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#Taekookau a/b/o : Misfit “You don’t understand Tàe because you are a beta.” Tàe had heard that phrase from his family, his pack, and teachers since he was a child, but now he had heard it from his best friend Jungkôôk, and it hurt—no, it burned into Tàe's soul like a scar.

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Tàe laughed dryly before gathering his books and walking away from the lunch table where his close friends had gathered to eat in the college cafeteria.
He doesn't want to be there anymore because his best friend and his longtime crush just declared he was a misfit all along and doesn’t belong to the one place he considered his safe place.
Tàe was always unique, right from childhood. Throughout his childhood, he exhibited no alpha or omegan characteristics, such as being neither aggressive or competitive like an alpha nor submissive or gentle like an omega.
He was a neutral, even though he possessed a tall, built physique like an alpha and curves and beauty like an omega. So everyone knew he would present as a beta, which was very rare.
Tàe, as a curious child, frequently inquired about other sub-genders, prompting him to approach his elders or teachers, but each time they turned him down, saying, "You are a beta; you won't understand." It was as if they didn't put him on the same level as alphas and omegas.
It was always painful for him to be mistreated. So he often spent his time alone in pack-library, learning about many things that others wouldn’t share with him. At least books don’t judge him based on his rank.
It changed when he met Namjôôn in the library, who was equally fond of books. He was the pack leader's son, and everyone looked up to him. He introduced him to his friends Yôôngi, Hôseôk, Jimiñ, Jungkôôk, and Namjôôn's mate Jîn.
After meeting them, it was like a heaven in the desert for Tàe. Jungkôôk was and still is his favorite. He always protected Tàe from bullies and shared everything with him. Their tastes and dislikes were similar (or so he thought). After all, they became best friends so quickly.
The others had always treated him as a good friend, so he assumed it would never change (how wrong he was). He should have seen it coming; once everyone present—an alpha and an omega—changes will appear in their characters too.
It started with Jîn, who was presented as an omega. He became more possessive of his mate. Yôôngi presented as an alpha, making him more serious and intimidating. Hôseôk presented as alpha too, but the difference was his scent, which was too musky.
Namjôôn showed leadership skills and intelligence after presenting as an alpha. Jimiñ became more bratty and demanding after presenting as an omega, while Jungkôôk became a more buff and mature alpha. Only Tàe remained the same because he was a mere beta.
Betas don’t have any natural scent like other wolves or mood swings like omegas. They only have a scent once in a month, on their heat day. It's basically just a fever and exhaustion. They don’t need a heat partner to subdue their needs. As always,
he spent it alone in his room without any proper care from anyone. No one gives him scented clothes for a nest, nor does anyone buy him ice cream to ease his uneasiness. He just laid there looking at his dull ceiling, like his life, while his family forgot about his existence.
When did all these start? Tàe tried to remember, and how did he miss their change in attitude? He began to recall all conversations; one by one, everything began to stand out like a sore thumb. “So, you two had fun? ”, Hôseôk smirked.
“We are mates, Hobi, and of course we had lots of fun activities.” Jîn shrugged it off, making Yôôngi groan and Jungkôôk scrunch his nose in distaste. Jimiñ laughed at how embarrassing Namjôôn looked.
But they all suddenly went silent as Tàe joined the table, asking, “What are you all talking about? ” “It’s nothing important. Let’s eat. ” Jîn replied and continued to eat.
Tàe looked at them awkwardly and then started eating his lunch too. The next time he offered his hoodie for Jimiñ’s nest, the omega said it’s not needed because he had enough clothes from others.
“I don’t need any more Tàe. I have enough clothes. It’s your favourite; you should keep wearing it.” Jimiñ gave him a faint smile. “Oh! I will keep it to myself then.” Tàe said, feeling a bit down.
Tàe reasoned it was because Jimiñ had enough clothes and no room for a hoodie, as omegas are very adamant about the size and shape of their nest. He had previously read it somewhere. He didn’t know the real intention behind it.
He doesn't know that the hoodie was useless because it had no prominent scent to please the omega. Who will want to keep something scentless in their precious nest.
What was the other? He asked Hôseôk if he could join a party. "It's an alpha-and-omega-only party, Tàe." Hôseôk scratched his nape awkwardly. “They won’t allow betas? ” Tàe felt sad as he slumped down.
“Betas are rare, so of course they won’t put it in the invite.” As a matter of fact, Yôôngi stated it. Tàe should have known that no one wants him (a party-pooper) in the crowd.
Similar scenes flashed through his mind, making him dizzy and inflicting a throbbing pain inside his head. He tried to hold on to a tree when he was about to stagger and fall.
He tried to make sense of where he was, but he couldn’t understand because his vision got blurry, making him fall down on the ground. 🍁🍁🍁
🍁🍁🍁 Tàe opened his eyes groggily. He clutched his head in dizzyness when he tried to sit up.  “Easy there, tiger.” A very familiar, sweet voice made Tàe slowly open his eyes. “Bogummie hyung, you are back.” Tàe exclaimed.
He smiled as he recognised the only person who was always kind and understanding to him. Bogum is Jimiñ’s cousin and was away to study medicine. Tàe let out an exaggerated “ouch” sound when he felt Bogum pinch his cheeks lightly.
“I was so worried when Seojôôn brought you here. He said you were lying unconscious near the forest area near your college. Why are you so careless? I didn't come here as a pack doctor in order to get you as my first patient, tiger." Bogum started rumbling with worry.
“Awww.. Hyun.. Let go.. ” Tàe pleaded and sighed when Bogum finally let go of his cheeks and instead caressed his face. Tàe nuzzled close to his hand, as it was rare for someone to be gentle with him.
“You know I have only you here, right? I told you to take good care of yourself before.”
Bogum's voice was laced with sadness. He lost his parents and sister in a rogue attack. When Jimiñ's father brought him to the pack, he was a loner like Tàe. Bogum’s sister was a beta, so he always treated Tàe very delicately,
like his own brother. He was sad to leave Tàe here when he went for his higher studies. Tae's friends, who were also kind to him, were the only solace he felt. “I am okay, hyung. Don’t be sad.”
Tàe tried to assure him even though the trembling in his own voice betrayed him. “What happened? Tell hyung everything.” Bogum demanded. Tàe sighed and started narrating whatever had happened.
Jimiñ scrunched his nose in distaste when he saw a strawberry muffin on Tàe’s plate during the lunch. "Get that sh*t away from here. It has a very foul smell." Jimiñ looked disgusted. "It’s a freshly baked muffin, Jimiñ-ah. I don’t think it’s spoiled yet."
Tàe replied in confusion, as he doesn’t understand why Jimiñ wants him to throw away the only comfort food he bought after going through very rude behaviour from his art professor. The man gave him the whole project alone and didn’t assign him to any group,
saying it would be an inconvenience to have a beta in other groups as their traits are different. It made the whole class mock him, saying he was cursed to be alone and he deserved it. This project accounts for 50% of their grade,
so Tàe was already exhausted from searching for references and material during the morning class hours alone. So he went to the nearest bakery and bought the last strawberry muffin they had. "I don’t like its smell." Jimiñ reasoned. "That’s not a proper reason
for me to throw it away. I will eat it fast so there won’t be any smell. " Tàe suggested as he started to bite into the muffin Jimiñ hit his hand, causing the muffin to fall to the ground. Tàe's frustration was heightened when he saw his muffin in the mud.
“WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM? ” Tàe hissed lowly as he tried to calm himself down, ignoring a slightly guilty expression on Jimiñ’s face. “Don’t shout at him, Tàe. He is going through his pre-heat symptoms. You should understand he will be sensitive to some smells.”
Yôôngi defended Jimiñ as always. “So that doesn’t give him the right to slap away my muffin. I was craving it. Why would he do that? ” Tàe suddenly felt angry and disappointed that no one understood his point.
Everyone looked at him as if he had done something wrong by raising his voice at Jimiñ; can't they see that Jimiñ is being unreasonable and bratty because of what pre-heat?
“He already told you he doesn’t like the smell. Can’t you be more understanding? ” Jîn shook his head. “What?!” Tàe looked at them, perplexed.
“Forget it, hyung. He is pretending like he doesn’t know how to treat an omega.” Tàe was moved to tears by Hôseôk's words to Jîn, but he tried to remain firm. “What you mean I don’t know how to treat an omega? ”
Tàe inquired. Jungkôôk spoke up this time; he had been silent the entire time, but his facial expression screamed irritability and agitation. But that one simple sentence had the power to cause severe damage.
“You don’t understand Tàe because you are a beta.” Jungkôôk’s words struck him like an arrow.
Bogum wiped away the tears when he saw Tàe crying after saying everything. “I thought they were good to you, but I was wrong. Jimiñ could have asked you to move to another table to eat your muffin if its smell was making him uncomfortable. He doesn’t have to be so rude.
Pre-heat symptoms are not an excuse for such behaviour. ” Bogum expressed his displeasure with the way they treated Tàe. “They may be right; I am a beta. I don’t know how it is for omegas during the time of pre-heat. I should have been more careful.
It’s because I had a bad day and I wanted to eat my comfort food. It was the last one in the bakery too. ” Tàe pouted. Bogum ruffled his hair. He doesn’t like the fact that Tàe hides his sadness and hurt for the sake of others.
What if he is a beta? He is like any other wolf; he has emotions and feelings that the people around him will never understand. They will always treat him like something that doesn’t belong with them.
“You are too kind, but I want you to understand that even if you are a beta, they shouldn’t treat you like that. You are a person too. You had a bad day, and you wanted something good for yourself. It’s not like they didn’t know it was your comfort food.
They just blindsided Jimiñ and told you off. It's not good behaviour.” Bogum explained, and Tàe nodded in understanding. “Forget it, Hyung; now that you are here, I don’t have to be careful. I can be myself in front of you.” Tàe tried to shake off the sadness he felt.
“I have the best solution to brighten up your mood.” Bogum said as he placed a box in front of Tàe. “Strawberry muffins. Oh my god!! Thank you, and I love you, hyungie.” Tàe started eating the muffin excitedly.
“There's no need to thank me, tiger. You deserve your fair share of happiness. ” Bogum fondly looked at Tàe, who was happily eating the muffins. 🍁🍁🍁
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🍁🍁🍁 Jungkôôk was distressed, and he was having a hard time controlling his alpha. He feels stirred up for some reason. So he went to the pack fighting grounds, where they trained the pack members in fighting and self-defense.
