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Tower of EVEE: season 3 Shortly after Baekhyun and Chanyeol start to date, it wasn't all smooth... Baekhyun doesn't know whose name to write on his application form for family contact. (I was ganged up into doing this)

A:N Just fyi I wrote this in 2021 and thought I had posted it, but turns out I had this all dreamt up. So I wrote this all in my dreams and not on word doc. Hence out of threats, I am posting it. It is short. Cuz I think I stretched rpg au out too much.
Tag: bottom pcy, top bhh, gaming au, RPG, Small mention of gaming violence, bullying, sexism
"Mr Byun, you will need to fill in your details and add an emergency contact." The doctor explains. Baekhyun hates these. He used to put his father but he is always in the U.S for their other education branch. Baekhyun is juggling between frat, gaming, Uni and the institution.
"I don't have anyone." Baekhyun pushes the paper forward. "You cannot leave it blank. Even your friend can do. It is for emergency." "Leave it blank." Baekhyun doesn't like it when people know that he is sick or having an issue. It makes him weak. ....
Baekhyun and Chanyeol have been dating 4 months. That is a grand record. Baekhyun doesn't date someone for this long. It is a miracle. Chanyeol is very happy with Baekhyun. Vice versa, Baekhyun is very happy with Chanyeol. Even though Baekhyun is very busy
chanyeol can still see Chanyeol everyday. Sometime he uses the guest room to give Baekhyun some peace while he does his work. But other times Baekhyun tells Chanyeol to just stay where he is. Baekhyun has set up a new desk for Chanyeol. Which is such a sight for Sehun.
They are at the frat party drinking. Sehun is popping gummy into his mouth. "I'm telling you that Baek Hyung is serious in this." "Just because he moved an extratable into his room?" Kyungsoo raises a brow. "Well, Baek hyung doesn't let anyone into his room. So yeah."
"Come on pay up!" Sehun shouts. Some of them groan. They take out notes from their wallet and slam It onto the table after losing the bet that Baekhyun would break up with Chanyeol after a week. Sehun collects the money and whistles. He is about to count them.
That is until a hard grip comes around his throat and tugs his head back against the couch. Sehun's breath hitches as he looks up to find Baekhyun standing behind him. He is puffing smoke onto Sehun's face, making the young boy choke. "How much did you win?" Baekhyun asks.
No one dares to look at their leader. Sehun swallows. He doesn't dare to answer until Baekhyun snatches the money and stares at it. "You won so much Sehun, why don't you buy everyone a drink?" Baekhyun smirks. The frat members all cheer.
Sehun has no choice but to do so. Kyungsoo shakes his head as Baekhyun leaves. "Told you not to do it." "Baek hyung is no fun." Sehun groans. "That's why you don't make bets on his relationships. He hates that." "But we are frats. It's what we do."
"Yes. But don't do it with his current relationship." Kyungsoo Puts emphasis on Chanyeol because people still don't understand that Baekhyun just treats that boy differently. ....
Chanyeol is waiting for Baekhyun. He sits on their shared bed and he is wearing an oversized shirt. He has only short briefs and he is kneeling on the end like a good puppy waiting for his owner to come back. He hears the door click. Chanyeol's eyes brighten.
In comes the cherry of his life, Byun Baekhyun. Chanyeol sees Baekhyun approach him. He sees Baekhyun lean down and press his lips against his. He sees how Baekhyun whispers "hi baby." And then curves his eyes and make the whole world seem wonderful.
Chanyeol moves space and let's Baekhyun remove his shirt and unbuckle his belt so that he can climb into bed to rest. Chanyeol pats the pillow and pulls the blanket back. Baekhyun lies on the other side and then the lights are closed off.
"Puppy." Baekhyun asks in the dark. Chanyeol is scooting closer to Baekhyun as the frat leader wraps his arm around the big boy's shoulder. "Yes Baekhyunie?" Baekhyun is closing his eyes. "How was your day?" He sounds tired. "I didn't do anything." Chanyeol answers.
"What about you?" Chanyeol asks. Baekhyun sighs through his nose. "My father left for the U.S for a while. He has dumped all the work onto me. I have an assessment due tomorrow. I also have a lab report." Chanyeol chews his inner cheek. "T-That is a lot."
The bed sheet crinkles. Chanyeol feels himself get pushed back gently and a soft weight is on his chest. "Are you tired?" Baekhyun whispers into Chanyeol's ear. "N-N--" Chanyeol stutters so badly that the answer never comes. "Get into position for me." Baekhyun grins.
Sorry i mean Baekhyun. I wrote this half awake chanyeol sees Baekhyun. Chanyeol doesn't need to see himself everyday Cuz He isn't that into himself
chanyeol can still see Chanyeol everyday. Sometime he uses the guest room to give Baekhyun some peace while he does his work. But other times Baekhyun tells Chanyeol to just stay where he is. Baekhyun has set up a new desk for Chanyeol. Which is such a sight for Sehun.
Chanyeol knows that Baekhyun's favorite position is for him to turn around so that the frat leader can go behind him. He also knows that this is where the frat leader will slip his hand beneath his brief. "I hate these. Would you mind if I cut them all puppy?"
Chanyeol licks his lips. "I- I won't have any to wear during the day." Baekhyun chuckles. "You got a point." But Chanyeol thinks Baekhyun is just saying that. .... The next morning Chanyeol is in physical pain.
Pain here. Pain there. Pain everywhere. His body is full of hickeys and light bruises. Baekhyun is wild in the bedroom. Chanyeol doesn't know how Baekhyun could see in the dark and somehow cuff Chanyeol's hands and ankle to the rail. The position was a full on fold.
At one point he thought the frat leader was going to snap him in half with with how violent he was going. Chanyeol was a crying mess and now his eyes are all swollen. He cried for good reason of course. But Baekhyun did stop to check up on him. To which Chanyeol said to continue.
