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Jan 2, 2023
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he took the flowers and replaced them with the flowers from yesterday in the vase in their living room. jungkook gives him a flower bouquet everyday without a miss from the first day of their contract.

the gesture makes him happy, it's like an instant magic that makes his mood lit up in the morning .
he then checked his phone and found a message from namjoon, they had exchanged their numbers yesterday and the good morning text surely made him feel even better.
namjoon also had mentioned about yoongi visiting them today when they will go for sightseeing. he replied back an β€˜okay’ with a star eyed smiley , he's surely excited to meet his childhood friend.
having breakfast alone surely felt a little empty for him but still he can't deny his gratitude towards the younger for making him the breakfast, a healthy one that didn't made his stomach upset today early in the morning.
he checked the files once again , some were in the office some were here in the house. they couldn't really discuss anything yesterday night but he thought maybe they can discuss on their way to the office .
after finishing the strawberry milkshake , he checked the clock and sighed. if jungkook don't return soon, they're going to be late.
but thank god within few minutes he heard the familiar car's horn making him immediately go towards the door and locking the main door, later giving the keys to the security guard.
he went inside the car and greeted the younger morning smiling, though he had became quite bold last night he can't help but felt his cheeks heating up under the younger's gaze.
the blush on his face deepened only when jungkook pulled him in a hug and pecked him on his cheeks, β€œ i hope you are feeling better today ” taehyung nodded and decided to divert the attention onto the files they couldn't discuss. because he have to calm down his heart!!
β€œ joon hyung informed me that they want to go for sightseeing today, it is scheduled during the lunch and oh tomorrow during the evening you have a party to attend.
β€” the party is mainly for some business elites held by kang joshua, he sent an invitation today morning through mail ” he informed the other about his schedule.
β€œ joshua's parties are so boring tae ” jungkook whined. β€œ but you have to attend it for the sake of your company at least so stop complaining about it ” taehyung said shaking his head,
one paper from his hand suddenly slipped on the floor making him immediately bend down to take it. he was bout to take the paper when his eyes caught another thing there. a lipstick and by taking a careful look at it, he can tell it's an expensive one.
taehyung's stomach twisted with an ugly feeling all of a sudden after finding the object here in jungkook's car . he lightly pulled up the cap to see if it's new or used, he immediately put the cap back on the lipstick finding it's an used one.
he decided to pretend nonchalant and just took the paper in his hand . the rest of the ride he couldn't focus on whatever the younger was talking about the project,
he had turned on the voice recorder in his phone that he can listen to later as his mind raced to different conclusions at that time, very hard for him to focus on the discussion.
during the past months with the younger he never felt this distant with the other , jungkook can be inscrutable at times but he surely stopped being enigmatic with each day passing with them spending time with each other after they have gotten closer .
or maybe he was just too delusional to think that when they're actually not really that close. reality has always been very harsh to sink in the guts.
now that taehyung thought about last night and today morning, jungkook leaving for some important business suddenly makes sense as if he had connected the dots in his head . if they were actually business related then wouldn't the younger have discussed it with him first?
even if he never wanted to imagine but still he had thought multiple times about jungkook getting tired of him.
they're not any couple of any kind of normal relationship , they're just fvckbuddies, jungkook pays him for warming his bed. and now that he think of that there was no such rules of dating or anything like they can't be with someone else when the contract is still going on .
and the way he had gotten ill recently, jungkook had completely stopped touching him if it weren't for him to initiate last night. probably because even if he's not feeling well , jungkook had his replacement already ready .
somewhere inside him he knows whatever he is thinking right now might not be true, he is just making some erroneous assumptions .
but all the positive energy within him seemed to loose against the big clouds of negativity roaming in his head , for him the assumptions made more sense than his morality.
he doesn't know if he should cry or laugh at himself for falling in the trap of love all over again and it's still holding another banner of sad ending for him.
he of course won't blame the younger for anything, it's him who's at the blame for hoping of something more than what they currently have.
he only came out of his reverie when they reached the office and he watched jungkook glancing at him worriedly as if β€˜ are you okay?’ written on the younger's face.
he smiled nodding his head trying to reassure the other. jungkook didn't seemed to look convinced but decided not to pester the other so he instead hugged taehyung close and pecked on his temple before coming out of his car.
taehyung following him behind inside their office, greeting all the colleagues β€˜good morning’. jungkook went inside his office like usual while taehyung went to his desk and put on the ear phones to listen to the recording from his phone.
he prepared for the meeting as the good secretary he is. that's right, he is secretary kim. the secretary kim whom everyone admires for his dedication towards his work and the company.
he came here to be jungkook's perfect secretary and he didn't had any plan on changing that status too so the work is what makes him happy and values his price the most in front of everyone. even it is what caught jungkook's attention too.
but then jeon jungkook have to be the most perfect person he had his eyes laid on. turning all of his world upside down.
he saw his phone lit up with a notification, jungkook asking for a cup of coffee. he knows the younger's real motive behind the message so he just rolled his eyes and decided to ignore the message.
but then the rings continued making him sigh in annoyance and he decided to reply. [ the messages ]
taehyung was truly frustrated as he tried to focus on his works but internally feeling bad for messaging that way to the younger. what if jungkook really needs a cup of coffee . he had been looking after him all this time, taking care of him. he pouted at his thought.
he closed his laptop and went to make coffee for jungkook. he placed the cup on jungkook's table and was about to turn but a hold on his wrist stopped him. β€œ thought the files were more important to you secretary kim ?”
taehyung rolled his eyes at his boss's cocky attitude. he turned around plastering a perfect fake smile on his face, β€œ they're that's why i will go back to my desk now ”
β€œ alright you can go then ” jungkook said loosening his hold on taehyung's wrist and folding his arms to his chest while tilting his head to the side with a glare. and taehyung curses himself for finding that little habit of the younger's very attractive.
he didn't wasted anytime there as he came out of the cabin and was about to go towards his desk when hoseok came towards him with a girl. the girl is probably in her early 20's,the girl was indeed pretty,she's wearing a blazer coat and pants with her long hair tied in a ponytail
what amazed him was her height, she's very tall almost equal with him .
he came out of his thoughts when hoseok again cleared his throat making him flush . β€œ ma'am how can i help you? the way you were going it's our sir's room actually ”
β€œ are you perhaps secretary kim? ” she asked taking him by surprise. he nodded and watched her face breaking into a grin, β€œ then i am in front of the right person! can you please tell them that i am here for jungkookie! i need to meet him right now ”
taehyung's throat all of a sudden grew dry. β€˜ jungkookie ’ , this lady also calls jungkook by that name. β€œ can you please tell me the reason? he usually doesn't like to be interrupted during his work ” taehyung asked clearing his throat.
β€œ yes he doesn't like interupptions unless it's you, isn't it? ” he saw her lips twitching into a small smirk. β€œ ma'am please tell me the reason ” taehyung asked, feeling suddenly too uncomfortable in the presence of the lady's and hoseok's confused stare .
β€œinform him my name park eunji which should work but still also tell him if he doesn't want his black card back from me then i can have it forever” eunji, the girl then said with the still sweet smile playing across her lips.
what icks taehyung was there was no malice in her gaze or behaviour. her way of talking seemed so natural , maybe a little sly but he can't ignore the sincerity in her smile that was shown towards him . seriously who's she? he thought with groaning internally.
β€”β€” that's all for today's update <3 if i update short ( 2.5k words) like today's update, i may can update more often with gap of a day between. hope that's okay with you :<< and please interact if you are reading :(
β€œ ma'am you could have simply told your name to the receptionist too, she could have helped you ” taehyung then said trying to contain his visible annoyance .
β€œ i was going to but the receptionist had gone to the washroom so i came here directly so can you please now inform him about me ” eunji said making him nod curtly.
taehyung turned around and went back to his boss's room, he watched jungkook looking up from his laptop with a frown, β€œ what happened? you came back? the files are no more important ?” taehyung ignored the other and instead said, β€œ there's someone who came to meet you ”
β€œ i don't remember any appointment i have today, you didn't informed me about it taehyung ” β€œ because they didn't made any appointment before and suddenly came ” the secretary uttered making the frown on the younger's face deepened,
β€œ then just send them back, i don't do meeting without appointments taehyung, you know it ”
β€œ park eunji, it's her who wants to meet you. she was talking about she have your black card ” taehyung replied quietly and watched how the younger's face turned surprised, his eyes wide and shimmering, β€œ oh send her in my room ”
β€œ ok sir ” was what taehyung could utter before he came out of the room and told the lady to go inside.
he could see hoseok's surprised face because of course any employee in the building would have been surprised and terrified to know their boss allowed someone in his cabin without any appointment made beforehand.
taehyung went to his desk and blinked his eyes furiously trying to calm himself down but failing miserably.his head snapped up hearing faint laughing noises coming from jungkook's room,he can hear jungkook laughing. she makes you smile so easily,taehyung thought closing his eyes
judging by the way eunji had behaved with him, he can tell that she probably knows something is going on between him and jungkook and she seemed to be not angry or jealous at him about him . she might be so generous that had caught jungkook's attention towards her.
it's okay if he wants to be with someone but atleast jungkook could have informed him about it so it would have been better for him from the beginning and he could have controlled himself from falling in the wrong trap again.
he wouldn't then had felt as if jungkook was cheating on him with her, the thought alone was making his blood boil and eyes stung from holding back tears.
eunji came out of the room after 5 or 10 minutes and straight came to his desk, β€œ hey! i am leaving now. it was nice meeting you taehyung-shi ”
β€œ like wise ” taehyung replied shortly and trying to smile then his eyes caught the car keys in her hands, those are jungkook's . suddenly it felt like she's sprinkling salt on his wound.
β€œ bye ” she with that left from there. and taehyung immediately decided to go to the washroom and wash his face feeling feverish.
one more hour passed when jungkook and taehyung was making their way towards the parking lot. the guard gave the keys to jungkook saying, β€œ ms. park has given me it earlier ”
jungkook just nodded taking the keys and went inside the car with taehyung following him behind. the younger kept glancing at the other as he found him oddly very silent today. he's been behaving oddly from the morning which was making the younger worried.
taehyung glanced on the floor and couldn't find the lipstick he saw this morning there . a bitter smile spread across his face, /so it was also her/.
he doesn't want to imagine the scenarios of what they probably had done in the car that had made her drop the lipstick so carelessly. something churned in his stomach making him feel nauseous.
β€œ hey are you alright? you're looking pale ” jungkook said glancing worriedly. β€œ nothing,m fine just focus on the road ” the older replied coldly and before jungkook could say anything he found taehyung's eyes focused on his phone all of a sudden.he squinted his eyes at that.
just like that they reached their destination and found namjoon was already there . they went to him and greeted each other. β€œ yoongi will be here in a minute, then we can start talking further” namjoon said glancing at taehyung.
and as namjoon said within few minutes, there was a black car standing in front of them with a shorter male coming out of it. taehyung's lips stretched forming a small smile as he recognized the person.
