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Jan 9, 2023
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#yoonminau | ☕️📖 Park Jimin quite literally gives zero fucks about school. He’s just there to party, have fun. But he gets dragged to the library one day and spots Yoongi. He’s stunned he’s never seen a more beautiful boy. He starts frequenting the library just to see him.

“Yeah Jiminie, he’s like here everyday,” Namjoon had said. Jimin dropped his voice to a real whisper. “How do you know that?” He tries not to stare too long, he might come off creepy.
“He’s in my class, we have the same major but he’s like a year older I think? I don’t know, I see him here everyday though when I’m here.”
Jimin ponders. He’s lived on this campus for two years and he’s never seen this beautiful creature before? If the library’s the only place they can cross paths, then the library is where Jimin will be.
He comes like clockwork, but on the first day the beautiful long haired boy isn’t there for…three hours after Jimin arrives. He’s got to leave for class in ten minutes, he wasted the whole day waiting for him.
But the glimpse was worth it because the feline eyed stranger looked at him. Jimin was used to people looking at him, always someone’s object of desire. But apparently not for him. His eyes simply trailed away and he opened his laptop. Jimin notes how nice his hands were.
Shamefully, he imagined that hands pressed other places. His phone buzzed. Taehyung was coming to scoop him from the library so they could walk to class together.
He showed up again the next day, same time, nine in the morning. But again, the boy wasn’t here until afternoon. Frustrated, Jimin‘s fingers flew to text Namjoon.
“We’re education majors, Jimin. All of our classes are in the morning. Trying showing up after 12.”
Jimin sighed. Most of his classes were in the afternoon. But Tuesdays and Thursdays he didn’t have class at all. He’d have to make those days count.
As he started spending more time at the library, just to see this beautiful boy, a few things start to happen. One, he starts to understand his classes better.
The first few times he played around on his phone or watched Netflix. But too soon he realized that he could be productive. Besides, maybe if he looked studious then teaching student might notice him.
Speaking of noticing things, he started to learn a lot about the dark haired boy. He bribed Namjoon for his name since they were in the same program. From there he gained knowledge by both observation and social media deep dive.
Min Yoongi. Senior in the college of education, studying music education.
The social media task was actually quite difficult. He didn’t have much to go by. One Instagram page with ten posts, all of which were either a tiny black kitten, black coffee, a piano or books. Jimin didn’t have much to go by from there.
But library observations? He learned so much. Like how he always opted for over the head earphones rather than buds like the rest of the library goers. He never brought snacks, friends, or anything else besides his tan shoulder bag and an iced black coffee.
He liked to sit at the same table, the one by the window where the sun hit just right and made your skin feel warm inside the chilled library. He wore a lot of cardigans, so Jimin thought he must get cold easily.
One day, after several weeks of going to the library and studying, Jimin almost worked up the courage to ask Yoongi out. He walked by his window table three times, finding a new excuse to get up. 1. A snack. 2. Water for go with the snack. 3. A bathroom trip.
By the end of the bathroom trip he was gone. However, his coffee cup wasn’t. In the least creepy way possible, Jimin picked it up as if he were going to throw it away. He looked at the logo to see that it was one of the smaller, independent shops on campus.
His coffee always looked quite full so Jimin assumed he got it before walking over to the library.
The next day, he showed up to that coffee shop around 11:15. He sat at a table, sifting through his book before he noticed the glimpse of a tan bag catch the corner of his eye.
He stood quickly, hopping in line right behind Yoongi. His heart pounded. What the hell was he going to say? He’d spent all this time watching him but had no clue on how to even start the conversation.
Just as they both approached the counter, surprising the shit out of him, Yoongi turned. “Buying my coffee is probably step one before asking me on a date.”
Jimin cocked his head to the side, confused. “I—” “You’re not every good at being discrete, Park Jimin.”
Jimin’s mouth slips into a smirk. “You know my name?” “Of course I do. I had to ask Namjoon to make sure you weren’t a stalker. He said you’re harmless, but only time will tell. So coffee, it’s on you, right?”
~~~ just a cute little drabble for now. I could pick it back up another time. ♡
After continuous live I’ve decided we need to see a little more ♡
“So coffee, it’s on you, right?” The guy says and fuck, Jimin’s never heard someone sound so hot being cocky in his entire life. His wallet comes out immediately.