The consequence is a painful body and a bottom that can't sit without yelping. Chanyeol goes to class. He is getting more attention. But he still likes to wear his fake glasses and his baggy hoodie. He doesn't want attention... Even though he still gets it.
The IT class loves to hog in front of Chanyeol's class. They don't bother him. But they like to stare at him through the glass window and watch Chanyeol. It makes Chanyeol uncomfortable and he shrinks into his seat.
Kyungsoo blocks the view. The IT students see the vice present and nearly freak out. They all scatter away as Kyungsoo glares. Jongin slips next to Chanyeol and he immediately yawns. "Hi Hyung." Chanyeol quickly glances at the other and then looks down. "H-Hi."
Baekhyun specifically ordered his friends to guard Chanyeol. One reason is because Baekhyun doesn't want a big commotion to happen at this institution since people are still obsessed with Phoenix from EVEE. The second thing is that he doesn't want Chanyeol
to have his grades affected since he is ranked first and he brings glory to this institution. The last thing (the most obvious) is that Baekhyun doesn't want anyone near his lover. There are still foul rumors about the frat leader. A lot call him a man slut.
But Baekhyun doesn't care. He was one. It wasn't a lie. Chanyeol gathers his books and his new laptop that Baekhyun had bought for him. He hugs the device like it's precious gold to his chest and he slowly waddles out of his chair.
Kyungsoo and Jongin are right by Chanyeol's side as they exist. It is a beautiful sight for the crowd. It looks like 3 gorgeous people walking straight out of a manhwa. But whist people have this image that Chanyeol is handsome and tall like a sunshine boy,
deep down Chanyeol is trying his best to not look at anyone in the eyes and to make sure that his laptop is squished to him safely. He is worried that he will slip or trip because he is paranoid. Kyungsoo and Kai are Chanyeol's body guard until they send Chanyeol to Baekhyun.
Chanyeol looks up once they reach Baekhyun's class. Baekhyun is doing his experiment. He is the last student since he had a meeting with his father online. Chanyeol can see dark circles forming under the frat leader's eyes.
Kyungsoo and Kai retreat and talk about what to eat later. Chanyeol opens the door and steps in. "Baekhyunie." He whispers too soft. Baekhyun lifts his head and his dark eyes look straight and dead at Chanyeol. It feels sharp. Chanyeol's ears reddens and he flusters.
"Hey puppy. Come here." Baekhyun pats the high stool next to him. Chanyeol slowly waddles towards the frat leader and awkwardly sits on the high stool. He soon shifts his body as pain shoots up and he notices how the high stool is too short for his legs.
Baekhyun glances at him. But Chanyeol quickly crosses his leg and pretends to be fine. He sweats internally. "What's wrong puppy?" Baekhyun asks. "N-Nothing." Chanyeol lies with big eyes. But Baekhyun knows how bad Chanyeol is at lying to him.
Baekhyun sees his jacket hooked on his high chair. He tugs it and then he pats Chanyeol's thigh and gets the tall one to move off so that he can put the jacket underneath the chair. Then he makes Chanyeol sit on it. It doesn't hurt so much now.
The frat leader returns to his experiment. He is writing down his results and Chanyeol just sits there watching in silence. Baekhyun types very fast and then he slams his laptop a little too hard and pinches his nose bridge. His eyes hurt. He releases a sigh.
Chanyeol nervously reaches for Baekhyun's lab coat and gently tugs It from the back to get the student president's attention. "Baekhyunnie... Would you like some... Eye drops?" Chanyeol asks. "Oh." Baekhyun mouths. "Sure." And so Chanyeol is there to the rescue.
Chanyeol notices how Baekhyun ia very emotionless these days. Baekhyun doesn't sleep much and he believes it's all the crazy work he does. Baekhyun doesn't even have time for RPG. As they walk home, Baekhyun doesn't say anything about his day or what he did.
Baekhyun accidentally misses a step and he almost trips. Chanyeol's eyes widen and he grabs Baekhyun's arm. Baekhyun snaps out and looks at Chanyeol. "I think you need sleep-" Chanyeol reasons. "Maybe." Baekhyun says. But Baekhyun has to sort out the enrollments.
Chanyeol is back to sitting cross leg on Baekhyun's bed and watching intensively at Baekhyun. Baekhyun is typing away. He is reading enrollment papers and he has accepted most students who come from poor family but got perfect scores.
Baekhyun is very serious about his job. He keeps his eyes focused on the monitor and occasionally has the habit of biting his thumb. Chanyeol sees the time as 12am. He gently squishes the pillow that has EVEE logo on it. "Baekhyunie... It's late."
Baekhyun looks over. He smirks. "Want me to sleep?" Chanyeol swallows. He pushes his round glasses up and parts his plump lips and nods. "Really? But what to do. I don't want to sleep yet." Chanyeol's ears are red. He feels like Baekhyun wants him to do something to entice.
Naturally Chanyeol crawls over. He puts his chin on Baekhyun's thigh and stares at him with wide innocent eyes. Baekhyun looks down and admires how pretty and round they are.
Baekhyun can't help but hold onto Chanyeol's chin and make him look up. "You're pretty." Baekhyun says with his eyes crinkling. His voice sounds so soft like he is talking to a child. Chanyeol has never been called pretty before. It makes him feel a tickles in his liver.
"Oh?" The frat leader tugs into a grin. "You like being called pretty?" Chanyeol is too embarrassed to admit it. "Um..." Baekhyun lets his monitor automatically become black. "Come, sit on my desk pretty boy." Baekhyun waits for Chanyeol to slowly climb up.
He watches Chanyeol awkwardly move his body in small steps. He is looking down and his glasses slides down his nose bridge. He sits down. But he doesn't dare to push his weight fully down the desk because he might break it with his weight...