β€œ sorry for being late, i am min yoongi and it's an pleasure to work with you mr. jeon ” yoongi said shaking his hand with the younger who smiled introducing himself as well.
the four of them then started walking going towards the incomplete buildings. they checked them carefully and finalised one for their project.
it was yoongi who looked at taehyung and said, β€œ long time no see tae how are you?” β€œ i am doing good ! what about you hyung ” β€œ me too, can we talk to that side privately?” yoongi asked and taehyung nodded, them excusing themselves from the other two.
β€œ mr. min also know taehyung?” jungkook uttered loud unconsciously which namjoon heard and chuckled, β€œ yes we're all old friends ”
β€œ oh ” jungkook said understanding then he looked at him, β€œ why didn't you tried to contact taehyung in all these years?”
namjoon was taken aback by the question but he didn't looked agitated by it, β€œ it was his wish and i didn't wanted to hurt him, he is so strong that he won't even let anyone understand the storm goes inside him ”
β€œ and if it's going to hurt him then why did you left him to being with ?” jungkook asked again, sounding salty.
β€œ i wanted at first but then i went because i was nothing back then like how i am today. i had nothing that he could be proud of. so i went there and worked hard to be where i am today ” namjoon started then added lugubrious,
β€œ i achieved everything for him all these years so we can go back together again when we reunite and no one can separate us this time because of my social status, but guess i am late ”
the words of β€˜going back together’ kept ringing in jungkook's ear making him ball his fist and just nod decided to drop the topic there. they slowly got busy with their plans about the project next.
taehyung and yoongi soon returned to them. yoongi now started talking with jungkook about his plans while namjoon took taehyung's hand and they stood a little far from them.
β€œ tae are you okay?don't you dare to lie when it's literally written over your face ” namjoon said sternly voice low.
taehyung contemplated if he should tell namjoon or not then he decided to talk about it to the older, he wants to let go off it from his heart.
β€œ hyung i think jungkook is seeing someone ” he started and namjoon looked at him with a frown, β€œ that's nonsense, i don't think so ”
β€œ no hyung i am sure, a girl came to meet him today at office. she had his black card and jungkook even let her in his cabin when she came without any appointment and jungkook never allows anyone.
β€”he was laughing and smiling with her, i also found her lipstick inside jungkook's car ” taehyung finished with a sigh bottom lip wobbling.
β€œ that was unexpected but i don't know why something isn't just adding up ” namjoon replied tongue poking his inner cheeks .
β€œ hyung how? everything is literally in front of me . and still i keep getting weak whenever jungkook looks at me or says something softly. i really hate myself for hoping for something more ” taehyung said, tears slowly gathering at the corner of his eyes.
namjoon immediately went forward to him and cupped his cheeks, β€œ never say you hate yourself taehyung! love yourself first before loving someone else. you're very strong. and if whatever you are saying is correct then doing a little experiment won't hurt any of us right?”
taehyung looked at him with his big puppy eyes, waiting for him to continue making namjoon coo at the younger's cuteness.
both of them are oblivious to the holes boring behind their skulls. jungkook can't hear whatever they were saying as they were standing far from him and he was busy in a discussion with yoongi. yet his eyes were all the time focused on only taehyung.
he clenched his jaw frowning when he saw namjoon cupping taehyung's face and the older looking at him with so much fondness.
the conversation he had with namjoon few minutes ago and the current sight in front of him was blurring everything around him. he watched namjoon saying something and taehyung blushing under his gaze. his stomach dropped at that.
he decided to clear his throat to gain their attention interrupting their conversation rather rudely for the sake of his own sanity that he won't do something impulsive in front of everyone.
yoongi noticed the younger's behaviour and followed his gaze, the corner of lips tugging upwards. π‘–π‘›π‘‘π‘’π‘Ÿπ‘’π‘ π‘‘π‘–π‘›π‘”.
namjoon and taehyung both returned to them when yoongi called them and all of them bade their good byes . jungkook and taehyung were going back to the office when taehyung said, β€œ you can go home later without me ”
β€œ why?” β€œ i have a date ”  β€œ WHAT!! ” jungkook pressed on the brake making the car suddenly stop at the side with a loud screech .Β  β€œ geez what's up with the reaction ” taehyung uttered quite surprised.
β€œ no but what do you mean you're going on a date! taehyung you remember the contract ” jungkook uttered in disbelief.
β€œ so now he will talk about the contract?” taehyung thought rolling his eyes. he faced the younger smiling, β€œ of course i remember and we never had any rules about dating there as i can recall very correctly ”
β€œ so you will cheat on your supposed date this easily ?” jungkook asked with a scoff.
β€œ maybe then the end of our contract has came jungkook! i will go on dates with him and if i feel he's the right person for me then i will start dating him officially and i will inform you to end the contract ” taehyung shot back .
β€œ taehyung you know if you back out from the contract, you will loose your job as well ” jungkook tried to say again.
β€œ then i will happily resign, jungkook start seeing for a secretary soon as my replacement. ” taehyung replied leaving the other speechless.
β€œ f-from where did you get the sudden thought of dating taehyung ? why do you seem so desperate for a relationship all of a sudden ! wasn't i paying you well or you got tired of my d!ck ” jungkook asked stammering on his words.
taehyung laughed at the younger's choice of words, β€œ don't worry i still love your cock and you pay me well but i need a permanent cock to fvck me now! want something more than just d!cking down. i want something non-platonic for myself ”
β€œ you're being unreasonable right now ” jungkook said scoffing. β€œ and you're being childish ” taehyung retorted rolling his eyes. jungkook huffed, β€œ where did you get a date so fast ?”
β€œexcuse me! i had people lined behind me always mr. jeon, i just didn't gave anyone a chance so it wasn't that hard for me to find a date as you think of me” taehyung replied with a glare somewhat offended because of the younger's question .
β€œ right . look don't take my question negatively , i was just curious who's your date ? ” jungkook asked voice becoming soft as he started the car.
β€œ for someone who already has my replacement, you're asking too many questions and seemed bothered kook ” taehyung thought biting on his lip, not voicing it out loud.
he sighed and then answered, β€œ it's namjoon hyung! he's my date ” β€œ WHAT!?” β€œ geez will you stop screaming ” taehyung said shaking his head.
β€œ no but you literally told me yesterday you have no more feelings for him and it's over for both of you then what's the meaning of this taehyung, were you lying to me?” jungkook asked this time anger was visible in his voice, a permanent glare now settled across his face.
β€œ i wasn't but he told me something today. he was talking about giving a chance to us so i thought about it and decided to give him.
β€”everyone deserves a chance and he has been always the best, he knows me, he understands me so well and he's my first love too so maybe the dates will make us back together as we'll recall our past days when we were together and heal the distance ” taehyung said shrugging.
β€œ okay ” jungkook replied shortly, glaring at particularly nothing in front of him as he drove fast to the office. taehyung watched him amusedly smirking to himself secretly.
parking the car jungkook closed his car harshly and made his way upstairs to his cabin while taehyung was walking slowly minding his own business.
jungkook shut his door with a loud thud making all the employees gulp in fear. they all looked at taehyung trying to understand what's going on but to their surprise they found their secretary kim making his way to the desk looking rather happy, totally opposite of their boss.
β€œ guys go back to your work, sir's mood is a little down today so don't make him even more angry ” he said in his smooth deep honey dripping voice making all of them nod and focus back on their works immediately.
on the other hand, jungkook threw his watch on the couch angrily. taking the glass from his table he gulped down the water in one go .he started untying the knots of his tie making it hang loose around his neck and his fingers threading with the hair messing with the mint locks.
he walked forth and back in his cabin and went to sit on his chair. his palms joining together and elbow propped on the table, he put his forehead over it.
β€œnamjoon namjoon namjoon and namjoon ” β€œ fvcking kim namjoon, why did he have to come back into taehyung's life again and ruin everything in our lives! ” jungkook thought gritting his teeth.
he wanted to scream at taehyung that don't go back to him, he wanted to scream that he knows him better, he wanted to scream he understands him better than namjoon. he wants to only hear his name from the older's mouth.
his heart grow heavy everytime the older mentioned about namjoon being his first love.he closed his eyes face contouring pain and anger. he can't change that but he can surely change something else for taehyung .
he took his phone from his pocket with a frustrated sigh and decided to message his hyung . [ the conversation ]
β€”β€” that's all for today's update <3 only 2 or 3 more updates and it'll be complete :))
the younger messed with his curls few more times before he thought of focusing back on the files stacked up on his desk. he surely needs some distractions right now to clear his head from everything so without further anytime he took the first file and started reading it.
within half an hour or so, he was calmer than before and had already forgot about his secretary and his date but then suddenly his mind drifted off to the previous night.
he bit onto his lips as he recalled how the older had begged him so prettily, something about last night had him crave for more. with the way their hips moved against each other rhythmically, taehyung riding him so prettily while moaning out his name delishly.
with each sharp pants and groans escaping from their lips and the continuous eagerness in taehyung's voice while telling him to thrust deeper and harder had both of them get lost in an euphoric feeling.
gosh the adrenaline rushes, taehyung makes him feel no one had made him feel like that ever.
he looked down at his pant with a husky chuckle as he found a familiar tent has formed there already just by his imaginations and memories.
kim taehyung is so addicted and harmful for his heart, he knows he had gotten addicted to that drvg long ago and there's no option of backing out anymore.
why won't he get addicted to the aforementioned male you ask? his secretary has been not only perfect as a good secretary but also been an angelic person outside of their work time.
a sigh escaped from jungkook's lips and he thought of going to the washroom to take care of the small problem he right now have down there.
but a small knock and the noise of footsteps coming closer to his desk had him look up from the file and look at the front instead. there goes the drug he's so addicted, trailing close to his desk walking flawlessly. the corner of his lips rose up.
taehyung on the other hand got slightly weirded out but equally flustered because of the stare the younger was giving him . the younger had an intense look on his face, pupils dilated with lust and hunger that made him shiver inwardly.
β€”moreover the slightly messy attire of the younger's was quite hot.
he cleared his throat still shying under the gaze and said, β€œ s-sir here's the file you told me to give you by today. i have checked everything and corrected the mistakes. so if you want to check it now you may can again”
jungkook nodded his head motioning him to sit on the seat situated at the opposite of the desk which the older immediately obliged placing the file he was previously holding over the wooden table .
jungkook immediately took it and checked out the file humming to himself in satisfaction. he looked at his secretary passing him another new file, β€œ good job, now correct the errors in this file ”
β€œ ok sir ” saying that taehyung tried to get up but his boss's voice stopped him, β€œ just sit there and finish it in front of me ” taehyung gulped slightly confused but nonethelessly nodded and started doing his work.
meanwhile, jungkook continued to devour the older with his eyes the whole time recalling where and how he had touched taehyung .
his eyes darkened noticing taehyung squirming on the chair and pressing his thighs together. the smirk on his face grew big as he felt himself unable to control his own hormones at the time. and the older's reaction was just a cherry on top.