A smirk is still plastered on Min Yoongi’s face as he turned to the barista. “I’ll have a decaf iced americano and I’m sure he’ll have,” he places a finger in his chin, “he looks the type to enjoy an iced vanilla latte.”
“With cinnamon on top,” Jimin adds. “Because everyone could use a little spice in their life.”
He slides his credit card across the counter and Yoongi’s eyebrow rises. “A black card?” “It’s my father’s” Jimin says. “Of course it is,” there’s an air of amusement in the older’s voice.
Jimin texts Namjoon while they wait for coffee because now that he’s captured the attention of his object of affection he doesn’t know what to do. Jimin’s used to people pining after him, never the other way. “Why the hell didn’t you tell me Yoongi asked about me??”
Yoongi doesn’t seem to mind the silence. He looks at the bulletin board on the wall that shows all of the events going on in town around campus. Jimin noticed one flyer particularly stood out.
“Wait? Thats your name,” he points at the bottom of a flyer that says there’s a concert this Saturday. “You’re in a band?”
Yoongi bobs his head as he reaches for their drinks. “I’m surprised your stalking abilities didn’t lead you to figure that out. I play the keyboard.” Jimin takes a sip from his cold coffee and grins, it’s smooth and sweet, just the way he likes it. “That’s cool.”
They exit onto the bustling fall street where the leaves are changing and bikers and walkers take up the road. Jimin loves fall in Seoul. He loves fall on campus even more. “So where is our first date going to be?” Yoongi asks. “Since you went to illegal lengths to find me.”
Jimin’s mouth gapes open wide. Yoongi notices one of his front teeth pokes out just a little more than the other. “Cute,” the older murmurs. “There was no illegal activity involved!” He defends.
Yoongi tapa a few times on his phone then holds up an article.
“Punishable, by law,” he says point blank. “Instead I’m allowing you the great privilege of taking me on a date rather than pressing charges.”
Jimin laughs, hearty and loud. “I wasn’t stalking you. I was oogling from across the room.”
“Park Jimin I’ve seen you do a keg stand in the middle of a living room, do a belly shot off your best friend, but I’ve never seen you pick up a book. I think changing your study habits because you think I’m hot is stalking.”
“I never said I think you’re hot,” Jimin sips his coffee defiantly. He’s never felt so…off his game before. “Your voice carries in a quiet library, Jimin.” Fuck, Jimin loves the way he says his name. Like every syllable is important.
“Wait, dial it back. What do you mean you’ve seen me do a keg stand? Have we been to the same parties?” “Multiple times,” Yoongi replies.
Jimin has been to more house parties than he can count, sometimes more than one in a night, especially during sports season. There’s no way he’s seen Yoongi at a party before and never spoke to him.
“You always seemed a bit, occupied with someone else or elses.”
What Jimin notices is that there’s no tone of judgment or distaste in Yoongi’s statement. He also wasn’t going to explain nor apologize for what it was. “This is probably true.”
“So anyway,” Yoongi says. “The date. We’ve walked all the way to the library and either two things can happen from here.” “Two things?”
“You either tell me where our first date will be and I’ll see you there. Or, you just leave and maybe we cross paths and maybe we don’t.”
“What about coming into the library and studying together? That’s a date..right?” Jimin had never dated in his life.
Yoongi shakes his head. Jimin likes the way his hair curls at the end, dark and wispy around his pretty neck. “Absolutely not. You’d distract me.”
“I’ll sit at a different table.” “Still distracting,” Yoongi sips his coffee so evenly that Jimin isn’t even remotely prepared for the next line that comes out of his mouth.
“You know, Jimin. You’ve been distracting me for weeks. All I’ve been able to think about is that pretty little mouth of yours, that’s so pouty when you study, and what you might taste like,” he takes another swig.
Jimin swallows, even though he hasn’t drank any coffee. Yoongi looks at him with innocent and waiting eyes. “A date?” “You’re sure you have to study we could just go back to my place?” “I don’t fuck before the first date.”
“Do you fuck on the first date?” “If it’s a good date but you’re already pushing your luck you haven’t chosen a place.” “What if the date is at my apartment? I’ll cook dinner.”
Yoongi cocks an eyebrow. “You cook?” “I’ll order in.” Yoongi smirks. “It’s a date.”
“Do you have any allergies?” Jimin asks once he think his breath is regulated. It’s breezy outside by why does he feel so warm right now? “That’s an oddly kind thing to ask.” “My intentions are selfish,” Jimin admits. “Cant have you going anaphylactic before we fuck.”