Baekhyun runs his hand over the bare thigh. Phoenix has very smooth skin and that is all thanks to waxing. Phoenix knows what the frat leader wants to do. He is trembling like he is being railed. But it hasn't even started. His breath hitches silently.
Chanyeol stares at Baekhyun with wider eyes. His heart is drumming into his throat. He can feel Baekhyun slipping his hand underneath to check if he has the brief on. Baekhyun chuckles. "Good boy." Chanyeol nods timidly and fixes his glasses.
"Pretty baby. Do you like me?" Baekhyun asks while grinning. His hand doesn't stop to touch his Phoenix. He isn't a fan of foreplay but he likes to watch Phoenix squirm. "Y-Yes sir." Chanyeol's eyes can't stop blinking.
Baekhyun cast his eyes down and sees how Chanyeol's thighs are shaking. The knee is flushing pink. His boy looks like a shy flushing virgin that is about to be deflowered to his husband for the first time.
Baekhyun grabs the other's thigh and makes Phoenix gasp as the frat leader pushes his body fully down the edge of the desk. Chanyeol's heart stops working. He thinks he is going to fall if it isn't for the joint table that Baekhyun had put to make the set up bigger.
Baekhyun yanks the white tie that he had kept hanging on his chair. He sees how Chanyeol is struggling to lift his head to see what it is. He wraps it around the other's wrist and keeps it tight. "What a coincidence. I like you too." The frat leader touches Phoenix.
Phoenix is excited but he tells himself to not get carried away. He tells himself that Baekhyun will always be like the color red. But he also loves the Baekhyun that is mysterious and dark. The frat leader pushes his body forward. The boy squeezes his eyes and feels the burn.
He will never understand how someone like Baekhyun looks so petite yet make him feel like he is splitting in half. It burns so much that he can only feel better if he pushes his trembling thighs wider to accommodate the beast that is inside him.
Baekhyun caresses Phoenix's thigh. He gives him a moment before he whispers in a low whisper that sounds more like a threat. "Pretty baby. You will keep it together won't you? You won't protest when I mess your guts up?" Chanyeol is shaking too much.
He nods his head quickly and tears is collecting in his eyes and fogging his glasses. He doesn't think he can protest. He feels like a tub that has too much water and is being plugged up. He can't find a hole to push all the water out.
"That's my good boy." Baekhyun's eyes darken into sickness and he presses a kiss on his lover's flushing chin. A scream tears through the big boy's body. The shove of cock was done so hard and powerful that he can't comprehend anything.
The frat leader had meant every words. He was good to rearrange Phoenix's insides and make him the biggest cock slut the world has ever seen.
Phoenix can't scratch or move. His knuckle is white from holding it in. He is shaking so vigorously in accordance to the frat leader's thurst that he can't see anything. His glasses is fully milky and blurred. He can only feel the cock pulling in and out and hitting
the very end. He feels the friction become tenser as the second passes. He can't withstand it for another second. His leg weakly clamps the frat leader's waist and he releases a helpless moan that sounds wounded. Chanyeol can hear Baekhyun's shallow pant. "Want me to stop?"
Chanyeol thinks about it. No. Never. He shakes his head. "S-Sir. Y-You can use me as much as you like." Baekhyun laughs in short breath. "Really? That's what you said." In the meantime, Seulgi is downstairs to bring Baekhyun some documents.
She hears some hard clanking upstairs. She doesn't know what it is. But she goes to Baekhyun's room. She finds the door opened. She doesn't know what is happening. She knocks and then goes in. "I got your doc-"
It is Seulgi's first time seeing Baekhyun rail someone in his room. Baekhyun is known to be private. He hate bringing his lovers into his room. Yet she should have known that she should have knocked 50 times before coming in. Baekhyun is still dressed.
But he has Chanyeol pinned on the table like a sacrifical lamb while Baekhyun is still between the leg. Chanyeol hears someone's voice and almost falls off the table if it wasn't for Baekhyun's hard pin. The frat leader looks behind his shoulder and smiles innocently. "Hey."
Chanyeol wants to die. He has no idea who is standing there while he lies there with foggy glasses and something lodged inside him. "I will... Leave this here." Seulgi says. Baekhyun nods. "Thanks." He grinds into the boy and makes the taller whimper. "Lock your door...."
"No stay. I actually got something to ask you. Give me 2 minutes." Baekhyun says. Seulgi and Chanyeol both are about to say "what-" But it is replaced by Chanyeol's pitchy cry. Baekhyun is trying to finish faster and drilling the poor boy's sanity away.
Chanyeol lies there in a mess. He has fluid on his thighs and inside. Baekhyun didn't untie him. Baekhyun is zipping his trouser and carding his hand through his hair as he closes the door and talks to Seulgi outside his room.
"What did you want to talk about?" Seulgi narrows her eyes. "Ah yes. I wanted to ask if you could do me a favor." Baekhyun smiles like he hasn't just done the worst thing ever. His skin is shining from the after sex and he looks satisfied.
"Like?" Baekhyun and Seulgi are talking about something. Poor Chanyeol is about to cry again. He can't believe someone saw him in that state. He feels like a whore. Also his back is sore... The door cracks open and something undoes the tie on his hand. Chanyeol is in pain.
The frat leader gathers Chanyeol into his arm and he has a towel towel ready to wipe off the stain. Baekhyun kisses Chanyeol's flushing cheeks from the sobbing. Chanyeol's glasses are removed. Baekhyun puts it away. He turns off the post lamp and he cradles the boy in the dark.
Chanyeol can sense that Baekhyun isn't done. But the frat leader is holding it back by pulling them both down to lie on their side. Chanyeol's throat is dry. "B-B-" "Want water?" Baekhyun asks in a low voice. Chanyeol nods twice. "How..." "Experience." Baekhyun says.
