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#namjinau where stoic, level headed literature professor Kim Namjoon is forced into an arranged marriage with slightly deranged, highly unpredictable, borderline insane, actor Kim Seokjin. Seokjin is hated by everyone it seems and Namjoon struggles. A lot. 🔞

This is a commissioned fic for one of my favorite people on this app, @Moonie. I started this a while ago and will be finishing it for her 💜💜
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#namjinau where stoic, level headed literature professor Kim Namjoon is forced into an arranged marriage with slightly deranged, highly unpredictable, borderline insane, actor Kim Seokjin. Seokjin is hated by everyone it seems and Namjoon struggles. A lot. 🔞
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"Seokjin ssi.. I'm curious.." He murmured gently, hand leaving his waist , moving up to his jaw instead.Jin dropped his gaze, staring at where their feet almost touched. Namjoon curled his forefinger under his chin tilting it up till their eyes met. "What are you so afraid of? "
Namjoon's words hit him broadside, the weight behind their meaning making him want to run and hide. The question itself was so heavy , so terrifying that he couldn't hold the other's gaze. Instead, he swallowed and licked his lips. "Men." he said simply. " Men scare me."
Namjoon held his gaze for a few moments. And then he slowly pulled his hand back. Seokjin felt the air between them, charged with tension and he couldn't help but hold his breath. Finally, the other sighed, stepping back and away from him. "I have a few lectures today."
"But I'll take the evening off. Get ready at around four. We'll go pick some stuff out for our home." "Home?" Seokjin stared, confused. "Our home." Namjoon corrected him. " Your and mine. We're going to be living here together. I'd feel better if you put a bit of yourself in it."
The words took him by surprise. He stayed quiet , watching as Namjoon finished dressing himself before reaching for the blow dryer. There was something unexplainably intimate about watching someone get ready. Or maybe it felt that way because Seokjin had never seen it before.
Namjoon was careful and meticulous as he groomed himself, no rushed movements or hurried steps. It was an extension of his personality, Seokjin realized. He was a cool and collected young man, sure of himself. Seokjin suddenly felt small and rather pathetic. "I want this."
Namjoon said suddenly, startling him. "Sorry?" "I want this." Namjoon insisted. " This marriage. Intimacy. All that comes with sharing your life and heart with another human being. I won't settle for anything less than that. Like I told you, I am greedy when it comes to you."
Seokjin turned around quickly, leaving the room with hurried footsteps. He slipped into the guest room and locked the door behind him, leaning back against it and breathing in and out , rather harshly. What exactly had he gotten himself into? ✨✨✨
Namjoon's last lecture for the day ended at around three thirty that evening and he stood at his desk, carefully packing away his notes and pens when the door to his office creaked open a little, followed by a delicate, cautious little knock. Frowning, Namjoon glanced at the time
It was almost four. He had asked Seokjin to stay ready for him. Sighing, he called out a reluctant, " Come in." A second later, Jungkook's dark haired head peeked in, the student looking pink and flushed and breathing a little erratically. He looked like he had been running.
"Ah, Jungkook ah? " He smiled a little, " I'm running a little late. Is this something important or can it wait?" Jungkook frowned. "You're leaving early?" He pouted. " You told me you could help me out with last week's assignment questions. That we could discuss them."
Namjoon flinched as he remembered some hurried words exchanged when he was in a rush. Groaning he ran a hand over his face. "Oh, was that today?" He sighed, glancing at the clock again. " Can we have a rain check on this, Jungkook ah? My husband's waiting for me back home."
Jungkook didn't respond right away. Instead he watched him carefully, eyes flitting from his wedding ring to his face. "Won't he understand if you explain it's your job. And that you promised." he pouted again. " please, Mr. Kim" Namjoon hesitated, unsure.
"Jungkook the reference book I need is back at my apartment. Even if we sit with it right now, I wouldn't be able to do justice to it." He sighed. " Are you sure you can't wait a couple of days." "The dance festival is coming up, Mr. Kim and I'll be busy with rehearsals."
After a minute of silence, Jungkook cleared his throat. "How about this? Why don't you take me home with you? It'll only take about an hour or so and your husband can see for himself that you're just working." Namjoon chuckled. "i don't have to prove that to him. He trusts me."
"But, well.. alright. You can come with me and we'll work through the questions quickly. But this won't be a habit. I still am going to find you a proper tutor son, Jungkook ah..." Jungkook looked thrilled, wrapping his arms around him and jumping a little. Namjoon laughed. Cute.
✨✨✨ Seokjin took an embarrassingly long time picking out clothes that evening. He hadn't brought a lot of his clothes along, mostly because all of those fancy designer fabrics had terrible memories attached to them.His wardrobe wasn't scant but still, the options were limited.