Laughter spills out of Yoongi’s chest and butterflies dance around in Jimin’s belly. What the fuck is going on? He never feels like this. “You’re assuming the date will be good then.”
“Absolutely,” Jimin says. “No way it won’t be.” “Until tomorrow, then?”
Yoongi turns on his heel to head into the library. “Wait!” Jimin calls. “Your number?”
Yoongi walks over with his phone out stretched. Jimin hands him his. “Surprised you didn’t bride Namjoon to give it to you.” “He said he didn’t have it,” Jimin hands the phone back. “You know he said you were harmless, but I’m starting to think he lied.”
He slips the phone back in his pocket. Jimin doesn’t miss the once over he gives him. “Text me your address. See you tomorrow, stalker.”
Realistically, Yoongi shouldn't be going to this guy's place. Hoseok, the worrier he is, made him share his live location. "With notifications on!" he demanded. "If you leave the spot, or your body does I want to know."
Yoongi had laughed but handed his roommate his phone. "He's too small to kill me, Hoba. But if it gives you peace of mind..." "Nothing about this gives me peace of mind," he typed a few things on the screen. "I want updates, if you don't text me back I'll assume you're dead."
"Why can't you just assume we're busy, with...other activities?" Yoongi ran his fingers through his hair. It looked fine enough. He brushed his hand over his stomach, smoothing the wrinkles. Prickles of nervousness fluttered there.
Hoseok rolled his eyes and handed the phone back. "I can't believe you're going to fuck your stalker."
"Stalker by definition, yes, but Namjoon was the one that was like 'oh, hyung, he just doesn't know how to talk to you', plus, he's hot." "The lengths we go to for hot men," his roommate shook his head dramatically. "Speaking of, you're going to be late and Jin is coming over."
Yoongi tucked his phone in his back pocket. "Well then I better get out of here so you can fuck you're non-stalker, huh?" A pillow was lodged at his head before he slipped out the door.
So, sure, he shouldn't be walking over to Jimin's right now. But it's all in harmless fun. It'll probably be an awkward date. Jimin will probably try to rush through things to get straight to sex, because that's what he's known for.
They'll fuck, because Yoongi's been interested in the short blonde for months. Then they'll probably part ways after and act like nothing ever happened, because that's what Yoongi is known for.
He approaches the apartment building and takes a deep breath. He raises his hand to press one of the silver buttons, calling up to apartment 13. "Hello?" Jimin's light voice carries over the speaker.
"It's Yoongi." "So you did find it. You're early. But come on up," the buzzer rings to allow him into the building.
Apartment 13 is on the second floor of the five story building. Each floor houses six apartments. It's one of the bigger but nicer complexes near campus. Yoongi had wished he could live in a place this nice. Of course, Park Jimin, known for his money, lived here.
When he gets to the hall he's surprised to see the door to Jimin's opening already. Was the elevator that loud? But then, a tall brunette, right arm laced in tattoos steps out into the hall. Yoongi's pretty sure he's seen him and Jimin at a party together.
He's talking to Jimin, quietly enough that Yoongi can't hear what they're saying. But then Jimin steps out too, into the guy's space, and hugs him so tight Yoongi's stomach flares. Is he really having him come over right after his last fuck?
The taller guy pulls away with a grin then turns. He spots Yoongi and waves, cool as a cucumber as he makes his way down the hall towards the elevator. He says nothing but bows politely as they cross paths.
Yoongi's focused on Jimin who is standing in his own door way, hands in his back pockets, with that stupid smirk he does on his face. He reaches out to run a hand down Yoongi's arm, not quite a hug, but a greeting. "Glad you made it!"
Because Yoongi's never been one to not be blunt as soon as Jimin shuts the door he turns to him, not even taking off his shoes to change into slippers yet. "Um, did you just have someone else over before me?" Jimin's lips form that pout that Yoongi's been imagining for weeks.
He grits his teeth. It's a little irritating how a pout can look cute and hot at the same time. Jimin hooks a thumb over his shoulder. "Oh? That guy..Yoongi that's my roommate."
Yoongi's stomach uncoils. Roommate of course. "Oh, I just assumed..." "That I was too rich for a roommate? That I schedule my fucks that close together?" he raises an eyebrow.
"Both," Yoongi shrugs. His shoes come off and are replaced with house slippers. "People have a lot of assumptions about me since my father is an idol. But too few get the chance to know me to learn the truth." "Well, let's change that," Yoongi smiles.
