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🚨#PfizerFiles On the left is current Pfizer board member @Scott Gottlieb, MD. On the right is the former FDA Commissioner in charge of regulating Pfizer. Pfizer got tired of paying billions in criminal fines, so they bought the FDA Commissioner. Why not, right❓

2/ As a Pfizer board member, it is Scott Gottlieb's fiduciary duty to maximize Pfizer's profits. Scott Gottlieb is also a paid CNBC "medical expert." Despite the scientific literature, Scott Gottlieb told CNBC viewers that his product is better than natural immunity. Get it❓
3/ @Scott Gottlieb, MD worked with a Twitter lobbyist to censor an Israeli study that concluded natural immunity is 13x more effective than Pfizer's mRNA shots. Pfizer's denial of natural immunity was contrary to science and an obvious sales ploy.…
Alex Berenson

Alex Berenson

1/ My first #TwitterFiles report: how @Scott Gottlieb, MD - a top Pfizer board member - used the same Twitter lobbyist as the White House to suppress debate on Covid vaccines, INCLUDING FROM A FELLOW HEAD OF @U.S. FDA! Thanks @Elon Musk for opening these files.…
4/ Pfizer's @Scott Gottlieb, MD also tried to censor a tweet that accurately stated children are at virtually zero risk of dying from covid-19. It's easier to sell experimental mRNA shots if parents are terrified that their children will die.…
Justin Hart

Justin Hart

Sticks and stones may break my bones but a viral pathogen with a child mortality rate of ~0% has cost our children nearly three years of schooling. 😡
5/ The risk/reward calculation never made sense for children because the risk was virtually zero. But once the experimental mRNA shots are on the childhood vaccination schedule, Pfizer is forever insulated from liability. So, it did make sense for Pfizer's bottom line.
6/ Big tech, big government, & big media banned scientific criticism of Pfizer's covid-19 vaccines. They silenced little girls like Maddie De Garay, who was paralyzed in the Pfizer clinical trials. In a sane society, Pfizer wouldn't risk any more kids.…
35/ Maddie de Garay was 1 of 1,131 children in Pfizer's clinical trial for children aged 12-15. Pfizer officially recorded Maddie's paralysis and neurological disorder as "abdominal pain" when reporting clinical trial results to the FDA.
7/ But Pfizer has a long history of putting profits over human lives. Pfizer has habitually engaged in illegal and corrupt marketing practices, bribed physicians, and suppressed adverse trial results. It's their business model.…
4/ In 1996, Pfizer gave an experimental drug to 200 Nigerian children without informing their parents that an approved cure existed or that their children were subjects of a medical experiment. Eleven children died. Others suffered brain damage, organ failure, or paralysis.
8/ Pfizer's Scott Gottlieb exemplifies the revolving door between pharma, regulators, media, and tech. Instead of silencing scientific criticism, he should be forced to defend Pfizer's clinical trials, which have many unanswered questions.…
31/ Pfizer unblinded the trial after two months ruining long-term safety data & did not track biomarkers before & after vaccination: •D-dimer for clotting •C-reactive protein for inflammation •Troponins for cardiac damage •Blood oxygen for hypoxia •Amyloid for Alzheimer's
9/ For example, why does Pfizer's own 6-month report data show greater illness and death in the vaccinated group than the placebo group❓ Why was it left up to the discretion of Pfizer's investigators whether or not to test participants for covid-19❓…
33/ @Canadian COVID Care Alliance: Pfizer's 6-month report shows a 300% increase in related adverse events, a 75% increase in severe adverse events, and a 10% increase in serious adverse events for the vaccinated group versus the placebo. Why is there an increase in all-cause illnesses?
10/ The company that got caught using Nigerian children as "human guinea pigs" holds zero moral authority over humanity. Big pharma does not deserve amnesty. Humanity deserves accountability.…
1/ THREAD🚨 #PfizerFiles Pfizer has habitually engaged in illegal and corrupt marketing practices, bribed physicians, & suppressed adverse trial results. This is no secret, yet this fact continues to be brushed under the rug by politicians & the media.…

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