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Thinking of a #taekookau where Jungkook can see ghosts, Taehyung is looking for his missing husband and well... You connect the dots. Taehyung is all tears, " I loved him so much... So very much. " Yoongi is sitting on Jungkook's shoulder. "So ask him why he killed me? "

"I mean... We fought a lot, I know.. But.. I cared about him... A lot.. " Yoongi scoffed. "Yes, cared so much he didn't even check to see if I still had a pulse before pushing me in the lake. " Jungkook coughs. "What's wrong? " Tae frowns. "Nothing." He swallows.
And Jungkook perhaps has a small( read : huge) crush on Tae, but as someone who is chosen to avenge departed spirits he has to be on Yoongis side and that means making sure Taehyung gets indicted for the crime.
He needs evidence though.. Starting with Yoongis body. Which after five weeks in a lake is not a pretty sight. Jungkook pukes all over the bank of the lake and Yoongi gives him a sympathetic look. "Guess that 500$ cologne isn't useful when fighting the scent of death."
But flesh and bone may rot, rings and watches, don't. Jungkook hauls the body out and then frowns deeply. "Where's your wedding ring? "
Yoongi has a blank look on his face. Jungkook glares at him before reaching for the watch on his wrist. He tugs it off and squints at the inscription there. "To MYG, From PJM. " He frowns. " Who's that? " Yoongi glares at him. "Aren't you supposed to listen to me? "
"Not if you're lying through your decayed and dead ass. "
"I'm not lying okay? " Yoongi glares. "He sent me a message saying he had a surprise for me. Then he blindfolded me, took me in his car to this lake, then he choked me till I was unconscious and then he threw me in the lake. "
Jungkook glares at him. "Seriously? " He demands. " You think your husband, Kim, " I have noodles for arms " Taehyung managed to choke you and carry you and dump you in a lake? " Yoongi frowns at that. "Well, when you say it like that.. " Jungkook groans.
So Jk digs deeper and slowly learns a few more interesting details. "You were being threatened by loan sharks?!! " He shouts. " You didn't think to tell me this?? " Yoongi hovers near the ceiling, embarrassed. " It wasn't me okay. My brother was a gambler and I signed for him"
In the end Jungkook ends up returning to Yoongis house, hoping to Find more clues. Taehyung is very helpful and Jungkook finds himself falling deeper as they work Together. And Yoongi? Well Yoongi can only watch as Tae starts smiling and laughing again with Jk.
Somethin he hadn't done much of with him. The older isn't mad or jealous. But he does feel a bittersweet ache perhaps for the things that could have been but never were.
After two months, Jungkook tells him that he thinks it must have been the loan sharks: there was no message from Tae and he has an alibi too. It's time for Yoongi to move on. Except he can't.
Jungkook tries everything. He calls a shaman to perform his last rites to help him pass on. Seokjin waves his long luxurious staff adorned with a whole bunch of peacock feathers and tiny bones. He frowns deeply. "Is this a joke? " He roars. "Why? What happened?"
"You would dare make a mockery of me by making me perform rites on a man who isn't dead?!! "
"Wait what? " "I'm not dead? " Yoongi blinks. "Then where am I? " "Then who was the man in the lake? " 💀💀💀
(Tbc later)
Taehyung sits with his hands clasped together on his lap. He stares at him with a look of disbelief on his face. "So you're telling me my dead husband is here?" "Sitting next to you, yes." Tae looks vaguely alarmed but doesn't accuse him of being crazy the way most people do.
Instead he clears his throat. And then he leans in. "You can talk to him?" He asks softly, eyes wide and hopeful. Jungkook smiles a little. This is where the bereaved always get emotional. "Yes, I can." "okay." Tae smiled. "Can you ask him where he left my trimmer?"
Jungkook blinks. Once and then again. "Your...what?" "My trimmer." Taehyung motions across his face. " I'm sorry.. it's just that he borrowed it the day before he went missing and I've been looking for it everywhere." Jungkook turns to stare at Yoongi who is glaring.
"I'm telling you, this heartless bastard has something to do with my disappearance." He grouches, watching Taehyung with distaste.
Jungkook clears his throat. "Right... um.. i will do that of course. But, are you sure you can't help me with this? Was Yoongi acting in a suspicious manner or anything like that before his disappearance." Taehyung frowns. "He joined a ballet class."
"A what?" "i know, right? I was like... you're tiny and you hate moving and you dislike any organized activity of any kind and want to be a rock in your next life, but now you want to learn one of the most challenging forms of dance on a whim? Who does that?"
