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#taekookau - compass 📏📐 Taehyung has had a crush on Jungkook since they first met. He's in love if you will, but Jungkook likes the party life and hooking up. Taehyung starts a new job and his mentor seems interested in him, which makes him think, should he move on?

Except, Jungkook is just as in love with Taehyung. He just isn't ready to settle down yet, but what happens when he notices that someone else is just as interested in the male? Not to mention someone who is willing to give Taehyung the world and settle down.
- based on this lovely prompt by anon


Hello there!! Is it still acceptable to say Happy Holidays? Happy VDay perhaps? Anyway I think it's the cutest… — HI!! happy holidays and happy vday!! OKAY I NEED TO GET THIS OUT OF THE WAY BECAUSE I SCREAMED WHEN I CLICKED TH……
- Architect Taehyung - Music Producer Jungkook - Friends to lovers - ANGST 🤷🏻‍♀️ - Happy ending - Taekook endgame - Lee Minhyuk is the hot mentor - don't ask me the length of this i don't know either
if you saw me mess up the first time, no you didn't
Kim Taehyung - 27 - Architect - In love with his best friend but won't ever tell him - Youngest Kim brother
Jeon Jungkook - 25 - Music Producer - In love with his best friend but doesn't want to settle down just yet - Yoongi's younger brother
Lee Minhyuk - 32 - Architect - Taehyung's new mentor - Immediately smitten by Taehyung and will do anything to make him happy
- did a poll asking if this fic should be a/b/o and the voting said yes so. KTH - Omega JJK - Alpha LMH - Alpha PJM - Omega MYG - Alpha KSJ - Alpha KNJ - Beta JHS - Beta basically the main characters
There was nothing more Taehyung hated other than parties. He hated the way everyone would get drunk to the point of blacking out. He believed you didn't need to drink alcohol to have fun. And yet, the omega was surrounded by distinct smells and people.
Only because Jimin wanted him to go. He begged Taehyung to go with him. His excuse being that Taehyung needed to experience college the real way. Said omega left Taehyung’s side the second they crossed the threshold.
So, Taehyung stood to the side watching in disgust how everyone’s scents mixed together. It wasn't so much how their scents mixed together, it was the fact that there was a lot of them that smelled of arousal.
Taehyung scrunched his nose and slowly made his way toward the backyard, making sure not to bump into anyone. Once outside he took a deep breath and walked toward an empty space, he wanted to be alone. He passed by a few couples making out and it made him hurry his steps.
He stood by the end of the fence, leaning his head against the wood. “Are you okay?” He jumped slightly at the voice and turned around to see a male looking at him in worry, “You smell distressed.”
Taehyung blushed in embarrassment and looked down at his hands, “Parties are just not my thing.” The other male nodded and looked back at the party going on behind them before turning to Taehyung, “Parties are my thing.”
Taehyung frowned, not sure why the male would tell him that, he looked at him and watched him smile, “But how about we get you out here? Nothing sexual implied.” He quickly added. “Then?” Taehyung asked and the male, who he realized was an alpha based on his cedarwood scent.
“Well, what do you normally do on a Friday night?” Taehyung let out a small hum, “Stay in and watch movies.” The alpha nodded and stuck his hand out, “I’m Jungkook. Just so that you don't feel weird spending the night with a stranger.”
The omega smiled and shook Jungkook’s hand, “I’m Taehyung” “Well Taehyung, where should we spend the night watching movies? Mine or yours?” Jungkook asked, still holding onto the omega’s hand. “Depends, whose dorm is the messiest?”
Jungkook laughed and it made Taehyung blush slightly. “I have a roommate so definitely not mine.” “I don't have a roommate, so I guess we're going to mine.” Jungkook smiled and it reminded Taehyung of a bunny, it was cute.
“Lead the way, Taehyung-ssi.” The omega nodded and led Jungkook back toward the party to be able to leave, and to onlookers it would've seemed that the pair were on their way to have a one night stand.
But in reality, Taehyung didn't let go of the alpha’s hand because he felt comfortable holding it. Considering he didn't like cramped spaces and crowds, Jungkook holding his hand helped.
That night Taehyung learned a lot about Jungkook as they pretended to watch 21 Jump Street. He learned the male was two years younger than him, he was a music production major, he was an alpha, he had an older brother and he liked to party.
Jungkook learned that Taehyung was an architect major, he was an omega, was two years older than him, had two older brothers and one best friend and absolutely hated parties. “If you like parties so much, why did you suggest leaving with me to do this?”