But that makes Chanyeol frown. He is instantly reminded that Baekhyun is a legendary frat boy. The type that follow the American blue print. Baekhyun has slept with many and it suddenly makes Chanyeol uncomfortable. Baekhyun realises that he said something wrong.
"I meant with you. You always ask for water later." Baekhyun corrects. He blindly touches Chanyeol's cheek to make him not overthink. But Chanyeol already is. .....
One of the biggest problems for Chanyeol was he was highly insecure. He has a big body that isn't coordinated and so he sometimes has to waddle in small steps. He also has a long history of getting bullied. He finally finds someone who appreciates him and yet
it just so happens to be that boy named B. Baekhyun is just a phenomen. Even after dating him he still feels like a dream. Chanyeol is constantly anxious that Baekhyun will get bored of him and leave. By then... What should he do?
He goes to class and he is emotionally dead. He had people giving him stuff and he doesn't look and just accepts them. He sits down near the back of his class and does his work. After class.... Chanyeol is going through the gifts that he got. He has a lot of fans...
He sees some and they are love letters. But they aren't addressed to him. It says it clearly. "To B." Chanyeol feels like everyone is waiting for them to break up. .... Chanyeol waddles to find Baekhyun.
Baekhyun is seen working alone on his laptop. He is very focused and be ignores the people coming towards him. Chanyeol hears the giggling. "Baek. Are you coming to the Summer party?" One of the sorority asks. Baekhyun doesn't look up. "No. Now fuck off. You're annoying."
They are used to Baekhyun's bad attitude. But they laugh and some even snort. "Asshole." They put the invite on Baekhyun's desk. Baekhyun grabs it and glimpse at it. He doesn't look interested. But Seulgi would want him there.
Chanyeol makes his appearance. But he is so nervous around people that he has his head down. Baekhyun notices Chanyeol. He very unkindly pushes the sorority girls back to pull his lover to his side to sit. "Hey watch it!" One groans.
Baekhyun slings his arm around Chanyeol's waist. He closes his laptop with his other hand the silver rings on his fingers all shine. "Tell Seul that she still owes the frat a television." Baekhyun states. The vice president of the sorority almost rolls her eyes.
Chanyeol sees them all leave. He looks at Baekhyun and is about to say something. But Baekhyun is already leaning in and kissing his lips, which takes the taller by surprise. It is a soft and maybe quick one. But it is enough to make Chanyeol forget about what he
wanted to say. "Tonight I got time. I'll play with you." Baekhyun says. He expects Chanyeol to smile because he hasn't entered RPG in a while. Chanyeol opens his mouth. But he ends up not saying anything. Baekhyun frowns. Chanyeol sometimes misses Baekhyun's red dusty brows.
He also misses those green contact lense and yellow hipster sunshades. "What's wrong puppy? You look down." Baekhyun asks in concern. Chanyeol purses his lips. "Baekhyunie... I miss your red mullet." He whispers. Baekhyun stares hard. Then chuckles. "Should I dye it back?"
"No- I know people won't react well." Chanyeol looks down guiltily. Baekhyun removes his arm from the other's waist. He is putting his laptop into his duffle bag and slinging it around his shoulder. He gets up and he holds his hand out for Chanyeol to take. Chanyeol
obediently puts his big hand into the smaller hand and gets up. He waddles behind the frat leader and follows him out of class. The wind hits them when they step out. Baekhyun pulls the key out from his pocket and presses his car key. His Audi automatically lifts its door.
Baekhyun grabs Chanyeol's back pack and he puts it all at the back seat before he goes to the front and opens the passenger for Chanyeol. Chanyeol is being treated like a princess sometimes. He doesn't know what to feel- They drive off campus. Baekhyun hasn't mentioned where to.
Chanyeol finally remembers what he wanted to say and takes out the bundle of envelopes from his pocket. "Um... Baekhyunnie." Baekhyun's eyes are on the road. "Yeah?"
Baekhyun is licking his lips and making it glossy. Chanyeol is showing the envelopes. "You got fan letters." Baekhyun's expression becomes stiff. He immediately looks irritated. He makes a fast left turn. Chanyeol freaks out and clutches onto his belt. Then the Audi slows.
"Open them." Baekhyun orders. Chanyeol blinks. "Are you sure-" "I'm driving. Open them and tell me if it's important." Baekhyun's voice sounds annoyed. Chanyeol's fingers are trembling. He feels like Baekhyun is mad. He opens one of them and it is fully scented.
"Dear Baekhyun. I am first year student from class B. i have noticed you for a long time. If you are interested in-" "Next." Baekhyun cuts in. Chanyeol stops abruptly. "O-Oh." He fumbles through the letters. He is trying to find the next Baekhyun.
Baekhyun glances quickly. He sees aot of envelopes. "Are they for you?" Chanyeol swallows. "Just some..." "Do you plan to keep them?" Baekhyun asks. Chanyeol shakes his head. "They are all confession le-" Baekhyun steps on the accelerate so hard that Chanyeol's body
is throwing back as the car stops at the shopping mall. Baekhyun yanks the letters hard out of Chanyeol's hand and he gets out of the car and then throws it all into the bin. Chanyeol watches in shock. He fixes his crooked glasses. His side of the door opens.
Chanyeol timidly steps out and he doesn't dare to look at Baekhyun. "Are you mad..." "Yes. But not at you." He holds onto Chanyeol's hand and they both make they way into the mall. Chanyeol is staring at the escalator. He still doesn't sare to look straight.
He feels like people are giving them glances. He thinks he even hears someone whispering about them. Chanyeol gets anxious. Is it weird for him to hold a boy's hand? He is so anxious that he tries to let go of Baekhyun's hand.
"Don't." The frat leader warns. He is holding onto Chanyeol's hand harder. Chanyeol shrinks into his oversized hoodie. He waddles off the elevator and then his shoe lace gets caught. He trips dramatically.
