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#yoonminau | kill for love. It was supposed to be an easy mission: follow the target, get close to him, break him, and end his life. Jimin wasn't prepared to fall for the soft alpha.

tags: -- assassin jimin -- ceo yoongi -- enemies to lovers -- fake...feelings...? -- possible nsfw -- violence, mentions of death, -- angst with happy ending
this is straight out of my very first commission!!! 📨🤍 for @Maria Cristina Maure…
#yoonminau | kill for love enemies to lovers au...except yg doesn't know they're enemies. jm's been tasked with assassinating ceo yg by his boss, but after purposefully getting close to him and watching him for awhile, he doesn't really understand why..the alpha's just so..soft?
Jimin looks through the doorway of the bedroom. Yoongi’s still laying there in the middle of the bed, sheet draped over his lap. His long dark lashes rest against his high cheeks, mouth parted slightly. The moonlight makes him look paler.
Jimin feels sick at the sight. He swallows down the nausea. He should leave. He should run away as fast as he can and never look back, where no one can find him.
— five months before —
Jimin looked like any other ordinary coffee shop goer. He knew that. Taehyung, who sat in the back of the shop keeping an eye on him, knew that. But there was an itch underneath Jimin’s skin. Like somehow everyone knew what he was there for.
He’d been killing for three years but that feeling never really went away. Sometimes he thought it was the scents. A lot of people in Seoul don’t wear blockers, a free city and all, he fucking hated the place.
But, it’s where the highest paying work is. So he stays around, even though the sea tries to call him home.
Taehyung texted, probably because he was bored. Jimin cleared it, because he was to keep an eye on the door. If he missed his target just because his partner wanted to play a phone game of pool, their boss would have both of their heads.
Jimin preferred to kill rather than be killed.
His target walked in at a quarter to seven. Jimin noted it down. If it was a pattern, he needed to know. He waved at the barista, who waved back happily. He must be a regular. When he was given the profile there wasn’t much information, but Jimin did know this.
- Min Yoongi - Born in 93 - CEO of Honsool House, inherited from his late father 176cm, around ~59kg, Jimin thinks he could take him down easily.
What he wasn't prepared for was lean, dark, and handsome. The small picture on his file hadn't done him justice.
The file included things like his address, his family members, acquaintances, and public employees of the business he ran. Jimin was supposed to fill in the rest of the details, such as his schedule.
He needed to know where he spent his day before and after going into the high rise office downtown, what restaurants he held business meetings in, and who all of his clients were, old and new.
He was ordered to watch him for awhile before he was allowed to go in for the kill. “Gather as much information as you can. Hell, get to know him if you have to. But I want to know everything, Jimin. I want to break him before he’s dead.”
Jimin had broken men before. As he watched him order a decaf iced americano and a butter croissant, tipping the barista and smiling at the toddler he walked by. Jimin thought breaking him would be awfully easy.
He was fucking wrong.
The mission had come to him at an awkward time. He wasn’t really looking for a next target. His last kill had paid a hefty price. But when his boss approached him, calling him offlorn location as always, he couldn’t say no. He owed her, he would forever.
The CEO made his way out to a sleek, black, SUV. Some foreign brand that many of the CEOs of Seoul often drove. Jimin’s own car was nicer.
He jotted down the license plate number in his phone then tucked the burner device away, pulling out the other to finally reply to Taehyung’s stream of texts. His own target was due in the shop in the next five or ten minutes, no wonder he had time on his hands to send messages.
Thank god she was countries away. Off completing some business deal, trade, or something else unspeakable. Jimin never tried to keep up with her. He got his assignments, targets, and did his job. Reporting back when the target’s life was ended.
It was weird this time around that he was to watch the target for weeks. He’d never done this kind of assignment before. He’d also never been paid this well.
“Two billion won?!” Jimin had looked at the top of the file which always contained the proposal of payment. Proposal made it seem as though his boss was up for negotiations. She wasn’t.
“It should be sufficient enough for this long job. You’re going to be getting close to this man, Jimin. There’s an extra element of danger in deception this deep.”
