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Aug 27, 2022
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#Taekookau :Healed Tàe didn’t expect helping an injured man on the side walk would turn his life upside down. But even if it hurts his heart, scars and wounds, what he doesn't know at that time was that the feeling of love that once hurt him will heal him in the future too.

Tags: 🪄 Fashion magazine editor Tàe 🪄 Dancer and artist Jungkôôk 🪄 Hurt and sad Tàe, comfort, fluff 🪄 Emotional manipulation 🪄 Cheàting not between tk
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This fic is commissioned. I will start today. Thank you @/erin0ian and @/stephpet17 🖤
Tàehyung rushed towards his office with long strides on the side walk, dodging people easily. It’s rush hour, but he is used to it. "Sorry… excuse me.. ", he says in between. Working as an editor for a fashion magazine can be tiring sometimes, but it also gives him that
accomplished feeling when they complete the articles for the monthly issues. Tàe looked at his phone. It was ringing continuously. He groaned when he saw his mother’s name on the caller id, but he picked up the call anyway, even though he knew nothing good would come from it.
“Hello.”, Tàe said softly.  “Tàehyung, why didn't you come to Namjôôn’s success party? Your father said he is disappointed in your attitude. Our relatives and friends were asking him where his younger son was. You should at least show some care for your brother, ah! It’s not
like you have some reputed profession like him. You can miss a day or two, unlike Namjôôn. Gosh! He is a chief surgeon now.....", Tàe silently heard his mother’s insults to him and praise for his brother. He doesn’t know when his pace slowed down and almost stopped walking.
At least once, ask me how you are. Tae thought sadly. It’s the same every time, nit-picking on his shortcomings or degrading his choice of profession. “I am outside and walking on a busy side walk. I will call you once I reach my office.”, Tàe tried to cut the call short.
“You should have followed your brother’s path and become a doctor. Look at him. He has his own apartment and a car, unlike you, who are still walking or taking public transport. It’s embarrassing to tell others that you don’t even have a car.”, His mother didn’t hide her distaste
It’s not like I can’t afford a car; I simply don’t want to buy one, but you never understand. Tàe sighed miserably. “I will call you later.”, he hung up the call without waiting for a response. He doesn’t want to dampen his already sunken mood any more.
Tàe loves his job even though their publishing house is a small publication. He doesn't get bored when he is immersed in his job, like creating new ideas, brainstorming, planning, budgeting, and photoshoots. He doesn’t really care about his pay scale.
He considers it more than enough for his simple lifestyle. His job really helps him to forget how sad he feels in his relationship with his family and, of course, with his secret boyfriend. Yes, that's the term his brother gave to his boyfriend.
His relationship with Hoon is secret, hidden from society, friends, and family because his boyfriend is not ready to reveal their relationship yet. He only told Namjôôn because it was too much for him to handle alone. Even Hoon doesn’t know that. At first, Tae thought maybe
Hoon needed time to come out, but then he got to know that Hoon had already come out as bisexual in his family years ago. He confronted his boyfriend once, but he turned it into a hot make-out session and never let him bring it up again. Tàe's elder brother, Namjoon, doesn't
like Hoon. He always told Tàe that Hoon was untrustworthy and Tàe's relationship with him was unhealthy. But Hoon was Tàe's everything, so he agreed to remain hidden. He just wanted to be loved. Maybe it’s because Tàe never felt loved or cared for in his own home. He always felt
he was an outsider. The father, mother, and Namjôôn seemed like a happy family. Tàe seemed to stick out like a sore thumb. He was never part of their high-profile status. He stopped trying to be a part of it when he finally moved out and started living on his own. When
he met Hoon, he became his life and support, and he clung onto his relationship with a glimpse of hope.   Tae suspects Hoon is falling out of love because of his recent nonchalant behavior. But he refuses to admit it. Tàe clutched his bag, thinking about the date in the evening.
Hoon skipped two previous ones, saying he was busy with dance practise for his upcoming show. Tàe always wanted to go to his boyfriend’s dance show, but Hoon never let him. He said he couldn’t concentrate if Tàe was in the crowd. Tàe sighed again, hoping Hoon
could go on a date with him this time. It’s been three weeks since Tàe saw him. He misses Hoon really badly. He wanted to call Hoon again, but the dry, short replies and cutting off before hearing his side made Tàe anxious. He didn't want to come across as a burden to Hoon.
Warning: Mentions of accident and blôôd ahead I will mark a 💥 for those tweets. Skip if necessary.
💥 Tàe was startled when he saw someone starting to faint in front of him. He rushed towards the guy, dropping his bag and phone, but the guy's head had already hit the pavement on the side walk. He panicked when he saw the blood on the guy's scalp. “SOMEONE, PLEASE HELP.. ”
💥 He called out for help but was ignored by the rushing people. Fortunately, a student helped him call an ambulance. When the paramedics arrived, the petite blonde man was breathing heavily. They informed him that there was a concussion and bleeding, so he needed to be taken to
💥 emergency care immediately. Tàe went with them because he didn’t have the heart to leave the injured person just like that, as he looked exhausted and pale. The paramedics rushed the patient to emergency care. Tàe couldn’t even concentrate on what was happening.
💥 They told him to wait outside. He sighed and decided to call the office and report his absence. He is glad there is no meeting today. Tàe cursed silently when he saw his phone was broken. It may have happened during the time he dropped his bag and phone to rush towards the
💥 injured guy. He ruffled his hair in frustration. So he decided to wait to get any information before going back to the office. He needs to change his shirt too. There are blood stains on the shirt. Tàe knows it’s okay to leave now because the person who got injured is being
taken care of by the hospital, but his mind is spiralling around the what ifs. What if the guy has no one? What if he needed some support? What if he leaves and something bad happens?
Tàe shook his head to clear his mind. No, nothing will happen. At nearly half an hour, Tàe has no idea about the patient other than his name is Mîn Yôôngi, the hospital called his emergency contact, and the guy is under observation. Then he heard a commotion.
“JIMIÑIE, please calm down... he will be fine.. ” “HOW DO YOU KNOW.. ? It’s my fault. I should have ....checked up on him...more often. ” Tàe saw one guy crying miserably and the other one trying to calm him down. “Are you related to Mîn Yôôngi? "You came with him, right?"
a nurse asked, startling Tàe, but before he could respond, the two guys approached her, "I am Pàrk Jimiñ. Mîn Yôôngi is my boyfriend. I am his emergency contact. "
“Please come with me. The doctor wants to discuss details related to Mr. Mîn's condition.”, the nurse informed. "All right," Jimiñ said, wiping away his tears and looking at Hôseôk, who nodded encouragingly.
They waited there silently for a few minutes. “Hello, I am Hôseôk. Thank you for helping my friend.”, the guy introduced himself as he sat next to Tàe. “Taehyung. Please don’t thank me. It’s nothing big.”, Tàe shook his head. “No, what you did is really a big favour.
I can't even imagine what would have happened to him if you hadn’t helped him on time. Not everyone shows kindness when we need it the most. ”, Hôseôk said genuinely. Tàe felt those words touch his heart. He just nodded, unable to form a good reply. 🪄🪄🪄
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🪄🪄🪄 Jimiñ came back later on, and there was a relief in his face. "What did they tell you? ", Hôseôk asked him. "They said, fortunately, there was no internal bleeding. He has a small concussion, and the wound on his head is stitched, and there is no more bleeding.
But they are keeping him for observation.", Jimiñ explained. Hôseôk and Tàehyung felt eased by Jimiñ’s words. "Ah! I forgot to introduce you. This is Tàehyung. He is the one who helped Yôôngi. ", Hôseôk told Jimiñ. Jimiñ came forward and held Tàe’s hands tightly.
His eyes were brimming with tears. Tàe can feel the gratitude in Jimiñ’s eyes. "Thank you very much for saving his life. I will be forever grateful. The doctor said he was brought here on time. If it's not, I don't even want to think about what would have happened to him.
I don’t know how to pay back your kindness. " Jimiñ sniffled emotionally. "I am glad he is okay now. You don’t have to pay me back or anything. " Tàe comforted Jimiñ.  “JIMIÑIE. HÔSEÔKIE.”
They all looked at a pretty girl running towards them, ignoring the “Please don’t run in the hallways." from the staff. “Where is he? Is he okay? When can I see him? ... ”, the girl started to blabber in worry. “He is okay, Seoyunie. Just calm down.”, Jimiñ assured.
“Thank God. I was really worried, you know. You guys left in a rush, and I had no idea what to do. So I ditched the practise and came after you.”, Seoyun pouted. Tàe looked at the exchange between friends. They seemed very fond of each other.
He felt left out all of a sudden. It’s not their fault he doesn’t have any friends. He needs to get out of here. He is glad that Yôôngi is okay now, so prolonging his stay here is unnecessary. Tàe turned and took his bag from the chair. He looked at his shirt and sighed.
He needs to change it soon. Tàe was about to leave Hôseôk called him. “Are you going, Tàehyung? ” Tàe looked at him and nodded, “Yes, I couldn’t inform my office because my phone is damaged.”, Tàe showed his broken screen on his phone.
“I am sorry, Tàehyung. I will pay your repair fee.”, Jimiñ offered. “It’s okay. Don’t worry about it. This is a pretty old model. I've got a reason to get a new one now.”, Tàe smiled. "Still, I will pay you some amount for your new one.”, Jimiñ showed his puppy eyes.
"No, it’s really okay.”, Tàe shook his head. “Then buy him a drink and something to eat. He looks really exhausted.”, Seoyun chimed in. “Seoyunie is right, Jimiñie. You guys go and get something to eat. I will stay here. Bring me an iced tea.”, Hôseôk suggested.
Tàe wanted to deny it, but before he could protest, Jimiñ and Seoyun dragged him to the hospital cafeteria. Tàe brought a milk tea and a sandwich. Jimiñ and Seoyun brought coffee and waffles. “I am so hungry. My breakfast burned away from all the stress I went through in the
past hour.”, Seoyun said while biting into a big piece of waffle. “You just want an excuse to eat more.”, Jimiñ teased her. “You just did not.. ” Before Seoyun could continue Jimiñ turned towards Tàe, “I don’t think we introduced ourselves properly. I am Pàrk Jimiñ.
I am a dancer. Hôseôkie and Seoyunie are with me in a dance group. " “That’s wonderful.”, Tàe wondered if Hoon knew them. He couldn't ask because of the character of his relationship, so he stayed silent.  “We are pretty good. You should come to our performance next week.
It's a big competition finale in downtown Seoul.” Seoyun smiled. “I don’t know if I can.”, Tàe smiled sheepishly. He doesn’t want to intrude. “You must be busy. What do you do? ”, Jimiñ asked curiously. “I work as an editor for a fashion magazine. Nothing big.”, Tàe mumbled.
“Wow! That’s cool.”, Seoyun awed. “I hope skipping your office suddenly without permission didn’t affect you badly. You said you couldn’t inform your office, right? Will you be in trouble? ”, Jimiñ asked, worried. Tàe replied thoughtfully, "I don’t have any meetings today,
but it’s good if I could inform them." “Oh! Don’t worry. You can call your office on my phone. Eat first.”, Seoyun offered with a kind smile. Tàe experienced something new that day. Jimiñ and Seoyun made him smile, and he really enjoyed his time with them.
He wished to be their friend, but he knew it was a faraway dream. They finished their food and drinks. Jimiñ hugged Tàe and thanked him again before going back inside the hospital with an iced tea for Hôseôk. Seoyun accompanied Tàe to the entrance. She unlocked her phone and
tapped the numbers Tàe was telling her to, then clicked the call button before handing the phone to Tàe, who was hiding the blood stains on his shirt with a scarf. He thanked Seoyun and informed the office about the accident. He decided to take a leave and prepare for his date.
He smiled when his chief agreed to him. He hung up the call happily, but his smile faded when he saw the person Seoyun was lovingly hugging in the photo she used as her home screen wallpaper.
💥 Mention of cheàting ahead Seoyun looked at Tàe curiously and smiled, “That’s my lovely boyfriend, Hoon. Handsome, right? ”, she giggled. Tàe’s breath hitched. He felt every nerve in his body freeze suddenly. He looked at Seoyun in shock.
But she was looking at her phone fondly and said, “We are in the same dance group. We have been together for almost a year. I can’t wait to surprise him on our anniversary. " Anniversary? Tàe felt like he had stripped off the last ounce of happiness left in him and felt broken
beyond repair. The realisation was horrifying. So Hoon was cheating him for a year. Hoon was not happy with him. Their two-year old relationship flashed in Tàe’s brain. The agony, disbelief, and confusion hit him like a heavy brick. He started to tear up. He bit his lip hard to
bear the pain. By the looks of it, Seoyun didn’t know Hoon was cheating on her too. Maybe it’s what fate wanted to show Tàe. He is the unnecessary one here. Hoon doesn’t need him. It was Tàe who clung on to him. He needs to get away before breaking down.
“I need to go.. I remember ..some urgent work.. ”, Tàe stammered out without breaking down completely. He doesn't have the heart to tell her the truth and spoil her happiness too. So he did the thing he is best at. “Hey, you okay? You look pale.”, Seoyun asked, concerned.
Tàe just nodded and gave her a small forced smile before bidding a quick good-bye. He rushed away. He didn’t know where he was going, but he needed to be alone. 🪄🪄🪄
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🪄🪄🪄 T/W 💥 anxiety, pànic, and dépressive thoughts.  Tàe doesn’t know how he came back to his apartment. His limbs felt weak as he walked towards the bathroom, leaving the bag on the way. He tugged off the scarf harshly. He turned on the shower. Cold water hit him. He could
feel the tears flowing down his cheeks. "No, this is not true...Hoon will never.. ” Tàe tried to deny it, but the more he tried, the more anger bubbled inside him. He hugged himself tight. “HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME?"
He finally lashed out. You were my present, future, and everything. I trusted you. Tàe cried, miserably. Maybe he was not doing a good job as a boyfriend. He should have cared more about Hoon. He remembered the times he was happy with Hoon.
They were so happy, but where did it go wrong? What does Seoyun have that he doesn’t? Why couldn’t he do better? What was I lacking? It’s your fault.. You do not deserve to be loved.. Your family doesn’t love you.. You are worthless..
Tàe clutched his hair tightly as the ugly thoughts started to scream inside his head. The voices were loud and mocking. “I KNOW … STOP IT” He cried out loudly. Then, fears of being judged creep inside him. He muffled his sobs as he felt the world starting to mock him for
how pitiful he was. His breathing became uneven, his heart started to pick up its heart rate, and he trembled as a sudden panic attacked him out of nowhere. "I know.. please stop… "
He mumbled, helpless. He frantically begged it to stop as he sat on the floor. He cried out in misery till he felt numb and passed out on the floor. The shower was still on, pouring cold water on the limb body on the floor. 🪄🪄🪄
🪄🪄🪄 The next time Tàe opened his eyes, he was in a hospital. The white walls and the smell of cleaning agents made him feel uncomfortable, then he saw a tired figure sleeping in an awkward position near his bed. “Jôônie… ”, Tàe tried to say, but his voice cracked.
Namjôôn was startled awake and came close to Tàe. “Tàehyungie... How do you feel, little one? ”, Jôôn asked, caressing his face. “Tired..” Jôôn hummed and checked on him. Tàe can see the relief in his brother’s face. “Your fever is going down. I found you passed out on your
cold bathroom floor. I was worried because I couldn’t reach you on the phone in the morning. When I called your office, they said you didn’t show up. So I decided to check into your apartment. I am glad I did. Now rest well and recover properly. I am here for you.”
Jôôn explained. He didn't ask what happened, as if he knew what it could be. Tàe was thankful for his brother's consideration and care, even when he didn’t deserve it. “I didn’t inform our parents. They will worry.” Namjôôn said as he pressed the bell to call the nursing room.
No they won’t. If you did, our mother and father would have blamed me for being a nuisance to you. Tàe teared up. A nurse appeared at the door. Tàe can faintly hear Jôôn instructing her something. After a few minutes, the same nurse appeared with a doctor.
The doctor checked Tàe by asking some basic questions. Tàe tried to answer as best he could. Tàe didn’t understand what they were saying as he felt pain all over his body, especially in his chest. It’s painful to even take a breath properly. The doctor suggested an injection.
The nurse prepared the syringe and handed it over to the doctor. The doctor checked for Tàe’s vein. Tàe groaned at the sudden sting of the needle. Namjôôn caressed his hand, saying it’s okay. After a few minutes, he felt his eyelids were heavy. He slipped into a deep sleep again.
When he woke up again, it was evening. Jôôn was nowhere to be found. The nurse checked up on him. She told him Namjôôn had to go for emergency surgery. Tàe nodded in understanding. When he was alone in the room, guilt started to form inside him. Why can’t he do anything right?
He had become a burden to his brother when Jôôn’s tired face flashed inside his head. I am such a good for nothing brother. He tried to muffle his pained cries on the pillow.  🪄🪄🪄
🪄🪄🪄 Tàe resigned his job the next day through email with the help of Namjôôn. The chief editor and staff were surprised by his sudden decision but didn’t pry much when Tàe informed them about his medical condition. They wished him well. He couldn’t continue living in his
apartment as Hoon's memories of it started hunting him the moment he reached there. He cried to Jôôn, telling him how he got cheated on and how he should have taken his words seriously. Jôôn comforted him, saying it would be fine. Tàe was afraid Jôôn might do something to Hoon,
so he made his brother promise he wouldn’t do anything that affected his career as a doctor. “Promise me Jôônie, please..” Tàe pleaded. “How can I? ” Jôôn looked at Tàe, helpless. “If you love me, then please.. ” “Okay, I won’t hurt him. I promise.”
Namjôôn agreed reluctantly, but he really wanted to punch that bastard who made his brother’s life miserable. “Let’s go home.” Namjôôn hugged Tàe close.
Tàe felt more pitiful when he reached his family home after vacating his apartment. His mother became more vocal in her dislike of Tàe being there. “How long are you planning on being a freeloader here? ” His mother asked during their lunch.
Tàe stopped chewing. He swallowed the food with a grimace. He stopped eating as he felt a sudden loss of appetite. “I need to find a new job.”, Tàe mumbled. Tàe knew he was not ready to get another job yet, but what else could he say?
“You resigned your job?”, His father slapped the napkin harshly on the table. “I can’t believe it. You never listened to us when we told you to take medicine and follow your brother’s path. You came back home after being a failure in the career you chose. How disgraceful.”
his father shook his head in disappointment. Tàe lowered his head in shame. They are right. He is a failure. His mother exclaimed, "Who knows he didn’t get kicked out of that irrelevant magazine company?"
“I will give you some money. Just move out of here. I can’t let our friends and family find out that you are useless. I will send you a fixed amount for your expenses each month. Just stay away as long as possible. ”, His father deadpanned,
"Don't taint your brother’s good reputation in our society.” His father glared at him. “I don’t know what sin I have committed to have such an incompetent son.” Tàe felt his mother had just hit him where it hurt the most.
“ENOUGH.. ” Namjôôn breathed out in anger. His parents looked at him shocked, seeing him there. “I can’t believe it. I am ashamed of calling you my parents. How could you? He is your own son..” “Jôônie, we were just.. ”, his mother tried to explain.
Namjôôn raised his hand to say, “I have heard enough and I don’t think I can ever forgive you for treating my brother like this. All these years, I wondered why Tàe was distant from our family. Why doesn't he attend any functions here? But I was happy he was doing what he loved,
unlike me, who bears the burden of your expectations. How wrong I was? ” Namjôôn chuckled humourlessly. He knows his parents don't have any remorse and there is no point in arguing with them.  Tears flowed down from Tàe’s eyes as he heard his brother’s saddened voice,
but he didn’t raise his head. Namjôôn looked at his brother’s broken appearance and walked towards him. “Let’s go, little one.” Namjôôn carefully held Tàe as they walked towards the guest room where Tàe is currently staying, ignoring the calls from their parents.
He closed the door. “I am sorry, little one. I have failed you.”, Namjôôn hugged Tàe tightly as they cried. Tàe wanted to tell him to tell him no. He didn’t. He was the best brother, but he couldn’t because his mind was blank and numb. 🪄🪄🪄
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🪄🪄🪄 Namjôôn looked at his brother. He clutched his hair in frustration and anger. His brother is a wonderful soul, always kind to others and so caring. He doesn’t understand how people can deliberately hurt him. He shook his head. He needed to do something to save his brother
from this misery. He couldn't think of anything good with all the stress taking a toll on him. He needs to calm himself down. So he came out of the room and took his phone from the table to call the only person who could comfort him. “Hey honey, were you busy?”, A sweet voice
replied, "I couldn’t reach you for the past two days." Namjôôn smiled at the concern in his boyfriend’s voice. If it was someone else, they would have blamed him for neglecting them for so long, but Jîn is an angel and always understood Namjôôn the best.
That’s why their relationship is going so strong even though it's been a long-distance relationship for the past two years. “I am sorry, love. Something happened to Taehyungie. He was hospitalized.”, Jôôn replied sadly.
“Oh my god. Is he okay? Don’t say sorry. You were taking care of your brother. I feel bad for not being helpful to you now. It must have been hard for you to deal with it all alone there.”, Jîn said, worried. “He is better physically, but...", Jôôn sighed.
“Did something happen to him? ”, Jîn asked. Jôôn explained everything; how he found Tàe in the bathroom of his apartment, passed out; then Tàe told him about how his boyfriend cheated on him; about resigning his job; then, after coming back to the family home,
how their parents treated Tàe badly. Jôôn didn’t know he was crying all throughout the explanation. He told Jîn he was a bad brother for never noticing the unfairness in the behaviour of their parents. Jîn was listening attentively to him.
"That's a really horrible thing you can do to your child. I don’t think Tàe should stay there anymore, and it’s not your fault, hun. Yeah, let’s just focus on his recovery. Can I suggest something? ”, Jîn asked. "Yes, love," Jôôn said, wiping away his tears.
“If possible, please send Tàe here. You are coming here for your FRCS in a few months anyway. I will take good care of him.”, Jîn assured. “But love, what about his job? He resigned recently.”, Jôôn was reluctant.
"You said Tàe is an editor, right?",  I need someone to proofread and edit my work. Given his experience in a fashion magazine, I believe he is qualified for the position. If anything is necessary, I will guide him. Just consider it.”, Jîn tried to pursue.
As a best-selling author, he really needs someone to help him with his manuscript. Namjôôn thought for a moment after hearing Jîn’s words. Maybe his brother needs a change of scenery. It will also help Tàe in his career too. Jîn is an upcoming author. His first book,
“Autumn Leaves”, was a best seller. He could trust Jîn and his family to take good care of Tàe. They are really good people.
“I will ask him love. Are you sure it’s okay for you to accommodate Taehyungie there? ”, Jôôn asked again. “Oh! Honey. I know mom and dad will love him. He is such a sweet person. Just don’t worry much. You are coming here soon too.”, Jîn laughed.
“Thank you, love. You don’t know how relieved I am at this moment. I love you.”, Namjôôn smiled. “You can always pay me back with kisses and cuddles, doc. I will be waiting for you.”, Jîn teased. “I will be there soon, my love.”, Namjôôn promised.
“I will wait for you and I love you.”, Jîn replied. Jôôn looked at his phone screen and smiled when they hung up the call. He was thankful to Jîn for being there for him. He can't wait to meet him soon in person. 🪄🪄🪄
🪄🪄🪄 Jîn hummed a happy tune while flipping the bacon in the frying pan. “Someone is in a good mood today. Did you finally get the phone in love consultation with your doctor? ”, Jîn got startled by the sudden voice from behind and almost screamed.
“You scared me, you idiot. ”, Jîn pointed the spatula at his cousin Jungkôôk threateningly. "It's not my fault that you are a scaredy cat." Jungkôôk shrugged as he wiped sweat from his body following his morning run. Jîn squinted his eyes. "Say sorry or I am not giving you
any breakfast." “Sorry.”, Jungkôôk replied, showing his mischievous bunny smile. Jîn knows he is not even sorry, but he let it go because there was no point in arguing with his brat of a cousin so early in the morning.
“Tell me, did you finally get a call from your busy-bee boyfriend? ”, Jungkôôk tried to snatch a piece of fried bacon, but Jîn slapped his hand away and glared at him playfully. “Yes, he told me Taehyungie was hospitalised and he was taking care of him.”, Jîn said as he poured
the egg mixture onto the pan. "Tàehyungie mean Jôônie hyung's brother?" Jungkôôk inquired as he cleaned a carrot to eat. “Yes, I asked Jôônie to send him here to help me with my manuscript. He needs a job now. He was an editor in a fashion magazine.”, Jîn explained, but didn’t
reveal the exact reason. “That’s nice. You need someone to understand you better than those high-profile jerks who come here to trample your story. " Jungkôôk chewed the carrot more forcefully, much to the chagrin of Jîn's previous editors.
Autumn Leaves was edited by Jîn himself, but after it’s success, his publishing house insisted on him having an experienced editor for his second book, which was obviously a wrong move. Jîn was so done with his editor’s rude behaviour. He knows if it’s someone like Taehyung,
they will get along better. Even if Tàe rejects his job offer, he wants him to visit there for a few months. He needs Tàe to find his right footing here because he knows the pain of having someone chéat on you. He experienced it personally with his first boyfriend,
T/W mention of chéating who claimed his chéating was a mere drunken mistake. Jîn went to Korea to recover from his heartbreak, which did him good because he found the love of his life there. Jôôn was his junior in college, and it took him many attempts to convince Jîn to go on
a date with him. Now they are happy. He smiled at the memory. “When is he coming here and what about his accommodation? ”, Jungkôôk asked. “He is staying with me here. We need to clean the guest room. Take away all your gaming consoles from there immediately.”, Jîn put the
breakfast on a plate. “Man, you are kicking me out of my gaming room for your future brother-in-law? I can’t believe this. This is so anti-Jungkôôk agenda. I demand justice.”, Jungkôôk whined, throwing his hands dramatically.  Jîn chuckled at Jungkôôk's antics.
“He is new here in an unfamiliar place without his family or friends. So we need to be more accommodating. I will clear out our old garbage for your new gaming room. I will buy you a new game console as a compensation too. ”, Jîn ruffled Jungkôôk’s hair in fondness.
“I was kidding, Hyung. I will move everything there. I don’t need anything.”, Jungkôôk waved it off. “Wow! You are so generous today.”, Jîn exclaimed. Jungkôôk snickered, "I am just happy that I get to go meet someone new other than your boring face.”
Jungkôôk ignored Jîn's yelling and ran away with his breakfast. Jîn shook his head, mumbling, “What a spoiled brat. I should blame myself for raising you so wrong.", and started to eat his own breakfast like an angry chipmunk.  🪄🪄🪄
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🪄🪄🪄 Tàe woke up disoriented. He stared at the ceiling for a long time. His mind is blank and his feelings are numb. He was numb to emotions and numb to life. He was repeating his days with the same unpleasant feelings, like a grey cycle, just getting up in the morning and
just going back to sleep at night. He has been feeling like he hit rock bottom for a week now, staring at walls or windows for a long time. He has become thin because he forgets to eat these days. He doesn’t even notice Namjôôn coming in with a bowl of soup.
“Tàe.”, Namjôôn called him softly, so he didn’t want to startle him. He placed the bowl on the table nearby while sitting on the bed, caressing Tàe’s face. Tàe blinked a few times and looked at his brother, who was staring at him with concern.
Namjôôn closed his eyes as tears started to form in his eyes when he saw how lifeless his brother looked these days like he had no hope of living on. He knows his parents nag or make snide remarks at Tàe from time to time, even though he strictly warned them not to do so.
For the last week, Tàe has barely come out of his room or eaten because of it. He regretted bringing his brother to their family home. He was relieved when he got everything ready to send Tàe to Ireland, where Jîn is.
"Little one, please eat this," Namjôôn said to Tàe. Tàe got up slowly and sat properly on the bed. Namjôôn gave him the soup. He smiled when Tàe started drinking it slowly. “Please take a bath and get ready. We need to go outside to purchase a few things you need.”,
Namjôôn said. Tàe just nodded at him and continued to drink the soup. Namjôôn noticed how Tàe barely talked now. It was like he was grieving to dismiss his grief and loss. He doesn’t know how to tell his brother he is precious and not worthless.
He is mad and saddened by the fact that circumstances made his brother question his self-worth. So he decided to take Tàe out today. He will try to cheer up his brother.
After drinking the soup, Tàe reluctantly got up to get ready to go out with Namjôôn. He was wearing a simple brown hoodie and olive green pants. He didn’t wear any accessories, just lazily fixed his hair. Namjôôn happily led him to his car.
The first place they visited was the old park where they used to visit as kids. They walked on the small gravel pathway in the old park. Tàe looked at the big ginko tree. It was so small then, and the old park bench is still next to it. There are new trees there, but the
meadow with the wild flowers was still beautiful. They used to visit there discreetly because their parents didn’t allow them to play with other kids or let their school friends visit them. They always said it was an unnecessary distraction. “Remember, there was a slide on the
back of that tree. I fell down and scrapped my knees. We were so worried mom and dad would find out our little secret then.”, Namjôôn reminisced their old memories. “Yes... we lied about you falling down on school ground.”, Tàe gave a small smile.
“We were adventure enthusiasts then. I was so sure that I would become a pirate in the future. Now look at me fighting with scalpels and forceps instead of a cool sword. I wanted to be an anti-hero so badly then. ”, Namjôôn shook his head.
“You are saving lives, Hyung. Now you are a real hero. I am proud of you. " Tàe sincerely told Jôôn. Namjôôn hugged his brother close and said, “I am proud of you too. You are so strong to survive such a fatal blow that life gave you. You were doing what you loved, little one.
Never question your choices because of our parents. They are parents by namesake anyway. They never supported or cheered us on for anything. We were each other’s greatest support. Believe me when I say I treasure you above all else. So please be happy. "
Tàe started crying at his brother’s words. He knows his brother is right, but his anxious and emotionally distressed brain can’t let him think straight nowadays. Namjôôn’s next words made him cry harder.
“You can heal, Tàe. I believe you can leave your past and embrace your present. I am here for you at your every step, just like we were kids. I love you. "
Tàe calmed down after a good cry. He feels better now, like he can think a bit clearer. The foggy mist in his mind is subdued. “Here, drink this.”, Namjôôn gave tea to Tàe and sat down next to Tàe with his coffee.
“Your documents are approved. You can go to Ireland at anytime. I booked you a flight for the day after tomorrow.”, Namjôôn told Tàe. Tàe stopped sipping tea and sighed. He remembered agreeing with Namjôôn that he would take the job Jôôn’s boyfriend offered.
He knows Jîn and Jôôn will come to Ireland in a few months for his FRCS too. A fresh start, that was what his brother said. “Are you okay to go alone? I can’t possibly get leave to come with you.”, Jôôn asked, concerned.
“I will be fine, hyung. I know you are busy.”, Tàe nodded. “Jîn will come to pick you up from the airport. You don’t have to worry.”, Jôôn assured. They spent some more time there before going to a mall to pick up travel necessities for Tàe. They went back to home later.
