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One of the most frequent @RemissionBiome MECFS/LongCovid Self-Experiment ?s we've gotten is: "How will you know which of your interventions caused the remission, if you have one?" We've been told it will be hard to get funding or publish without isolating variables. How do you study complex systems diseases?

What if those diseases need multiple interventions at the same time to get to a new state and people are only studying one at a time and thinking that they don't work? What study design could people use to investigate the multi-intervention case?
I think of Nancy Klimas studying #GulfWarSyndrome & #MECFS as systems biology problems & needing 3 different phases for a system "reboot".……
"That's the idea behind the trials that we have envisioned. In #GulfWarIllness we have to reduce inflammation in the brain for a period of time. Then we basically reboot the whole adrenal axis by blocking & then unblocking...everything sort of realigns."
I think of @Dr. Dale Bredesen possibly showing reversal of early Alzheimer's using a multi-component approach & studying it as a system-level network disorder.……
What are other examples? Other study designs? Other methods? Good resources for reading more about study design in complex biological systems? (We won't be changing out 1st study. Our goal for that is to prove we can recreate a remission, but I'm thinking about future studies)
Ale Frost (Tess), Ph.D.
Sick 17 yrs. Currently at 80-90%. #MESPINE #MECFS -- @remissionbiome experiment happening NOW. :) 🕵️
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