β€œ secretary kim ~ ” the voice came low making taehyung immediately look up at jungkook nervously, β€œ y-yes sir ?”
β€œ come here ” jungkook said motioning towards his lap and taehyung nodded getting up from the chair and making his way to the younger. the contract is still there and taehyung knows he can't say no to the younger.
β€œ i am still sore from last night and the sightseeing ” he muttered quietly and jungkook nodded understanding, β€œ that's fine with me, i just need a warm hole for my release right now, if it's not your pvssy then your mouth.
β€” i hope your throat isn't sore too because i didn't fcked your mouth that hard last night . so that mouth of yours can work pretty well right doll?”
taehyung nodded his head obediently and positioned himself between jungkook's thighs. despite him telling the younger about him being sore, he could feel himself already wetting his panty just by the ceo's words.
β€”πŸ”žcw : β€’ blowjob β€’ choking β€’ gagging β€’ light dirty talk β€’ cum swallowing
he unbuckled the belt and pulled down the pant and boxer altogether making the younger hiss because of the cold breeze hitting his semi erected cock.
taehyung like always he does, he wrapped his pretty long fingers around the girthy meaty flesh and stroked it slowly few times feeling the other slowly getting erected in his palm.
he massaged the sl!t with his thrumb while collecting good amount of saliva inside his mouth already. the secretary looked up at his boss holding their gazes together and he wrapped his lips around the younger's cock, giving few kitten licks there teasingly.
jungkook's mouth parted involuntarily leaving gasps and few low groans as taehyung spitted on his cock first and took him in his mouth as much he can at a time. the warmth engulfing around his cock and taehyung's tongue lolling around him had made him loose his mind already.
series of β€œfck~” , β€œsh!t so good~ ” and β€œ just like that doll~” continued to leave from the younger's lips when the older nuzzled on his cock like a kitten, retracting it from his mouth and again taking back in slowly.
taehyung gagged coughing lightly when the head of the cock hitted the back of his throat , he gripped on jungkook's thighs with one hand while his other hand massaged the younger's balls.
jungkook getting a little impatient threaded his fingers with his secretary's hair and pushed his face on his length gritting out his teeth. this time taehyung coughed out harshly because of the sudden thrust.
taehyung loosened his grip onto the other and let the younger fck his mouth, holding him by his nape buckling his hips upward.
drool dribbled from the corner of taehyung's lips and he tapped the other on his thigh to let go off his nape as he felt difficulty with breathing. jungkook of course immediately let go off him and muttered with a groan, β€œ you know you can do better than this doll ”
taehyung's eyes were already glossy and cheeks were dusting bright red as he took few long breaths. he nodded to himself and stroked the other few times before putting back in his mouth again, this time sucking hard tongue trailing over the sides and
β€” his teeth nibbling softly with the right amount of pressure on the head of the cock.
jungkook could feel heat crawling on his neck and ear, his cheeks probably had taken a shade of crimson red from the burn he felt inside him. beads of sweat kept running over his face wetting his shirt.
taehyung hummed on his length few often to bring more pleasure for him. jungkook watched the other's bright red face with him hollowing his cheeks around him, he could clearly see the beads of tears that had rolled down on the older's face and the swollen lips .
jungkook grunted feeling a familiar knot at the pit of his stomach that had his abdominal muscles tightening. he moaned out, β€œ i am close ”
taehyung took the hint as he himself could feel the other throb on his tongue, he sucked harder few more times. and later detaching his mouth from the cock, he darted out his tongue while holding length between his large palm.
he stroked the younger's d!ck over his tongue and massaging the girth continuously , he could feel the other twitch between his palm and jungkook's body going pliant lightly on the chair as he gripped onto the armset
jungkook grunted out taehyung's name as he finally released his thick load on his secretary's tongue and face .
few drops of the semen have already dribbled over taehyung's chin mixing with the older's drool while taehyung immediately started sucking his cock again to swallow the remaining drops of the seeds .
jungkook cursed under his breath by the sight in front of him. taehyung is the erotic canvas that he likes to paint in his head and heart all the time.
his chest heaved up and down slowly the nerves calming down and he pulled out his drawer to take some tissues. he leaned forward his face and wiped the older's lips who just stared at him with his half lidded eyes.
jungkook pulled up his pants and fixed his bottoms then motioning the older to sit on his lap. taehyung like always obliged him sitting on his lap while placing his hands on either side of his shoulder.
it was like an invisible pull between them that brought their lips crash against each other in a split of second moulding perfectly together. after staying like that for a minute them starting to move their lips passionately.
the kiss stayed soft and slow for only few seconds before it got heated with jungkook nibbling on taehyung's lower lip prying his mouth open.
taehyung clutched onto the younger by holding him by his nape and deepening the kiss while the younger's hands found their way on the older's back tracing patterns over the curves through shirt the older was wearing.
with a small tug, jungkook pulled out the shirt's edge from the pant and his fingers immediately went inside the shirt, roaming over the smooth skin eliciting goosebumps on the skin with his each feather-ish touches.
taehyung squirmed grinding on the younger's lap, whimpering in the kiss as his body moved closer to the younger's front on its own and he lets himself go pliant in the ceo's hold as their tongues danced on their own rhythm.
with their teeth clashing together and sharing saliva, the kiss grew even messier with them inhaling and exhaling sharp under each other's warm breathes.
the occasional noises of soft moans and pants engulfed the whole room as the kiss turned even sloppier and finally them breaking it off.
jungkook only cupped his cheek and dipped down his face near the older's neck trailing a line of wet kisses there . his lips soon getting replaced with his teeth grazing over the skin. taehyung grunted and opened his eyes wide suddenly, β€œ no don't!! ”
jungkook looked at him with a frown clearly frustrated making the older gulp , β€œ no hickeys today sir! please understand you have already left some last night ”
β€œ and why won't i leave some more there now?” jungkook asked obnoxiously with raising his left brow skeptically.
β€œ did you forget already? i have a date this evening and i don't want him to see the fresh marks ” taehyung muttered and watched the way the younger's face immediately went stoic with his tongue lolling inside his mouth and poking his inner cheeks.
an intense glare was threw towards his direction, the grip around his waist grew stronger probably bruising his skin, making the older almost purr out loud cause of the rough treatment.
right! taehyung has a date today evening, the thought jungkook was almost forgetting came back in his head again. the older really have to remind him again and pour salt on his cut? he thought how can the other be so carefree about everything all of a sudden.
taehyung on the other hand giggled inwardly watching the younger's expression in amusement, finding jungkook both cute and hot at the same time.
taehyung choked out on his spit when the hand on his cheeks went behind his nape pulling his face close to the younger's with a sudden force.
the older tried to collect himself after staring into the younger's eyes with his puppy eyes. jungkook's face broke into a smirk,β€œremember doll you don't make rules here in this contract, till the moment we're not over it you will take everything i will give you like a good boy”
β€œ am i clear taehyung?” the younger asked once again, voice dangerously low that had taehyung's whole body shudder with need.
jungkook's lips found their way on the older's adams apple, kissing there soft he licked a stripe there and again left a series of wet kisses there. taehyung closed his eyes tight because of the sensation ran through his veins brought by jungkook's lips lingering on his skin.
jungkook unbuttoned the older's first few buttons with his one hand and rested his face in the crook of his neck before kissing forward the gorgeous tanned skin and prominent collarbones . he looked at the older's face once before nibbling and sucking there rather harshly.
β€œ jungkookβ€”fck sorry sir why ” taehyung whined out after receiving a harsh spank on the left swell of his butt cheek for calling the other by his name. he shuddered due to the cool breeze and jungkook's warm breath blowing over his upper chest and neck.
but taehyung have to collect his thoughts right now without letting himself melt under the younger so easily . he opened his eyes and put his hands on the younger's chest stopping the other , β€œ please d-don't, i am not feeling well ”
he knows he isn't supposed to say no to the younger but he couldn't help but really had to stop the other for the sake of his sanity.
and about him feeling unwell, he didn't entirely lied. as he's been feeling needy these days on almost everything, he gets tired so easily too .
he could feel his sore throat and himself getting all of a sudden mushy mushy that he wants nothing but to cuddle. he is been getting overwhelmed so much these days.
jungkook could see the distress on his face clearly and he decided to stop this time really holding him close and putting the older's head on his chest, β€œ sorry, i won't do anything just calm down now okay?”
taehyung nodded snuggling on his chest and hugging the younger's torso with his eyes closed. jungkook on the other hand watched his calm face and decided to button up the shirt and fix the older's clothes.
he lets his arms stay protectively around taehyung's waist and tucked his chin on the older's hair.
whenever the other mentions about his health, jungkook always feel very nervous and tensed . if because of him something happens to taehyung, he won't be able to forgive himself ever.
he mentally noted to take taehyung for a check up this time after the tomorrow's party even if the older protests . he will also stop giving him too much work.
he doesn't know if today is gonna be the last day of their contract or tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. he won't ever stop himself from taking care of taehyung.
they stayed like that till a knock on jungkook's door made them jolted up from their position. taehyung got up from his lap collecting the file jungkook gave him earlier and was about to leave when jungkook stopped him again.
this time saying, β€œ leave it , you go and take some rest before leaving for your date ”
β€œ sir i am in this office for not relaxing during my duty time, i might be tired but i can manage working on that file ” taehyung replied voice still hoarse. jungkook without any argument gave him a nod and let him go out of his cabin.
the rest of the day went like a blur for jungkook, he looked at the clock at every hour and around the 6 pm taehyung came back in his room , this time dressed up into something more classy yet simple clothes with light makeup adoring his face.
β€œ bye! i will leave now ” the older had informed and he nodded bottom lip lightly wobbling, β€œ you…you're going to come back to our home tonight right hyung?”
taehyung's eyes softened because of the tone, jungkook sounded so vulnerable while asking him the question . he immediately nodded his head and face contouring a small smile, β€œ of course and don't overwork, go home on the time ”
saying that taehyung left while jungkook watched him leaving completely out of his sight as few words remained in his throat unsaid, β€œ 𝑖𝑑 π‘€π‘œπ‘›'𝑑 𝑏𝑒 π‘Ž β„Žπ‘œπ‘šπ‘’ π‘Žπ‘›π‘¦π‘šπ‘œπ‘Ÿπ‘’ π‘€π‘–π‘‘β„Žπ‘œπ‘’π‘‘ π‘¦π‘œπ‘’ ”
that day when taehyung returned to jungkook's penthouse, he was greeted with a dark living room. /very unusual/, he thought. he made his way upstairs to jungkook's room only to find the other was sleeping soundly while still wearing the suit he wore at office.
with slow steps taehyung went to the bed and sat beside jungkook, watching the faded light peeking behind the curtains illuminating the younger's face beautifully. the younger was looking like a baby with his cheeks mushed against the pillow case,his boopable nose and pouty lips.
then he frowned when he smelled it. he leaned down a little more and inhaled again, he is sure it's indeed the smell of alcohol's . he ruffled the younger's messy hair and left a peck on his forehead before he decided to change his clothes and freshen up.
