny hand hitting the exact place on either side to cut off the circulation just enough. His plump lips part and too quickly, the hand moves from around his throat and the same fingers are thrusted into his mouth.
He gags but soon the two find a rhythm. “You’d think for a slut you would be better at sucking.” The Dragon growls into Jimin’s ear before biting down on his neck.
The different pleasures and discomforts mixed together have Jimin bucking his hips against the huge cock nestled between his perfect ass cheeks. “Argghh-” Jimin lets out, not able to give his normal snarky response due to the digits pressed against his tongue.
The dragon’s other hand then comes and pinches Jimin’s nipples, the sensitivity causing the Prince to press back suddenly. He feels the large cock head catch slightly on his rim and he forgets to breathe for a second.
Fearing that he is going to be torn in half, Jimin twists his hips sideways. Soon, he is facing the hybrid, one leg hiked up. No longer using his fingers to play with the Prince’s nipples or mouth, the man brings them around Jimin’s fluttering hole.
Just as he feels the long digit start to enter, the dragon moves his head down biting the Prince’s nipple hard. The pain mixed with pleasure causes him to cry out, his head thrown back and his mind emptying.
A brutal pace is set. Jimin can tell the hybrid has had enough with the banter, games, and small talk. Frankly, he was too. It had been a long time since he had bottomed and he forgot how amazing it felt to be split open.
“You’re much prettier when you aren’t talking.” “Shut the fuck up.” Jimin moans out, the dragon answering by adding a third finger and scissoring them open even more.
“What was it you said? I don’t take orders from lowly Dragons? Well I don’t take orders from spoiled Princes.”
A hard thrust hits Jimin’s prostate dead on, causing him to arch off the wall. The Prince’s arms come up until his hands are laced in thick hair He pulls tightly.
After a few more harsh pumps of the hybrid's fingers, Jimin is left suddenly empty. A whine leaves his mouth. He can barely breathe and his cock is hard and leaking. Yoongi steps back and Jimin’s leg falls. The only stabiliser he has is the wall behind him.
A warm hand come up to his nape, the pressure pulling him from the wall and guiding him over to his chair. A plush chair that he often used to read but he had a feeling after tonight it would be tainted. “Kneel.” Yoongi growls. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
Seeing the Prince presented perfectly for him, Yoongi loses what little composure he has. The man’s upper body was pressed against the back of the chair while he kneeled on the cushion, his back arched sinfully.
The prince’s pink hole is perfectly showing but it's too dry. Leaning down, Yoongi dives in. He licks deep and around the fluttering ring as the Royal moans out. “Mmmm.”
Yoongi bites on each perfectly tanned cheek before spitting on and rubbing the puffed rim. Without any warning, he lines his leaking cock to the spit rimmed hole and thrust in, bottoming out and grinding hard. He feels the chair skid slightly and the Prince screams out.
“Fuck!” Once the tight walls loosen up, Yoongi grabs the man's shoulders and sets an animalistic pace, one that satisfies the beast within him. It's hard and fast and although he’s holding onto the man, the chair is still sliding.
Getting tired of it, the hybrid bottoms out once again and puts his arms under the Prince. Holding him tight and bouncing him on his thick cock. “No! Not like this, it’s too deep.” The Prince screeches out, his lashes wet with tears but moans still leaving his mouth.
“Your filthy mouth says one thing, but your body says another. You’re hole is gripping my cock so hard I feel like it may suffocate.”
Yoongi bounces the Prince harder a few more times before slowing down and positioning the man back on the chair in his previous position. He’s buried deep and he brings the Prince’s hand down to his navel. “Do you feel me?”
Yoongi thrusts hard again, the pressure from the prince’s hand clear. “I’m going to fill you with so much cum you’re going to be leaking for days and then beg to be filled again.”
A whimper escapes from the usually feisty man but now he is moaning and sobbing from pleasure. “Let me ride you.” Yoongi flickers his eyes over to see the prince’s lidded gaze on him. “It’s only right... Every Dragon should have its rider.” Yoongi scoffs.