Two billion won could put him out of business forever. Min Yoongi would be his last kill.
Taehyung’s target came not soon after. His job was much easier than Jimin’s. He’d go home by the end of the day, clean hands as always, but someone else would be dead. Jimin didn’t know how he took his victims.
He’d return to his home of solitude, Alpha Jeon in wait, completely oblivious to what his omega was doing during the day.
“I could never live like you,” Jimin said as they exited the cafe together. Their cars were parked a few blocks away, each in the opposite direction.
He’d need to find a location to stake out soon, walking wasn’t on his agenda. Especially not in a few months' time when the Seoul heat would sweep through the wretched city.
Taehyung’s scent wrapped around like perfume in a department store as he thought about the alpha waiting at home for him. He wasn’t from Seoul, Daegu born, but scents ran as loose as ever in those parts. Jimin missed Busan.
“I love my life,” Taehyung replied, stopping at the corner where they would part ways. “What Alpha Jeon doesn’t know won't hurt him.”
“But you could,” Jimin teased. Taehyung rolled his eyes. There would never be a lifetime where he’d need to kill the love of his life. Jimin wouldn’t be so lucky.
The early morning took him toward Honsool House Headquarters. The business was kept in the highrise buildings right in the heart of Seoul. It was both the most inconvenient and least convenient spot for Jimin to be.
Busy enough for him to be conspicuous. Too busy for him to do his job correctly.
He could see the CEO’s office if he went to the tenth floor of the library directly across from the building. It contained a cafe where he could peer out the window and gaze in on what the alpha was doing.
But just barely. To see everything inside he’d need binoculars, which would be weird, invasive and definitely have him arrested.
The cafe worked for a while. The CEO spent most of his time in his office and much of it looking out his wide window. For a moment, Jimin thought he could have been staring right at him. His pulse thrummed in his throat at the thought.
He couldn’t be known to him yet. Meeting on day one wasn’t a part of his plan.
Pretending to look busy all day was one of Jimin’s finer talents. If this whole assassination gig didn’t work out in the long run, which it shouldn't because he’d have to stop killing people one day, acting could be in his future.
Out in the world when he was scoping out his targets he could be anyone he wanted to be.
Park Jimin, the college student. That poor professor had it coming, preying on young girls like that. Park Jimin the hypochondriac. Spending all of his time in the hospital was a bit of a bore.
But the boss wanted the doctor dead, so for a week straight he made them do test after test just to slip something into his drink. He’d been a dog walker, a mailman (a hard job to get), a masseuse (killed by pressure points), and a myriad of other things.
For the next few months at least, he was Park Jimin, the budding businessman. Soon, he would worm his way into Honsool House, the largest alcohol import company in the country.
Somehow Honsool House had surpassed Hite Jinro, previously the largest domestic and international Korean liquor import..
He spent the rest of the day reading through the webpage and every single press release of Honsool House. Min Yoongi, the only son of the former and deceased CEO, inherited the company just eighteen months ago.
His father was killed in a freak car accident while on vacation in Japan. Jimin would have to look into that as well.
Since his inheritance, the company’s sales have only risen. Min Yoongi had graduated top of his business class at SNU, then went to study in the States for several years. He only returned home when the passing of his father occurred.
Jimin continued to read the editorial for W Korea, published a few months ago. It detailed the country’s top billionaires. Min Yoongi was the youngest.
The CEO leaving in the late evening caught Jimin’s eye. It was just before the cafe was to close and he was trying to figure out where he would continue watching from. But the lights in his office, the only ones in the entire building left on, went out.
Jimin peered through the lowest level of the library as the CEO slid into the car his valet pulled up for him. Jimin would follow him home that evening and watch the CEO in his penthouse apartment go through his nightly affairs, getting no dirt on him at all.
This continued throughout the week. Jimin became frustrated. Min Yoongi might be the most boring alpha he’d never come across, and Jimin had ignored many an alpha before.
On Tuesday, he came into the cafe again, ordered the same decaf iced americano, the same croissant, and dropped the same tip in the jar.