β€” when he went inside the washroom, he failed to notice the teary eyes stared behind him.
taehyung came back changing into his shorts and a baggy shirt and went beside jungkook to sleep while backhugging the younger who also closed his eyes again melting under the older's warm embrace.
the next day morning came with a sudden awkward tension around them. they even never felt this way when the arrangement between them started months ago.
taehyung was putting the jam and butter over the breads after him getting ready for the office when jungkook also came downstairs joining him , β€œ where's your strawberry milk? did we ran out of them?”
β€œ nope just not feeling like drinking it and thought about drinking orange juice today ” taehyung replied making the younger look at him for a moment. did taehyung just said he isn't feeling like having strawberry milk? unbelievable.
taehyung is literally on head over heels for anything made with strawberry . β€œ go and sit ” taehyung said rolling his eyes after he noticed the younger's flabbergasted expression. jungkook nodded and went to sit on the table.
he took one glass from the table in his hand, he scrunched his nose after sipping a little and looked at taehyung, β€œ why is it so sour gosh! ”
β€œ that's my orange juice kookie, the other glass is yours the mango juice one ” taehyung replied . β€œ but why didn't you mixed some sugar in your juice, it's too sour you won't be able to drink it ” jungkook said concerned.
β€œ don't worry i made it sour intentionally, just have your own one ” taehyung said now serving breads on their plates and taking his own seat.
jungkook decided to drop the matter and instead asked, β€œ how was your date last night?” taehyung sipped from his glass without looking at the younger and answered, β€œ good , a lot better than what i expected ” jungkook hummed holding the bread in his fist a little hard .
β€œh-hyung even if you start dating namjoon-shi,can you please still stay here?”the younger asked stammering on his words at the beginning. β€œ what?” taehyung looked at him weirdly so jungkook continued, β€œi mean i already have a room decorated for you so you can stay in the room ”
β€œ jungkook my own apartment is still here and moreover i can just move in with joon if everything goes well so why would i stay here? i will quit the job, our contract will be over too so what's the point of me living here anymore?
β€” there's literally no more reason for us to stay together ” taehyung replied, his inside was churning badly while spilling out the words.
β€œ right you're right hyung, so you will just break every connections between us after this yeah? we'll become almost like strangers ” jungkook asked more like telling the words to himself. taehyung only nodded in reply.
β€œ hyung what if i say even after the contract will be over, you can still work as my secretary?” jungkook then asked looking at the other with his big doe eyes.
β€œ o-oh! that'll be generous of you if you let me still work at your office ” taehyung uttered, genuinely shocked by the younger's question. β€œ then you can live with me too ” jungkook tried again and taehyung smiled strained,
β€œ do you really think i should stay here? namjoon will come here few often then to meet me and you may can greet with something unpleasant when you return home from somewhere. will you like someone else entering your home? will you be happy ?”
jungkook swallowed the big lump in his throat looking down at his plate, he don't want to imagine namjoon here specially about the unpleasant sights taehyung mentioned. he won't like it, he fcking will k!ll namjoon or anyone if they come close to taehyung.
clenching his jaw he replied, β€œ you're right, i won't be and i don't know what i can do in the heat of the moment either ”
taehyung nodded understanding , of course he expected the answer from the younger because no one likes someone third person invading their home, personal space.
the conversation ended there with them swallowing down their breakfast forcefully and making their way to the office. on their way taehyung again reminded the younger about the party they have to attend the evening.
jungkook looked at his secretary who was busy fixing his clothes before he joined him too coming outside of the car. his eyes trailed over the other's chest and he asked, β€œ was it really necessary for you to wear this? i mean your chest is so much visible ”
β€œ don't be a buzz kill now sir! i wanted to wear this for a long but didn't found any occasion to but now i could wear it today finally because of this party ”
taehyung replied with a pout making jungkook shake his head and them going inside the party with the younger intertwining their fingers together.
[ taekook's attire for the party ]
mr. kang the host of the party immediately came forward greeting them. taehyung watched carefully everyone while taking a non alcoholic drink from the waiter for himself.
jungkook has already told him to stick with the younger and inform him immediately if he isn't feeling good because of the loud music and any smell. taehyung had just nodded shooing him to the side.
as expected all the big business men and rising stars in the market have came to the party, everyone is talking or dancing while sipping from their glass .
taehyung smiled waving his hand when he spotted yoongi and namjoon entering the party and them coming towards him. they side hugged while making themselves comfortable at the corner talking things.
β€œ where's jungkook?” yoongi asked and taehyung's mouth took an β€˜o’ shape as he glanced to his sides, β€œ oh he was just here wait let me se—”
he stopped himself in the mid sentence as his eyes found jungkook standing opposite side of him and smiling while talking to eunji. eunji is also invited to this party ? he thought.
β€œ oh isn't it ms. park with mr.jeon ?” yoongi asked and taehyung nodded averting his eyes from them harshly. his mood going gloomy.
namjoon noticed that and hold his hand immediately while shaking his head no firmly. taehyung nodded understanding and scooted closer to him immediately. yoongi frowned at them but decided not to speak anything about it.
β€œ you know her?” taehyung asked and yoongi nodded, β€œ yeah she's jimin i mean mr. park's secretary ” β€œ oh! ”
taehyung could only utter that before looking at his side once more and he felt like his heart can jump out of his ribcage at any moment when his eyes got locked with the younger's . jungkook was already looking at them intently.
he saw jungkook telling something to eunji and making his way towards their direction. the younger immediately greeted yoongi and namjoon, his eyes glaring daggers at his secretary and namjoon's interlocked hands.
β€œ mr. kim i think it doesn't look well mannered if you are always holding onto someone's hand through out the whole party, people can stare and bring unwanted attention here ” he said.
β€œ mr. jeon that's not a reason for me to ignore my boyfriend in front of everyone. they can watch and talk as much they want, i'll take it as they're envious enough to talk between them about me and my beautiful boyfriend”namjoon replied smiling, dimples adoring over his cheeks.
β€œ i think you should add a β€˜ would be’ in your sentence because as per i know he still isn't your boyfriend ” jungkook gritted out noticing namjoon still hasn't left taehyung's hand.
β€œ you can stand somewhere else sir if because of us, the unwanted attention is coming over you. there's plenty of people here in this party who'll like to accompany you so don't worry please enjoy your party without thinking of us , we can handle ourselves very well ”
β€”taehyung decided to answer this time glaring at the younger. he ignored the way jungkook's face morphed with sadness for a split of second before it went neutral,
β€œ i think you're forgetting secretary kim you have came to the party with me, you're here to accompany me. it's okay to enjoy the party like you want to but avoiding other works are equally bad ”
taehyung detached his hand from namjoon's and chuckled at the younger with his eyes intense, β€œ now happy? i very well know my responsibilities mr.jeon”
β€œ sure ” jungkook replied poking his inner cheeks. yoongi decided to stop them from arguing any further, β€œ we're in a party please don't talk like this, it's making a scene. everything is fine now so just forget the small bickering and enjoy the party instead ”
everyone except yoongi nodded their heads . jungkook and taehyung going from there towards two different directions. both are still visibly angry.
taehyung didn't look where he was going and bumped into someone. him immediately bowing and muttering his apologies.
β€œ t-taehyung!” the voice immediately made his eyes snap in front of him, his face going pale staring at the person without any blink . because there's no one but kim doyun standing in front of him right now.
β€”β€” that's all for today's update and sorry that i had to update while stopping in between cause of this ostrich app acting up β•₯﹏β•₯ nxt update hint : angry s3x + confrontation
btw between them on which side are you and feel bad for :
moni 🐾

moni 🐾

for enigma readers i am sorry in advance that the angry s3x i thought i will write , it's kinda may have turned into soft love making πŸ˜•πŸ˜ž
oh how badly taehyung wished he could have been vanished in the air at that moment . he watched the old man's surprised face and something flashing in his eyes which taehyung couldn't understand or rather he ignored .
β€œ i know you didn't expected me here heck you probably don't even think i deserve to be in some party like this, so it'll be great if we behave we didn't meet each other here ” he said hurriedly voice somehow wobbling with his dry throat.
β€œ i was going to ask how are you ” doyun, mr. kim said pursing his lips which surprised the younger but he didn't let himself soften in front of him.
β€œ i am doing fine, a lot better than how i used to be ” he replied chuckling wryly then added, β€œ i will take my leave now mr. kim enjoy the party ”
saying that he decided to search for a washroom . after finding the said place he stared at his own reflection on the mirror, when he was getting ready for tonight's party he was genuinely excited to get some air outside of his usual daily schedule.
but then again when did his fate even was on his side from the childhood. first watching jungkook with eunji and having an argument with him afterwards. and then few minutes ago him meeting kim doyun. everything is happening the opposite of what he predicted for the night.
he started the tap and let the water run. bending down he splashed the water on his whole face , cleaning his face thoroughly with a tissue and a long sigh escaping from his lips .
thank god to namjoon and yoongi that they're also present here in this party or he might have just locked himself up in one stall for the rest of the evening.
he froze when his eyes again went to the mirror and his gaze got locked with the familiar doe eyes staring through his soul. he broke the eye contact and wiped off the water from his face with the help of the tissue he took earlier.
β€œ what are you doing here?” the younger asked quietly. rolling his eyes taehyung replied, β€œ it's a washroom what people can do here you think jungkook? use the common sense ”
β€œ quite that attitude secretary kim ” jungkook immediately said with voice stern and jaw clenched tightly. β€œ i was just minding my business happy now?” taehyung replied throwing the tissue in a trashbean.
β€œ taehyung ” jungkook grabbed him by his arm and stern frown was etching over his face. he seriously can't understand the older right now, why's he behaving this way with him? β€œ what?”
β€œ what's up with that attitude? did it really upset you a lot that you couldn't hold onto your future boyfriend throughout the party ?” the younger questioned making the other immediately laugh humourlessly,
β€œ out of everything you're still stuck on that same part? ” β€œ your behaviour is making me stuck on there ” jungkook retorted.
β€œ even after me working as your secretary for months and sharing everything with you still makes you question me. now tell me have i ever asked you questions about your personal lives? i did once and you told me not to think about that so i never questioned you anymoreβ€”
β€”but from the moment i have introduced you to namjoon you have been constantly meddling in our lives? i as a friend still told you everything yet you were making scene out of nowhere in this party, trying to shade him and then reminding me about my 'real job'
β€”here so yeah everything here happening is because of me. god you should have fired me the day i broke the rule in the office so we wouldn't have been here today, right now where we're it's getting really really annoying ”
words after words spilled out from taehyung's mouth in rage, him not noticing the volume of some of his words were so venomous and felt like numerous arrows piercing through the younger's heart making it shatter into pieces.