There is giggling heard from afar. Chanyeol doesn't know where it's from. His shoe has slipped off his feet and he wants to cry. Baekhyun kneels down and he calmly checks on Chanyeol first. He holds onto the taller's face. "Are you ok?" Chanyeol nods and apologizes.
Baekhyun sees that the shoe has ripped because of the force. "I was thinking of getting us matching shoes. Let's do it today." He gathers Chanyeol and makes him stand. Baekhyun would have liked to pick Chanyeol bridal. But he doesn't want his puppy to have an anxiety attack.
The nearest nike shoes is only a few steps away. Baekhyun has Chanyeol sitting as he gets the bill sorted. Chanyeol licks his lips nervously. The staff has brought him a new pair of shoe. It looks expensive. Chanyeol doesn't want Baekhyun to buy it.
Baekhyun drops his weight onto the sofa. He is taking his sneakers off and trying the new one. He holds it out. "Looks good. What do you think?" Chanyeol can only nod timidly. Baekhyun takes his wallet out and pays it in full cash. The frat leader then takes
his puppy to eat. Baekhyun isn't the type to eat fancy. He likes convenient store things. He likes the easy stuff. He takes Chanyeol to eat Hot pot because Luhan insisted that the one in the mall is good. Chanyeol's mood is getting a little better after seeing food.
Baekhyun is cooking the meat in the soup. He is putting them little by little into Chanyeol's bowl. Chanyeol is chewing his chopstick. He sees all the pretty colors of different vegetables and meat and he feels even more hungry.
Baekhyun talks to Chanyeol about many things. They have similar interest which is one good thing about their relationship. "Seul and I are going to be busy next week. New year is starting. Students will come." Baekhyun explains while taking a sip of his alcohol.
Chanyeol nods. "You need help?" "Yes. I do. But there's something else as well. I'm thinking about passing the fraternity to someone else." Chanyeol chokes on his juice. He holds a napkin and coughs. "W-What?"
Baekhyun chuckles. "It's about time. I am thinking of either Kyungsoo or Sehun." "But you're the mascot of this academy-" Chanyeol reasons. "There will always be another one and better. I am getting old. I don't want to stupid shit anymore. I want to spend time with you."
Chanyeol can't believe he will be that special to have Baekhyun saying this. "You're not old Baekhyunie..."
"Not anyone can be a frat. There is a culture. Every month we prank a student and burn their stuff. We host parties. We drink. Sleep around. My relationships don't last longer than a few weeks to maintain this image. But I don't want to break up with you."
Baekhyun pauses before continue. "Also, I can't focus on my assessments. I want to rest." Chanyeol has noticed that all those long hours has made Baekhyun thinner. "Will you miss being a frat leader?" "Yes. At one point it was my lifestyle. But it was tiring."
Chanyeol thinks he will miss frat leader Baekhyun too. He is the most iconic person that he has ever met. "I won't retire until next semester. By then I will have more free time. I will get to be able to play with you again." Baekhyun says.
"R-Really?" Chanyeol's eyes have brightness. "Yes. I promise. I am going to ascend to the chairman position very soon." Sometimes Chanyeol forgets that Baekhyun is a couple of years older than him. He is ready to succeed this multi million academy and expand the education.
"Will you still live inside the frat house?" Chanyeol asks. Baekhyun thinks before saying. "No. We will renovate the new building and make the fraternity house there." "I see. I thought you were going to move." Chanyeol sips his juice from his long straw.
"It's my house. If I move then I got no where to go." Baekhyun admits. The straw pops out. Chanyeol blinks. "Not even with your father?" Baekhyun is staring at the soup as he cooks the meat. "He doesn't like me. He is staying in the U.S for good. I don't want to go to U.S."
"You know....You can always stay with me." Chanyeol says under his breath. "My apartment is cramped and small... But when I make money I-I will get us a bigger one." Baekhyun breaks a grin. "You're a hard working boy."
Chanyeol suddenly feels more confident. He feels like Baekhyun is very consider and nice to him. He feels like Baekhyun always considers him in that big picture and it makes him happy. ....
A few days later. It is almost time for Summer party. Chanyeol finally understands why Baekhyun can't be a frat leader anymore. The moment people knew that he had a relationship they were making bets. Most of Baekhyun's relationships were flings and casual.
It was never that serious. But now it is. Baekhyun doesn't like it when they bet. He also doesn't like it when they look at Chanyeol for more than 2 seconds. The frat leader is sitting on the couch backing. He is nursing a beer in one hand.
Chanyeol is sitting on the couch where Chanyeol's thighs are. He feels Baekhyun placing a possessive hand on his shoulder. Chanyeol thinks about how it's a shame for Baekhyun to step down as frat leader. He had built it from scratch.
He also thinks about how their relationship has changed Baekhyun's image. He isn't wild anymore. He also isn't crazy. He isn't a Darling red. He is just a dark shadow of black. Chanyeol lifts his head back. He sees Baekhyun move his throat.
"Baekhyunie." Chanyeol calls. Baekhyun cast his eyes down and lowers his beer bottle. Chanyeol likes Baekhyun too much. Even if he is no longer that red with violence and fleeks of autumn... He will love this mysterious mature man that is all grown.
For some this Baekhyun is more rude than the original. They will think that this Baekhyun is not fun. He doesn't drink and fool around anymore. He isn't that iconic frat boy BBH. He is soon going to be the chairman with hundreds of wealthy students.
Chanyeol's lip are moving to say something. Baekhyun is reading them carefully. Chanyeol is touching Baekhyun's wrist. He can sense that the pulse is accelerating. He moves to touch Baekhyun's thigh and then he puts his cheek against it and closes his eyes in bliss.