Taehyung motioned to the movie playing on his small tv. Jungkook shrugged and looked at the tv then at the omega, “I have gone to parties every week, and not once had I seen you before. And when I did you seemed uncomfortable and like you just wanted to leave.”
Taehyung hugged his legs to his chest and listened to Jungkook, “I wanted to help. What is missing one party going to do, right?” The omega smiled, “I guess so. Thank you for this.” “Don't mention it, I'd like to think I made a new friend by doing this.”
Taehyung let out a small chuckle and looked away, “Yeah, I'd say you did.” “Then, I didn't miss out on much at that party.” They exchanged shy glances and smiles before focusing on the movie they had ignored for the most part that night.
Jungkook and Taehyung exchanged numbers before the alpha left that night. It was crazy how Taehyung had felt so comfortable with someone he had just met, but there was something about Jungkook. Taehyung didn't see Jungkook the rest of the weekend and week, they texted though.
And when Friday approached, the alpha texted him asking if he wanted to hang out on Saturday. The omega agreed and asked why Saturday, to which the alpha said Friday was party night. Taehyung thought it was ridiculous but didn't say anything.
They made it a habit then, Jungkook would go out to parties on Friday, and extremely early Saturday morning he'd go to Taehyung’s dorm. He'd even go with hangovers and hickies littering his neck. Nothing stopped him from being at Taehyung’s at 8 am.
It didn't take long for people to realize that Jungkook would leave his hookups to go to Taehyung. The omega became known because of this. He didn't like the attention and being known around campus, but what could he do?
Jungkook was well known and being associated with him meant he'd be known as well. Except, Taehyung paid no one any mind. He kept to himself like he always did and stuck around with his best friend, Jimin.
Jungkook however, quickly took that role and the other omega hated him for it. Because when Jungkook began to hang out with Taehyung more, Jimin would see him less. It went from being Jimin and Taehyung, to Jungkook and Taehyung with Jimin going along with them.
The three were always together, Jungkook wasn't rude or mean to Jimin. The omega just hated how he so quickly became Taehyung’s best friend. Taehyung found it funny and it annoyed Jimin, because how dare an alpha swoop in and steal his best friend.
Jungkook was always respectful though, to Taehyung and Jimin. So the omega really couldn't hate him for who he was, just for stealing his best friend. That was until Jimin found out Jungkook’s older brother was Yoongi.
“What do you mean he's your brother?!” Jimin asked, they were out at lunch and Taehyung looked at him in amusement. Jungkook nodded as he ate, “Yeah, he's a grad student right now,” The alpha replied with food in his mouth. “No, I don't believe you.”
Jimin said and it had Taehyung truly entertained, especially when Jungkook looked at the omega in confusion. “Why not?” “There's no way you're related to him.” Jimin argued and Jungkook huffed.
He pulled his phone out and dialed his brother’s number before placing the call on speaker. It rang twice before the call was answered, “Kook-ah, what's up?” “Hyung, do I have any brothers?” Jungkook asked and the line went silent for a few seconds.
“Did you hit your fucking head or something? I’m your only brother.” Yoongi replied and Jimin stared at the phone in shock. Jungkook smiled, “No, hyung. I didn't hit my head.” “Well it seems like it, why are you asking such stupid questions?”
Taehyung bit down on his bottom lip as he tried not to laugh. “Just had to ask, and prove a point.” Jungkook replied with a shrug, eyes on Jimin. “That's stupid. But since I've got you on the line, eomma wants to know if you're going to dinner on Saturday?”
Jungkook turned to Taehyung, “Can I bring a friend?” The omega’s eyes widened and then the alpha felt a smack on the arm from the other omega. He turned to look at Jimin who was motioning for Jungkook to take him too. “Make that two friends.” He said, Yoongi chuckled softly.
“Oh fuck off, can I?” Jungkook asked, putting the phone closer to his mouth. “I don't see why not, I’ll let her know when I call her to confirm we’ll both be going.” Jungkook hummed, “Alright, text me anything I need to take.” “Sure thing, see you later.”
The call ended and Jungkook looked over at Jimin, “Believe me now?” Jimin nodded and from that moment he declared Jungkook was now his best friend too. Taehyung made a face at the statement then linked his arm with Jungkook’s. “Get your own alpha, this one is mine.”
He said, making Jungkook laugh. “That's the plan. Once I've got his brother, I’ll have no use for him.” This only made Jungkook laugh louder, and Taehyung found he really liked the sound of it.
