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Jan 13, 2023
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🔞pls suspend ur judgment and hear me out: alpha priest yg listens to smoll omega jm's lewd confessions, which the penitent doesn't dare share w/ anyone in a society where omegas are to be 'demure'. and yg's alpha has a /very/ hard time keeping his celibacy once jm's in his booth

cw: - nsfw 🔞 - bottom jm/ top yg - bp jm - blasphemy (PLEASE DON’T ENGAGE IF UNCOMFORTABLE!) - this is entirely /fictional/! and in no way represents the author’s values and beliefs, nor real people! (more cws to be added ahead if necessary)
In an ill-governed society, all omegas are to appear demure and kept pristine – a set of values serving to tame in favor of questionable intensions. That’s what Jm’s been all his life – a humble omega, kept snug inside a bubble of ‘don’t do’-s and ‘don’t say’-s.
Yet, his mind - like any other's, occasionally swarms with thoughts of undiluted desires, manifesting in vivid fantasies that tickle his imagination.
As the omega matures, Jm’s neediness grows; his need for touch, a caress, a word of praise for when bare and vulnerable sits atop every conscious moment of his day. Fantasies soon turn into a call for action, however;
a propelling force for his inexperienced hands to start prodding and exploring where it itches most. He hides in his bed at night, under thick layers of covers to hopefully muffle his wet whimpers as he indulges in what’s ‘forbidden’ all by himself. His little secret; his big sin
A time comes when he lets the moon fall and the sun rise until it too sinks under the horizon, buried under fleecy blankets, chubby fingers rosy and pruney from disappearing in-between wet folds for what must be hours upon hours. No one told him it feels so heavenly.
The problem unveils itself when Jm starts getting too wet in public – especially with an alpha around. His pussy gives a sad twitch, followed by a generous drool of lactescent slick that drips down his thighs until it gets too uncomfortable...
and Jm has to excuse himself to the wc, flustered and ashamed of how messy he is. He knows alphas must smell him – his neediness and shamelessness. But they can’t do anything about it in public an omega’s always escorted by a family member or a mated alpha to ensure their purity.
Jm can be smoll and wet, but he’s not stupid. On the contrary – he’s aware society’s degeneracy and constant propaganda are entrenched in his own worldview from years of exposure, so he seeks out ways to break free; shatter the chains that muzzle his own beliefs.
Unsure where to start, he wonders whom does a sinner turn to. The answer is, one could say, heaven-sent and the world witnesses the softest, smallest little omega pup going inside a confessional. Little does Jm know he’ll find salvation in more than one way... (tbc)
He clutches his little fluffy purse, all flustered and embarrassed, as he wiggles into the hard-wood seat of the booth. A raspy clearing of throat comes from the other side of the ribbed screen dividing the confessional.
Jm realizes this must be his cue, so he starts without introductions: “Bless me, father, for I have sinned,” – the greeting clumsy and hurried, as he feels the mortification climb up his cheeks, reddening them as he thinks of all the things he has to say next.
Jm pauses for a second, awaiting some response, but nothing comes except the barely-visible shuffle of a shadow behind the screen. The small omega inhales deeply, fingers fumbling in his lap as he starts:
“I have not been the best omega lately,” Jm says quietly, eyes lowering. “My mind constantly evades me, running off to places I dare not speak about to anyone in fear of being punished.” He waits again, but the priest remains silent, so he continues.
“My thoughts are constantly engaged with lewd thoughts, my fantasies make me do things…t-to myself,” his voice is oh-so small, it’s tiny. Like himself. “Certain places…they—they itch and hurt and beg for my attention. I get so wet, father, I cant hold it in. I try, I really do”
Jm’s voice mirrors his words, turning into a wet plea more than a confession. He slowly gets carried away with the details he lets slip. “When it gets too much, I build a nest - a thick one, in my room and go in it in just my panties—”
his lower lip wobbles, ashamed, but he can’t stop the word-vomit.“—at first I only touched myself through them, b-but they would get so sodden and uncomfortable…”
Jm’s mouth blooms in a delicious sour pout, remembering how wet his pretty panties would get from his drooling pussy; how incredibly ruined. “So I’d end up moving them to the side at first, getting them out of the way, but it was so bothersome, father, I just had to get them off”
The other side of the confessional stirs and Jm pauses briefly before continuing.He shares all about how he sticks a chubby finger or two when his pussy drools too much, how he’s careful to bite into the blankets to muffle the wet whimpers so no one can find out and chastise him.