..... Baekhyun has a full Summer before he can move away from being the frat leader and just remain as a member. He has a lot to do and a lot to fix. He has promised Chanyeol to play with him tonight so he needs all to be done. Baekhyun is sitting in the chairman's office.
The office is over the top. It is a suite with a room and shower. Baekhyun is in his office chair wearing a formal black shirt and pants. He is fixing the enrollment list on his laptop. That is until Seulgi knocks on the door.
"Come in." The door opens and then close. Baekhyun looks up and grins. "What brings you in?" "Baek. I got to raise a concern with you." "Hm?" "Your relationship with a student will make you look bad as the chairman. Have you thought about telling him?"
Baekhyun doesn't look concerned. "He doesn't need more anxiety." "I understand. But the moment people find out that you're dating a student while in position of beinga chairman they will think his grades has corruption." "The whole world already knows I date Chanyeol."
"It is your position Baek." Baekhyun sighs through his nose. "I hate this job." Seulgi immediately feels bad. Baekhyun has never complained about this position. But now she can tell just how much Baekhyun hates being restricted.
"I'm not breaking up with him. I am still a student as well. It isn't fair for me." Baekhyun states. Seulgi looks down. "I will pass that on." Her heels clank as she leaves. Baekhyun feels like everything is disastrous.
Baekhyun doesn't have much choice. He is simply living his life and it's not going well. He is so tired that he doesn't even know if he can play RPG. EVEE has upgraded their gear. Now players can experience the virtual world and physically be there. They don't feel pain.
But the experience can be very vivid and real. Baekhyun puts on the eye gear. Baekhyun fully opens his eyes. The sky is pink. It's a pretty shade. He sits up and he is wearing his armor. He looks around and he doesn't see Chanyeol.
Chanyeol isn't even in the game yet. He waddles towards Baekhyun's office and finds the frat leader in the game already. Chanyeol puts his basket full of berries down. "Baekhyunie." Baekhyun jolts. He removes his head gear and he snaps into reality.
Chanyeol is fiddling with his fingers. His ears are getting red. "I-I got you berries." Baekhyun takes a moment and then grins. He pulls the other office chair over and makes the big boy sit next to him. He holds onto Chanyeol's hand. "I thought you were at home."
Chanyeol feels giddy when he calls the frat house, aka Baekhyun's home his home. But Chanyeol then mans up and deepens his voice. "I was. But I wanted to bring you berries." Chanyeol is so serious and different that he makes Baekhyun raise a brow at him.
Chanyeol can't hold onto this image for longer than 2 seconds. He pushes his glasses up and awkwardly looks down. "I-I meant I heard you like berries." Baekhyun cracks a hearty laugh. He changes topic. "Want to play a quest?" Chanyeol nods.
They both enter the RPG AU. Chanyeol snaps his eyes open. He looks around and he sees Baekhyun standing next to him. Baekhyun hold his hand out. Chanyeol accepts it and sits up. "From 1 - 10. How hard do you want the level to be?"
"1." Chanyeol states. Baekhyun chuckles. He points to the hill above them. The sun is setting in the background. The orange and pink hues are shadowing over the rock formation. Baekhyun steps away from his portal charge.
Baekhyun pulls open his fingers. His sword magically appears within his hand. This is now his favorite weapon. This is the prized possession that Chanyeol had gifted him. Baekhyun swings the sword and points it at the very top. There is a rainbow rose that sparkles.
Chanyeol moves his fingers on the cursor sensor. He zooms in and he sees the most gorgeous rose glistening. There looks like sparkles protecting it. "We are lucky. That's a rare item. Whoever gets it makes a wish." Baekhyun proposes.
Chanyeol is very confident. He glances at Baekhyun and grins. "When you are ready." Baekhyun's mouth chain moves a little because of his tugging lips. He tries to not smirk but fails. "Ready." GAMING ANNOUNCEMENT: Baekhyun challenges Phoenix!
Level 100 vs level 100. They both bolt up. Baekhyun activates his gear and he is flying through the sky with his boots. He senses something coming from his left and he jumps up and then stops. He barely lands on the edge of cliff. He is only 1/6th of his way up.
Chanyeol makes the run up. He is going so fast. Baekhyun slips his sword behind his back slit and an archery and Bow appears. Baekhyun draws his black bow. He aims it at Phoenix. The red hair's steps slows down as the visual CGI captures the moment the arrow shoots out-
Phoenix doesn't seem to be aware. It looks like he is about to be hit. But then Chanyeol dodges the arrow and he kicks his feet off and does a high flip. Baekhyun growls in irritation. He powers up and boosts his gear to the max. Baekhyun instantly catches up to Phoenix.
They both extend their hand out towards the rose at the same time. Everything becomes white. Only this rose is what they see. CRASH. The two warriors collide into a mess. But maybe Baekhyun did it on purpose. He cages Phoenix down, making the red haired groanx
Baekhyun moves in real life. He pushes his head gear up. Baekhyun: OFFLINE "Looks like you won." Baekhyun holds onto Chanyeol's chin. Chanyeol can feel Baekhyun touching him. But his Avatar isn't. He doesn't know what to do. It feels strange.
Baekhyun doesn't hesitate to peck the boy's lips. It is soft. Too soft. Phoenix's lips quivers. He feels like the shy student all of a sudden. This must be a Baekhyun effect. He feels like he is about to stutter. Too late... He thinks. "Baekhyunie... w-what are you doing?"
BAEKHYUN: ONLINE Baekhyun returns. He casts a look down at Phoenix and he also doesn't forget to press their lips together. When he breaks away he says. "Do I need a reason to kiss you now?" Phoenix and Chanyeol both shake their head. "N-No."
Baekhyun gets off Phoenix. Phoenix fixes himself and then stares at the rose that he is holding. GAMING ANNOUNCEMENT: Congratulations to player PHOENIX for winning eternal love. This rose can multiple into more roses. Valentines day special.
