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#taekookau •Belong• Where Taehyung was fed up of living the poor life so he start planning to get a rich husband. He met Jeongguk one of the richest man in south korea. He was such a sweetheart and easy to fool. Taehyung had a dreamily rich marriage.. The real fool was him...

Because Jeon Jungkook was nothing like he seem before the marriage and Jeon Taehyung invited his own nightmare by getting close to the man.
Tags🔖 • Dark romance. •jk isn't what he act likes •Greedy Tae •Marriage •ABO /Or nope idk yet •Smut •Thrilling / mind game / Abûse •Falling in love. •Angst/ jealousy / craziness •Bad Eng •Interact bishes✨💜 •more to be added. Choose an age gap.
Madi Naam to suna hi hoga
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