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ym au 🥂 against alpha dominance over omegas, Jimin remains single, unable to find a mate suitable for him. Tagging along at a new year's eve party with his parents, he doesn't expect to submit so easily to his father's close friend – the most dominant looking alpha he's met

》age difference (25yo jm 46yo yg) 》secret relationship 》the upper class 》very traditional a/b/o dynamics (although jm is a diehard activist for omega rights🥴) 》size difference (alphas are physically bigger from omegas) 》unexpected pregnancy
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*** Winter bites especially hard this year, -20 degrees has Jimin shiver in his expensive coat, Chelsea boots creaking in the frozen snow. He hates the cold, he hates the conventions and he hates New Year's Eve.
Unable to hide a pout forming on his lips, Jimin turns back to check if his parents are coming. They had been arguing a lot about tonight before they let him tag along, stating that such events are meant for couples only.
And who exactly said that new year is meant to be celebrated with a loved one? Don't they have Valentine's Day already? What about single people? Why is this injustice widely allowed? Jimin wouldn't feel so bad if he wasn't the only single in his group of friends.
They all now have their loved ones and families, which leaves him completely alone on occasions like this one. 'We're always late..' Mrs Park complains, taking a hold of her long shiny dress to go upstairs faster. Jimin rolls his eyes, sighing as he leaves them alone.
He hates being here without a partner. And yet it's way better than being all alone.. The hall is warm and filled with couples, a valet takes Jimin's coat and shows him a way inside. The festive atmosphere and the smell of splendour hits him as soon as he enters the ballroom
and he can't contain a broad smile spreading on his face. Balls are something he truly loves... And then he sees him; leaning against the bar with a glass of whisky in his hand, the other hand tucked in the pants of his expensive suit.
But it's those alluring feline eyes that are the first thing one pays attention to; firm and dominant and yet excluding some ease and gentleness that can only be acquired with age. With his breath taken away, Jimin can feel his brain going haywire.
All he knows and stands up for suddenly doesn't matter — all that counts is how he needs to feel those veiny hands up his thighs... Feeling a hand on his arm, Jimin is shaken away from shameless thoughts, he looks back to see his father. 'Have you found our seats Jiminah?'
Shaking his head no, Jimin looks everywhere but not at the bar. 'I think that way-' he says but his father is already going past him right towards the bar. 'My eyes must be deceiving me…' He says and the alpha at the bar smiles at him.
Feeling a pleasant shiver up his spine, Jimin sees his mother follow, and he reluctantly trails along.  Mr Min and old Park embrace in a warm greeting, before the stranger greets Jimin's mother with a respectful hand kiss.
'Long time no see, Yoongi hyung! What are you doing back in Korea?' Park Gasoo asks with a sincere smile on his face. Hiding behind his mother, Jimin doesn't want to have anything to do with the overly attractive alpha. 'Business.' Yoongi replies shortly,
the huskiness of his voice has his Jimin shiver. The alpha's eyes are already on him, intense and dark, a pale veiny hand reaches out to greet him. Jimin automatically takes it, and when they touch, it feels like a jolt of electricity between them.
'And who do I have the pleasure with..?' 'Hyung, don't you recognize our Jiminnie?' Park Gasoo asks disbelievingly, pushing at his son's shoulders to force him forward. 'He's grown a lot since the last you saw him.'
Jimin definitely doesn't enjoy being introduced as someone's child, but it's not that there's going to be anything between him and Mr Min anyway.. And yet, just before they let go of each other's hands, he sees something like a spark of disappointment in Yoongi's feline eyes,
and his cheeks involuntarily go red. Park Gasoo and Mr Min get engrossed in a conversation, while Jimin's mother pulls him into the search of their table. Thankful for such an easy escape, Jimin follows, and soon they find their seats.
He quickly checks name tags, and fortunately Min Yoongi doesn't sit at their table. Maybe Jimin is just a coward but he doesn't like how his body reacts to the alpha.  He feels like Mr Min could have him on the floor with his gaze alone and he definitely doesn't enjoy it.
All his life, Jimin has taken pride in not being attracted to any alpha. Some of them were indeed attractive, of course, but none of them had ever had such an impact on him as Mr Min. And it doesn't make any sense because Mr Yoongi is definitely not Jimin's type.
He hates dominant tough alphas who with their appearance alone exude authority. It automatically poses a threat to his own independence, and that's why Jimin has always been drawn to weaker men who wouldn't be able to overpower him.
Content that he won't be "in danger" throughout the night, Jimin smiles at himself as his mother entertains him with a conversation. His joy doesn't last long though because not much time passes and the nametags next to Jimin's seat are switched to "Min Yoongi" and "Lee Soonah".
"Lee Soonah"? Probably his wife... Or a girlfriend? Good. That way there's no reason for Jimin to get his hopes up. He glances at the bar to see his father and Mr Min already approaching their table and nervousness sips in his bones again. He involuntarily sits straight.
'Jiminah, will you swap seats with me?' His father asks cheerfully. 'Yoongi and I need to catch up.' Wordlessly, Jimin moves to his father's place and it doesn't take long until his mother asks him for a dance.
Wanting to overhear the conversation, Jimin reluctantly agrees. They move to the parquet hand in hand, his mother smiling at him beautifully. His father always says Jimin and his mum have the same smile, and he knows they both look stunning.
Growing up as a child of influencial people, Jimin knows how to dance. They swirl with other couples in perfect harmony, until Jimin's gaze goes a certain direction and he finds those dominating feline eyes boring right into him.
Ears red, Jimin looks away but the next second he needs to check if the elder looked away as well.  And it turns out he didn't.  Park Gasoo is talking to Mr Min but Yoongi's gaze is constantly on them, specifically on Jimin.
Leaning comfortably against the chair, Yoongi is constantly toying with a glass of whisky in his hand,  while his eyes are only on Jimin.  Face warm, Jimin misses a step and his mother chuckles. 'And you always boast about being a better dancer than me.'
Jimin just makes a face, deciding not to look at the table any longer. But then the song changes, and Jimin internally curses. His father is next to them almost immediately, and of course – it's their song after all.
Giving his mother's hand away to his dad, Jimin doesn't want to return to the table where that extremely hot alpha is. That's why he excuses himself to the toilet. It's a shock when in the fancy bathroom he's met with nothing but that intense feline gaze.
Done washing his hands, Mr Min is reaching for a hand towel. 'You may come in,' The elder's raspy voice finally breaks the silence. 'I was just about to take my leave.'
Frozen, Jimin doesn't budge an inch. Having been read so well comes as a complete surprise, and he's entirely speechless. 'I'm not avoiding you, sir.' He finally mumbles out, approaching the washing basin with the excuse of washing a nonexistent stain on his tie.
With an amused smile, the man throws the towels into a can and hiding hands in suit pockets, he leans against the golden wall. 'You're not?' Yoongi muses. Biting his lower lip, Jimin can feel that his ears are all hot. God it's embarrassing...
'Well, if I have been wrong, then you surely don't have anything against us talking.' Mr Min suggests, one eyebrow raised. Drying his tie with hand towels, Jimin avoids locking eyes with the alpha's smug reflection in the mirror.
'I don't want to be rude, but shouldn't you return to the table, sir?' Jimin fakes a smile, glancing at the man for a fraction of a second. 'Your partner might already be waiting.'
The alpha's brow lifts even higher, in the hottest possible way, and the reaction has Jimin blushing even more visibly. God what he'd give to have the man kiss him stupid... 'My /business/ partner will be here in two hours.' Yoongi rasps, his voice alluringly low.
'And you? Where is the person who's supposed to kiss you at midnight?' Irritated, Jimin turns away. He wants to bite back "he's standing right in front of me" only to see if the alpha will get flustered, but something tells him that the only flustered person would be him…
'I'm a proud single. Thank you for asking.' Jimin smiles a fake smile. Before the alpha can react, someone comes in and the two go quiet.  Glancing at Mr Min, Jimin sees the latter's chin point at the exit,
and the underlying command to leave with him has Jimin's stomach tingle in strange pleasure. Since his plan to avoid the alpha was unsuccessful, Jimin was about to leave anyway, so he reluctantly obeys.
'You don't fancy people my age?' the alpha shoots as they enter the corridor. The suggestion takes Jimin aback, and he glances behind to look at the man. The music from the ballroom already reaches their ears.
'I never said that.' Jimin briefly replies before he continues to march forward. 'Your expression and tone of voice speak more than words.' the alpha muses. Mr Min's deep voice alone has Jimin weak and he needs to escape before he does something he regrets.
As they walk, he can feel that attractive man's eyes only on him, and it feels more tense than any walk Jimin has had in his life. When they return to the table, Jimin catches a glimpse of his dancing parents, and suddenly it sinks in.
Mr Min might be right – he does indeed feel ashamed for feeling attracted to someone their age. What would his parents think of him if they learnt what things Jimin wishes Mr Yoongi did to him…?
WAIT. STOP. He doesn't wish for anything. Even if Mr Min looks at Jimin in such a way and flirts like there was no tomorrow, he's still his father's friend. And most importantly, Jimin definitely isn't going to lose virginity to the most dominant alpha he's ever met.
(A/N He will.)
Upon arriving at their seats, Jimin is surprised to have his chair pulled out by Mr Min; a gesture quite uncommon any longer. Unexpectedly, the alpha takes his father's seat as he sits down, holding the tie to his chest in an incredibly manly and sexy way.
Just then, the elder's expensive cologne fills Jimin's nose, and his head starts spinning. He feels himself leaking in his pants and it has him still in complete shock. It can't be a heat since he had it a good week ago.
And there's no way the alpha has such an effect on him that Jimin is wet even without the elder approaching or touching him… 'Anything to drink?' Mr Min offers in a gentlemanly way. Jimin needs to drink it away. 'W-wine, please...'
'Hm..' The alpha hums in acknowledgment before raising a hand at a waiter and ordering their drinks. 'So, Jimin, since we're here on our own, how about you tell me something about yourself?' Yoongi suggests as he takes a sip of his whisky.
Unable to look the alpha in the eyes, Jimin starts to play with a handkerchief on the table.  Since he's just been to the toilet, he can't excuse himself now to make sure his pants don't leak through… They're all black, shouldn't show, but still..
What he knows is that he needs to do something for Mr Min not to work on him in such an arousing way. And he needs to do it quickly. 'I'm a law student, taking final exams in May.' Jimin says briefly, shoulders stiff as he tries to avert his thoughts with the conversation.
'And you?' Trying to sound impassive, Jimin would never admit to curiosity that is eating him away. 'As you already know, your father and I used to know each other during school years.' Yoongi answers, voice low as he focuses on his glass.