How full he feels, how good, and warm, and slippery it gets and how sometimes the feeling becomes a little too much all at once. “I constantly want my pussy full, father!” he cries out at last, real tears splotching his plump cheeks now, small and sad and wet. And needy.
Jm’s voice is needy, his words are needy, his scent is needy, his posture – needy. And that’s when he hears it – a low snarl, dangerous and mind-numbingly … alpha. An involuntary squeak comes from the small pup and he presses his knees together hard, unable to stop
his pussy from gushing a generous lump of slick inside his panties. The priest is alpha! Alpha! Jm’s brain lights up, heart pumping loudly in his chest, as his tries to calm his breathing at the thought he just told an alpha how well he fucks his pussy when no one is looking.
“Alpha?” jm's voice comes unnaturally shrill and is rewarded by another low growl from the other side. He cant discern a scent as all priests must wear scent-blockers, but the sudden burst of rut pheromones leaks over the pill's barrier and straight into Jm’s sensitive nose (tbh)
“Alpha!” the little pup whines as his tubby fingers hook on the small holes of the divider, entire being drawn to reach to the other side. “Stay back—” comes a voice for the first time since Jm entered the booth. It’s handsome, adorned with a delicious slur that threatens carnage
“—please!” the priest adds with a tinge of desperation. Jm sits back, eyes welling up, little pink beak protruding with dejection. He can’t help but feel rejected, despite knowing it’s forbidden for the alpha priest to do what Jm’s entire body begs for. “I j-just want—”
the omega’s voice is teary and whiny, cute beyond belief. “—I want cock, alpha.” It’s simultaneously innocent and shameless, as if the pup needs it as a means of breathing. “I need something big in my p-pussy” he hiccups and brushes a fat tear rolling silently down his full cheek
“You’re a greedy little puppy, aren’t you?” the alpha rasps from the other side and Jm’s head snaps back up. “Why did the heavens make you so needy, huh, little one?” it’s more a question to himself than to Jm, skinned of judgment, but the omega shudders anyway.
“Mimi’s not needy, alpha,” he whimpers, letting the nickname slip his own mouth as he pouts, round and plush. “Is that so?” the alpha asks calmly, but Jm can sense the strain in his words, “Then how come I smell you wetting my booth, ripe and ready, little pup?”
Jm flushes from head to toe, cuz it’s true – the wetness in his panties has seeped through and now forms a rich puddle under his tiny bum. Outside people stir and Jm realizes it must be time for a rite. The voices are muffled, but there, sending a thrill down the omega’s spine.
He doesn't dare say anything, just slips a small hand in his pants and cups his drooling folds, trying to make the slick not leak out so much. Yet, the action only makes more pleasure shoot up his body and he lets out a tiny squeal, accompanied by a loud thud from the other side.
Jm thinks the alpha’s fist must have landed on the wooden stool. Encouraged by the reaction and increasingly crazed rut pheromones, Jm lets a finger dip in his petal-pink hole, sloshing the slick as he breaches the tight canal, eyes lidding. A rumble starts from the back of the
dividing screen and Jm pump a finger in, than two and finally three—all stuffed in his small pussy. Squelching sounds fill the tight space and Jm stars letting out breathy moans, panting sweetly in his wet seat. The rumble grows in tandem with Jm’s submissive sounds.
// On the other side Yg’s mind almost blanks. He can’t believe such a small thing came into his booth and managed to shake his core with a simple confession. He’s always been stoic and unbothered by secular lusts, yet he can’t stop the hushed prayer rolling between his lips now,
begging something more powerful to give him strength to not rip that booth apart to get to the small thing and mount it. His hands fist in an iron grip on his cassock – he should also refrain from grabbing his own cock and start pumping while the little omega writhes and
whimpers on the other side. Yg’s managed for so many years. Damn it. Why now? Why this little pup? The groan that scours the back of his throat surges again as his cock rises, tenting the black fabric obscenely. He squeezes his eyes, powerless. He hasn’t had his rut in years.
