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#jeonghan as your ex but you two are in the same tropahan— which makes things incredibly chaotic.

hala, nabangga
naknampucha si boss mitski pala ‘to eh
meanwhile gulong ni vern:
the next day 👍🏻
back to regular programming na sila
naniniwala ba kayo guys (correct answers only)
how bagumbayag comforts you :)
how jeonghan comforts you :)
meanwhile the other bagumbayags:
pambihirang harana.
jeonghan’s subtle acts of love.
everybody say thank you kay mama potchi!
chi’s coping mechanism is consuming media that directly reflects the events she’s going through and honestly, same
— listen while you read.…
then when?
meanwhile, jeong’s coping mechanism 😹
it’s her character development arc guys clap nga kayo
flashback kanina 🙀
— walang iba. (no copyright infringement intended!)
— sigurado. (no copyright infringement intended!”
‘di talaga papatalo ‘tong dalawa oh
stories ni chi:
entry ni jeong:
mali, na-typo
bakuran kung bakuran eh
— bumalik ka na sakin.
— END. thank you! 🎬
— playlist ni my ydolem.…


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