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Jan 19
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Sitting down to tea with LQR, modern WY is nervous At first Because LQR is his in-laws now! WY needs to make a good impression! But he also knows he has the weight of years of messy events weighing him down, and he's not sure exactly how much that matters to LQR...

Yeah, he's married to LQR's nephew now and there's no way WY is going to change that (he's in LOVE!) but it doesn't change the fact that this is WY's senior, this is LZ's uncle, and WY wants to make LZ proud and wants LQR to accept him gladly into the family
At first, LQR considers him with an implacable expression, stroking his beard like he did when LQR was still ruling over a classroom like a fierce dragon WY tries not to fidget He tries so hard But the moment he starts tapping his fingers together, he knows its a lost cause
Of course, LQR sees that OF COURSE But rather than command WY to sit still, he does something else He gives a little sigh and his shoulders relax. LQR closes his eyes briefly before nodding and - And - And - SMILING
It's small Very small But WY notices small things that don't fit with other things And he notices THIS It's the tiniest curve of LQR's lips, but it's THERE WY doesn't know how to react to this. There's no precedent! He's never seen this before! Instead, he gapes, silent
LQR starts pouring the tea into small cups LQR: I confess, I was nervous Cue the second mini freakout of the day for WY LQR, NERVOUS?! Someone get him the smelling salts, or whatever it was people used to fight off a faint
LQR: I know I was a strict teacher to you, and you probably do not have fond memories of me, but I hope we can build a better relationship. Not only for A-Zhan, but also for ourselves Something inside WY wobbles disconcertingly. But in a GOOD way!
Stopping himself from tapping his fingers so he can focus on his response - yeah, that doesn't work, so he keeps tapping - he inclines his head slightly, trying to smile and not cry at the same time
WY: I want that too. I don't know how we'll get there, but maybe tea is a good start? He wants to giggle with nervous energy. He isn't sure his words are heartfelt enough or serious enough or... whatever But LQR smiles a little wider and inclines his head, too
LQR: A very good start He tips out the poured tea, and WY recognises that LQR is performing a PROPER tea ceremony for their first time drinking tea together He's humbled And then awed when it all sinks in LQR was NERVOUS. Of HIM
Because he wanted to get along well with WY Despite their shared history, despite how much of a pain in the butt WY made himself in his younger years, LQR was going to ignore that and try again Never had anyone made such an effort for WY (except for LZ, but he was special)
WY tries again to keep the tears inside even as he smiles and feels his insides wobbling and melting It's not a bad feeling. It's GOOD He likes to think that it means his relationship with LQR might turn out really well Could they be friends?
His smile widens He wants that. Because he just KNOWS LQR would be the kind of person to know all sorts of interesting things LQR and WY friendship era commence WhenQR pushes his filled teacup over, WY taps the table with two fingers, making LQR look up at him in surprise
That's the first time WY had ever done that and MEANT it LQR: Have I ever told you about the history behind that gesture? He has, but WY shakes his head anyway. He wants to hear it again LQR settles back. Clears his throat LQR: Long ago, there was an Emperor...
WY settles in, listening to the fascinating story of an Emperor who wanted to see his kingdom and his servant. LQR might be stodgy, but his ability to tell a tale is inspiringt
And so begins their weekly afternoon teas, something that neither one of them ever skips or wants to skip Those appointments are sacred and special And yeah. They become good friends. To the surprise of both of them
kaey πŸ’« 🧭

kaey πŸ’« 🧭

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