At lunchtime Jimin watched him walk across the street to the sandwich shop only to walk out and hand his meal to the man on the corner. Did he just give that homeless person the meal he was holding? He wrote it down. He kept watching.
In the afternoons he went home early, Jimin could see him trail around his apartment building with a bag of…kibble? There was a clear sign in front that said not to feed the stray cats, but clearly the CEO didn’t care.
He scratched behind the cat’s ears, pet it from head to tail, and promised to come back tomorrow.
The only thing that changed in his weekly routine was Thursday evening. Instead of driving home after leaving the office, Min Yoongi drove to the gym. He was clapped on the back by a man who looked like he was carved from an oak tree and stood as tall as one.
Jimin sighed. A gym membership had not been on his assignment bingo card. But he’d acquire one, if the CEO made this a routine.
After two weeks of watching, texting his boss a million things that were practically useless he was ordered to dig deeper.
“It’s time you’ve met the CEO,” his boss declared.
On a Friday morning Jimin waited inside the coffee shop. He’d taken to switching from being near or inside every other day, as not to draw attention.
Taehyung wasn’t around with his pink smoothies, so it was a bit easier. He missed his rascal partner, though. He’d have to call him back to let him know if his plan worked.
Like clockwork, the CEO came into the coffee shop sporting the same soft smile and inviting eyes. Jimin stood. Taehyung had set the entire scene.
“Buy him a coffee, say you read an article about him and want to know more about alcohol imports. Schedule a meeting and you’re in.” He’d said all of this with a toddler on his hip and a wine glass in the other hand.
His life didn’t make sense to Jimin at all.
Jimin was poised to pay for the coffee, but the barista was quicker than him. Knowing the CEO was coming in, the order was already made. He paid quickly, nabbing his bag and his drink.
At the same time Jimin stepped forward, the alpha’s strong, citrus scent slammed into him, along with his body, and the iced drink was poured down his front.
Jimin is hardly ever surprised. In his field of work they don’t have time for surprises. Every minuscule detail matters. Surprises are dangerous. He was surprised by Min Yoongi, though.
“I’m so sorry,” the alhpa grabbed napkin upon napkin shoving them at Jimin chest, wiping away at the coffee that had clearly already soaked through the white t-shirt he sported on top of black slacks. Jimin held his breath.
He continued trying to dry him, large hands rubbing and patting his chest. Between the touching, his sweet scent, and the alpha’s soft demeanor, Jimin was frozen in place. Was there a blush coating his cheeks? Fuck.
Min Yoongi looked into his eyes momentarily. “I’m, oh god. I’m sorry,” he removed his hands and stepped away for a moment. “I owe you like, everything. Here you can have my shirt and I’ll buy you coffee or or a gift card to this shop, yeah?” He started to undo the buttons.
Jimin blinked. His eyes zeroed in on the chest that was beginning to show. He held his palms out. “Stop! Stop, oh my god, no.”
His large hands halted. “I might have another shirt in my car? My gym bag is in there. I have an extra session with my trainer today and–god, I’m sorry you don’t need to know all of this.”
Jimin took a napkin. They were kind of taking up an awkward amount of space in the cafe and the barista, who’s name happened to be Seokjin, was very clearly smirking at the pair from behind the counter.
He dabbed at his shirt. “Okay, maybe a shirt from your car. But not...that one...”
The alpha nodded. His scent changed from slightly sour, tinged with anxiety, back to the sweet and overpowering citrus that had rooted Jimin in place before. “I’ll be right back and meet you in the bathroom?”
The barista choked and turned around quickly, acting as though he wasn’t listening in.
Jimin looked up from his wet shirt to the alpha’s face. There was a light dusting of pink blossoming on his cheeks. “Be right back with the shirt,” he dashed away before Jimin could say anything else.
“Can I–” he swiveled to the counter and saw that a key was already being held out for him.
“It’s usually a one person at a time rule,” ‘Seokjin’ looked at him suggestively, “but I’ll allow you to break the rules today.”