Tàe looked at his form in the mirror. He looks better with the haircut and silver hair colour. Jôôn insisted on a makeover. He smiled a little, thinking about how his brother hit on the tea table there clumsily and broke a vase. They had to pay extra for the damage and apologize.
He began to pack his things into a trolley bag. He kept his passport and wallet in a small duffle bag. He looked outside his window. It was the full moon, and he felt the moon shining brightly at him. Then he mumbled to himself. “A new beginning... hopefully.. ” 🪄🪄🪄
🪄🪄🪄 Tàe looked around to find Jîn. He had already claimed his luggage after a long, almost twelve-hour flight. He feels a bit exhausted and sleepy. He couldn’t sleep well because of travelling alone. Then he noticed a guy in a light pink shirt waving at him exaggeratedly.
He sighed in relief; it was indeed Jîn. “Sorry, I went to get some snacks when I saw the flight was a bit delayed.”, Jîn scratched his neck. “It’s okay. I just came out after getting my luggage.”, Tàe shook his head. Welcome to Ireland, Taehyungie. “Let’s go home.”
Jîn held Tàe’s hand and smiled. Tàe gave a small smile back. "Thank you, hyung.”, Tàe replied, suddenly feeling a bit emotional.  Jîn smiled and said, " We are family, Taehyungie. No need to say thank you, okay. I am your brother too. " Jîn squeezed Tàe's hands as a comfort.
Jîn helped Tàe put his luggage in the car. Jîn wore sunglasses before starting driving. Tàe looked outside the window. He can see the beautiful greenery and the shops. It became more breath-taking when Jîn turned the car onto a small-town country road.
Jîn lowered the widow glasses so Tàe could enjoy the cool, soothing breeze. “There is a cliff here near the other side. It’s really beautiful with the lighthouse nearby. I'll show you soon," Jîn promised. Tàe hummed but still couldn’t take his eyes away from the
crystal clear light blue skies and ivory green meadows. Tàe sat up straight when they entered a private property with big black gates. The well-kept green meadow and grey gravel road lend a realistic, exquisite painting-like feel to the large bungalow. “Wow! ”, Tàe exclaimed.
The house has white walls with grey stone designs and a blue roof. There was a well-maintained flowerbed near it. “Come inside.”, Jîn opened the door for Tàe. The interior was modern and neat.
“I will show you your room. In the meantime, I will whip up some breakfast for you.”, Jîn led him to the room assigned for Tàe. Tàe looked around the room. A queen-sized bed, white curtains, a study table, a black wardrobe, two one-seater couches, and a modern chandelier on the
ceiling gave the room a comfortable vibe. “The toiletries and the towels are inside the cabin under the sink in the bathroom. If you need anything, call me. I will be in the kitchen. Please feel at home.”, Jîn patted Tàe’s back before going out.
Tàe opened his luggage and took out some clothes and necessities. He was indeed in need of a good shower. He came back after a quick shower, wearing a white shirt and sweatpants. He was drying his hair with a fluffy towel. Then he noticed the view outside the glass window.
Tàe moved the curtains to get a better view. He looked at the beautiful meadows and trees. He placed his hand on the glass window and closed his eyes, trying to sink in everything happening. He is in a new place, starting a new life. There is still fear and overflowing
negative thoughts that he couldn't tackle well. He sighed. He slowly opened his eyes. He noticed there was a hand on the other side of the window, like they were touching his hands from outside. It was a bit bigger than Tàe’s. Tàe’s eyes widened as he saw the person outside
the glass window looking at him fondly. The guy had beautiful bambi eyes, a cute nose, soft plushy pink lips, and prominent jaws. He was breath-taking. Tàe grasped in surprise when the guy smiled at him with a cute bunny smile, and his eyes were shining brighter than the galaxy.
“Angel.” Tàe mumbled, and the guy tilted his head in curiosity. 🪄🪄🪄
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🪄🪄🪄 The angel looked at him curiously, but Tàe averted his eyes immediately in shyness. He closed his eyes for a moment. Was he really blessed enough to see such a beautiful angel? But when he opened his eyes, the angel disappeared just like that. He looked out eagerly,
but there was no one. His face fell with sadness. Tae placed one hand on his face. Was he imagining things because of jet lag? Maybe he was. He shook his head to clear his mind.   Tàe dragged himself to the kitchen. He could feel the sudden sadness clogging up in his mind.
He doesn’t know why he misses a mystical being this much after just getting a glimpse. “Oh! Tàehyungie, take your seat. It will take a few minutes.”, Jîn smiled at him warmly.
Tàe nodded and sat down on a chair at the dining table. He watched Jîn flipping the pan while stirring the fried rice. He looked like a professional chef while doing it. He remembered Jôônie Hyung praising his boyfriend’s cooking skills. At least his hyung has a happy love life,
unlike him. He thought sadly. Tàe felt a sudden pang in his heart. A caring partner was what he always wished for, but like every other time, he ended up in misery. Maybe he was not built for love. He should be alone for forever. He can't just burden someone else with his
worthlessness. Tàe felt a headache forming because of his overthinking. His trance was broken when Jîn spoke up.  “Here, fried rice, kimchi eggs, and dumplings.”, Jîn placed the dishes on the table.
“Thank you, hyung.”, Tàe blinked a few times and thanked Jîn before picking up the chopsticks to eat. Then he saw the third plate. He looked at Jîn, confused. He thought there were only two of them.
“Oh! This is for my cousin. He eats breakfast with me after his morning run. Usually he would have been here, but today, it seems like he is late.”, Jîn looked at the door for a moment. “I hope I am not intruding on your daily routine.”, Tàe exclaimed. “You are not. If anything
he is the real intruder. He just loves my cooking.”, Jîn waved it off. They started eating. Tàe was only concentrating on eating because he was hungry and the food was delicious. So he missed a familiar figure coming in silently and looking at him in fascination.
“Kôôkie, this is Tàehyungie. I told you before, right? Jôônie’s younger brother. " Tàe looked up when he heard Jîn was introducing him to someone else. He looked at the newcomer, his eyes widening in surprise. The angel from before was standing near the dining table with a
goofy smile. Táe started coughing. Jîn gave him a glass of water immediately with a worried expression. Tàe drank it and thanked Jîn after calming down. He can see the smirk on Jungkôôk’s face. "Hello, Tàehyungie. I am Jungkôôk.”, Jungkôôk smiled at him mischievously.
Tàe just nodded dumbly as he was too embarrassed to reply. He sighed in disbelief. How did he assume Jungkôôk was an angel? I really need some sleep. Tàe thought as he cluched the chopsticks in frustration. He started eating the food again to avoid any further eye contact or
conversation with Jungkôôk. “Help yourself, Kôôkie. The food is getting cold.”, Jîn told Jungkôôk, who was still looking at Tàe curiously. Jungkôôk finally sat down and began digging into his food, saying, "Yes hyung."
Tàe could literally feel Jungkôôk’s eyes on him, but he adamantly avoided looking at him. He excused himself after the meal, saying he was feeling tired.
“ You go and sleep. I will wash those. You look so tired. I will prepare your lunch and keep it in the fridge. Please heat it up before eating. I will be in the home office. See you in the evening. Have a good sleep, Tàehyungie.”, Jîn said while stopping him from taking
the plates to wash. “Thank you.”, Tàe said, and bid good bye to Jungkôôk with a small bow and retreated to his room. “Stop staring into his soul. You are going to scare him away. Tone down your curiosity, will yeah? ”, Jîn told Jungkôôk while picking up the plates to wash.
"What?!?" exclaimed Jungkôôk, perplexed. He totally missed whatever his cousin said while ogling the fluffy cutie retreating towards his room. Jîn huffed and returned to the kitchen, mumbling, "What an idiot."
Jungkôôk shrugged it off and continued eating his breakfast while thinking about Tàe’s cute pout while he was eating.   🪄🪄🪄
🪄🪄🪄 Hôseôk instructed, "That's it. Let’s take a five." They were in the middle of practising for the final stage of another competition. It’s every dancer's dream to perform at D5-Stage Fest. If they win this, they will get an overseas opportunity to perform on a world
stage. They have been working hard for weeks. Seoyun was watching her boyfriend typing something on the phone and groaning as if he was mad at something. Jimiñ sat down near her with a bottle of water.  “What got into him? He was distracted during the practise.
Do you guys had a fight?" Jimiñ inquired, concerned. “Nothing that sort of. We celebrated our anniversary recently, and we were happy, but from last week onwards, he seemed to be on the phone more than anything. Nowadays, he is frustrated too, but won’t share the reason.
I hope everything gets okay soon.”, Seoyun sighed. “It will be fine. He may be stressed about the competition and didn’t want you to worry.”, Jimiñ comforted his friend.
“I hope so.”, Seoyun sighed and asked, “How’s Yôôngi? Is he resting properly? " Jimiñ groaned, “You know him. He won’t. I forbade him to go to the studio during his bed rest, but he made our bedroom his mini studio. He is still working for hours nonstop. The only relief is that
he is at home and eating meals properly. Still, I am worried. " “I will come with you today and speak some sense into him. He needs rest, as the doctors said. He can’t just overwork himself and repeat whatever happened last time. " Seoyun shook her head in disapproval.
Hôseôk joined their conversation and asked suddenly, "Did you have any idea about Tàehyung? “No. I forgot to ask for his contact information.”, Jimiñ replied, feeling guilty for properly saying thanks to Tàehyung. Even Yôôngi scolded him.
“I told you guys, I have the number of his office. We can call them and ask for him.”, Seoyun offered. “I think we should try that, Jimiie. He seemed like a nice person, I would love to meet him again.”, Hôseôk encouraged.
“Okay, I am agreeing because I want to meet him again too. Call them and ask for Tàehyung! Oh my goodness! We don’t know his first name.”, Jimiñ groaned in distress. “He said he was an editor, right? We can check on that. I don’t think if they provide us with
Tàehyung's  personal information, but nothing goes in trying. Watch my skills." Seoyun shrugged and called the number Tàe called last time. She started acting like a model who asked for an interview for the next cover when they attended the call.
“Yes, I am an upcoming model. Tàehyung-ssi called me to get an interview. I can’t seem to reach his personal number, so I called your office.”, Seoyun lied blatantly. Jimiñ and Hôseôk looked at her like she had grown another head.
“What!?.... Oh!.... Ok… . I understand.. Thank you.” Seoyun hung up the phone in sadness. “What happened? ”, Jimiñ asked anxiously. “They said he resigned a few weeks ago because of personal reasons.”, Seoyun sighed.
“Cheer up. If we are destined to meet him, we will meet him again.”, Hôseôk tried to comfort his best friends. What they didn’t see was Hôon trying to reach out to the same person they were trying to find too.   🪄🪄🪄
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🪄🪄🪄 Tàe tucked his shirt into his pants. Seôkjin didn’t tell him any dress code, so he wore semi-formal attire: a light blue shirt and black pants. He didn’t wear any accessories, just combed his hair. He wondered where the office was. Most probably it was at home.
When he reached the living room, he found no one there because it was pretty early in the morning. Tàe decided to make some breakfast. He didn’t know everyone’s preference, so he decided to make some pajeon(pancakes). He checked the shelf for the pancake mix.
Then mix the batter with shredded potatoes, minced meat, and some fresh mixed vegetables. Then he heated up the pan to fry it. He carefully stacked the pajeons on a plate. Then he remembered about Jungkôôk, so he made some sandwiches, orange juice, and steamed eggs.
He neatly placed everything on the table with the spicy sauce and tomato sauce. Just when he was done with the cleaning of the kitchen counter, Jîn appeared in the dining room. “Wow, Tàehyungie, you are a life saver. I really wanted to skip cooking breakfast today.”, Jîn smiled.
“I only know simple dishes, hyung. I hope this is enough.”, Tàe replied, concerned as he noticed yesterday’s breakfast was a heavy meal. “Don’t worry about it. We have left over rice and beef kimchi stew from yesterday. I will heat it up before Kôôk comes.”, Jîn waved it off
before entering the kitchen.  Jîn quickly heated up the food, then Jungkôôk came in. Tàe noticed he was wearing sportswear and he had a workout bag with him. He thought maybe he went to the gym. Tàe busied himself with plating the food so that he could avoid any conversation.
“ Hyung, you made pajeon. Looks delicious.”, Jungkôôk said as soon as he sat down on the chair. “It's Tàehyungie who made it.”, Jîn said, and placed the bowl of stew in front of Jungkôôk. “Thank you, Tàehyungie. It's been a while since I ate it.”, Jungkôôk beamed
before stuffing his mouth with the pancakes dipped in hot sauce. Tàe smiled and nodded before eating his own food. He paused when he realised Jungkôôk was calling him Tàehyungie, but decided to ignore it for the time being.
He can hear Jîn and Jungkôôk planning to eat out for dinner. "What did you say, Tàehyungie?”, Jîn asked suddenly. Tàe looked at him confused. “About going out in the evening. We can visit a nearby restaurant. It has some splendid Irish cuisine.”,
“Sure, I would love to.”, Tàe replied softly.  “I will pick you guys up by 6 in the evening. I hope you will get your work done by then.”, Jungkôôk told them, and started collecting everyone’s used plates. Tàe was about to protest, but Jungkôôk wouldn’t let him.
“You both cooked today, so as a courtesy, I will wash the dishes.” Jungkôôk winked at Tàe before going towards the kitchen, balancing the different plates in his hands just like a professional butler. Tàe looked at his back, mouth agape.
Jîn looked at his cousin as if he was seeing him for the first time. For years, Jungkôôk had been eating breakfast with him. He was never fortunate enough to receive this so-called courtesy of Jungkôôk. But he didn’t voice it out.
“I will show the home office then. This way.”, Jîn told Tàe when they finished cleaning up. Tàe wiped his hands on a cotton cloth before following Jîn. 🪄🪄🪄
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Jungkôôk noticed Tàehyung and Jîn walking away. “Not even a bye.”, he pouted. He picked up his phone when it started to ring. “Hello.”, he replied, a tad bit annoyed, not even caring to check who was calling because he was still looking at the way Tàe went.
“Who dude.. Who pîssed in your cereal so early in the morning. You sound like a thúg.” Jungkôôk groaned in response to a menacingly playful voice. “He doesn’t eat cereal like us poor fellows. His cousin is dàmn rich...”, another voice came from the background.
“Yuggie, my man, I didn’t know it was you.”, Jungkôôk said in an apologetic tone.  “That’s okay. I called you to inform you that our practise schedule has changed, so you need to come early.”, Yugyeom replied. Then someone spoke loudly. “PACK SOME RICH FOOD FOR US TOO.. ”
Kôôk heard a chorus of laughs from the background. "Go to hell, Mark," Jungkôôk muttered and hung up the phone. Then he looked at the pajeon he packed in the container for his lunch. “There is no way I will share this with you idiots.”, he mumbled.
Jungkôôk cleaned the dishes and went to take a bath. He changed his outfit and stood in front of the mirror to fix his hair.  “He didn’t speak to me today either. But he did call me an angel yesterday..”, Jungkôôk bit his lip, like holding back his smile.
Then he looked at his reflection in the mirror.  "Hey, you, don’t worry. Let's just start the mission to get beautiful fluffy's attention. Just wait and watch my charms. ", he winked to himself in front of the mirror before going out of the room. 🪄🪄🪄
🪄🪄🪄 Jîn led Tàe to a separate room attached to the house. It has huge glass windows, a mini library, a work desk, and systems. There is another desk, chairs, and a couch, probably for meetings. The room is spacious and calm. Tàe already loved the arrangement.
“This is your work desk. Here are my old manuscripts and the ones I edited. You can go through these and check my style. Today, just go through and get an understanding of your work. This is somewhat different from the work you have done so far, but I hope you like it.
There are some detailed documents in the system, just go through them. If you have any doubts, note them down. I will clear it up during lunch time.”, Jîn explained. “I will, hyung.”, Tàe replied as he sat down.
“I will be in my study. It’s the first room in the corridor.”, Jîn said before leaving, and Tàe nodded.
Tàe started going through the manuscript of “Autumn Leaves". He had read the book before, but reading the unedited version felt more touching, like he could sense the author’s raw emotions through the characters. Tàe didn’t know how much time had passed as he was immersed
in reading the files, so he didn’t see a person leaving after placing tea and a small cupcake on the table near the window from the outside. Then Tàe heard the chime of a bell. He looked up from the system. It came from the main door of the office.
Tae stood up and moved towards the door to check who it was. There was no one but a golden brass hanging door bell. It was an old vintage piece with a window design with some beautiful small birds. Tae touched the string attached to it and looked around.
He sighed and shrugged it off. When he was walking towards his desk, he saw the small tray with a cupcake and tea near the window. He curiously looked at it. Then he found a small note.
Tàe read it : “Enjoy your break with a small treat. You need it, fluffy” “From angel.”
Tae couldn’t believe someone left him a note and refreshments. He caressed the fluffy bear. At the end of the note, there was a "from angel”. It must be Jungkôôk. Tàe felt really overwhelmed. He doesn't remember the last time someone cared for him.
But now, in another country, a totally unknown person shows him kindness, but he doesn’t know if he deserves it, and he doesn’t know why he was crying because of a simple gesture. 🪄🪄🪄
🪄🪄🪄 Hôôn looked everything and everywhere for Tàe, but he couldn't find him. Tàe’s phone was not reachable. When he visited his apartment, they said Tàe had cancelled the lease weeks ago. The same with the office. They said he resigned. What happened? They were doing fine.
What made him keep Tàe was that the guy was so kind and caring. He loved how Tàe depended on him emotionally. Now he doesn’t have someone to vent to about his frustration either. Tàe never questioned the roughness in bed, but Seoyun does.
She doesn’t like it, but he can’t break up with her because he needs her to stay in the dance group. It’s because of her that he got into the group in the first place. He never planned to drag this relationship out for so long. But the relationship with Tae was different.
He needed Tàe and liked to keep him in check. But spending time with Seoyun recently broke that routine. It's not like Hôôn wanted to be with her, but she is persistent and always plans stupid romantic outings. This caused his rift with Tàe. He knows, but he needs to
find Tàe and fix it as soon as possible. Maintaining the secret relationship with Tàe was easy; the guy never questioned him nor asked for more attention than necessary. He was like a puppy that followed his orders.
Hôôn doesn’t know when Kîm Tàehyung became his habit and then became his addiction, so he needs to find him. "Where the hell have you gone?" grumbled Hôôn, frustrated. Then he pulled out his wardrobe in anger. A picture dropped down.
It was a picture of Tàe with his brother, which was accidentally left behind by Tàe one day. “Kîm Namjôôn.. He may know where Tàe is.”, Hôôn decided to pay him a visit. 🪄🪄🪄
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🪄🪄🪄 Yôôngi was getting bored waiting for the doctor in the waiting room. His appointment was fixed for ten minutes ago, but the doctor he was going to consult had to go in for an emergency surgery. The nurse informed him and apologised for the delay, but Yôôngi
assured her that everything was fine. He was once there in such a situation. Nowadays, he is getting headaches. That’s why his friend suggests he see Dr. Kîm Namjôôn, who is known as a prodigy in the medical field and a specialist neurosurgeon.
Yôôngi looked at the man who was rushing in. The doctor seemed a bit clumsy by the way he almost dropped his stethoscope. The man smiled at Yôôngi apologetically before introducing himself.
“I am Dr. Kîm Namjôôn and I am sorry, Mr. Mîn. I had to attend to a patient from the ER and it was a critical case. ” Namjôôn said as he led Yôôngi to the consulting room. Yôôngi replied, “It’s okay. I can understand. "
“Please take the seat.”, Namjôôn said as he started checking Yôôngi’s medical records. He asked for some basic information first. Namjôôn asked, "I see you had a concussion before and what is the current problem?"
Yôôngi started explaining, "I have been getting headaches recently, like a throb in the back of my head." “Are you feeling nauseous or dizzy during it? ” Namjôôn inquired as he noted down what Yôôngi said. “No, it’s only headaches.”, Yôôngi shook his head.
“Are you sleeping properly? ” Yôôngi replied, "I work as a music producer, so my sleeping schedule is not proper." After a few more questions, Namjôôn checked Yôôngi and suggested some tests to get.
“Please take him to the MRI and do the other tests I wrote.”, Namjôôn told the nurse. She nodded and led Yôôngi out of the room. Yôôngi thanked Namjôôn before going out. Yôôngi was waiting for the results when he saw a familiar figure in the hallways. It was Hoon.
Yôôngi knew the guy because he was in the same dance group as his boyfriend and best friends, but was always wary of him. His instincts tell him something is wrong about the guy, but he is Seoyun’s boyfriend, so he doesn’t want to create a rift just because he doesn’t
like the guy. Yôôngi observed as Hoon was searching for someone. By the look of it, the guy didn’t come here for a checkup. Hoon found Namjôôn coming out of his consulting room and approached him quickly. Yôôngi put on his hoodie to hide his face.
He knew eavesdropping was not a good trait, but he decided to do it anyway. He sat on a chair in the hallway near Namjôôn’s consulting room, so technically he was not intentionally eavesdropping. “Hello, you are Kîm Namjôôn, right? ”, Hoon asked politely. Namjôôn halted when
he heard the question but was taken aback after realising who asked it. He recognised Hoon from the pics Tàe had sent him before. How come this bastard is here? Namjôôn cursed internally but didn’t let it show on his face. He promised his brother he wouldn’t do anything bad.
“Yes, how may I help you? ”, Jôôn asked with a blank face. “I am a close friend of your brother Tàehyung. I didn’t hear from him for weeks. I was really worried that he had suddenly disappeared just like that. Then I remembered I could ask you where he is.
I really want to meet him immediately.”, Hoon smiled. “Sorry, Mr… eh? ” Namjôôn acted as if he didn’t know Hoon. “My name is Hoon.” Namjôôn’s lips twitched in irritation. He clenched his arms to remain calm.
“Okay, Mr. Hoon. I have known every friend of Tàe since childhood, but he never once mentioned you. No offense, but I don’t think I can share my brother’s information with an unknown person.”, Jôôn replied sternly.
Hoon cursed himself for not keeping some photos of him and Tàe together. If he had some, Namjôôn could have believed him. He doesn't even keep Tàe's text messages because he doesn't want Seoyun to find out about Tae. “You can call him and confirm it if you want.” Hoon suggested.
“My brother lost his phone recently and hasn’t gotten a new one yet. When he gets one, if you are his friend, he will call you. Now, all I can say is that he is doing fine. Excuse me now, I have a patient to check.”, Namjôôn quickly excused himself and walked away briskly.
Yôôngi heard it all and saw how angry Hoon looked when he left immediately. Who is this Táehyung? Why is Hoon desperate to find him? Yôôngi didn’t know, but one thing he was trying to remember was where he had heard the name Tàehyung before.     🪄🪄🪄
🪄🪄🪄 “Tàehyungie, it’s time to get ready. Kôôk will be here soon.”, Jîn reminded Tàe. “Oh! Is it time already?”, Tàe mumbled as he checked the time, “I will get ready, hyung.” Tàe said as he closed the documents and system.
He is glad he made some progress with the details Seôkjin gave him, and it’s interesting too. When he came back to his room, he chose a slim-collared black and white striped full-sleeve shirt and black jeans. He just fixed his hair.
He sighed, remembering how he used to like dolling up himself for Hoon. He had a collection of long earrings that he adored, which he left in his home. Then also, he was left behind when Hoon chose Seoyun. He wiped away a tear that had dropped on his cheek when
he sensed someone outside his bedroom door. Then he heard a knock. When the door opened, Tàe saw Jîn dressed in a blue silk shirt and black jeans. There were hanging earrings to complete the outfit. He looked beautiful. “Common, Kôôk is waiting outside.”, Jîn smiled.
Jungkôôk was watching Tàe come outside with Jîn. His breath hitched. Tàe looked absolutely breath-taking. The black and white outfit and silver hair, fuck, Jungkôôk is floored. They get inside the car.
Jungkôôk looked at Tàe through the rear-view mirror, but Tàe was looking outside, enjoying the beauty of the surroundings.  They stopped in front of a bright red building with green and black decorations. It had a traditional classic restaurant style,
but the counter reminded him of a bar. Especially the glass arrangements at the top of the counter. "It's a restaurant in the daytime and a bar in the evening.”, Jîn told Tàehyung, as if he read his mind. Tàe nodded and looked around curiously.
Then he saw Jungkôôk kissing a blond girl's cheek and conversing happily. Tàe turned away so as not to intrude on their privacy. He doesn’t know Jungkôôk had a girlfriend. It seems like everyone is lucky to have love instead of him.
Tàe sighed and thanked the lady who had given him a menu to choose from. “I will order for you, Tàe. Do you have any suggestions?”, Jîn asked. “Anything less spicy will be fine, hyung.”, Tàe replied.
Jîn nodded and instructed the waiter on the food and beverages they needed. Tàe looked outside through the window. The evening hue was amazing. “I see, you brought someone new.”, A lady spoke, which suddenly made Tàe startled.
“Oh Mariah! Meet Tàehyung. He came yesterday. He will be here from now on.”, Jîn introduced Tàe to a middle-aged lady with blue eyes. “I am Mariah. This is my restaurant.”, Mariah smiled kindly. “Tàehyung. It’s a lovely place. Nice to meet you.”, Tàe replied with a smile.
Mariah placed the food on their table. Corned beef and cabbage, Irish beef stew, colcannon and cheesy Guinness bread. “I ordered these so we can have some desert later. There is a shop for pies; let’s get some from there too.”, Jîn spoke as he plated his food.
Tàe looked at Jungkôôk, who was still conversing with the girl. Tàe turned away his gaze when he saw both of them looking at him. “Stephanie, come and help me. Let JK eat his food.”, Mariah told the girl Jungkôôk was talking to.
Tàe saw Stephanie mischievously snickering and trying to come towards their table, but Jungkôôk didn’t let her. He glared at her. Stephanie raised both her hands in surrender before going back to the kitchen. Tàe wondered what they were talking.
“I am going to the washroom. You guys start eating.”, Jîn informed Tàe before walking away. Jungkôôk smiled brightly at Tàe before sitting next to Tàe. Suddenly, he started helping Tàe get the stew, and he even cut the big beef pieces into small ones.
“Thank you.”, Tàe said in a feeble voice. Jungkôôk just smiled. The food was wonderful. The restaurant was busy with customers, but it had that homey, cosy vibe. Tàe liked the way Mariah was interacting with the customers; she was friendly with them rather than acting like
a boss who only ordered around. They were enjoying the food when Tàe noticed Stephanie kissing someone else. He frowned. Jungkôôk noticed it. “What happened? ” Tàe didn’t reply. He only looked in one direction. “That’s Brian, Steph’s boyfriend. We are on the same dance team.”
Jungkôôk explained. Tàe blushed awkwardly, thinking how he misunderstood she was Jungkôôk’s girlfriend. “What?! ”, Jungkôôk asked curiously. “I thought she was your girlfriend.”, Tàe replied, embarrassed. Even his ears turn red. Jungkôôk cooed at how shy and blushy
Tàe was looking. He really wanted to kiss his nose but refrained himself from doing so. “She is my best friend, and I am very much single. I love beautiful fluffy ones more than wild ones. ” Jungkôôk used his low voice, and there was a smirk on his face.
Tàe felt a shiver go through his body from that voice. He looked away and tried to calm down. Even though Jungkôôk looked like an angel, he was quite dangerous to Tàe, especially his weak heart, which skipped a beat without his desire.
So he pretended to be preoccupied with eating the colcannon. Tàe breathed a sigh of relief when Jîn joined the table. They visited the baker's shop to get the pies. Tàe noticed how caring Jungkôôk was throughout their outing.
He believes it was kindness, nothing more, or rather, he wanted to believe that. 🪄🪄🪄
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🪄🪄🪄 The dance studio door has a name plate shining under the day light: SPARKZ, is a group of talented dancers led by Júng Hôseôk, a former veteran street dancer, along with contemporary dance star Jimiñ and hip-hop queen Seoyun.
They are childhood best friends who have a strong bond. An upbeat song blasts on the studio speakers as SPARKZ members dance in perfect sync, except for one.
“HOON, WHAT THE FÚCK ARE YOU DOING? YOU ARE OFF-BEAT. WHAT’S WITH THE CRAPPY PERFORMANCE?” Hôseôk snapped, and the others looked at them worried.
"I was not off-beat, even though I was, no one was going to notice." Hôseôk became even more enraged when Hoon waved it away, despite Jimiñ's glare. Seoyun didn’t know what to say, so she kept silent. Hôseôk moved towards Hoon, pointing his finger at his chest.
“We have a reputation for being perfectly synchronised and delivering great performances. I don’t want to ruin it just because of your sorry àss who couldn’t keep up with the beat. I will give you two days. If you don’t fix it with practise, I will replace you with someone
who really deserves the spot. " Hôseôk's expression was serious and threatening. Hoon knows he is serious, so he just nodded. He didn’t want to get kicked out of the dance group. It will be difficult for him to find another well-versed group.
Hôseôk walks out of the practise room, frustrated and angry with Jimiñ following him. The other dancers were irritated at Hoon for ruining the mood for a good practise session. Everyone settled down in various spots near the wall. Hoon sat down near an empty corner.
Seoyun sighed as she took a cold water bottle and offered it to Hoon before sitting next to him. “Baby, are you okay? Hôseôkie is just mad because he is a perfectionist. He won’t kick you out, but we can’t deny the fact that you are distracted these days.”, Seoyun spoke softly.
She doesn’t want to make Hoon more irritated or unhappy, but she has to say it to make him understand what’s wrong. “I am sorry, babe. I was distracted. I will fix it. I promise.", Hoon said, pretending to apologize.
Seoyun smiled and said, “ I know, baby. I will help you with the practise.” Hoon really hated how cheery Seoyun sounded, but he gave a tight-lipped smile in return. “I am happy that you are smiling now. I will check on Hôseôkie and Jimiñie.”,
Seoyun pecked Hoon before walking towards the door. When she went outside, Hoon's expression changed to anger and irritation. He clutched the bottle hard.   🪄🪄🪄
🪄🪄🪄 Tàe looked around the backyard of the mansion, which had a glass roof and an extended patio with comfy couches and pillows. He stood near the metal railing to enjoy the relaxing moment. He watched the view from there. He shivered when a cold breeze passed through.
"Can I sit with you?" Jîn inquired as Tàe sat on the patio couch. Late at night, the golden lighting in the patio created a relaxing atmosphere. "Of course, hyung. Please sit.", Tàe smiled. "Here, I brought you a comforter and hot chocolate. It’s cold out here.", Jîn offered.
Tàe said thank you. He likes how Jîn is caring and considerate.  "I know we both didn’t have a heart-to-heart talk recently." Jîn adjusted his comforter and faced Tàe. "We were busy with finishing the first chapter."
As Tàe pointed out, it had been a hectic two weeks.  "You did well with the editing and arrangements. I am glad I invited you here, but I wanted to ask you if you are truly enjoying it here, Tàe? ", Jîn asked.
