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Cute shotagumi #gofushi Gojo frowned while looking at the door. His shoes were missing again. This always seemed to happen whenever he visited the Fushiguros. He knew he left them at the door and made a mental note about it and everything. Where the hell were they now?!!

He and the kids spent about 40 minutes looking for his shoes. He didn't understand what Tsumiki found so hilarious about this situation, but every time his shoes went missing, she would start giggling. He finally found them behind the fridge... how?! He knew there weren't
any odd curses in the house, he knew there was no one else, how did his shoes keep going missing. Many months later, and many many MANY hours of searching for his shoes, once or twice giving up and leaving without them, it was one particularly bad visit that he eventually
found out what happened. The last time he was at the Fushiguros he was in a bad space, mentally, he was exhausted, so when his shoes went missing, he handled the situation a little bit more aggressively than he should or would normally had, but his shoes were found quickly.
So now he stared at his shoes, waiting in the same spot for him. He turned to Tsumiki, who had a worried look on her face, Megumi hadn't really stuck around for this visit. "Ah, I see my shoes didn't go walking." He laughed with an awkward laugh, Tsumiki gave him a tight-lipped
smile, not really looking at him. "It's Megumi." She quietly whispered Gojo frowned at her, waiting for her to explain She bit the inside of her cheek before continuing, "he hides people shoes so they will stay long, the harder they are to find, the more he wants you to stay."
Gojo stared down at his shoes, so Megumi didn't want him to stay this time. Was it because of last time? He smiled at the girl and said his goodbyes. He made sure to keep his visits light and friendly and found joy in when his shoes started going missing again, making a
show of looking for them. Every time he left the house and saw his shoes missing, this would warm his heart. ~time skip~ "Satoru!" Gojo could hear his cute little husband's voice call from the other room. "Yes Megumi-chan~" He called back, knowing what this was about.
"I was about to leave for my mission, but my shoes are gone. Have you seen them?" Joined him at the door, holding his chin, thinking, "Well, you can't leave without them. It looks like you're gonna have to stay longer to look for them. I'll help." He could see Megumi
turn red as realization hit him, "h-how long have you known?" Gojo just laughs and starts dramatically looking for Megumi's shoes, while Megumi grumbles about being late. -end-
Extra. Gojo brings a 'friend' over to meet the Fushiguros. It was mostly by accident that this whole thing happened, but now he had no choice. As they were saying their goodbyes, Megumi brought the visiting woman her shoes, but not Gojo's. Gojo already knew what this meant,
but surprised at the turn of events. He could see Tsumiki didn't mind the woman, but Megumi didn't like her, then why would he bring her shoes to her... He almost choked on his spit when he figured it out. If Megumi hid the shoes to keep the person there longer, then
bring the person shoes to them was a way to get them out faster. What made it all the more funnier was this woman believing that Megumi had a crush on her and was so cute for bringing her her shoes. Gojo smiled. Well, they could agree on that, Megumi did have a cute face.
As the woman was about to make a pass on Gojo, he said his goodbyes, not finishing their date. He went back to the Fushiguros and spent the night with them, and to his delight, his shoes were missing the next morning. -Okay, end for real-


18+ basically Gumi ships and some very questionable content, like 'huh' questionable..
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