“Hey, JK. It’s so rare to see you here these days. Is your alpha acting up again?”, his packmate Sung greeted him with a smile. He was teaching the kids to fight with long, slender sticks because their wolves are not yet mature,
so the claws will not be much use in a fight with bigger wolves. So they teach them to fight with sticks to protect themselves if necessary, along with other traps and hiding methods. “Yes, it is restless today. I don’t know why.”
Jungkôôk responded by selecting a long, slender stick from the pile of wooden sticks. They carve these from trees. “I think it’s time for you to get a mate. The alpha will calm down once it claims what is rightfully his.”
Sung told him as he got ready to get into position to start the fight. “I know. It’s not as easy as you think.” Jungkôôk sighed as he got into position. “Oh! Do you have any idea who it is? ” But before they could continue the conversation, Jungkôôk was the first
one to strike, throwing Sung a little off balance, but the older wolf got into attack mode in no time. The spectators watched in awe as they moved gracefully. At the end of it, they stopped calling it a truce because both of them were too competitive to back down.
Jungkôôk said goodbye to everyone while drenched in sweat. He walked towards the pack's gathering ground, where everyone usually sits to eat together. He noticed his friends were huddled together at their usual table. “You Stink Of Sweat! ”
Yôôngi spoke first, showing a very funny face in disgust. "What do you mean? He smells so good.” Jimiñ expressed his disbelief at what Yoongi had just said. “You hate the smell of strawberry muffins but love the stink of Kôôk's sweat. You are one weird omega in pre-heat.”
Hôseôk snorted, teasing Jimiñ which he got a hiss from the omega. “Come to think of it, I don’t see Tàe in any of the afternoon classes we are in together. Did anyone see him? I want to give him his art history book.” Namjôôn stopped writing and looked at everyone.
He was met with a complete silence, especially Jimiñ who was sulking now. “Something happened? ” Jôôn was confused by their indifferent reaction.
"Tàe became enraged when Jimiñie said he doesn't like the smell of strawberry muffins. He may be sulking somewhere.” Jîn waved it off like nothing.
Namjôôn thought for a moment and exclaimed, “Aren't strawberry muffins his comfort food? I hope he was not eating it because he had a bad day. If so, I don't blame him for being angry. ”
Then a sudden realisation struck everyone. Jungkôôk internally cursed for not noticing it sooner. He could only blame it on his alpha and its restlessness.  “Hey San. ” Tàe's omega classmate, San, was called by Jungkôôk.
San was the only one with whom Tàe at least seemed to speak here and there. They have nearly the same classes. “Hey, you need something.” San asked with a kind smile. “Did something happen with Tàe in the class? ”
Jungkôôk looked at how the omega's expression suddenly changed into disappointment. “Professor Lee was being a di*k to Tàehyung. He told Tàe to do the whole project alone and didn’t assign any group mates. He said he wouldn’t fit in. It's unfortunate that he had to do it alone."
San said this sympathetically, which made some omegas at his table scoff. Jungkôôk glared at them. He knows they are just jealous because Tàe is more beautiful than any omega in their pack.  When Jungkôôk finished explaining everything to them, Namjôôn said, “I was right.”
“I didn’t know he had a bad day.” Jimiñ replied in a feeble voice. “Even if you know, you will still fuss about the smell. You are a brat.” Yôôngi’s snide remarks made Jimiñ growl at the alpha, to which Yôôngi smirked in reply, implying I told you so.
“I will go search for him.” Jungkôôk was about to turn away, but Hôseôk stopped him. “He may be with Bogum. I heard he came back this morning.” Jungkôôk nodded, knowing how closely Bogum and Tàe are linked.
He hoped to see the beta at the dinner, unaware that the flames of destruction were already alight in their relationship. All it needed was a strong wind to burn everything up.   🍁🍁🍁
🍁🍁🍁 Tàe wished he could cry out loud at night, but he couldn't. He always thought Jungkôôk was his other half, someone who understood him better than anyone, but the alpha must have had to strike at his biggest insecurity to break his heart.
Tàe wasn't sure if he wanted to pick up the pieces of his broken heart or not, because if Jungkôôk believes the same as the pack, there is no hope for his love. “Love? A popular alpha like him falling for a beta like me sounds delusional. I must have been out of my mind
when I started falling for him, but reality hurts. I wish I had never heard those words from him. I wish this had never happened so that I could have had this last ray of hope. Maybe it's what the moon goddess wanted me to see; never wish for something out of your reach.
The dandelion on the faraway land can only desire to look at the moon and not have it. ” He tried to comfort himself by saying that it would go away. After all, it was one-sided, destined to fade away like a cloud in the wind, but the image of
💥 Trigger warnings: mention of depressive thoughts, self harm and blood. Jungkook saying you don't understand you're a beta began playing over and over in his head.Voices inside his head started mocking him; even Jungkôôk thinks so. No, stop. No, it’s not.
💥Trigger warning He tried to put up a fight but failed miserably. Tàe clutched his chest, where his heart is hard from fury, agony, and anger, making him lose control of his wolf for a brief moment. His claws ripped the shirt, penetrating through his flesh.
💥Trigger warning He didn’t stop till he felt pain sweeping through his veins and his shirt damp with blood. 🍁🍁🍁
🍁🍁🍁 The next day, Tàe skipped classes as Bogum advised him to rest because yesterday he fainted and there was a small concussion, so he needed time to heal as betas heal slower than other wolves. Tàe caressed his messily patched claw wounds around his heart.
He almost screamed when it stung as he carelessly touched it. He muffled his agonising sounds, which he let out because Bogum is unaware. He doesn't want his hyung to know.  He is glad Bogum helped him get the reference materials necessary for the project,
and he even notified the university about Professor Lee's rude behavior. Bogum is well respected among their pack, so the university assured him that the necessary actions would be taken immediately, but Tàe knew it would be a simple verbal warning, nothing like the suspension or
dismissal that they would do if an alpha or omega student was in the same situation. Tàe concentrated on the project to forget about the hurt and terrifying loneliness he was feeling. He doesn’t want to think, so he drowned himself in study materials the whole day.
He even ate the meals in his room as Bogum informed the head alpha that Tàe was sick. Tàe looked up from the material when he heard a knock on his door. He dreaded it if it was one of his friends, especially Jungkôôk. If so, he doesn’t know how to face them,
as they made it clear that Tàe doesn’t fit in with them. He doesn't want to be forced on someone who despises his gender. To his relief, it was Bogum, but he was not alone. He was with Seojôôn.
“Seo said he wanted to see you. He couldn’t wait till you woke up yesterday; he had some emergency errands to run.” Bogum explained the reason why Seojôôn was suddenly here. “Oh! Thank you, Hyung, for helping me. I am sorry if I was a bother.”
Tàe couldn’t digest the fact that Seojôôn had to carry him back alone. “It’s fine as long as you are okay. I rushed to you when I saw you stagger, but you fell down before I could catch you. I hope your concussion was not severe.” Seojôôn said he was worried.
“It was not. Don’t worry. You stay here with Tàe, and I will come back with some snacks.” Bogum told them before leaving the room. "What are these papers for?" Seojôôn asked curiously. Tàe handed him some of the material.
Seo started going through it and gave Tàe some ideas on how he could work this project out. Tàe listened carefully, as he felt he got a different view from Seojôôn’s explanation. Bogum smiled as he saw how immersed both of them are in the project,
and Tàe seemed more lively too, interacting with him. They continued their discussion till dusk after eating snacks and drinking tea. “Thank you so much, hyung. You truly are a lifesaver. Honestly, I was struggling to get a proper idea. Tàe thanked him heartily.
"Don't worry about it," Seojôôn said, then noticed a bloodstain patch on Tàe's shirt. 💥💥 "Tàe, you are bleeding. ” Seojôôn pointed it out. Even though Tàe tried hard to hide it, the alpha didn’t let him. "Oh, my goodness, it looks so painful. Who hurt you? ”
Seojôôn’s eye widened in worry. “No one. I did it myself. I lost control of my wolf for a moment.” Tàe admitted guiltily that he felt ashamed of his actions. It could have caused severe damage if he had not gained his control back.
“Common, let’s go to the infirmary.” Seojôôn tried to pull Tàe with him, but Tàe refused. “I don’t want others to find out, hyung. Bogumie Hyung in particular. He will be so disappointed in me. I can’t bear it.” Tàe said sadly.
“I will patch it up for you. I am good at it. I promise I won’t tell a soul. We can say I accidentally bruised my knees and needed some herbal paste." Seojôôn made Tàe go with him. He patched up the wounds after cleaning them and applied herbal paste to heal them, as promised.
It sting but Tàe silently muffled it because he don’t want to alarm others with his cry. When it’s done, Seojôôn gives Tàe his overcoat to hide the blood stains on Tàe’s shirt. He even walked him back to his room. Unknown to them, a particular alpha was watching it from afar.
He crushed the strawberry muffin box in his hands in a jiff and changed into wolf form without changing his clothes, causing the fabrics to rip into scattered pieces. The wolf let out a loud, terrifying growl while dashing into the deep forest like the wild beast he was.   🍁🍁🍁
🍁🍁🍁 Jungkôôk is fed up with Tàe's attitude at this point. He not only ignored them but also became friendly with a senior group of students. “Stop glaring at them. You are going to burn them away with that heated gaze of yours.”
Yôôngi spoke quietly so as not to wake Jimiñ, who was sleeping beside him.The omega looked so pale and tired after his heat. He also drained Yôôngi’s energy as he was his heat partner. Jimiñ is highly demanding of his needs in bed. “He doesn’t even spare a glance, hyung.
He even stopped joining us for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He either eats in his room or with them.” Jungkôôk almost growled at the end. He really doesn’t like the alpha group now that Tàe is attached to them, especially Seojôôn. Jungkôôk was always sceptical about the alpha
because Tàe reeks of him these days. It’s like the alpha deliberately left his scent mark on Tàe. But the weird fact is that Tàe doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. It irks Jungkôôk more for some reason.
“Seojôôn is helping Tàe with his project; you know he is in my class. Doing a big project alone is tiresome. I am glad Tàe is taking help from him. It's 50 percent of his grades for that project.” Namjôôn explained that he felt Jungkôôk’s hostility towards the senior group.
He doesn’t want Jungkôôk’s alpha to get agitated over this. “He could have asked us for help.” Hôseôk spoke up, too, because he didn't like how Tàe was blatantly ignoring them for some friendly bickering among them.
“I heard from Seo that he offered Tàe help when he visited Tàe because he was worried about him.” Namjôôn sighed. “Why was he worried about, Tàe? ” Jîn exclaimed, and Namjôôn said he didn't know.  “I know the answer to it.”