“Yes, I really love it here. Thank you for inviting me here and for the job...”, Tàe stopped in the middle and cleared his throat, “You don’t know how much it helped me. I was at my lowest and had nowhere to go then.”, Tàe said emotionally.
“You deserve it, Tàe.”, Jîn replied softly. Tàe shook his head, “You offered it because you are a kind person, hyung. I don’t know if I deserve your kindness. But nevertheless, I am thankful. " “I offered the job because you were qualified for it, dear.
I knew you would be an excellent choice and I was right. You are amazing at your work. I know what happened to you, Tàehyungie, and that doesn’t define you as a person. I know it’s difficult for you.
Believe me when I say I went through the same dreaded path before meeting your brother. " Tàe looked at Jîn with wide eyes. He doesn't know that a beautiful person like Jîn had such a terrible experience.
Jîn sighed, “Jôônie told me. He was heartbroken over your condition. Your brother loves you more than anything and still feels guilty for not protecting you as a big brother. " “It’s not hyung's fault.. I am the one who fucked up everything…” Tàe choked out tearfully.
💥 Mentions of cheàting Jîn shook his head before continuing, “No sweet heart, you didn’t. I had a similar experience. My first love, the boy I gave everything to, cheàted on me like our relationship was nothing. He even blamed me for not being good enough.
The worse it got, the more I thought he was right. Those days were horrible. He made me think I was worthless, undeserving, and incapable of true love. He continued to cheàt on me, saying he needed it because I couldn’t satisfy him. When it started to eat me alive and suffocate,
I ran away from here. I went to Korea for further studies. It’s turned out to be the best decision of my life. I met your brother and he taught me what love is and it does not come with conditions. " Tàe held Jîn’s hand, and both were crying silently.
Jîn wiped his tears and smiled. “Sometimes we are slaves to our own emotions. We dictate our feelings based on our surroundings and experience. What you are feeling may not always be right. You deserve kindness. You deserve care. You deserve all good things, especially love.
So please don’t think you are not enough. You were born to be loved, Tàe. " Jîn squeezed Tàe’s hand reassuringly. Tàe isn't sure how long he cried in Jîn's embrace, but he felt better afterwards. He can hear a voice inside him saying, "You deserve better".  🪄🪄🪄
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🪄🪄🪄 The next day, Tàe woke up with his head pounding and feeling all hot and weak. He tried to get up, but he felt like his head was spinning. He adjusted his comforter closer when he felt chills. He felt pain in his throat and coughed dryly. Then he heard a knock on the door
,but he was too weak to respond. “Tàehyungie, Jîn hyung asked me to call you for breakfast.”, he heard Jungkôôk’s voice from outside the door. Tàe tried to respond, but his throat hurt more when he tried to talk.
“Tàehyungie..Tàe…Fluffy?” Jungkôôk got worried with the lack of response from Tàe, so he decided to open the door and check. “I am coming in, Tàe.”
He opened the door and entered. He found Tàe on the bed, basically hiding under the comforter. "Hey, are you okay?" Jungkôôk inquired, concerned. Jungkôôk felt a pang in his heart when he saw how weak and tired Tàe looked.
He checked Tàe’s temperature by placing his hand on his head. It was warm. “Oh my! You have fever.” Jungkôôk rushed out of the room, saying, "I'll ask Jîn Hyung for a thermometer."
Jungkôôk came back with an equally worried Jîn. He checked Tàe's temperature. “Call Dr. Sean, he has a high fever. It says 39.4," Jîn informed Jungkôôk, who immediately called their family doctor. They both sighed in relief
when the doctor said Tàe would recover after taking medicine and getting proper rest for a few days. Jîn thanked the doctor before walking him to the door. Jungkôôk carefully wiped Tàe’s face with a towel dipped in lukewarm water. He placed a cold compress on Tae's forehead.
Jîn helped Tàe change his shirt, which was damp from sweat. Jungkôôk made some soup. He fed Tàe some soup before giving him his medicine. He helped Tàe lay down on the bed comfortably. He also adjusted the comforter while watching Tàe slowly slip into a deep slumber
because of the medicine. “Kôôk, you have practise. Go, I will take care of him.” Jîn assured Kôôk, who was taking care of Tàe, but he shook his head. “I will skip today, hyung. I wouldn’t be able to concentrate anyway.” He responded while still holding sleeping Tàe's hand.
“I know how you feel for him, Kôôk, and I understand your concern too, but your competition is coming near. You have to go to practise. I promise I will take good care of him.” Jîn tried to pursue Jungkôôk, but he could see Kôôk was not ready to agree.
“Tàe won’t like it if you skipped your practise for him. You know him; he will feel guilty, so please.” Jîn requested it again. "OK, please call me if you need assistance," Jungkôôk agreed. “I will message and update you about him too. So you go get ready.”
Jîn instructed Jungkôôk to get ready fast because it's getting late. He knows how important the competition is for his cousin, and he can’t afford to skip any practise sessions now. Jîn sat besides Tàe, holding his hand.
"You have no idea how far my idiot cousin has fallen for you. I hope you'll be equally whipped for him one day." Jîn smiled. 🪄🪄🪄
🪄🪄🪄 When Jungkôôk reached the studio, everyone had already started stretching. He saw Brian helping Stephanie do stretching exercises. "Well, well, finally, the mighty Jeon is here to shower us with his awesome talent...
I'm glad you graced us with your presence, your highness... If you change your outfit, we could start our precious practice. ”, Mark said with an over-exaggerated bow and snicker. Jungkôôk ignored him as he was not in the mood to entertain his friend’s daily dose of clownery.
He was worried about Tàe. He hoped to stay with him. Yugyeom noticed the sadness in Jungkôôk’s face, and as his best friend, he pretty much knows his every mood, like today how Jungkôôk didn’t say any of his usual retorts to Mark.
That means his best friend is either annoyed or sad but based on the crestfallen expression it's sad mood.  “Something happened? ”, Yugyeom asked as he approached Jungkôôk. "Why do you ask that? ”, Jungkôôk looked at his friend, confused.
" You have this sad romantic Romeo look on your face today, like your Juliet ran away with someone or something.”, Yugyeom teased.  “Fluff… I mean, Tàe has a fever. I wanted to skip, but Jîn hyung didn’t let me. He said I shouldn't, and he'll look after him," Jungkôôk lamented.
Yug knows who Tàe is and how many moles this beautiful Tàe has on his face because his best friend never stops talking about his fluffy. Even though his best friend's whipped culture irritated him, he was happy for Jungkôôk because he had finally found his person.
He was concerned about Jungkôôk's negative attitude toward relationships. “Hyung is right. You can't skip practise because we are nearing the competition. Don’t worry, he will be fine.”, Yugyeom assured. “I know, but he looked so weak and fragile.
Jîn hyung said he would take good care of him, but you know he has no one here. I wanted to be there for him.”, Jungkôôk sighed. "Dude, you are too gone for him.”, Yugyeom shook his head with a goofy smile as he said, “But I have a solution for you.
If we finish group practise earlier, you can quickly go to him. I will watch over others' individual practises for you today.” Jungkôôk smiled brightly at that and said, “I owe you one, Yuggie. You are an awesome best friend.”
“Of course I am. I know I am so awesome.”, Yugyeom flicked his imaginary long hair. “What are you two idiots murmuring over there? Start stretching and get into your positions.”, Stephanie's stern voice made them look in her direction.
“Oh my god, she is transformed into a daredevil leader; let’s go before she bites off our heads.”, Yugyeom said before starting to help Jungkôôk start stretching. They didn’t notice a group of girls looking at them with luscious smiles.
“They are so hot, especially Jungkôôk. Those tattoos.”, Fiona squealed. “Stop drooling, bítch. He is mine.”, a girl named Cara flipped her off. “You can have him; my eyes are only on Yug. He is so pretty.”, another girl sighed dreamily.
“Yug has a boyfriend, and Jungkôôk is not interested in relationships. Stop daydreaming. You guys are so embarrassing.”, Mina scolded her friends. “But who knows? We may have a chance.”, Cara exclaimed.
"You know Jungkôôk is bisexual, so I may have a winning chance here," a petit boy named Liam said abruptly, making the girls look at him with disdain.
“Even if you are the last person on planet earth, I don’t think Jungkôôk will be interested in you. He turned you down more than ten times. Please learn to take the rejection and move on.”, Mina said, looking at Liam pointedly.
It’s true that the majority of their dance crew has a crush on Jungkôôk, but Liam is an exception. The guy is crazy for Jungkôôk. She really hàtes him for pestering Jungkôôk on a daily basis. It’s been getting so uncomfortable.
“You are just petty; he doesn’t even spare a glance at you.”, Liam mocked. Mina was about to lash out, "Oh fúck off, loser..." Then Steph called for them to get into position, so she only scoffed and walked away.
As expected, the practise was intense. Stephanie is a perfectionist demon, and at the end of the session, her own boyfriend was playfully cursing at her for being a brute. “Please spare us for today. I can’t even fúcking feel my legs anymore.”, Brian cried out.
“You are so lazy and weak. ”, Steph glared at her boyfriend, "I should make you do some more exercises at home." “Oh no. Please don't. I am already on the verge of running away from you. Someone, save me from her. ”, Brian pleaded. Steph pinched Brian's waist in annoyance.
Jungkôôk observed their squabbles, but it made him want to see Tàe so badly. He hurriedly took out his phone to check for messages from Jîn. He sighed with relief when he saw the message that Tàe's fever was not as high as it had been in the morning.
Jungkôôk checked the time; he needs to stay here one more hour, then he can go see his fluffy. "I will be there soon, fluffy.”, Jungkôôk mumbled to himself.  🪄🪄🪄
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🪄🪄🪄 "And the next performers on stage are the most formidable group with gifted talents and experts in synchronization: the SPARKZ.. " The announcement made the crowd roar in anticipation. Jimiñ and Hôseôk stood on opposite sides of the stage, wearing gold body suits, black
harnesses, and masks, as the stage light dimmed to pitch black. The golden accessories are glistening in the lights. An upbeat song started to play, and both of them started to move exotically, like they were seducing the crowd with their sexy moves.
Then the other members joined, making the stage lighting have different hues. Yôôngi attended the D5 stage festival to see his boyfriend and his team perform. They are dazzling and moving in perfect sync. It’s breath-taking and beautiful.
They have powerful dance moves that have the audience screaming with delight. They end with Jimiñ and Hôseôk's perfect backflipping stunt. The whole arena was filled with clapping, screaming, and standing ovations.
Yôôngi smiles at Jimiñ when he looks at him. "I am so proud of you," he mouths to his boyfriend, watching  Jimiñ’s dazzling smile in return. He rushes backstage when Jimiñ’s team clears the stage for the next performance.
When Jimiñ sees Yôôngi, he runs up to him and hugs him, ignoring the fact that he is probably drenched in sweat, but who cares; he is excited. He knows his boyfriend will not mind that either. Yôôngi may be an introvert and a cold person outside, but he knows his
boyfriend is a soft little kitten when it comes to him. That’s why their love is still strong after so many years. "Your performance was so beautiful, baby, it made my heart beat faster." Yôôngi murmured to Jimiñ.
Jimiñ pecked him in delight, happy with Yôôngi’s words, “Thank you, Yoon.” “Ah! Stop with your smoochie smooch session; some of us are single. I am already done with the disgustingily affectionate couples within my team. ” Hôseôk’s exclamation made everyone laugh.
“You guys were awesome.”, Yôôngi said as he passed Jimiñ the rose bouquet he brought. “I hope we get the first prize.”, Seoyun said nervously. “Are you kidding? Of course you will. Your performance was far better than others.”, Yôôngi assured. "Thanks, Yôôngi.”, Seoyun smiled.
“Get ready; we have to go back to the stage for the prize announcement after the last team's performance.”, Hôseôk instructed. “I will go back. All the best.”, Yôôngi pulled Jimiñ into a sweet kiss before going back to his seat.
As expected, SPRKZ won the competition. The team members hugged and congratulated each other. They all went to a club to celebrate. It was Hôseôk’s idea. Yôôngi was not a fan of crowded and noisy places, but he knew Jimiñ loved it, and he wanted his boyfriend to have fun.
Yôôngi sipped his whiskey as he watched Jimiñ, Hôseôk, and Seoyun dance. They have too much energy. He thought. To his surprise, Hôôn came and sat next to him. He didn't seem to notice Yôôngi. He seemed like he was already getting drunk, but he still ordered a few more
glasses of vodka. "Fúck, where... are you, Tàe?" Hôôn grumbled drunkenly. Yôôngi perked up when he heard that name. He was really curious why Hôôn was trying so hard to find this Tàe person. He was even ignoring his own girlfriend today. Usually Hôôn is really attentive and
overly caring towards Seoyun, but today he doesn’t even let her take him for a dance. He was in a sour mood even after winning the competition. “I am going to find you… I'll find you... ", Hôôn said as he drank the last vodka shot before standing up and
walking towards the club door. Yôôngi frowned at the guy before going to inform Seoyun. When they came out with Seoyun, they saw Hôôn trying to get into a cab.
“Babe, where are you going? If you are going home, I will come with you.”, Seoyun asked. "No, no, I am...going to ..see my Tàe.. ”, Hôôn slurred. “Tàe? Who is that? ”, Seoyun asked confused.  "Who are you to ask me? " Hôôn ignored her and told the driver,
“ Go to ...street...avenue residence.” Yôôngi grabbed a stunned Seoyun and got into the car with Hôôn. “Where are we going? ”, Seoyun whispered to Yôôngi. “I don’t know; let's just follow him. He's drunk and talking nonsense; you don't want him to get into trouble, do you?"
Yôôngi's response prompted Seoyun to silently follow him into the car. “Why the car? Fúcking ....Get out!" cursed Hôôn. “We are your friends, Hôôn. Remember, you told us to come and meet Tàe. So we are going together.”, Yôôngi lied.
“But I don’t ...wa..nt you meet him.”, Hôôn slurred. “It’s okay, we won’t meet him. We just need a free ride to there.”, Yôôngi tried again. That answer did satisfy Hôôn, so he hummed and nodded.
Seoyun looked at Yôôngi questionably, but Yôôngi shook his head. He doesn't want to say anything that will upset his friend, but he needs to know the truth about what Hôôn is up to.
They sat in silence as the car reached the building named Street Avenue. It was a pretty decent building. The receptionist smiled at Hôôn when she saw him, like she was so familiar with him. Seoyun seemed worried, but Yôôngi told her to follow Hôôn.
When they reached the fifth floor, Hôôn went to an apartment door and tried to open it with the passcode, but it was rejected. Hôôn tried again, making the tenant inside come out to check who was messing with his door. “What are you doing? ”, the guy asked Hôôn.
“Who . ..are you? Where my ..Tàe?”, Hôôn glared at the guy. “I don’t know any Tàe. I live here currently and you are disturbing me.”, the guy answered, irritated. “Where...did you ...hide him, you fúcker? ”, Hôôn tried to grab the guy’s shirt, but Seoyun held him back.
Before it escalated, Yôôngi intervened. “Sorry, my friend here is drunk and telling me to go see this Tae. So we came alongside him. We are really sorry to disturb you.”, Yôôngi apologized. “It’s okay. I think he was looking for the guy who previously rented this apartment.
I think his name was Tàe something. I got a few mails with his name on them, but his brother picked them up the day before." the man shrugged. “Was the person who came here saying his name was Namjôôn? ”, Yôôngi asked just in case. The guy thought for a moment
and then replied.  “Yes, that’s what he said.”, the guy confirmed. “Sorry again. We will leave now.” Yôôngi bowed to the guy before joining Seoyun to help lift up a passed out Hôôn. They somehow get hold of Hôôn. She also bowed to the guy before getting back in the elevator.
Seoyun seemed to have a lot on her mind during the ride towards her apartment, but she only thanked Yôôngi when they arrived.
"Where were you, and where are Seoyun and Hôôn?" Jimiñ was concerned when Yoongi returned to the club, "I was so worried. ” Yôôngi tiredly sat next to Jimiñ, laying his head on his shoulder.
“I am sorry, I left my phone in your bag. Hôôn got drunk and went out alone, almost causing a scene; luckily, I saw him going out. We were with him. I just dropped them off at their place." Yôôngi sighed. “Thank god you saw him; otherwise, I don’t know what kind of trouble
he would have brought.”, Hôseôk shook his head in disapproval. "Hey, don’t be mean. He is part of our team and Seoyunie's boyfriend.”, Jimiñ pouted. “I am not mean. "I just don't like the fact that he could have performed better, you know," Hôseôk protested,
"I agree he performed decently today, but Jimiñie our next stage is international competition we can't afford someone in our team to slack off," Hôseôk stated.
“Hey man, cool down. Just enjoy today's victory; you can always give him extra practise starting tomorrow." Yôôngi said, and others agreed. Jimiñ kissed Yôôngi’s cheek as a thank you before cheering a shot for their victory. 🪄🪄🪄
Tàe awoke when he heard a soft voice calling to him. He slowly opened his eyes, blinking a few times to adjust to the daylight. "Hello, fluffy..." Jungkôôk spoke tenderly, "Here, I brought you some porridge. You need to take your medicines.” “I'm not hungry.. ”
Tàe pouted even though his headache had lessened, but he didn’t feel like eating anything. “That won’t do, my dear fluffy. You need to eat to get better. Common.” Jungkôôk assisted him in slowly sitting up against the headboard. He adjusted the pillows so
Tàe could sit comfortably. Tàe noticed Jungkôôk was still wearing his practise outfit, indicating that he had returned from practice. He was concerned about Jungkôôk coming earlier than usual. He wondered if he had enough time to practise because Kôôk usually returns late.
"Say ahh...," Jungkôôk offered Tàe a spoonful of porridge. Tàe looked at him for a few moments, feeling shy, then slowly opened his mouth. Jungkôôk started to feed him. He offered water in between and even wiped the corners of Tàe’s mouth.
Tàe felt his eyes tear up; no one except his brother took care of him like this. Sometimes he longed for someone to just be there for him. Jungkôôk was smiling at Tàe, but he saw him tearing up, so he got worried. Ha cupped Tàe’s face with one hand. “Did your head hurt, fluffy?”
He caressed Tàe’s cheek in comfort when Tàe shook his head, sniffling. "Don't cry; seeing you cry breaks my heart." Jungkôôk spoke quietly. Those words warmed Tàe’s heart. He can see Jungkôôk’s genuine worry and concern. It felt good to be cared for for the first time.
Tàe looked at him and nodded in understanding. Jungkôôk carefully wiped Tàe’s tears. He gave him some water and medicine and helped him lie down again. He adjusted the comforter and sat near Tàe on the bed.
“Now be a good fluffy and close your eyes. Get some sleep.” Jungkôôk said softly, caressing Tàe's hair. He smiled when he saw Tàe’s eyes fluttering close. He continued to caress his hair soothingly till he felt Tàe fall into a deep slumber.
“I really wish to take away all the pain from you, my fluffy. I really do. Sleep well, sweetheart, you will be better soon.” Jungkôôk whispered. He really wanted to kiss Tàe on his forehead, but he didn’t know if that was appropriate, so he kissed his hand and placed it on
Tàe’s hair. “Please be happy with this small token of love for now. I will give you all the kisses you deserve once you are all mine.” Jungkôôk smiled and slowly walked out of the room.
Tàe had been awake the entire time, and a blush had bloomed on his soft cheeks. Tàe sinks into the comforter; he feels like his heart is racing fast and that his body is warm for some reason other than fever. 🪄🪄🪄
🪄🪄🪄 Tàe straightened his posture after editing for a long time. It’s been two months since he came to Ireland. He now began working on the final editing of Jîn's new book. It’s going great. What made Tàe happy was that Jîn always considered his suggestions and said it
made his work even better. Jîn’s publishers are happy with his work too. He looked outside through the glass windows, and a smile crept onto his lips as he saw the familiar tray with tea, snacks, and a lovely message. Tàe stood up to inspect it.
The note says,  𝐴 𝑤𝑖𝑠𝑒 𝑝𝑒𝑟𝑠𝑜𝑛 𝑜𝑛𝑐𝑒 𝑠𝑎𝑖𝑑, “𝑂𝑛𝑒 𝑐𝑎𝑛𝑛𝑜𝑡 𝑡ℎ𝑖𝑛𝑘 𝑤𝑒𝑙𝑙, 𝑙𝑜𝑣𝑒 𝑤𝑒𝑙𝑙, 𝑜𝑟 𝑠𝑙𝑒𝑒𝑝 𝑤𝑒𝑙𝑙, 𝑖𝑓 𝑜𝑛𝑒 ℎ𝑎𝑠 𝑛𝑜𝑡 𝑑𝑖𝑛𝑒𝑑 𝑤𝑒𝑙𝑙.” 𝑆𝑜 𝑠𝑡𝑜𝑝 𝑠𝑘𝑖𝑝𝑝𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑦𝑜𝑢𝑟 𝑙𝑢𝑛𝑐ℎ, 𝑚𝑦 𝑓𝑙𝑢𝑓𝑓𝑦,
𝑠𝑜 𝑦𝑜𝑢 𝑐𝑎𝑛 𝑡ℎ𝑖𝑛𝑘, 𝑠𝑙𝑒𝑒𝑝, 𝑎𝑛𝑑, 𝑚𝑜𝑠𝑡 𝑖𝑚𝑝𝑜𝑟𝑡𝑎𝑛𝑡𝑙𝑦, 𝑙𝑜𝑣𝑒 𝑚𝑒 𝑤𝑒𝑙𝑙 😉
Tàe blushed while reading the last line. When Jungkôôk started this, at first he thought it was out of kindness, but now he knows Jungkôôk is interested in him. Recently, the mischievous angel has been flirting with him whenever he gets a chance.
He knows he's gradually falling for Jungkôôk, and who wouldn't when Kôôk treats him like something precious, but he still has the fear. What if Jungkôôk grows tired of him later? Will this also end up like his previous relationship?
Tàe shook his head to clear his thoughts. Then he remembered Jîn telling him he needed to be brave and move on from his horrible past.
Tàe took out his phone and called Namjôôn. He hoped his brother was available to take his call. “Hey little one, are you alright? ” A fond smile appeared on Tàe’s lips when he heard his brother’s concerned voice. “I am good, hyung. How are you? ”
“I am fine, dear, just going through my formalities for getting a visa. I will be there sooner than I think if the process goes well.”, Namjôôn said happily. “Oh my god, hyung. Jîn hyung will be so happy if he hears this. ”, Tàe squealed in happiness.
“Just keep it to yourself. I want to surprise him when I reach there.” “Okay, I will not tell him.”, Tàe promised. “Common little one, you called me for something, right? Now tell your favourite hyung what happened?.”, Namjôôn asked.
Tàe bit his lip in nervousness. He doesn’t know how Jôôn will take the news about Jungkôôk. “About that… ”, Tàe started telling Namjôôn everything that happened and his fear and dilemma. His brother listened to everything attentively.
“I know you have gone through a painful path after what happened to your relationship. Your fear, dilemma, and confusion are valid. You were brave to face it all. ” Tàe hummed when he heard Namjôôn talk.
“To be honest, I wanted you to acknowledge your pain rather than suppress it. I thought giving yourself time away from here may help; that’s why I suggested you go abroad.”
Tàe knows his brother is always thoughtful and caring. He is grateful for that suggestion; it literally saved him. He can breathe more freely now, and he is enjoying things more than before too. "About Jungkôôk, Tàe, follow your heart. I know him; he is a good person,
but I want you to decide for yourself. You have to accept things as they are and build yourself up to acknowledge and trust. If you get to know him, you will know if he is meant to be. I don't want you to force yourself to be considerate towards Jungkôôk.
Please take your time and be brave to move on.” He heard Namjôôn taking a deep breath before telling him, "Just be yourself; you are worthy and loved.” Tàe felt the intensity of his brother's emotions.
“Thank you, hyung. I am glad I have you as my comfort. I love you, and please come here fast. I miss you." Tàe said, feeling the same way. “I love you too, little one. Take care.” Tàe held the phone near his ear for a few minutes,
even after he heard the beep sound after the call ended. Then he sighed and put the phone back in his pocket. He looked outside and watched the beautiful scenery. He needs to believe in himself and Jungkôôk. He needs to tell him everything before this continues further.
"I hope you're still interested after hearing about my past," Tàe mumbled, looking at Jungkôôk's lovely message. 🪄🪄🪄
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🪄🪄🪄 Tàe woke up early the next morning, and after freshening up, he stood in front of the mirror. He never had a prep talk before, but somehow he feels like he needs some good self encouragement to get more confident and enthusiastic.
“It’s fine. It’s going to be fine, Tàe, just like Jôônie hyung said, be yourself.” He told himself this before taking out his outfit from the cupboard, a white shirt and blue jeans. He doesn’t want an extravagant look. He adjusted his hair.
Then he remembered the earring given to him by Jîn last week. Jîn somehow knew about Tàe's liking for long earrings and gifted them a pair. He opened his drawer and took it. It was an elegant crystal snow stud with two dangling silver chains attached to a silver earring.
He put it on and caressed his ear, feeling good because it’s the first time he's pampered himself after what happened with Hôôn. He loves this new feeling and how good the earring looks on him.
Tàe went to the kitchen and started making a breakfast box for Jungkôôk, as he knew Kôôk wouldn’t be joining today for breakfast. Their competition is next week, so they are staying at Stephanie’s place to practise. Tàe laughed as he remembered Jungkôôk's complaints about
Steph's demon training camp. Tàe started with making rice and eggs for the kimbap. Then he started cutting cucumber, carrot, bacon, ham, and fishcake into thin, long strips. He took out some pickled radish too. Then he added sesame oil, crushed sesame seeds,
and salt to the rice. He started rolling it, then applied some sesame oil on top of the roll before cutting it into pieces. He put it in one part of the double layer bento box. He added some side dishes.
One box is filled with some fruits, dumplings, fried tofu, hot sauce, and kimchi. Then he packed the container into a cute lunch bag. “What's special today? It smells really good.”, Jîn told Tàe when he came into the kitchen.
“I made kimbap, dumplings, and fried tofu cheese.”, Tàe plated everything for Jîn and gave it to him, then plated one for himself. They began to eat at the kitchen table.
"Oh, it seems like we will be on an errand for special delivery of breakfast.” Jîn wiggled his eyebrows with a knowing smile when he saw the neatly placed lunch bag on the counter. “I thought I could deliver him some because it’s been tough for him, the practise.
Hmm...I'd like to cheer him on with breakfast... and then..." Tàe stopped midway to take a breath. He knows Jîn won’t judge him. As expected, Jîn had an encouraging smile on his face. “I want to tell him everything about my ex.. ”
Tàe picked at his food with chopsticks nervously. “I am glad. It’s a good decision, Tàe. I know Jungkôôk will understand. Don’t be afraid. Even though he is all goofy and playful all the time, he is the most understanding and caring person.
I am not saying this because he is my cousin; that is just how he is. Just trust me on this; yeah, it will be a good start to something new. ” Jîn smiled beautifully. Tàe felt relief telling Jîn about it, and he smiled back. When they finished eating,
Jîn helped him clean everything. “I will take you to Steph's house. Get an overcoat, it’s cold outside.” Jîn expressed his excitement to Tàe before leaving to retrieve his car key.
Tàe looked at Jîn, confused, when they reached the red restaurant, Mariah’s diner/bar, the one they usually visit rather than a house. “I forgot to tell you. Stephanie has a dance studio upstairs. They practise here. I will go and call Kook; you stay here till he comes;
if you go there, it will be big chaos. I don’t think that’s what you need in here so early in the morning.” Jîn sighed, remembering Jungkôôk's dance buddy's visit to their house a long time ago. It was so chaotic, especially with the redhead named Mark.
Tàe nodded in understanding and said, “ I will wait here, hyung.” Jîn went inside after greeting Mariah. The diner was busy as usual. Tàe notices that almost every outside seat is occupied, and the servers are greeting the guests with a friendly smile.
Jungkôôk was disappointed because he wouldn't be able to see fluffy as frequently as before. He cursed Stephanie internally for being a perfectionist. Then again, when Mina asked him for help correcting his dance steps, Kook didn't hesitate.
Jungkôôk was showing Mina the dance move when Mark suddenly came in and hugged him. "I'm so glad you're on our team; because of you, we get to feel the heavenly presence of a divine being blessing us. Mark exclaimed, but Jungkôôk pushed him away with all his strength.
“Are you going nuts? ” Jungkôôk scolded him, irritated. “Aww.. "Can't you be a little nicer to your friend?" Mark moaned in pain as he rubbed his back. “You just jumped on me out of nowhere and expect me to be nice. You are an idiot.”
Jungkôôk grumbled. Yug snickered as he walked towards the chaos. “Kôôk, your cousin is here; that’s why our red riding hood pulled that crazy stunt.” Yug explained that, which made Jungkôôk and Mina let out an “Oh” in understanding.
It happens every time Seôkjin visits them: the whole dance crew goes hyper. Well, they can’t blame them because Jîn is such a beautiful, rich, and successful writer.
“Kôôk, you better take your cousin downstairs before everyone goes into crazy fan mode.” Yug said as he closed his ears, hearing some of the girls' high pitched squealing sounds near the door. Jungkôôk went towards the door, a bit confused as to why Jîn personally came
here rather than calling. But when Jungkôôk reached the door, Jîn pulled him out immediately and started walking away from the studio with a grimace. “Oh! My god. Youngsters these days have no manners. One of your group members just invited me to sleep with her.
I have a boyfriend and everyone knows it. What is she even thinking?” Jungkôôk laughed at Jîn's terrified expression. “You hate it so much meeting my dance crew, then why are you here, hyung. Is Tàe okay?” Jungkôôk asked, confused, as they walked down the steps,
which made Jîn halt. “Here I have gone through the most remorseful experience of my life, and all you care about is your Tàe. You ungrateful brat.” Jîn pretended to be angry, but Jungkôôk laughed it off because he knew Jîn loved to be dramatic.
“Cool down, hyung. You talk as if you don’t hit on a daily basis, especially when there is a fan sign.” Jungkôôk pointed it out, but Jîn ignored it, obviously changing the subject.
“Common, go to my car. I'll get some lunch from Mariah because we'll be too busy today to prepare lunch." Before Jungkôôk can question anything about it, Jîn goes into the restaurant. Kôôk walked towards Jîn’s car as he spotted it in the parking lot of the diner.
When he went near, he saw Tàe sitting on the passenger seat, which made him run towards the car. Tàe got startled as Jungkôôk suddenly appeared near the passenger seat's window with a gorgeous smile. “Hey fluffy.”
Jungkôôk greeted Tàe, who smiled shyly before opening the door and bringing out the packed breakfast. “ Hi.” Tàe greeted him back. From an outsider’s point of view, they may have looked like a pair of shy teenagers crushing on each other.
Neither of them spoke for a while, then Tàe offered Jungkôôk the packed breakfast box. “I cooked some breakfast for you.” Tàe said softly. Jungkôôk's eyes widened with delight as he took the breakfast box.