Jimin turns to the alpha curiously. 'And now?' Yoongi smiles at him. 'Now, I'm just an old single man, all devoted to work.' 'So devoted that you're going to spend New Year's Eve with a business partner?' Jimin asks, one eyebrow raised provocatively.
The alpha's face becomes stern when he says slowly, 'Yes, that's correct..'  The timbre of his voice has Jimin shiver again, and he looks away. 'It's the only occasion to meet in person and discuss our collaboration.' Yoongi adds,
and Jimin knows the alpha doesn't look away from him now.  'Well, I hope everything turns out successful.' Jimin replies, his ears red. He truly hates the impact Mr Min has on him..
'Enough about me.' Yoongi cuts in, leaning towards him so that his manly scent surrounds Jimin whole. 'I wish to learn more about you. Why exacyly do you hate alphas?'
Taken aback, Jimin tries to avoid answering again. 'I already told you, sir, that I didn't hate alphas.' he sighs, reluctantly playing with his wine glass. 'I simply..
I don't believe in alpha superiority over omegas.' Jimin finishes dryly. 'Superiority..' Yoongi tastes the term on his tongue, toying with the glass of whisky in his shapely hand as well.
'Personally, I believe there's no such thing as superiority of one secondary gender over another.' Intrigued, Jimin tilts his head while examining the elder man. 'No such thing? Then why is omega ownership still a thing?
Why can alphas decide on their omega's fate?' Jimin goes off, his tone of voice raising unknowingly. He calms down seeing several stares on him, shoulders curling up in themselves.
But then Mr Min leans in, his voice raspy, an overwhelming scent flooding Jimin's senses.  'But it's omegas who choose their alphas..' Yoongi rasps. 'They must choose wisely.'
A small distance between them, Jimin dares to look into those dark alluring eyes, and a fierce attraction wants to pull him in. He thankfully resists it, a blush comes to his cheeks again.
'You can't learn your alpha's true face if they have no intention of showing it.' Jimin reasons. 'More than often the possibility of formal ownership opens the door to abuse and omega mistreatment.' Leaning away in his chair, Yoongi's gaze takes him in carefully.
'I wish I could disargue with that, but, sadly, you're right.' he mutters, one arm resting on the back of Jimin's chair. Strangely, that simple move has Jimin feel owned, and he must admit it makes him feel more than content and sated.
That's when Jimin's parents come back and their conversation is cut short. 'Dancing is definitely too strenuous for people our age..!' Park Gasoo chuckles, patting Yoongi's back. 'Speak for yourself, old man.' Yoongi retorts, his gummy smile reveals adorable eye wrinkles.
The two alphas get engrossed in a conversation again, and although they try to involve the omegas, the topic of stocks and interests isn't alluring enough. Now that Mr Min is sitting between Jimin and his parents, the omega feels tense all the time;
in order to make more space for his parents, Yoongi has brought his chair closer to Jimin, so the alpha's scent is much stronger now.  The omega feels his body get heavy again.
The night passes in such a manner until the arrival of Mr Min's partner; a stunning woman Yoongi's age. They disappear on the terrace to discuss the business; through the tall balcony windows, Jimin can see the woman smoking as she doesn't avert her eyes from Yoongi.
Jimin can't know the result of their conversation; when they come back to the table, Yoongi sits between Jimin and the woman but he turns to the younger one entirely. 'May I have the rapture of a dance..?' he asks with a smile,
and Jimin involuntarily glances at the woman for permission. She doesn't seem pleased but gracefully nods, and Jimin finally gives in and takes Yoongi's hand. He's had several dancing partners but being in the arms of someone he's truly attracted to feels entirely different.
Yoongi doesn't avert his eyes from him as he leads the dance, Jimin notices his parents' oblivious smiles as they look at them.  They must be glad Yoongi took pity on their lonely son and graced him with a dance.
Certainly they can't see the shameless way Yoongi's hands examine their son's waist as they move round the balllroom. Nothing truly indecent, and yet very close — fingertips travelling to the lower regions...
Pulling back and looking the elder in the eyes, Jimin stops the movement of Yoongi's hand with his glare alone. Mr Min just smiles smugly, pulling Jimin's waist closer until their stomachs are pressed flush against each other, the omega's back arched perfectly.
Blushing, Jimin tries to lean away but it's simply impossible.  Other twirling couples now separate them from both Jimin's parents and Mrs Lee, and to Jimin's greatest shock Yoongi becomes even bolder.
'Your body language might be indicating that you're repelled..' Yoongi rasps in Jimin's ear, the younger's body tensing. '.. and yet our biology can't be deceived; your scent has been calling me ever since my Alpha laid his eyes on you, Omega..'
Bewildered, Jimin's legs are suddenly rooted to the ground, wide eyes stuck on the alpha. 'Now I'll pretend I'm going to the bathroom, but in fact I'll go upstairs.' Yoongi continues to whisper in Jimin's ear, his hand covering the younger's entire lower back.
'Room 779.' he adds before detaches himself from Jimin and leaves him alone in the crowd of dancing people. And Jimin.. he doesn't know what to do. ***
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》descriptive smut 🔞 》rough sex 》self lubrication 》loss of virginity 》sub / dom undertones 》possessiveness 》praise kink 》barebacking 》creampie 》knotting 》breeding (without the intention of actual breeding) 》size kink / size difference 》stomach bulge 》aftercare
*** Jimin has no idea why he finds himself in front of room 779 but he's just told his parents he's going to call his friend and his hand is already raised to knock. He really shouldn't.. Hookups are something completely unlike him, dangerous and out of control.
He should leave. But then another thought crawls into Jimin's mind. If he doesn't take the chance to be with someone who has such an arousing effect on him, he'll never lose virginity…
Mr Min has gained a lot in Jimin's eyes after their last conversation, and although he still fears the elder's overwhelming authority, it's not paralysing him anymore. Those feline eyes appear in Jimin's mind again and with a pounding heart he knocks on the door.
It doesn't take long for the door to open, a hand on his waist pulls him inside and the next second the door shuts again. The alpha is in Jimin's space almost instantly, a dominant musky scent flooding his senses.
'I'm glad you have decided to come..' Yoongi muses ambiguously as he noses against Jimin's scent gland, large hands examining the omega's waist as if he already owned him. This is definitely out of Jimin's control.. And yet he doesn't want to run away.
It feels surprisingly good so he stands still when the alpha's lips trail slow hot kisses up towards his jaw and cheek, white shirt getting pulled out of his pants. 'Off.' Yoongi commands in a low voice, face buried on the other side of Jimin's neck.
After so much scenting, he won't be able to return downstairs without a proper shower and scent blockers… Obeying the alpha, Jimin unzips his pants and sluggishly tugs them down, Yoongi is holding his face so that he must do it blindly.
The alpha's satisfied growl has Jimin shiver, and like on instinct he feels more wetness between his legs. Shakily, he tries to press his knees together to hide it, but he could as well try to cut glass with paper scissors.
Now that his pants are off, the scent of his slick fills the room and there's nothing to conceal his arousal.  'Beautiful baby..' Yoongi praises, taking a look at the tent in the younger's boxer shorts. 'So eager for me.. Could smell your arousal even through your clothes..'
Going rigid, Jimin is shocked to hear that the alpha sensed his slick even downstairs, and a wave of sheer embarrassment floods him. They sat talking, Jimin kept his head up proudly, and here it turns out all he did was humiliating himself...
'And yet, to make sure you want this, I need you to say it aloud.' Yoongi mutters as he starts to unbutton Jimin's shirt. Shivering in anticipation, Jimin gulps. He can't say it. 'You can do it.' the alpha convinces him as if he could read Jimin's thoughts.
'All you need to do.. is to let your inner omega out. It's that simple..' Fighting with himself, Jimin shuts his eyes and tries to listen into himself. It takes a moment before he manages to speak. 'I- I.. really want this..' he eventually breathes out, realising it true.
The alpha purrs in acknowledgment as he presses against him, and the enormous hardness Jimin can suddenly feel with his front takes his breath away. The alpha's knot will definitely be BIG. 'Tell your alpha exactly what it is that you want.' Yoongi wants to know,
his hands sliding under the omega's shorts to feel the soft skin of Jimin's butt. Suddenly shy, Jimin can't say such blunt words out loud.. And what's with the possessive pronoun? Last time Jimin checked, he wasn't owned.
But those beautiful hands are toying with his butt now, squeezing and slapping lightly, the alpha's face still against his scent gland, and Jimin can't voice it. 'Say it.' Yoongi commands darkly, It has Jimin shiver. 'T-this Omega needs your knot, Alpha…' he says instead.
And fuck, if it isn't the most submissive thing Jimin's said in his life.. But it feels like it was entirely beyond him.  There's no doubt who is in charge here and Jimin's inner omega must be well aware of who it yearns to please.
A content growl brings goosebumps to Jimin's skin, the alpha effortlessly lifts him up against the door, and once Jimin's ankles escape the pant legs, he wraps them round Yoongi's waist.
Since it's one of the best apartments in the hotel, it takes a lot of walking to reach the bed, Yoongi's hands keep rubbing the younger's bottom, as he starts littering gentle hickeys down Jimin's soft chest.
Placed on the bed, Jimin takes a second to calm down his breathing, but in vain. The dim lights of the hotel room enlighten Mr Min's dark face as he pulls off his tie, those feline eyes always on Jimin.
Moving up the spacious bed, Jimin now can't avert his gaze either, the alpha proceeds to take off his elegant black shirt. The outline of Yoongi's large cock is all to see, and Jimin feels his throat getting dry. Losing virginity with alpha this big is definitely a bad idea..
And yet a side of him is up for the challenge; the thought of getting fucked by alpha this size has Jimin's inner omega salivating. Starting to shiver in anticipation, Jimin glances up in time to see a knowing smirk on Mr Min's face,
the elder has already unbuckled his leather belt and slid it off with one smooth movement. 'Are you going to be a good omega for me?' Yoongi asks, voice low. Gulping, Jimin feels himself hardening painfully, his belly filled with butterflies.
The power dynamics has always been something he loathed but now it turns out that it has him all aroused.. 'Answer me.' the elder says darkly, awaking Jimin from his thoughts.
'I- I will..' he mumbles out finally, and fvck..  it feels so good… Breath hitching in his throat, suddenly all Jimin wants is to please the alpha, be good for him, deserve his praise…
And submitting himself entirely actually feels amazing. Looking at the alpha's pleased expression with built up trust, Jimin can feel that his face is all hot. But the elder doesn't point out that Jimin is acting completely opposite to when they talked in public.
Jimin is aware he's being a hypocrite right now and he's grateful that Mr Min accepts him so openly. 'Good.' Yoongi rasps, taking a step closer to brush a thumb against Jimin's sensitive lower lip. 'No need for restraints then..'
