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The OGL 1.2 (Draft) is still de-authorizing the OGL 1.0a and gives no mechanism for anyone who used other people's OGC under the license to keep their work in print. WotC is lying to you.

The single most destructive act by Hasbro in the OGL controversy has been their legally dubious assertion that they can invent a right to "de-authorize" the license not enumerated in the license. They do not appear to be backing down on this.…
OGL 1.2 (Draft) is not an open license: You cannot use the license to open your content. It is a unilateral license which can only be used to license material from WotC. WotC is lying to you.
OGL 1.2 (Draft) gives WotC a unilateral and uncontested ability to prohibit you from distributing anything you release using the license. It is not an open license. WotC is lying to you.
Don't sleep on the "owlbears are Licensed Content, but if you publish a picture of an owlbear that looks like any owlbear we've ever illustrated, then we'll sue you" claim in the attached VTT Policy.
VTT Policy also claims that you can upload OGL 1.0a content because it's "already-licensed." But they're de-authorizing the license, so that is NOT LEGAL. So, once again: WotC is lying to you.
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