In the end he settled for a simple white sweater over a white collared shirt, pairing them with fitted jeans and white sneakers. He took his wallet although he had no money to speak of, and then sat on the couch, staring up at the small clock over the mantel. He was running late.
Seokjin watched the seconds tick by, trying not to panic. He was bad with waiting. Waiting always made him nervous and miserable. It filled him with anxiety as well. as the hour hand inched closer to five he felt his fingers and toes start to shake just a little.
Just when he decided he was going to call Namjoon, the doorbell rang and he felt a huge wave of relief sweep over him. He rushed to the door throwing it open , only to be met with the sight of Namjoon with someone else. Seokjin stared. "Hey, Sorry I'm late. This is Jungkook."
Seokjin looked back and forth between the two of them, confused and a little disoriented. "You told me to get ready." he said stiltedly, his heart clenching and withdrawing before he could stop himself." If you're busy you shouldn't have asked me to get ready."
There was an awkward silence that followed and Namjoon cleared his throat. Jungkook on the other hand shuffled closer to the taller man, hand coming up to lightly touch Namjoon's forearm. The boy was painfully young and innocent looking, Seokjin thought with a grimace.
"Jungkook's a student of mine." he explained. " He need my help with a few questions on an assignment of his. We'll be done with it real quick. And we can head out afterwards. I'm sorry, Seokjin. I know I should have given you a heads up." Jungkook however was glaring at him.
Seokjin had been on the receiving end of too many ill intended glares in his life, to not recognize the annoyance and borderline anger in Jungkook's gaze. That coupled with the gentle grip on Namjoon's forearm, the fact that a student had come to a professor's apartment,
all of it added up pretty easily in his head. He fought the urge to roll his eyes. "Well, then. Come in." he stepped to the side, letting them enter. " It is your house after all." Namjoon gave him a small frown at that. "No need to be acidic over this." he muttered.
Seokjin didn't respond, moving instead to settle on the couch , curling into himself and wrapping his arms around his legs as Namjoon and his student settled on the dining table. As he watched, Jungkook's annoyance grew. Seokjin could sense it. The student couldnt stand him.
Seokjin couldn't help but wonder why Jungkook was so enamored by Namjoon. Handsome and smart withstanding, his husband was two decades older than the boy. Seokjin had been with older men and he always saw them with disgust. But Jungkook? Jungkook's eyes fairly beamed.
And the touches. Namjoon would have to be a fool, to not notice the casual but completely unnecessary way Jungkook kept touching his forearm and sometimes his bare fingers. Or the way he stared at his husband's lips, every few minutes. Seokjin felt miserable.
Because right now, his mind told him only one thing: Namjoon was no different from the predators he'd met growing up. All men, really were the same. weren't they? If Namjoon had an ounce of decency he would be pushing the kid away. Feeling just a little nauseous, he sat up.
Namjoon glanced up at him then. "What's wrong?" he asked quietly. Seokjin shook his head. "I'm going to change into my pajamas." he said casually. Namjoon stared at him. "It's only been twenty minutes. Just give us another ten minutes." he said quietly.
Seokjin glanced at Jungkook who was smirking lightly at him. He was not in the mood to play tug of war over his husband, much less with a literal child. "I changed my mind." he said softly. " i don't want to go anywhere. Anymore." He walked away. ✨✨✨
"Funny that between the pair of you, I would have thought Jungkook was the one more likely to act like a child." Namjoon's casual remark made Seokjin pause in front of the mirror , where he was blow drying his hair. The actor closed his eyes, taking deep breaths.
"is the child," he stressed, " gone?" Namjoon sighed. "A part of me is quite happy that you care enough about me to be jealous. But the rational part is here to remind you that he's a kid. A student moreover. There's nothing untoward happening between us." "He wants to fuck you."
Seokjin turned to give him a soft smile. " Or should I say, he wants to be fucked by you." Namjoon rolled his eyes. "I think you're projecting." he grinned. " Maybe its you who wants to-" "My company sent me to acting school for two years. When I was eighteen."
Namjoon smiled. "I see. And?" "And I've been there. I know what its like to want to get together with a really hot professor. I also know that it would get said professor fired. I did marry you for your money after all . So its in my best interest if you don't get fired."
Namjoon stared at him for a few more seconds before nodding. "Very well then." he said with a shrug. " I'll try to keep it in my pants around Jungkook so I can make enough money to spoil my gorgeous husband." he smiled, " Satisfied?" Seokjin hesitated. "Do you think he's cute?"
Namjoon sighed, walking over to Seokjin's side, and only stopping when he was right behind him, in front of the large vanity mirror. "I think he's a child." he said firmly. " almost two decades younger than me. Is that a new shampoo?" he leaned in, breathing deep .