- “My baby!” Jungkook's mother said as soon as she saw Jungkook walk into the home. Jungkook laughed and hugged the woman, placing a kiss on her head. “Hi eomma, how are you?” “Oh, I’m great, having my two boys home.” She said and smiled at him before looking over at the
two other males who had walked in with her son. “Eomma, this is Taehyung, my best friend. And Jimin, his best friend.” The shorter omega scoffed at the mention of only being Taehyung’s best friend. Taehyung smiled and greeted the woman, “Hello, I hope we aren't intruding.”
“Nonsense! I prepared for you two to join us.” She said waving them off, “Now come on, my husband and Yoongi are out back.” Jimin straightened up at the mention of Yoongi’s name, causing Jungkook and Taehyung to roll their eyes. The three followed the woman out to the backyard
where Yoongi and Mr. Jeon were by the grill. Jungkook frowned when he suddenly smelled the scent of sweet peaches, he turned to look at Jimin who was staring at his brother with wide eyes. “Damn, can't even be subtle about it.” He chuckled as he walked over to his
brother making Jimin blush. Yoongi looked up when he got the whiff of the scent and the first person he saw was Jungkook. “What's up, hyung?” He hugged him before he pulled away, “Let me introduce you, this gorgeous boy here is Taehyung, my best friend.”
Taehyung blushed at the compliment before greeting the elder. “And the fruit smoothie over there stinking up the place is Jimin, Taehyung’s other least favorite best friend.” Jungkook continued but the omega was too focused on the other alpha he didn't notice what
Jungkook had said. Yoongi chuckled softly at the reply before greeting Jimin, the omega smiled and greeted him in return. “It's nice to meet you both.” Yoongi said before turning to help his father with something. “Kook-ah, why don't you bring out the other dishes from
inside, help eomma will you?” Yoongi said and the younger alpha nodded. He excused himself and walked back inside to help their mother. Taehyung and Jimin listened to Mr. Jeon said how nice it was to have more people around.
“These two never bring anyone over. Yoongi says he's better on his own and Jungkook never likes to bring anyone over because he says there's no use if they're only going to walk away sooner or later.” Taehyung and Jimin frowned as they listened to the man,
Yoongi didn't seem bothered by it. “Neither one has ever brought someone over? Not even a partner?” Jimin asked and Mr. Jeon shook his head. “Nope, which is why it's so refreshing to have you here. When my wife said Jungkook would be bringing friends over
I thought she was joking.” He said with a chuckle, “She didn't seem to believe it either.” “But you prepared for it anyway?” Taehyung asked curiously and the older Alpha nodded. “We figured better be prepared than not. We didn't really know if it was true or not.”
Yoongi set some plates down just as Jungkook and their mother walked out of the house with some other dishes. “You act like we're antisocial.” Yoongi said and his father scoffed, “You act like it.” “Not even! Jungkook parties every weekend.”
Yoongi argued just as the male and their mother reached the table. Jungkook’s eyes widened and he turned to look at his eomma who was already looking at him, “Eomma, I-” “Jungkook, you're an adult, you don't have to explain yourself.” She rolled her eyes and took a seat,
the alpha pouted and sat between her and Taehyung. The table was round so next to Taehyung was Jimin, next to him was Yoongi then Mr. Jeon. “How did you all meet then?” Mr. Jeon asked, looking at the three youngest. “I met Taehyung at a party, he didn't like it so we left.
Watched movies the rest of the night.” Jungkook explained, his parents looking from him to Taehyung. “He was very sweet. I could tell he really wanted to be there but he left just because I, a stranger, was uncomfortable.” Taehyung replied, shyly.
Jungkook looked at him with a smile before looking down at his plate, “That's very sweet of you, baby.” Mrs. Jeon said. Jungkook shrugged, “Anyone else would've done the same.” “Not true, some people can convince their friends to go to a party then ditch them as soon as
they arrive.” Taehyung said and it made Jimin whine. “I said I was sorry! Besides, if I didn't leave you there, you wouldn't have met Jungkook!” Taehyung rolled his eyes and looked over at the alpha who was smiling at him. “He's got a point, you know?”
Taehyung waved him off, “Whatever.” Everyone at the table laughed and the omega smiled to himself, especially when Jungkook placed a few pieces of meat onto his plate. The omega locked eyes with the alpha's mother and she smiled at him, which only made him feel embarassed.
- this is gonna go super slow 💀


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