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Jan 15
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Kyungsoo is a notorious criminal who just got out of the prison. Instead of coming home, kyungsoo sneaks into an expensive penthouse and chokes the familiar man sleeping soundly in his warm, comfortable bed. Horror painted in his face when the situation dawns upon him. A hand

β€œTo catch guys like you, I need to be crueller and stab them harder in the back.” – Jin Jung
tightly choking his neck and a fury in the eye of a revengeful man. Kyungsoo, the most wanted criminal he threw to jail five years ago. "k-kyungsoo.." "funny you still remember me?" kyungsoo laughs darkly, joyful seeing how weak and fragile Jongin under his chokehold. "l-let
go," jongin begs as his lungs slowly restrict oxygen in his system. "after ruining my life? No. I trusted you with my life.." "thats my job, ky-kyungsoo, its my duty to threw people like you in jail." "i can kill you right now, but you know i wont." kyungsoo loosens his
hand delaying the effect of the choking in the prosecutor's body. "now tell me where the hell is he," "I-i dont know," jongin answers and seeing this as a chance, he gathered all of his strength and tries to push kyungsoo off him. But kyungsoo's stronger. "get off me,"
Kyungsoo grins grimly. "where is he? Where did you hide her?" kyungsoo asks impatiently with his hand tightenting around his skin. "i cant-" "daddy? Daddy, who is he?" the prosecutor and the ex convict stiffens hearing a tiny sleepy voice entering the room. And kyungsoo
turns to the intruder. In a bunny onesie, a bunny stuff toy dangling in his hold while the other hand is rubbing the sleepy round eyes, a boy appears in midst if the chaos and interrogation. Kyungsoo melted, he can feel his limbs and arms melting like butter as he
exchange gazes with the boy. "Daddy?" the boy calls again, voice now shaking realizing how terrifying the scen is. "Baby, son," Jongin sits up when Kyungsoo had loosen his grip. "daddy?" the boy calls out but not to Jongin this time. "daddy, you're home." Not wasting any more
time after wasting years in prison, Kyungsoo kneeled down and looks up to the prosecutor. "h-he knows me? My son knows me?" he cries after failing to hold back the overwhelming emotion. Jongin nods, signaling the boy to come their way. "our son always knew who you are."
back on track

back on track

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