This will wash over him like a tsunami. He has to be strong for his holy calling. He should have faith that this too shall pass, that it’s a small slip and he’ll be forgiven. But the silly little moans are so delicious, so hungry, so full of ‘alpha!” Maybe if he just adjusts the
girth—a hand flies to his erection and once there, he’s unable to stop. He pumps the members fast and hard, whispering “forgive me, forgive me, forgive me,” into the empty air, as if he would somehow be heard over Jm’s increasingly loud whimpers.
The filthy sounds of fingers plunging in something wet, fast and unforgiving, makes him steal glances through the holes of the divider. It’s barely visible, but Yg can discern how truly tiny the pup is, all dressed in fluffy white. His small legs are spread open now, wet heat on
display as a tiny hand plunges in that /one/ soft spot. His blond head is thrown back, neck exposed and unclaimed from what Yg can see. And before he can stop himself: “Needy and delicious little puppy,” it’s a snarl, not a sentence and his vision darkens.
“Came for a breeding,” Yg hears the small gasp from the omega and the squelching grows louder. He must be making the pup even wetter. “Fell like a little angle right inside my booth, didn’t you,” Yg feels his insides stir with carnal want. A loud cry comes from the
omega and he hears the thump of knees hitting the ground and the sound of liquid—lot and lots of liquid. The alpha squints through the holes to see the small omega curled in on himself, squirting on the floor as his chubby fingers still work vigorously on his slippery folds.
A loud melody spills through the space as the rite begins and voices join in a mighty choir. Yg’s alpha, unable to remain in its confines, bursts out of him with a roar. He feels wood crack and splinter under his fingers as he breaks the divide with animalistic ferocity.
Jm squeaks from the floor. The alpha’s huge – bigger than Jm’s seen before, the thick cock protruding from his cassock making the omega’s jaw go lax from excitement and fear. He was drooling anyway.
“F-father!” Jm tries as Yg hooks a finger under his chin. “How about you try with ‘daddy’, pup?” (tbc) oh man ...
“Daddy—?” Jm mewls loudly as he’s lifted in the air, pussy dripping a wet line as he’s plopped into the confessional seat again – cushiony ass facing the alpha, head towards the wall. “Give us a taste, puppy,” Yg exhales behind him. He moves his cassock to the side,
taiming a pulsing veiny cock at the most beautiful pussy he’s ever seen– ruddy and puffy from rubbing, milky and soft, gaping just the right amount for /deep/ penetration. Yg wants to taste it, slap it, pinch it– see how it reacts, but their time is limited. The rite will
soon be over and Jm will continue crying for it if he doesn’t get his pretty pussy ploughed. And so, just when a powerful organ fills the big space outside, inside, Jm’s tiny hole is stuffed with its first alpha cock. The little one joining the big league on his very first rodeo.
The cry is piercing, much like the feeling, and they have the heavens to thank for the loud instrument muffling the debauchery. Jm’s chubby fingers seek purchase on anything they can find, small plump ass rippling with every pounce on his pussy.
“A-ah-alph-ah!” the omega pants, unable to catch a breath while he’s being railed at an inhumane pace. Yg’s aware the entire booth must be shaking, but his thoughts are reserved for how to best ‘breed’ and ‘knot’ the tiny needy pup sheathed on his cock. Jm babbles incoherent
little sound as his clit is pressed by the alpha’s balls smacking into it on each rampant thrust. The omega’s never felt so right; so full of cock, his sins have no place to go, but leave his body. Freedom seep through his veins and into his heart like a second chance at life.
“Puppy’s so wet for alpha,” comes Yg’s hoarse voice and Jm mewls submissively, eyes going cutely criss-cross as his tongue lolls out. Truly like a puppy. Yg snarls and fucks harder, fucks fast, fucks deep, so deep his cock pokes the small pup’s cervix.
He aims there, aims to breed. His primal instincts won’t the little omega leave his booth without what he begged alpha for so diligently. He’ll make sure his warm wet pussy never feels empty again. Yg loses himself in it, until his cock meets pressure. Jm’s thighs tremble
violently before he squirts again, powerful spurt forcing the alpha out. Yg’s teeth bare from the obscene sight. How can something so tiny making such a big mess? He takes a hold of his cock to fuck it back in, feeding it in the small wet hole like it’s meant to stay there.
Jm’s body jerks from over-sensitivity, but he doesn’t have much space to work with, trapped between wall and cock. He whimpers pathetically as he’s back on the roast again, fucked into with zealous vigor.