Jimin enjoyed breaking rules, but not like this.
Jimin entered the singular stall bathroom and glanced at himself in the mirror. If his boss saw him right now she’d have his head for sure. What the hell was he doing? He wasn’t an amateur.
His shirt was ruined for sure. The black slacks would dry and just be uncomfortable for a while. He sighed just as the alpha came back in, his scent overpowering still. Jimin was half tempted to cover his nose. The smell wasn’t unpleasant, which was the problem.
“This should work, I’m so sorry again,” he passed the shirt over.
Jimin took it and then they kind of stared at each other for a moment. It was his first chance getting a close up of his target.
He noted the important skin markings: a small mole on the side of his nose, in the middle of his cheek, and another on his clavicle where he still hadn’t buttoned his shirt back up.
His eyes were piercing. Sharp, lynx-like inner corners that gave way to fill with round brown irises. Jimin didn’t know it then, but those eyes would haunt him in his sleep forever.
His mouth rested in a natural pout that made him seem unhappy, in a childlike way. Jimin was quite fucking confused, this…was his target?
The alpha continued to stare back until Jimin lifted the shirt in his hand. “I need to um—,” “Oh, right,” he squeezed his eyes closed and turned around.
Jimin held back a laugh. He didn’t know why his boss wanted this man dead, but maybe it was based purely on the fact that he might be the most painfully awkward person in all of Seoul. “I can probably get dressed by myself.”
“Oh my god of course,” he exited the bathroom.
When Jimin came out the alpha was standing there with two new coffees and a tight smile on his face. Jimin approached him hesitantly.
“I swear I’m not always like this,” he offered a drink to him. “I just really hate messing things up. It threw off my morning. I’m Min Yoongi.”
Jimin accepted the coffee. “I know.” The alpha’s scent spiked in confusion. He cocked his head to the side, feline eyes poised. “You..know?”
“I was waiting for my friend,” Jimin gestured to where Taehyung was now sitting, always apart of the plan for him to arrive late. Yoongi’s eyes followed to where the young omega sat, bright pink smoothie in his hand.
“I saw you come in. I, well this is a little embarrassing for me, but I was starstruck?” His natural pout slipped into a frown.
“I read an article last week, about Seoul’s billionaires. We’re in the same field, I’m just starting out, and I’m just, well,” Jimin turned his natural charm on, leaning into emitting his scent. “I’m so inspired by you.”
The rose hinted cheeks returned. The alpha pinched at the skin of his neck and gave a breathy, shy laugh. “Oh, thank you. I, um, I’m sorry I’m bad with compliments.”
Jimin smiled. “That’s okay. I was hoping we might set up a meeting. I’d love to pick your brain on imports and how to break into international importing. I’m still domestic.”
Yoongi fumbled into his back pocket to pull out his wallet, balancing the coffee in one hand. Jimin simply plucked it from him. “I assume you don’t have another shirt in your car for either of us.”
He gave an amused smile and procured a sleek, white business card. “This goes to my secretary, Hoseok. Call and set up a meeting with him. Tell him its–,” the alpha paused.
“Jimin,” the omega replied.
“Jimin,” he nodded as though he enjoyed the name. “I’m going to call him on the way into the office to let him know to clear an afternoon for you,” he handed him another card. “This is a gift card to this shop. At our meeting we’ll have lunch as my sincerest apology.”
“Yoongi-ssi, that’s too much,” he passed the coffee back. “Just a meeting will do.”
“I insist,” Yoongi smiled. Fuck, Jimin continued to be so confused. What did his boss have over this man? “I’ve got a meeting to get to. I look forward to hearing from you, Jimin.”
— five months before —
As Jimin slips from the apartment now, inner omega screams for him to return to his alpha in bed. He thinks about that day in the coffee shop. He wonders if he just wouldn’t have gone through with the plan to approach him, what might be of them now.
He wishes so deeply that he didn’t have to kill Min Yoongi.
that's the end of "act 1", there will be three overall acts in this fic let's chat about it, thank you for reading, 🤍
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