Seokjin turned around till they were face to face, his back pressed against the counter as he glared daggers up at the man he called his husband. "Why did you bring him here?" he snapped, " last I heard that's not something professors do." "His father's the dean."
Seokjin smiled. "Nepo baby." he shook his head. " Special privileges, is that it? Just how far do these privileges go, I wonder... " Namjoon frowned. "It was cute when you first started but now its annoying. I don't fuck my students. So cut it out." he said quietly.
"You should tell him that. Don't want to walk in on you pinning him to the dining table next week..." he muttered, making to move away but Namjoon grabbed his arms, tugging him back in front of him. "Why," he whispered, " do you insist on being so fucking difficult?"
Seokjin scoffed. "Is that why you married me? Because you thought I would be easy?" He glared, trying to tug his arms away. " Let go of me." Namjoon pressed in, pushing him up against the vanity behind him. "I married you because i wanted you. Now I'm not sure if its worth it."
Seokjin glared at him. "Oh, fuck you." he snapped, making to push away but Namjoon laughed, dropping his arms in favor of wrapping his own arm around him. "You can try and change my mind, though. Starting with a kiss.." "I would rather drink bleach!" The doorbell rang.
Namjoon swore. "Who the fuck is that...?" He muttered, " Hold that thought." he pressed a finger to Seokjin's lips, before turning on his heel and walking out the door. Seokjin let out the breath he had been holding, hands shaking a little. He turned around to stare at himself.
His face looked flushed and his ears were red. Sighing he reached for a hair brush to run through his hair when he heard a vaguely familiar voice out in the hallway. "Stop crying and tell me what's wrong." Namjoon's voice dripped with worry and Seokjin frowned.
Namjoon had first met Kang Seri when he was eight years old. Seris mother and his, they had been the best of friends and consequently, almost every other day was spent in each other's company, with numerous playdates and shared activities. Namjoon loved her.
They had grown up together, gone to college together and pretty much watched each other grow. . The only thing Namjoon didn't like about Seri was her choice of dating partners. His best friend was drawn to abusive men and Namjoon inevitably was left to rescue her from them.
"I just wanted to visit my mom, but he got so, so mad and started screaming at me, and I was so scared. And I didn't know where to go Joon ah.. I can't go home. You know how worried my mother gets and I'm terrified of going back home. I'm scared he'll hurt me. "
Namjoon sighed, holding her closer, and stroking the back of her head as she clung to him. Movement near the hallway made him look up, and his eyes met those of his husband's . Seokjin was watching them, half hidden by the curtains and he noticed the wary look in his eyes.
"Okay, Seri.. Just... I'm going to get the guest room ready and you can stay here for the night. But If you're feeling unsafe , you need to get out of there and cut that guy loose, you know that, right?" Seri sniffled. "You know its not that simple." she whispered.
Namjoon thought it was, but he couldn't tell her that. Instead he gently pulled away from her before helping her onto the couch and pouring her a glass of water. He then went over to Seokjin who gave him an amused glance. "You're just the neighbourhood superhero, I see?"
Namjoon didn't respond for a second. "She needs a place to stay." "It's your house." Seokjin said curtly, turning away but Namjoon grabbed his arm, squeezing lightly. "We need to talk. About Jungkook. About Seri. About us." "I have no interest in any of those. Least of all us."
Seokjin pulled his hand away. "I'm not going to join the list of your charity projects. I have no intention of sitting around waiting for you finish tending to your students, your best friend, you mother and then hope that there will be enough attention left for me to bask in."
Namjoon chuckled a bit at that. "See, when you provoke me like that, I get tempted to show you what its like when I give someone all of my attention. The only thing stopping me, is knowing that you would never be able to handle it." he smiled. " Go get some rest. good night."
🍷🍷🍷 "Seri needs a place to stay." Namjoon spoke into the phone, leaning against the railing of the balcony, watching the skyline. On the other end of the line, his mother made a noise of impatience. "She can't stay with you?" "You know she can't." "Because of him?"
Namjoon rolled his eyes. "Yes, because of my husband. We're newly wedded and we would like our privacy." "Utter nonsense. He doesn't care about anyone but himself. You need only take one look at his face to understand that. Why you would waste your time on him when-"
"That dinner you wanted me to attend next weekend. With all of your rich buddies? " Namjoon said casually. " I would rather be anywhere else in the world, than at that dinner. But if you come pick her up tomorrow morning, I can be persuaded to make an appearance."
There was a small length of silence at that. "Will you be alone?" she prompted. "No." Namjoon said simply. " I'll be there with my husband. As I should. if that's a problem, we have bigger issues than me not coming to a dinner, mother. Do we have bigger issues?"