β€œ how long i h-have been irritating you hyung? you could have just told me once and i would have set you free from this burden long ago . i am not that heartless jerk you think of me as one you know ” jungkook replied stammering over his words and his eyes stung .
taehyung gripped onto the counter tight when the younger's words sinked in and he realized what he had told the other a minute ago finally. his own heart clenched painfully and eyes becoming glassy in frustration.
β€œl-look jungkook i didn't meant to say it that way , i fcking am frustrated and angry right now with different reasons, they just came out in a wrong way i am sorry ” he uttered voice thick from holding back tears.
jungkook looked up at the ceiling and a bitter smile played across his face, β€œ you could have asked me all the questions you had for me , it takes time for me to open up but i would have definitely told you everything ”
taehyung's eyes snapped at the younger again, β€œ let's end the contract. me finding a boyfriend or not let's just end it, i can't be a part of it anymore and i am sure it won't be a that big deal for you when there's a replacement for my place is already ready, isn't it mr. jeon?”
β€œ the fvck are you talking about? ” jungkook glared at him harshly, the grip on the older's arm grew stronger making him almost wince loud.
β€œ no need to pretend anything here. it's okay to be happy and grow tired on someone so let's end this whole thing here. give me a day and i will move out tomorrow ” taehyung hissed out in pain.
β€œ watch your words ” β€œ i am watching ” β€œ if so then explain the whole thing to me, i want to know from where did you got the idea ” β€œ just leave it ”
β€œ no i won't till you explain, don't blame me over things when you're the one with want to cut off this contract because of your sudden intrusion of dating namjoon ”
β€œ again and again you are dragging him in our mess, jungkook have i ever dragged eunji in this whole thing that you're continuously up his a$$ ” taehyung couldn't help but groaned out this time. β€œ the fvck eunji have to do here? stop dragging her unnecessarily ”
β€œ just like that stop dragging namjoon here too ” taehyung replied wryly watching the other going so defensive for the girl. β€œ you and namjoon are a different case than what me and eunji are ” jungkook said gritting through his teeth.
β€œ yeah right ” taehyung looked at his side making the younger hold him by his shoulder while one hand travelling under his chin and grip on his throat, making the other look at him him .
β€œ eunji is my cousin sister, taehyung! just like jimin hyung is my cousin brother, she's my sister. she's jimin's younger sister. the day you went to meet namjoon, i went to airport to fetch her to her apartment and the very next day morning i went to help her out β€”
β€”with shifting everything. she returned here after 2 years so me and jimin hyung did our best to help her feel home here again ” jungkook said without any blink and added, β€œ don't know what you thought of us but it's the truth, so don't drag her here between us ”
taehyung's face contoured the shocked expression because of the revelation. his face grew pale, β€œ w-what?”
β€œ yep by the way you just said you shared everything with me, did you really? i believe you never mentioned about kim doyun in front of me ” jungkook chuckled out and taehyung suddenly felt like someone was choking him that he can't breath.
β€œ how do you know about him?” taehyung asked with his very deep voice. β€œ i suppose i should know about your father for various reasons, the biggest business tycoon of the whole seoul ” jungkook replied smiling rictusly.
taehyung can't believe his ears at that moment , his shoulders slope down and with his overwhelming self he didn't even noticed when he fainted .
taehyung slowly opened his eyes , blinking his eyelashes furiously to adjust with his surrounding. a dry cough made it's way out of his throat. a glass of water came forward in front of him automatically, him taking it and finishing it down with a big gulp.
he looked at his side and found jungkook looking at him worriedly while holding the empty glass now. β€œ how are you feeling now?” he asked and taehyung looked down slowly processing the whole thing, him arguing with jungkook at the party and all those revelations.
he could feel the nausea again. he looked at his surroundings and found himself laying down on jungkook's bed, how come he's here instead of the party? what's the time now again?
β€œyou fainted in the washroom so we immediately returned from the party, i called my family doctor but he's currently out of city and other doctors were not available at this hour too,we should really go and visit a doctor tomorrow for you. your health condition is deteriorating”
taehyung looked at him and decided to only nod as answer. β€œ you and me both are taking a day off tomorrow, don't try to get against my decision ” jungkook informed firmly making the other bit on his lip.
without anymore words shared between them, they decided to change into their comfortable clothes. taehyung at first felt slightly dizzy but jungkook helped him to change.
the night was filled with the noise of their calm breathing lullabying and many unspoken words with two broken hearts.
when a heart breaks into a billion of pieces, it doesn't make any noise that can reach one's ear but the heavy impact it leaves on the said person is more painful than the usual external pains.
taehyung's head rested on the younger's chest while jungkook lets his fingers caress the other's hair tenderly with often massaging the scalp and trying to ease the tension from there.
both of their eyes were closed but none of them were sleeping, they were restless while marking their cheekbones with the faint tear stains.
hugging each other for their dear lives as if both know something more will happen the next day and they may not get the chance to hold each other like this again.
the next morning both of their eyes were red from the lack of sleep when they got up together. no pecks or giggles while greeting good morning were shared this morning.
jungkook first changed and taehyung finally decided to check his phone . and as he expected there were few messages from namjoon, he decided to reply him. he have to talk to him as soon as possible.
[ chat between tae and namjoon ]
β€œ go and shower ” jungkook's sudden voice made taehyung flinch. he nodded his head timidly and obliged the younger's words.
when taehyung went downstairs after taking the shower and changing into some comfortable clothes, he saw jungkook was serving breakfasts for them.
taehyung's heart tugged painfully in guilt when he remember how he behaved with the younger last night over some of his petty jealousy and misunderstanding.
jungkook noticed his presence and motioned him to sit. the breakfast table was awfully engulfed with an awkward tension, none of them were talking or looking at the other. both were just finishing the breakfast in silence.
but taehyung decided to speak, β€œ i am sorry ” jungkook looked up from his plate and frowned, β€œ for what?”
β€œ for everything i told you yesterday and for anything that may have hurt you because of me. whatever i said yesterday they meant nothing jungkook believe me i am sorry, i know maybe just this mere sorry isn't enough for the hurtful things i told you.i know i am such an asshole”
β€” taehyung rambled making the younger sigh and nod appreciating his apology. so taehyung continued, β€œ i have decided something ” jungkook nodded once again so taehyung continued, β€œ i am moving out from here tomorrow ”
with the spoon jungkook was playing on his plate, it stopped with a halt and jungkook finally giving his full attention to the older, β€œ so you and namjoon are getting back together ?”
β€œ no ” taehyung replied promptly making the younger tilt his head to the side, β€œ you aren't ?”
β€œ nope me and namjoon won't get back together, not now or ever in future. my decision isn't related to namjoon. it's related to you ” taehyung said tugging on his bottom lip then he continued,
tw// h0m0phobia ** β€œ i think it'll be better for me to move out because i don't want to bother you or hurt you anymore. i want to end the contract too because i was doing this job just to prove myself to my father.”
β€œ you mentioned yesterday that i never mentioned about him ever to you,there's reason which i want to tell you now. kim doyun is my father but just in name. yeah he has provided me with good education and a lavish childhood, almost everything but care and love. β€”
he just set targets for me that i have to fulfill to be the goody shoe son he can have in my life . my older brother followed his every steps but i couldn't. it was suffocating for me and it became worse when he got to know about my sexual orientation
β€”and my relationship with namjoon. he was the reason behind our breakup . after namjoon's departure, i was sent to a rehab for a whole year so his son can get well soon from the β€˜illness’ ”
β€œ when he saw there wasn't any change in me even after spending a year in the rehab, he decided to set a marriage with one of his business partner's daughter.
β€” i like me the way i am so at that time i really didn't had anything that i can rely on there for him so stay and being a puppet for him anymore. i left his house after getting in a heated argument with my father.”
β€œ my brother tried a lot to stop me and handle the situation but it went all in vain as me and my father both are similar in one thing, being stubborn.
β€”though i don't regret my decision of that day at all . from then i started working at few offices but they didn't wanted me as their employee anymore after they got to know my real identity. i hardly could make at any office more than 2 or 3 months cause of my father
β€” then i went to your office and from then you know everything. i am working under you for almost a year so i think i proved enough to him, i want to do something else now in my life so i think it'll be the best decision for us to focus on our lives and take some space.”
β€œ thank you for everything you gave in these months, i-i can't really thank you enough for what you did to me. i will love to be in contact with you but i really need some time to calm myself alone and i think you also need it , it's for the best ”
jungkook's eyes had few mixture of emotions after hearing the older. with a dry throat he decided to ask, β€œ so you're telling me to let you go from me right?”
taehyung visibly winced at the statement, jungkook's words felt like they're breaking up when there's no relationship built between them to break in reality. β€œ kook —”
β€œ no hyung it's okay i understand what you meant, you're right we need some time to focus on ourselves right now. i am happy that you felt safe to share such vulnerable past with me. i will call my lawyer and make the new papers ”
β€œ whatever happened to you in your past, you don't deserve it. you deserve all the happiness for the way you're. i am glad you chose to be 'you' not your father's puppet, you're talented and i know whatever you have plans for your future it's gonna be amazing.all the best hyung ”
β€” jungkook said somewhat genuine but with a broken heart thinking that taehyung will be leaving him tomorrow.
β€œ thank you ” taehyung replied and jungkook nodded, β€œ don't mention, i did nothing. let's now hurry so we can go for your checkup. by the way how are you feeling right now?” jungkook asked trying to change the topic.
β€œ didn't felt anything from the morning so i guess good ” taehyung replied and jungkook nodded sighing somewhat in relief that the older was doing well unlike the previous night . he got so anxious watching taehyung's whole body going completely limp in his hold , senseless.
they had then left for the doctor's chamber where jungkook has already booked an appointment. throughout the whole ride it was silent only few glances were shared between them.
when they reached there, taehyung got to know that his name was on 2nd in the list so it was relief that they don't have to wait for long. jungkook was often massaging taehyung's back as a habit while they waited for their turn.
the younger frowned when he heard his phone ringing, he took out the phone from his pocket and noticed it was yoongi calling him. not wasting any time he received the call, β€œ yes mr. min?”
taehyung's ears perked up hearing the familiar name. he glanced at the younger and watched the other's frustrated face. he placed his hand on the younger's thigh and softly caressed them looking at jungkook with his infamous puppy like stare.
jungkook cut the call heaving out a long sigh, β€œ yoongi-ssi said we have to go for an urgent meeting, there's some problem with the account management but i told him we can't go there ”
β€œ jungkook but that's important ” taehyung protested making the younger glare at him immediately, β€œ your health is way more important than that hyung ”
taehyung looked down with a gulp as he could feel the familiar fuzzy feeling in his chest but he decided to ignore it and instead he said,
β€œ alright i got it but atleast you can go and check what's the problem. i am staying here for the check up, the doctor will check me right? and one of us should go there ”
β€œ hyung but—” β€œ kook don't worry so much ” taehyung said calmly making the other sigh in defeat.
