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Seho Au When Junmyeon agreed for the new babysitter job, he didn't know he's going to babysit the mafia's son. "Tend to Hae An needs, I don't have to explain twice, right?" "Y-yessir." Junmyeon is in a 𝘣𝘪𝘨 trouble.

It was only his first day and he fucked up. Yes, he woke up late for his first day of work and to make it worse, navigating through the mansion was not easy. He thanked God there's a guard escorting him to the right place. The mansion was heavily guarded and Junmyeon
thought it was sweet of the owner to put such amount of guards for his son, well; his thought was painfully wrong. When Junmyeon step inside the gate, he didn't know he will be teaching and taking care of an important figure, a mafia's son to be exact.
*** He apologized for being late and sat opposite to the boss. While Junmyeon was sipping the tea, the door burst opened and two bodyguards dragged a man, a pretty beat up man. "We got him Sir, what do you want to do with him?" The boss, Sehun finally spoke. "The usual."
Junmyeon was confused and scared at first glance of the unconscious man. Sehun noticed Junmyeon was glancing and send away his guards. "Take him away before Hae An gets here." "Yes sir." While both guards dragging the man away, one guard showed up with a mop and cleaned
the blood trail. Junmyeon could sense something was wrong and Sehun could too. "Tend to Hae An needs, I don't have to repeat that twice, right?" "Yes sir." Junmyeon gulped. "But just to be clear, what actually do you do, sir?" Junmyeon could feel five years of his life
went by by asking that question. "Just do your job right and you don't have to worry about being in the same shoes as that man." Sehun looked at him coldly. Junmyeon wanted to quit right there. He wanted to say he needs time but a kid popped up from the corner, shouting
'Daddy!' and disturbed his train of thoughts. "Did you have a good sleep?" And Junmyeon witness something he will never forget. The boss, Sehun's facial expression changed, 360°. His smile was the warmest, his tone was warm and he radiated warmth when he looked at his son.
"Yes I did. Daddy is that my new teacher?" "Yes, that's your teacher and he will take care of you too." Hae An did a ninety degree bow then looked at his daddy with pouty lips. "Daddy I want pancakes." "Sure baby, Kyungsoo will take you to the kitchen." Hae An smiled and
gave Sehun a kiss before running towards Kyungsoo, the bodyguard. After Hae An left, the cold Sehun surfaced again. "You can start today and by the way, you will stay here. I dont allow thr babysitter to leave and enter as they will. You may pack your bags after today ends."
"What?" Junmyeon was halfway standing to retaliate when he noticed Sehun's study desk had a gun on it. He immediately sat back down and looked at his feet. Everything else was too scary for him to see. Sehun noticed Junmyeon looked a bit pale after looking at his desk.
"Don't worry, that's for self defense. Hae An is a very affectionate kid. There's a lot of people come and go in his life because of what I do but I hope you will stay. You can come tomorrow with all your stuff or you can quit after today. Your choice."
"Now if you excuse me, I need to teach people it's bad enough to steal but it's worse to steal and having me finding out about it. Noone steal from me and made it to tell the tale. A reminder to you too. Do follow Minseok to Hae An's daycare."
Junmyeon instantly stood up, his legs tried to take a step but his legs felt weak. Minseok, the bodyguard held his arm to keep him grounded. "It's okay, everyone had the first reaction like you too. The kid is really cute. I hope you enjoy working here."
Junmyeon turned to the bodyguard's face and held his wrist. "What do you guys actually do here?" He stared at the bodyguard's unfazed looks as he let out a single breath. "We took care of the bad guys. The boss ain't so bad. The pay is good, you just need to be loyal and good
at your job. As long as you know what you do, you can pretty much fit in." "Will I need a gun?" He blurted the question out of nowhere. Minseok let out a light laughter. "If you need a gun, what's the point of having at least 400 guards ready to save you at your beck and call?"
"Least? 𝘓𝘦𝘢𝘴𝘵? 400 was the lower end?" "Yeah pretty much. Maybe more, every south, north, east and west wing had one bodyguard HQ so I kinda lost count." "Okay last question, if I chose to stay here, where will I stay?"
"Near the young master's wing and next to the boss room." Junmyeon wanted to ask why but he decided it's best to stop interrogating the bodyguard. "Anyways, we're here. There's syllabus on what you need to teach Hae An. He got real teacher coming everyday so you don't
need to do much. You just need to be with him most of the times, bath him, put him to bed and give him anything he wants, to be honest. But you don't have to worry, the kid is really good. He's very mature for a six year old." Junmyeon unconsciously nodded and headed inside.
*** Minseok was right, Hae An doesn't need a lot of care. Hae An wanted to cosplay so Junmyeon play along. After a fun time, Hae took his afternoon nap before he proceeded to a class later after lunch time. Apparently the babysitter needs to eat with the son and Junmyeon
was grateful for that rule. He doesn't want to see anything else and 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵 man in particular so he was contented spending the whole day at the daycare. After they had lunch, Junmyeon played with Hae An while waiting for the teacher to arrive. "Are you coming back tomorrow?"
Hae An's question throw him on the spot. "It's okay if you don't, most of my teacher don't come back the next day." He replied with a bright smile, a smile that almost made Junmyeon believed his words. The truth was, Hae An looked lonely. Junmyeon flashed him a soft smile and
softly brushing his hair. "You did a good job today, buddy." Hae An smiled and quickly smooch his cheek, unexpectedly. "I like you already, teacher." "Call me Junmyeon hyung." "Okay, Junmyeonnie hyung." He flashed Junmyeon his big grin.