Just when Jm gets used to the fast rhythm, two big hands grab his armpits and he’s yet again in the air, toes curling as he’s plopped into the alpha’s lap. He’s sat right on the standing erection, the slide meeting no resistance with how slippery he’s become after squirting twice
His eyes roll back, the cock sinking way deeper than before, so much so he feels it breaching places that shouldn’t be breached. “There you go, my beautiful little puppy” Yg coos as he brushes saliva off his chin gently: “You truly needed it, didn’t you?” Jm doesn’t respond, cant
His mind is so fuzzy, his soul hoovers somewhere over his body as he’s getting the best and only cock of his life. “Ride alpha, little one. Come on, show what this pussy is made of,” Yg nuzzles his neck as big hands bunch up the omega’s shirt to wrap around tiny naked waist.
“A-alpha,” Jm manages to meow and his quivering thighs lift slightly to drop back down, shoving the cock deep, deep, so deep. “Alpha’s here, pup. Alpha will take care of everything,” Yg groans out as he helps the omega bounce on his cock.
Jm’s messing up his cassock with his pussy slick, sweat and saliva, but Yg doesn’t mind – he’d lap up every fluid the pup leaks out; the cute little thing unable to help himself when he’s so darn fuckable; the smallest, neediest omega Yg’s seen.
He slips his hands lower, to cup at Jm’s plush globes and works them up and down, stroking his angry-red cock with the little omega. If someone were to enter the confessional now, they’d see the smallest of pups taking the biggest of cocks.
Sticky white slick strings between their bodies as Jimin’s folds hit Yg’s abdomen wetly with each bounce. When the omega gets used to the rhythm, one of Yg’s fingers on his bum shift to his crack, where Jm’s shy little hole hides. Yg thumbs against it and the omega shudders,
clenching hard on his cock. “M-my hole,” Jm jolts but tries his best not to slip off the precious forbidden cock. Oh, how he’s spoiled. Yg smirks as he slips a thumb in the small entrance. The omega stops bouncing, eyes widening, pussy spasming.
“Full now, pup?” the alpha teases as he starts to thrust his cock harshly into Jm as his finger pumps his tight little rear – too small for breaching with anything but a digit. The omega cries fat tears of pleasure, fucked in both pink holes at once. The sight is so ravishingly
lewd that Yg feels his knot slowly plumping up under the omega’s folds. “Br-breed Mimi needs—knot,” Jm gurgles as he’s impaled further and further onto the meaty lump at the cock’s base. His folds open up with every slap against it – almost giving, but not quite.
Yg groans in frustration, wanting…needing the pup on his knot. He wants to see Jm hanging off of it, creamed and helpless. And Yg’s soon proven he shall be given what he asks for, because after a few more slaps, Jm’s folds finally give and wet heat devours his entire knot.
“AAAAH!” the omega screams, as the base is crammed deep into his pussy. As his first knot, it’s almost painful, but his body accommodates fast, made to take it. His tiny fingers dig into Yg’s hair, as he snuggles in the alpha, holding for dear life as he comes on the fat knot.
It’s a full-body, quivering, mind-bending orgasm and he has half a mind to sink small teeth into Yg's shoulder, barely breaking skin. The alpha roars, cock twitching intensely as he too comes straight into Jm’s womb. He feels the soft walls miking him dry as his own teeth itch to
bite. He doesn’t allow himself to, however. Knows if he does, his bite will sink deep and leave permanence that’s not consented to. And so, he wills every fiber of his body to stomp down on his instinct and retract his teeth, letting just his cum mark the pup on the inside. Yg’s
hands run through Jm’s plush sides to sooth the small trembling thing as he’s locked on a stranger’s knot for god knows how long. The loud organ stops playing outside, marking the rite’s end. The silence is then only broken by Jm’s loud panting as the pup gathers his bearings.
“F-forgive me, father.” Jm sniffles into the emptiness and Yg can do nothing, but swallow the omega’s repentance with a kiss. Oh, heavens, have mercy for we are but wolves.
THE END! I will burn in hell.. p.s. this was unedited and largely a stream of consciousness, so please pretend you didn’t see any typos/inaccuracies, like we pretend this is a quality read🙃 Thank you for reading, my dudes! ao3:…


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