β€œ i will try to come back soon ” jungkook said and taehyung smiled, β€œ no need to hurry after the check up i will meet namjoon after that i will go back to home so you have enough time ”
β€œ.... ok ” came as reply from jungkook before he got up with a nod. he was bout to leave then he turned around and leaned forward his face towards taehyung's and planted a kiss on the older's forehead, β€œ take care and inform me what the doctor says okay?”
taehyung's insides were melting continuously, his cheeks tinted pink and he nodded, β€œ you too take care and don't drive fast ”
jungkook hummed and left finally making taehyung watch his shadow fading away behind the walls in the corridor. he touched his forehead and smiled to himself sadly. soon taehyung heard his name being called and he went inside for the check up.
jungkook looked at the evening sky from his car's window, the sky was dark shade of blue and grey clouds accompanying it showing it's gloomy nature which was perfectly matching with jungkook's own condition at the moment.
the birds chirping sounded like they're singing a melancholic music for him. after finishing the meeting he was now returning to his home, where taehyung is waiting for him.probably for the last time.
he checked his wrist watch and chuckled wryly, only few more hours he has in his hands to spend with the older.
today when taehyung proposed the idea of his moving out, he couldn't tell the other not to go. if the older wants to go away from him then he will let him. what's he going to even say to hold him back with him? does he has a reason?
maybe he has but he's too afraid to know the outcome of it. what if everything gets even messier?
he just wanted to spend the whole day with taehyung before the older will go away from him but his this wish also didn't got fulfilled.
taehyung wanted him to attend the meeting so he attended. whatever the older wants, he'll do for him. he came out of the car and handed his keys to the guard, β€œ taehyung returned?” β€œ yes sir, one hour ago ” the guard replied making him nod and go inside.
he couldn't find taehyung in the living room so he assumed the other must be in their bedroom and as he predicted taehyung was in that room sleeping.
he decided to take a shower and change before he joined the other in the bed. he stared at the older's face propping his elbow on the pillow and placing his face on palm.
he frowned when he noticed the wet lashes resting on the older's apples of cheeks and there was tear stain. he caressed the cheekbones tenderly moving his body even closer.
his heart beating erratically and his bottom lip jutted out in a pout. taehyung told him that the check up went well and he was perfectly fine so then what was bothering him that made him cry?
he spooned the other snaking his arms around taehyung's waist and burying his face in the crook of the taehyung's neck inhaling the natural scent coming from him. he'll talk to taehyung tomorrow before he leaves about it as he doesn't want to disturb other's sweet slumber.
jungkook watched taehyung packing his things as a truck was waiting for him outside. one of the working boy coming and taking his things to the truck.
taehyung has already told jungkook that he can't take all the things with him, the younger has gave him so many things till now and his apartment doesn't have that space to fit them there.
the younger told him that's fine and if he wants he can take them slowly whenever he feels like in his free time. he can come here at anytime. maybe it can be an excuse for him to see the other in future.
jungkook had asked multiple times taehyung about the previous night, why was he crying? taehyung seemed to be tensed at first but then he answered with a shrug that he will miss him and everyone that's why he got slightly emotional.
jungkook couldn't talk about that any further as they heard the horn from outside making him groan in annoyance. his heart grew heavy as he saw the last bag taehyung has packed was sent to the truck too and taehyung was coming towards him.
β€œ these are the my favourite plushies so i am giving you them before i leave, maybe they can be your new cuddle partner till you find something or someone to replace ” taehyung said handing jungkook a bear and a tiger plushy.
jungkook clutched onto them tightly with his jaw clenched, β€œ no one can replace them ”...π‘¦π‘œπ‘’β€™ . jungkook wanted to say it but decided against it and swallowed down those words instead .
taehyung smiled looking longingly, β€œ you can always come and visit me if you want ” the younger nodded and placed the soft toys on the sofa , looking at the older somewhat hesitant, β€œ h-hyung… h-hyung before you go can you kiss me one last time?”
taehyung's eyes widened at first but they softened immediately. he nodded his head and both of them took few steps towards each other. their hearts beating rhythmically and their breathes mingling together when they stood in front of each other.
jungkook cupped the older's cheeks hesitantly for some reason he was scared and caressed them softly before looking into taehyung's eyes.
the way they stared at each other before leaning forward their faces and a soft bump of their noses felt like both were two teenagers kissing each other for the first time.
they closed their eyes on the same time when their lips hovered over each other, two pairs of lips moulding together perfectly. they breathed out loud as an electrifying spark went down their spines .
taehyung's hand involuntarily moving up on jungkook's shoulder and it rested there as they savoured the moment, their lips conveying numerous unsaid words.
they have kissed each other many times before but none of them made them feel like what they're feeling right now.
beads of tears gathering in their eyes wetting the lashes on the process as both of their hearts were clenching painfully with each passing second reminding them that they have only few seconds more left to hold each other like this.
their future is uncertain what if they will never cross their paths together again ?
the kiss never deepened, it stayed soft and innocent with them moving their lips against each other passionately until they ran out of air. they rested their foreheads against each other's breaking the kiss, eyes still closed. only sharp pants leaving from their parted lips.
it was taehyung who leaned in and pecked jungkook once again before they opened their eyes that were gleaming with tears. taehyung controlled the whimper when jungkook pecked him on his forehead again like yesterday.
the older couldn't control himself from hugging the younger tight at that . jungkook closed his eyes at that, β€œ don't do this to me tae, i don't think i can let go off you if you hug me like this ”
he thought biting on his bottom lip. so it was jungkook who broke the hug shortly and they stared at each other few more minutes before they came to reality because of the loud horn.
they exchanged a smile plaintively before taehyung turned his back leaving from there. for some reason they couldn't say β€˜ bye ' or β€˜ goodbye ’ to each other. they felt their throat so dry and sore to mumble out the word .
jungkook also went outside and watched taehyung going inside the truck sitting beside the driver. when their eyes met , taehyung waved his hand towards his direction which jungkook soon mirrored.
soon the truck started and taehyung left . jungkook stood there till the truck completely disappeared from his sight .
when he finally went back inside the house, the silence that welcomed him sent chills to his spine and he didn't know if he can get habituated of it.
and now he didn't controlled the tears that were threatening to fall from his eyes anymore, he lets them flow out like a river of emotions .
two weeks passed after that day, and each day felt like a year for jungkook .
he sometimes feels like a madman and too suffocated without seeing the box shaped smile, those sweet giggling noises, the deep honey dripping voice calling him cute nicknames, the warmth that used to engulf his whole body after the exhausted day at the office.
no sight of his secretary kim at the office reminding him about his meetings or looking after his wellbeing. no sight of his taehyung outside the office still looking after him and staying by his side in his ups and downs anymore.
the day after taehyung left from there jungkook couldn't understand why namjoon told him β€˜ sorry ’ nor he understood the older's painful look neither he understood why he told him β€˜ please don't give up ’ while hugging him.
namjoon was looking like he wanted to tell him something more but couldn't as if something was holding him back from doing so.
jungkook had thought of running to the older's apartment many times but he stopped himself remembering taehyung told him that he needs space. what if his presence will make uncomfortable the older ?
jungkook was currently in his bed cuddling with the plushies that taehyung gave him, he time to time hugs them and inhales the faint smell of taehyung's that lingered on them.
the sudden ring of his phone made him startled but neverthelessly he took it from the nightstand. he frowned as he saw it was the doctor whose appointment taehyung had that day was calling him.
something churned in his stomach unpleasantly , what if taehyung isn't doing well? and the doctor is calling him to inform that.
he received the call frantically, β€œ hello doctor kim? are you calling me because of taehyung? is he alright? ”
β€œ π‘‘π‘œπ‘›'𝑑 π‘€π‘œπ‘Ÿπ‘Ÿπ‘¦ π‘šπ‘Ÿ.π‘—π‘’π‘œπ‘› . π‘‘π‘Žπ‘’β„Žπ‘¦π‘’π‘›π‘” π‘Žπ‘›π‘‘ π‘‘β„Žπ‘’ π‘π‘Žπ‘π‘¦ π‘π‘œπ‘‘β„Ž π‘Žπ‘Ÿπ‘’ π‘‘π‘œπ‘–π‘›π‘” π‘”π‘œπ‘œπ‘‘ 𝑑𝑖𝑙𝑙 π‘›π‘œπ‘€ . 𝑖 π‘π‘Žπ‘™π‘™π‘’π‘‘ π‘¦π‘œπ‘’ π‘‘π‘œ π‘Žπ‘ π‘˜ π‘€β„Žπ‘¦ β„Žπ‘’ 𝑑𝑖𝑑𝑛'𝑑 π‘π‘Žπ‘šπ‘’ π‘“π‘œπ‘Ÿ β„Žπ‘–π‘  π‘β„Žπ‘’π‘π‘˜π‘’π‘ π‘‘π‘œπ‘‘π‘Žπ‘¦ .
β€”β„Žπ‘’ π‘€π‘Žπ‘ π‘›'𝑑 π‘Ÿπ‘’π‘π‘–π‘’π‘£π‘–π‘›π‘” π‘‘β„Žπ‘’ π‘π‘Žπ‘™π‘™ π‘ π‘œ 𝑖 π‘π‘Žπ‘™π‘™π‘’π‘‘ π‘¦π‘œπ‘’.π‘π‘™π‘’π‘Žπ‘ π‘’ π‘–π‘›π‘“π‘œπ‘Ÿπ‘š β„Žπ‘–π‘š π‘‘β„Žπ‘Žπ‘‘ 𝑖 β„Žπ‘Žπ‘£π‘’ π‘Ÿπ‘’π‘ π‘β„Žπ‘’π‘‘π‘’π‘™π‘’π‘‘ β„Žπ‘–π‘  π‘Žπ‘π‘π‘œπ‘–π‘›π‘‘π‘šπ‘’π‘›π‘‘ π‘‘β„Žπ‘’ π‘‘π‘Žπ‘¦ π‘Žπ‘“π‘‘π‘’π‘Ÿ π‘‘π‘œπ‘šπ‘œπ‘Ÿπ‘Ÿπ‘œπ‘€ π‘Žπ‘›π‘‘ β„Žπ‘’ π‘ β„Žπ‘œπ‘’π‘™π‘‘π‘›'𝑑 π‘šπ‘–π‘ π‘  𝑖𝑑”
β€œ wait what do you mean? and w-what baby? jungkook asked confused and nervous. β€œ 𝑑𝑖𝑑𝑛'𝑑 β„Žπ‘’ π‘Žπ‘™π‘Ÿπ‘’π‘Žπ‘‘π‘¦ π‘‘π‘œπ‘™π‘‘ π‘¦π‘œπ‘’ π‘Žπ‘π‘œπ‘’π‘‘ π‘‘β„Žπ‘’ 𝑛𝑒𝑀𝑠 ? π‘‘π‘Žπ‘’β„Žπ‘¦π‘’π‘›π‘” 𝑖𝑠 6 π‘€π‘’π‘’π‘˜π‘  π‘π‘Ÿπ‘’π‘”π‘›π‘Žπ‘›π‘‘ ”
β€”β€” that's all for today's update <3 fluff in nxt update.