Junmyeon's job supposedly to end after six pm but if Hae An needs him, he has to be there for him. Junmyeon glanced at the big grandfather clock. It was almost time to return home. He won't lie, he was actually having fun today, despite the earlier situation that happened.
He really liked the kid. Before trying the babysitter job, Junmyeon worked as a private tutor but because of his kind nature, the children always used him. Junmyeon always ended up losing his job because the parents saw there was no positive outcome on their child.
Hae An is a smart kid and he really want to stay but Hae An's father gave him the chills. Junmyeon waved him goodbye without any promises that he will comeback for tomorrow and despite Hae An's big smile, Junmyeon can't help but felt guilty for leaving the kid.
*** Junmyeon sat on his bed after a long shower and exhaled. He rest his head on the pillow with his wet hair and closed his eyes. He didn't want to think. He wanted to rest his mind. "Who cares if I get sick..." He twisted the end of his wet hair and close his eyes again.
*** Junmyeon jolted out of the bed and gasped for air. "What the hell just happened? Did I just dreamt about my boss?" He grabbed the water bottle next to his bed and started chugging it in an attempt to calm him down but the more he remember how Sehun's tongue works,
the more bothered he felt and not to mention the oblivious hard on he had. "Damn it. Why do I have to dream of him, of all people!" He quickly move to the bathroom, attempting a cold, morning shower that may help him. *** When he got out of the shower, he made up his mind.
** "Good morning, daddy!" "Morning, pumpkin." Hae An climbed on his dad's lap and mesmerized by whatever is on Sehun's desk. "Daddy is Junmyeonie hyung coming today?" He asked while a pretty pen intrigued his eyes. "I'm not sure bud." Sehun glanced at the clock.
It was too late for him to come. Pretty sure he got scared of the thoughts, just like the rest of the previous teachers. "Maybe we'll find-" "Sorry I'm late!" Junmyeon bursted through the door. "There's so many stairs and corners and I'm actually out of breath."
He inhaled deeply and composed himself. Junmyeon saw Hae An excitedly screamed and ran to him but Junmyeon couldn't help but noticed Sehun's small smile. Junmyeon quickly turned his attention to Hae An. "Why don't you take a bath and I'll put my things to my room then
we can play for a bit?" He suggested. Hae An nodded aggressively and ran with the nanny to his room. "What made you changed you mind?" Sehun asked when they're alone. "His eyes looks so pretty but it was empty. He had no place to hang on and when I leave, I can see
the obvious loneliness reflected deep in his heart. So I'll stay for a little bit." Junmyeon smiled to himself, got a bit carried away until he failed to realize Sehun stood in front of him. He only realized Sehun's was towering him when his hand gently graze Junmyeon's cheek.
If Pantone discovered a new red, it could be call Junmyeon based on the bright red of his cheeks once he understood the situation he's in. "E-Excuse me?" "Ah, sorry. I thought you were running with a fever based on the color of your cheeks." Oh, no no," he threw an 'X' sign
with his hand. "I'm really okay. All the stairs and corners took a toll on my stamina." He replied. "Maybe I need to hit the gym one of these days." He faked a laugh. "Let me know when you do, I always need a partner to spot me." Sehun smiled and left.
Is he having a fever dream right now? Is this an extended version of his dream last night? Is he still dreaming? Oh Sehun just smiled at him, not once but twice??? His mind is telling him to snap out of it but his heart is already singing love songs. "I'm doomed."
*** "Junmyeonnie hyung, what is it like out there?" "The outside? Why?" "Daddy never let me go outside. He said it's a scary place." "Maybe your daddy is right. You have everything here. Outside is not a fun place to be." He smiled bitterly. "Then Junmyeonie hyung,
can you tell me what outside people do?" "Why, you want to do what they do?" Hae An nodded. "Let's see, if you're in kindergarten right now, the children would have a story telling. Let me see, let's use some props, but first, what you want me to read?" "Snow white!!"
"You really do like that fairy tale huh?" Junmyeon smiled. "The dwarves are funny!" "Then what should I be?" "Snow white!" Junmyeon pouted playfully. "But I want to be a prince!" "Hae An is the pwince!" He claimed and put the headband with a big red bow on Junmyeon's head.
*** "Someone is too wrapped up on his phone that he didn't notice I walked in." The man threw himself on the comfy sofa. "What are you doing here, hyung?" Sehun rolled his eyes. "Can't a guy just wanna visit you?" "He can, but only if he's not you." "Who's the pretty guy?"
"Who?" "The one who's pictured you stared at just now." "I was looking at Hae An." "Sure, 'Hae An'." Sehun rolled his eyes. "What do you want?" "I need to stay here a bit. Busniess is booming but apparently no one liked it when Park Chanyeol took his stuff back."
"Do whatever you want." "Sehun." "What!?" "Jongin hasn't been replying my text." Sehun facial expression changed and he looked at the window. "He'll come back. That dumbass promised Kyungsoo he won't be a widow. He's bad at everything but he won't break promises. "
"Yeah. You're right." Chanyeol replied. *** "Enjoying your break?" Kyungsoo sat next to him. "Yeah, Hae An finally slept and I didn't have anything to do so I thought I'd sit at the garden." Kyungsoo handed him a cup of coffee. "This mansion is like a castle.
I can't believe there's a garden too." Junmyeon took a sip. "Yeah, madam liked flowers of any kind. And boss would bring home any kind he find from places he visited." "Hae An had a mother?" It was weird since the young master didn't talk about his mother.
"He did but madam passed in a crossfire. Hae An was born prematurely and though cesarean. He never got to meet her. Boss was so angry he singlehandedly took down the entire rival gang after that." "I see." Junmyeon gulped. "But don't worry, he's a really kind person."
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