They all looked in the direction where the voice was coming from; it was San. “Tàehyung fainted on the college grounds, and Seojôôn Sunbae helped him." “He fainted. Why didn’t anybody tell us about it? ” Namjôôn almost raised his voice. He couldn’t believe it.
“Because Bogum Hyung told the pack leader to keep it to himself. I accidentally heard them talking about it when I went to give my father some snacks in the pack house. Please don’t tell anyone what I told you guys about it.
Bogum hyung is scary when he is angry. I also heard Tàehyung had a minor concussion too. ” San explained.
Everyone was worried, but Jungkôôk looked like he lost his soul. How did he miss something like this? He searched for Tàe but frowned when he couldn’t spot him where he was sitting. He rushed out of the cafeteria in order to find Tàe.
He was almost breathless when he found Tàe smiling at Seojôôn near the fountain. He scrawled when the alpha caressed Tàe’s chest with a tender touch. Jungkôôk saw red, and he rushed there, grabbing Tàe’s hand and pulling him away from there immediately.
Tàe yelped as Jungkôôk yanked him away, causing his books to fall to the ground. He tried to get away, but Jungkôôk tightened his grip in an almost painful way. He only stopped when they were in a secluded area of the college and no one was around.
"WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" Jungkôôk seethed in anger, making Tàe flinch at the sudden use of the alpha voice. He felt his whole body trembling into submission,
but he resisted, standing on his ground stubbornly, making pain sweep through his body, and denying the alpha voice. Jungkôôk's eyes were crimson with rage, but he didn't notice Tàe's struggle.
“I ask you ...the same.” Tàe mumbled something in a weak voice.
"What am I doing? I was fucking saving you from that alpha bastard.” Jungkôôk growled. “Seo not ....a bastard.” Tàe mumbled. Jungkôôk clutched Tàe's shoulders, making him wince in pain, but he looked right into the alpha's
eyes even though his tears were streaming down. “You are so dumb. You let him scent mark you and wear his fucking coat. You let him feed you, cling to you, and follow you around like a scorn dog. He is doing it all without courting you.
This is absurd. What will the pack think about you if you continue this foolish behavior?” Jungkook uttered the words venomously and without hesitation. “I. don’t. care.” Tàe gritted out each word.
It's not like he has a good reputation in the pack to begin with. Seojôôn is kind and caring; what’s wrong with Tàe getting some affection from him? Is it necessary for him to be unhappy all of the time because he is a beta? Is this what Jungkook desires?
Did he want to show him his place? Is that how he thinks about me? His thoughts made him churn inside.
"Now you want to sleep with that alpha?" Jungkook let out a cold laugh. "Do you think he will keep you forever? Let me tell you, no. Let it enter your thick skull. He will use you and throw you out. That’s what he wants, and you are letting him play with you.
Why are you doing this? for some attention from that alpha bastard. You are nothing like the Tae I know." This is how you see me? Is that all I am to you—a disposable item? Hurt flashed through Tae's eyes. He felt the agony of the beautiful scenes he painted with Jungkôôk
going colourless with the feelings of betrayal and sadness. He felt his mind clogging with bitterness and hate, making him numb and cold. He stopped resisting the alpha and submitted to him without any ounce of resistance, falling on his knees on the ground.
Jungkôôk jumped back in shock when realisation hit him, and he forced Tàe into submission.
“Tàe… Oh my god… look at me... I am sorry” Jungkôôk begged, but Tàe simply stayed there, head bowed, shoulders slumped. “WHAT THE HELL?” Jungkôôk startled by the sudden voice from behind. Bogum was there, looking at Jungkôôk in fury, along with Seojôôn. “Hyung.. I… ”
Jungkôôk tried to explain, but Bogum ignored him and rushed towards Tàe, who was already on the verge of collapsing. “Tàe, baby… ” Bogum called him softly. “Hyun.. ”
Tàe murmured and fell down. Bogum caught him in his arms, scooped him up, and walked away towards the infirmary, leaving a guilt driven Jungkôôk alone. 🍁🍁🍁
🍁🍁🍁 “So you are telling me you won’t take any action against him because he’s an alpha and Tàe is a beta. You're simply ignoring the fact that he forced Tàe to submit, that's all." Bogum calmly asked the pack leader, too calm for everyone’s surprise.
Mr. Kîm, Namjôôn’s father, looked at Bogum helplessly. “You should understand that in this situation we can only punish an alpha pack member if he forces an omega into submission. We don’t have any rules for betas. So technically, I can’t punish Jungkôôk according to our law
even if he was wrong.” Mr. Kim sighed, making alpha Jeôn smirk. “It must be that beta's fault. He may have agitated Jungkôôk’s alpha; otherwise, this wouldn’t have happened. Jungkook is such a calm and well-mannered alpha.”
Mr. Jeôn pointed out that the other pack members present agreed. ‘Still, I want Jungkôôk to apologise to Tàehyung. I don’t condone the action of forcing someone into submission as a good thing.” Mr. Kîm reasoned as he looked at Jungkôôk, who stood there silently.
“I will.” Jungkôôk agreed without any hesitation.  "There's no need," Bogum said, "I don't need you anywhere near him. You will stay away.” Bogum stated in a cold voice.
“I will submit the pack transfer form for Tàe and I soon after I find a pack suitable for us. Please approve it. That’s all we need.” Jungkôôk looked horrified at Bogum. Tàe can't move away from them; no, he can’t let that happen.
“Hyung, I am sorry. I was not in my right mind. Please don’t.” He pleaded, but Bogum didn’t budge.
“Jungkôôkie is right Bogum-ssi, please don’t leave just because of this petty matter. You are a good doctor and our pack's most valuable asset. You can’t abandon the pack that gave you everything for some beta. Don’t do it.”
Mr. Jeôn arrogantly told. Mr. Kîm shook his head in disapproval. “You are no one to tell me what to do, Mr. Jeôn and about the pack provided me with care, it was not out of pity. You acquired our pack land and added it to your territory.
Should I speak about the wealth you gained from my almost destroyed pack? You think I don't remember it because I was the sole survivor of that disaster. I am of legal age; I can easily get it back under our pack law and build a pack of my own.
I am not doing it out of respect for Mr. Kîm here. So don’t tell me about freely sheltering me.” Bogum looked at Mr. Jeôn pointedly.
“Now, excuse me. I have to look after the only person I care about in the whole world.” Bogum went out of the head alpha's office without looking back.
“I hope you fix it as soon as possible, Jungkôôk. I guess you know what you did was wrong, unlike some people here.” Mr. Kîm told Jungkôôk glaring at Mr. Jeôn for making the issue more complicated. “I know and I will fix it. I am sorry for causing trouble.”
Jungkôôk bowed and exited the room. Mr. Kîm dismissed everyone and sighed. He remembered how Namjôôn was pestering him about changing some rules to involve betas. He should have listened to his son. He hopes it's not too late for it now.  🍁🍁🍁
🍁🍁🍁 “Please eat something, tiger.. ” Bogum tried to feed Tàe, but he didn’t react; he only looked at the distance lifelessly. He was going through an emotional shock. He was feeling numb and unable to process the situation. He'd been trying to get a response from
Tàe for hours, but nothing had come. As a doctor, he knows it may be an aftereffect of forced submission too, and Tàe will recover after a day of rest. But it’s painful to watch the only person he considers family suffer from others' wrongdoings.
Bogum wiped his eyes before closing Tàe’s room. He let out a growl when he saw Jungkôôk and Namjôôn outside the hut. Jungkôôk was kneeling in the rain on the cold ground. Namjôôn was trying to talk him out of this, but Kôôk was not ready to move an inch away.
“I told you to stay away.” Bogum tried to control his spiking anger. “He just wants to see Tàe and apologise to him. He was kneeling here for hours. He is punishing himself for his actions. Please give him a chance.” Namjôôn spoke softly.
“Tàe is not in a good state to meet him now. He is in shock. Please leave; don’t make his recovery more difficult. I don’t know how he will react if he sees him again.” Bogum said as he glared at Jungkôôk.
“We understand. Let’s go Kôôk.” Namjôôn dragged Jungkôôk along with him. Jungkôôk looked at Tàe’s door longingly for a while and then walked away with Jôôn. 🍁🍁🍁
🍁🍁🍁 “Hyung.” Bogum looked at Tàe when he called him. Tàe was still in bed but feeling better than before. He still looked pale and tired. Bogum refused to let Jungkôôk see Tàe, even after Tàe gained consciousness. Maybe he is petty; he wanted the alpha to suffer,
and through that, he wanted him to learn how to treat others without prejudice. “Were you serious when you informed the pack leader we are moving packs? ” “Who told you this? ” Bogum asked instead.
“The omega who came to drop off my food told me it's a pity that you are moving away because you are the best doctor they have.” Tàe said, and Bogum cursed internally. When will this pack stop meddling?
“I was serious. I wanted to find a more suitable pack for us. The one with less prejudice against sub-genders.” Bogum told the truth. “You know that’s not easy, right? Wherever we go, it will be the same or maybe worse. Let’s not move, hyung. This is where we are from,
and I think we should stay here. I will be more cautious with others.” Bogum looked at Tàe with worry. “This is what I don’t want you to do, Tàe. Putting yourself last for the sake of others. You are a beta, but it’s not an inconvenience or a curse. You are just unique.
I wanted you to be able to breathe freely; that’s all I thought. We won't if you don't want us to, but if you think about it, please let me know. Don’t get concerned about my career.” Bogum ruffled Tae's hair in fondness. “I know, hyung. Thank you.” 🍁🍁🍁
🍁🍁🍁 Jungkôôk felt relieved when he saw Tàe resume classes at the college, but Tàe had changed drastically since the incident. He just kept to himself and stopped smiling or talking unnecessarily. He even eats alone and has stopped attending any pack events.
“He will come around, Kôôk.” Namjôôn tried to assure him, but Jungkôôk knows Tàe is slowly drifting away from them. “He won’t even make eye contact, hyung.” Jungkôôk sounded so devastated. “You should understand. When you forced submission on him,
it broke the thread of trust between you. It's difficult once it breaks." Namjôôn reasoned. “It’s not Kôôk’s fault his alpha was agitated. Tàe should understand.” Jîn mumbled, making Namjôôn angry.
“So you are going to ignore the mistake by blaming it on our nature. I don’t know why you are telling Tàe he should understand. Do you say the same if someone forces submission on you or Jimiñ? I guess not, because you will show the omega card then. I'm not sure how we,
the people, were so disgusted with our packs' heinous behaviour toward betas; became worse than them. I'm really disappointed in the fact that I never realised what was going on. If I had foreseen this before, I would never have introduced Tàe to you all.