Flames of desire flood Jimin continuously, and when the alpha pushes his thumb into his mouth it's like a whole goddamn tsunami. Jimin instinctively flinches back, but when Mr Min's thumb firmly settles against the younger's tongue,
a needy moan leaves Jimin's throat, plump lips wrapping around the base. 'Fuck..' the alpha mutters, palming himself at the sight. 'You will make good use of those lips for your alpha, baby, won't you?'
Jimin can only nod frantically, moving to the edge of the bed, about to unzip Yoongi's pants. But then the alpha tsks at him, thumb pressing deeper into Jimin's throat.  Teary eyed, the omega must squeeze his legs together at the pleasurable sensation.
'Good omegas wait for their alpha's permission.' Yoongi mutters darkly, finally freeing the younger's throat. 'Get to work.' Scolded, Jimin feels utterly ashamed. He drops his gaze, and yet the alpha's bulge right in front of him instantly distracts him.
Raised as an only child, Jimin has always been kept under a bushel, so he has hardly any real experience in sex. He takes the challenge though, tugging the elder's pants and fancy boxers down in order to free his heavy manhood.
Mr Min's cock is as large as Jimin had imagined, and yet again he starts to wonder how on earth he will be able to fit him... Hand threading Jimin's hair, Yoongi is looking down at him with some softness in his feline eyes, and it has Jimin's treacherous heart skip a beat.
He decides to focus on what they're doing instead of overthinking and mistaking simple attraction for possible deeper feelings. First time giving head, Jimin discovers he enjoys the feeling. He's always liked having something in his mouth.
He works on instinct, getting guided by the alpha's steady hand in his hair. He can only fit in the tip of the entire length but it doesn't seem to be an issue judging by Yoongi's grunts of pleasure. The thought of pleasing the alpha turns Jimin on,
and he starts palming himself through his boxers. He discovers he made a mistake when the alpha opens his blurred with bliss eyes and looks down to notice it. Yoongi's grip on Jimin's hair tightens as he guides him off.
'Your alpha didn't give you permission to touch yourself, did I?' Yoongi rasps, wiping precum off Jimin's swollen mouth.  'You're not my alpha, Mr Min.' Jimin dares to remind him, discovering that his voice now sounds hoarse and completely fvcked out.
They look at each other with intense gazes, Yoongi's thumb caresses the younger's warm cheek now. 'Aren't I..?' he muses, returning to abuse the omega's plump lips. 'Then I shouldn't give you my cock, should I?'
Presented with such a treat, Jimin isn't going to let it slip out of his hands now. He will lose his virginity tonight and it will be alpha Min to take it.
But for it to happen, he needs to humiliate himself first.. Cheeks red, Jimin mumbles out, 'P-please alpha...' Entertained, Yoongi hums, voice low. 'Please what?' Taking a shaky breath, Jimin looks into the alpha's eyes from under his eyelashes.
'Please give me your knot, alpha..' he whispers needily.  The elder curses again, before he pushes the younger into the mattress, crawling on him the next second.  And shit.. it really is happening.
Jimin's shorts are instantly discarded and the alpha's hips force him up the bed higher, their bare cocks pressed against each other. 'The last time to back away.' Yoongi growls dangerously low into Jimin's ear, pulling the younger's legs higher.
Chest heaving, Jimin feels like the fever will consume him if it isn't quenched soon. 'Please alpha.. I've been good..' he whines, trying to adjust on the bed more comfortably.  The begging has Yoongi growl again, and without a wait he guides his thickness inside Jimin.
The pain that comes with being deflowered is worse than Jimin had expected and he clenches his teeth, suddenly stiff. The elder's enormous size also doesn't help much too...
Having pushed to the hilt with one firm move, Yoongi halts as soon as he feels the omega go rigid under him. 'Fuck, baby, you're so tight..' he rasps, kissing Jimin's cheek as he embraces him. 'Let's wait until you adjust for me, yeah?'
Gasping, Jimin can feel his chest tighten again in that strange unfamiliar feeling, and to be honest it makes a successful distraction from the pain. Their breathing calming down, the air between them seems electrified
when very slowly Yoongi starts to nose from Jimin's neck towards his parted mouth.  Aching to feel those lips against his own, Jimin's gaze drops to the alpha's mouth.
It feels like everything has slowed down; Yoongi mutedly regards him for a lingering moment, as if trying to remember the features of Jimin's heated face as he's being taken.
Just then does Yoongi lean in, rewarding Jimin with a wet, open mouthed kiss, which has heat coiling in the omega's tense stomach. Slick gushes out around the elder's thick cock, making the slide easier as Yoongi experimentally pulls out halfway
only to start fvcking into him good and deep. Grabbing fistfuls of the cold hotelroom bed sheets, Jimin moans as the pain finally starts to turn into intense pleasure. All sounds are kissed off his mouth by the alpha.
Holding Jimin's small waist, Yoongi starts to move until the bed starts to creak repeatedly with the force of the pounding. The squelching sound of their joined bodies is drowned out by Jimin's high pitched whining.
Growling, the elder's thrusts become sharper as he nears his climax, the hold on Jimin's hips tightens as he pulls him in fast and hard. Jimin has never thought that being fucked senseless could feel this good.
He doesn't even register when he's pounded into the first proper orgasm in his life.  Stomach covered with his own come, his whole body tenses in repetitive spasms.
It feels like being broken down into prime factors.  The bruising hold on the omega's hips travels to Jimin's sensitive waist, and the alpha ends with the final thrust; the knot at the base of his cock plunging deep into the younger.
The sudden growl that leaves Mr Min's throat has Jimin on alert. It feels like a growl of pleasure, a warning and a showcase of possessiveness at the same time, reminding Jimin who he indeed belongs to.
Under different circumstances, Jimin would pronounce such behaviour unseemly and start preaching about the alpha's barbaric habits,  but now he can only focus on how immensely /good/ it makes him feel.
Fuck.. he feels like the alpha would tear off throats of anyone who would try to harm him. Never in his life has he felt so safe. Frowning at the painful sensation of the knot pulsing inside him, Jimin adjusts on the bed until the rolled up bedsheets don't irritate his back.
But then another warning growl leaves the alpha's throat, now directed at him, and Jimin freezes in total obedience. He can feel Mr Min emptying into him, each pulsing sensation filling his stomach with hot come until the bulge from the elder's cock starts to swell even more.
'Fuck..' Yoongi mutters at the sight, eyes shut as he trembles in another lingering climax. Despite not being in heat, Jimin starts to fear such plentiful breeding will manage to leave him pregnant.
It practically never happens, but to be sure, he should definitely take a pill… Heaving, Mr Min's feline half lidded eyes regard him in the dim light, his hand moves from Jimin's waist to rub the tip of his cock through the younger's stomach.
It has Jimin's sensitive body shudder in arousal, and he whines, even more slick oozing out of him. Without averting eyes from him, Yoongi takes a hold of Jimin's flaccid cock and starts to stroke him again.
Whimpering, Jimin clenches down on the elder's hardness and it doesn't take long for the second orgasm to hit him, calmer than the first one but similarly powerful. The elder's knot has stopped swelling
and yet it has Jimin feel so full it's like being reduced to a cum sleeve for the alpha. Dizzy and fucked out, Jimin shuts his eyes, head swaying from one side to another. 'Look how well my omega took it..' the alpha's raspy voice reaches Jimin's blurred mind.
'Took my pups like a good boy..' The praise makes him feel embarrassed, and Jimin whines, covering his face. The knot starts to shrink slowly, and Yoongi carefully pulls off. Then, even with his eyes closed, Jimin can feel the sudden shift in the atmosphere.
Yoongi is frozen for a moment before his cold fingers start to gently examine Jimin's ruined bottom. 'Fuck.' the alpha curses, staring at the blood on his hand.  'Fuck, you produce so much slick you shouldn't be bleeding.. Why didn't you tell me it hurts??'
Not saying a word, Jimin starts to stare at the ceiling, weighing his options. Should he tell Mr Min that he has just taken his virginity?
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*** Glancing at the elder, Jimin can read in Yoongi's eyes that he already knows. 'Fuck..' The alpha lets out, getting up from the bed. The atmosphere becomes quite tense, and Jimin lifts on his elbows, his whole body pleasurably aching.
He doesn't think he'll ever be able to move.  Face stern, Mr Min comes back with a towel. He has put his boxer shorts back on. Observing Mr Yoongi's furrowed eyebrows, Jimin doesn't move when the alpha starts to clean him off cum and sweat.
'Are you angry with me, sir?' he finally asks, voice rough. Yoongi glances at him, stern. 'Why didn't you tell me?' he replies with a question. 'I would have gone easier on you.' Wincing when the alpha starts to wipe his sore bottom, Jimin tries to relax again.
'But I wanted it rough...' he finally replies. Yoongi doesn't seem pleased when he takes the towel and leaves again, coming back with a glass of water and a can of orange juice. 'Down them both while I draw you a bath.' He mutters
as he hands Jimin the glass and puts the juice on the bedside table. Accepting the drink, Jimin tries to sit up but it's quite painful.  'Shouldn't we go back?' he asks quietly, tilting his head to glance at the watch. Still two hours till midnight.
'My parents must be looking for me..' he adds with a forming pout. 'And won't Mrs Lee feel abandoned..?' Mr Min must hear him from the bathroom even though the water is running. 'We'll think about it later.' Yoongi decides curtly, walking up to the bed.
'Drink up.' he commands, reaching for the juice again. Under the alpha's watchful stare, Jimin downs both, and Yoongi takes the glass from him. Jimin yelps when the elder suddenly takes him on hands, and his arms fly up to wrap around Yoongi's neck.
'Could have warned me?!' Jimin exclaims, heart pounding. Yoongi stops to glare at him, and under that stare alone, Jimin goes quiet, shoulders curled up.  Looking away, he doesn't say anything more.
'You need more discipline.' Yoongi mutters as he carries him to the hotel bathroom. 'Clearly, your parents spoiled you rotten.'
'I am not spoiled..' Jimin mumbles out stubbornly, that adorable pout never leaving his lips. Yoongi rolls his eyes but doesn't comment. The water is still running when he's placed in the steamy bath, its warmth relaxing him instantly.
'Isn't it too cold?' Yoongi asks, sitting at the verge of the tub. 'You can set the temperature here.'  Closing his eyes, Jimin relaxes entirely. But when he opens them after a while, the alpha is still hovering above him with those deep feline eyes boring into him.
'Why didn't you tell me?' Yoongi asks again. Sighing, Jimin lifts up carefully, wincing at the soreness. Thankfully, there's a scent-blocking shampoo.. 'Why is it important?' he asks, reluctantly picking up the topic.