Jimin brings Yoongi in for a quick tour. The two bedroom apartment is large, almost twice the size of the space that he and Hoseok share. The living room is wide and open, too large couches taking up most of the space.
The kitchen is to die for. Yoongi loves to cook and he wishes he had the long island that Jimin does. "This is my room," he points to an open door. There's a large bed pushed to one wall, a desk, but the rest is just bathed in light by the floor to ceiling window.
"Kookie's is over there but the door is closed because it's an eyesore to the rest of the place. He hardly ever cleans it." Yoongi chuckles. "My roommate would kill me if I didn't keep my room clean. I try to explain that people don't even have to go in there."
"That's Jungkook's philosophy too." "But Hoseok says it messes up the house energy, whatever that means."
They return to the living room and Jimin grabs them beers from his fridge. "I ordered from the best noodle place on campus, it should be here soon." Yoongi takes a swig from his drink. "Well that depends on your definition of best. I grew up here, you didn't, right?"
Jimin shakes his head. "I'm from Busan, but I'm sure you knew that.." "No. Contrary to maybe what you experience, I don't really know a lot about you." "But you watch those keg stands?"
Yoongi smirks. "Sometimes your shirt rides up, and you've got a tattoo on your ribs. What gay wouldn't look at that?" Jimin giggles.
The food arrives, left at the door. Jimin grabs the bag and puts it on the island in the kitchen. He sits back down on the couch, bringing the glass bottle to his lips.
"Okay, well I think the best place is the one next to the laundromat near the dance department." Yoongi shakes his head. "That's because you're not a local. They're good, but not the best." "On the next date we can order from there, then?"
Yoongi licks his bottom lip. "You think there will be a next date?" "I didn't spend weeks doing an illegal activity to only get one date out of it."
"So you admit, stalking is illegal!" Jimin's head goes back when he laughs. Yoongi thinks that it sounds nice. It's throaty but high. It's a nice laugh. "I didn't mean for it to be stalking."
There's a bit of space between them on the couch. They're angled so they're looking at each other. Jimin's got a knee between them, but Yoongi takes initiative and scoots closer. Jimin notices because his knee moves.
"At first I didn't really pay attention to you at the library. Like I said, I've seen you at parties." "And you didn't approach me because I've been busy."
"Yeah, busy," Yoongi's eyebrows quirk up when he says it. Jimin bites his lip. "I like it when your voice gets like that." "Like what?" Yoongi asks, taking another drink.
Jimin looks at him before answering. He's taking him all in. His eyes trail from the slippers that Yoongi's wearing, up his legs where the skin pokes through the holes of his jeans, past his chest that's slightly exposed from the loose button down. They land on his mouth.
"A little...jealous. Are you a jealous person?" his voice drops a bit. "It sounded like that when you asked about Jungkook too." Warmth spreads up Yoongi's spine. "I can be."
Jimin closes the rest of the gap between them, hand coming up to cup Yoongi's neck. He can smell the beer on his breath, lips almost brushing his. "Jealousy's kind of hot, Min Yoongi." his eyes flit back down to his mouth.
Then he's being kissed. He grips the neck of the beer bottle hard because he's afraid it's going to slip from his hands. Because, fuck. Park Jimin is a damn good kisser.
His mouth is soft and Yoongi kind of wants to ask what lip balm he uses because he can feels the moisturizer against his own. He tastes like beer and maybe a little bit of mint, Yoongi wonders if he brushed his teeth recently. Jimin pulls him closer by his neck.
It's a little needy. Yoongi loves needy. He feels the beer bottle being taken from him, set on the living room table, but the kiss never breaks. If anything, it deepens. Jimin's tongue gliding smoothly into his mouth. Yoongi's stomach grows warm.
☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ smut warning☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️
The noodles and the debate over their quality are quickly forgotten as soon as Jimin's hands find their way into Yoongi's hair. His own grip onto Jimin's sides. He likes how small he feels. He lifts a little, so Jimin is pressed against him. They're starting to grow hot.
He can feel the sweat beginning to collect on his chest with their bodies this close. Jimin pulls back for a second. His lips are already plumper and pink. "We haven't really made it through the date yet, we don't have to--" "Shut up," Yoongi rolls his eyes and kisses him again.
Jmin walks Yng backwards towards his bedroom, mouths still slotted together. His roommate agreed to be gone for the night, but fucking in the living room just didn't feel like right place for their first time.