β€”β€” β™‘ β€”β€”
taehyung huffed to himself after he finished baking a fresh batch of cupcakes. he just have to put some cream and the strawberries he had already cut in heart shapes on them .
β€œ baby why you have to crave for cupcakes so early in the morning ” taehyung talked to himself while caressing his belly gently, even if he was whining he still had a fond look on his face .
he had gone to sleep late last night due to him preparing few urgent papers that needs to be submitted by today. thus he was a bit grumpy when he woke early in the morning while craving for some sweets specifically cupcakes .
he smiled in satisfaction when he noticed the cupcakes were looking quite delicious and the results of baking was perfect , it's just waiting for him to devour them. his smile faded a little though when he remember who taught him how to make them . / jungkook /
it was the younger who had dragged him to the kitchen on one of their off days. they got bored after playing video games for like two hours and were craving for some sweets. and instead of ordering online, the younger came with the idea of suddenly becoming a master chef.
taehyung was very surprised to know that his boss even know how to cook when he had only survived till the day with fast foods and him cooking noodles at times . jungkook never misses to surprise him.
they baked while giggling to themselves like little kids who were excited after their mother let them cook something for the first time in the kitchen.
slowly the playfulness got eased with a sexual tension lingering around them whenever their bodies brushing against each other's or when taehyung was eating some whipped cream and some were left at the corner of his lips.
jungkook's thumb caressing there gently, and retracting his finger to only lick the cream from his finger making the older blush furiously.
and in a few seconds jungkook started leaning forward , giving a kitten lick at the corner of his lips maintaining an intense contact before fully both of them getting engaged in a heated make out session .
taehyung's whole body shivered at the memory as a familiar feeling coiled in the pit of his stomach. he shook his head, β€œ tae stop thinking about nasty, it's still too early for me to masturbate.
β€”he had taught me how to make the cupcakes that's enough for my cravings but i don't have his dick here with me that can feed the hunger of my needy cvnt's ”
he immediately focused his thoughts on the things he had planned for the day , he had his doctor's appointment before lunch. last day he wasn't feeling well that led him to cancel his appointment but he was grateful that doctor kim has rescheduled his appointment today.
then after lunch he will have to go to the passport and visa office to submit the papers he has prepared last night.
he had thought of settling in paris, the city where he had been multiple times in past and he's very fond of. he has his own apartment there too so it'll be great for him to start a new beginning of his life from there with his baby beside him .
he moaned in delight after taking a bite from one of his cupcakes . he sat on one of his couch comfortably and finished eating while caressing his belly the whole time, β€œ you liked the cupcakes papa baked hmm?”
he didn't felt like throwing up so he takes it as a sign that his baby also liked the cupcakes. this is how his life have been after he moved out from jungkook's penthouse . the only source of communication when he's in his apartment is to talk to his baby all day .
he tugged on his lower lip feeling guilty and both helpless as he didn't told the younger about their baby. he's always in the middle of thinking if he's doing the wrong or the right ?
whenever he felt like he should tell the younger about their baby, there's always the demon that's been wandering and nudging the negative outcomes in his head from the day he got to know about him being pregnant.
he recalled himself sitting in doctor kim's office who had took him for various kinds of tests and later the doctor declaring the news of him being 4 weeks pregnant.
he felt so many emotions altogether after hearing the news, happy the most but he couldn't deny the nervousness and sad feeling that bubbled up in his heart.
at first he himself wasn't ready to believe the news cause he always takes his pills on time but then he remembered the time four weeks ago, when due to too much work he had missed taking them and the pattern became irregular with him still having continuous sèx with jungkook.
unsure of his own decisions, he had managed to convince the doctor from telling the news to jungkook beforehand with an excuse of him planning a surprise for the younger and everyone .
that night when he returned jungkook's penthouse, he couldn't control himself from letting the tears fall mindlessly .
jungkook is still young and has so many things to do and focus in his life so he wasn't sure if the sudden arrival of their baby was even a part of the other's future plans. how the baby was supposed to be a part of it when he himself isn't even a part of the other's future.
he had laughed at his own thoughts. so he just made a mind that it was his fault that he got his pills routine all messed up and the younger had no idea thus they didn't even thought of using other protections.
a frown took their place over his face on its own as his thoughts got stuck on the same name and same things like always once again .
namjoon has already informed him that the older can't go with him to the clinic today for his checkup due to some emergency and he understood the older fully.
he tried to shake away all the bad thoughts from his head as he remembered doctor kim has told him not to stress too much that can make a rise of his blood pressure. too much stress is bad for the baby and himself . he should be happy all the time right now.
taehyung then thought, yes he's happy. he was already going to begin a new chapter of his life and the arrival of the baby actually made his situation much brighter and happier .
he won't be alone, there would be a fluff ball with him always that will always remind him of the good memories of his love.
truly with jungkook, the younger had given him only happiness and beautiful memories in the past months, treating him always so well . the only bitter memory he had is due to his own stupidity and misunderstanding so he surely can't blame jungkook for anything there.
taehyung once again smiled caressing his belly and he decided to go to his room and start getting ready for the appointment he has in few hours , slow and carefully .
*** β€œ seokjin-shi is everything alright?” taehyung asked looking at his doctor who was checking the papers pinned with his clipboard with a serious look on his face .
seokjin, the doctor took off his glasses and finally smiled, β€œ everything is looking good but still i can see dark circles under your eyes. you should stick to your healthy sleeping schedule taehyung okay? apart from that i will write some vitamins that's need to be added ”
taehyung sighed in relief and looked at the other apologetically, β€œ i am sorry doctor, i will be careful . ” β€œ you better ” the doctor said.
β€œ do you think if i travel right now, it'll be dangerous or harmful for the baby's condition?” taehyung asked, sure he wants to go away from seoul as soon as possible but that doesn't mean he will put his baby's health condition at risk without taking permission from the doctor.
β€œ i don't see a problem right now but if you feel any complication after your journey, you should immediately consult a doctor. why are you going somewhere ?” seokjin asked putting down the clipboard and now giving his whole attention on the male sitting in front of him.
β€œ i-um actually yes, i am going to start a new business in paris and was thinking of staying there till my delivery, that's why ” taehyung replied stammering over his words at the beginning as he told the other half truth .
β€œ oh, okay i can give you the number of one of my doctor friends who's living there and may can help you with your future check ups and delivery ” seokjin said pursing his lips together. taehyung's eyes shimmered at that, β€œ that will be a great help doctor, thank you ”
β€œ don't thank me taehyung, it's my duty to look after my patients ” seokjin replied writing down the number under the medicine names written on the prescription and handed the paper to the younger who bowed at him gratefully before taking his leave.
taehyung was busy in putting the paper in his bag when he bumped into someone. he immediately mumbled out his apologies without looking at the person's face. β€œ secretary kim i heard you're going somewhere”
the grip on the paper taehyung was holding immediately loosened up making it fall on the ground as a sudden wave of shock went through his veins and his eyes snapped in front of him, recognizing the oh so familiar voice.
he watched jungkook's face was morphing a little smile as the younger crouched down and took the paper from the ground. him sparing a glance at the paper before handing it to the older with the corner of his lips curving upward, β€œ you didn't changed, still messy as ever ”
taehyung's throat grew dry looking at the younger standing in front of him now. the younger had wore his usual suit that he wear for his office, his hair was combed neatly at the side and a smile playing across his face.
and taehyung had to control himself from giving in the urge he felt to go and hug the younger tightly at the moment.
there's more important thing that's bothering him now, what's jungkook doing here and did he just mentioned about him knowing that he's going somewhere? how would he know about it? questions after questions continued pass through inside his head.
jungkook seemed to notice his condition so the younger cleared his throat to gain his attention and said, β€œ why don't we go somewhere and talk hyung? i saw a cafe outside beside this clinic ”
taehyung just nodded his head dumbly, not knowing what's going on and what's going to happen in some minutes with him. one thing for sure he understand that, the younger knows about the pregnancy news . and he could feel chills running down his spine at the realization.
with timid steps he followed the younger without them sharing any words and soon them finding each other in a cafe sitting opposite of each other. his gaze immediately went down on his lap playing with his fingers when he could feel the younger's gaze lingering over him.
β€œ hyung look at me ” the younger's soft voice bloomed from the side making him slowly look up biting and licking his lips out of habit whenever he feels nervous.
β€œ j-jungkookie—” β€œ shhh ” the younger stopped him from talking further and instead said, β€œ before we start our conversation, please let's be honest with each other today, no lies or any hide and seek. promise me, today everything will be just truth ”
taehyung gulped hard at the firm tone that the younger used. he nodded affirmatively, he also don't want to hide anything today. he will tell jungkook everything without thinking of the demon's whispers in his head.
β€œ good so who should start first today? you or me?” jungkook asked and taehyung answered promptly, β€œ me ” β€œ fine with me ” jungkook said and ordered some healthy food and juices for taehyung and him before starting the conversation .
taehyung took a long breath and started, β€œ i know that you already know that i-i am pregnant though i am not sure how you got to know about it or that i am going somewhere.
β€”believe me i wanted to tell you about it but i was nervous and scared . maybe not now but when i would have gotten the enough courage to confess, i would have tell you.
β€” the baby and everything was unexpected and unplanned. you have a bright future ahead and i didn't wanted to come with the baby as a burden in your life ruining everything for you.
β€”i have said it many times already but it's true that you have done a lot for me in my life so i thought how can i be selfish and suddenly try to get meddle in your life just because i am carrying our child which also happened because i messed up my pills schedule patterns.
β€”it wasn't your fault okay. but yeah you have your right to know about your baby too so i am really sorry for hiding about it from you ”
β€œ is it all that you had to tell me ?” jungkook asked and taehyung nodded after taking a short pause, so the younger replied, β€œ fine then i will speak now and please don't interrupt while i am talking just like i let you speak okay? ”
taehyung again nodded his head and jungkook started, β€œ you said i already know about the baby, you're right i knew it . two days ago doctor kim called me asking me why you weren't picking up his calls and you have suddenly cancelled your appointment.
β€”you know i felt like someone had gave me 440 volt current shock suddenly when he told me about the baby, π‘œπ‘’π‘Ÿ π‘π‘Žπ‘π‘¦ .
β€”i was angry and sad thinking why would you have hide such a big matter from me then doctor kim told me that you usually go to the checkups with one of your friends. then i remember the day before you moved out, after the check up you went to meet namjoon-shi .
β€”i just connected the dots and went to meet him yesterday.Β  i already knew he was hiding and wanting to say something to me but couldn't for some reason so when i went to visit him and ask him about it. he just said it wasn't something he should say on behalf of you.
β€”he just told me that you're planning on settling down in paris and i should meet you as soon as possible ”
β€œ hyung please set in your head that the baby isn't coming in this world because of anyone's fault , it's a blessing . you're right i might have a bright future then why can't it be even brighter with you and our baby ?
β€”you are not selfish if you think that our baby deserves both of their parents love and support. why would my own baby will become a burden in my life?