"But," Taehyung held his hands up," Yoongi supported me when I went through my haunted porcelain dolls collecting phase and also supported me when I was trying out Mongolian throat singing.. So I supported him." "Holy water and noise cancelling headphones ." Yoongi pipes up.
Jungkook glances back and forth between them. He can feel a headache coming on. "Right." He sighs. " Can I get the address of the ballet school that he joined?" "Yes of course...let me get it for you." he moves away. "Ballet? Really?" Jungkook shakes his head, Yoongi whistles.
~~~~~~~ The ballet academy seems familiar to Yoongi. "I remember being here." He says with a frown. "Vaguely." Jungkook moves to the foyer and finds a young woman by the reception. "Can I talk with whoever is in charge? I have a few questions about a student."
The lady leads him inside where a young man is training a number of adults. Yoongi , pale as a human , almost white as a spirit, somehow lost more color at the sight of him. "I know him." He whispers.
Jungkook clears his throat and then makes his way over to front of the class. The young man stops dancing , frowning deeply. "Can I help you?" "Sweetcheek Snookums." Yoongi says suddenly and Jungkook chokes. "What?" "I... don't know." Yoongi shakes his head,
Jungkook stares at him for a second before turning to the man. "Are you the one who teaches here?" "Yes, I'm Park Jimin." The man looks curious." How can I help you?" "Park Jimin.... PJM...." Jungkook frowns. " Do you know Min Yoongi?" Jimin's face turns pale.
"You need to leave." He says sharply, turning on his heel and rushing out of the room. Jungkook runs right after him. "Wait, please... He's missing and we need your help to find him." "He's dead." Jimin says sharply. "We thought so too , turns out the body wasnt his."
Jimin goes still. "Who are you?" He demands. Jungkook sighs. "I just want to help find Yoongi and give his husband closure. They loved each other deeply you know." Jimin scoffs. "Yeah right." He shakes his head. "You think they didn't?" "They were getting a divorce."
Jungkook turns to glare at Yoongi. "We were?" He looks confused. Jungkook sighs. "How did you know this?" He asks Jimin who sighs. "Listen, I don't want to talk about-" "Sweetcheek Snookums." Jungkook says firmly. Jimin gasps. "How did you know about that name?" "That's a name?"
Jimin glares at him. "Yoongi and I.. we had feelings for each other." He says shakily. " He.... He was in trouble." He looks down ." There were people after him. And I was supposed to help him."
"You helped him fake his death?" Jungkook gasps, " To escape the loan sharks!" Jimin sighs deeply. "Yes. My cousin works at a mortuary a few counties over and they always have a lot of unclaimed corpses there. We used one of them to fake yoongi's death." "So where is he now?"
"So let me get this straight. Yoongi managed to fake his death, make a new identity for himself and just as he was about to move on with his new life... " "He slipped while trying to do an assemble and hit his head on that rod over there and suffered a hematoma in his brain."
Jimin stares down at the prone figure on the bed. Jungkook shakes his head in disbelief. "Did you hear that?" He turns to the figure floating by the bed, " you should have continued being the lazy little thing you are and not try things like this."
Yoongi glares at him. "Shut up and tell me how to get back into my body!" Jungkook chuckles. "I'll speak to Seokjin and see what I can do. Meanwhile," he said sternly. " You owe Taehyung an apology." Yoongi looks contrite. "You're right." He sighs.
Taehyung, takes it all surprisingly well. "Well, I'm just glad he found his happiness." He says brightly, watching as Seokjin performs a few mystical rites over his husbands body. Jimin sits by his side , holding his hand. Yoongi's spirit form is flickering in an out of sight.
Which means the rituals are working. Jungkook nudges him by the shoulder. "Why didn't you tell me you guys were getting a divorce?" Taehyung looks a little guilty. "i was afraid that would make the cops suspect me. I was just scared." He whispers. Jungkook wants to cuddle him.
After about two mor hours of chanting, wand waving and chain rattlings, Yoongi finally blinks awake. "My Babycake Pookums!" Jimin cries out, "My Sweetcheeks Snookums." Yoongi whispers back. Taehyung stares in disgusted fascination. "Good God." he gags.
And the Yoongi turns to look right at Taehyung. "Hey." Taehyung says with a soft fond smile. Yoongi smiles back. "Hey." he whispers. " The kitchen cabinet. Third draw on the right..." Taehyung chuckles. "The trimmer?" Yoongi nods. "Thank you." he grins.
🔞🔞Two months later. "Tae, this is deeply disturbing to me..." Jungkook whispers under his breath, hands curled around his boyfriend's hips, groaning a little, as Tae rolls his hips, sinking down deeper on his cock. "Stop being a wuss and tell me... is he still watching us?"
The End!! ahahahahah this was crazy.
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