Then a cold breeze passed by, making Tàe shiver lightly. Jungkôôk thought for a moment, then held Tàe’s hand. “Let’s sit in the backseat of the car.”
Tàe agreed, and they settled comfortably in the backseat. Jungkôôk carefully opened the boxes' lids, not wanting to spill the contents. He hummed in delight when he saw kimbap and fried cheese tofu. Tàe smiled as he saw Jungkôôk immediately begin eating it.
Then suddenly Jungkôôk stopped munching and asked Tàe, “Did you eat breakfast? ” “Yes, I did. So please eat it. Tàe replied with a smile. Then Jungkôôk picked up a piece of tofu with his chopsticks and offered it to Tàe.
“ Please eat some with me. I don’t want you to feel lonely while I am eating.” Tàe’s breath hitched Jungkôôk always has a way to make his heart skip a beat. It’s like he knows the very big impact he has on Tàe.
When Tàe didn't respond, Jungkôôk tilted his head, puppy eyes flashing. Tàe blushed slightly but opened his mouth so Jungkôôk could feed him. They eat breakfast quietly while Jungkôôk feeds Tàe in between.
“Thank you, fluffy. I am now energised to suffer through Steph’s demon camp.” After eating everything, Jungkôôk showed him thumbs up with both hands, and his face morphed into a goofy expression. Tàe laughed before packing the containers back into the bag.
He also gave Jungkôôk a bottle of water and some tissues. Tàe cleared his throat after cleaning up before beginning to speak. “I came to talk about something else too.”
Tàe clutched his hands, feeling nervous all of a sudden. "If you came here to give me my well deserved good luck kisses, then give me some; I'm in desperate need of them." Jungkôôk said, pointing to his left cheek.
Obviously, he was joking to relieve Tàe’s nervousness, which made Tàe hit his chest, embarrassed. “I was kidding, fluffy. Please tell me what you came here for.” Jungkôôk asked after giggling. Tàe pursed his lips before speaking.
“I know your intent if I am not reading wrong about your lovely gestures…”, Tàe stopped and looked at Jungkôôk, feeling insecure suddenly if he really misinterpreted Kôôk’s actions. “You are reading right, fluffy. I like you.”
Jungkôôk confirmed it before Tàe could question his feelings for him. Tàen nodded, and, a small smile appeared on his lips. “But before we could move forward, I needed to tell you about my past, especially my last relationship. I want you to decide after hearing me out...
I don’t want you to jump into a relationship with me blindly.” Tàe spoke sadly as his voice cracked in between. So Jungkôôk held Tae's hand and caressed it as a comfort.
“If that’s what you need to feel assured, then I will hear out everything. My feelings for you don’t change that easily, fluffy. Everyone has their own set of imperfections, including me. That’s what makes us crave for love. It’s okay to feel troubled or worried,
but at the end of the day, I still want you to choose me. ” Jungkôôk spoke to Tàe heartily.  Tàe can see his sincerity in Kôôk’s eyes. He took a deep breath and nodded. “Okay, I understand.” “I will take you out on Sunday, then we will talk, okay? ”
Tàe agreed after Jungkôôk suggested it. “Can I ask you something? It may be a bit out of the line, but please say yes.” Jungkook inquired softly of Tàe, who looked at him puzzled. “Can I… can I hug you for a moment.” Jungkôôk looked at Tàe expectantly.
Tàe was speechless and blushed but gave a soft nod. Then he felt Jungkôôk's warm embrace, squeezing him lightly. He awkwardly sat there being hugged for a while before slowly hugging Jungkôôk back. It felt safe and secure to be embraced by Jungkôôk.
Both of them closed their eyes, snuggling close and loving the feeling of a warm hug on a cold day.
They got startled by Jîn loudly clearing his throat. Tàe detached from Jungkôôk immediately, which made Kôôk pout and glare at Jîn. “What?! We need to go back. You ... get out of my car.”
Jîn pointed at Jungkôôk as he slid into the driver's seat. Tàe sighed in relief as Jîn didn’t call them out for being too intimate. Jungkôôk huffed before getting out, but he helped Tàe get into the passenger seat with a smile anyway. “See you later, fluffy.”
Jungkôôk bid good bye to Tàe with a lovely smile and walked back to the studio, ignoring Jîn. Then he heard a yell, which made him snicker. “YAY!!! YOU STUPID BUNNY LOOKING UNGRATEFUL BRAT.. ” 🪄🪄🪄
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🪄🪄🪄 Jimiñ was checking Yôôngi’s message, saying he is planning to take a break from his work to accompany Jimiñ when his competition abroad starts. He smiled so brightly. Yôôngi has always been supportive of his dance career, but
this is the first time he is accompanying him to a competition. He sent back some happy kissing emoji in response. Seoyun was watching Jimiñ’s antics. It must be good to be in love with a person who reciprocates. She thought miserably.
She feels like Hôôn is not even interested in her anymore. It’s been weeks since they had a date or even spent time together. Hôôn dismisses her these days, telling her he has to do individual practises and will leave right after their group practices.
The only good news is that Hôseôk is pleased with Hôôn's efforts. But she is so sad that she feels like Hôôn is slipping away slowly. “Hey Seoyunie… hey.. ” Seoyun got startled when Jimiñ tapped her shoulder to get her attention. “Hah..? ” Seoyun looked at him, perplexed.
“You seemed to be in deep thought. I was calling you a few times, but you didn’t respond.” Jimiñ told her, looking at her in worry. “Are you okay? If there is any problem, you know you can share it with me, right? ”
He asked, as he knew something was bothering Seoyun these days because she was less lively and always spacing out. It feels like she is changing into a new person, like she somehow lost a part of herself that shone brightly before.
“Nothing.. I was just worried about our competition. We are all going abroad in a few months. I am just feeling nervous.” She lied with a small smile, as she didn’t want to make Jimiñ worry for her. Whatever happens in her relationship,
it’s better to keep it to herself because if she says anything, it will affect the team’s current dynamic. She knows it’s their dream competition. So it’s better to mourn quietly inside. Jimiñ sighed and smiled, "Don't worry, sweetheart, everything will be fine.
I thought you may be sad because Hôôn is busy with his practises these days. If you want, I can ask Hôseôkie to give him a day off so you can go on a date or something.” Jimiñ suggested. Seoyun wants to laugh because even if Hôôn gets a day off, he will not spend time with her.
Recently, Hôôn has been in contact with a private detective. It was supposed to be a secret, but Seoyun accidentally found out when she visited him as a surprise. Hôôn was startled but schooled his expression, even if he was not happy that Seoyun interrupted their talk.
When she inquired about it, he said one of his close friends went missing, so he is trying to find him. She was suspicious because Hôôn didn’t give any more details, not even the missing guy's name. He was also quick to divert her attention by claiming to be hungry.
That conversation died there and was never brought up again. This incident unintentionally left her in a bigger mess of riddles and confusion.
“Hey, are you really okay? You spaced out again. I know you didn’t hear a word I said.” Jimiñ complained as he pouted. Seoyun feels bad for not being attentive to her friend, so she quickly apologized, promising Jimiñ to buy his favourite drink as a peace offering.
Jimiñ just laughed it off, telling her about Yôôngi’s plan, and this time Seoyun smiled genuinely at her friend. 🪄🪄🪄
🪄🪄🪄 Tàe nervously adjusted his earring. It’s an earring with blue and pink butterflies attached together in a loop with a dangling pearl drop on its hoop design. He caressed his outfit while looking at the mirror. It’s brand new; Jîn hyung forced him to go shopping just to
buy all these. He said it’s necessary to make a good impression on a first date. Tàe denied the date part and said it was just an outing, but Jîn said it had to be a date given Jungkôôk's extra efforts in the preparations. Tàe even tried to get Jîn hyung spill some details,
but the older man just winked and said it was a surprise. So here Tàe is in a light blue shirt, navy blue coat, and blue jeans with a big butterfly design on them, waiting for Jungkôôk to pick him up.
Tàe took a deep breath and went to open his door when he heard the knock. When he opened the door, Jungkôôk was standing there with a lavender rose bouquet. It has pearls decorated in between. He was wearing a white shirt and black jeans. Today he was wearing dangling earrings,
which made him look so beautiful. Tàe, on the other hand, did not express his thoughts, but Jungkôôk did. “Wow! Fluffy, you look stunning. ” Jungkôôk smiled.
"You look good too.” Tàe replied shyly. “Just good? Here I thought you would definitely call me an angel again.” Jungkôôk teased him, but Tàe ignored it.
“Here, for my lovely fluffy.” Tàe was taken aback by how lovely the bouquet was. He can't help but admire its beauty.  “You should admire me more today, fluffy; obviously, I am prettier than those flowers.” Jungkôôk spoke in a low tone, making Tàe blush furiously.
“Let’s go..” Jungkôôk told Tàe after helping him put the flowers in a vase. When Jungkôôk extended his hand to Tàe, he took it. When they got outside, there was a vintage vine-red pickup truck waiting for them. Jungkôôk led him to the passenger seat,
then he hopped on to the driver's seat. He played some sweet, romantic melodies while driving. “Where are we going? ”, Tàe asked curiously. "Wait and see, fluffy. What’s the fun in me spoiling the moment for you.”, Jungkôôk winked at him. Tàe looked outside; there were
beautiful meadows with purple flowers. After a while, he could hear the sound of waves. Jungkôôk parked the car and assisted Tàe in exiting. He was welcomed by a marvellous view of cliffs. It was entirely vertical and had abrupt edges.
From the edge, he could see the calm waves crashing and the soft shale and sandstone. The greenery and the yellow flowers on the coastline made it look stunning.
“It’s really pretty. I have never seen a cliff before. I remember Jîn hyung telling me there was one nearby. It’s absolutely breath-taking. Thank you for bringing me here.” Tàe said as he was still looking at the sea, while Kôôk was looking at Tàe’s awe as he spotted some birds.
Jungkôôk was in a trance, and nothing took his breath away more than the eternal looking man in front of him. When Tàe noticed Jungkôôk's intense gaze, he gave him a shy smile. "I wanted to plan something grand for the first time I took you out, but with the limited time I had,
I could only think of this place. Here is where I come and sit for a while if something is bothering me. I thought whatever you wanted to share with me, you would feel the comfort I felt here while you were telling me everything. ”
Tàe was always struck by Jungkôôk's eyes, which shone with fondness and care whenever he spoke to him. He is indeed an angel, a heaven sent one who came to earth just to comfort him. Tàe felt that if he talked, his voice would crack, so he just nodded.
“Just wait here, fluffy. I have something to set up, and please don’t go near the edges.” Jungkôôk said to Tàe before returning to the pickup truck. Meanwhile, Tàe took out his new phone, which he had recently purchased, to take some pictures.
He was so preoccupied with taking pictures that he didn't notice Jungkôôk had returned and was standing nearby. “Take a picture with me too.” Jungkôôk whispered near Tàe’s ear, making Tàe jump. “You frightened me.”
Tàe laughed as he hit his chest, but he did as Jungkôôk asked. He was not surprised this time when Jungkôôk backhugged him from behind, making a blush appear on his bread cheeks. He turned the camera into selfie mode and took a picture of both of them.
Jungkook then placed a small mat on the ground and assisted Tàe in sitting facing the sea. Tàe knows it’s time for him to open up. Even though he was nervous, he started speaking. “I am the second child in my family, as you know, after my brother Namjôôn.
He was always a bright student and son. I was just an average boy with no sense of competition. That’s why our parents were really strict when it came to me. Slowly, it led to my becoming a complete stranger in my own family. Because the atmosphere was suffocating,
I moved out as soon as I finished school. For them, I was not enough. The only good thing was Jôônie Hyung, but he got busy soon after joining medicine. My loneliness and sadness clogged me more and more every day. Then I met Hôôn, my ex.” Tàe stopped as he looked at
Jungkôôk’s reaction, but he just held out his hand for Tàe to hold on to while giving him a soft smile. "My relationship with Hôôn was like a good rain in the desert for me; I felt he was the only one for me and that he cherished me as much as I cherished him.
At first, I didn't think anything about keeping our relationship private. I thought he needed time, but gradually, even if I felt it wasn't enough, I tamed myself to believe that was the only way I could keep him. Even I ignored Jôônie hyung's concerns and warnings because
I was desperate for his love. ” It was hard for Tàe to explain his relationship with Hôôn. He clutched Jungkôôk’s hand tightly when he told him about what happened. How he helped a guy on the side of the road led him to meet Seoyun, his boyfriend’s lover,
and how he realised Hôôn was cheating on him all along. His mental breakdown, hospitalisation, resignation, how his parents' temperament changed when they got to know he resigned his job, and finally, coming to Ireland. Jungkôôk felt mixed emotions.
First of all, he wanted to beat the shít out of Hôôn and give a good lecture to Tàe’s stupid parents, but his priority was to comfort his fluffy, so he listened attentively.
“I just wanted to be loved, so you can say I ignored all the problems in my relationship just to cling on to him. For me, the care he was showing was enough, but it was all lies. I was a fool to think he'd truly love someone like me."
Jungkôôk hugged Tàe close when he saw Tàe crying. “Fluffy, don’t ever say that. You are amazing. You are beautiful and intelligent. More than that, you are kind and caring. That guy is a fool for doing something horrible like that to you. It’s his loss.
You are born to be loved, and if you give me a chance, I will prove it to you in every way possible. I promise.” Jungkôôk kissed Tàe’s hair as he comforted him. They stayed in each other’s arms till Tàe calmed down. They arrived later in the afternoon,
so the sky has gradually begun to turn orange and red. Jungkôôk slowly detached from Tàe, holding on to Tàe’s chin to look at him. “Hey fluffy, you know something beautiful like a rainbow happens after a rain, right? You've been through a lot, but you're a strong person
for enduring it all. Truly admirable. Let’s forget it and create something more beautiful, like us, you and me.” Jungkôôk kissed Tàe’s forehead.
"Yes... I would love it.” Tàe nodded and hugged Jungkôôk, crying again, this time happy tears, causing Jungkôôk to cry as well but smile brightly while hugging Tàe closer.
Tàe's tears were wiped away by Jungkôôk. He even gave him a towel to wipe his face. When they calmed down enough to talk, Jungkôôk started talking. “I had planned something, even though you said it was just a talk. It’s my first time talking you out, so for me,
it’s our first date.” Jungkôôk looked nervous and shy when he said it. Tàe looked at him curiously. “It’s okay. Let’s consider this as our first date then.” Jungkôôk smiled as Tàe replied shyly.
“Come with me.”, Jungkôôk led Tàe to where the pickup truck car was parked. Tàe was surprised by the date setting Jungkôôk had planned when they arrived at the back of it. There was a fluffy mattress with pillows.
There was a small table with a jar of fairy lights on it for lighting. There was a picnic basket too. Tàe shrieked in surprise as Jungkôôk hoisted him onto the truck. Kook just giggled as he also climbed on it. He helped Tàe settle down on the mattress.
Jungkôôk opened the picnic basket and placed the wine, two glasses, chocolate truffle cake, strawberries, and some sweets. He poured the wine and gave it to Tàe. “For the beautiful us.”
Jungkôôk cheered, and Tàe let out a laugh. They talked about themselves as they shared the sweets and wine. When the scenery behind them changed to a wonderful sunset, Jungkôôk suggested that they take some photos.
“You know you are just as pretty as the most beautiful sunset; it must be a waste not to capture you in a photo.” Jungkôôk loves the way Tàe is shyly hiding his face with his hand. He slowly moved the hand away. “Don’t hide, fluffy.”  Jungkôôk set up a tripod and placed
his phone on it, setting it for auto clicking after a small timer. Jungkôôk ran back to Tàe as they posed for the picture. Tàe blushed when Jungkôôk suddenly kissed him on the cheek, as the wonderful picture became a beautiful moment in their story. 🪄🪄🪄
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🪄🪄🪄 Jungkôôk smiled as Tàe impatiently searched through the crowd. They were at the arrivals section of the airport. "Hey, fluffy, be patient. He will be out after clearance.” Jungkôôk told him.
He knows Tàe was so excited from the moment Namjôôn informed him of his flight details. He even feared Tàe's beaming happy face would make Jîn suspicious, but Jîn thought it was because they had just started dating.  “I know, I just want to meet him. I missed him.”
Tàe replied while still holding Jungkôôk's hand. "I know, he'll be here from now on, so you don't have to miss him." They smiled at each other. It’s been a week since their date. They are closer than ever before, but they have yet to kiss on the lips.
Jungkôôk wants to make it more special, and he also wants Tàe to believe it’s not just physical attraction but more about being together. So they are into holding hands, cuddling, and cheek kisses these days.
"Are you concerned about what your brother will say about our relationship?" Jungkôôk asked curiously. He knows Namjôôn is protective, but he was so ready to win him over for Tàe. “Who said my brother already doesn’t know? ”
Tàe giggled, making Jungkôôk's mouth go “oh” to process the new information. But before he could say anything, Tàe pointed in the direction of the man. "There he is.. ”
Namjôôn looked so exhausted, but he smiled brightly when he saw his baby brother. “Hey little one. I missed you so much.” Jôôn hugged Tàe tight, leaving the luggage on the floor. Tàe hugged back, tearing up a bit because of how safe and happy he feels in his brother's embrace.
“I missed you too, hyung.” “Don’t cry, little one. I will be here from now on.” Tàe nodded as he detached himself from Namjôôn and then looked at Jungkôôk, who was watching them with a fond smile on his face.
Tàe bit his lips as he wasn't sure if he should introduce Jungkôôk as his love interest to his brother or not, but Jungkôôk came forward with a smile as he sensed Tàe’s dilemma as if silently saying it's okay. “Hyungie, this is Jungkôôk. Jîn hyung's cousin and..”Tàe introduced,
"We are dating.” He finally said it confidently. Tàe was pleased to introduce Jungkôôk to his brother. He's not sure if he's feeling relief or a sense of security right now, but it's a wonderful feeling.
"Hello, Namjôôn hyung. We had previously only spoken on the phone. I heard many good things about you from Jîn hyung and Tàe.” Jungkôôk spoke softly and Namjôôn shook hands with him. "Oh, I heard about you from Tàe too. I hope you are taking good care of my brother.”
Namjôôn inquired, causing Tàe to blush and Jungkôôk to nod. “More than anything. I promise.” Jungkôôk's confident answer made Namjôôn hum in appreciation. “Now, let’s go I have to surprise my lovely boyfriend. I hope you kept my arrival a secret from him.”
Namjôôn said as he picked up his bag. “Yes, we told him we were going out for a morning walk in the nearest park. He has no idea we came here to pick you up. He was sleeping when we went out.” Tàe explained as he helped Jungkôôk put the luggage in the car.
“That’s good. I had to tell him I would be too busy to accept his calls yesterday. He may have thought I had a surgery to attend.” Namjôôn sighed. “It’s okay, hyung. He will be surprised and happy to see you here. Even though he doesn’t voice it out much,
sometimes he feels sad about being away from each other. I am glad you are here now.” Jungkôôk told Namjôôn because he understands how Jîn feels. “I am happy too. He is a wonderful person who not only always supports me but also looks out for my well-being.
Even when he is preoccupied with his own work, he always makes an effort to contact me at least once, not to mention that he is always the one who comes to me, taking the flight, so this time I wanted to be the one who came home to him.
I am so lucky to have such an awesome boyfriend.” Namjôôn felt so emotional thinking about how Jîn adjusted to his busy schedule and never complained about anything.
“ Try to spend your time with him before you guys get busy. We have to buy some breakfast on the way. Jîn hyung said he would sleep some more and told us to buy some breakfast on the way back.” Tàe told them as he sat on the passenger seat.
When everyone got in, Jungkôôk started driving. They stopped at Mariah’s to buy some breakfast. Stephanie did tease them for being lovey-dovey magnets after they started dating, which made Jungkôôk backhug Tàe while showing his tongue to his best friend playfully.
Only Stephanie, Brian, and Yug are aware that Jungkôôk is dating because they understand the uproar this news can cause within their dance team. Jungkôôk wants to reveal this news after next week's competition, so the other three agreed with it.
When they came back, Namjôôn was dozing off from tiredness. It took some time for Namjôôn to wake up when they reached the mansion. Jungkôôk opened the door while Tàe was carrying the breakfast.
“Where were you? I was so hungry I thought about cooking something myself but I was lazy.” Jîn asked while coming to the living room. “We brought breakfast and also something special too. It’s your favourite.” Jungkôôk said cheerfully, and Tàe laughed.
Namjôôn was waiting outside the door for his cue to enter and surprise Jîn. “You brought apple pie, great. I was craving for some.” Jîn cheered like a kid who had gotten candy. “Apple pie, really, hyung? That’s your favourite. I am so disappointed in you.”
Jungkôôk shook his head. “Food is important. If it’s not apple pie, then what? ” Jîn exclaimed in confusion. “Close your eyes; it’s a surprise.” Jîn looked at them with a frown but decided to play along with them anyway.
Namjôôn slowly entered the house and stood in front of Jîn. He carefully looked at Jîn’s delicate features. While looking at Jîn, he noticed himself tearing up.Tàe patted Jôôn’s back as a comfort. “Open your eyes, honey.” Namjôôn said to Jîn.
Jîn quickly opened his eyes as he heard Namjôôn’s voice. At first he thought he was imagining things, but having the person he misses the most in front of him like this, Jîn burst out into tears, tightly hugging Namjôôn. Two lovers hugged and cried in each other’s arms
for a few minutes. Then they started kissing Jungkôôk pulled Tàe with him to get away from there. They really don’t want to see what these two people are up to. So they were both giggling and running hand-in-hand towards the garden outside. 🪄🪄🪄
🪄🪄🪄 “I can’t believe I have never been here. This is just beautiful.” Tàe exclaimed as he saw the colours and diversity of flowers and plants in the garden. He can recognise some flowers, like aster, primroses, and bluebells.
“You are always cooped up in your room, kitchen, or home office; that’s why you missed it.” Jungkook approached Tàe, who was admiring some lovely snow white flowers. Jungkôôk sat down next to Tàe.
"Those are ester lily flowers. It symbolises peace and hope.” Jungkôôk explained. He smiled when Tàe let out an “oh” sound and went to the next flower like an excited kid. “These are so pretty, like whoever planted these here has a good gardening sense.”
Tàe observed as he watched the wild variety of flowers, different types of plants, and trees around the yard. "These were planted here by my grandfather. He loves flowers, or you can say he is a romantic still trying to impress his wife with his gardening skills.”
Jungkôôk lifted Tàe from the ground as Tàe displayed grabby hands, both giggling.
“Is that so, but I've never seen your grandfather visit here? ” Tàe asked, confused. “It’s because Jîn Hyung has forbidden our family from visiting him till he finishes the book. Our family is kind of big, and if someone comes to visit him, they come here as a group.
It’s really noisy, and if Grandma reads something he writes, she will start criticising him about scenes. She is a retired English professor. It pisses off Hyung sometimes. So Jîn Hyung only allows me here.
Lucky for him, I am only interested in his pretty editor and not in his stupid book.” Jungkôôk said as he pulled Tàe close to him. “What kind of interest? ” Tàe asked with a sweet smile.
“A special kind where I want him close to me like this all day and all night.” Jungkook whispered as their lips were an inch apart, but they were interrupted by a cold breeze with flower petals that fell like snow on them.
“Wow! ”, Tàe tried to catch a few but missed. Jungkôôk pulled some from his hair to show him. “These are pretty, but I don’t see the trees here? ”
“It’s at the end of the yard. Come here and look," Jungkôôk said, motioning to the trees. They walked towards it to take a closer look. Tàe was awed when he saw the wild cherry blossoms in the yard. He reached for a branch just to caress the flowers.
Such simple yet elegant flowers, the buds were rose-pink; some were white and shaped like tiny bells. The flowers were in clusters. What a wonderful sight to see. Jungkôôk picked a small cluster of flowers and placed it near Tàe's ear.
“Pretty flowers for my beautiful fluffy.” Jungkôôk whispered to Tàe, kissing his hair. “Stop being cheesy every time you speak to me.” Tàe turned around, embarrassed, but Jungkôôk just laughed and hugged him.They stayed like that, watching the pretty blooms in the garden.
“Let’s come here when we have time. I love it here.” Tàe murmured as if he didn’t want to disturb such peaceful scenery. “ I would love to go anywhere you want just name it and we will be there. All I want is to be with you, fluffy.”
Jungkôôk spoke softly, kissing the side of Tàe’s head, which made Tàe turn around and press their foreheads together.
“Hey, I like you.” Tàe said it with a precious secret that only Jungkôôk could hear. “Fluffy you.. ”
Jungkôôk was speechless with Tàe’s sudden confession, but he was silenced by the touch of soft lips on his. It was a light kiss, a seal of silent promise. Jungkôôk hugged Tàe close as his heart was beating so fast.
“Thank you. I will cherish you. I promise.” Jungkôôk's voice was tender, and Tàe sensed his emotions as distinct, as if he were in love with him. For the first time in a relationship, Tàe felt safe and comfortable.
“I know. I trust you.” Tàe felt relief and confidence in saying those words. He trusts Jungkôôk more than anything else because this man always touches his heart in a very delicate way.
“I wanted to kiss you in a more special way.” Jungkôôk caressed Tàe’s face lovingly. “It’s special because it’s just us.” Tàe's response was equally emotional. "Yes, just us. ”
The next kiss was tender and full of affection and fondness. They smiled in between the kisses, even though there was dampness in their eyes. 🪄🪄🪄
🪄🪄🪄 Namjôôn and Jîn are already such a married domestic couple that Jungkôôk groans, "Oh my God, get a room, you two. ", when he sees them feeding each other and sharing some kisses in between, early in the morning when he steps into the house.
He and Tàe couldn't spend much time together yesterday because Jungkôôk had to return to practise early. Jungkôôk has to go to practise today as well, and he wanted to see Tàe before that but instead witnessed Namjôôn and Jîn being so grossly in love.
"Show some respect, young man; I don’t groan at you when you are all over your fluffy." Jîn called out to Jungkôôk despite the fact that he was eating. "Don’t talk with food in your mouth. You are so gross. I don’t know how Namjôôn hyung is tolerating you."
Jungkôôk rolled his eyes and searched for Tàe. "Oh, my god. You have no respect towards your elders… " When Jîn was about to nag, Namjôôn interrupted him, saying, "Tàe is in the kitchen." Jungkôôk smiled and thanked him before hurrying into the kitchen.
“Did you just….? ” Jîn looked betrayed at Namjôôn. "Here, eat one more piece of apple pie. It’s good.” Namjôôn offered it as a distraction; to his relief, Jîn smiled happily and started eating, forgetting whatever had happened.
Tàe smiled as he felt a sudden, familiar hug from behind, which he craves more than anything these days. Jungkôôk nuzzled his head on Tàe's back, making him squirm. “Do you want breakfast?" Tàe asked softly. “Only if you feed me.” Jungkôôk hugged him closer.
“Where did you get that idea from? ” Tàe inquired, as it was the first time Jungkôôk had made such a demand. “Jîn hyung and Namjôôn hyung were grossly feeding each other.” Jungkôôk shrugged. "So you decided to do the same thing, being gross."
Tàe giggled while flipping the pajeon he was making. “We will never be gross; we are just too cute for that anyway.” Jungkôôk kissed Tàe’s nape. It’s light, but Tàe can feel the love in those feather light touches.
“Okay, let me plate it, then we can eat.” Tàe said as he petted Jungkôôk’s head, who reluctantly detached himself from Tàe so that he could get the plates. Tàe began feeding Jungkôôk after plating the dishes, and he started eating with a sweet smile.
“He called us gross to do the same with Tàe.” Jîn whisper-shouted at Namjôôn while hiding behind the kitchen door to ogle the two love birds. “Let them be, honey. By the way, why are we spying on them? ” Namjôôn was perplexed as to why Jîn was so insistent on spying on them.
“I just want to witness their progress as a couple.” Jîn pouted. Namjôôn smiled and pulled him away from there, saying, “Let them fall in love naturally. Let’s go and do something else. ” Jîn protested when Namjôôn dragged him away, but followed him anyway.
“Fluffy, my competition is on Wednesday. Would you like to come?” Jungkôôk asked while wiping the plates with a towel, which Tàe was washing. He doesn’t know if Tàe is free to come because, as per Jîn, they are so busy with the final drafts of the book.
“Jîn Hyung already freed his schedule for that day for us. I will come with him and Jôônie hyung. I don’t want to miss something you worked so hard for, and this is going to be the first time I am watching you perform.”
Tàe assured as he wiped his hands on a towel after finishing the cleaning. “That’s great. I can’t wait to introduce you to everyone.” Jungkôôk's voice was laced with excitement. “Are you sure you want to introduce me to your friends? ”
Jungkôôk cupped Tàe’s face as he said those words. He knows there are shadows of insecurities looming above them from Tàe's last relationship, but he is determined to clear them and brighten Tàe's mind.
“I will be more than willing to tell the whole world that you are mine so that no one will be able to steal you from me. You are so precious to me, fluffy.” Jungkôôk pecked Tàe’s lips, which made Tàe blush.
“Thank you.” Tàe said he felt overwhelmed and emotional, which made Jungkôôk confused. “For what? ” “For liking me and for being so caring. ” Tàe replied. Jungkôôk cooed at how shy Tàe looked. "It's past the "like"
but I won't say it and overwhelm you more right now. Let’s just wait for a special moment to disclose my undying affection for you.” Jungkôôk giggled while wiggling his brows, and Tàe just kissed him, saying, “Thank you for coming into my life, my angel. ” 🪄🪄🪄
🪄🪄🪄 "Wow, it’s already crowded; I don’t think we can make it into the assigned area.” Tàe spoke worriedly. They were already late, and the only relief was Jungkôôk and his team were performing at last.
“Don’t worry, I know someone here to let us in. We won’t miss his performance.” Jîn told him in an apologetic tone. When they were about to go out, the editorial chief from Jîn’s book publishing house visited them to discuss some changes needed in the book cover.
The cover artist was also with them. When they finalised the changes, it was about time. Then they had to pick up Namjôôn from the hospital, making them very late. “I am sorry, it’s because of me you guys got late.” Namjôôn felt bad for not getting out of his duty on time.
"It's ok. We can understand that you can’t just drop everything and come with us. We are here for Kôôkie's performance anyway. We will get inside on time.” Tàe comforted his brother. Even though he was anxious, he tried to hide it. He clutched his sling bag for support instead.
“Let’s go. This is Roy, and he will help us. He is one of the organisers for the event.” Jîn introduced the man, which made Tàe and Namjôôn feel at ease. As promised, Roy helped them get into their seats.
Jungkôôk searched the audience from the backstage area for Tàe. He was disappointed at first, but then he saw Tàe getting into his seat. He looked cute in a white denim jacket with a pink and black design, a pink shirt, and white jeans.
Then Jungkôôk went back to his group to concentrate on his performance. He just wanted to make sure Tàe was there. They entered the stage when their name was announced. When the stage light dimmed, they got into their positions and waited for the music to start.