'It's not alphas who suffer while taking someone's virginity.' The elder man presses his lips into a thin line. 'Some of them might not. But the thought of having hurt your omega is equally painful.'
Heat reaching his ears again, Jimin takes a deep breath.  'Y-You keep calling me your omega, sir..' he notices. 'Hm.' Mr Min hums without arguing. 'Why?' Jimin wants to know.
Taking the forgotten shampoo bottle from the younger, Yoongi pours some of it on his palm and rubs his hands to create foam. 'Haven't you connected the dots yet?' he asks, leaning in to wash Jimin's head.
'Do I look like someone who'd engage with a twice younger boy, more so the son of my friend, without any valid reason?' Staring up at him dumbly, Jimin finally shuts his mouth to ask, 'What dots?'
It feels strange to have his head washed, but it doesn't feel bad. Mr Min's hands feel good no matter what they touch.. 'Imprinting, a soul tie.. whatever they call it.' Yoongi mutters reluctantly, reaching for the shower head to wash off the shampoo.
Yoongi doesn't enjoy that his scent is being washed off along with it, but if they are to return downstairs and don't want to stir an argument on a fancy new year's eve party, it's an unpleasant necessity. Letting out a disbelieving chuckle, Jimin goes completely quiet.
Maybe he has really got his brains fucked out because he thinks very slowly. 'It's not real..' Jimin mumbles out, his head guided back so that the water doesn't go in his eyes. 'You detest alphas and yet you have succumbed to one.' Yoongi mutters.
'Are you sure imprinting is not real?' Getting lost in thought, Jimin bites his lower lip. He doesn't want to believe it even if it would explain a lot. 'If your theory is true, sir, it would mean I have no power over my life.' he reasons.
'That's why I'd rather think we were simply attracted to each other. Normal thing.' Half-smiling at Jimin's youthful way with words, Yoongi gives up and with a lighthearted sigh, he stands up.
'As my omega says.' And Jimin feels like throwing something at the elder, but chuckling Yoongi is already outside. ***
After the bath, Jimin dries himself up and with hair still damp, he trudges towards the bed. He is surprised to find a whole cart of food standing near the table. 'Because of me you have hardly eaten anything.' Yoongi's deep voice reaches him from the living room.
'Eat while I also freshen up.' Adjusting the towel on his body, Jimin shivers, so he puts on the hotel robe that Mr Min must have prepared for him. Eating hungrily, he listens into the noise of the shower coming from the bathroom.
The alpha leaves the bathroom fully dressed, and Jimin gulps at the sight lustfully. He really had such a man to take his virginity.. Having collected Jimin's clothes into one place, Yoongi sits on the chair next to him.
'Are you in a lot of pain?' he asks after a moment of silence. Munching on the food, Jimin glances at him. 'I'm fine,' he says briefly. 'And you?' The alpha raises a brow at him in that sexy way of his. 'Why would I not feel fine?'
'Because you keep asking me if I'm fine.' Jimin notices flatly, cheeks full.  'And I already told you, I'm okay.' The alpha remains in that tense silence for a while. 'I keep asking because you lost your virginity in the roughest way possible.' he says strictly.
'And you still didn't explain why you kept it from me.' At the stern tone of voice, Jimin sits straight, regaining more of his stubbornness from before. 'Would we have done it if you had known?' the omega asks as if he knew the answer.
'Certainly not today.' Yoongi replies firmly, playing with his lower lip in displeasure as he looks out the window. 'That's why I didn't say anything.' Jimin mutters, putting the fork down. 'Alright, I'm ready to go back.'
Regarding the younger's hotel robe, Yoongi's lift of an eyebrow reminds Jimin of changing his clothes. 'Oh, right.' Jimin mumbles out, standing up to get dressed. 'I should go back first, so that it's not suspicious.' Yoongi says, checking his phone.
'But are you sure you're okay?' Asked for a hundredth time, Jimin only sighs.  They face each other now, eyes locked. 'May I kiss you?' Yoongi mutters as he looks at Jimin with half lidded eyes, hands in pockets of his suit.
The alpha's hungry gaze is all on Jimin's kiss-swollen lips. 'What about our scents?' Jimin asks shyly, stepping from one leg to the other. His bottom is really sore, but he tries to pay it no heed. 'We have the right to smell a bit of each other.' Yoongi reasons wisely.
'We've danced after all.' Considering it, Jimin finally nods. He wouldn't refuse it anyway. As he thought, Mr Min graces him with a lewd open mouthed kiss that has his stomach coil again.
It's Jimin who steps back first. If they keep going, they'll never part. 'Alright, that's enough.' he says mercilessly, turning to his clothes. A dominant warning growl has each hair on Jimin's body standing, and he turns to the alpha in shock.
'One more.' Yoongi commands, and fvck, Jimin obeys without question. Only after kissing him senseless does the alpha finally step back, leaving Jimin in the hotel apartment all alone and breathless.
Now Jimin finally has time to think everything through and come to terms with the fact that he is truly attracted to alpha Min... ***
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*** They don't interact much for the rest of the night, although a few secret touches do happen. Mr Min asks Jimin several times about his well being, and although the omega is so sore he can't dance any longer, his "I'm fine" answer doesn't change.
During the countdown, Jimin feels Mr Min breath against his neck, his body shivering in want. Thankfully, Yoongi uses the moment of chaos to pull Jimin into a dark spot on the balcony and kiss him senseless, all eyes on the light show in the sky.
Unfortunately, the bruising kiss doesn't last long because before Jimin regains his senses, Mr Min is already on the way to wish his parents a happy new year. Blushing, Jimin tries to adjust his dishevelled looks as he follows.
It feels strange to embrace his parents right after being kissed by their close friend, especially since he can still feel the remnants of Mr Min's come gushing out of him. The embarrassment has Jimin unable to look into their eyes.
Having been ignored the whole night, Mrs Lee bids them goodbye and Jimin would lie if he said he doesn't feel good about it. The alpha chose him afterall.. Yoongi manages to take Jimin to the side before he leaves as well.
'I wish I could stay in the country a little bit longer, but it's impossible.' he explains, hands in the pockets of his sexy suit. 'It's alright.' Jimin decides as he checks him out, trying not to show disappointment and hurt. 'I wish you a safe journey.'
Yoongi frowns at him,  'Are you really okay with that?'  Trying not to give away any emotions, Jimin nods. 'It's not that we got married, did we?'  The elder smiles stiffly, glancing at Jimin's shoes.
'My plane takes off tomorrow at 9. If you want, you can stay with me upstairs..?' The offer sounds quite tempting but there's a problem. 'What will I tell my parents?' Yoongi looks around before he takes a step into Jimin's space.
'Your friend might have had their plans cancelled and invited you for a New Year's sleepover, haven't they?' Gulping, with hot cheeks, Jimin nods. Visibly tipsy, his parents are in a good mood so they don't argue or ask any questions besides what friends,
only telling him to call for their driver to get there safely. Jimin indeed calls the driver but it's only to ask him for a cover. The man has always has a crush on the pretty young heir of house Park, so he agrees on spot.
Taehyung asks more questions but Jimin only sends him several goofy emojis and tells him he's safe, knowing his friend would do anything for him. Entering the familiar hotel apartment, Jimin expects to be kissed and fucked senseless again,
but Yoongi only takes his hand with a gentle smile, pulling him further in. 'Aren't we going to..?' Jimin asks when the elder starts to undress him. Discarding his clothes, Mr Yoongi stops. 'Going to do what?' he asks flatly.
Jimin involuntarily blushes. 'Are you serious?' Yoongi chuckles, pulling the younger by the curve of his bottom. 'Isn't this sore?' Supporting himself against the elder's chest, Jimin doesn't really enjoy being mocked.
'If you want to walk tomorrow, it's better not to.' Yoongi just muses, kissing Jimin's cheek as he slaps his bare bottom lightly. 'Jump in, I'll get us some water for the night.' Confused, Jimin cautiously gets on the bed. Did they really come here only to sleep?
Mr Min fills a glass of water and puts it on the bedside table besides Jimin, doing the same for himself. Stunned, Jimin waits for the alpha, not lying down even once the lights are off.
Without a word of warning, Yoongi pulls him down, and the next moment Jimin is embraced by a set of strong arms. 'Night.' the alpha mutters, eyes closed.  Accepting his fate, Jimin replies, 'Night..'
He didn't expect a real sleepover, but in the end he must admit that lying in someone's arms does feel good. ***
January and February pass in a blink of an eye, and Jimin tries not to think much about what happened on New Year's Eve. Mr Min left him in the hotel room after delicious breakfast, a set of kisses and a business card with his phone number.
It might be a little stvpid of Jimin that he hasn't messaged the man yet, but he wants to deceive himself that he doesn't need any alpha. And it's useless because he keeps thinking about what happened that night,
about a strong alpha scent that made Jimin think that everything would be okay, or how good it felt to give all control away... Mr Min's face appears in Jimin's mind even during his lectures, and he needs a lot of caffeine and will power to remain focused.
Everything falls apart when he gets sick. 'You're pregnant, I'm telling you.' his friend says, casting him a sidelong glance. Irritated, Jimin wants to hit him, but the alpha only chuckles.  'But like seriously, go get examined.' Hoseok adds, getting serious.
'Your scent has changed, you're throwing up and there's that need to protect you that I've never felt before. Namjoon hyung noticed it too.' Suspicious that he's being pranked, Jimin gives his friend side glances.
'He can't have knocked me up. I wasn't in heat and he definitely wasn't in rut.''  Hoseok just smiles, patting his back in comfort. 'Maybe you're one of the few? It's better to know.'
Sighing, Jimin glares at the untouched glass of his favourite Bourbon Sidecar. He'll take the test, but it's only to drink alcohol with a clear conscious... ***
He doesn't know how to tell his parents. Should they even know? He has the right to choose afterall... Jimin's hands are shaking when he's staring at a row of positive pregnancy tests. It feels like his whole world has turned upside down, and he doesn't know what to do.
The thought of having a child had never even appeared in his head — first, he didn't expect he'd ever find an alpha worthy of him, and second, he's totally fine on his own. Jimin's hands tingle to make a call and ask what Mr Min thinks of it.
Maybe the alpha would want that baby? Jimin should at least ask. He doesn't find any problem in giving birth to Mr Yoongi's child. It's only that he doesn't really want to take care of it. Or does he..?
No, the thought of becoming a father at such a young age is completely ridiculous... He'll just quietly get rid of the pregnancy, and everything will return to how things used to be.