Phoenix gingerly gives it to Baekhyun. "F-For Baekhyunie." Chanyeol stutters bad and he is fidgetting in his chair. He is breaking Phoenix's stoic character. Baekhyun takes it and brings it to his lips. "Thank you. But you're prettier than this. I would have preferred you more."
Chanyeol clutches his chest. He feels like someone has just squeezed it and then popped it like a balloon. He is ready to wheeze. His ears is a solid red and he rips off his head gear to calm down. PHOENIX: OFFLINE Baekhyun chuckles. He removes his head gear as well.
He combs his ringed fingers through his hair. "What would you like as a wish?" Chanyeol has actually thought about this. He quickly grabs the berries and he pulls the plate off to show a blanket under. He tugs that and there is metal tins. "Can we go for a picnic date?"
Baekhyun can't resist cute things. Cute was never his type. But it will be now. "Sure. But in 20 minutes." Chanyeol blinks innocently. He sees Baekhyun undo his tie. He swallows. "We are in the chairman's office..." "So?" Chanyeol presses his thighs tight.
The frat leader is sexually insatiable. Chanyeol climbs onto the table and gets into the frat leader's favourite position by leaning over the table and the rest is all covered by the sound poof door. ....
One of the thing that bothers Chanyeol is his height. He is too tall for his own good. He slouches to make himself look smaller next to Baekhyun. But it doesn't work. Baekhyun has his hand tucked into his pocket. He is casual today. He has a white hoodie and
he has his lab coat in other hand. "Fun story." Baekhyun states. All the eyes are on them. No matter where they go the attention will forever be there. Chanyeol awkwardly looks down and hides behind Baekhyun by shuffling his feet closer to the frat leader.
"I got no one to appoint as the new frat leader. Kyungsoo doesn't want to do it. Sehun is a mess. Jongin is too tired due to dance practice. I still have to carry that role." Chanyeol makes a silent oh. "I want to spend time with you. But it looks like I'm limited."
"Um." Chanyeol licks his dried lips. Baekhyun gets annoyed at the crowd and narrows his eyes. His gaze is sharp when he is irritated. The crowd immediately gets scared and cowers away. The student president turns to his lover. "You got a suggestion?"
"I think you are just too good and iconicso people feel like they can't be as influential as you..." Chanyeol mutters. Baekhyun chuckles like it's a joke. "Sehun is very influential as well. Better looking than me. But he is just a kid. He can't handle it yet."
Chanyeol waddles after Baekhyun. He looks like a goose compared to Baekhyun who looks like he walked out of a fashion magazine. They are making their way towards the academy ground. "Puppy." Baekhyun says. "Yes Baekhyunie?" "Does your ass still hurt?"
Chanyeol is too embarrassed to answer. "W-What?" Baekhyun is smug about it. He finds Chanyeol's hand and the bare touch of fingers makes the taller want to combust. "You have no idea just how much I adore you little puppy."
Their matching shoe becomes evident. Chanyeol can't see anything else but Baekhyun. His heart is racing so fast that he thinks he may just get a heartattack. Chanyeol clutches his chest and clutches his sweater. The material crinkles from under his large palm.
"You're red." Baekhyun chuckles. He lowers his head and his hair blows a little. It's getting a little long. It is brushing past his cheekbone and making Chanyeol look at the frat leader's polarised eyes. The sun is drawing down and the golden hour is kissing Baekhyun's skin.
Chanyeol feels like he is in love with Baekhyun all over again. This is different to when he had first found a spark with the infamous frat leader. It's unlike those time when he felt so anxious when he saw that red mullet boy approach him.
Or when those piercing green eyes were staring right his way when he was discovered running away for the 100th time. This time Chanyeol finally has Baekhyun. He has him for a good 4 months and he hopes that there is more... If the frat leader doesn't get bored of them.
"Puppy, why are you spaced out?" Baekhyun's voice sounds deeper than he usually does. It sounds raspy and a little tight. Baekhyun doesn't have the deepest voice (like Chanyeol's) but it has a magic that makes someone feel weak when he is serious. "I...Was just day dreaming."
Chanyeol fidgets. Hands both covered by his long sleeves. He is nervously rubbing his finger knuckle, like it will omit the combustion that is ready to explode from his chest and sprinkle into the pink dust, because that's how pretty Baekhyun makes him feel.
Baekhyun cocks his head, the wind continues to bring his black hair locks past his forehead and accentuate his features. "If your ass is fine, then come with me." Chanyeol flinches in his spot and even does a little hop, he quickly pushes his round glasses.
"O-Okay!" Baekhyun leans extremely close and looks up at Chanyeol. Chanyeol cowers from his lover's gaze and he shyly peaks behind his large frames. Baekhyun tugs into an amused grin. "I was referring to helping me with an event. But we can do that too."
Chanyeol feels embarrassed, his face drops pale white. "N-No Baekhyunie.. I-I thought-" Baekhyun holds onto Chanyeol's hand. "You can have it as many times as you like. Whenever you want. Where ever." They are walking away into the sunset. ....
The next day... Chanyeol is very subconscious about being taller. Baekhyun looks tiny next to him. Chanyeol tries to change clothes to make himself look smaller... or softer. He ends up messing his hair and putting on the baggiest clothes. He puts his round spectacles and
he puts on his back pack. He doesn't dare to walk in big steps. One is because his body is so heavy and uncoordinated he struggles to balance. Second it's because he looks too dominant. Third...His bottom always hurts before the night. The frat leader likes to play him hard.
Chanyeol doesn't want to remember or he'll start to feel it moving again. The taller makes his way towards the second floor. He sees Baekhyun on the phone with the medias on the event procedure and expectation of the opening ceremony. "No cancel it." Baekhyun states.