“…. We warmly welcome our hot delight, none other than the ELITES.” The announcement made the crowd go haywire in excitement. Tàe was awed by the crowd reaction. Some girls nearby were literally screaming their lungs out, which made Jîn flinch in shock.
When the stage lights were on, the members of the ELITES were in a posture that looked like wings. When the music started, their movement was like wings flapping, and Jungkôôk came out of the middle, making it look like a mesmerising bird.
“Wow! ”, Tàe mumbled. Kôôk was wearing a black silk shirt and skinny leather jeans. He also had net sleeves and a silver chain clad harness on the top of the sleeveless shirt. His hair was dyed pink, giving him the appearance of an angelic man.
The performance was so powerful that they moved in perfect synchronisation and rhythm. The main factor was their charisma on stage; each member possessed versatile and fresh movements, making them incredibly appealing to the crowd.
First and foremost, their group dynamics were incredible. It was a performance that would leave the audience breathless and captive to their charm. Tàe almost chocked on his saliva when Jungkôôk did a body roll near the end of the stage facing him.
Tàe realised the movement was directed at him when Jungkôôk winked in his direction, making the girls next to him squeal. My angel became a devil today, ah! Tàe gulped.
The performance ended with a standing ovation and screams from everyone. When the prize was announced, ELITES were declared the winners for the most entertaining performance, which raised the bar for all subsequent performances. Jîn hugged Tàe in delight.
They waited outside the arena per the organizers' instructions because they would not allow others backstage access. It was for the group and their authorised personnel only.  When the group came out with their new outfits and the trophy, their fans cheered.
Stephanie had the trophy, and she did a victory howl with the trophy. Then they thanked the fans and went to meet their families. When Jungkôôk found Jîn, Tàe, and Namjôôn standing at a small distance from them, he ran to them. He hugged Tàe close and said,
“I did it, fluffy. We won.” “You were amazing out there. ” Tàe replied, equally happy with the victory. “Hhm hmm, there are two more people here who cheered you through the competition.” Jîn cleared his throat. Kôôk laughed as he embraced Jîn and Jôôn. They congratulated him.
Then Stephanie called Jungkôôk for a winner's photo for their Instagram. After the photo session, Jungkôôk was about to leave, but Mark stopped him. “Dude, I know Kîm Seôkjin is eternal, but who are the hotties next to him. Oh my god, that white coat one is so beautiful.”
Mark inquired, making the whole team look at the direction, and some of them grasped in awe. “The one with the blue formal shirt is Namjôôn hyung; he is Jîn hyung's boyfriend.” Jungkôôk told. “Oh! The doctor. He is hot and cute. Look at those killer dimples.”, Cara exclaimed.
"The other one, please wait here; I will personally introduce him to you." Jungkôôk replied with a goofy smile, to which everyone except Steph, Brian, and Yug nodded excitedly. “I will introduce you to my team.” Jungkôôk told Tàe, and he nodded.
Jîn dragged Namjôôn back to their car in fear of meeting Jungkôôk’s team. He still had flashbacks of that girl asking him to sleep with her. Namjôôn followed Jîn in confusion, not understanding why his boyfriend is afraid of Jungkôôk's team.
Yug snorted when he saw Mark fixing his appearance just before meeting Tàe. He really wanted to film their reaction, so he told their cameraman to start recording and returned back to his group like nothing happened.
“Hey guys. I am Tàe.” Tàe greeted them shyly. Everyone started to introduce themselves eagerly. Who knows who will score such a beauty tonight.
“Now, I know you guys want to know more about him. Let me introduce him properly.” Jungkôôk back hugged Tàe possessively before telling, “This is Kîm Tàehyung. My boyfriend. So stop drooling; he is mine. ”
This made the whole group go into chaos, and Tàe blushed hard under everyone’s gaze because of Jungkôôk. Yug ignored the chaos and came forward. “I am Yugyeom; I hope you heard about me from him. It’s nice to see you in person, finally.”
Tàe shook Yug's hand as he introduced himself. Steph and Brian joined them, ignoring the others, especially Mark, who was frozen on spot.     🪄🪄🪄
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🪄🪄🪄 Tàe was in the car, going to pick up Jungkôôk. He is glad that Jîn gave him the key to one of his cars before going on a trip with Namjôôn. The final drafts of the book are already finalised and will be published soon. This gave them some time off before the publishing
event. So Jôôn took a small break of five days from the hospital to join Jîn on a country side trip. Tàe and Jungkôôk would have joined them if Jungkôôk’s competition wasn't next month. Instead, they decided to visit Jungkôôk’s family home for his grandparents'
wedding anniversary celebration. Tàe remembers how nervous he was when Jungkôôk told him about it. "I am really nervous, Kôôk. Will they like me? " "Hey, fluffy, don't worry. They are going to love you. They were so hyped when I told them about you over the phone."
He is thankful that Jungkôôk assured him it will be fine. He even set up a video call with his family to get to know each other. Jungkôôk's parents were such lovely and welcoming people, especially Jungkôôk’s grandmother Minji, who was also present at that time.
While interacting with them, it felt like they had known each other for years. So right now he is more excited to meet them than nervous. The knitted cardigan he made for grandma and grandpa was already packed neatly inside his luggage. At first, he thought about buying something
but then Jungkôôk told them that his grandparents love something handmade, and everyone gifts them handmade gifts like cards, jewelry, or baked goods. It’s kind of like a tradition in their family and is a unique way to show their affection.
Then Tàe decided to make good use of his knitting skills by making two cardigans. For the grandmother, it was a white long-sleeve open-front cardigan with some light pink flower strawberry-knit puffs. Then a dark green long sleeve cable knit shawl collar cardigan for grandpa;
it had a flower and strawberry knit puff design on the chest, similar to the grandmother’s cardigan. He parked the car in the parking spot near Mariah’s diner. Tàe took out a container from the passenger seat and locked the car.
“Good afternoon." He greeted Mariah, who was wiping the counter. “Ah! Good afternoon, Tàehyung. Are you here to see JK?” She asked with a small smile. “Yes, I hope their practise is finished by now.” Tàe exclaimed, looking at the wall clock.
“It depends on Stephanie's mood. She will get more hyper when the competition is near. Then again, it’s a miracle that she gave everyone three days off. Good for you two, now you can attend the function without any rush.” Mariah rolled her eyes at her daughter’s antics.
But before Tàe could reply, somebody else joined the conversation.  “I think it’s because she needs time to complete the final version of the choreography; otherwise, she won’t let us breathe for God's sake.” Mina said as she came down with a bottle in her hand,
probably for some hot water. “Hi, Mina” “Hello, Tàe.” They greeted each other with a smile. Tàe got acquainted with all the members during the after-party organised by Yugyeom and his boyfriend. It was a fun party, even though he was shy at first.
After recovering from the initial shock of finding out Jungkôôk has a boyfriend, everyone was really friendly. Even Mina got surprised when Liam said Jungkôôk’s boyfriend is pretty and they suit each other. But the one who had a problem was Jungkôôk himself,
because now everyone is fanning over his boyfriend. So he kept Tàe close to himself. Who is Tàe to complain when his boyfriend's protective arms hug around his waist and he gets sweet little kisses in between on his nape?  He watched Mina get hot water from the purifier.
“That’s must be true; she said something about visiting her old mentor to get advice on her new concept. She must be nervous because it's a big competition, but she will not show it in front of you.’ Mariah said as she knows how stressed Stephanie was recently.
“She will be fine once she finalises the choreography. She always gets like that during the competition. If anything, Brian is going with her. He knows how to take care of her. Don’t worry about it.” Mina comforted Mariah.
“I also think so. Stephanie will be fine after all; she has the entire ELITE group to support her. I know you guys will nail it in the finals just like that.” Mariah smiled at their words. She got busy when the customers came in.
Tàe and Mina headed towards the studio as she told him the practise is already over, and Stephanie, Yug, and Jungkôôk are discussing the details of the costumes now.
“Tàehyung, you came at the perfect time. Please join us here.” It was Stephanie who called him when she saw him enter the room with Mina. Jungkôôk suddenly stood up and kissed Tàe as a greeting when Tàe came near. “Hey, fluffy.” Jungkôôk caressed his face with a fond smile.
Their adoration for each other made some coo at him. “Hello, everyone." Tàe shyly greeted everyone before sitting down near Stephanie. “JK told me you worked in a fashion magazine before as an editor, so could you please give us some input on our outfit choices? ”
Stephanie asked, giving Tàe some sample images of the costumes. “Sure, let me see.” Tàe started to go through the images and selected some. He started explaining how to coordinate it with accessories. The colour choice is black, as every group has a defined
colour for representing their teams this year. “Wow! Your boyfriend really chose something bold for us, JK, especially for you. I don’t know how mine will react if I wear this sheer shirt.” Yug exclaimed as he checked the outfits Tàe chose.
“It’s bold I've never tried a crop top before, but it's a fresh concept. I love it.” Jungkôôk smiled. “Shut up, you whipped bunny. I will get my ass whooped for this.” Yug's retort made Tàe worried. “Do you want me to select another one for you? ”
“Do you want me to select another one for you? ” “No, it’s okay. I can get him to agree with a mind-blowing blow job. ” Yug winked at Tàe, making him blush furiously. “Ewww...Stop being a horndog every time. We don’t need to know that information.”, Mina hit Yug on the head,
making Yug wince and utter an ouch. “I think now it's more coordinated than our earlier pick, and it will look more sexy with the body chains.” Brian's words made everyone agree in unison.
“Yes, we could use some smoky eye makeup too. It will be a stunner.” Cara suggested. Stephanie noted everyone’s preferences and suggestions in her journal.
“I will send it to my aunt's boutique today itself. We have only one month, so we need to get this done soon. Thank you, Tàe, for helping; you are a life saver.” Stephanie hugged him in thanks.
“There's no need to thank me. I only picked from your opinions. These are beautiful.” Tàe smiled back. Jungkôôk was really happy that his boyfriend was getting along with his friends. “Oh! I forgot to give you this.”
Tàe opened the container and offered them the sweets he brought with him. “Wow! Chapssal donuts. I didn’t get to eat it after I came here from Korea. Give me one." Yug took one and started munching in delight, making the others also pick up one each.
Tàe offered Jungkôôk one too. “This is so chewy, and the sweetened paste inside it is delicious.” Cars said as she picked one more. “Where did you buy it? It’s good. I want to get some for my brothers.” Mark asked, as he really liked the donuts.
“I made it myself.” Tàe shyly replied. “Please marry me, Tàe. I am ditching this one for you.” Stephanie’s words made Jungkôôk and Brian let out their immediate protest, making everyone laugh.
“We are going early, Steph. If you need anything, please call me.” Jungkôôk said as he helped Tàe carry his container. “Yes, I will. Now go before I snatch your boyfriend for real.” Stephanie shooed him away as she started eating the last one,
making everyone whine about the unfairness. Jungkôôk and Tàe said bye to Mariah on the way when she gave him some sweets for his grandparents. Once they settled down inside the car, Jungkôôk immediately pulled Tàe closer and kissed him.
Tàe let out a breathy moan when Jungkôôk deepened the kiss. Tàe clutched Jungkôôk’s shirt as he held his waist tightly. It was a sweet long delight.
“ I was waiting to do this since you came into the studio, fluffy. Now, I've had my fair share of sweetness. let’s go; we don’t want to get late, right?" Jungkôôk said as they detached from the kiss, making Tàe blush furiously.
“Stupid angel.” Tàe mumbled as he started the car, making Jungkôôk giggle in mischief.  🪄🪄🪄
🪄🪄🪄 Hoon impatiently typed the key code to enter his apartment. He hates to wait. Once he was inside, he closed the door and went to his bedroom. He drank some water from the bottle and sat down on the bed. Then he took out the envelope, which had been carefully
tucked inside his coat pocket. “Ireland, hah? What was the need to run away so far, my darling? Do not worry, I will be there soon.” Hoon snickered as he finally acquired the information about where Tàe is. The private investigator also mentioned that
Tàe must be at his brother’s boyfriend’s place, but he couldn’t get any more details. He said he needed more time and money. “Tsk, that leech took a fortune from me to give me the information about where you are; I don’t care, but I will feast you very well when I get there.
That chick I have now is so vanilla and useless. She can’t take some pain while I give her pleasure. So I just know you are the one for me. No one can please me like you… ”
Hoon was mumbling to himself, so he didn’t notice someone enter the house through the main door. He flinched when the bedroom door opened suddenly. “Hi babe. I brought us some fried chicken. Common let’s eat.”
Seoyun cheerfully told him as she lifted the takeout parcel to show him. “Oh, ah, set the ....table. I will be..there.” Hoon stammered, trying to hide the paper in his hand, but Seoyun noticed it. She just nodded and went to the kitchen.
Hoon crumbles the paper and throws it inside the waste basket along with the envelope before going out to join Seoyun. He sighed and got out of the room like nothing had happened.
“What was that paper… ? ” Even Seoyun could ask more. Hoon kissed her hard and deep. “Babe, let me set the table.” Seoyun whined as she felt Hoon caressing her thighs under her dress. But he didn’t listen; he was deprived of some séx recently because of their
dancing practise and searching for Tàe. But today he is in a good mood. Soon, they ended up doing the deed in the bedroom. Seoyun sighed as he noticed Hoon was sleeping soundly after séx without even caring to give her some aftercare.
She decided to take a bath but halted when she saw the envelope Hoon was trying to hide when she came in. She looked at Hoon before picking it up from the basket. It was empty, but she found a piece of almost-ripped, crumbled paper in the waste basket.
She immediately got inside the bathroom and locked it. She tried to open the paper carefully, but it got ripped in a few places. “Moved to Ireland… possibility to be with the boyfriend of Kîm Namjôôn… further information after the next payment ”
Seoyun was confused. Who moved to Ireland, and who is this Kîm Namjôôn? She couldn’t remember where she heard the name before, but somehow it sounded so familiar. “What the hell is this? ” She murmured to herself. Is this about Hoon's missing friend?
Will someone put in a lot of effort to just find a friend? She couldn’t completely erase the ugly feeling coming over her because it does have a sour taste. She doesn't want to doubt or overthink. Recently, her relationship with Hôôn was getting better.
They go on dates and spend time together after practices, too.  She knows it will do her no good if she starts to doubt him, but she doesn't have the courage to confront him either. What if she loses him? Seoyun wiped her tears away and took a bath.
After dressing, she carefully kept the paper inside her handbag before joining Hoon in the bed, "Please don't break my heart." But Hôôn was still sleeping like a log, unknown to his girlfriend’s inner turmoil.   🪄🪄🪄
🪄🪄🪄 Tàe was sitting on the passenger seat as Jungkôôk took over the driving after a short rest break at a gas station. The place they are going through has more mountains and forests. He can see the greens, different types of trees, and occasionally buildings that resemble
big hotels but are actually houses. He sat up when they came near a big gate similar to the one at Jin's mansion, but the difference was that there were fewer security personnel. It may be because Jîn is a well-known author and needs constant checks on those who
enter the property. They guys greeted Jungkôôk and opened the gate for him to enter. There was a beautiful lake on the way to the building. The French-style garden was the most attractive part. The car stopped in front of a big Victorian style mansion.
Tàe was not surprised by the extravagance of it because he knows Jungkôôk's family is rich.  “Welcome home, young Jeôn and Mr. Kim. The master is waiting for you inside. Please follow me.” A butler greeted them with a pleasant smile. "Hello, Mr. Richard.”
Jungkôôk greeted back, and Tàe smiled at the guy. They followed the butler. The interior of the mansion screamed luxury and class. Jungkôôk informed Tàe that Richard is his grandfather’s personal butler.
Tàe was feeling nervous as he suddenly felt out of place, but Jungkôôk held his hand, assuring Tàe it’s okay. They smiled at each other.
Tàe really didn’t expect he would meet the whole family in the living room, making him halt when he stepped his foot in. Jungkôôk sighed when he saw his whole family there, looking eagerly at them. He should have known these people were really impatient.
He hoped they wouldn’t scare Tàe away. Jungkôôk placed his hand gently on Tàe's back as if to say, "I am here." Tae took a deep breath before walking close to them.
“Oh! My god, Jungkôôkie finally scored a boyfriend, and he is a real beauty. When you said he has a boyfriend, I was not convinced. This is real, people, very real.”
Jungkôôk’s youngest cousin, Anna, blurted out her shock, making everyone laugh. Tàe blushed as he suddenly felt shy from the gazes of too many people.
“He is cute.” “They look perfect.” “Let me introduce myself first." “No, I am older than you. I am first.” Jungkôôk was speechless when he watched the chaos. This is why Jîn Hyung didn’t let them enter his house. What a chaotic family. He thought.
“Quiet. You all are making the boy uncomfortable.” Jungkôôk’s grandma Minji intervened finally. She was wearing a classy pastel-colored dress. It was like age hadn't touched her. The pearl necklace and pleasant manner made her look more stunning. She came in front of Tàe.
"Hello, my child; we meet again. I am glad to see you in person.” She hugged Tàe close. He didn’t know why he felt like crying after a simple hug. There was so much warmth and affection in her touch, like how she was rubbing her hand on his back gently and caressing his hair.
Tàe never knew a stranger could evoke a feeling of lightness in his heart with her gentle touches.
“I am glad to meet you too.” He knows his voice was trembling when he spoke. Minji detached herself and caressed his face. “Call me granny from now on. Welcome to the Jeôn family, sweet heart.” Her voice was soothing and relaxing. He just nodded with a small smile.
“ I know we are a bit overwhelming for you to handle, but please don’t cry, my dear.” Jungkôôk’s mother Hana wiped away Tàe’s tears softly. They took Tàe to introduce him to everyone one by one. After the initial shyness, he started to get along with everyone,
especially Jungkôôk’s cousins and nieces. “Welcome home, boy. They didn’t forget you, just got excited to see your boyfriend. This is the first time you are bringing someone home to introduce us. So this is the one, ah.” Jungkôôk’s father, Jihyun, hugged him as he spoke.
“Yes dad. This is the one, and I don’t mind if they low-key forget about my existence if I can see Tàe’s beautiful smile in return.” Jungkôôk had a gleeful smile. “Jinnie was right, you are just whipped like whipping cream.” Jungkôôk snorted at his father’s comment.
“As if he is not whipped for Jôôn hyung. What we can say is that the Kîm brothers do have an effect on people. Look at our family.” They both laughed at how everyone was interacting with Tàe with fond eyes, as if he were already a precious member of his family.    🪄🪄🪄
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🪄🪄🪄 “Stop ogling at your boyfriend and help us, you dumbass.” Jungkôôk’s cousin Sean scolded him. They were helping the maids arrange the outdoor party decorations, but Jungkôôk was concentrating more on Tàe than his actual job. “What!? I am helping.” Jungkôôk protested.
“Yeah, really? I have been asking you to give me the bouquet for a while now.” Sean glared at him from the ladder. “Oops, sorry here.” Jungkôôk passed him the bouquet with an apologetic smile.
Sean shook his head before getting it and hanging it on the clip attached to the wall. “Don’t be grumpy, Seonie, the poor guy just got a boyfriend; let him live.” Anna backed up Jungkôôk. “This is why you are my favourite.”
Jungkôôk sent her a flying kiss, to which she giggled. “What are you guys talking about?" Jungkôôk smiled gleefully as Tàe came to them. "Hey, fluffy." He held him close by the waist.
“We were discussing your boyfriend’s lack of concentration when you… ” Even before Sean could finish the sentence, Jungkôôk cut him off by saying, “I just remember we have to shift to the cabin. Common Tàe. Bye everyone.”
Tàe waved them bye while he let Jungkôôk drag him away. They had been helping with the party preparations since the morning. Tàe was mostly in the kitchen, while Jungkôôk was outside. They didn’t get enough time to spend together today.
Tàe was really happy to spend time with Jungkôôk’s family. It does give him a warmer sense of belonging than the cold loneliness he felt with his own family. They went to the guest room and took their luggage. “We are not staying at the main house anymore."
Tàe asked as Jungkôôk guided him through a stone path leading to a cabin house built behind the main house. "Actually, I was planning to stay in the cabin from yesterday, but grandma insisted we should stay in the guest room at least for a day as she finds it extremely
bad hosting to send our guests to stay in the wood cabin. She didn't want you to feel uncomfortable, but i assured her I would take good care of you.” Jungkôôk explained as he took out the key for the cabin. He opened the door. Tàe was awed by the simplicity and beauty of it.
There was a comfy couch, fluffy white rugs, a modern chandelier, a fireplace, a small kitchen, and a lofted bed. “This is really beautiful.” Tàe said as he looked around. “I hope you don’t feel uncomfortable staying here rather than the main house.
If you are, then we can go back.”  “No.. no Kôôk, we can stay here. I know this place is special for you. I am more than happy that you are sharing something important with me.
Your mother mentioned yesterday how special this cabin is to you and that no one else uses it apart from you.” Tàe smiled reassuringly.
“Yes, this place is special because Grandpa built it for me when I was a kid. I was really shy and awkward. It was hard for me to mingle with crowds, so I preferred to stay in the tree house I had then. It was small and cozy, but one day I fell down from the hanging
rope wooden climbing ladder. I got my hand fractured. See this scar on my cheek? It was from then.” Jungkôôk told Tàe as they settled on the comfy couch in the small living room inside the cabin. Tàe caressed Jungkôôk’s cheek before kissing the scar lovingly.
“Wow, if this is the special treatment I get for my scars, I have other scars in my body too; let me show you.” Jungkôôk teasingly tried to pull off his hoodie, but Tàe didn’t let him. “Stop it. Tell me what happened next.” Tàe whined cutely. “Only if you give a kiss.”
Jungkôôk pursed his lips, making Tàe give him a peck. “That’s not a kiss, it’s a peck.” Now it was Jungkôôk’s turn to whine. Tàe giggled before giving him a lovely kiss. “Now, tell me.”
“My dad got so angry and upset that I was careless enough to get hurt. So he demolished the tree house the next day. When I came back from the hospital, I was devastated. I cried and refused to talk to him. Before it escalated, Grandpa offered to build a cabin for me here,
where the tree house was before. I was sad but still agreed. That’s how I got this.” Jungkôôk laid down on the couch and pulled Tàe with him. “That’s so nice of your grandpa. I don’t have anything that I hold dear from my childhood. Thank you for sharing this with me.”
Jungkôôk can sense the sadness in Tàe’s voice. “From now on, we will build everything together so you will have some nice memories. I promise to build a wonderful life with you, fluffy.”
Tàe hugged Jungkôôk close as he heard it from him. He doesn’t know how he got lucky to have Jungkook in his life. Their solitude was interrupted by a knock on the door. Jungkôôk whined when Tàe stood up to walk towards the door. “Hello, lovebirds.”
Sean greeted them with a goofy smile. "What do you want?" Jungkôôk huffed. “Aunt Mira told me to drop these two with Tàe till she comes back from shopping.” Sean opened the door, revealing twin three-year-old boys. They ran towards Tàe, calling him Tàetàe. “Hey, sweethearts.”
Tàe pulled them into a hug. “Their necessities are in this bag. She will be back after two hours. I have some more decorations to finish. See ya.” After placing the bag inside, Sean ran away, making Jungkôôk curse him internally, but he smiled when he saw
Tàe playing with the kids. He looks so lovely with the kids. Kôôk sighed. Aunt Mira did come back, but after three hours, she said she was sorry for the trouble, and Tàe waved it off, saying it was nothing.
They decided to take a bath after cleaning the cabin, and the kids did make a mess within a few hours. They thanked Mira for bringing them pizzas as an apology.
I will continue tomorrow as I feel so tired and sleepy. I am sorry 🖤
🪄🪄🪄 “You take a bath first, Kôôk. I will clean these and take one.” Tàe told Jungkôôk as he cleaned the table after eating pizza. “I will go to the main house. You take a bath here. I have to tell Grandma that we already had dinner and won’t be joining them for dinner.”
Jungkôôk said as he took his clothes to change from his luggage, a black hoodie and shorts.  "I will be quick, okay. " Jungkôôk kissed Tàe, caressing his face.  "Okay." Tàe pecked him in return.
Tàe came to get his clothes from his luggage, and then he saw a white satin shirt peeking from Jungkôôk’s luggage. He carefully took it out. The material felt nice to touch. He bit his lips, thinking Jungkôôk wouldn’t mind if he borrowed this, right? He decided to take it anyway.
Warning 🔞: The next parts contains smut. I will mark 🔞 please skip those parts if you are uncomfortable. Let's keep it in a healthy way 🖤
🔞 When Jungkôôk came back, the room lighting was dim, as he thought Tàe must be sleeping early because of tiredness. But when he locked the door and walked further, he saw Tàe sitting on the couch with a soft comforter surrounding him. Fluffy's name indeed suits him.
🔞 He thought. Jungkôôk let out an audible grasp when he came near Tàe, who was wearing his satin shirt and looking exquisite in it. The shirt was a fitted one for him, but it was a bit big for Tàe's petite frame. His collarbones looked so delicate in them.
🔞 "Oh, sweetheart, what a pleasant surprise we have here?" Jungkôôk said in a low voice, which made Tàe shiver in anticipation. “Like it? ” He asked instead. He doesn’t know where the courage came from. He was never this bold,
🔞 but the dark glint in Jungkôôk’s eyes made him even more bold to move the comforter a bit, revealing his smooth honey leg. Jungkôôk cupped Tàe’s face with one hand and the other caressed the smooth leg.
🔞 “Like? I love how you are slowly unwrapping yourself for me. Are you feeling bold today to enlighten me?" Tàe let out a small môan when Jungkôôk caressed his inner thigh, but he quickly removed the hand, making Tàe whine.
🔞 Jungkôôk chuckled in amusement. “You are so needy, but I am in the mood to make you work for your reward, sweet heart.”
🔞 Tàe whined again when Jungkôôk kissed him near his lips. He was teasing, but that made Tàe feel even hotter. He pushed Jungkôôk onto the couch and straddled him. But when he tried to kiss, Jungkôôk placed his finger on his lips, preventing him from going any further.
🔞 “Like I said, work for it, sweetheart. Be a good boy and show me what you've got." Jungkôôk’s voice was sultry and deep yet commanding. Tàe bit his lips and nodded in response. He should make Jungkôôk hard to claim his reward, but it’s not easy without touching him too much.
🔞 So he has to put on a show for him. Normally they will choose a sweet and soft making-love session, but today Jungkôôk seems like he wants to play. Tàe knows Kôôk will make him work for it, and the reward will be amazing after all his hard work.
🔞 He loves this because the foreplay makes him more confident to show a side he had hidden before. Tàe started to rock his hips at a very slow pace. He can feel Jungkôôk’s semi-hardness on his àss. Just a bit more. He thought. His fingers moved to the last button of his shirt,
🔞 and he unbuttoned it, looking into Jungkôôk’s eyes. Jungkôôk was mesmerised by the way Tàe's delicate, pretty fingers worked on the button. When he undid three, Jungkôôk could see the white lace silk briefs. “I am happy that you put in a good effort for me, love.”
🔞 Jungkôôk caressed Tàe’s hard-on slightly, making him mewl. He chuckled while tapping Tàe’s thighs to continue. Tàe took the hem of the shirt and pulled it up a bit with one hand, revealing his smooth tummy and erected nipplés.
🔞 “I would like to see some piercings on these lovely buds someday. Wouldn’t it be nice if I bit it while rolling my tongue around it?" Jungkôôk whispered to Tàe while flicking his nipplés, making him môan out loud. "Ahh.. Yes"
🔞 “You love it, ah. We will definitely get it soon, sweetheart.” Jungkôôk held Tàe by his waist a bit roughly and made him grind on him a bit faster. Tàe shivered when he felt the fully hardened côck. He felt so needy and couldn’t wait for Jungkook to be inside him, so he
🔞 stood up. unbuttoned the shirt in a hurry, revealing more skin. “Trying to seduce me, my little vixen?" Kôôk mused as he saw Tàe biting his lip while caressing his body with a fullness of desire. His eyes have a glint of mischief.  “Is it working?" Tàe asked instead.
🔞 Jungkôôk took Tàe’s hand and put it over his hard-on. “I think you are satisfied with the answer now.” "Very much.” Tàe's voice sounded so deep and sultry.
🔞 Tàe held out his hand for Jungkôôk which he took. He led him to the bed in the loft. When they reached there, Tàe helped Jungkôôk remove his hoodie and shorts. He caressed the toned body before letting him lay down on the bed.
🔞 There was only dim lighting in the room because of the chandelier, but Jungkôôk can see Tàe clearly. When Tàe was about to remove his shirt, Jungkôôk stopped him. “Keep it on. You look sexy in my shirt.”
🔞 Tàe nodded and removed his silk briefs instead. Jungkôôk's hands roamed through Tae's smooth honey legs to the curve of his àss, finding the wetness near the hôle. “Already prepped to serve me, ah, sweet heart. What a good boy! I will reward you nicely and rough today.”
🔞 "Please... " Tàe sounded so desperate, and he grasped when Jungkôôk pushed in a finger, which smoothly slid in because of the lube Tàe used to prep himself, so Kôôk added another finger to stretch the rim more. "Ahh..ah there.. "
🔞 Tàe almost fell on Jungkôôk when he felt his prostate was simulated. He let out a needy môan when Jungkôôk added another finger and quickened his pace. “Kôôk.. Please..” Tàe cried as he felt his orgasm near, but wailed when Jungkôôk stopped his movement completely.
🔞 “Shhh sweetheart. Don’t you want to cúm when I am inside you?" Jungkôôk chuckled when he saw Tàe’s teary, pleading eyes. He looked so ravishing. “I want..yes.. ”
🔞 Tàe took the lube Jungkôôk offered him, poured a generous amount in his hand, and applied it to Jungkôôk’s hard on. Jungkôôk hissed when he felt the coldness of the lube, but Tàe stroked it a few times to make him comfortable.
🔞 Then Tàe slowly lifted himself and aligned the côck near his hóle. "Take your time, sweetheart." Jungkôôk caressed Tàe's nape to comfort him. Tàe took a deep breath before slowly sinking down to the côck. They môaned in unison when Tàe bottomed out.
🔞 Jungkôôk pulled him and kissed him hard to divert him from the initial pain. After a few minutes, Tàe started rocking his hips, first slowly, then picking up the speed while lewd môans were spilling out of his mouth. “feels… good.. Ngh”
🔞 Jungkôôk watched the glorious view with desire. Tàe looked beautiful pleasuring himself on his côck. When he saw Tàe slowing down, he matched Tàe’s pace by moving his hips upward. “Can I go a bit rough today?"
🔞 Jungkôôk asked Tàe breathless, and he got a small nod in response. “Ah.. Kôôk.. ” Tàe almost screamed when Jungkôôk pushed him on the bed and started pounding into him rough and hard. The skin slapping, môans, and groans filled the cabin.
🔞 Kôôk fastened up when he felt Tàe’s orgasm was nearing. Tàe’s walls became tight after his orgasm, and he began to mewl Jungkôôk’s name in oversensivity. Kôôk kissed him while filling Tàe’s velvety walls with his cúm. They kissed slowly as they came down from their highs.