Yng's knees hit the soft mattress and Jmin lays him down, climbing on top of him. Yng breaks apart from the kiss. "Oh I don't bottom I--" Jmin giggles. "I'm going to give you a blowjob, don't worry. I don't like to top."
He slowly works his way through two things: Yng's buttons, and a hickey on his clavicle. "Fuck, hyung," Yng's dick twitches at the term, "your skin bruises like a fucking peach," Yngi can't see his face, but he can hear the smug smile.
Jmin kisses down Yng's chest, sucking a bit with each one just to watch the skin bloom. He makes it to his jeans and undoes the buckle with nimble fingers.
He palms him a bit through his boxers, just to get him harder. But he's quick to lick his plump lips before wrapping them around Yng's cock.
He sucks, just the tip, sending waves through the rest of the shaft at the way his tongue circles the slit. His hands cup Yngi's balls, kneading them at the same speed in which he sucks. He comes off, lips glistening with his own saliva.
"Fuck, hyung, you taste so good. I bet your cum is even better. You'll come nice for me, huh?" he sinks back down, this time taking in more of him. His tongue is flat and warm on the underside of his cock. Yngi's eyes roll in the back of his head as Jmin takes him deeper.
He strokes the end, where he can't reach because his mouth is quite small. But his fingers make up for it. He's loud and there's drool dripping into Yng's crotch. Jmin slurps coming back to pay more attention to the tip. He pops off loudly.
Yngi can see himself, standing straight up, head bright pink and swollen from all the suction. With a hand splayed on his stomach Jmin looks straight up at him when he sinks back down.
He picks up the pace this time, chasing Yngi's orgasm like it's a fun game. He giggles at each squirm and moan that Yngi makes. Yngi can feel his laugh on his dick in the back of his throat. It's somehow hotter.
"M' gonna-," Yngi pants as he gets close. "Fuck, Jmin, I-," he can't get a thought out. It's been too long since he's been sucked off like this. Jmin just laughs and fondles his balls more, sucks harder, until Yngi comes hard, right in his mouth. Some leaks out the corners.
He quickly pops off to lick it, making sure to slurp at the gape between Yngi's crotch and thighs as he cleans up his mess. He nips lightly too, which sends spikes of arousal back into his cock. He's still painfully hard.
"Wanna fuck me?" Jmin asks. "Y-yeah," Yngi replies. "Let me prep you first."
"I like it fast," Jmin says as Yngi undresses him and flips him on his belly. "Like, really fast." Yngi cups his ass as he spreads him open. One time at a party in the summer, Jmin had bent over. He was wearing these athletic shorts that showed all of his curves and muscles.
Yngi had imagined then, what it might be like to just take a bite out of his ass. He does it now, nipping a bit hard at the supple and smooth skin. Jmin just laughs, a groan at the end of it. He looks back at Yngi, "Hurry, please, hyung."
His hard cock is pressed against his belly as Yngi tongues at his hole. Its warm and wet, it makes Jmin want to squirm and moan, but he's often one to keep his noises to himself.
Yngi sucks his middle finger for a second, inserting into Jmin to open him up a bit. "You're so fucking tight, Jmin, are you sure you want it fast?" Jmin makes a noise of annoyance. "As fast as your hips can handle."
He's surprised when it does happen. Yngi is fast. He'd pressed him up on all fours so he could get a good grip on his hips. He met him with a quick snap at each stroke that Jmin could feel all the way in his toes. "Fuck, yeah, like that, oh my god hyung!"
Yngi flips them when Jmin's legs get tired. He puts Jmin on his back and pulls him close, gripping his thighs to keep up the quick rhythm he asked for. "My hair," Yngi pants. "I--" he gets shy for a minute, "I like my hair pulled." Jmin looks up at him from under hazy lashes.
His fingers come up and grip the ends, holding on tightly. Yngi moans into his neck. "Tell me if it's good. I wanna hear if I'm making you feel good." "You're making me feel good, hyung," Jmin replies. His voice is so low and far away, Yngi knows he's close.
He fucks faster, thighs burning with keeping up this pace. But it's worth it because Jmin comes hard and fast, all over each of their stomachs as his dick was pressed between them. Yngi comes again soon after.
☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ end scene☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️
They're pressed together a little while later, because apparently Jimin is a cuddler. Yoongi's stomach grumbles. "Oh right, dinner. We should clean up and eat." "Are you starving? I could stay like this a little longer," Jimin nuzzles into his neck.
