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bordy || busy and dying 🫠

bordy || busy and dying 🫠

Jan 7, 2023
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i want a #zhongchi au where childe is a fox hybrid and he shifts into his fox form whenever he’s anxious or upset. zhongli coming home after work and doesn’t see childe in his usual spots, only to go upstairs to find a little red fox curled under his shirt.

zhongli, having long since learnt of his lover’s habits, makes childe some of his favourite food and tries to lure his fox out of his shirt. fox!childe just peeks his head out, walking over with zhongli’s shirt draped over him. he crawls into zhongli’s lap, taking small bites.
zhongli just quietly pets him, and when fox!childe is done eating, he bundles the fox in his shirt and cuddles him as they sleep. the next morning, zhongli has an armful of a still upset human!childe. zhongli takes care of him, holding him until childe tells him what’s wrong.
i hc for foxtaglia his fox form is like a source of comfort for him, so he shifts to get away from all his negative emotions. and of course zhongli is understanding, just letting him be until he’s comfortable shifting back.
bordy || busy and dying 🫠
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