Jungkôôk cleaned them up and cuddled a sleepy Tàe close under the comforter. He kissed Tàe’s nape while hugging him close. "Sleep well, my fluffy." Jungkôôk kissed Tàe's head while whispering sweet dreams into his ear.  🪄🪄🪄
Holy water 💦💦💦 cleanse 😶
🪄🪄🪄 Tae fixed his black silk crop top shirt's knot in the hem and matched it with black pants. He felt a bit bold wearing them, but he was also comfortable because Jungkôôk’s family was really supportive. To his surprise, it was Jungkôôk’s mom, Hana,
who gifted him this outfit. At first, he was really worried if it would suit him or not, but Jungkôôk’s cousins said it looked really pretty on him when he tried it out in the morning. He didn’t show it to Jungkôôk yet, as Anna made sure to take Tàe with her early in the morning.
Jungkôôk was still sleeping then. Tàe did leave a note saying he is with Ana. They were busy with the decor and preparations till the evening, missing the chance to meet each other as Jungkôôk had to go to the airport to pick up his grandfather.
“Wow! You look stunning. Jungkôôk hyung will be on the floor. It really suits you well.” Tàe looked at the mirror. Anna was right; it really suits him. The shirt fitted him perfectly.
“Thank you, dear. I was worried because it’s my first time trying something like this.” Tàe shyly smiled at her. “You should try more because you have a pretty figure. Come to my boutique and I will show you some new arrivals.” Ana was excited to show Tàe her new designs.
“I will. You look beautiful in that dress. It's elegant and classy. I love the flares.” Tàe said as he saw the black fit and flare dress she is wearing. He helped clip her hair neatly.  “I designed it myself. I wanted to steal the show.”
Ana flipped her imaginary hair in dramatic fashion. “Oh! You will definitely steal the show.” “No chance. It’s a faraway dream. Our official show-stealer will be here with your brother. I have no chance of winning.” Ana shook her head, remembering how Seokjin always dressed up
to impress the crowd. Tàe giggled, as he knows about Jîn's antics by now. “Common, wear your coat; let’s go out. I think Jungkôôk hyung will break the door in any minute if I keep you here for long.” She rolled her eyes, making Tàe blush.
He put on his coat and applied the cherry lip balm that Ana offered before going out. Ana was right. Jungkôôk was impatiently waiting outside when she opened the door. “Oh my! I was right about him.” Ana exclaimed, making Tàe smile warmly.
“I will be going. Just come quickly. The party is about to begin.” Ana said before walking away, giving the couple some privacy
“Wow! Fluffy, you look stunning.” Jungkôôk jaw literally dropped when he saw Tàe. “Thank you. You look very handsome too. ” Tàe replied as he checked out Jungkôôk in his black suit paired with a black silk shirt and black silk tie. His hair was tied behind him in a small
ponytail. He looked hot. “I didn’t know you had such nice costumes. Why don’t you wear it often?" Jungkôôk asked as he pulled Tàe close by his waist. “This is the first time I am wearing something like this. It’s a gift from your mom, actually.
Honestly I wasn't that confident to wear it first.” " Why not? You always look stunning, even without any clothes. But this one is doing something to me that I have a sudden urge to take you to the cabin and worship every part of you."
Jungkôôk bit Tàe's ear slightly, making him whine.  "Shut up.. " Tàe hit him playfully in embarrassment. Jungkôôk kissed his rosy cheek endearingly. Then Tàe was pulled into a kiss, which was sweet and warm.
“I should thank my mom for this. It fits you perfectly, like it was made just for you.” Jungkôôk mused in between the kisses. It turned into a make-out session. They moved apart when they heard sounds of kids running in the hallway. They giggled.
“Let’s go.” Jungkôôk said as he helped Tàe fix his hair, which got dishevelled during their make-out session.
When they went outside, everyone was gathered near a small dais. The party was arranged in the outdoor garden. The hanging lights and little hanging decorations made it look more elegant. There were tables and chairs arranged neatly with beautiful flower arrangements.
Tàe smiled when he spotted Namjôôn and Jîn. As Ana said, Jîn was already entertaining everyone with his jokes. He was wearing a black suit with golden embellishments, and Namjôôn was standing next to him in a black suit. To Tàe's surprise, his hair was blond now.
“Hyung, blond hair looks good on you.” Tàe greeted Namjôôn while hugging him. “Thank you. Jînnie said he would love to see me with blond hair, so I tried it out. You look pretty, little one.” Namjôôn hugged Tàe back.
“Really? Kôôk's mom bought it for me. I love it.” “You should buy some more. I think this style suits you better.” Namjôôn was happy to see his brother being more of himself here.
He knows it was hard for the younger to express himself with their hard headed parents. He can see how good Jungkôôk was for Tàe; his brother is literally beaming with happiness.
“Hey, hyung. You look dashing.” Jungkôôk complimented Namjôôn, who thanked him with a dimpled smile. " “My boyfriend dyed his hair once, and all of you have forgotten about me. Wow! The betrayal. You forgot the Kîm Seôkjin. Unbelievable.”
Jungkôôk let out an audible groan when he heard Jîn’s usual dramatics. “You look stunner, hyung, like a showstopper on the runway.” Tàe said he would save them instantly.
“Oh! My dear Tàe. I know you have some good taste, unlike the boring people in full black suits here. You look lovely too, darling.” Jîn hugged Tàe as a greeting. Jungkôôk and Namjôôn looked at each other, saying, "There we go again," and sighed.
They were chatting about the trip when Jungkook’s grandparents appeared, wearing white costumes in contrast to the black theme of the party. Everybody cheered for the couple. Then the party officially started with a lovely speech from his grandfather.
He also gifted his wife with a beautiful necklace. Tàe was checking which pastries to take when he saw Jungkôôk’s grandfather also doing the same. This is the first time he is meeting Jungkôôk's grandfather because he was away on a business trip.
“I don’t think that’s a good choice with your diabetes, grandpa.” Jungkôôk came next to Tàe, eyeing his grandfather with a pointed stare.  “Just one piece won’t hurt me, boy. Today is a day for celebration. Let me have something sweet.” Jungkôôk’s grandfather waved it off.
“I don’t think Grandma will like it. If you don’t know, she is already looking at you.” Jungkôôk's words made his grandfather put the sweet back in the tray as fast as he could, making Tàe giggle. “Ah! You scared me, you idiotic grandson.”, Jungkôôk’s grandfather sighed,
then looked at Tàe in amusement as Jungkôôk was already hugging him, “Won’t you introduce me to your boyfriend?” “Tàe meet my grandfather, the great Jeôn Hansung, and grandpa, this is my lovely boyfriend, Kîm Tàehyung.” Tàe said hi shyly.
“Glad to meet you, my dear. I hope you are enjoying your time here.” “Yes, everyone is so wonderful.” As expected, his grandfather was also nice. He shared about how Jungkôôk begged him to have his vintage pickup car for their first date.
Jungkôôk retorted that it was his grandfather who told him to have it. As they started bickering, Jungkôôk’s grandma came and took the grandfather with her for the dance.
“They look so wonderful together.” Tàe exclaimed as they watched Hansung and Minji dancing gracefully in the middle of the dance floor. “We are more wonderful together, fluffy.” Jungkôôk kissed Tàe’s forehead.
They looked at each other lovingly before kissing sweetly. “Let’s go and dance.” Tàe pulled Jungkôôk to the dance floor when everyone started joining the old couple. They were laughing and goofing around more than dancing.
“Are you feeling emotional, Jôônie?" Seôkjin hugged his boyfriend from behind when he saw Jôôn tearing up while watching his brother have fun on the dance floor with his boyfriend.
“It’s just that I've never seen him this happy since our childhood. Whenever I met him, he had this melancholic expression, like sadness was his core expression of life. Now he is beaming with happiness, just full of life. I am so thankful to you guys for this.”
Jôôn sniffled, and Jîn cooed at his boyfriend. “There is no need to thank us. Tàe is an amazing guy. We never thought we would see Jungkôôk in a serious relationship. Look at my idiot cousin now; anyone can say he is so in love. They are just made for each other.”
Namjôôn agreed with Jîn; they are made for each other; they have this lovesick fool look in their eyes for each other. He smiled. “Oh! Finally, you smiled. I thought everyone would scold me for making you cry. Well it will look like I am bullying you from their point of view.”
Jîn joked, and Namjôôn shook his head. “You will never.” “Common, it's time to conquer the dance floor.” Jîn cheered, making Namjôôn laugh in amusement.  While dancing, Namjôôn hugged Jîn close and said, “Thank you for coming into my life and making everything delightful.
I am so lucky to have you. Let’s stay together forever.” “I am the luckiest to have you, Jôôn. Yes, let's stay together.” They danced close while the diamonds in their platinum bands on their ring fingers sparked under the lights, just like their love. 🪄🪄🪄
🪄🪄🪄 Jungkôôk was looking at the meat display in the supermarket. He was confused about which one to buy for today’s dinner party at Jîn's. He can’t believe his cousin randomly announced he got engaged during their short trip, just like that,
at the end of their grandparent's anniversary party, literally making everyone shocked. It was chaotic after that, as usual. But everyone congratulated the couple; Tàe even cried in happiness while hugging his brother.
So today Jîn organised a party for their cousins at home and kicked Tàe and him out to get necessities. He also gave them money and a long list. Tàe was picking vegetables and fruits at the next section while Jungkôôk was struggling to pick the meat. He sighed in defeat.
He should call Tàe. He was about to turn a voice made him halt. “Choose the second one from the last raw. It’s tender and juicy. Best for steak.” Jungkôôk looked at the guy, who was wearing a hoodie and sweat pants—definitely not from Ireland.
He was smaller than him and pale in complexion, with cat-like eyes. “Oh! Thank you for saving me. I was confused.” Jungkôôk scratched his nape, a little embarrassed.
“You were staring at the meat like you were trying to find its lost soul, so I helped.” The guy smiled at him. “That’s because I am not a good cook like my boyfriend. I was about to call for rescue. I am Jungkôôk by the way.”
“I am Mîn Yôôngi. Nice to meet you.” They both shook hands. Yôôngi helped Jungkôôk select the necessary ingredients for the meat, too. “Thank you, hyung. I am glad I met you here.” “No worries, Jungkôôk-ah. It was nice to see someone from our country in a foreign land.”
They were walking when they heard the sound of some things dropping on the floor. Yôôngi snorted when he found Jimiñ on the floor cursing and picking up the packets he accidentally dropped.  “That’s my boyfriend, Pàrk Jîmiñ. As you can see, he is a little clumsy.”
Jungkôôk smiled and waved at Jîmiñ, who was pouting at Yôôngi for such an awful introduction. “I have to look for my boyfriend now. Oh! There he is... Tàe.. ” Before Jungkôôk can call Tàehyung, Jîmiñ literally sprinted out from there towards Tàe,
making Yôôngi and Jungkôôk look at the scene in wonder. “TÀEHYUNG… ” Tàe was startled when another body almost crashed into him in a hug. He relaxed when he saw who it was. “Jîmiñ” Tàe was surprised.
“Seems like our meeting is not just a coincidence, I guess.” Yôôngi smiled at Jungkôôk who nodded in response, not knowing what this mere coincidence would bring them in the future. 🪄🪄🪄
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🪄🪄🪄 “You need to stop. Seoyun, stop it.” Hôseôk said sternly. He had been watching her dance non-stop for two hours now. This is not like her. If she continues this, there may be a chance of injury. He was concerned because, for the past few days,
Seoyun seemed lost and confused, especially after coming to Ireland. This is all that Hoon guy's fault. Hôseôk clenched his fist in irritation. He saw them arguing in the airport; at first, he thought it was a mere lovers' quarrel, but the next day, he saw Seoyun crying
her eyes out in the temporary dance studio they leased for practise sessions. It hurts to see the person you love falling apart in front of you, but you can’t do anything about it except stand and watch. But he won’t let her hurt like this. Hôseôk took fast strides towards her,
stopping her by holding her shoulder forcefully. “I said stop, damn it.”, He cursed, “Stop hurting yourself. He is not worth it. Please.” Hôseôk held her close as she finally broke down into sobbing.
She clutched Hôseôk's shirt as she cried miserably.  “Shhh… it’s okay. It will be okay. I am here for you.” He soothed her with comforting words. Seoyun calmed down after a while.
Hôseôk handed her a bottle of water. She took it after saying thanks. She was tired and breathless after dancing for such a long time. She sipped the water slowly to calm herself down.  “Seoyunie, we are best friends. You know that, right?"
Hôseôk said as he looked at her, and she nodded. “I don’t know when we reached the point that you cannot share your burdens with us. You know we won’t judge you. Please tell me what’s bothering you. These days you are reckless with our dance routines; you barely eat or sleep,
and you don’t even speak to us anymore. It hurts to see you drifting away from us. Talk to me, please. I may not be able to provide you with an exact solution, but I will always support you.” Seoyun can see the worry in Hôseôk’s eyes. She understands what he meant;
it’s her fault that she bottles up everything for the sake of the competition. But it seems like it backfired after she confronted Hôôn in the airport, which led to a big fight, and Hôôn accused her of snooping into his personal stuff. He called Seoyun a dramatic and
controlling girlfriend. What hurt most was that he told her she makes him feel suffocated and is not making him happy at all, so their relationship was a mistake, and because of it, he lost someone important to him. “I am sorry, Hôseôkie… it just that Hôôn… ”
She told Hôseôk everything. Her doubts and suspicions, and Hôôn’s behavior, made Hôseôk listen to her attentively, even though he could feel he was getting angry but suppressed it for the sake of Seoyun. “Listen to me; you are a kind and wonderful woman and
an immensely talented dancer. Whatever that fool said is not true. Heck, he is on the team because of your generosity. No offense, but he is an ungrateful jerk. Forget everything he said and concentrate on the competition. D5 stage was your dream, Seoyun, and please don’t waste
such an amazing opportunity on an ignorant and idiotic guy. He doesn’t deserve it. Remember this: you are awesome, and don’t let anyone look down on you.” Seoyun wiped away her tears; she feels light after sharing everything with Hôseôk. She smiled. She has to pull herself
together for the sake of Hôseôk and their team. She decided to deal with Hôôn after the competition. Now she has to put every ounce of her energy into the rehearsal for the competition. Hôseôk smiled in relief as he saw Seoyun’s confident and determined expression. 🪄🪄🪄
🪄🪄🪄 Jîmiñ looked around the cosy book café. It does have a feeling of relaxation. He watched some customers enter the outdoor terrace section of the café with a book in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. The terrace was exclusively for those who came to read in peace.
The rich smell of Irish coffee and home-made cakes was mouthwatering. He can’t wait to taste the cheesecakes they have. It’s all because he met Tàehyung here again. He can’t believe they met again here in Ireland, and that too in a supermarket. After his dramatic hug with Tàe,
he explained to Yôôngi that Tàehyung is the one who took him to the hospital when he got hurt after fainting near the sidewalk. Yôôngi thanked Tàe and invited him and Jungkôôk to have a coffee with them. That’s how they are now, in a nearby cute café,
while Yôôngi and Jungkôôk went to order their pastries and beverages. “I can’t believe I met you here so randomly. I should have taken your number then; we even called your office, but they said you resigned. I thought I would never see you again,
but I am so happy that we met again.” Jîmiñ couldn’t hide his excitement. “I was surprised to see you here too.” Tàe smiled at him, but it dimmed a bit after hearing what Jîmiñ said next. “Seoyunie and Hôseôkie will be happy to hear about it.
I don’t know why they are not taking their phones. We could have had a proper reunion with all of us together. We are currently staying nearby.” Jîmiñ pouted, looking at his phone. Tàe felt nervous suddenly.
“Fluffy, here are your favourite strawberry milkshake and chocolate lava cake.” Jungkôôk appeared with their order, saving Tàe from the misery. Tàe thanked him with a slight peck on his cheek. Jungkôôk settled down next to Tàe.
“Fluffy? Is that a nickname? Wow, it sounds cute.” Jîmiñ gushed. “Yeah, when I met him, he had silver permed hair. He looked really cute and cuddly with it, and that's why I call him that.” Jungkôôk explained with a bashful smile.
“Oh! That’s so sweet, unlike someone who calls his boyfriend clumsy.” Jîmiñ rolled his eyes at Yôôngi. “Well, you are cute when you are clumsy." Yôôngi shrugged it off while sipping his coffee calmly. “You are unbelievable.”
"I know, darling; that's why your clumsy self fell in love with me." Yôôngi mused, making Jimiñ huff but not retort, then shook his head with a lovely smile and started eating his cheesecake happily.
Jungkôôk smiled at their bickering energy, then he noticed how silent Tàe was, like something was bothering him. His suspicion proved right when Tàe excused himself to the washroom when he saw someone named Seoyun calling on Jîmiñ’s phone.
“Hey Seoyun Guess what! I met Taehyung here....Yes, I was surprised....he was with his boyfriend...ah! We are at a cute book cafe right now....yes, he is with me...Oh, you want to meet him? Okay, write down the address… ”
Jîmiñ was on the phone, telling Seoyun the address of the café. “Hyung, I will be back in a few.” Jungkôôk excused himself. Yôôngi let out an amused smile when he saw Jungkôôk rushing towards the direction of the bathroom right after Tàe went there.
Ah! Young love. He smiled, remembering their own shenanigans when they first started dating. It was pretty much wilder then than now.
Jungkôôk checked the stalls and called out for Tàe. "Fluffy, where are you?" “Here." Tàe came out of a stall; he looked almost anxious and nervous. Jungkôôk hugged him. “What happened, fluffy?"
Tàe hugged Jungkôôk close, as if he was going to disappear if he let go. “I told you about how I found out my ex was cheàting on me, right?" Jungkôôk hummed in response, so careful because he knows it's still a sensitive subject for Tàe. “The girl that he was cheating on me
with was Seoyun. She is Jîmiñ’s best friend.” “Oh! Now I remember what you said about it. Are you okay with them because you were so silent?" Jungkôôk asked Tàe worried. “No, it’s okay. I am over it. It’s just that I felt nervous because we met them unexpectedly.
They are good people, especially Seoyun. It’s not her fault that Hôôn decided to do something horrible like cheàt. In fact, I don’t think she knows about it either." “I can understand, fluffy. I think they are coming here to meet you. I heard Jimiñ hyung talking to them on the
phone. Do you want to go home? We can make up an excuse to go if you are uncomfortable.” Jungkôôk suggested. He doesn’t want Tae to feel anxious. Tàe thought for a moment, then shook his head. “No, let’s stay because I think it’s inevitable that I meet them at some point,
so let it be today. At least I have you with me. I will be fine, I promise.” Tàe smiled before giving a kiss to Jungkôôk but Kôôk held him close and deepened the kiss. They made it out in a few minutes.
They touched their foreheads together and smiled as they breathed heavily because of their passionate kiss. “Let’s go back before they think we are doing some funny business in the washroom.” Tàe giggled.
"Well, it’s not like I am opposed to that idea, but I think they already believe that we are indeed doing something inappropriate.” Jungkôôk shrugged. "Oh, my god. We are giving them the worst first impression.”
Tàe tried to hide his face in Jungkôôk’s chest, feeling mortified. Jungkôôk laughed seeing how shy Tàe is blushing. They did leave the bathroom afterwards. As expected, Yôôngi smirked at them, seeing their swollen lips and dishevelled appearance.
Tàe concentrated on eating his cake, avoiding Yôôngi’s knowing glances, while Jungkôôk did give a triumphant smirk in return to Yôôngi. Jîmiñ was on phone whole time telling the direction to Seoyun.
When they almost finished their cake and beverages, the bell on the café rang, indicating new customers. “Hôseôkie, Seoyunie here.” Jîmiñ called out to them happily. “Tàe already knows them; this is Seoyun and Hôseôk. My best friends,", Jimiñ paused a moment then said,
"and this is... " Tàe suddenly stiffened when Jîmiñ pointed at the third person, making Jungkôôk cautiously look at the person his boyfriend was looking at. “Seoyun’s boyfriend, Hôôn.” Jimiñ introduced them all, not knowing the inner turmoil Tàe was facing at the moment.
Jungkôôk noticed the guy Hôôn, looking at Tàe like a hwak eyeing his prey; he doesn't like it so he leans forward to the table, intentionally shielding Tàe from his view. Then he sensed there was a strange tension between the three of them,
like Seoyun was giving an awkward smile even though Jimiñ was introducing her boyfriend, Hôseôk was glaring at Hôôn in anger for some reason, and of course the Hôôn guy was surprised to see Tàe, then his expression morphed into mirth. Jungkôôk held Tàe close by his waist
as if telling them it’s okay; he is there. It worked like magic. Tàe relaxed into Jungkôôk’s embrace. Tàe held Jungkôôk’s hand tightly under the table as if he were his grounding force. “Hello, I am Jungkôôk, Tàehyung’s boyfriend. Nice to meet you.”
Jungkôôk introduced himself politely. This made Hôôn glare at him venomously, but Kôôk ignored him. “Let’s move to a bigger table to fit all of us, and I will order something for you too.” Yôôngi suggested, and they moved to a seven seater table. Tàe was sitting opposite Hôôn;
at first, it was suffocating to see him in flesh. It was like going through a nightmare repeatedly. The sinking feeling began to bubble up in his heart, but luckily Jungkôôk soothed him with soft touches and his presence. After some time, surprisingly,
he was not intimidated by Hôôn's angry gazes; instead, he felt secure staying close to Jungkôôk. It doesn’t matter; Hoon doesn’t matter after all. He is like a horrible memory from his past. I moved on for good. I have Jungkôôk now.
Tàe sat there more confidently after the realisation woke him from his deep slumber of insecurity, making Jungkôôk give a small kiss on the side of his head as if to say, "I am proud of you."
Then onward, Tàe smiled and actively participated in the conversation and definitely ignored Hôôn's presence, making him wonder where the courage came from, but the answer is right next to him: his angel, his love, Jungkôôk.
“I definitely didn’t expect to meet you here, let alone with a boyfriend. I really happy that we met. All thanks to the D5 stage festival. Lucky that its finals are happening in Ireland.” Seoyun talked excitedly. “I know. Right." Hôseôk shared his excitement too.
“Lucky indeed.” Hôôn mumbled, looking at Tàe, but unknown to him, Yôôngi was observing him closely. “Did you just say D5 stage fest? Kôôkie is also going to participate in it with his team.” Tàe beamed.
“No way, man, which team are you? Me, Hôseôkie, Seoyunie, and Hoon are in SPARKZ.” Jîmiñ asked in disbelief. “I am with ELITES.” Jungkôôk mused. “No way, that’s why you looked so familiar. You are their centre. Oh my god, I can’t believe we became friends-to-rivals so fast.”
Hôseôk exclaimed, making everyone laugh except Hôôn, who was irritated finding out Tàe has a boyfriend now and that he too is an exceptional dancer from ELITES, the team that won last year’s championship.
It makes him more angry that Tàehyung is clinging on to his boyfriend while smiling happily. It irks him so badly.
Then the conversation became more lively. Seoyun teased Jungkôôk about how they were going to win this year, and Jungkôôk just laughed. They decided to go home when Jungkôôk got an angry call from Jîn for being late to bring groceries.
“Bye, we will meet you at the festival next week. It’s nice to see you all here.” Jungkôôk told them. “The pleasure is ours, Jungkôôk-ah.” Yôôngi smiled. Tàe waved at them before joining Jungkôôk in the car. “They are such a lovely couple. They look so in love.”
Seoyun exclaimed, making Hôseôk feel bad for her and Hôôn glare at her. “Fate always binds people who are destined for each other. Just like them, they fit perfectly together, like puzzle pieces." Yôôngi stated making Jîmiñ coo at him.
“Look at my grumpy cat dictating poetry on love now.” “I am always poetic. My love, it’s just that you are too clumsy to notice it.” Yôôngi's retort made Jimiñ hit him on his chest playfully.
They all started bickering as they started walking towards the car, except for Hôôn, who was aggressively typing something on his phone. He smirked deviously at something he saw in the chat box. It won’t be something good, right? 🪄🪄🪄
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🪄🪄🪄 “Tàe, can you pick mom and dad up from the airport? They are coming in the evening. I will message you the flight schedule.” Namjôôn asked, while collecting his bag, coat, and phone, to go to the hospital. Tàe stiffened suddenly, thinking about meeting his parents.
"I am sorry, little one. I know it's too much for you to meet them, but I have an emergency surgery scheduled today. I have to be there on time. Jîn is busy today too." Namjôôn petted Tàe's hair.  Tàe gave a small smile.
"If they are ridiculous again, then tell me I will not invite them to the wedding. They can take the next flight and go back." Namjôôn spoke in a soft yet stern voice. Tàe just nodded; he really knows they will say something, but for hyung's sake, he has to deal with it.
The most terrifying part is that they are here to meet Jîn's parents. After Namjôôn and Jîn's engagement announcement, they decided to hold the wedding in the next month itself. According to Jîn, there is no use in waiting. So their parents instructed
Namjôôn to set up a meeting with Jîn's parents, and from their talk, Tàe could sense the distaste towards Jîn’s profession. Namjôôn believes it’s because he turned down their attempt to set him up with their friend's daughter, who studies medicine.
At this point, Tàe doubts their parents could see anyone other than doctors. He really doesn’t want to meet his parents, but Namjôôn and Jîn are busy, and if someone doesn’t pick them up, their parents will make a scene.
“Don't worry, hyungie. I will go; send me the details.” Namjôôn kissed his forehead as a thank you before rushing out. Tàe sighed while checking the latest emails Jîn had forwarded to him. His mood brightened when he saw a message from Jungkôôk.
He must be busy. Tàe thought. He remembered Jungkôôk telling him that they were doing a dress rehearsal today just to check the fitting and choreography. He blushed at how he almost typed "I love you" at the end. He can’t wait to say it to Kôôk soon.
He knows Jungkôôk is holding back from saying it. He continued checking the mail with his newfound giddy feeling. Tàe freshened up and changed his clothes. He fixed his hair before collecting the car keys from the table. He checked his watch to make sure he was on time.
When he reached Mariah’s diner, he parked his car. He locked the car and began to walk, then noticed his shoelaces were loose. He knelt down and tied it. He looked behind him when he felt an odd feeling like someone was watching. It's an icy feeling, like a piercing gaze.
But he decided to ignore it. But after taking a few steps, he halted and turned suddenly. He noticed a figure getting startled and hiding behind a car parked a bit away from his car. even though that person was wearing a mask, cap, and bomber jacket.
Tàe feels he knows that person. Is that Hôôn? His mind started twirling like wheels. All of a sudden, he was breathless, and his heart started pounding furiously. He felt a sudden chill go through his body. He immediately walked faster towards the diner.
He greeted Mariah quickly and went towards the studio, which was upstairs. He felt fear when he saw it was empty and no one there at first glance. He let out a sigh of relief when he saw Stephanie on the corner checking something. “Steph…”
Tàe called her after entering the studio. His voice was cracking. “Tàe, are you okay? Sit here.” Stephanie looked at him worriedly, seeing how Tàe was looking pale and slightly trembling. "Here, drink some water.”
She offered him some water. Tàe took the water after thanking her. He tried to calm himself down. “What happened? ” She asked again. “I think someone was following me. There was a car tailing me. I didn’t take it seriously, but then here in the parking lot,
I saw a guy in a black mask, cap, and bomber jacket following me. I quickly came here. But I think they are still out there.” Tàe explained briefly; he didn’t mention Hôôn because he wasn't sure. He didn’t want to accuse without any proof. He may have been paranoid.
“Hey relax. I will go and check, okay. You don’t have to worry.” Stephanie assured him. Tàe didn’t let her. “No.. Please stay here. It may be dangerous.” He held her hand in fear. “Don’t worry. This is my home, and we have staff to protect me down stairs. I will be quick.
You lock the door from inside. Jungkôôk and others went to get some drinks. They will be back soon. You are safe here.” Stephanie patted Tàe’s shoulder to comfort him before going out of the studio.
She took a deep breath before going down. She called a staff member and put them on standby just in case, then searched the diner carefully for the guy Tàe mentioned earlier. She squinted her eyes when she found the person sitting on the corner of the diner,
away from prying eyes. Even though he was with a coffee, his eyes were looking up at the stairs. Stephanie went close. “You… who are you? ” She inquired in a furious voice, making the guy startled but he composed himself to answer. “I am a customer; can’t you see the coffee.”
He huffed. “Remove your cap and mask.” She asked sternly. “Why the fuck? Let me drink my coffee in peace. Is this how you treat your customers in your restaurant? I will definitely leave a bad review about you…” The guy threatened, but Stephanie didn’t let him continue.
“I read in the news that there is a psychôpath dressed in all black with a cap, mask, and an exact similar bomber jacket you are wearing. You really fit the description, and you are very rude too. Remove the mask; otherwise, I will call the police to verify you.”
Stephanie raised her eyebrow in warning. She was making up the entire story just to see who it was. He hoped the guy would be dumb enough to believe her. When he heard the police, the guy removed his cap and mask.
“You… you are a member of SPARKZ, right? What are you doing here? Are you trying to spy on our routine? Dude, that’s so low.”
Stephanie snapped, recognising Hôôn from the video she watched on SPARKZ just to check the competition. From what she saw, she can definitely say he is a weak link on the team because he was off rhythm a few times. She frowned; according to Jungkôôk,
the members of SPARKZ were friendly, but this guy didn’t seem to fit into that category. Brain came in with drinks the very moment Stephanie raised her voice. It was good that the diner had very few customers after the afternoon rush. Brian came close to Stephanie,
looking very protective of her. “What happened, honey? Who is this? ” Brian inquired. “Look, I am not here to spy on you or anything....” Hôôn began to explain, but Steph cut him off again. “He is a member of SPARKZ. He was acting very suspiciously, wearing a cap and mask.
I doubt he is here to spy on us.” She explained the situation. "Look, it’s a misunderstanding. I came to drink coffee. Anyway, I will go now.” Hôôn pushed Brian slightly to get away from there. “He really gives me creepy vibes.” Brain exclaimed.
“Yeah, he frightened Tàe quite a bit. He thought he was a stalker. Common Tàe is alone in the studio. He thought that guy was a stalker. I guess he just came to snoop on us.” Stephanie sighed before going upstairs with Brain.
When Jungkôôk came, Tàe hugged him tightly, making him worried. "You okay? ” Jungkôôk looked at Yug to take the milkshakes from his hands so that he could hug Tàe back. Yug immediately took it away. Jungkôôk held Tàe closely, rubbing his back to comfort him.
Stephanie explained to them that Tàe got frightened by a stalker; actually, it was a rival team member trying to scout them, and he is gone now. Tàe relaxed after that. They didn't get more details because Tàe had to go to the airport, “We have to go. They will land in an hour."
Tàe's eyes widen when he checks the time. Jungkôôk told him they would go after drinking the milkshake he brought. He packed his bag to go with Tàe. They reached the parking lot, and Tàe gave Jungkôôk the keys. Kôôk gave him a peck before helping him sit in the passenger seat.