β€”have you forced yourself on me during the past month or ever made me feel disgusted with your presence ever for once ? no a big no hyung, everything was consensual .
yes maybe the arrival of the baby is unplanned and sudden, so what? aren't we supposed to become more mature while handling this matter? even if we were some kind of enemies, i wouldn't have abandoned my baby nor you.
β€”d-did you really thought that i was going to pity you and take you with our baby because i will think of it as just some responsibility?
β€”of course you two are my responsibility, a responsibility i will love to take from the bottom of my heart, not out of any pity. have i really made some this kind of impression towards you during this whole time?Β do you think of me so low?
i was truly hurt when i got to know that i am going to become a father and i don't have any idea about it but namjoon has. no i am not bitter at him, it's not his fault that you decided to trust him over me hyung ” the younger laments with his eyes glassy .
and taehyung felt like suddenly someone had poured a bucket of cold water on his head. he never wanted to hurt jungkook like that. he could feel himself breathless just by looking at the younger's pained expression.
during this whole time he was thinking that whatever he was doing was the right to make the younger's better life but he failed to notice how his every decision was actually breaking the younger slowly during this whole time.
he couldn't control the sob that bubbled out of his throat at the realization. he shakes his head violently.
β€œ j-jungkook i am sorry, god sorry isn't even enough for what i had did to you. i know i have badly messed up everything. everything started from the moment i started the fake act of going on dates with joon.
β€”how stupid i was back then to think that maybe jealousy can solve everything. i am sorry for doubting your relationship with eunji without even knowing about her anything. i thought you were in some kind of relationship with her when she's just your sister.
β€”i should have talked to you atleast for once before taking any step that has led us to where we're today. i became insecure and was hurt thinking you probably got tired of me and that's why you were seeing someone else which even if you were doing,
β€”i didn't had a thing to say cause our contract had no mention of dating. when joon hyung suggested that maybe we can act of getting back together that can take out some of your reaction, i just agreed to him thinking maybe just maybe maybe i can get a r-reaction from you.
β€” i fcking failed to see the jealousy thing i started was actually ruining everything more and it had hurted you so much gosh. kookie believe my intention was never to make you feel like you aren't trustable or even worse. fvck! fvck!
β€” it wasn't some sort of k-drama or sh!ts . reality doesn't go like that. i was only thinking about myself all this time . jealousy can be never a solution for anything. how stupid i could been? i hurted you so much.
jungkook believe me i really wanted to tell you about our baby but i was scared not of you but of myself. i didn't had the enough courage to talk to you. believe me i really needed some time to fight with my innerturmoils first before telling you everything.
still nothing justify that i was just forcing my own decisions on you during this whole time. i am really sorry for my behaviour.
jeon jungkook you're the best thing that ever happened to me. don't be upset,it's not your fault that i failed to cherish you the way deserved. i am sorry ”
jungkook immediately got up from his sit and went to the chair right beside taehyung's . taehyung was shaking and panicking the whole time badly. he took the older's shaking hands in his and rubbed their palms together ,trying to calm the other down .
he gently pulled him in his embrace and started to caress him on his back while taehyung's sobs were turning into sniffles .
the younger planted a feather-ish peck on the older's temple which made the other shiver from the touch , β€œ shhh calm down darling, breath in and out okay ? ”
β€œ we are two different persons with two different point of views so blaming everything onto only one is a kind of hypocrisy. we both have made mistakes at some part, wherever we're today, it's because of both of us.
β€”if your fault was putting your decisions on me then my fault was to accept everything without protesting or confronting you to show you where you're going wrong . so that you wouldn't have blamed everything onto yourself and being scared to share anything with me.
β€” so please stop blaming yourself for everything hyung! don't be so hard on yourself. this is not the secretary kim i always have looked upto from the day i met you. we're both just two fools who have fallen in the same trap together, my strong taehyungie ”
jungkook sure was hurt because of the way taehyung hid everything and the events happening from last month. but watching taehyung so vulnerable and his words made him realize from where the older was coming from.
he was glad that both of them let out the words they wanted to tell each other for a long time, finally today. he knows it's still not too late to make everything alright again.
taehyung's sniffles turned back into sobs as he clutched onto the younger's coat and hugged him tightly. and jungkook this time didn't hold back his own tears too, hugging the other back tight yet carefully.
they let themselves cry their hearts out in each other's embrace. the warmth of their hearts slowly melting the cold around them. and the heavy weight from the heart slowly lifting up making them feel light headed with a sniff of peace.
after five minutes or so both broke the hug and jungkook cupped the older's cheeks gently, β€œ i couldn't tell you that day when you moved out from π‘œπ‘’π‘Ÿ β„Žπ‘œπ‘šπ‘’ but i want to say it today. please don't go, don't leave me again”
the younger hiccuped adorably scrunching his nose, β€œ I used to just think of the phrase β€˜β„Žπ‘œπ‘šπ‘’ 𝑖𝑠 π‘€β„Žπ‘’π‘Ÿπ‘’, π‘€β„Žπ‘’π‘› 𝑖 π‘Žπ‘š π‘€π‘–π‘‘β„Ž π‘¦π‘œπ‘’β€™ as a cliche romantic pick up line before. but never thought i will get a taste of that phrase in my own life actually .
i am at my home when i am with you, just like right now. when you left the house that day,it had only became a house made of some bricks and beams, lifeless. so please don't take away π‘šπ‘¦ β„Žπ‘œπ‘šπ‘’ from me again .
β€”the previous two weeks were the worst two weeks of my life. i don't think i can handle being separated from you. jeon jungkook is incomplete without kim taehyung, you complete me ”
taehyung only hugged the younger tightly in reply after wiping away the tears from the younger's eyes. cause if he was jungkook's home then the younger was his everything , he's like the essential oxygen that human needs to be alive .
β€”β€” β™‘ β€”β€”
taehyung rubbed his eyes trying to clear his blurry vision. his eyes roaming to his sides to find a certain someone.
β€œ oh you're awake? were you searching for me ” the voice made him feel immediately tingly inside as he nodded his head without any hesitation looking at the younger standing leaning on the door frame.
β€œ tsk! i just went to talk to jimin hyung and told him to send a truck tomorrow morning here ” jungkook said before making his way to the bed and sat beside the older.
he fondly looked at the other and pecked him on the lips, β€œ are you feeling better now after taking the nap baby ?”
taehyung's cheeks flamed bright red at that, he tugged on his lower lip and nodded his head as answer fisting on the sweater paws , making the younger coo internally .
they're currently at taehyung's apartment. after both of them breaking down at the cafe, they have decided that taehyung will go back to jungkook's penthouse and they will start a new chapter of their relationship with their baby, taking smalll steps this time .
they'll be always careful towards the others feelings and talk to each other if anything bothers them . no more secrets. it's just them, their closest person so there's no need to feel embarrassed about anything to share.
it was getting late so they thought of returning to their houses. they of course couldn't shift taehyung's things back to the penthouse at that hour all of a sudden so taehyung suggested the idea of them spending the night at his apartment .
due to tiredness after taking shower, taehyung fell asleep while jungkook just stared at him with a fond look on his face and decided to cuddle with the other . so now after taking a small nap when taehyung finally woke up, jungkook decided to arrange something for their dinner.
β€œ you know we could have just ordered something from outside ” taehyung tried to say but jungkook poked his inner cheeks shooting him a glare ,
β€œ hell no! i know that i am very much of a good chef who can cook something for the three of us tonight and in future! i am not letting any food from outside near my babies ” taehyung huffed pouting, β€œ seokjin-shi didn't told me that we're going to have twins kookie!”
β€œ oh my love, use that pretty brain of yours outside of business too sometimes. i said babies because i counted you as the other baby ” β€œ JEON JUNGKOOK WHAT THE FCK? I AM A 27 GROWN A$$ MAN ” taehyung yelled out throwing a hissy fit.
β€œ sometimes 27 years old can be baby too, remember you're my baby doll?” jungkook replied shrugging, focused on cutting the vegetables.
β€œ yes daddy ” taehyung snorted out sarcastically but he widened his eyes and started laughing out loud when he noticed jungkook freezing on his spot.
he wiped the corner of his eyes still giggling, β€œ jesus jungkook how many more kinks do you have? i thought we were limited within the sir part but d-damn ”
β€œ shut up and let me cook ” jungkook whined, his pale cheeks dusting pretty pink making taehyung squeal out at his adorableness.
the older got up from the chair. going inside the kitchen he hugged the younger from the back,resting his chin on his shoulder while jungkook just let him and he continued to cook their dinner with a little shake of his head and the corner of his lip tugging a small happy smile.
the night felt lively once again for both of them as they sat close while jungkook fed the other by his own hands.
and later when they went to sleep, jungkook almost teared up while asking for taehyung's permission if he can touch his tummy. taehyung nodded feeling equally emotional and lifted up his tummy revealing a barely visible bump.
jungkook carefully placed his palm on the surface, watching taehyung if he had by chance made the uncomfortable but when he couldn't find anything, he started caressing the surface . his nose turning red and him pouting his lips, trying to control the tears from falling.
taehyung cooed and asked while caressing his hair, β€œ why are your lips pouting so much jungkookie?” the younger in reply just shook his head and leaned his face forward to kiss him on the tummy longingly, his eyes holding millions of stars inside them.
β€œ i am two weeks late to meet you so let me introduce me properly to you b-baby! i am your another father , jungkookie as your papa loves to call me. let's meet each other soon and become the bestest buddies in the world that even your taetae papa will feel jealous of us ”
β€” jungkook giggled peppering taehyung's tummy with butterfly kisses. he left one last kiss muttering, β€œ my baby , my little star ”
taehyung's eyes moistened watching the scene in front of him. jungkook sounds always angelic but he didn't expected him to sound even more angelic while talking to their baby in such soft voice that was like a melodious lullaby to bring sleep in both his and their baby's eyes.
they slept facing each other and staring into each other's eyes for a with a lovesick smile playing across their faces till they fell asleep snuggling close to other's warmth like a puppy love.
when the next day morning arrived and taehyung went to open the door, he was weirdly faced with a deja vu looking at the staff boy standing in front of him and asking for the things that's needs to be shifted.
oh how chaotic it was back then for him, when he moved in with jungkook because of their contract almost a year ago .
jungkook soon joining him and always scolding the older if he tried to carry anything heavy. there wasn't much thing that needed to be shifted as still taehyung's almost everything was already at jungkook's penthouse .
so with the necessary things that needed to be taken with them , they came back to jungkook's penthouse . the house became once again lively and a home.
β€”β€” that's all for today's update! only one more update is left which will have the last smut of this story. wanted to ask you guys if you guys will like me to write a small journey of taekook becoming parents and their wedding? or should i just end it with smut?
β€”β€”β€” β™‘ β€”β€”β€”
from thick to fine lined mists has left their stains over the windows. taehyung blew out some air from his mouth that were looking like some kind smokes and it fogging the glasses of the window's afterwards.
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