Just then Mr Min's beautiful feline eyes appear in Jimin's mind, and a stifling feeling of guilt has him unable to breathe. He'll call him.. maybe tomorrow.  It's not that the fetus in his womb will run away.
And it's so strange that a part of Alpha Min is in his stomach at the moment. It has been there ever since they parted.. The thought fills Jimin with an irrational sensation, and he quickly realizes it's pride.
Some inner primal instinct in him has him feel that bearing a child of a strong and mature alpha like Mr Min is something prideworthy. Done with overthinking, Jimin gathers all the test into a plastic bag and decides to go for a walk to get rid of the evidence.
It's not that his parents are spying on him, but the maids would definitely find it and talk. Standing in front of a public trashcan in the freezing cold, Jimin stares at one of the tests in his hand.
What if Mr Min would want him to give birth to that child? He might want to have the first test that shows the result... When Jimin comes back home, he finds his father in the sitting room, talking to someone on the phone,
in a quiet voice. 'My senses must be deceiving me and I don't have a heart to start that conversation with him..' Quietly shutting the door, Jimin doesn't take off his jacket so as not to make any noise.
'I know it's a lot to ask for, but I know you won't judge or start rumours.' Park Gasoo sighs tiredly, clearing his throat. 'It's alright, I was about to come to Seoul this month anyway.' a dark raspy voice comes from the phone after a moment of tense silence. Jimin freezes.
'Don't worry, Gasoo. Even if it's true, it's not the end of the world.' Suddenly the front door opens and Jimin jumps in surprise. 'Oh, Jiminah, you're back from the walk?' his mother smiles up at him. All red, Jimin nods fervently and finally starts to take off his jacket.
Hearing them, his father starts to end the call, wishing his "hyungnim" a good night. As Gasoo comes up to greet them, Jimin can see that his father is all tense. 'Yoongi will pay us a visit this week.' he announces, avoiding looking at his son. 'Will you be home?'
Speechless, Jimin's brain works at the speed of light. 'I-I don't know, I was about to have a sleepover at Tae's.' The strict glare his father sends him has Jimin's shoulders curled up.
If it's really all about the scent of pregnancy on him, Jimin's father must be positive that it's the new year's eve sleepover that resulted in it. If only he knew.. 'Jiminah, go to your room. I want to talk to your mother.' Park Gasoo only mutters, not looking at him anymore.
Sighing, Jimin follows without any arguments. He could tell them the truth but it wouldn't go without uneasy questions, and he doesn't know what to say about the identity of the baby's father. What Jimin knows for certain, however, is that he needs to move out… ***
Jimin wakes up because of a piercing sound of the doorbell. It must be around six in the morning because the first rays of sunlight are hitting him right in the face. Face swollen, Jimin gets out of the bed to check who it is. His parents never wake up at the noise...
A maid is already talking to someone, inviting the guest to sit down and wait. But it's not needed because then Jimin's sleep-swollen gaze meets a pair of tired feline eyes, boring right into him.
They wait for the maid to leave, before Yoongi takes a step closer, looking around for security cameras before he finally steps into Jimin's space. 'Mine?' Jimin didn't expect their first conversation after such a long period of time to start like this.
Backtracking, Jimin's back meets resistance when he hits the wall. 'W-who else's?' he utters, shuddering at the intensity of the alpha's scent. Mr Min grunts in acknowledgement, but he doesn't look pleased.
'Why didn't you call me?' he asks coldly. Gulping, Jimin stubbornly stares at Yoongi's chest. 'I-' The sudden commotion coming from the corridor has the alpha step back, and his growl of displeasure has Jimin shiver.
'Yoongi hyung? Weren't you supposed to come on Saturday?' Yoongi's head slowly turns to look at Jimin's father, who's standing there just in his robe. 'Work.' the alpha half-smiles, leaving Jimin there in favour of greeting his longtime friend.
'Came here right away, completely forgetting about the time difference.' The annoyance in the alpha's scent fills Jimin's lungs, and he can't breathe easily until it's gone. He can see a knowing look the two alphas exchange before they disappear in Park Gasoo's office.
Jimin can't know what exactly they talk about, but when he sees them leaving the office while making breakfast, his father looks relieved. Approaching him, he smiles at Jimin from afar, but Jimin can only look at Mr Min who's following suit with a conflicted look.
'Jiminah, could you entertain Mr Min for a while? I'll get changed, and we're out.' Biting into a juicy strawberry, Jimin looks directly at Alpha Min, who's eyeing his plump lips closely.
'Where are you headed to?' Jimin asks innocently, not averting his eyes from the elder's hot body. 'Your father wants to show me his new golf field.' Yoongi mutters, glancing at the corridor to make sure his friend has disappeared in his room.
'Your phone number.' the alpha demands, his dark feline eyes boring into the younger. Jimin is quiet for a lingering moment before he finally looks away, turning to the coffee machine. 'You told my dad that you couldn't smell your child on me?'
The low warning growl that he gets in return has Jimin's all hair standing. 'Your. Phone. Number.' Yoongi repeats slowly, and the omega finally gives up with a sigh.
'Why lie to him when the truth will come to light anyway..' Jimin mumbles out quietly as he pulls out his mobile and dials the elder's number. Yoongi looks up from his phone completely taken aback,
and Jimin starts to wonder what he has said wrong.  But then his father returns, and even if it seems like Mr Min wishes to continue their conversation really badly, for the time being, they must leave it unfinished. ***
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*** The door of the hotel apartment unlocks with a beeping sound, and Jimin looks up from his phone. He has been sitting curled up comfortably on one of the fancy armchairs, searching google for tips on how to hide the scent of pregnancy from alphas.
Regular scent blockers unfortunately can't help mask such a powerful innate fragrance. 'Have you eaten?' is the first thing Yoongi asks as he takes off his coat. 'I'm not hungry-' Jimin starts, but the next moment a hotel menu is shoved in his face. He reluctantly takes it.
'I told your father I couldn't smell pregnancy on you.' Yoongi states, going straight to the point as he takes the other armchair. 'That's why tomorrow I'll drive you to the clinic and the problem is gone.' Stunned, Jimin slowly puts down his phone.
'How come you made the decision for me just like that?' he asks after a moment of confusion. Baffled, Yoongi blinks, Jimin's eyes focused on the elder manspreading. The prominent bulge in the alpha's pants has familiar heat coiling in Jimin's lower belly,
and all he wants is to either nuzzle his face against it or sit astride it. 'At first I thought I had misheard you..' Yoongi starts slowly. '..but you're really taking into consideration giving birth..' Playing with his fingers nervously, Jimin doesn't look at the alpha.
'Don't you.. want it?' Jimin asks hesitantly. Perhaps he shouldn't feel like that, but the alpha's reaction has disappointment drop in his belly. Does the alpha want to get rid of the child because he sees Jimin unworthy of bearing it?
These are ridiculous thoughts for someone who knows his worth and Jimin decides it's hormones that make him want to cry right now. Sensing the omega's mood, Yoongi stands up, pacing around the room impatiently. 'It's not that I don't want it.' he starts, conflicted.
'Jimin, you're still too young to become a father. I thought it's obvious for the both of us!?' The tension in Mr Min's deep voice makes Jimin want to cry even more. He tries to stop his lower lip from trembling, tightening his lips in a thin line.
It must be true that the alpha doesn't want /Jimin/ to give him a child… Finally stopping his pointless walk, Yoongi crouches in front of the omega, taking his small hand in his. 'You haven't even graduated yet,
you haven't lived properly and yet you want to bind yourself to another person for an entire life? It's a huge responsibility, I'm sure you know that...' Yoongi tries to reason as he squeezes his hand. But the more the alpha speaks, the fiercer Jimin becomes.
He ignores the burn of tears in his eyes as he looks up. 'I will have that baby.' Jimin decides, standing up. 'If you don't want your pup, sir, I'll find an alpha who'll take care of them.'
He turns to leave but he doesn't take a step when a low growl cuts the space. And Jimin has already heard several growls coming from Mr Min's throat, but none could compare to this one. Lingering and dark, it has each hair on Jimin's body stand,
and he doesn't have the courage to move. Heart pounding, he already knows that he crossed the line — he shouldn't have said that… Mr Min takes two steps closer, heavy air between them.
Jimin flinches when the alpha takes a hold of his throat, not using any pressure but holding him in place anyway. 'You're mine.' the alpha growls, the air shuddering in fear at the sound.
Jimin shivers too, heavy heat in his stomach starts to spread to the tips of his fingers, and Jimin must squeeze his legs in impatience. The alpha might be holding him by his throat, but he pushes him on the bed quite gently,
the mattress squeaks as the omega's light weight bounces on it. It doesn't take much time when the elder's length finds itself inside him, pressing as hard and deep as last time. So much time has passed that the omega is nearly as tight as during his first time,
and it has Yoongi's primal instincts swooning in content. 'Be honest, Mr Min..' Jimin gasps between the violent pounding, he must know. 'Last time, did you really not have the intention to knock me up?'
Adjusting the bruising hold on Jimin's small waist, Yoongi pushes the younger's hips so deep onto his thick cock it has the omega whine loudly. 'The primal instinct to breed my omega affects me like every other alpha..' he admits, rasping the words into Jimin's ear.
'Which doesn't mean I'm unaware you're not ready to give birth to a child.' Jimin doesn't have time to pout because an especially pleasurable thrust has his vision blur, toes curling up. 'S-so.. this omega is worthy..?' Jimin mumbles out vulnerably as he regains his senses.
The pounding halts for a moment before the elder fvcks him hard again. He doesn't slow down until Jimin falls apart around him, crying at the intensity of his orgasm. Filling him to the brim, Yoongi shuts his eyes, slowly moving in and out, squelching sounds filling the room.
The final thrust fill Jimin with so much cum he can swear it makes him see white. 'If my omega wasn't worthy, I wouldn't mark you all with my seed.' Yoongi finally replies before he pulls out. 'Even if I know you already carry with my child, I want to breed you even more.'
The words are like honey on Jimin's anxious mind, and he starts to give off a smell of a content. Yoongi wordlessly pulls the omega in, kissing Jimin's temple before he hugs him.
'This decision is too important to take overnight.' Jimin mumbles out with his eyes closed. Yoongi sighs audibly, but he doesn't argue.
*** 》 a discussion about pregnancy termination
*** Mr Min shouldn't stay in Korea that long, but to Park Gasoo's content, he stays for an entire month. He's not aware of all the countless instances Jimin must use scent blocking shampoos, and he has no suspicion about anything whatsoever.
Jimin feels the adrenaline of hiding something so filthy from his parents, and even if it's wrong, he loves having a secret affair with their friend. One time he even manages to seduce Mr Yoongi into fvcking him in the bathroom while his parents are at home.
