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Jan 19, 2023
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🔞 tw// degradation, rough sex, cheating (not between vk) a #taekookau 🔞 where in, "Hyung!" Jeongguk tries to speak, but the word don't come out of his mouth. Instead all that could be heard was a muffled moan.

His mouth was covered by a large palm, body covered in sweat while he was getting fucked into oblivion in the closed confine of his closet.
His hair was being pulled back into a tight grip by the same person, hands tied behind his back with a silk tie, body bent forward while his insides were being rearranged in the most toe curling way ever.
Suddenly he was being pulled back by his hair, the hand covering his mouth becoming tighter. A hot breath fanned near his ears.
"How does it feel like to get fucked by your husband's step brother Jeongguk?", the man grits through his teeth, before biting down on his earlobe, making Jeongguk gurgle out an inhuman sound.
For instance, the hand covering his mouth disappeared and Jeongguk moaned out in pants. "T-taehy-hyung-"
His mouth was jabbed by two long fingers, choking him. His whole body was pushed face flat against the wood. Taehyung bit down on his already littered neck, and resumed his powerful thrusts, making his breath hitch.
Jeongguk moaned into Taehyung's fingers, spit drooling down the corner of his lips, his face wet with tears as more tears spilled from his red eyes, which rolled back behind his head every time Taehyung hit his prostate dead on.
Taehyung leaned forward, pressing his front against the quivering boy's back. His hair stuck to his forehead, covering his eyes.
"Does my brother know that his sweet little husband spreads his legs willingly like a whore in front of his brother?" Taehyung asks, rather mocks Jeongguk who whined at the insults thrown towards him.
His whole body was littered in marks, his thighs burned from the constant bites that Taehyung had marked him with while his face was buried between his legs, eating him out like there was no tomorrow.
Taehyung had fucked him like "he deserved to get fucked", as he had said, "like a whore", on the bed, the same bed which he shared with his husband.
And when his phone vibrated, showing a single message from his husband stating that he was coming home, Taehyung had dragged him inside the closet, because the man was still not satisfied.
He had sent a quick text from Jeongguk's phone, saying that he was out of the house shopping, before throwing his phone, which slid somewhere inside the closet before resuming his way with the boy.
Jeongguk moaned at the sensations all together. He loved Taehyung's filthy words, loved the way he marked his whole body, loved the way he felt with each drag of his cock.
By now, Jeongguk had orgasmed more than twice, but Taehyung was nowhere near stopping. And Jeongguk loved the over stimulation.
Taehyung turned him around, his cock slipping out of the boy for a mere second before Jeongguk was pushed up against the wall of the closet.
He lifted him up by placing his hands under his thighs, holding them in a bruising grip, wrapped his legs around his waist before pushing inside the boy again making his squeak out a loud moan.
He pressed their lips into a bruising kiss, biting down on Jeongguk's lips hard, before pushing his tongue inside his mouth, making the boy whine.
Jeongguk instinctively wrapped his hands around Taehyung's neck, his wrists still tied by the silk tie, making them red, as he bounced against the cold wooden wall with every hard thrust.
Taehyung detached their lips and whispered while looking straight into his tired eyes. "But your husband doesn't care about who you get fucked by, my dear slut. Do you know why?"
Jeongguk shook his head, his eyes momentarily rolling behind his head when he felt Taehyung pinch his right nipple. It stinged, but at the same time, felt so good.
Taehyung leaned in, bringing his mouth close to Jeongguk's ears and said in his deep low voice, "It's because he wants you dead." Jeongguk's eyes went wide at the statement as he snapped his head, looking at Taehyung. Both of them were breathing heavily.
Jeongguk heaved in arousal, shock and fear when he heard the click of the handle to his room's door, footsteps of someone entering the room.
Taehyung put his palm back again on his mouth, preventing him from moaning or screaming as he went on thrusting inside his walls while sucking marks on his neck, layering over the previous marks.
The footsteps neared the closet and stopped abruptly. Jeongguk was having a hard time making no sound. One weak squeak and both of them would be caught, maybe even get killed then and there. Men in the mafia could not be trusted and Jeongguk knew it very well.
A ringing noise could be heard, before the person inside the room picked up the call. And then came his husband's voice. "Yes he is not at home…no he has no idea about our plan, love…he is naive and weak."
Love? Who was he calling love? Jeongguk had no idea. His brain was split into two parts, one trying to grasp what his husband was talking about and another part trying to fight his arousal, trying to prevent making any noise from Taehyung's ruthless drag.