His mother chuckled at that. "You really are committed to this dedicated husband act you've been putting on, aren't you darling? It's entertaining to watch but we both know its not going to last. Someone like you couldn't possibly be happy with someone like that.We both know it."
Namjoon hummed, non committal. "Don't be so sure about that mother. Men can go to ridiculous lengths, just so they can keep a pretty face in their bed, right? Isn't that what you told me, every time Dad cheated on you." There was a sharp intake of breath at that.
"Crude and uncouth. So unlike you. Is that his influence? He comes straight from the gutter. Don't let him sully your reputation and your family's name the way he's already dirtied your attitude." Namjoon laughed. "Just come pick her up. Give me a call when you get here."
He hung up, slipping the phone into the small pocket of his robe before folding his arms over the railing and closing his eyes against the night breeze. It was late at night, and yet the city didn't sleep. Inside his bedroom, he knew his new husband couldn't sleep either.
It was tempting to go back there and slip into the bed next to him, but he didn't want to upset him further. Sighing he ran a hand over his face, the metal of his wedding ring brushing against his skin. He stared at it for a second, playing with it. He wanted to make this work.
And he would do whatever he had to, to make sure that it did. 🍷🍷🍷
Seokjin woke up to the sound of utensils clattering in the kitchen. He blinked awake, trying to clear the cobwebs of sleep off his brain, sitting up and throwing his legs over the side of the bed, almost on autopilot. He glanced at Namjoon's side of the bed. It was empty.
Not just empty but clearly not slept in. So where did he sleep last night? With her? He closed his eyes shut at that, groaning and rubbing the heel of his hand against his eyes. Well, if he did then that was just great. And it wasn't really any of his business anyway.
He stood up straighter before folding his sheets and fixing the bed. once he finished his morning ablutions , he dressed himself in a white t shirt and a pair of sweatpants, before slowly making his way to the kitchen, hungry. He found Seri sitting at the dining table,
gripping a white porcelain mug painted with a small J. Jin stared at it, fingers curling a little. That was his mug. One of the few things he had brought along here after the marriage. He wondered if Namjoon had given it to her on purpose. "Hi." She said meekly. " I'm sorry."
Seokjin didn't reply. Instead he stared pointedly at the coffee mug. "That's mine." he said shortly and she jumped a little. "Oh?" she stared down at it. " I'm sorry, I didn't know, I just wanted to make myself a glass of-" "Well now you know. Can i have it back?"
A hand rested on his shoulder, making him stiffen. "It was an honest mistake. Let her finish her drink, I'll wash the cup for you." Namjoon said soothingly and Seokjin felt his annoyance flare a bit more. "That won't be necessary. " He said with a smile. " I can wash it myself."
She looked surprised, probably because of the vehemence in his tone but Seokjin held his ground, staring her down until her gaze shifted from him, to over his shoulder. "I'm sorry. I genuinely didn't know it was his, Joon ah... I didn't think it was such a big deal.."
"It's not." Namjoon's voice was even, tone smooth. " Seokjin, a word please?" He closed his eyes as the taller man tugged on his arm, pulling him away from the counter and into the kitchen. "Calm down." he said evenly and he glared. "I am perfectly calm." he snapped.
"Okay." he sighed. " It was an honest mistake. My mother's on the way to pick her up. She'll be gone in less than an hour. Its really not worth it to pick a fight over a coffee mug. Please." Seokjin stared at him. "All of your mugs are the same color. Black."
he said quietly. " Mine is blue and pink with sparkles on it. You're telling me she couldn't pick any of the other mugs?" Namjoon frowned. "Its probably not that serious." he said quietly. " You're overreacting." He went completely still. Of course he was. He looked away.
"Right." he said quietly. "Of course I am.Well, why don't you tell me exactly how I should react, what KI should say, how I should say it?So i don't upset all the people who actually do matter to you?" Namjoon stared at him. "You don't know how to handle affection." he whispered.
Seokjin blinked at that. "What?" "Conflict. You seek it out like its your favorite snack or something. Why?" He glared at him. Namjoon frowned. "Are you that averse to the possibility that someone actually does like you?" "I don't want to listen to your psychobabble."
Seokjin said shakily. " And to answer your question, no. I'm not averse to people liking me. I'm merely wary of people who claim to like me, especially when they don't know a single thing about me. I'm just good at spotting liars. And I don't want anything to do with them."
"Fair enough." Namjoon held his hands up. " What do you want then?" Seokjin stared at him, keeping his gaze even. "i want my mug." he said quietly. " I want a cup of coffee and I want to drink it from my mug. That's all I want." Namjoon nodded. "Okay." he stepped aside.
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