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Jan 17
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EVER AFTER AU: ⚜️ CHAPTER 2: Whats Wrong In Wonderland? ⚜️ SUMMARY: The Wonderland students find themselves in the middle of an investigation involving an alleged thief on the run.

Jiwoo: 🎩 Daughter of Mad Hatter 🎩 Nickname: Hatter 🎩 Human
Somin: 🕐 Daughter of the White Rabbit 🕐 Nickname: Ticktock 🕐 Human/Rabbit Hybrid
JinSeok: ♣️ Son of the White Queen ♣️ Nickname: Ace ♣️ Human
Taehyung: ♥️ Son of the Knave of Hearts ♥️ Nickname: Heart ♥️ Human
You can find all of the main characters profiles here! 😋


SEVENTEEN AU: EVER AFTER A prestigious school where the children of infamous fairytale creatures reside and learn how to achieve their happily ever afters… Welcome to Story Book University.
First Chapter here! 👇👇👇


EVER AFTER AU: ⚜️ CHAPTER 1: Miss Mirror ⚜️ SUMMARY: The summer semester starts off at SBU as the Wishing Well Post finds a bit of competition from another gossip column that seems to know people’s secrets.
A few things: 📣 UPDATES: Every Monday (Hopefully LOL) 📣 QRT if best! 📣 Don’t mind timestamps and dates. 📣 The blue in the GC is always the person who’s picture is first at the top. 📣 HAS SHIPPING. Not your cup of tea? Dont read! 📣 ENG Enjoy! ♥️
{2} Miss Mirror predicted it?
{3} A new GC ♥️🎩🕐♣️♟️🐾
{4} cont.
{5} of course the 17 GC has to check in them!
{6} Glass the best RA! Even if its not his floor!
{7} 96 Babies being themselves!
{8} cont.
{9} Ribbon Week! 😋
{10} hm….
Ah!! Chapter 2 lets goo!!!!! Let me know what you think! Love yall!


i wont bite, unless it’s mingyu’s tiddies • jeongcheol • minwon • RPS • BL • stupid people fuck off •🖤 fan account. DONT FUCKING S WORD ME TWITTER!!!
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