He feels Yoongi's chuckle on his nose. "Not starving, but I didn't eat all day because I was nervous. Kinda lightheaded after all of that. Kind of sticky too." Jimin sits up and searches Yoongi's face. "You're the cool suave senior student and you were the one who was nervous?"
"Well, a million things could have gone wrong. You could have been boring. You could have been an asshole. You could turn out to be a real stalker and murder me." Jimin gives that laugh again, the one that makes his belly swoop. "Oh my god! A real stalker?"
Yoongi shrugs. He's cold as Jimin untangles himself from his hold. "My roommate is the most nervous person I've met in my life. He had all these ideas in my head." Jimin hands him a towel from one of his drawers. "And yet you still showed up."
"Wanted to see if you were as good as I imagined you would be." "Was I?" Jimin asks. Yoongi pulls him down for a kiss. "Better."
Once they're cleaned up they go back to the living room to actually begin their date. Jimin warms up noodles and finds out that Yoongi thinks there's a place hidden in a back alley that has better noodles, but these ones are "fine."
"You're so confusing. You look like this hot, soft, bookish type boy. But then you do all of these things like get noodles from back alleys and fuck boys who stalk you, do you have a death wish?" Jimin could drown in the laugh he gives if he'd let him.
Yoongi learns a lot about Jimin as they stay up drinking. He is in fact rich enough to live in this apartment alone, but he doesn't like being alone, Jungkook is good company. He doesn't actually fuck everyone he makes out with at parties. "I just like kissing," he shrugged.
So Yoongi kisses him, a lot. In between sentences when he's talking about being the son of an idol and a bit of the pressure it brings, which is why he likes to party. Kisses him after he drinks because the beer tastes better on his lips than from the bottle.
Jimin kisses Yoongi after he talks about how he's a bit scared of graduation and actually going into the working world. Yoongi kisses him back, making sure to savor the flavor.
He kisses him deeply when they fuck again. Taking their time as Yoongi fucks into hyim slowly, getting Jimin to call out his name loudly into his bedroom.
Jimin makes him stay the night, because the thought of not cuddling him to sleep seems like a sin in itself. When he wakes up in the morning it's with a deep laugh and a hand thrown over his face. "This is crazy, isn't it?"
"What?" Yoongi asks. "Just, Like me popping up in the library for weeks actually worked to get you in my bed."
"Was that the goal the whole time?" Yoongi pulls him closer because he likes cuddling just as much as Jimin does. "Not really. I kinda just wanted to stare at you. You're very...beautiful." The older's stomach swoops. "Are you trying to get laid again?"
Jimin breathes deeply. "I wouldn't say no. But that wasn't why I said. I mean it. When I saw you, I don't know. I just, I couldn't look away."
"I could tell. I tried to ignore you at first. But you make it kind of hard. Libraries are supposed to be quiet places." "So I've heard," Jimin quips back.
"But you surprised me. People don't do that often. You kept showing up, and eventually you fell in line? You started bringing out your computer. I could tell you were playing games because it takes more than two fingers to type." Jimin giggles and plants a soft kiss on his neck.
"But then I could tell you were working. You get this pout on your lips when you concentrate. It's very cute and hot at the same time. I don't know how you manage to do that." "Do what?" Jimin asks.
"The duality thing. You've got this college boy persona. But then you also pout a lot and it's cute. You're a bit whiny, I don't know how Namjoon puts up with you. But I found myself wanting to make you whine about things that weren't school work. So I asked about you."
Jimin hadn't heard this from Namjoon. He gave no details about Yoongi's curiosity surrounding him. "I asked him who the blonde was that he sat with that wouldn't stop staring at me. Then I asked if you would ever turn out to be a psycho killer. He said you were too soft."
Jimin rolls his eyes. "Namjoonie didn't say this." "I know. I asked him not to. I wanted to find the right way for us to approach each other. I didn't know you'd stalk me all the way to the coffee shop." Jimin laughs into his neck, hugging him tight. "I'm sorry I stalked you."
"Oh I'm not," Yoongi says. "If I had to be stalked by anyone I'm glad it was you." "So when I come to the library now, since my grades have miraculously gotten better," Yoongi laughs at that, "can we sit together?"
Yoongi holds his hand and plays with his fingers. He brings them up to his lips to kiss. "Yeah, I think I'd like that."
🎧°. •♡ the end 🎧°. •♡
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