"Listen carefully to what my little brother has to say", Taehyung whispered slowly and buried his face back into the crook of Jeongguk's neck, resuming his thrusts, painfully slow, making Jeongguk squirm and shake in his hold.
" know that I married him just for the sake of power and property right love…you're the only one in my heart…" Jeongguk listened to everything that his husband said.
He pulled Taehyung close, held him tightly in his arms and bit down on his shoulder to muffle his moans as the man never stopped moving his cock in and out of his slicked abused hole.
"... he'll be gone in no time baby… and the Jeons will fall face flat on the ground… we will be together again…trust me…"
Taehyung was also listening in silence. His low pants were confined in the crook of Jeongguk's neck.
He instinctively brought his left hand from underneath his thighs and pressed in on Jeongguk's abdomen, the part which bulged beautifully because of how deep his cock was buried inside the boy.
Jeongguk visibly shook in his hold, his legs tightened around Taehyung's waist. The sensation of Taehyung's hands on the abdomen, pressing over the bulge was too much for him.
His heart was beating rapidly, out of fear, excitement, anxiety and pleasure. His senses were heightened. He rubbed at his wrist desperately, trying to free them from the grip of the tie.
He needed to hold something. He needed to hold Taehyung before he broke down right there, at the brink of insanity and despair.
A giggle could be heard from the other side. His husband was laughing while talking to this 'love' on call. "...yeah baby, my brother, he will also be gone in no time. Then we will rule the underworld, together my love…yeah? Do you want me now?"
A faint buzz could be heard coming from the phone. And then the man spoke again, "...ok baby I'm coming…"
The footsteps could be heard again, this time going away from the closet door. It went away, becoming faint with every second until the door click could be heard again.
The noise of the door shutting down vibrating through the room. Taehyung pushed open the closet door, pulled Jeongguk back into the now empty room and pushed him against the door of the room, this time,
locking it while holding Jeongguk's wrist above his head with his one hand, resuming his thrusts. He smirked while looking at Jeongguk. The boy was looking so pretty, flushed and marked all over, his lips swollen and juicy.
"Funny right? He wants both of us dead. In the same way I want him gone", Taehyung grits through his teeth. He held Jeongguk's face with his other hand, brushing his thumb over the boy's bitten lips.
"Too bad that he cannot do anything now can he? Cause I already know about everything he has been planning, since the day your marriage was fixed with him in front of my eyes."
Taehyung grunted, "Since the day you didn't protest when your father gave you away to him in front of me, despite me being older, all because I'm the son of a whore. Since the day you chose your family honor over us, over me. Since the day I laid my eyes on you."
Jeongguk moans, practically screams when Taehyung pushes inside him again. He had been overstimulated, desperately trying to reach his release, but everytime he was being denied.
And this time he was angry. Angry because he was reminded again of the day he was forced to marry Yejoon in front of Taehyung, forced to smile, to show the world that he was indeed happy with this marriage.
So with every ounce of strength remaining in his body he says those words, submitting himself completely, sealing the deal which he had to leave broken between them.
"I-I'll help y-you. I will b-be yo-our pawn. Use me in 'nyway you want. F-from today onwards, I-I'm yours i-in every way a p-person can be."
Taehyung kept his eyes fixed on Jeongguk, a dark aura surrounding him. He clasped his jaw in his hand and said, "If you betray me, I will kill you. I love you enough to kill you Jeongguk, do you understand?"
Jeongguk nodded his head, completely out of energy, totally resigned to his fate. Taehyung clashed his lips with the boy again and with one final thrust,
Jeongguk came undone, tears streaming down his eyes as raw pleasure coursed through him when he felt Taehyung cumming inside him, filling his insides with warmth.
He could feel Taehyung stroking his head then, removing the strands of hair sticking to forehead. He could see Taehyung smiling at him through his blurry vision.
But nothing about that smile was innocent. Jeongguk could feel safety coming from that smile, could feel its warmth and at the same time, he could feel the darkness looming in it.
And over the loud noise of his beating heart, he heard Taehyung's voice crystal clear. "My sweet little pawn. My Jeongguk. Mine."
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The End.
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🐣 Hi everyone! Just another thing I wrote the previous day. I hope you all like it. The moodboard was by @dee's archive ❥ carmine updated , one and only. Untill next time. <3


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