They were unaware of the fact that Hôôn was still observing from the alley nearby. Hôôn “tsked” in irritation that his plan failed. It was all because of that bitçh who interfered and made him reveal his identity. He cursed, remembering he wouldn’t get another
day off until next week's competition. But he decided to devise another one on that day itself, since it would be less risky in the crowded ambience. He gets in his car and drives away before anyone else sees him here and makes a commotion.
Jungkôôk and Tàe reached the airport on time. They waited outside the arrivals gate. Tàe was really nervous. “Hey, relax. It will be okay.” "It's just that I am afraid they will say something that will hurt you. As I said before, we don't have a good relationship
since I gave up pursuing medicine. They still won't let me forget the fact that I disregarded their dreams for me. At least they are nice to Jôônie hyung, but I don't know how they react towards Jîn hyung." Tàe shared his worries.
"I promise you that whatever they say, I won't take it seriously. I will bear with it for the sake of you and hyung. So cheer up. Let's face the ruthless Kîms together." Jungkôôk tried to soothe him. Tàe only nodded, but his eyes were full of worry.
He understood why Tàe was panicking when Kîms joined them. Now he knows he won’t get along with the in-laws that much anymore, especially after seeing their attitude towards Tàe. Mr. Kîm was dressed up like a proper gentleman, but his attitude was anything but that.
“Where is Namjôôn?” Mr. Kîm asked sternly, making Tàe flinch. “Hyung is busy today, so he sent me to pick you.” Tàe explained timidly. "It's good to see him taking his profession more seriously than someone who is jobless enough to be a mere editor. Get our luggage.
I don't have time to waste like you.” Mr. Kîm ordered before walking towards the car, completely ignoring Jungkôôk. Tàe picked up the luggage and waited for his mother to join them.   “Where is our stay arranged? I need to rest. It was a long flight.”
Mrs. Kîm asked as they were walking towards the car. “It’s a hotel nearby.” Tàe replied, making Mrs. Kîm snap with a scrawl.
“Hotel? They are sending us to a hotel. Is the guy our precious Jôônie is marrying this cheapskate that he has to send his future in-laws to some hotel instead of giving them a room in their own house?" She sounded bitter and angry.
Tàe looked at her helplessly. May be Namjôôn doesn’t want to cause trouble to Jîn, so he booked a hotel. Knowing his parents, they will definitely try to insult Jîn hyung for everything.
“Regance is a luxury hotel owned by Jîn hyung’s parents. They booked a luxury suite for you. It will be comfortable.” Jungkôôk tried to ease the tension. “Whatever, just be careful with my luggage, boy.” She marched away towards the car.
Jungkôôk helped Tàe with the luggage. Tàe apologised to him for the rude behaviour of his parents, but Jungkôôk waved it off. But Tàe felt more miserable when his parents badmouthed him and Jîn all the way to the hotel.
Jungkôôk was clutching the wheel hard to prevent himself from snapping because he didn’t want to come out as arrogant and cause Jîn trouble. It was one hell of a horrible ride. Tàe sighed in relief when they finally dropped them off at the hotel.
Tàe was more worried seeing Jungkôôk so silent on the way back to home. Tàe was afraid to ask him the reason—it's not like he didn't know the exact reason that made him upset. But what can he do? This is how his parents were.
They just judge people without any proper understanding, and the words they say will hurt more than anything else too. He suffered these for years, but watching Jungkôôk get the first-hand experience of them was heartbreaking for Tàe.
Tàe got startled when Jungkôôk stopped the car suddenly and went out. He came near the passenger side and opened the door for Tàe to get out. Tàe slowly came out holding Jungkôôk’s hand, looking at him confused. “Let’s have some ice cream.”
Jungkôôk pointed in the direction of a small ice cream shop on wheels. They got two chocolate ice creams and settled down on a bench in a nearby park. Tàe just stared at the ice cream blankly. Jungkôôk sighed and opened the lid for him to eat.
“I know you feel sad. I will be too if my parents behave like that. But it’s not yours or Namjôôn hyung’s fault that they couldn’t see good in people apart from their designation.”  Jungkôôk said softly, making Tàe look at him. “ I am sorry.", Tàe apologized.
“Like I said, it’s not your fault, fluffy. I am not sad, just disappointed that they cannot see how hardworking and dedicated you and Jîn hyung are. At this point, they are just badmouthing him and you for no reason, but it will be fine when they meet him.
He won't let them speak ill of him; you don't know how sassy my hyung can get when he is pissed. So you don’t have to worry about our family. Jôôn hyung already gave them a clear picture about your parents. I think he anticipated the trouble before us, I guess.” Kôôk chuckled.
“They are just bitter that hyung rejected the alliance they brought for him. They always wanted their sons and their future partners to be doctors, just like our uncle’s family. But I disappointed them in that case; Namjôôn hyung was their only hope,
and now he is marrying someone he loves instead of their choice. They are furious. I hope everything will go smoothly. I am afraid they will say something horrible to your family.” Tàe teared up, telling Jungkôôk everything. Jungkôôk kissed his cheek and wiped away the tears.
“You don’t have to worry about it, my dear, fluffy. My family knows how to deal with them. They have all been in business for years; they know how to handle rude clients. You just relax and be happy for me. I really don’t like it when you are sad.”
Jungkôôk said while smothering Tàe with kisses. Tàe giggled as he felt tickles. “Thank you. I will just do that.” "Yes, and please eat your ice cream before it melts away.”
Jungkôôk said as he started feeding Tàe ice cream. As a matter of fact, the kisses definitely tasted sweet and chocolaty after. Sweet sounds good for now, as they don't know the bitter moments fate has in store for them.  🪄🪄🪄
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🪄🪄🪄 “You should go… ah… they are waiting.. Mhfh.. Kôôk…” Tàe tried to pull away, but Jungkôôk didn’t let him deepen the kiss, ignoring his lover's weak protest. He smiles when Tàe starts chasing after his lips, even though he was the one who did not want
Jungkôôk to be late for his competition. They are in the parking lot of the competition venue, passionately making out without a care in the world. Jungkôôk knows he has to go in soon to start their preparations and get their make-up done, but Tàe is on his lap,
looking breathtakingly beautiful in his silk white shirt and tight black leather pants, doing things for him, not to mention the loosely knotted black silk tie on Tàe, which gives him sinful ideas to devour him. “Now go… ”
Tàe said weakly, slightly panting from how breathless he feels. “It’s your fault I can’t go, sweetheart.”, he pulled Tàe close with the tie, "You wear it on purpose, don’t you, to rile me up.” Jungkôôk’s voice was low, and there was a dark glint in his eyes. “I….no.. ”
Tàe tried to deny helplessly, but Jungkôôk’s hold on his waist tightened. It will definitely leave a mark. Tàe thought. Jungkôôk nipped Tàe's ear.  “Wrong answer, sweetheart.” “Okay..Yes… I thought you would like it.”
Tàe finally accepted hiding his face in the crook of Jungkôôk’s neck. Jungkôôk smirked. “It wasn’t that hard to accept, wasn’t it?” "You are horrible." Tàe whined and pouted.
He can’t believe why he even tried to rile up Jungkôôk using a silk tie, which is his weakness, and now ends up being teased by Kôôk instead. His idea totally backfired. Tàe sulked. Jungkôôk pecked Tàe’s pout. They got out of the car when Jungkôôk got a text from
Stephanie asking him where he was. Jungkôôk took the tie in his hand and kissed the fabric, making Tàe’s breath hitch. “Now, Be a good boy and cheer for me, and don’t forget to behave, my vixen. I will reward you later.”
He whispered to Tàe and winked at him before turning and walking towards the backstage entrance like nothing happened. Tàe froze for a moment, blushing hard, but he revived when he heard his phone ringing. Jîn was calling to inform him they were at the venue.
Tàe rushed to his hyungs, but his cheeks were still heated up because of his boyfriend's sexy whisper.
“Where were you, and why is your face so red?" Jîn inquired when Tàe took his seat, still breathless. “I ran here.” Tàe shrugged.
“Hey, meet Yôôngi. He was Jôônie’s patient. We met at the entrance. Guess what his boyfriend is also performing today. Yôôngi, this is Tàehyung Jôôn’s brother.” Jîn introduced Yôôngi to Tàe, not knowing they were already acquainted because of Jimiñ.
“Ah! We know each other already, hyung. ” Tae exclaimed, and there was a surprised expression on Yôôngi’s face.
“Yes, he helped me when I fainted near a sidewalk and got injured; coincidentally, I was treated by his brother after I got discharged from the hospital. I am really grateful to both of you.” Yôôngi expressed his gratitude. Jôôn and Tàe waved it off, saying it was nothing much.
They settled down in their assigned seats. Yôôngi was in deep thought now everything made sense except why Hôôn was searching for Tàehyung because it doesn’t seem like they are friends during their interaction in the café.
There is a nagging feeling inside his head that something very wrong is going to happen, but he can’t pinpoint what. He shook his head and concentrated on the MC's announcement.
“By the way, you and Jungkôôk left early, then how come you came in so late?” Jîn asked suddenly, making Tàe bite his lip. “He needed to buy something for his show.” Tàe replied, which was indeed true because Jungkôôk did buy a particular shade of mascara that Stephanie
asked him to buy. He sighed in relief when Jîn nodded and turned to talk with Jôôn. Tàe caressed his cheeks, still feeling a little bit hot. “Stupid angel.”
He mumbled, but no one heard him because of the announcement for the first team's performance. The atmosphere was incredible. The dancers performed their best to catch the audience's and judges' attention.
Yôôngi cheered for SAPRKZ when they announced their names. Their entrance was dramatic, like building a robot and giving it life finally. They were wearing gold jumpsuits with silver accessories. Everyone screamed when Hôseôk started to move like the dance machine he is.
Jimiñ appeared with a perfect backflip, and Seoyun moved her hands in a manner that resembled that of a robot but in a crazy fast way. Then they started moving in sync with a catchy beat. They gave a crowd-pulling performance and bowed to everyone
when they got cheers and a standing ovation from the crowd. “Wow! They killed it.” Yôôngi happily clapped. “They were amazing.”
Tàe also agreed. He caressed his heart when it started to beat faster in anticipation of Jungkôôk’s stage. Everyone cheered loudly when ELITE’s name was announced; they were definitely the favourites of the crowd.
ELITE’s performance started with mysterious music that sounded dark and electronic. Each member appeared with masquerade masks matching their outfits and in a box-like structure. Their hands were tied to the box with long ribbons.
They started moving like puppets attached to the string, like they were obeying a master's command to move as he pleased, but then a light appeared, cutting the ribbons and releasing them from their misery. They removed their masks.
Their smoky eye make-up was beautiful and fitting for the theme. The music became more enticing as the dancers moved with powerful, eye-catching moves. It was like they were telling a story through their dance. ELITES were known for their elegant and powerful performances,
but this has more stage elements like solid and artistic vibes. Tàe got shocked when Jungkôôk pulled his crop-top coat up, revealing his toned abs and making everyone go feral. He can see the smirk on the mischievous angel’s lips. He is indeed the devil in angelic disguise.
Tàe groaned, realising that he did it on purpose to rile him. He shook his head and concentrated on the performance. It was beautiful and breath-taking, like he wanted to cry how talented they are. The performance ended with Brian lifting Stephanie into a swan pose while
other members made the shape of a flower. Everyone in the venue gave a standing ovation, including the judges. “They did an excellent job.” Jîn teared up while clapping enthusiastically. Tàe was speechless, but he cheered loudly, feeling proud of their hard work.
They waited for the results, which were nerve-wracking because both teams did a wonderful job. The MCs called the judges on stage. They announced the third price first. Then he told SPARKZ and ELITES to come forward. There was a dramatic pause,
and ELITES were declared winners after scoring more points for their artistic and elegant concept. The members cheered and gave each other a group hug. They received the trophy. SPARKZ seemed a bit sad, but they placed second.
Hôseôk, Jimiñ, and Seoyun congratulated Jungkôôk and the ELITE members. They were so happy and celebrating that they didn’t notice Hôôn slipping out silently.
After the grand award ceremony, the show came to an end with the audience clapping for the participants. The participants retreated to the backstage area to change their costumes. The crowd began to move out of the venue. Tàe, Yôôngi, Jîn, and Jôôn waited and moved with the crowd
Then Tàe felt someone holding his hand in the crowd. He halted and looked down. A small girl, seeming to be nine years old, was holding on to his hands. She seemed to be lost in the crowd. Tàe held her close and moved to a less crowded area because he didn’t want
the kid to get crushed by the crowd. She was wearing a cute pink frock with strawberry prints, and her hair was tied neatly into two ponytails. She has blue eyes, which looked at Tàe expectantly. Tàe kneeled down in front of the girl. “Where is your mom, baby?"
He caressed the girl's head lovingly. The girl didn’t respond; she only stared at him. This made Tàe frown. He thought for a moment and asked her using actions because he thought she couldn’t understand his accent. Surprisingly, the girl responded by signing; she is deaf.
Tàe’s face morphed into sadness. He asked again for her mother through actions. She pointed at the end of the hallway, which seemed like a washroom, but there was a no-entry sign, which is used when they clean it.
"Let's go and find her." Tàe nodded and led the kid in that direction, forgetting that he had gotten separated from Jîn and others. Tàe entered the washroom, calling, “Someone here?"
A lady came out of the cubicle smiling creepily. Tàe held the girl close to him in reflex. She was chewing her gum lazily.  “That’s my baby girl, boy. Give her to me.” The lady tried to grab the girl. Tae scrunched his nose when he smelled the foul smell of alcohol on her.
He shook his head, but he was surprised when the little girl tugged on his shirt as if to say she was indeed with that lady. Tàe reluctantly let the girl go with the lady, not before kissing her forehead and smiling sweetly at her.
💥Warning Kidnàpping, mild violence But the moment didn’t last long as someone put a cotton ball with chloroform on Tàe’s nose, keeping him in an iron grip. "Mmmph.. " He struggled to get away but slowly passed out because of its effect. “You got your money. Now scram.”
💥 Hôôn hissed at the lady who was watching the scene blankly with the small girl, who was in shock at what just happened. The lady pulled the girl forcefully away, but the girl bit her hand hard and ran away from there.
💥 The lady cursed loudly in pain and tried to run after the girl. Hôôn discreetly took out Tàe using the fire escape. He put Tàe in the trunk of his car and locked it before driving away. 🪄🪄🪄
🪄🪄🪄 "Where is Tàe?" Jîn asked when they reached the entrance, searching for him in the crowd. "He was behind us. Did we get separated during the push and pull?" Namjôôn exclaimed while taking his phone to call Tàe.
"He is not picking up. I should have kept an eye on him. What do we do if he gets lost in the crowd? He is not familiar with the surroundings here. " He tried again but got no response. "Don't worry, hun; he may still be inside. Let's wait here."
Jîn soothed Jôôn, who was worriedly calling Tàe on his phone.  "Did something happen to him?" Namjôôn asked in fear.  "Hey, don't think like that. We will find him soon, okay? I will call Roy and tell him to check the premises." Jîn assured him.
Yôôngi became tense. He noticed Hôôn slipping out during the ceremony; it’s not a mere coincidence that Tàe was not following them now. "Shît"
He cursed before running right back into the venue. It was a difficult task because of the crowd rushing outside, but he somehow managed to get in. He searched the hall desperately, praying for Tàehyung to be fine. He pulled his hair in frustration.
He sat on a seat in the front row, disheartened. Then he saw a little girl crouching down behind the seats as if she were afraid of something. Yôôngi rushed towards her. The girl flinched when he touched her, but she pulled him down with her when she saw the lady outside the door
She signalled for him to keep quiet, pointing in the direction of the lady. Yôôngi doesn’t know why the girl is doing this, but he decided to listen to her.
"Sara, come out, darling.” She sweetly called her, making Yôôngi want to turn to call the lady, but the girl didn’t let him. She shook her head furiously.
“Shit! That little bítch is fuçking deaf. She won’t hear me. Why do I have to look after that dumb mess? If it's not for money, I wouldn't have.” The lady cursed again. She got fed up when she couldn’t find the kid.
“I will kíll you if I find you, you little spawn of Satan. Fuck, my hand hurts. She bit me like a stray dog. You won’t get anything to eat for a week. Just let me get my hands on you.” The lady went out furiously to search for the girl outside.
Yôôngi heard the lady cursing the little girl and threatening to kíll her if she found her. It surprised him that the girl was not at all affected by it. They both watched the lady leave through the gap between the seats.
“Why are you hiding here?" Yôôngi asked her, but she signed that she was deaf and pulled him along with her. “What? Where are we going? I want to find my friend.”
Yôôngi tried to tell her, then remembered she couldn’t hear him. So he followed her to the washroom. He found an earring on the ground; it was the one Tàe was wearing today. Yôôngi felt his blood run cold for a moment. This can't be right.
No way? Hoôn cannot stoop to such a low level to do something horrible like this. His mind started to go in a spiral of "what ifs." He revived when the girl shook him out of his trance. Yôôngi decided to get to the bottom of it. A little verification won't hurt anyone, right?
So he pulled out his phone and showed her a picture. It was Jimiñ and Tàe. They took it during their first meeting at the café. He looked at the girl's reaction expectantly. The girl recognised Tàe and tapped on his picture, nodding furiously.
Then Yôôngi showed her a picture of Seoyun and Hôôn. The girl seemed to be frightened by him. At first, she tried to tell him in sign language, but Yôôngi shook his head, telling her he doesn't know what she is telling him. The girl thought for a moment,
then she acted out about what happened. Yôôngi understood that Tàe fainted, and Hôôn took him. He took the girl's hand and searched through the hallway. He found the door of the fire exit is open. He followed the stairs and reached the parking lot.
He cursed when he saw Hôôn's car rushing out of the parking lot's entrance. Yôôngi couldn’t see clearly if Tàe was in it because of the distance, but he decided to go after him. He ran towards his car, deciding to take the girl with him as she seemed to be in danger as well.
He helped the girl with the seat belt and told her to hold it tightly as he sped up. When he spotted Hôôn’s car in the distance, he slowed down and followed him in the distance. He forgot his phone was on silent mode, and Jimiñ was calling him repeatedly.  🪄🪄🪄
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🪄🪄🪄 “Hyung, we searched everywhere. No sign of him.” Yug informed Jîn, still breathless from running around the venue in search of Tàehyung. They have been searching for him for more than an hour with no luck. It was difficult at first because of the crowd.
The celebration time turned into chaos when Jîn told Jungkôôk they couldn’t find Tàe. Kôôk was shocked, then started to run around everywhere in search of Tàe. The ELITE members also joined them. “Where has he gone?" Jîn mumbled as he remembered Namjôôn's frightened face
when he realised his brother was missing. Jîn tried Tàe’s phone again, but now it shows switched off. He looked expectantly when he saw Jungkôôk rushing back to them. He looked devastated and worried but was trying to stay strong for everyone.
“Hyung, please contact Roy and tell them to check the footage right after the ceremony. It’s no use to search so blindly.” Jîn nodded at Jungkôôk’s suggestion.
“Could you please ask him to find Yôôngi too?" He is also missing.” A worried Hôseôk came to them, listening to their conversation. “What!? He was with us, but he went back inside to check on Tàe. I thought he was with you guys.”
"No, he didn’t come back. Now his phone is off too. It was ringing until fifteen minutes ago. Jimiñ is crying so hard. I don’t know what to do. We don’t know anyone here too.” Hôseôk told them of his helplessness. SPARKZ members were there too. Some are even comforting Jimiñ who
was crying miserably, and he was clutching Yôôngi’s scarf, which he gave him before the competition, telling him, "Don’t get cold. You have to win it for me." “Hey, don’t worry. Give me his picture and I will send it to Roy along with Tàe’s.” Jîn assured him.
“It’s not just them. Someone else is also missing.” Seoyun said breathlessly. She was panting heavily from all the running. “Who? ” Hôseôk asked in disbelief. “Hôôn, I can’t find him anywhere after the award ceremony. His things and car are gone too.”
She informed them that she couldn’t find their car in the parking lot. She let out a surprised yelp when Jungkôôk suddenly turned her, holding her elbow. “Did you just say Hôôn is missing?" She was frightened by Jungkôôk’s demeanour. He looked so angry and ready to kíll.
“Yes.. ” She choked out. He released her and turned to Jîn, who was talking to Roy on the phone. “Hyung, call Grandpa." Jungkôôk said once Jîn finished talking on the phone. Jîn looked at him, surprised.
“Hah? Is there some problem, Kôôk?” Jîn was confused. “Yes, I think Hôôn took Tàe from here along with Yôôngi hyung.” Jungkôôk stated that made everyone look at him shocked.
“This is so dumb. Hôôn won’t do that sh*t." “He may have gone to get something for Seoyun because we lost the first prize.” “He is a nice dude.” “I know. Right.” SPARKZ members started to murmur.
“Don’t be crazy. I can understand that your boyfriend went missing, but accusing our teammate without any proof is just ridiculous. You may have won the competition, but that doesn’t give you the right to shame us with groundless accusations.”
One of the members of SPARKZ scoffed, but it didn’t phase Jungkôôk. He ignored SPARKZ members' constant calls for him to explain and turned towards Jîn.
“Call him, hyung. This is not what you think, and if we don’t act fast, I don’t know what will happen to Yôôngi hyung and Tàe. Just call Grandpa and tell him we need help.” Jungkôôk was adamant, so Jîn did as he told.
“You can ignore explaining your reasons to them, but explain to me why the hell you think it’s Hôôn who took Yôôngi? ” Jimiñ clutched Jungkôôk’s collar, but he was not saying anything. “Tell us Jungkôôk, please.” Jimiñ begged.
“It's because Hôôn is the bastardly ex of Tàe, who cheàted on him with a girl from your group. He made Tàe's life miserable in many ways before. Now he has taken my brother. I should have beat the sh*t out of him then, but Tàe begged me not to. This time I will. ”
Namjôôn sounded murderous, gritting his teeth. He showed everyone the CCTV image of the parking lot that he acquired from the security team of the venue. It was good that he saw Roy on the way, who helped him even before Jîn contacted Roy for the same purpose.
Jungkôôk grabbed the phone and checked the image of Hôôn putting Tàe in the trunk. He clutched the phone hard to control his anger.
Seoyun was shocked more than anyone, but somewhere in her mind she knew there was something very wrong with her relationship. Hôseôk held her as he saw how lifeless she looks after Namjôôn’s revelation.
“Grandpa said he would be here in ten minutes. Someone give me Hôôn’s number and his car's details. Ah! Yôôngi's too. I have to forward it to Grandpa’s assistant.” Jîn looked at SPARKZ members expectantly. But everyone was in disbelief.
Jimiñ wiped his eyes and gave the details to Jîn. He can’t believe they were keeping a snake in their group. He prayed for Yôôngi to be fine. He avoided eye contact with Seoyun even though he knows it’s not her fault, but his mind can’t get rid of the fact that
she is the reason Hôôn is in their team. Hôseôk looked at his best friends. Jimiñ looked devastated, and Seoyun was lost. He knows this may cause a huge rift in their friendship, but he has to keep it together for the sake of his friends.
“It’s all my fault. It's because of me.” Seoyun cursed herself, blaming herself for falling for Hôôn's charms and causing trouble for her best friends. “Don’t say that. You don’t know. Just relax, everything will be fine.” Hôseôk tried to comfort her.
“We will find him. He will come back safe.” Namjôôn clutched Jungkôôk’s shoulder. It seemed more like he was making himself believe it. Jungkôôk nodded as he stared at the image on Namjôôn’s phone. “Please be safe, fluffy. I will find you soon.”
Jungkôôk closed his eyes to suppress the tears that were filling his eyes. It’s not time to cry; he needs to find Tàe before something happens to him. He took a deep breath. Everyone turned when a helicopter appeared in the sky and landed safely on the ground of the venue.
Jungkôôk rushed towards it along with Namjôôn when he saw Hansung in the front seat with his secretary on the pilot seat. “Please take me with you too.” Jimiñ clutched Jungkôôk’s shirt, running after him. “Okay, just get in." He agreed.
Namjôôn, Jimiñ and Jungkôôk sat in the backseat. After they settled down properly with the ear pieces and safety belt, Hansung instructed his secretary to fly. Jîn and others watched as the helicopter flew away in the distance. He knows Grandpa Hansung will find Tàe soon.
So he prayed for their safe return. “A helicopter! Just how fuçking rich are you guys? ” Mark exclaimed but whined when Mina hit him behind the head, saying, "Shut up, you idiot, not the time."
Yug shook his head at his friend's idiocy, saying, "Who in the world doesn’t know that Jeôn Hansung is the uncrowned king of the business world, and he is the grandfather of Jungkôôk." 🪄🪄🪄
Warning 💥 : The next scenes will be a bit scarier than actual abusive scenes. Emotional abúse : This may cause an unknown fear as I don't know its depth yet. Please be careful and take a break or skip it if necessary. U get summary if you dm me. Let's keep the reading healthy 🖤
🪄🪄🪄💥 When Tàe woke up, he was in an unknown room; the lighting was dim, and he blinked a few times to adjust to the surroundings. It seemed like a basement. The wall was built with some kind of rock, and there were no windows, only a few airway holes on the top.
💥 Tàe felt dizzyness and headaches, and his stomach was turning, making him want to vomit. He remembers someone covering his nose with a cotton ball, but he didn’t faint, so that person put him into a choke hold to make him unconscious. He felt throbbing pain around his neck.
💥 He tried to move his hand to touch it, but it was tied to the bedpost, as were his other hand and legs. Tàe tried to pull it to get away, but the knot tightened more, making him wince in pain. "Oh, baby, don’t hurt yourself. It’s not pleasurable if you do it yourself.
💥 Let me do it for you like the way I loved you when we made love.” Tàe got startled by the familiar voice. “Hôôn..” He blurted out in disbelief when Hôôn came into Tàe’s view. Tàe felt chills from his gaze. It was lustful and predatory,
💥 like he was going to devour him all at once. “HELP… SOMEONE HELP… ” Tàe cried out desperately when he saw Hôôn coming near. “Don’t waste your energy, baby. I locked all the doors and windows. As a matter of fact, this is a stranded house in the middle of an estate.
💥 No one will hear you even if you try to scream. So stop it, and we will talk nicely. Aren’t you happy to meet your real boyfriend after so long?"
💥 “Why..? ” Tàe asked even if he was on the verge of crying. He flinched when Hôôn sat down next to him. His skin crawled when Hôôn caressed his cheek with mirth.
💥 "Why!? .. Because you left me even though I was the only one who loved you and treated you well.”, Hôôn was pouting like a baby, then his tone changed, “You should have stayed with me rather than whôring around with that scúm. Didn't I love you hard?
💥 I gave you pleasure and pain. I even kept you hidden from the world. I never did anything like that with that girl. She is nothing. You were my everything, but you left.” Tàe was trashing when Hôôn tightened his hand around his neck.
💥 “Was he any good? I think no. You can only be satisfied by me. You love it rough. I love that you are taking my love so raw. Like, have you seen your face when I love you? It's enticing. You make me feel alive.”
💥 Hôôn released his hold with a pleasing smile when he saw Tàe coughing and breathing heavily. “I know you and your body miss me, so I took you here to please you. I will take you as many times as you want to satisfy your needs.
💥 I know how needy you are. Look, I even arranged a big mirror to see yourself in when I have you. I know you will love it.” Tàe shook his head violently.
💥 “No… please.. No.. I don’t want it. Let me go, please please.. Let me go. ” Tàe begged and cried, but Hôôn only watched him with amusement. “You look pretty while begging… I love it.” He replied instead. Tàe sobbed, and then there was a sound that made Hôôn alert.
💥 It was the sound of something broken. “It looks like someone is here to disturb our solace. I will be back after taking care of it. Wait for me, baby. Love you.”
💥 He kissed Tàe on his cheek, making Tàe cry more because of the disgust he feels while Hôôn is touching him. Jungkôôk please come please. Tàe wailed. 🪄🪄🪄
I hope it was not too much... 😭🖤
🪄🪄🪄 Yôôngi hit the steering wheel in frustration when he lost sight of Hôôn’s car. He doesn’t know where to go because of the crossroads they are at, and he has no idea where they are. He came out of the car and checked his phone to get some directions.
He groaned when he found the phone switched off. He kicked the tyre of the car in frustration. He rested his head on the car to calm himself down. He looked down when someone tugged his pants lightly.
He saw the girl looking at him expectantly; she pointed in the eastward direction of the road. Yôôngi looked at her, confused as to why she was pointing in that direction. The girl huffed and tugged at him to follow her. “I will follow you; don’t pull my pants, or I will trip.”
He told the girl, forgetting she couldn’t hear anything. He let out an “oh” when the girl pointed out fresh tyre marks on a mud road. He petted the girl's head with a thumbs up and said she did a good job. Sara smiled at him in return.
Yôôngi started the car and turned it towards the mud road. They came to a gate that seemed like an abandoned estate because the gate was filled with vines. He read the board and muttered, “Evergreen gardens, well, sorry for intruding, whoever the owner is.”
Yôôngi parked the car away from the old wooden building. He checked the surroundings, and it seemed like it was stranded. His eyes widen when he spots Hôôn’s car, sighing in relief that they finally found them. He turned to the girl. “You stay here… ”
He told her, then remembered she couldn’t hear. He tried to tell her by action that stay in the car till he is back. Sara nodded like she understood, but Yôôngi looked at her with suspicion. She smiled at him innocently and sat on the seat, putting on the seat belt,
like she was telling him "see, I understand". Yôôngi gave a thumbs up and cautiously moved forward, hiding behind large trees. When he reached the building, he looked through the glass windows to make sure no one was around. He tried to pull the door out of the window but failed.
He looked around and found a small iron rod. He put it in the narrow gap between the window frame and its door and tried to pull. He smiled when he successfully opened the door after a few tries.
He could hear a feeble cry for help echoing through the building. It seemed to be coming from a basement.
Yôôngi somehow entered the room, but he slipped and accidentally hit the side table, making the flower vase on it fall on the ground and making a loud noise inside the room. He groaned and hid himself in the cupboard next to him.
He held his breath when he heard foot steps approaching the ground. He gulped as he felt his heart beating so fast when Hôôn opened the other door of the cupboard. He closed his eyes tightly in fear of getting caught. But Hôôn casually closed the door and went back.
Yôôngi waited for a few minutes and came out of the cupboard cautiously. He searched the surroundings for any sign of Hôôn, but there was none. But when he came out of the room, he felt someone behind him. Yôôngi blocked the hard blow from Hôôn with his hand in reflex,
making him cry out in pain when the wooden piece hit his bones hard.  "Wahh, fuçk!!" Yôôngi fell to the ground fast, making him wince.  "Well, well, what are you doing here, stray cat? " Hôôn had this amusing smile on his lips.