“And you think you own the right to that title.” Yoongi captures the man's lips with his own. Their tongues dancing and their sounds being caught. The sound of skin slapping and moans are the only noise in the dim room. ~~~~~~~
Jimin is filled with so much cum when the dragon finally releases into his abused hole. The over sensitivity is too much to bear as the hybrid continues to grind forcefully. “This is the one time I’m gonna ask you to obey me!” The man growls loudly as he stops moving.
Every hair on Jimin’s spent body stands up. “You will get up and walk with me to the bed. Just follow my movements…”
Jimin immediately obeys with a slight fear brewing in his chest. He’s quickly laid down on his side with the dragon still buried painfully deep inside, cum spilling over and dripping down the prince’s trembling thighs. He barely settles before he feels the incredible burn.
“Now…my dear Prince…don’t blame me for this.” Jimin can only cry out when the dragon’s knot starts to inflate, locking them together. The cum continues to flow out of his stretched rim as the tears stain his cheeks and the Prince cums again.
He vaguely feels a strong arm circling his middle and pulling him closer. In his daze of pain and pleasure, Jimin barely feels the sharp canines on his neck.
The dragon grinds his knot even deeper once more and he bites down with force. The Prince screams, cock dribbling pathetically. And his blurry vision goes dark. ~~~~~
Yoongi quickly realises the Prince is unconscious. He hugs him tightly as he licks the wound on the man's neck. His brain is floating, hovering somewhere between insanity and complete satisfaction. His insides burn slowly.
He’s overwhelmed with the instinct to protect, protect, protect. He curls over the slumped unconscious Prince and falls asleep. ~~~~~~~
When Jimin opens his eyes, the sun is beaming in the room. He quickly shuts his eyes again. After a while, he tries to move but his sore body is trapped. He turns his head slightly feeling some pain shoot up his back.
All he sees is black shiny scales. He springs up instantly, waking the beast in the process. Those big blue eyes pierce through his soul the second they open. And then he moves.
His adrenaline jolts him and Jimin limping to his bow, loading it with another poisoned arrow. His hands shake which never happens. When he looks up and points the shaky weapon at the glowing chest, he freezes.
The dragon doesn’t move but he growls lowly. Jimin’s hand shakes some more and he can’t take the shot. Right then, a sharp pain explodes in his neck and one of his hands flies to it.
He stares at the dragon as his brain starts to function again and he feels the bite mark.
“You…” “You fucking MATED me?!” He shouts, rage boiling under his skin but still frozen in place. ~~~~~~
Yoongi is back in his dragon form and he’s frozen. Did he really mate the Prince? His sharp eyes survey the man’s neck and yes, that is his mating bite. He doesn’t even remember the shifting.
He vaguely remembers the mating but the energy is still buzzing under his scales. He stares back at the Prince who has that god-forsaken bow pointed at his chest. But he somehow knows the man won’t take the shot.
He decides to shift back, feeling confident his mate won’t try to kill him. In an instant, he is standing naked in front of the weapon and the Prince. “Hi…my dear mate!” Yoongi taunts immediately.
“What the fuck have you done?” The Prince shouts as he lowers the bow and his hand goes up to his neck. “I’ve given you what you wanted…” the hybrid says, eyes locked on his mate.
“W-what I want-…” the Prince utters in disbelief, making Yoongi chuckle. “Now…let’s go ride away into the sunset…dear mate…” Yoongi taunts some more with a noticeable smirk.
“You’re a piece of shit you know…” the Prince says under his breath as he drops the weapon on the ground, the arrow splitting slightly at the tip.
“Did you not capture me and ask to be my rider…oh almighty Prince?” “Whatever…let me get some food and I’ll shut your mouth more efficiently after.” The sassy Prince states before he limps into his closet. The dragon chuckles. ~~~~~~
🐉 The End 🐉
A/N Hi guys! I hope you enjoyed this filth. It was quite fun to write. 🙈 Now back to writing some sugary fluff… (Again, I couldn’t have done it without my beautiful @-ㅅ- sadie •᷄ɞ•᷅ yoongi pls have mercy 💕)
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