He would have been fine with me as his only friend. I hope you think it through. Tàe is a beta, and that doesn’t give Kôôk the right to go feral on him. I don’t know about others, but for me, it’s a terrible mistake, and I appreciate it if you genuinely apologise to Tàe or beg
for his forgiveness. He is not just a sub-gender; he is our best friend first and foremost." Namjôôn looked pointedly at everyone before walking away.
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“I don’t mean it in a bad way. I was not making Tae's feelings seem less relevant. I didn’t think it through. At first, we were careful not to make him feel bad for being a beta, but somehow we hurt him more because of it. Now, our friendship has become scattered,
and Jôônie is angry too. I've never seen him so mad before. He was always a calm and composed person. I guess we were terrible enough to make him snap. ” Jîn tried to explain. He is feeling regret that he could have handled the situation better.
They were too concerned with not hurting Tàe, so that made them careless about it too.  “This is why Namjôôn is the next pack leader. He is righteous and honest. He is right to call us out on our sh*t. I also think the same, and we also owe an apology to Tàe.
Recently, we have been treating him like an outsider. It was not deliberate, but we did unconsciously get caught up in the gender norms going on here in the pack. We had forgotten that he was also a friend with feelings. We should correct it before we loses him as our friend.”
Yôôngi also expressed his guilt and remorse over the recent events. “I am feeling really bad for making him feel like that. We should have known what we said would affect him the most.” Hôseôk sighed. Jimiñ was feeling the most guilty out of them all, and he was silently crying
“I am the most terrible one here. I don’t know if he will ever hear me out or forgive me for what I did. But I need to somehow talk to him, hyung otherwise he won’t know. ”
Jungkook stated his determination, and everyone nodded in agreement. They should work to earn forgiveness. It’s all about realising their mistakes and correcting them before it’s too late. 🍁🍁🍁
🍁🍁🍁 Even though Jungkôôk stated that he would speak with Tàe, it appeared difficult. Tàe was getting good at hiding himself from everyone. It’s like he wants to be invisible. For Jungkôôk, it was scary.
So today there is a pack festival, and everyone was celebrating near the bonfire with traditional dance and songs, and Jungkôôk was on the search for Tàe. He was not in his room. Bogum denied telling him where Tàe was. He understands Bogum's anger. He is just protective.
So Jungkôôk decided to go to the one place that meant a lot to Tàe and him. The bamboo forest is near the territory. The place where they spent most of their childhood together: away from everyone; it was a place that felt like home.
He walked through the narrow pathway in between the meadows and greenery. The weather was getting colder, and the daylight was getting dimmer. The sky was partially cloudy, and there was wind. Then Jungkook noticed Tae standing by the side of a small stream
that ran through the bamboo forest. Tàe looked lost watching the bamboos move through the wind. He looked so sad and lonely. Jungkôôk's heart was broken by how solemn he appeared. “Tàe.”
Jungkook called but quickly regretted it when he saw the boy flinch as he was startled by his voice. "Are you here to force me to submit or to make me realise I'm just a useless beta?" Tàe broke the silence with piercing words that went straight to Jungkôôk’s heart.
“I am not.. ” Jungkôôk attempted to explain, but Tàe refused.
“You don’t want to waste your time. I understand I am a misfit in your pack. I won’t be meddling in your affairs anymore or planning to get myself involved with your pack mates. Let me just live here. I assure you, you won’t even feel my presence. You can rest easy.”
Tàe sighed and started walking away, not even looking at Jungkôôk. "Can't you just look at me for a second? Do I look so awful in your eyes that I have to beg for a glance.” Jungkook's voice cracked with emotion. Tàe halted but didn’t turn.
“I am not worthy of looking at you, alpha. After all, I'm just a beta. I don’t understand your social etiquette, nor do I fit in. So why are you asking this? ” Tàe’s voice was cold and distant. Jungkôôk wanted to hug him, but he knows he lost his rights.
“I never thought you were a mere beta, Tàe. For me, you are always my Tàe.” Jungkôôk's word made Tàe let out a chuckle and turn back. "What do you want from me now, to sprout such lies? ”
“I want you to understand.” Jungkôôk breathed out. “Right… I am a beta, and I don’t understand. You've said it before. No need to jab it; I get your point.” Tàe’s voice laced with disappointment and pain.
“No You Don’t Get It.” Jungkôôk raised his voice in desperation. “And I have to say it’s because you are a beta.” Jungkôôk voice trembled. Tàe looked down, defeated, and there it was, a beta once more.
“If that’s what you want, I will go away. I will move away from here as soon as possible. ” Tàe's voice was weak and mumbled. “I don’t want you to go away. That’s the last thing I want. I want you to understand… ” Jungkôôk pleaded.
“I said I did. Now leave me alone.” Tàe spoke venomously, tired of everything.
“I Want You To Understand That You Are My Mate And You Couldn’t Recognize It Because You Are A Beta, Tàe.” Jungkôôk shouted, which resonated inside the silent bamboo forest.
“I said you are my mate. You don’t recognise it because of our nature. You don’t know how much I yearn for you every day. How badly I want to hold you! how badly I have to control my alpha when I am around you. I wanted to tell you, but I don’t know if you believe me.
I was looking for information, and I wondered if you could sense it as well. I really wanted you to feel how I feel about you. I never meant you were a misfit; I was simply trying to tell you something you wouldn’t understand because of our fucked up biology.
Its not your fault, never your fault, my love. ” Jungkôôk slowly walked towards Tàe, who was still frozen by Jungkôôk’s sudden declaration.
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“But you told me I was a use-and-throw.” Tàe mumbled insecurely. "No, sweet heart, I was just jealous and possessive, and I let my anger and frustration get to me. I said some stupid, fu*ked up things. I am sorry. You never asked for my scented
clothes for your heat or wore anything of mine, then one day you started to wear Seojôôn's, and you even smelled like him. I don’t like it; in fact, I hated how he could touch you easily while all I can do is long for you. I know what I said was unforgivable and childish.
I regret saying those and accidentally making you submit. It was never my intention. I was so enraged that I let my alpha take control of me. I am sorry it hurt you badly. ” Despite his instincts screaming at Jungkôôk to hug their mate, he kept his distance.
He was aware that Tàe was hurt, confused, and possibly in disbelief. “You don’t feel sad that I am a beta.” It hurts Jungkôôk how sad Tàe sounds; it’s all because of his stupidity. It wouldn’t have happened if he had been more careful.
Now he hurt his mate so badly that it made him doubt himself. “Never love. I love how you are unique and the only one for me. You are my Tàe nothing else matters.” Tàe started crying and hugging himself.
Jungkôôk just stayed there and watched his mate's agonising cry helplessly. He doesn’t know if he could touch or comfort Tàe without letting out his alpha, who has been desperate for their mate for years. He is afraid it will cause another slit in their already
shaken relationship. When Tàe calmed down, they both sat down near the stream. It was getting dark, but there was moonlight. “I still… ” Tàe doesn’t know what to say; he has a lot to process and needs time. “I know you are still processing everything and need time,
but please don’t shut me out.” Jungkôôk knows he is asking for more than he deserves, but he is afraid of losing control like that again. He sighed in relief when Tàe nodded. They stayed there in silence for a long time until they had to go back.
When he walked Tàe back home, Bogum did give him a deadly glare but didn’t say anything. He simply ignored Jungkôôk and let Tàe in, but it’s no one's business if he closed the door on Jungkôôk’s face forcefully. At least he left him unscathed. 🍁🍁🍁
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🖤🖤🖤 "Hey, Hyung. Are you busy?" Tàe asked Bogum as he entered the infirmary of their pack. He is welcomed by different smells of herbs, some soothing, some bitter, and some peppery. Bogum was making a paste out of some herb that smells like horse odour. "What are those?"
Tàe asked curiously. Bogum smiled before showing him the herb: "This is called Withania somnifera; it’s a herb that helps to calm our brain, is good for reducing swelling, and is good for our immune system."
"That’s good, but I don’t think anyone could take it when it smells like that." Tàe made a funny face, making Bogum laugh. "Don’t worry, tiger, I am making supplements with these too, which can be easily swallowed."
"No thanks. I will just live fine without it." Tàe shook his head and sat down on the wooden stool nearby.
“You didn’t come here to study herbs, did you? ” Bogum asked while changing the paste to a tray to dry it. “ I couldn’t sleep yesterday.” Tàe mumbled, which made Bogum halt, then he quickly cleaned his hands to check Tae's temperature.
“You don’t have any fever. Wait here. I will make some camellia tea. It will help you relax.” Bogum quickly started preparing tea. Tàe looked at the infirmary, which is a bit messy as Bogum is clearing out old herbs and replacing them with new ones. He even labelled some glass
jars with a name and date. "Here, drink it. I don’t have your strawberry muffins, so instead, eat some honey cookies. It’s delicious.” Tàe started to take small sips of the tea. It had a refreshing aroma and feel.
The honey cookies were indeed delicious; he wondered who made them, but he shrugged it off.
“Tell me now, tiger. I had a hunch it’s about Jungkôôk.” Bogum encouraged him with a small smile. “How do you know?" Tàe’s eye widens in surprise.
“From childhood, he has had an effect on you. It was like your world mostly revolves around him. You never care what others say or do to you in this pack because he is there for you. Always, like two peas in a pod.”
Tàe knows what Bogum says is true. They were so close, and yes, Jungkôôk’s words affected him the most because Kôôk was the only one who cared for him the most. Even when the seasons change, he always has the same warmth, but when do they start to change?
“After his presentation as an alpha, you distanced yourself from him." Bogum's reply made Tàe realise he had voiced out his thought aloud.
"What do you mean, Hyung? ” Tàe titled his head in confusion. “He used to scent mark you since childhood. It was feeble for you, but I could recognise it even though his scent was not prominent then. But after his presentation,
you started smelling more like yourself than him. You stopped wearing his clothes, which was kind of weird because you loved wearing his linen shirts." Tàe let out an "oh" realising the reason.
“It’s because I told him not to scent me.” “So you don’t like his scent anymore? ” Bogum asked thoughtfully, and Tàe started squirming in his seat.
"No, it was the opposite. I loved his scent, but I had a crush on him. I didn’t want my feelings to grow more than necessary for me to be heartbroken in the end when he finds his true mate.” There was a light blush on his cheeks because he was embarrassed, and a brief sadness.