Reeking of the alpha's powerful scent, Jimin must go through a walk of shame and quickly limps out of the house under the excuse of helping Taehyung with something. He loves what they have and he wants more.
And yet for now, Jimin can't imagine telling his parents.  First of all, he is afraid of their reaction both to being in a relationship with someone so much older, and being pregnant. Second of all, he doesn't feel ready to talk about being in a relationship with Mr Yoongi yet.
He still hasn't stopped calling the alpha per "Mr Min", and they haven't had a proper conversation about what they are. "Fuckbuddies" would be the term, but only "fuck" in it is correct — Jimin in the slightest doesn't feel like the elder's "buddy".
What he feels though is like he's Mr Min's claimed mate. Jimin has never officially agreed on a relationship, but he would lie saying that being treated with such care and possessiveness doesn't flatter him.
Up till now jealousy was a good reason to reject any alpha interested in him, but when it comes to Mr Min, it's entirely different. Mr Yoongi hardly ever voices his claim on him — the possessiveness shows in the elder's scent spiking up when Jimin acts up,
in the way he starts to glare at him, or how his firm muscles tense, a low growl building up somewhere deep in his throat. Oftentimes, Jimin provokes it himself, only to check if the alpha really cares so much about him, and each time it evokes the same response in the elder.
It's even more fun when they're not alone, and Yoongi can't put his claim on him (growling until Jimin falls to his knees and bares his neck in a showcase of total submissiveness). 'I'll be late.' Jimin says to his parents who are currently having their friend over.
'Where are you headed?' his father asks from his cup of coffee. Jimin involuntarily locks stares with Mr Min, whose calm feline eyes are silently taking him in. 'I have a date,' Jimin announces cheerfully.  'Don't expect me to come back for dinner..!'
His father stands up, seeing him to the front door. 'Well, good, it's high time you found an alpha and started your own family..' Gasoo says wisely, folding his arms. It's clear that he's nervous for his son though, protective of his child even if that's the way things are.
'You want to get rid of me?' Jimin chuckles, checking his messy hair in the mirror. He'd never go on a date looking like this, but Mr Min must clearly have believed it — Jimin can feel his heavy glare even from the sitting room.
'You know we love to have you with us, but we also know that's how things are.' Gasoo sighs fondly at his son. 'Now go, and be careful, yeah? Text me the alpha's name and address.' Amused that his father thinks he'd do that, Jimin chuckles. 'Yeah yeah..'
He orders a taxi as soon as the front door closes, and a satisfied smirk appears on his lips when a message pops up over the app. [From: Mr Min] /A date???/ [From: Jimin] /Is there a problem, Mr Min?/ [From: Mr Min] /Who are you meeting Jimin/
Leaving the building, Jimin shivers at the gush of a freezing wind on his face. He puts up the hood of his winter jacket. [From: Jimin] /You don't know them anyway, why would you want to know?/
Smiling, Jimin can nearly hear the warning growl the alpha must be fighting right now. [From: Mr Min] /Have you told anyone who you're meeting? It's about your safety Jimin./
Realising that the alpha isn't jealous but worried, Jimin's smile drops and he sighs. [From: Jimin] /I'm not meeting anyone I don't know. No need to worry, sir./ [From: Mr Min] /So you're going on a date with someone you know?/
[From: Jimin] /Don't you have my parents to talk to right now, Mr Min?/ [From: Mr Min] /Since you're safe, I'm going to continue the conversation with them, but for your knowledge, there will be no intimacy between us as long as you see other alphas./
[From: Mr Min] /No matter how much you beg./ About to say that he's never begged, Jimin recalls the time he simply had to be railed by Mr Yoongi, and the elder caved in, fucking him in the bathroom so hard Jimin saw stars for an entire evening.
At the memory, a wave of heat drops to Jimin's lower belly, and he must adjust on the backseat. Biting his plump lower lip, he knows he's risking a lot right now. [From: Jimin] /What if I have someone else to beg from now on?/
To Jimin's disappointment, Mr Min doesn't reply to that, and he looks out the window with a pout. His favourite club is full of people, and his friends are already waiting for him. 'Took you a while Jiminah!' Hoseok yells with a smile.
'We got you some non-alcoholic drink, here!' Smiling in that charming way of his, Jimin takes the glass and takes a sip before he sits down.  'Wow, the fragrance is really strong now.' Namjoon notes, and Jimin sends him a tired glance.
'Don't even mention it.' he mutters, refusing to think about it. 'Are you really going to have that baby?' Noah asks with her big eyes. Pouting, Jimin looks away.
'Did you invite me to a club only to talk about my problems? You better tell me what's up in your lives guys?' he says, changing the subject. Seeing that Jimin doesn't want to discuss his state, they let go and talk about nothing.
It's only Taehyung who can't be deterred so easily. 'Jiminah, you can't just refuse talking about it forever.' he tries to convince him. 'I was sure you've had the procedure already? What's wrong with you, are you really going to become a baby daddy?'
Annoyed, Jimin looks elsewhere. Taehyung is right but he doesn't want to listen to the voice of reason right now. 'You don't understand.' Jimin simply decides, stubbornly staring at his glass.
'I can't even explain it... but I feel that Mr Min's child is something to treasure.. It's stvpid, I know, but the simple thought of terminating the pregnancy has me sick..' Taehyung leans back at that, a look of wonder on his face.
'He bewitched you…' he says dramatically. 'An alpha put his pup in your womb and uses it as an incubator...' Jimin rolls his eyes with a chuckle. His phone buzzes, and he glances at the screen to see a new message. [From: Mr Min] /Where are you?/
'Burn the phone.' Taehyung advises him, and Jimin giggles again. 'Stop it.' he muses, ignoring the message. 'And for your knowledge, he is the one who wants to terminate it.' Taehyung blinks at that in surprise. 'He what?'
Jimin smiles at him sadly. 'Yeah..'  Speechless, Taehyung gathers him up for a hug. 'Oh baby.. So it's you who really wants it..?'
Maybe it's just hormones, but Jimin feels something in his chest building up and before he knows it, he starts sobbing. Their friends cast glances at them but since it's a sensitive topic, they continue having their own conversations.
'This changes everything Jiminah..' Taehyung comforts softly. 'You don't worry about him, just have your baby, we'll help you raise them, you know.' Receiving a tissue from an understanding Namjoon, Jimin sniffs again.
'You don't get it.. It's not only that I want it — I wish he wanted it too...' Jimin tries to explain, but from Taehyung's face he knows it's even more complex now. The phone buzzes again and Jimin sees a set of question marks.
He aims to ignore it again, but Taehyung grabs his phone and quickly types in the address. 'Yah!' Jimin opposes, voice hoarse as he tries to get the phone back. 'Mr Min sounds like an experienced and understanding alpha.
Talk to him and tell him how you feel.' Taehyung orders, giving back the phone only once the message is sent. Then he leans in to kiss Jimin's head softly. 'It will be okay.' he adds, rubbing his friend's arm.
Mr Min arrives surprisingly fast, Jimin sees the door open and the next moment their eyes meet. Dressed all in black, Yoongi looks stern and vexed, and Jimin involuntarily straightens his back.
The elder's cold expression shifts to surprise when he realises that Jimin is there with a group of friends. 'It's not me who sent you the address.' Jimin mutters, turning fully to the bar. The alpha stands between him and Taehyung, and his strong scent has Jimin feel dizzy.
'You've been crying..' Yoongi rasps, reaching a hand to wipe some of the remaining tears with his thumb. Not looking at him, Jimin wipes them off himself. 'Why have you come here, sir?'
Jimin's friends send him knowing glances, visibly impressed with how hot the man he spoke about is. 'To get my bratty omega home.' Yoongi replies without hesitation, leaning against the counter and tapping on it impatiently.
Jimin's friends whistle at that, laughing, and he wants to throw something at them. 'Because I thought he was on a date..' Yoongi adds darkly, voice dropping an octave as he leans closer to Jimin's ear.
Blushing, Jimin busies himself with bending and rolling a paper straw. 'Even if I was on a date, it's none of your-' Before he stops talking, the elder's hand closes on his knee, and that pleasurable heat floods him again.
'Waiting in my car.' Yoongi just mutters, nodding a goodbye at his friends before he leaves. Once the door of the bar closes, Jimin's friends start to cheer and whistle at him, congratulating on seducing such a dilf.
Annoyed, Jimin finishes his drink, and getting his jacket, he leaves as well. He recognizes Mr Min's black sports car right away; it's the most luxurious vehicle on the street. There's silence once he gets in the passenger's seat.
It's warm in the car, so Jimin unzips his jacket. He doesn't plan on being the one speaking up first. 'Why don't you want to be with me?' Yoongi rasps into the silence. He sounds genuinely curious. 'Who said I didn't?' Jimin replies emotionlessly.
Yoongi looks at him pensively. 'You keep arguing with the fact that you're mine.' he mutters. 'Because I'm not.' Jimin cuts in firmly. 'I belong to myself...'
The alpha doesn't reply for a lingering moment. 'There must be a misunderstanding when it comes to that phrasing.' Yoongi muses finally, playing with his lips as he glares at the people walking on the street.
'In your view, ownership must be something associated with trophies, the lack of choice, objectification..' the alpha speaks so calmly that Jimin must glance at him. 'But you must know that I do not use it that way.' Unable to avert eyes from the alpha, Jimin asks,
'In what way are you using it then?' he whispers. Yoongi's eyes shift to him, deep and dark like a beautiful pond.  'When I say that you're mine, it means that you are my person.' he says without hesitation, and there's no doubt he's speaking the truth.
'You belong to me but not in a way where you have no choice, but in a way that you hold all the power to command me, have me do anything you wish for.' Jimin's heart skips in his chest, which suddenly feels too full to breathe.
'You are mine, but what it really means is that I am yours.' the alpha finishes, finally looking away. Only now is Jimin able to breathe, his heart racing.  It's a more serious confession than if Mr Min said "I love you".
Unable to say anything, Jimin starts playing with his fingers. 'You don't want me to have your child though...'  Yoongi turns to him in his seat, taking one of Jimin's hands in his.
'Believe me that if you weren't so young, and your parents weren't close friends of mine, I'd be over the moon if you decided to give birth to my child..' the elder says genuinely. 'I'm 25.' Jimin comments flatly, and the alpha leans against his seat with a fond smile.
His big hand feels so good in Jimin's.. 'Mentally you're still a pup.' the alpha mutters softly. Annoyed yet again, Jimin opens the door, about to leave. But the alpha doesn't let him — pulling Jimin closer, he shuts the door again.
'I only want good for you..' Yoongi mutters sensually in Jimin's ear as he hugs him tightly. 'And as much as my inner alpha swells with pride at having successfully knocked up my omega, I know it is not good for you so early on in life.'
