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Jan 19
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a #jeonghan au wherein member siya ng favorite band mo without you knowing na ikaw ang favorite sight niya tuwing may gig sila

ps. this is a work of fiction. details, businesses and characters are all based on the author's imagination. any resemblance with other works are purely coincidental and are not intended. ## fiction
🎸 ang ganda
🎸 kung ako nilapagan ng ":)" wewelga aq
🎸speed lang
🎸ano daw? baby ko?
will add more pag nabored ako hahahaha
🎸introducing, the trinity campos
🎸 ninja tortels
🎸ano ba tayo chariz
🎸the things we do for l***
🎸fan service lang
🎸si shapi pala to e
🎸si gelo na tuwang-tuwa kahit na seenzone lang:
🎸 versus si tri nung naseen niya si gelo:
🎸 extra!


rakista, segundo. — jeonghan x oc au extras! manhid ka pa sa manhid. sinendan ka na ng special selfie ng vocalist ng segundo, pero di parin tumatalab. kawawa naman aports ko, trinity.
(might consider writing few tweet extras nalang as continuation), thank you for being here. ❤️


rakista, segundo. — a jeonghan x oc au


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