Baekhyun tucks his tongue against his mouth. He is waiting for the other person to finish. Chanyeol is behind Baekhyun and nervously waiting for Baekhyun to finish. "I said cancel it. No further discussion." Baekhyun hangs up. He turns around and finds Chanyeol.
"Good morning puppy." He smiles. Chanyeol blushes. "Good morning Baekhyunie." "Slept well?" Chanyeol nods.
"That's good. Come and eat." Baekhyun gently grabs Chanyeol's wrist and escorts him to the dining table. Chanyeol sits down and takes a whiff of the egg pancake. Baekhyun is talking to Chanyeol and telling him about some stuff that are happening while Chanyeol nods and eats.
"I need your help. I need you to be the guest speaker. Can you do it puppy?" Chanyeol purses his lips. He doesn't think he can. He is scared of people. "I will try..." "If it's too much don't worry. I can do it. It's just that you're younger. New students will relate."
"I feel like those who haven't known you as an iconic frat boy is missing out." Chanyeol mumbles. "You really love my frat leader era and red mullet don't you?" Baekhyun grins. Chanyeol nods twice. "But I love Baekhyunie now."
"Then that is enough." Baekhyun is content by that. "But if you really want to see my red mullet I can do it again another day." Chanyeol nods. He understands how hard it is for Baekhyun to have freedom of fashion now that he is going to be the chairman.
"Baekhyunie, you're not old. Why does it seem like you're restricting yourself?" Baekhyun lifts his coffee and takes a small sip. He swallows and presses his lips together. "I don't mind doing what I do. But I also get annoyed by the frat activities. Being stupid is a chore."
Honestly, Chanyeol can't remember Baekhyun acting stupid. Or maybe he was too smithen to realize that the frat leader was being a typical fool. "If I wasn't a chairman I probably would continue being doing stupid shit until 30." Baekhyun says.
Chanyeol thinks that make sense. He should cherish the moments more. He feels sad that the iconic mullet is forever gone. Chanyeol is the type that holds onto the past and doesn't like to let go. He is sentimental. He met Baekhyun as red.
..... The new students are coming. One of the things that irritates Baekhyun is the new faces. He may seem nice about it but he thinks all the new ones are either a bunch of idiots or arrogant snobs.
Another thing that irritates Baekhyun is the part where he thinks the new students are getting interested in Chanyeol. Chanyeol cleaned his image and brushed his hair back. He took off his glasses and he is wearing fitted uniform.
Baekhyun fastens his fist around his microphone. "Change plan. Don't be the speaker puppy." Seulgi rolls her eyes. "I just put his foundation on and now you tell me?" "Get me my uniform please." Baekhyun tells Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo nods and goes to grab it.
Chanyeol is blinking. Seulgi moves the brush away from his face. Chanyeol doesn't understand why Baekhyun doesn't want him as speaker when he agreed. "Stand behind me." Baekhyun orders. He removes his black blazer and puts on the yellow blazer uniform.
Baekhyun points with his chin and gestures for his frat members to stand on stage as well. All the students are sitting down with their brochure on their lap. Some of them have came here from scholarship. They are gaping at the hall. This would have been mistaken as a stadium.
Baekhyun sighs softly. Maybe he does regret giving some scholarships away to the unprevilleged. They are acting like idiots on day 1. Baekhyun steps onto stage. The first thing that people will notice is how good looking all of them are.
Baekhyun is the one with the strongest presence. Chanyeol thinks that even if Baekhyun didn't try he would still be the center of attention. "Welcome new students. I am Byun Baekhyun. If am this academy's chairman." Baekhyun grins politely.
It earns surprise gasp. Most wouldn't think a student like him is a chairman. Much less this young. But Baekhyun has more to say.
"You will find this academy different to the regular system. We are a prestigious academy for higher education. We will be following the U.S education as per our branch in Washington." Baekhyun then transitions to fluent English for the media.
"The U.S branch is our main base. This academy here is Korea's first multi performing academy. We Hope to see more students." The projector scrolls down behind. There are images of important faces and roles.
Baekhyun returns to Korean. "You will find in your brochure the following people as your first point of contact. This is your student body list. Baekhyun's face is there at the top again. In clear writing it says 'student president.'
The next slide. "These are the infirmary nurse. If you are injuried then please find them." The slide moves onto the sorority and fraternity. "This is not compulsory. If you are interested in being apart of the sorority or frat then please forward your applications."
The pictures aren't updated. Chanyeol can see that Kai has used Baekhyun's pictures from last Summer. Chanyeol accidentally coos when he sees Baekhyun's group photo with the frat. Sehun looks at Chanyeol strangely. Baekhyun continues.
"This academy expects the most out of everyone. There is to be no prejudice and no discrimination or bullying. You are all selected to represent the best of South Korea. Any questions?" Baekhyun scans the crowd. One shyly puts his hand up.
"Yes! The one over there." Baekhyun enthusiastically points. He truly is a mood booster. Chanyeol Thinks m Baekhyun has all their hearts without even trying. "Um... Is it true that you are the legendary Baekhyun from EVEE?" Everyone chatters.
Baekhyun doesn't answer. "Secret." The crowd has a bigger reaction. Baekhyun looks at the next person. "Yes person there." "How come you're the chairman?" Perhaps the new students all want to know. Baekhyun curves his lips. "Because I am the founder's son." .....
This is torture. Baekhyun wonders if the new young adults are all this strange. The new faces are either 18 or 20 for those who have transferred. Baekhyun entertains them. But he is surrounded with his frat. Kyungsoo politely smiles at them. Sehun is ignoring.
Kai is asleep with his eyes open. Meanwhile Chanyeol is awkwardly standing on the side. He wants to approach Baekhyun. But he can't... Chanyeol is about to make a move until a circle forms around him and the taller has a mini heart attack.
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