'You're not me, alpha.' Jimin finally replies, letting the elder sway them in a hug. 'You can't know what I want... And if you really want to claim me, the problem with my parents won't disappear even if I'm not pregnant.'
Releasing his hold on him, Yoongi's hand travels to Jimin's covered stomach. 'I know..' he sighs, before he gently unwraps from the hug. 'Let's not worry about it tonight.' Yoongi decides, starting the engine.
'Fasten your seatbelt, I'm going to treat my bratty omega with something good.' Blushing at the promise, Jimin already knows what it is. ***
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*** Hotel breakfasts are something Jimin truly enjoys, especially after such a busy night. Mr Min has had it served in bed for him, and now Jimin is munching on delicious pancakes, texting his mother and Taehyung at the same time
'I should have left you alone.' Yoongi says blankly into the silence. Already dressed in one of his fancy suits, he's sitting at the table with a cup of black offee.  'I had left you my number, thinking it was good I live abroad.' Yoongi continues absently,
staring out of the window. 'You would have time to gain experiences, meet new people, and maybe several years later we could create a serious relationship.' 'Isn't it too late for that?' Jimin asks flatly, looking up from his food.
For some reason, he knows for certain that the alpha won't leave him. He's not even afraid. 'You should have thought about that before you seduced me, Mr Min.'
Yoongi looks at him pensively. 'Even if my alpha is reeling at the thought of anyone else touching you, I know it would do you good.' he reasons. 'I have lived longer than you, so I know that after
gaining experiences with others, you'd be able to clearly see that you're meant for me.' The elder is looking through the window again, but with the heat flooding Jimin's cheeks, he looks away regardless. 'I still don't believe your theory, sir.'
Yoongi's calm feline eyes are back on him. 'Jimin, you're all in my scent, wearing my shirt and carrying my pup. Will you finally stop calling me formally?' Munching on his breakfast with a pout, Jimin looks through the window.
'I can't do that when even my dad calls you with honorifics.'   Yoongi sighs with a fond smile. He stands up and sits at the edge of the bed, reaching out to caress Jimin's cheek. 'As he should. But you're my mate; you've got more privileges.'
Heat coiling in his stomach, Jimin's craving for food suddenly turns into a different kind of hunger. Handing the breakfast tray to the alpha, Jimin leans back into the pillows. 'You should eat more-' Yoongi starts, sitting there with the food.
Licking maple syrup off his plump swollen lips, Jimin reaches both hands out, spreading his bare legs unmistakably. The shirt stands in the way but Yoongi knows the omega doesn't have any boxer shorts on.
Putting away the tray, he loosens his tie again and climbs onto the younger like a wolf on its prey. Jimin is just too addictive; his warmth, his needy gasps and breathy whines. All of them make Yoongi go crazy.
He makes sure to fill the younger up this time too. They have entwined several times last night, and yet Jımin is still so tight for him. Yoongi can't help but bite at the younger's neck, scent him, growl at the thought that anyone else doing it if things hadn't gone this way.
He's not a good alpha for Jimin, but he can't help but feel possessive. Even when his knot is deep inside the younger, Yoongi can't stop growling, face buried in the omega's pretty sensitive neck. Taking the swelling knot, Jimin comes down from an intense orgasm,
unseeingly staring at the window and playing with the alpha's slightly sweaty hair. It hasn't come to Jimin's mind the previous time because he was too engrossed in experiencing his first times (or too horny to realise), but the alpha is quite vulnerable in his arms right now.
Mr Yoongi is in charge, undoubtedly — the alpha is deep inside him, owning him in the most primal of ways, and yet the way he's embracing him shows the opposite. He lets Jimin play with his hair and whenever Jimin experimentally stops, the growl becomes louder
until his fingers thread back in his hair again. And Jimin finds even that neverending growl cute. The growl is more like continuous purring now, and Jimin's belly flutters with a new gush of come filling his insides.
'Let's do it that way.' Yoongi rasps suddenly, his purr/growl cut short. Confused, Jimin hums for the elder to continue. 'Let's end it this time and start everything anew.' Yoongi mutters into his neck, the warmth of his mouth on Jimin's scent gland.
'The relationship with you, I want to do it properly.' Letting out a shaky breath, Jimin stops playing with the alpha's hair. He isn't smiling anymore. He doesn't say anything either, but the knot keeps him well in place, and he can't escape this conversation.
'Why are you so stubborn?' Yoongi asks softly, lifting on his elbow. He tilts Jimin's head to look at him from up close. Jimin's lips are in a thin line again. Finally, he speaks up. 'You are acting like all those alpha males I loathe. Like you know better what is good for me.
But I am not your pet.' Jimin says harshly. '"Just terminate it." — It's so easy to say for someone who isn't going to go through the procedure.'  Yoongi lifts up higher, eyebrows furrowed. The knot goes deeper with the movement and Jimin whimpers at the painful sensation.
'Jiminah, are you scared of the procedure itself??' Yoongi asks out of breath. His hand goes from Jimin's jaw to his cheek. The stubborn pout doesn't leave Jimin's face. 'Baby, I'll provide you with the best care both before and after.
A qualified doctor will be there for you at any moment-' 'I DON'T WANT THE PROCEDURE.' Jimin finally shouts, before he goes dim again.  And maybe it was not a good idea to pursue the conversation during knotting.
As intimate as it is, Yoongi can feel how distressed the omega is, despite a mask of anger, and it has his alpha unsettled too. Growling/Purring again, Yoongi buries his head into Jimin's scent gland, and eventually Jimin's heartbeat calms down.
Yoongi doesn't say anything but comforting words until the knot releases and they part. As soon as it happens, Jimin makes a move to leave, but Yoongi doesn't allow him, closing him in his arms again.
'I'm sorry.' Yoongi rasps in his ear, Jimin is lying there, heaving after struggling for a while. 'It's alright.' Jimin replies emotionlessly, staring ahead. 'It's not like an alpha could understand.'
Yoongi's stiff arms don't let go. 'That's true, I'll never understand.' he admits with a sigh. The pressure of the hold and powerful scent calm Jimin down even if he doesn't want to admit it, and eventually he lays in the alpha's arms all relaxed.
'Do you really hate the thought of having a child that much?' Jimin asks casually. He's not even mad about it anymore. Yoongi sighs. 'I just didn't understand why you were so stubborn about it.
I would gladly put pups in you once I've asked your parents for your hand in marriage. There's no rush afterall.' Jimin doesn't say anything and after a moment of silence, Yoongi continues.
'That woman from the New Year's party.' he says, gaining Jimin's attention so that his ears almost perk up. 'We were there to discuss a potential merger between our companies, which would be sealed only by providing the Min family with an heir.'
Jimin supposed that the two weren't there strictly for business, but it makes him feel salty anyway.  It was so close and his alpha would be swept away from him… 'So believe me, Jimin. I do indeed want a child.' Yoongi ends with bitterness in his tone.
'I'm in my forties so it's high time.' 'What was wrong with her then?' Jimin asks bitterly, unable not to. He didn't contact Mr Min for about two months so who knows if the deal hadn't gone through.  'Seriously?' Yoongi chuckles, finally raising up.
Jimin pouts, but his inner omega is content.  'Then I don't see a problem here. I will give you a child, and everyone is happy.' he mutters. Sitting up, Yoongi considers zipping his pants back on but they're too messy so he needs to change.
'Not everyone.' Yoongi just answers, taking off his clothes to shower again. 'I need to go, however we'll come back to this conversation.' Jimin sighs, rolling on the bed. Laughing, the elder comes back for a moment to kiss the wrap when Jimin's head is.
'Don't worry, you'll choose whatever is best for you.' Yoongi comforts him, patting his arm through the duvet. 'I'll book an appointment with a specialist, alright?'  Dejected, Jimin just hums affirmatively.  Truthfully, he's too fucked out to think of anything any longer.
Sleep engulfs him comfortably, but he awakes for a moment when the alpha comes up to him to kiss him goodbye before the front door shuts quietly. And truthfully, Jimin could get used to a life with Mr Min. ***
Jimin can choose if he wants to talk to the psychologist alone or with Yoongi, and he decides the second. It's Yoongi after all who finds issues in this situation. The woman must sign an additional confidential document before she sees them.
Jimin takes the conversation seriously, answering honestly to all questions. Does he feel ready? No.  Does he picture himself as a father? Not really. Does he want to have the child? He does. The woman nods with a stern expression, making notes.
When they go into fear of ending the pregnancy, his phone rings. His mother wants to know where he is, and Jimin quickly writes a message that he'll be home soon. 'I'm sorry, can you repeat?' Jimin asks with a business tone. Yoongi glances at him with a raised eyebrow.
'I'd like to know if you have any idea where your fear comes from, Jimin.' the woman asks gently.  Jimin stares at her for a moment, before he stands up. 'Look, I am a fighter for omega rights, I have always been and I fully support the right to choose.'
Jimin says firmly, looking down at the two. 'I am well aware of my rights, and if I didn't want to have that baby, I'd have already been to the clinic a long time ago.' Both the psychologist and Yoongi stare at him dumbfounded.
'But it was my first intimate interaction with an alpha, the first time I feel truly attracted to someone. I have all the rights to do it, but I don't want to experience the procedure of terminating a pregnancy so early in my life.
It's just a procedure, not scary, I know, but instead, I would truly rather experience giving birth. Maybe others are different, but I have a strong financial background, ability to hire people who will take good care of the child
and absolutely no valid reason to get rid of it. It will also be my first baby, it's also a part of me that is growing inside me, so kindly let me decide if I want to push them out of my body or not.' Yoongi is too speechless to say anything, but Jimin speaks first.
'Alpha, I know you do all of this because you care for me. I really chose a good person for my first time.' Jimin says with all sincerity. But he's tired.
'But please stop it already. If you don't want to help me, at least stop with all that bother.' Having said that, Jimin takes his jacket and leaves. ***
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*** He doesn't reply to Mr Min's messages, and because of business the alpha is abroad again so he can't visit him personally.  In the meantime Jimin is searching for an apartment to move, and plans how to write his final exams remotely.
By May, he should already be showing, and the last thing he wants is to hear any gossip.  Fortunately, his university serves an option to have the committee come to a different place for special occasions (or for an additional charge).
Mr Min sends a message every day, briefing him about what he's doing, reminding him to eat, and telling Jimin to take care of himself. He also tells him when he's going to come back to Korea, but Jimin still doesn't know if he will want to see him.
Deep inside, he's sure he will. It might not be too responsible of him, but Jimin still hasn't visited any doctor for a physical examination. He called one, but the man only told him what vitamins he should take and to make an appointment.