“That’s the reason you wouldn’t let him near you, and he started looking like a kicked puppy around you.” Bogum snorted. “I thought you hàted him, yesterday you closed the door on his face.” Tàe was bristling at how calm Bogum was looking while talking about Jungkôôk.
“I don’t hàte him, but I do hàte his actions and words towards you. I want him to apologise to you too. But what I am genuinely confused about is why a person who has treated you like a gem since childhood spit out such horrible words and pushed you into submission.
I don’t think of anything that could justify his actions.” Bogum couldn’t hide his disappointment. “He said we are mates." Tàe replied in a feeble voice, as if he was also uncertain of the fact that he just spoke.
The vulnerability and disbelief in his voice speak more volumes than anything else. Bogum looked so shocked at what Tàe just told him, and he went silent and thoughtful, like he was trying to put some puzzle pieces together.
“He told you that?” Bogum asked after a long pause. He looked like he had come to some kind of conclusion, and it terrifies Tàe for some reason. "What ifs" were always the ones he hàted the most.
“Yes, last night. He said he knew it for so long but was afraid I wouldn’t believe him because of our biology. I was unaware and he was yearning for his mate for years. He said he was angry and jealous of my closeness with Seojôôn hyung and lost control of his alpha.”
Tàe looked outside the window, feeling lost after telling it to Bogum. “Would you have believed him if he said he was your mate before?” Bogum asked out of nowhere, making Tàe flinch in realisation. Would he? 🍁🍁🍁
🍁🍁🍁 “So you want me to find a method to suppress your alpha? You know it’s harmful to you, right?” Namjôôn said in disbelief. He looked at the books in the library. It’s the royal archive where the ancient transcripts and pack scrolls are stored.
Not everyone can access these details. When Jungkôôk insisted on visiting here, he didn’t know it was for this. Is it really possible for them to suppress their animal side, which is unpredictable in nature? “I tried to suppress it for a long time, hyung.
I even exhausted myself to the point of falling sick to keep it on my toes, but I failed miserably. I did the one thing I never wanted to do. I hate myself for this.” Jungkôôk clutched his hair in frustration.
“Maybe that’s what you did wrong, Kôôk. You can tame your alpha, but suppressing it is utter foolishness. I thought you knew better.” Namjôôn sounded so displeased with Jungkôôk’s actions.
“I had no choice, hyung. When I found out he was my mate, I was so over the moon. I never wished for something more than him in my life, but at what cost? He couldn’t even recognise me as his mate. He told me not to scent him or touch him after I was presented.
The little bit of relief my wolf was feeling to be close to him was gone, and my alpha took it as a rejection. You know how alpha wolves take rejection, and mine was devastated. I had to forcefully put my alpha on a leash, but I lost control in the end and hurt Tàe badly.”
Jungkôôk knows that blaming himself for the bad outcome will not magically fix the damage that has already been done. But losing control over a misconception on his part was eating him alive. God knows how he wishes to undo his terrible choice that he made unintentionally.
“You should have informed me or our medical wing. You should have sought their support and guidance in these matters. They could have provided you with a suppressant if necessary or an alternative solution.”
“Like sleeping with an omega to satisfy my inner alpha... like hell I do that to my Tàe. You know they won’t give me suppressant because it will affect my alpha badly. ” Jungkôôk cut off Jôôn's words aggressively.
"If that's the only way to satiate my alpha I am ready to take his rejection instead, but I am never going to betray him like that. I prefer to rot in pain over the loss of my mate rather than practically cheat on him. I can’t go to the medical wing;
if the whip of this goes out and reaches my dad, they will do something to Tàe. I can’t let that happen. It’s dangerous. You know my dad believes betas are unnatural, not our kind—some kind of degenerate species. He won’t allow me to have Tàe.”
Namjôôn’s eyes widen in realization. How does he forget about Mr. Jeôn's unconditional hate towards the betas? In fact, he is the one who is blocking his father’s attempt to change the pack laws.
After a thorough investigation, it was clear that Mr. Jeôn bribed the high council to never listen to their plea. But Namjôôn has faith in his father and believes he will find a way to clear this huge barricade in their way.
“What was your plan then?” Namjôôn asked. If Jungkook was ready to go against his father, what was he planning to do? It’s clear as day that Mr. Jeôn wouldn’t have let them live peacefully within the pack.
“I wanted to try and find a way to convince Tàe that I am his mate. I know he won’t believe it; even now he may have doubts. I was planning to run away with him if he ever accepted me.” Jungkôôk mumbled sadly.
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“To where? Are you even thinking clearly? That was the most dangerous and idiotic thing you ever told me. Going rogue is not a good solution, Kôôk, especially because it will trouble Tàe more. I can’t blame him for not believing you because he never
considered himself a worthy mate of anyone. Our pack made him think like that. I wish I could do something to boost his confidence or implement even a small change in the laws to make him believe he is also a part of us. I failed him as a friend and a future alpha.”
Namjôôn sighed. It’s frustrating to watch his own friends suffer because of some wicked pack laws. A change is necessary, and he will find a way to implement changes even if he has to sacrifice himself in the process.  🍁🍁🍁
🍁🍁🍁 A hooded figure entered the cave near the end of the pack's territory, but not before thoroughly checking the surroundings to make sure no one was following him. The cave is very old; in ancient times it was used for offering sacrifices to the moon goddess,
which was believed to bring goodness and prosperity. He doesn’t know why Mr. Jeôn asked him to meet in such a haunted place. “Ah! You came. I thought you were going to back away at the last minute.” Mr. Jeôn smirked cockily.
“I was indeed planning to back out, but I know you will make mine and my family's lives miserable if I don’t accept your plan.” The hooded person replied without hiding his distaste.
“Honest as always, but you know this cheap honesty won’t fulfil your desires nor give your family a better life. You will just rot away as a useless servant of Kîm if you plan to continue this miserable path. It will be a real pity if you chose your loyalty over your betterment.”
Mr. Jeôn mocked, and he felt satisfied by the irritated reaction he got from his anonymous guest.
“How do I know you will fulfil your promise even after everything? How can I ignore the fact that you are just using me as a stepping stone to gain the throne?” Mr. Jeôn let out an amused chuckle.
“You know I can use others too, right? But I picked you because of your son. He is beautiful, charming, and intelligent—a perfect candidate for the future luna. He is close to Jungkôôk too.
I want them to mate in the future and rule this pack together; for that, I need your help.” Mr. Jeôn tried to coax the person into working with him.
"I will help you only for my son's better future and make sure to protect my family if something goes wrong with your plan." The hooded figure waited for Mr. Jeôn’s confirmation, then continued. What do you want me to do for you? "
“I want you to start creating unnecessary stir in the pack, making them believe the moon goddess is angry at them and needs a sacrifice.” Mr. Jeôn explained his plan in further details, which the hooded figure agreed to accomplish within a few weeks
without anyone finding out anything. “We won’t meet in secret anymore, so make sure to do everything neatly. I don’t want anyone to get a glimpse of my plan. Act like you don’t like me in front of everyone, like always.”
Mr. Jeôn instructed before dismissing the person. The hooded figure halted after a few steps and turned to Mr. Jeôn. “Who is the sacrifice? ” His voice was laced with a hidden fear and anxiety.
“Someone I want to get rid of for a long time.” Mr. Jeôn’s sinister laugh echoed inside the cave like a vigorous roar of thunder before a dangerous, destructive lightning strike. 🍁🍁🍁
Choose I promise it's for fun 🥺😇
🍁🍁🍁 “So why am I here? ”, Wooshik inquired, looking at Bogum and Seojôôn; then he pointed at another person in the room other than Tàe and asked, “And why is this dumb alpha here?" “Who are you calling dumb, hah? ”, Hyungsik flipped.
"Jeez, you don’t even have enough IQ for a self assessment.", Wooshik exclaimed, making Hyungsik want to retort, but Seojôôn held him back, sending an apology look to Bogum. Tàe was watching them bicker with wide eyes. He knows Wooshik; he is pretty famous in college as a smart
and gorgeous omega. Hyungsik is a famous jock at their college and a heartthrob. It is also famous that both of them don’t get along. Well, he can see why now. He sighed; he didn't understand why Bogum had brought them all into his room.
“That’s enough. Please put aside your petty fight because I need your unbiased opinion to help Taehyungie here.” Bogum clapped his hands as a warning to stop bickering. “Why do you think I am not biased? ”, Wooshik asked.
“Because you have a no-filter mouth.” Hyungsik mumbled, making Woo snarl, “Better than you, gigolo sweet talker.” “For the love of God, stop. Please help them. I will buy you dinner for a week.” Seojôôn offered. He just wanted them to be corporate somehow.
“Make it two weeks; I am in.” Wooshik agreed. “Introduce me to some pretty omegas instead. I will help. ” Hyungsik’s reply made Woo scoff, but both finally came to an agreement to help.
“So let me tell you why I called you here.”, Seojôôn started, and others looked at him, saying, “Woo is my friend and classmate. His research about mate bonds includes the topic of betas too. So he is a smart expert to help us clear our doubts.” Tàe and Bogum let out an amazed
"oh" while Hyungsik snorted. Wooshik ignored him and said, “Of course I am the second best smartest person in our university and the pack.” “You are second! That's funny. Who’s the best then? ”, Hyungsik asked. “Kîm Namjôôn exists.” Wooshik said with a duh tone.
Seojôôn sighed before continuing, “I asked Hyungsik to come so he could explain how alphas feel about mates and rejection.” “Has he done some research about the said topic? ”, Woo asked surprised. “No, in fact, I got rejected by my mate. So I can say how it feels.
I guess personal experience is better than some assumed research anyway.” Hyungsik replied, this time with less playfulness; instead, he sounded sad and distant. Woo just nodded, suddenly feeling bad for the alpha. He knows alphas suffer a hard time with rejection,
especially one-sided. Their wolves will be in agony and pain. Omegas can move on easily by getting mated to another alpha quickly, but alpha wolves do take their time to mourn for their losses.
“Before that, promise me that whatever we discuss here, you have to keep it to yourself.” Bogum requested everyone, and they promised him. “So who is going to start? ” Wooshik asked, and everyone tuned to Tàe.
Tàe started telling about what happened and Jungkôôk's declaration of being his mate. He only hid the part where he hurt himself. “That’s some rude-ass friends you have there? ” Hyungsik pointed this out once Tàe finished his explanation.
“Not necessarily.”, Woo cut him off as usual. “How the hell? ” Hyungsik can’t believe it.
