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Our first panel of day 2 has started! Speaking now @Ганз “In Ukraine what is going on now is sheer heroism... We say that we value freedom but imagine if you have a gun to your head. It is only then when you really understand what freedom is.”

Yegor Firsov from the frontline: “the conditions are very hard. We are at the very frontline and we live intrenches underground for weeks and weeks on end with the temp going down to -20 c in the winter. Several members of our battalion lost their limbs because of frostbite."
Julia Paevska who has been in active combat said "I keep listening to the air here to listen for shelling and artillery. There was a traffic jam and I thought why are these cars not moving, there could artillery. This is what is normal to me now..."
@Katya Soldak asks the panel why Ukrainians do not accept any resolution to the war that gives up Ukrainian territory.
Julia Paevska highlights that when Russian moves in somewhere they set up concentration camps and spread propaganda, this cannot be allowed to happen to any more territory. #Ukraine
What does #Ukraine need now? @Ганз "Ukraine needs now the most is military equipment to keep fighting and any ind of help that can help the wounded be rehabilitated and return to their positions."
Julia Paevska "what we also need is justice. It is not about revenge it is about justice. And this thirst for justice is keeping me going. I see the enemy as very sick people. Patients who are terminally ill... they need to be cured.”
Ilia Samoilenko: we need to remember the motives of Russia in this war… all they want is to bring more death. Their military tactics show this, like what they did in Mariupol, full destruction. There is no military purpose to this." #UkraineWar
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