Jimin fears he'll be seen by someone he knows, and he delays it as much as he can. Occasionally, his eyes stop on baby clothes when he's shopping, and he wants to make some purchases but he can't as he's still living with his parents.
Jimin has always had his own bank account, so he's not afraid he won't be able to live by himself, but it will surely be lonely so he delays it as well.  One day he even considers telling his parents the truth, but wouldn't that put Mr Min in trouble?
Something tells Jimin that Mr Yoongi wouldn't be mad at him, but still.. It's better to do it together. That's why nothing really changes till the day Mr Min is back.
'Min Yoongi-sshi!' Gasoo exclaims cheerfully. 'So glad to see you again, it's almost as if you've moved here for good!' Yoongi smiles, patting his friend's back, but almost instantly his eyes find Jimin.
The omega is standing there in a grey oversized sweater, and Yoongi starts to wonder if that's because he is already showing. Stifling a purr of pleasure his inner alpha wants to release at the thought, he follows his friend inside.
They chat over coffee for a while, and it seems like only Yoongi and Jimin see the elephant in the room. They both know that telling his parents can't be delayed for long, because Jimin's growing stomach will give the secret away sooner or later.
Jimin is surprised to come back from the bathroom and hear Mr Min's deep voice saying, 'It's an apprenticeship, I could leave a vacancy for Jimin.' Yoongi mutters, talking in a strictly business tone.
'He would learn more about the legal aspects of running a company, and it could help him in his future career as a business lawyer.' Jimin glances at the alpha in shock, not knowing what to say. Despite all the texts, Mr Min didn't give him any heads up about the idea.
'Did you hear that, Jiminah?' His innocent father asks, smiling cheerfully. 'C'mon and thank Mr Min for the amazing opportunity.' Shaking his head out of thoughts, Jimin bows to the alpha in gratitude.
If the alpha is really giving him a new environment to conveniently go through the pregnancy, he's going to thank Mr Min later in a more intense way. Meanwhile, the elder looks up at him with a smirk. 'Well, Jiminah, do you want to go?' Eyes shining, Jimin fervently nods.
*** 'You could have told me earlier, Mr Min. I wouldn't have ignored you for so long.' Jimin mutters, where he's intertwined in the alpha's strong arms. Large windows, neat beige walls, warm gentle light — he finds this hotel the most pleasing so far.
'You have an ugIy habit of ignoring your alpha.' Yoongi mumbles out flatly into the younger's bare back. Sensitive lips brushing against cold duvet, Jimin looks out the window absently.  It's getting dark and the light in their room is on, what if someone can see them up there?
'You'll become my alpha only after I've decided to become your omega.' Jimin replies. Yoongi sighs. 'I was wrong for not believing you. I apologise…' he says, leaning in to kiss Jimin's warm cheek.
'But next time you ignore your alpha, you'll be thoroughly disciplined.' And even after such a strenuous satisfying sex they have just had, the thought has Jimin feel hot all over.  'No more convincing then..?'  Yoongi hugs him tighter. 'No more convincing.' he confirms.
And only then does doubt start to sink in. Now that the opposite force is gone, Jimin's stubbornness doesn't fuel his motivation any longer, and he doesn't know if he's made the right decision. Lost in thought, Jimin delves into conflicted thoughts again. ***
The farewell is long and teary, Jimin's Park Miyong can't hug her son enough. 'C'mon, mum, it's like 10 hours, we can see each other anytime.' Jimin keeps comforting, and she nods with a sniff.
They finally pass the gates, and Yoongi glances back to make sure they aren't visible anymore. Only then does he find Jimin's hand, threading their fingers.  'Now that the problem with your parents is solved for the time being,
we'll take care of matters as hand.' Yoongi mutters. 'Have you been to a doctor yet?' Dazed at their hands intertwined just like that, in public, Jimin shakes his head no. 'Then I'll make an appointment as soon as possible. Perhaps the tests were wrong?'
'15 tests and the scent?' Jimin asks with a hint of doubt. Yoongi just squeezes his hand tightly. 'Your parents are going to curse both me and all generations of my ancestors..' Yoongi mutters to himself, making Jimin giggle. They enter the plane with hands locked. ***
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*** Tired after the flight, Jimin doesn't want to to straight to the hospital from the airport, but Yoongi insists. 'Isn't it you who wants the baby?' he reasons with a lift of an eyebrow. 'Don't you want to check if they're healthy?'
Looking at the picturesque scene of New York through the window, Jimin must agree. He's admitted to the most prestigious hospital in the city, staying in a room that looks more like a hotel apartment.
Due to work, Yoongi leaves him for a while, promising to come back as soon as possible. Feeling a little lonely, Jimin is staring out the window from his comfortable bed. He already starts to miss his parents…
The doorbell announces a visit, and after a moment, a team of doctors enters the room. They introduce themselves as the heads of several hospital departments, with the chief of the entire place in the middle.
They brief him about the visit, but when the gynaecologist wants to be the first to examine him, Jimin opposes. He doesn't want to have his first physical examination done without Mr Min. His objection isn't met with any judgement,
and they decide that first he'll have a general health checkup and the gynaecologist will visit as soon as Jimin is ready. Suddenly the pregnancy feels too real and Jimin starts to get anxious.
He fears that it's his stubbornness at this point; that he's making a mistake that will cost his child a bad life. Yoongi finds him in such a state, immediately asking what happened. Eyes swollen from crying, Jimin can't look at him. 'L-Let's terminate it..' he mumbles out.
Out of shock, Yoongi leans away before he squeezes Jimin's hand again. 'What happened, baby..?' he asks patiently. 'You can tell me everything.' Sniffing, Jimin can't look at him.
'You don't want this child, and you're right saying I'm no fit for a father.' the omega whispers wetly. 'I can't even have my parents here, and it's such an important step in my life..'  Yoongi's hold releases again, he sits straight in shock.
'Sweetheart.. I'm so sorry..' her rasps finally with such a compassionate tone of voice Jimin didn't know the alpha was capable of. Slowly, Yoongi pulls the covers and climbs in to wrap the younger in his arms.
'Your alpha did wrong.. Forgive me, my sweetheart..' he keeps saying, rubbing Jimin's small back that shakes with the sobs. 'I will tell them the truth right away and have them come here-' he starts, but the younger one cuts in. 'No!' Jimin exclaims, wiping his teary face.
'I-I'm not ready yet..'  The elder looks at him fondly, running fingers through Jimin's soft hair. 'Not yet then.' he confirms.
Realising what Mr Min meant that time in the car, Jimin wraps his arms around the elder's torso as he hugs onto him tightly. The final say does indeed belong to him. ***
Jimin's crisis doesn't last long, and before he leaves the hospital, he insists on seeing the gynaecologist. They have the first ultrasound done with the best possible machine, so that the picture is good and the foetus clearly visible.
As stoic as he is, this time Yoongi seems equally nervous, and Jimin starts to wonder who comforts who with the tight handhold. 'Is it normal that I'm not showing yet?' Jimin asks the doctor who starts coating his stomach with lube. 'Maybe it's truly not pregnancy?'
The doctor smiles at him, taking his free hand. 'Blood tests stated it clearly. And if you press here, sir, you will be able to feel your growing womb.'  Unknowingly, Yoongi is pulled into this too,
the doctor puts his hand on Jimin's stomach and presses lightly until it meets a resistance. 'It's going to show soon, no need to worry.' The doctor smiles as she reaches for the device. Locking their hands, Yoongi glances at Jimin
before they both get their eyes glued to the screen. And there it is, a tiny little thing in the form of a baby, whose quick heartbeat suddenly fills the room. 'What we have here is a perfectly healthy foetus..' the woman states slowly,
pressing the device to Jimin's flat stomach at different angles. 'Around 14th week...'  'That would be correct.' Yoongi mutters through a tight throat, exchanging knowing smiles with Jimin. 'Alpha, are you crying?' Jimin chuckles.
The elder blinks through a moved smile, Jimin's hand pressed against his lips. Seeing such a strict man as Mr Min sitting there all moved, with eyes glassy and red, Jimin feels like crying too.
'It's a tiny Min, Jiminah..' Yoongi rasps wetly, glancing at him only for a moment to look at the baby again. Squeezing the elder's hand in understanding, Jimin smiles in relief. He is now sure that the alpha really wants this baby too.
'Well, two Mins.' The doctor adds, and the fathers' heads snap up. 'Superfetation is extremely rare, this one in particular.' The doctor explains, her eyes shining in excitement when she examines the picture. 'About 8 weeks difference.'
Jimin's mind is completely blank for a moment, he doesn't catch up. 'Most probably, we'll need to take out one baby first and keep the other one a little while longer.' the doctor keeps talking, starting to wipe off Jimin's stomach.
'Fvck...' Yoongi whispers, and Jimin looks at him with his lips agape. 'If you were so kind and wait here a minute.. when I come back, we'll proceed with the physical examination.' The doctor explains.
After she leaves, silence falls upon the room. 'Fvck.' Yoongi mutters again, nervously playing with Jimin's hand. Jimin's mind has slowed down and only now it sinks in what the doctor said. 'We're going to have twins..?'
Yoongi looks at him with eyes guilty like a puppy. 'They're not twins, baby.' he explains softly. 'Eight week difference means that the other pup was conceived when I came back by the end of February..' 'Fvck..' Jimin mumbles out too, realising why they're so screwed.
Now they can't hide from his parents that Yoongi shamelessly fvcked him all along. 'We're having two babies..' Yoongi rasps then, holding his head in disbelief. Absently wiping his belly off lube, Jimin is in disbelief too.
He was planning for the baby to be his first and the last, but apparently his life is a joke. Because how else can you call getting accidently pregnant while already being in one accidental pregnancy?
On the other hand though, Jimin can't help but feel some strange joy at the turn of events. A few weeks ago he had absolutely nothing, there was only the university, drinking, parties and the upcoming career as a lawyer. The future seemed dull and bland.
And now there's an alpha that he's truly attracted to, two pups in his belly, and something new every day. Whatever else life has in store for him, he just decides to enjoy the ride. 'You won't try to make me terminate this one, will you?' Jimin asks dryly,
and Yoongi sends him a done expression. Sighing, Jimin throws the used paper towel into a bin and lies back. 'I'm truly happy that you want to give birth to my pups, Jimin.' Yoongi says, and he sounds sincere.
'I just had doubts; didn't understand why you would even want it. I thought you might be driven by our bond.' Absently staring at the ceiling, Jimin unknowingly caresses his stomach.
'I told you, I don't believe in such things.' Yoongi sighs, but before he says anything, the door opens again. ***
A/N this update in a nutshell:
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