“According to what Tàehyung said, he was sad and angry, and on top of that, he got hurt when Jungkôôk supported them. It’s because Tàehyung only cares about Jungkôôk’s opinion and not the others. When we get hurt, it's natural for us to think the whole world is against us.
Those conversations may have been harmless then, but the scenario changed according to new circumstances.” Woo explained.
“Stop going all nerd on me for a simple sentence.” Hyungsik tried to chid Woo but got ignored again. “About the mates, it may be true.” Woo observed others making surprised sounds, especially Tàe.
“First of all, Jungkôôk has no reason to lie to you. Do you think he is the type to lie to sleep with you?”, Woo asked Tàe, and the beta shook his head. No, Jungkôôk won’t do that to him. Tàe thought.
“Here, see this. The next important factor is that the mating bite will disappear after a day if you are not his true mate. It only stays permanent if you are real mates, unlike the alpha-omega bond.”
Wooshik showed them his notes based on old transcripts he acquired from the royal library. He gained access because his father is a high council member. Bogum took it and read it carefully. It was about the story of a beta girl, who had unique beauty, so the pack's alpha
mated her forcefully, but the mark disappeared the next day, making her a sinner in front of the whole pack. Not knowing the real reason behind this incident she was offered as a sacrifice to the moon goddess. “Do you think this is real? ” Bogum wondered.
“This is from the scrolls that record the details of the ancient custom of offering sacrifices. They wrote it down as a horrible sin from the beta. I deduced the facts by comparing this with other details I collected on this matter.” Wooshik shared other facts he collected.
“This is a pile of bullcrap. Seriously, they were all a bunch of morons to believe in these.” Hyungsik couldn’t control his anger. “I think we are reading the major reason why the betas started to get hatred in the first place. I think it’s because of this very incident.”
Seojôôn pointed this out thoughtfully. Then the realisation hit others, making them look at the details again.
Tàe’s attention was on the picture Wooshik copied from that old book—a very delicately beautiful girl. She looked so young. He traced his fingers through the picture as if trying to feel the pain she had gone through. It’s really unfair to blame her for his misery.
He knows it was never her fault to begin with; it was people’s greed and narrow-minded mentality that were the real cause. “She was pretty, right? I tried to grasp every detail of the picture in that scroll, but I still think she was more beautiful than this,
a pure beauty that’s hard to capture through mere brush strokes.” Wooshik exclaimed, making Tàe think how talented the omega is to copy something like this.
“But I think Jungkôôk is having a hard time if he is really Tàehyung’s mate.” Hyungsik spoke suddenly. “What makes you say that? ” Seojôôn asked, confused. “Tàehyung can’t recognise his mate, but Jungkôôk can, so he is going through a one-sided connection that
has no guarantee of return. His alpha must be feeling sad and miserable, so the animal side will try to push the human side to get what they want.” Hyunshik explained what he thought.
"That’s why he was training so hard every day in the pack training grounds. I always wondered why he was so hard on himself." Seojôôn exclaimed. "So the accidental forcing into submission makes sense now." Wooshik observed.
"How? " Bogum asked. "He may have tried something to suppress his alpha for a long time, but something may have triggered it on that day to go out of control. I think it was not intentional."
Tàe tried to remember what Jungkôôk said about it, but the chaos outside made them all flinch at once. Then they heard a cry. “THE RICE FIELD NEAR THE RIVER IS ON FIRE. SOMEONE HELP!” 🍁🍁🍁
I will continue tomorrow as I am feeling sad about Jinnie but I am so proud of him. A warm hug for armies and especially for Jin stans. You guys took the first strike. Stay strong. Fighting. Love you all. I am going to study 💜
🍁🍁🍁 When they rushed out there, it was true that the paddy fields, which were going to be harvested next week, were on fire. The atmosphere was getting hot from the heat generated by the fire. The heat was travelling horizontally, spreading the fire across the entire field.
Things were getting out of hand because the paddy field was ready to harvest, so the dried hay straws made the fire burn down everything in its path in a short period of time. It was like the flames were gobbling up the field like a hungry monster. The heavy northern wind
was assisting it like a dance around the masquerade.  "Tàe, stay here with Wooshik; we will go help the guards.” Bogum told him before running towards the guards, who, along with Seojôôn and Hyungsik, were trying to use water to defuse the spreading flames.
“This won’t work. The wind is getting stronger. We will lose most of our crops if we don’t do something now.” Wooshik said in a frantic voice. Then Tàe saw Namjôôn running towards the spot. He can see the worry and horror in his face.
Tàe went towards him and said, “Hyung, we have to try some other method to stop spreading the fire, otherwise it will destroy everything.” “Yes, the wind is spreading the fire massively.” Namjôôn looked around to find new ways to prevent it.
“How about cutting the grass and plants in the next field? It may help us control the spread.” Tàe suggested it, and Namjôôn instructed the guards to start cutting the plants and grasses.
“Break the barricade of the reservoir pond on the uphill. Let the water flow through the canals.” Namjôôn ordered, and some guards ran towards the uphill.
“Wouldn’t flooding it destroy the crops in the fields too?” Mr. Kîm asked with worry. “Flooding the fields with water is better than fire burning down everything. We may have to overwork ourselves for a few days to harvest the crops,
but it is the only fast solution we have right now. The canals will act like temporary fire breaks when they get filled with water. We have to do whatever it takes to slow down a wide spread. It will be dangerous if it starts to spread into the forest area.”
Namjôôn said before rushing towards the fields to remove the blockade of the side canals to get the water flowing faster.
“Tàe, let’s go help, Namjôôn. We don’t have enough people here.” Wooshik held Tàe’s hands and went to help Namjôôn. Mr. Kîm went to arrange the necessary aids for their assistance.
As time went on, many of the pack members joined them for help, except for Mr. Jeôn, who was standing near the sandalwood forest with another council member, Haewan. “Tsk tch…They are succeeding.” Mr. Jeôn gritted his teeth.
“Don’t worry. The fire successfully destroyed half the crops. It already put a big dent in our winter food reserve. Leader Kîm will be in crisis when the winter comes; we don’t have any time to grow new crops anymore.” Haewan assured.
“It was necessary to destroy everything for our plan.” Mr. Jeôn argued, and Haewan nodded in understanding. “Let’s go join them, otherwise they will be suspicious.”
They both ran towards the field like they were worried about the situation, but they did nothing to prevent the fire from spreading, just acting like they were helping here and there.
Mr. Jeôn’s eyes followed Tàehyung like a hawk. When he saw the beta trying to open the barricade of the canal near a heap of hay, his eyes gleamed with something dangerous. He nudged Haewan, pointing at the stack of hay and the beta,
making the other alpha move discreetly towards Tàe. He carefully lit up a part of the dried grass and moved away quickly. The fire started to burn up the hay stack so fast. “wahhh… ”
💥 Warning mention of fire accident 🔥 Tàe hissed when he felt the sudden heat of the fire burning his back lightly. He turned around and saw the fire burning down the hay stack in a quick retreat. “Ahhhhh.. ”
💥 Tàe closed his eyes and cried out loud when he saw a block of hay bundles on fire falling down on him. But instead of getting into fire, he was pushed into the canal by a black, big wolf, making the fire bundles fall on the wolf instead. The beast roared when the fire touched
💥 its body, but he shook it away quickly and jumped into the canal with Tàe as the wolf saw the water from the uphill reservoir rushing towards Tàe at a rapid speed that can crash anything in its path.
💥 The tàe wolf covered Tàe with its giant body when the water crashed into them, blocking the blow with his body and protecting Tàe from getting hurt. When the water calmed down, Tàe opened his eyes to find the wolf lying on him, whimpering.
He saw the wolf has burn marks here and there because the fur was burned away. His eyes widen when he recognises the familiar scent. “Jungkôôkie... ” "Oh, my god."
Tàe wailed in agony when the wolf whined in pain upon hearing its name. When the wolf saw Tàe sobbing, it started to nuzzle and lick Tàe’s face as a gesture of comfort. Then it lost consciousness slowly and laid down on top of him, making Tàe scream in horror. 🍁🍁🍁
🍁🍁🍁 “LEADER KÎM.. LEADER KÎM” A loud voice from a guard who was running towards them in a hurry made them turn to him. They were all resting under a big gingko tree after successfully extinguishing the fire. There was smoke, and the atmosphere was still heated,
but they really saved the other half of the paddy fields. “What happened? ” Mr. Kîm asked the guard when he saw the horror in his face. “Something terrible happened. Alpha Jeôn's son got critically hurt, saving the beta.” “How? Is he alright? ”
Mr. Kîm inquired, worried. Bogum, Seojôôn, and Hyungsik stood up and came close to them when they heard hurt and beta. “Is Tàe okay? ”
Bogum asked frantically, not bearing the thought of losing the only person for whom he cared in the whole universe. Let him be safe, please. He prayed silently.
“The beta is okay, but the alpha Jeôn’s son took the blow instead of him. He is still lying there unconscious.” The guard explained briefly. “Why is he lying there? Why are you not taking him to the medical wing?  He needs help.” Namjôôn raised his voice in despair.
“The thing is... the thing is..." The guard stuttered. “Spit it out, now.” Namjôôn growled. “The beta transformed into its wolf form and was not letting anyone near the alpha. It's gone feral, and its eyes are blazing in gold.
Everyone is afraid to get closer after he clawed a guard who tried to take the alpha away.” The guard breathed out in one breath, making everyone freeze in disbelief.
A beta transformed into its wolf form and went feral; that’s shocking because it never happened before and there was no record of it either. Beta wolves are usually calm, so they looked at each other in disbelief.
“I never heard about a beta wolf with golden eyes. It's usually green.” Seojôôn blurted out. “The main problem is that Alpha Jeôn is ordering us to kíll the beta wolf. Please come with me.” The guard's statement made everyone alert, and they quickly ran towards the spot.
“This is hell. ” Hyungsik mumbled when he saw some guards trying to stab the beta wolf with some spheres. But the wolf is snarling at them, majestically dodging the strikes.
“STOP” Mr. Kîm roared, making the guards move backwards in fear. “Who gave you permission to hurt him?" Mr. Kîm asked in anger, making the guards cower away.
“I gave them permission. Can't you see that vile creature is not letting us take away my son?" Mr. Jeôn responded equally angry. “Killing Tàehyung is not the right way to get Jungkôôk back. You should think before you do these kinds of horrible things.”
Mr. Kîm shook his head in disappointment. “Then be that wise person and retrieve my son from it.” Mr. Jeôn mocked.
