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Dave Kline

Dave Kline

Jan 19, 2023
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I've trained 1,000's of managers. The 60% who fail make one mistake: They don't delegate Here are 9 tactics to win more by doing less:

1/ What should you delegate? Everything. Not a joke. You need to design yourself completely out of your old job. Set your sights lower than that & you'll delegate WAY less than you should. But don't freak out: Responsibly delegating that much will take months.
2/ Set Expectations w/ Your Boss The biggest wild card when delegating is not your team. It's your boss. You don't need to be perfect, you just need to show you're in control.
So let her in on your plan: - That the must-do's will be handled well - That you'll be stretching & testing your team - Exactly where you expect mistakes might happen - How you plan to handle any breaks Remember: You're actually managing your boss.
Wes Kao 🏛

Wes Kao 🏛

Most people suck at managing up. They waste their boss’ time with too much (or too little) information. Here’s how to give the right amount of context:
3/ Set Expectations w/ Yourself Your team will not do it your way. So you have a choice: - Waste a ton of time trying to make them? - Harness their new perspective & enthusiasm to do it better? Different, but better. Remember: 5 people doing 80% as well as you did = 400%.
And be honest with yourself: - If you have to hang onto something -> do it. - If you feel guilty delegating a miserable task -> question it. - If you can't delegate them anything -> you have a bigger problem.
4/ Delegate for Your Development The only way you'll grow into a bigger role is space. That's the carrot every time you find yourself saying, "It's easier if I just do it myself this one time."
Your no-regrets delegation starting point: 1) Anything partially delegated -> Completion achieves clarity. 2) Where you add the least value -> Your grind is their growth. 3) The routine -> Ripe for a runbook or automation.
5/ Delegate for Their Development Now focus on the stretch each employee needs to excel. Easy place to start: Ask them how they want to grow. They know. And gives them agency over their own mastery. Bonus: Challenge them to find & proactively take that work. Virtuous cycle.
6/ Set Expectations w/ Your Team Good delegation is more than assigning tasks: - It's goal-oriented - It's written down - It's intentional It's also lean. Before you delegate: - Eliminate - Simplify - Automate Here's how:
Justin Welsh

Justin Welsh

How to save yourself 40 hours of unimportant work this month:
7/ The Mechanics You've already: - Defined your goals - Given the resources - Aligned on success Now, start climbing: - Tasks -> Steps - Steps -> Processes - Processes -> Goals - Goals -> Jobs Each rung of the ladder: - Higher leverage for you. - More empowering for them.
8/ Watch out for: Delegating & walking away - You need to trust. But you also need to verify. - Metrics & surveys are a good starting point. Micromanaging - That's your insecurity, not their effort. - Your new job is to enable, motivate & assess the various paths.
9/ Want to go deeper? 60% of new managers fail in the 1st 18 months. Why? They don't get trained in the tactics they need to thrive. Delegation is just one of 7 key skills we're going deep on during the MGMT Accelerator. Join us?
10/ Bonus: Radical Delegation I would recommend getting the basics down before going here. But if you need a picture of what's possible, this is an inspiring one.
As a leader, how can you - Make a major, singular impact - Truly empower team members - Grow them with “stretch tasks” - Create flow for self & others - Avoid burnout Answer: Radical Delegation (note: not for everyone, but game-changing for leaders & teams who are ready for it)
Not quite ready for the MGMT Accelerator? Check out my weekly MGMT Playbook. One practical management tip, tactic, or template delivered to your inbox every Wednesday. Monthly subscriber-only events too. Always free. Always less than a 5-minute read.
Dave Kline

Dave Kline

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