Yôôngi flinched when Hôôn smashed the wooden piece on the ground near him.  "Oh! You are a scaredy cat too. Amazing, but Mr. Kitty, I have no time to play with you. I have to go back and love my boyfriend. How about I make you sleep for a while, then I will give
you an honourable burial too? I will put some roses on your grave. I promise." Yôôngi gaped at Hôôn, like, "Who is this guy?" He seems to have flicked some wrong switch inside him. Maybe this is his real character—the one he has hidden under his very normal behaviour.
Yôôngi was speechless, and the sadistic glint in Hôôn's eyes was terrifying, like he was going to amputate every part of his body with a sick smile.  "I am sorry, kitty."
Hôôn mused before swinging the wooden piece, making Yôôngi crawl back as fast as he can, even though his hand hurts like hell. But he gasped when the black metal chandelier suddenly fell on Hôôn's body out of nowhere.
It was small, but its impact made Hôôn hit his head on the floor, knocking him out in a jiff.  Yôôngi cursed loudly when he saw the culprit cause this mishap, which was a blessing in disguise.
"SARA!? " He looked at the girl, who was giving him a thumbs up in return and a goofy smile. Yôôngi snorted and shook his head in amusement, even though he was in pain. 🪄🪄🪄
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🪄🪄🪄 Jungkôôk impatiently paced near the roof top of one of the buildings owned by Jeôns, near the last cell phone tower; Tàe’s phone was switched off. He was anxious; he couldn’t get rid of the ominous feeling that something bad was about to happen.
He can see Jimiñ is also rubbing his hands while waiting for any news. Namjôôn is helping them sort out the information they got and checking for a clue. “Be patient; we will find something to lead us to him. I am using every available resource for information.”
Hansung tried to comfort his grandson. He can see the tears in Jungkook's eyes, which he is stubbornly blinking away. He had never seen Jungkôôk's heart broken to the point of crying helplessly. Even when his favourite tree house was demolished, Jungkôôk was so calm,
but he didn't talk to his father for a few days. He wishes he could have seen his grandson more happy in love than miserably longing for his lover's wellbeing. “I wished I could have been more careful, like I knew Hôôn was Tàe’s ex, but I never thought this would happen.”
Jungkôôk sniffled. “That’s it, you didn’t know. It’s already happened; don’t blame yourself." Hansung patted his shoulder. He straightened his posture when he saw that the special police task force assigned by the commissioner had arrived. "Hello, Mr. Jeôn, I am Superintendent
Benet, and this is Inspector Brittany." "Thank you for helping us on such short notice. This is Jungkôôk, my grandson. His boyfriend, Tàehyung, was the one abducted. " Mr. Jeôn shook hands with them. He briefed them on the situation along with the clues they had gathered.
“Sir, here, I think we've got the location.” Hansung's assistant, Jason, came in with a piece of paper in his hands that seemed like a copy of some kind of lease. Hansung took those papers and checked the location. “Yes, finally. Let’s move, guys.”
Hansung informed everyone, including the police special task force assisting them. “Where is it? ” Jimiñ asked Namjôôn anxiously while walking towards the helicopter.
“It’s a stranded estate on the outskirts. Evergreen estate. Yôôngi’s phone turned off nearby that locality too." Namjôôn explained. “Estate? I don’t know how he leased that; he doesn’t seem that rich.” Jimiñ mumbled.
“He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to kidnàp people, yet here we are.” Jungkôôk couldn’t hide his bitterness, and Jimiñ understands his feelings. He also regrets believing the guy is harmless, but you never know what’s in one's mind until they act on it.
The what-ifs are killing him already. He took a deep breath for the nth time to clear his unnecessary thoughts.
Jungkôôk rushed out and tried to enter the building when they reached the estate, but Hansung held him back.  "Listen, Kook, I know you want to rush in there and rescue him as soon as possible, but think about it—your impulsive act could cause harm to the people inside there.
So let them do their duty. Please wait here." "Mr. Jeôn is right. We shouldn't be too hasty  when dealing with a hostage situation. I chose Brittany for this operation specifically because she is an expert. Please be patient." Benet told them too.
Jungkôôk doesn't know if he is doing the right thing, but he nodded after Namjôôn told him to let them do their duty. Jimiñ also wanted to rush in, but he chose to wait too.    🪄🪄🪄
🪄🪄🪄 “I told you to wait in the car. You never listen, don’t you?" Yôôngi tried to say it to Sara, doing incoherent actions with his one hand. The girl giggled, showing action like she couldn’t literally listen with a shrug. Yôôngi smiled,
admiring how brave the girl is to joke back about something like that. He looked at Hôôn in alarm when he heard a groan from him. To their relief, he was still unconscious. He searched for something to prevent Hôôn from attacking them until they escaped.
Sara pointed at the rope attached to the chandelier. Now that Yôôngi understood how it fell, Sara unknotted the rope from its hook near the side wall, which kept the chandelier fixed on the ceiling. They both tied up Hôôn with difficulty and put him in the cupboard,
which they locked from outside using the wooden piece as a blockade by putting it in between the handles of the cupboard. Yôôngi held Sara close while searching for the way to the basement, but at first they couldn’t find it. They found it the second time accidentally.
When they opened the door, they found steps leading down. They followed the path and found Tàe tied to the bedpost. "PLEASE...NO.. NO" Tàe cried loudly when they moved closer, thinking it was Hôôn.
“Hey Tàe Tàehyung… Look, it’s me, Yôôngi… please open your eyes and look.” Yôôngi carefully spoke softly, making Tàe open his eyes reluctantly. He let out a sob of relief.  “You okay? ” Yôôngi asked while trying to unknot the ropes, which were tightly tied to the bedpost.
He wanted to make sure Tàe was not hurt. He thanked Sara when she found a pocket knife on the floor and gave it to him. They cut off the ropes, freeing Tàe finally. “Let’s go.” Yôôngi and Sara helped Tàe stand up because he was still trembling. “Where is… ? ”
Tàe asked with hesitancy but there was a fear in his eyes. “Don’t worry. He is locked inside the cupboard above. We don't have much time. We need to move quick and find help. I am afraid he will break out of the cupboard once he gains consciousness.”
Yôôngi sounded unsure about the whole situation. They have to somehow reach the car and get away from there. When they reached the top, they moved to the main door, but before they could reach it, the door crashed down in front of them, making them flinch. “Freeze, police.”
That was the police; they were aiming gúns at them. Yôôngi covered Sara's eyes in reflex. The police lowered their guns when they noticed it was them. “Inspector Brittany.”, a petite lady officer introduced herself, still keeping an eye out for any threats.
“You are Kîm Tàehyung and Mîn Yôôngi, right? ” “Yes.”, Yôôngi replied to them. “Who is this? ” She asked, looking at Sara. “Actually, I don’t know much about her, but her guardian was abusive.” Yôôngi sighed. "You have to give us a detailed report later."
Brittany told him before going to check on the room Hôôn was in.  Tàe and Sara were taken out first. Yôôngi stayed behind to show Hôôn and pointed at the cupboard when they asked. The police securely let him out first before opening the cupboard and arresting Hôôn after
they stated his rights. He was already conscious and tried to hit the police. Brittany got him in a chokehold and cuffed him securely. Tàe held Sara's hand tightly while he got escorted out of the building. Sara was led to the paramedics to check her injuries.
Tàe started crying when he saw Jungkôôk outside, who was already running towards him. He hugged him and sobbed, finally feeling relief. “Everything is fine, fluffy. Its okay” Jungkôôk kissed Tàe's head and comforted him; he was also crying. Namjôôn worriedly checked for his
injuries, even though Tàe said he was fine. Jungkôôk clenched his fist when he saw the rope marks on Tàe’s wrists. "Hey, look at me, Kôôk. I am fine." Tàe caressed Jungkôôk's face, and in response, Jungkôôk kissed his hands.
"YOU SCÚM.. YOU THINK YOU GOT HIM BACK. NO I WILL COME BACK AND TAKE HIM BACK. YOU CAN'T HAVE HIM.. HE IS MINE. ONLY I CAN LOVE HIM.." Hôôn screamed in anger when he saw Jungkôôk and Tàe hugging. Jungkôôk shielded Tàe from Hôôn's view when he saw Tàe was trembling.
Tàe clutched Jungkôôk's shirt like he was holding it to his life. Jungkôôk wanted to punch him so bad, but Tàe was clinging to him tightly. Namjôôn was in a similar state, but before they could move, Brittany held her gún on Hôôn's waist.
"One more word from your fuc*ing mouth. I will definitely end you, and write it off as an encounter. Don't tempt me; I am not really a fan of abiding by the law, you see." She whispered in a low voice with dead seriousness, which efficiently made Hôôn shut his mouth and follow
the police.  "He said he would be back.." Kôôk and Jôôn tried to console him, but he was not in a state to listen to them. He was panicking.  Tàe was trembling in fear, but Hansung held his shoulder and said sternly, "He won't, dear, I assure you. Believe in Grandpa, okay?"
This made Tàe look at Hansung, and the seriousness and assurance on his face made him calm down a bit.  Jimiñ was looking at everything with fearful eyes. Yôôngi was nowhere to be seen. He was on the verge of breaking down. He ran when he saw Yôôngi
coming outside holding his injured hand. Jimiñ hugged him and cried in relief. “You stupid jerk. You frightened me.” Jimiñ hit Yôôngi on his chest “Ouch, babe, that hurt.. ” Yôôngi whined, making Jimiñ look at his hand guiltily. “I am okay. Don’t worry.”
Yôôngi caressed Jimiñ’s face. “Thank you, Yôôngi.” Namjôôn thanked him with a smile of gratitude.  “I did what I had to.” Yôôngi waved it off. “Let’s patch up your hand before it swell.”
They were all relieved that it was finally over after giving the police a final statement. Hansung looked at Sara emotionally.  "I think we finally found her, Sir. Shall I call Mrs. Elizabeth." Jason sounded hopeful.
"No, first make sure the tests are done, then call her. Don't give her false hope." Hansung instructed Jason, to which he nodded and proceeded with the formalities. Hansung saw how Sara's smile and eyes are very familiar and remind him of someone dear to him.
"If you are the right one, then welcome home, Angel Sara Doyle." He mumbled to himself. He knows the scar will heal with time, and luckily now they have a new hope to look forward to.  🪄🪄🪄
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🪄🪄🪄 “He is a little bit shaken up with the incident, but luckily there are no wounds or physical damages other than the bruises on his wrists. I suggest you consult Dr. Mike for a checkup, and if needed, you can apply for his counselling sessions too.
It will be helpful for him to cope with the incident.” Dr. Moore, Namjôôn's colleague, informed him. “Thank you. Yeah I will consider it.” Namjôôn thanked him. He looked at the bed where Tàe was sleeping, holding Jungkôôk’s hand close. He slept because of the medication.
Jungkôôk was caressing Tàe’s hair. He never left Tàe's side, and because of him, Tàe seemed brave enough to tell everything to the officers, even though he was trembling. Namjôôn felt at ease knowing that Jungkôôk was there with Tàe.
He closed the door quietly before leaving the room. He wanted to check up on Yôôngi too. On the contrary, Yôôngi was happily eating the tangerine Jimiñ was feeding him. He was clearly using his hurt hand as an excuse to get pampered by Jimiñ.
“Give me one more.” Yôôngi whined when Jimiñ said that’s enough tangerine for today. He had already eaten three.   “No. I am afraid you will get a stomach upset if you eat more.”
Jimiñ denied his request and moved the fruit basket further away from Yôôngi. “One more won’t hurt my stomach. Give me.” Yôôngi tried to pursue Jimiñ but he ignored him.
“I can’t believe you won’t fulfil a simple wish from a hurt person. This is too much. I demand justice and one more tangerine.” “No way.” Namjôôn entered the room just on time; they were having a glaring contest. “What happened?" Namjôôn asked, confused.
“He didn’t eat the hospital food properly instead was trying to eat all tangerines. I didn’t let him, and that's why he is sulking.” Jimiñ sighed. "It was tasteless and bland." Yôôngi defended himself.
“You have to eat the food they provide, Yôôngi. You are taking antibiotics, so eating nutritious food properly is important. You can’t go on eating only the tangerine for the next two days.” Namjôôn said sternly, and Yôôngi nodded, still pouting.
They heard a knock, and Hôseôk and Seoyun entered the room. Yôôngi noticed how Jimiñ’s face fell, and he avoided looking at Seoyun. He sighed. Namjôôn checked Yôôngi’s vitals and excused himself.
“What happened? ” Hôseôk asked when he saw Yôôngi’s plastered arm. He looked at him in concern. Yôôngi explained everything, including how he started to doubt Hôôn, why he followed him, and how it ended up. They all listened to him with a worried expression.
They couldn’t believe all these things happened right under his nose and no one noticed except Yôôngi. “How are you feeling?" Seoyun asked Yôôngi, still looking guilty for whatever happened.
“It’s not your fault; in my opinion, you were also a victim of his tactics. So I appreciate it if we all move on from this incident for the sake of our friendship.” He said that instead, making Seoyun and Jimiñ look at each other. "Still, I am sorry.” Seoyun teared up.
Hôseôk patted her back. “Like I told you, it’s not your fault. He chose to do it himself. You were not aware of his intentions, and neither are we. So playing a blaming game at this point is useless. We are friends; we have known each other since childhood.
I hope it won’t go down the drain for some guy's evil deeds. I believe we always have each other’s back.” Yôôngi said sternly, making Hôseôk talk too.
“I also have the same opinion. I know you need time to accept all these, but please don’t let it affect us. So let's borrow our childhood method to settle this. I don't care if you cry, scream, or curse at each other to get off your frustrations, but come back as best friends.”
Hôseôk pulled both Jimiñ and Seoyun out of the room and locked it from inside. Jimiñ and Seoyun looked at each other. “You ready? ” “I was born ready.” They walked together towards the entrance with a small smile on their lips.
While in the room: “Well done, Hobi.” “That was necessary. “Now peel a tangerine for me.” Hôseôk shook his head before starting to peel the tangerine. 🪄🪄🪄
🪄🪄🪄 Mr. Jeôn read the test results Jason gave him. It confirmed. He looked at Sara, who was signing with her hands to explain the incident to the police with the help of an officer who knows sign language. The person who was pretending to be her guardian all these
years got arrested, and it was proven that she was not taking proper care of the child nor providing her with any proper food or education. Sara was taught sign language so that the lady could communicate with her better. Sara was told the lady was her mother and
should follow whatever she asked her for. She usually uses Sara as a tool for her schemes, mostly stealing, but this is the first time she used her to trap someone. The life Sara led was so sad and uneasy, but she still smiles beautifully instead.
What a brave girl, just like her mother. Hansung looked at the door when he heard a familiar sound of heels. An elegant woman appeared at the door wearing formal clothes. She slept at the office again. Hansung sighed. Elizabeth is his youngest son's wife.
She is more like a daughter to them than a daughter-in-law. A young widow after her husband passed away unexpectedly in a plane crash and their two-year-old baby who was with him has gone missing.
Everyone believed the baby may have diéd in the crash too, but Elizabeth firmly believed her baby was alive. She refused to remarry and always indulged herself in work. They did search for Sara all these years, but there was no hope until now.
“Father, what happened? Why are you in the hospital?” Elizabeth asked him, her eyes still roaming around the room, and she stopped at a small figure on the hospital bed looking at her with equal curiosity.
Her breath hitched; she could see their resemblance in that kid, especially her deep blue eyes, brown hair, and cute button nose like her father.  “Is that… ” She stuttered in disbelief, looking at Hansung expectantly. “Yes Elizabeth. It’s Sara, your daughter.”
Hansung confirmed, and she moved instantly towards the bed, kneeling down in front of Sara. “Baby, where were you? Mom was waiting for you all these years.” She cried, caressing Sara's face, but frowned when Sara didn’t respond and only titled her head in confusion.
“Say something, please… ” “I am sorry, ma'am, she can’t hear you.” The officer explained.
“What..but she was not? ” Elizabeth couldn’t believe what she just heard. “The doctors said it may have been caused during the plane crash, and getting no good medical attention for it then made it worse. They said she will
have a forty percent chance of getting back her hearing capability if we do surgery immediately."  Hansung assured Elizabeth. “But how do I tell her I am her mom?"  She sobbed. Hansung patted her head. She looked up when Sara pulled her sleeve.
Sara wiped away the tears. She signed something for the officer. “She is asking you to not cry and please smile. You look more pretty with a smile."  The officer explained to Elizabeth. “You do sound like your father. Such sweet talkers.”
Elizabeth wiped her eyes and cleared her throat. She looked at Hansung. “Can we take her home?" “ We have to finish some formalities to do that; for now, they will take her to a care home. More importantly, we have to tell her what happened. You waited for her all these years;
it’s just a few days. We will bring her home soon.” Hansung assured her, and Elizabeth’s face fell in sadness, but she agreed that at least now she knows where her daughter is, and she will be with her from now on.  🪄🪄🪄
🪄🪄🪄 Jason opened the door to the visitors' area in prison for Hansung to enter where Hôôn was after his initial investigation in the police station. Hôôn scrawled when he saw an unknown man in suits. He watched how the guard nodded and moved away
from the room to give them privacy. It was not normal. “Hello, I couldn’t introduce myself when we met last time. I am Jeôn Hansung.” Hôôn blinked as he remembered the name—the biggest client of his family's food production business.
Jeôn's were the biggest allies in their family business for years. His father always talked so fondly of the man named Hansung. But why is he here? Did his family seek help from him? “You are here to help me?" Hôôn asked hopefully. Hansung let out a laugh in response.
“Oh no ....I think you misunderstood. I will introduce myself better this time. I am Jeôn Hansung, the grandfather of Jeôn Jungkôôk. You definitely remember Jungkôôk’s lovely boyfriend Tàe, right? I came here on their behalf." Hansung smirked, which made Hôôn angry.
“Tàe is not his boyfriend. He is mine, and we didn’t break up. I will take him back once I am out of here.” Hôôn gritted his teeth, but Hansung only laughed as if it were a joke. "Getting out of here, really? I don't think he got informed about the additional charges
he is accused of, does he?" Hansung asked Jason amused. “I don’t think he is.” Jason replied with a shrugg. “What do you mean? What additional charges? ” Hôôn hit his hand against the glass wall separating them.
“Let’s see…” Hansung took the paper from Jason and started reading it. "Ah! It mentions possession of fireàrms, possession of offensive weapôns, possession of drúgs, and illegal activities like selling information to terrôríßt groups. Do you want to know more? There is more.”
Hansung raised his eyebrows. "No.. This is absurd. I am innocent. You are framing me… I didn't do it...” Hôôn started panicking.  "Of course, you didn't, but there is nothing a little money can't fix.
I spent a few bucks on you to arrange all this evidence against you. Don't be silly." Hôôn looked at the man in disbelief; it was like he was the kind who enjoyed hunting, slowly cornering his prey before the final blow.
Then suddenly his demeanour changed as if a switch got flipped.  “You should have known before messing up with a Jeôn. I will never forgive or forget a person who has intentionally hurt my family. The àrmy team will come here soon to take you.
You really love to inflict pain on others, right? This time you will get the same treatment. I heard they have some interesting methods to get information from criminals. I hope you enjoy your stay there fully. ” Hansung said venomously before turning around and
ignoring Hôôn’s hysteric cries, but before going out, he turned once more to say, “One more important thing. Your family has officially disowned you. They were very wise to choose their business over their good-for-nothing son. So there won’t be any support for you here.
So good luck and good bye.” Hansung got out of the door as calm as ever, and with a pleasing smile, he greeted everyone on the way. Everyone knows Hansung is a ruthless businessman, but only Jason knows how ruthless he can be when it comes to his family.
It’s a fact that Hôôn will never come out of prison according to the proof acquired against him. This makes him wish he would never end up on his boss's bad side; it will be a brutal ending. 🪄🪄🪄
🪄🪄🪄 Today is the official engagement party for Jîn and Namjôôn. At first, Jîn wasn’t so impressed with an official party because he was looking forward to the wedding and was planning it. But Namjôôn’s parents were adamant and told Jîn’s parents it was a shame they
were not even organising a simple party for their son. Even though Jîn’s parents didn’t take those words to heart, Jôôn was so embarrassed at his parents' behaviour. He even apologised to Jîn’s parents. They told him it was nothing as long as Jîn and Jôôn were happy.
Namjôôn realised it was his parents' futile attempts to stop his marriage. So he didn’t invite them to Jeôn’s house. He is well aware that they will cause a scene and embarrass Tàe too. So his parents were looking so angry for getting invited at the last minute and
not having any opportunity to spoil the party. He ignored them completely and started enjoying himself with Jîn.  The venue was the Renàissance Hotel, another luxury hotel owned by Jîn's parents. The party hall was decorated with crystal chandeliers and crystal hanging lights.
The table was decorated with an elegant flower bouquet and bonsai tree-shaped table lamps. The menu was filled with exquisite food and wines. In total, everything screamed elegance and class.
Jungkôôk was playing with Sara. Within a few days of coming home, she became the star of the house. Even everyone started learning sign language to communicate with her and not make her feel left out. She is receiving lip reading classes along with her regular ones.
She was wearing a white gown that Anna had designed for her, looking like a princess with a small crystal tiara on her styled hair. “You are doing it wrong, you dumbo.” “Oww, that hurts.” Anna hit Sean's shoulder when he signed wrong, making Sara giggle.
Elizabeth was watching them from a distance with a glass of wine. “Oh! You are asking me, where is Tàe?" Jungkôôk talked slowly so that Sara could understand. She nodded. Jungkôôk shook his head and said that he had no idea.
Sara went to Elizabeth when she called her by waving her hands. “He is with your mother.” Anna answered Jungkôôk when he started searching for Tàe. “With mom, why? I thought you were going to choose his outfit.” Jungkôôk was confused.
“I was, but your mom was adamant she would choose Tàe’s outfit because he is her baby.” Anna rolled her eyes. “He is my baby, but why are they so late?" Jungkôôk was getting impatient.
“According to your mom, perfection takes time.” Anna has shown an action like doing a quotation. “It’s true. Look at him, he looks perfect.” Sean exclaimed, looking at Tàe.
Not only he, but everyone in the party was awed by the beauty walking inside with Hana. Jungkôôk was obviously in shock. His boyfriend was in a black suit and white shirt, which was not even visible because of its deep low neck, showing part of his chest.
He was wearing a simple white gold necklace with emeralds and diamonds. The panther-stud earrings with chain hangings added more glam to his beauty. In total, he was looking eternal tonight.
“Wow! Your mom did an excellent job. He is really a treat to my eyes. I am so jealous that he is your boyfriend.” Anna's whining went to deaf ears as Jungkôôk was so enamoured by Tàe. “Hi Kôôk.” Tàe greeted Jungkôôk shyly, totally opposite of the bold look he was wearing.
“You are so stunning, fluffy.” Jungkôôk pecked him as a greeting. “Wow! You look gorgeous too.” Tàe replied as he checked out his boyfriend. Jungkôôk was wearing a black suit with a high neck black sheer top with flower embroidery.
His long hair was tied in a half ponytail, making him look hot. But their moment was broken by someone turning Tàe holding his elbow. It was Tàe’s mother, and she had an unpleased look on her face.
“What type of disgraceful clothing are you wearing?” She tightened her hold on Tàe, making him wince when her nails dug into his skin. Tàe flinched at that action, making Jungkôôk hold him close to his chest protectively.
He made sure to keep a safe distance from that unpleasant woman. “This is the theme of the party, aunty, as you can see everyone is following that fashion.” Jungkôôk was trying hard not to flip on that woman.
“Fashion, you called these things fashion. He looks like a slút.” She hissed in anger. Tàe’s face morphed into sadness and shame. “I should have known sending you here was a bad idea. You are not only disgracing our family but also Namjôôn’s reputation too.
His colleagues are here, and his own brother is parading half-naked in his party. This is all the fault of that Jîn guy; I knew he was a bad influence… ”
“How do you know that his elegant piece of clothing gives off an erôtic vibe? Were you working as a slút before? I mean, it can be possible with the lowly language you are using on our previous Tàe.” Another stern voice interrupted their conversation,
making everyone’s attention fall on them. Mrs. Kîm fumed as the lady in the white dress and golden glasses looked at her with visible distaste. “Grandma Hanjin.” Jungkôôk greeted her with a respectful bow, along with Tàe. She smiled and kissed their cheeks as a greeting.
She is the twin of Jungkôôk’s grandmother, and they both look similar except for the attitude. Minji is the calm and composed type, while Hanjin is known for her leadership qualities and stern manner. Jîn’s grandma turned toward Mrs. Kîm, looking at her outfit.
“How do the event coordinators allow the people who didn’t follow our party theme? I will have a word with them afterwards. I specifically told them to follow the rules. I don’t like people sticking out like a sore thumb in my auspicious party.”
Mrs. Kîm's face turned red in embarrassment as Hanjin stated indirectly that she has no significance in the party.
“I am Jôôn’s mother. I am not a nobody.”   She hissed lowly.   "Well, for me, you are. I don’t see you as an equal. Namjôôn has his reputation, and he is a well-behaved person, unlike you, who are already creating problems with your undisciplined attitude.
I wonder how your kids grow up into such amazing gentlemen while you are like this. Honestly they are nothing like you.”   Hanjin exclaimed, swirling her wine.   “That’s enough. We are breaking the engagement.”   Mr. Kîm's statement made everyone grasp in shock,
but Hanjin looked unbothered.   “Why? ”   She asked calmly.   “Why!? you ask. You can’t just insult my wife and move on with the engagement. You people are very disrespectful from the beginning, and you are not a match for our family in any way.”
Mr. Kim replied hastily, making Hanjin laugh. “I don’t see us backing out of the engagement when your dear wife badmouthed my sweet Jînnie? We are disrespectful! This is funny. I heard all the taunts you passed on to my family after coming here, so don’t say we are disrespectful
We treated you with more respect than you deserved. Then again, you are right, our families are not a match; we are far better than you in money, status, and culture.” Kims were speechless, and Namjôôn was glaring at them. He had enough. Hanjin looked at him with concern,
but Namjôôn nodded for her to continue as this was necessary. Someone has to set their parents straight. “We never taught our children to choose friends or lovers based on their status. We taught them to choose who loves them and take care of them.
That’s the reason we agreed to this alliance. So don’t talk like you granted us something with this marriage; it's definitely the other way around. Your son is lucky to have Jînnie. My grandson is a renowned best-selling author. He makes more money than any of you,
but we never consider Jôôn inferior to him. We see him as our own. I think that’s the difference in values between our families. I really hope you change that narrow-minded mentality of yours.” Hanjin turned around and walked away.
Mr. Kîm was fuming. He looked at Namjôôn, who was standing with Jîn. “What are you looking at? Common, we are leaving. I won’t spare a minute more with these disrespectful people." Then he glared at Tàe, “do you want more invitations? Let’s go.”
“He is not going anywhere, especially not with you. Fluffy, let’s go.” Jungkook stated this and walked away with Tàe, who was not even looking at his father. Tàe was so sad that his parents made his brother’s happiness dim with all the nonsense they sprouted,
and he had enough too. “You can’t just decide that for him. Tàehyung are you going to disappoint us again?" This made Tàe halt on his steps: “I don’t think your feeling of disappointment in me has anything to do with me anymore. You never once were good parents to me or
Jôônie Hyung. So think whatever you want; it won’t affect me anymore because now I have a person who loves me without any judgement. That's what I needed all my life.” Tàe held Jungkôôk closer before walking away.
Mr. Kîm tried to follow them, but Namjôôn blocked his way. “Leave.” Namjôôn looked right into his father’s eyes and said, making Mr. Kîm's expression falter.
“Jôôn what? Don’t talk to your father like that.” His mother interfered with a scandalous expression. She couldn’t believe Namjôôn would just talk against them. “I will, and I want you both to leave the venue and go back home immediately.” Namjôôn stated.
“Why are you like this? You are cutting us off from your life for what? For him? We made you what you are today, so don’t be so full of yourself. You are indebted to us." Mr. Kîm looked at Jîn in disgust.
“Indebted? Tell me one thing—other than spending your father’s hard-earned money, what do you do for a living? The house we stayed in was built by my grandfather too. I never saw you work like any respectful parent did. You stayed home and enjoyed the luxury
left behind by your parents while bossing us around. I worked hard to gain scholarships for my studies, and if you spent something, you took my salary for a long time to compensate for it too. If you need more, send me the bill. I will pay it off that way;
I can cut you off from my life forever, and yes, I will choose Jîn over you any other day. You know why he sees me as a person with feelings rather than a trophy on the shelf. He cares for me and loves me without expecting anything.
For you people, I am just an achievement to show off because you never had anything of which to be proud. I had enough. Just leave and don’t ever come back to our lives.
I have a wonderful family here along with my brother; that’s enough for me.” "Jôôn, don’t act rebellious like your good-for-nothing brother.” His father warned.
Namjôôn chuckled humourlessly, “Good for nothing you say. He is working as an editor for a very famous writer. Isn't it absurd that he has a higher salary than me yet you treat him like a doormat? There are many different professions in the world,
so please stop limiting him to choosing the profession you desire. Of course, you don’t know that your eyes only see what you want to see. One more thing: you don’t have any rights to cancel this engagement on my behalf. So leave before I forcefully show you the way.”
Namjôôn bowed to people around them, apologised for the ruckus, and walked away with Jîn. Kîms left the venue immediately, feeling Namjôôn wouldn't listen to them anymore. Mr. Kîm was trying to hide his shame from the judgmental eyes of the people around them.
The party resumed after everyone had comforted Namjôôn and Tàe. They knew it was inevitable, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt. After all, they are their parents, but they will move forward with the love they get from their new family.
Tàe smiled at Namjôôn when he passed him the ring. Namjôôn and Jîn kissed lovingly after exchanging each other’s rings. Everyone cheered for them happily.
Now they are on the dance floor, slow dancing to a very romantic song. Tàe giggled when Jungkôôk started to sing the song while kissing him in between. “Hey, I love you.” Tàe whispered in Jungkôôk’s ear, making him freeze.
“Fluffy, I think it’s time for you to stop shocking me with your love confessions.” Jungkôôk whined, and Tàe kissed him to stop whining. “You didn’t say it back.” Tàe pouted, faking hurt.
“Do you even want me to phrase it? I think my entire existence screams that I am so deeply in love with you.” Jungkôôk teased him, holding him close. Tàe smiled, feeling giddy. “Even so, say it to me, my love. Let me hear you say it.” Tàe touched their foreheads together.
“Fluffy, I love you.” Tàe teared up finally hearing those magic words from Jungkôôk when he closed their distance with a loving kiss. He knows and believes that love can heal a person’s hurt more than anything else, and he feels healed by Jungkôôk’s love.
We can say that this is the story of a painful hurt that was healed by a powerful love that bloomed in winter.   THE END 🖤 🪄🪄🪄
Wild's corner 🖤: Wow! That was such a wonderful journey and I will miss them dearly. This story has a special place in my heart. Thank you to all the readers. I am very emotional 😭🥰 🖤 Tip jar 🖤 if you want to support 🖤 Thank you 🖤


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