“Let me try. Tàe will listen to me.” Bogum came forward, glaring at Mr. Jeôn while speaking to Mr. Kîm. “Please be careful.” Mr. Kîm agreed, making Mr. Jeôn scoff, “If you fail, I will use archers to kíll that freak.” Mr. Jeôn warned Bogum.
“You won’t do anything. If something happens to Tàe, I will finish off you and your son myself. I have nothing to lose. Mind it.” Bogum thundered before moving towards Jungkôôk and Tàe.
Bogum took a deep breath to calm down. He stopped walking when the beta wolf snarled at him. “Tàe, can you hear me?  I am Bogumie. Just sniff on my hand.” Bogum requested it in a soothing tone.
The wolf looked at him warily but reluctantly sniffed Bogum's hand. The wolf nuzzled his hand when he recognised him and whined lowly. “Please let me take him to the medical wing. He needs immediate medical care. I assure you that I will do my best to save your mate. Trust me.”
Bogum whispered only to the wolf. Everyone looked at the scene curiously except Mr. Jeôn, who was signalling the archer to finish off the beta wolf once Bogum took Jungkôôk away.
Beta wolf whimpered and licked Bogum’s hand as if agreeing to him. Bogum kissed the wolf's head before carrying the alpha wolf towards the infirmary with the help of Namjôôn, followed by the beta wolf.
They were all startled when they heard a commotion; it was Yôôngi beating an archer who was aiming at the beta wolf. “You pathetic fuçker.." Yôôngi kicked the archer while others tried to pull him away.
Bogum walked away with Namjôôn, and others ignored it all, making Mr. Jeôn grit his teeth in anger. 🍁🍁🍁
🍁🍁🍁 Bogum laid Jungkôôk on a wooden cot when he reached the infirmary. Namjôôn helped Bogum move Jungkôôk into a more comfortable position, as Kôôk's ribs and some bones were fractured when he got hit by the huge splash. Namjôôn looked at the beta wolf, concerned at how
it was staggering while walking. Jôôn immediately picked up the wolf and placed it near Jungkôôk on the cot. The beta wolf whined and rubbed his head against the alpha wolf. Bogum started preparing herbs for burning wounds first.
He cleaned the burned area of the alpha wolf and applied some aluvera gel along with a healing herbal paste. Then he checked Jungkôôk thoroughly.
“How is his fracture?” Namjôôn was concerned. "Fortunately, there were no major broken bones, only some small fractures. It will heal naturally, but till then he has to stay in his wolf form. It will be risky if he tries to shift now.
I will give him some herbal tonics when he regains consciousness. It will help enhance the healing process. It will take a week for him to recover fully; his wolf is in a very weak state. As for the burn marks, they're already healing, and they won’t leave any marks
because of the herbal paste. I won’t suggest moving him to his home because it may make his injury worse. We can move him to one of the medical huts nearby to provide him with better care." Bogum assured him, and then he noticed how the beta wolf was slowly losing consciousness.
He immediately checked the wolf, as he noticed some blood patches on its fur. His eyes widen in horror when he gets a closer look at the wound. “Namjôôn, can you please wait outside?”
Jôôn looked at Bogum questioningly but didn’t voice out his thoughts. He nodded in response and moved towards the door. Bogum cleaned the area thoroughly to inspect the wound one more time. The sphere may have slit his body. He thought.
He scrawled when he saw the wound was getting bluish. They used silver blades on him, those pathetic fuçkers. Bogum clenched his fist in anger. Everyone knows silver is harmful to wolves; it will act like a slow poison. They only use those weapons to fight rogues;
he doesn’t understand why they used them against Tàe, who was a pack member; according to the law, it was forbidden to use any silver weapons against members of the same pack.
He doesn’t know if he should keep this information to himself or notify Mr. Kîm because whatever happened, it’s not a coincidence or mistake but a deliberate attempt to harm Tàe, but why? Is there something he is missing that he should remember?
He shook the negative thoughts away and quickly made a special herbal paste to apply to Tàe’s wound, which only helps beta. He remembers his mother teaching him this when he was young, for his sister.
He caressed the beta wolf’s head fondly, who was now sleeping curled around the alpha wolf, and said, "I have only you, so Hyung will protect you with my life. I promise."
Bogum decided to keep the information about the use of silver weapons to himself because he didn’t know who he could trust in the pack. He needs to find the reason immediately. Maybe Wooshik can help him with it.
“Tàe got a small cut from the sphere, I patched it up. He will be fine soon.” Bogum tried to keep his expression even. “That’s a relief. I will inform dad and Mr. Jeôn of the good news.” Namjôôn smiled, but it dimmed when he heard what Bogum said next.
“Make sure to tell them there will be no visitors allowed here, including his family, just for today.” Bogum instructed before going back to check on Tàe; he didn’t explain further, just dismissing Namjôôn with a polite smile.
He looked at how the veins around the area of the wound were starting to get darker, making it look like black tree branches. “Oh my goodness, this is bad.”
Bogum cursed. He needs to find the reason immediately because he needs to protect the only person he can call family. 🍁🍁🍁
🍁🍁🍁 “WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY? ” Mr. Jeôn roared in anger. Namjôôn gulped but kept his face blank. He despises this man to his very core, who not only causes them trouble every time but also wants to maintain the barbaric laws of the pack.
“Don’t shout at him. You are lashing out at the wrong guy here. He said what Bogum informed him, which you should obey because he is the doctor. He must have valid reasons to do so.” Mr. Kîm rubbed his temple in frustration.
“But he said I couldn’t visit my own son to check on his welfare. This is ridiculous.” Mr. Jeôn was angry beyond words. “Bogum Hyung said no visitors were allowed today. You can visit tomorrow. It may be because of the burn wounds. He doesn’t want it to get infected.
It’s only a day.” Namjôôn tried his best to make Mr. Jeôn understand. That did the trick. Mr. Jeôn reluctantly agreed before storming out of the room. “Day by day, he is getting out of hand, and it irks me for some reason.” Mr. Kîm mumbled.
“It’s good you have patience; if it were me, I would have thrown him out of the pack any day.” They both turned to the new voice that had entered the room. Mr. Mîn; Yôôngi's father came in with his son, whose knuckles were bruised.
“I came to resolve the issue my beloved son caused.” Mr. Mîn sighed as he pointed at Yôôngi. “I punched that bàstard because he tried to kíll Tàe. It’s not a big issue.” Yôôngi retorted but looked away when his father glared at him. “I understand
you prevented a big mishap, but beating that guard to deàth, that’s unacceptable. You have to learn to control your anger and also your alpha.” Mr. Mîn warned then turned to Mr. Kîm and said, “I want you to give him a suitable punishment for what he has done. It will be a lesson
for the pack that they should not resolve things with sheer violence.” “Tell me you just hate the fact that I rescued a beta, and you want everyone to know by punishing me that it’s a crime to save a beta.” Yôôngi’s snide words made everyone grasp in surprise.
“I am sad that you took it that way. I don’t have any problem with your beta friend. I don’t think Mr. Kîm here has no problem either. If we had, we wouldn't have let you hang around with him. We know Tàehyung is a good kid.
This is definitely not about rank; this is about control and dealing with things without violence. I don’t condone such a barbaric act.” Mr. Mîn shook his head.
“I think you misunderstood your father, Yôôngi. He was the one helping me present our plea about the law change, including betas, to the council. He was even angry that I let Jungkôôk go without punishment for making Tàe submit.” Mr. Kîm clarified, making Yôôngi look shocked.
He knows his father is very strict because he is a renowned member of the high council. He just hated the fact they always put them on a pedestal in the name of law but never pointed a finger at Mr. Jeôn for his horrible acts. Everyone knows whose personal guard
tried to kíll Tàe. He finds this highly hypocritical.  “I may not be a doting father to you because of my strict nature, but that doesn’t mean I am a bad guy. I just want you to live a good life,
and I am afraid your anger will cause us something big along the way. ” Mr. Mîn sighed.
“I will take the punishment, but promise me you will keep it to yourself.” Yôôngi spoke softly, but there was a determined glint in his eyes. “What if it gets out? Your alpha pride will hurt, or are you afraid the omega you are trying to impress will see your pitiful state?"
His father raised his eyebrow in a challenging manner. This is what he dislikes most about his father: always finding the absolute worst in him.  “It’s not about that; even if I am punished for beating the guard, the pack will still blame Tàe for it.
I am afraid they are already badmouthing him for keeping Jungkôôk from getting the treatment.” Yôôngi's words made Namjôôn speak up, “ I think Yôôn is right. How about I supervise his punishment discreetly.” Mr. Kîm accepted it and said Yôôngi has to suffer twenty whips
and a week of jail time according to pack law. Yôôngi and Namjôôn bowed and left immediately without any objections. Mr. Kîm looked pointedly at Mr. Mîn.  "You should stop treating him like a culprit every time. He is your son, not an enemy.”
"You don't think I don't know that, but I have to do this for our pack. Yôôngi has to become someone reliable for Namjôôn in the future. We need to foresee things before something bad will strike us unexpectedly.” Mr. Mîn's words were laced with intense agony and desperation.
"Whatever happened in the past. You were our strategist and not a fortune teller to predict Silver Moon Packs' misfortune.” Mr. Kîm tried to console him, but Mr. Mîn shook his head and said, " If only I were a capable strategist, I could have prevented it.
I was so egoistic and arrogant about our strength that I forgot about filling the weak links in our defense. That caused the agonising demise of an entire pack, leaving only Bogum to survive.”
"We can't change the past or the fate of a person. We could only learn from our mistakes and move on. Please do one thing, my dear friend; please forgive yourself for that miserable past.”
Mr. Kîm's genuine voice made Mr. Mîn nod in agreement. He has to for the sake of keeping his pack safe from the looming darkness spiraling around them like a dangerous fog. 🍁🍁🍁
🍁🍁🍁 Mr. Jeôn impatiently tapped his foot while waiting for Haewan in his study room. The room is supposed to be calming, but the vibe it gives off now is horrendous, just like its owner. The dark shade of its wall, an old crystal chandelier, and its black silk-curtained
windows were not anyone's cup of tea. Mr. Jeôn seemed to be in deep thought, but he perked up like a delighted animal when the person he was waiting for entered the room. “I hope you came bearing good news this time.” Haewan can sense the snideness behind Mr. Jeôn’s comment,
but he ignores it for the time being and says, “It was successful; when he shifts back to the human form, there will be visible black veins, which we can use against him.” Mr. Jeôn’s face morphed into a sinister smile after hearing that.
“I can’t wait for tomorrow; it will be a wonderful time to portrait that pathetic beta as a cursed being." Mr. Jeôn seemed like he couldn’t contain his happiness, with finally all his plots coming together to lead towards his victory.
“Now with those black veins in his body, there will be no way to prove he is not really cursed." Haewan agreed, even though he was surprised when Mr. Jeôn proposed such an amazing idea.
“That’s because no one knows it was the reaction he gets when he touches silver. The entire pack is going to support me instead of Kîm in this. The fire on the paddy field just started to turn them paranoid; by adding this, it will grow into a vengeful hatred towards the beta.
They will yearn for his demise.” The glee on Mr. Jeôn’s face made Haewan proud of his friend’s evil-minded mentality.
It was a fantastic plan that first sowed seeds of fear in the pack members' hearts. Then give them a solid reason to believe the beta is cursed and he will bring the pack's doom soon if he is alive.
“I think everyone will trust us more because they saw the beta go feral, but I don’t know why your son tried to save him even though that incident made our plan more concrete.” Haewan pointed this out.
“He is a halfwit. I don’t know whose character he got—certainly not mine. He is so soft and kind, not very alpha-like; sometimes I want to rip his head off. It’s like he is an alpha for the sake of the name. He won’t become strong if he is like this.
That’s why I want to destroy that beta guy he cares about the most and make him miserable. I will make him believe it’s because of his pathetic self that he couldn’t save his so-called lovely best friend. It will make the beast inside him take control, and the fury dipped in
self-hatred will cause the rebirth of the tyrant alpha I need. Then it will be easy to get rid of the Kîms because they are the executioners of the beta, and thus I will make them the very first prey of Jungkôôk's feral state."
Mr. Jeôn said as he traced an old scroll he obtained recently with a mirthful smile. Well, this is not the first time he threw a family member under the bridge for his personal motive.
“Where did you find the silver that could cause such a reaction in the beta's blood? I have never heard anything like that even though I am a high council member.” Haewan asked curiously, which made Mr. Jeôn laugh.
“It’s the scroll I obtained from my useless mother. She was a scholar of our pack and had a very good knowledge of betas. She wanted to present it to high council but couldn’t because of the miserable fate of the Silver Moon Pack. Everyone was blaming Lena, the beta sister of
Bogum, at that time, so she hid these in her study. She was afraid everyone would not trust her and destroy her precious study materials. I found out because she was going to take these to Mr. Mîn for the sake of making a better life for that pathetic beta,
her beloved grandchild Jungkookie’s dearest friend.” Mr. Jeôn scoffed. “Is that why you put her in the pack dungeon, calling her crazy?" Haewan looked like he was not even amused by Mr. Jeôn’s tactics.
“Yes, I had to prevent her from destroying my years' worth of planning to take over this pack. It was easy to portray her as crazy by feeding her some herbs. Now even if she cries and tells the truth, no one will believe her.”
Mr. Jeôn poured himself a cup of strong rice wine and drank it in one go, as if it were a celebratory drink. Haewan refrained from drinking any because he didn’t trust Mr. Jeôn enough to have a drink with him, who knows what may be in his evil mind.
“Wait till he transforms into human form, then bring members of the High Council here to check on the beta. You can use his feral behaviour as an excuse. Just pretend to be surprised by the colour change of his vein, then everything will go as we planned.”
Mr. Jeôn instructed, and Haewan snickered, saying, “I can’t wait for the drama to unfold. It will be such an entertainment to partake.”
Then, somewhere in the dungeon, an old woman was desperately crying for someone to help her, but her cries only echoed inside the dark dungeon, just like the hidden truths that were buried deep forever.  🍁🍁🍁
🍁🍁🍁 Bogum stayed up the whole night making different types of herbal paste to heal Tàe’s black veins. More than anything, he was afraid it might be poisoning the beta. He tried to remember the remedies his mother taught him, but nothing came to mind.
He sighed when he saw the dawn was painting the sky with orange, red, and golden hues. He knows someone from the pack will visit him to help with shifting Jungkôôk to the medical hut, so he quickly shifted Tàe to another cot, which was behind a wooden
screen, is usually used for checking pregnant ladies or people who need to be treated in private. The wolf whined in sleep when he took it away from its mate, but fortunately it didn’t wake up. He covered the beta wolf with a dark fleece and tucked the blanket well to
keep anyone from finding out about the black vein. He doesn’t know how the pack will interpret this and doesn't want Tàe to get into more trouble.
He continued to take care of Tàe carefully, unaware of the fact that a group of high council members was on the way, led by none other than Haewan.
“Good morning, hyung.” Namjôôn greeted Bogum with a pleasant smile, which made him flinch. “Go.. good morning, Jôôn.” Bogum stuttered out, making Namjôôn frown in concern, “Everything okay? ”
“Yes.”, Bogum quickly clarified to avoid suspicion. He was saved from further questions when Hôseôk appeared, asking, “Jôôn, did you see Yôôngi anywhere? ” “Ah! He is being sent away by my father and Mr. Mîn. It’s confidential.” Namjôôn tried to sound casual.
“Oh! Man, can’t he inform me before going? I was going to look for him. It's good you told me that.” Hôseôk sulked. “Why were you searching for him? ” “I was going to ask him to teach me some wood carving. He is good at it. I wanted to make a new table for my mother.”
Namjôôn nodded in response and asked, “Would you mind helping me shift Jungkôôk to one of the medical huts? We need more people to help shift him carefully.” Namjôôn asked to deviate from the conversation. He can’t allow anyone to dig deep into finding Yôôngi.
“Yes, I will. How is he though? ” Hôseôk asked, looking at Bogum. “He will recover slowly; what he needs is a good rest to heal.” Bogum assured. They helped him move Jungkook to the medical hut. Jîn and Jimiñ helped them set the room and bed.
Once everything is settled in the medical hut, Bogum rushes back to the infirmary, saying he needs to check on Tàe. He turned down the request from others to visit Tàe by saying he is still not in human form, so it will be unclear how he will react. Namjôôn agreed with him,
as he saw how the beta wolf only calmed down when Bogum went near it. When Bogum reached there, Tàe was already there in human form and was wearing a robe he got from the infirmary.  “Oh my goodness, Tàe, you are awake.” Bogum hugged the beta tight.
“What happened, hyung? I don’t remember much. I feel so tired.” Tàe replied softly. “I will explain everything to you. First, you need to change into your clothes and eat something. You go to the bathroom and freshen up. I will bring your clothes.”
Bogum rushed him because the robe showed the dark veins on Tàe’s hands. I need to make him cover it up before anyone sees it. Bogum thought. Tàe nodded and went to take a bath in the washroom attached to the infirmary.
Bogum went to Tàe’s room and got the clothes for him. He even went to Pack House to collect breakfast. San helped him get the food packed quickly. He thanked the omega before rushing back to the infirmary.
“Hyung, hyung… hyung.. ” Bogum ran inside when he heard Tàe's panicked voice from the bathroom. “I am here, Tàe. What happened?” Bogum asked, worried. “Hyung, there is this dark pattern on my body. I swear it was not there before.” Tàe was sounding so confused and worried.
“Don’t worry, dear…”, he said, pausing for a second to think if he should really tell the truth or not. He doesn’t want to make Tàe frightened, but he decided to say it because then only Tàe will be careful about hiding it well.
“It appeared because you got a cut from the silver weapon. The guards somehow used that instead of normal weaponry. I will find a remedy soon; just get dressed and come out if you are done with bathing. I brought some breakfast. I will explain while we eat.”
Bogum assured Tàe with gentle words and gave him his things. He arranged the breakfast on the plates. He decided to close the infirmary door temporarily because what if someone accidentally sneaks in? Tàe came out but was still looking at his hand warily.
“Hyung, it seems to be spreading.” Tàe showed Bogum the marks by pulling up his shirt sleeve. Bogum carefully examined the veins. “I think something in your blood is reacting against silver; that’s why it’s black. I will brew some herbal decoction.
It will purify your blood, but it will be a slow process, and till then you have to hide these marks from others. I will make up a story and put you in isolation. We need to fix this without anyone knowing. You know how our pack is; they won’t believe whatever we say.”
Bogum explained that he was worried, and Tàe nodded in understanding, but his face was filled with agony and disbelief. “Common, eat some breakfast. I will start the brewing process while you eat.”
Bogum patted Tàe’s back as an encouragement before checking the shelf for necessary ingredients. If only he had the perfect ingredients for making everything right, but he can't cure the unfortunate curse of fate with herbs.  🍁🍁🍁
🍁🍁🍁 “I am saying this is against the protocol. We can’t just inspect a renowned high council member's pack without informing him. It’s like we are disrespecting him and our tradition.” A high council member named Minjoon opposed Haewan's suggestion to do a
spontaneous inspection on the Blue Moon pack. Minjoon was not even trying to hide his dislike for Haewan. They were suddenly summoned to the high court venue for an emergency meeting by Haewan.  The venue had golden walls, simple black and white decorations, and lamps to provide
sufficient lighting. It was simple and classic. They have one hundred members in the council from different packs, of whom eleven are high council members, including the leader. They have special duties and powers bestowed by the law of the council.
But today there were only a few high council members because it was a sudden meeting without any prior notice. “I also think it is important to appreciate the opinions of not only Mr. Mîn but also some other executive members in the council who are from the Blue Moon pack.
I think it will stir up unnecessary strain between the members. I want us to work in perfect harmony.” The high council leader, Bongshik, explained his crisis, but Haewan was not ready to let it go. He needs to bring the high council to the pack by hook or crook,
otherwise their plan will go to waste. “A beta went feral right in front of my eyes, and you are saying we should not check. What will we do if something bad happens to the Blue Moon pack like it did to Silver Moon? Remember that was caused by a cursed beta too?"
Haewan put up an agonising expression to cox the members. He was pleased when some of the members suddenly seemed so alert. The Silver Moon incident is everyone’s weakness, so he decided to milk the fear for his own gain.
“It was in the past, and we don’t know the actual reason behind the Silver Moon incident. I think we just blamed it on the beta girl and moved on pretty casually. Weren't you the one who made a useless report then? I don’t remember seeing any good reason for
conducting a thorough investigation into that incident in your report. It was a bland, poorly made-up story, like a rumoured cursed folktale. So I appreciate it if we wait for Mr. Mîn to report what happened in his pack personally. I trust his judgement more than yours.”
Minjoon said sharply. “Well, if you have not forgotten Minjoon, the so called high council member, our beloved Mr. Mîn, forgot to fill us in on such a terrific incident. He should have been here instead of me reporting the issue with great seriousness.
It's lucky that I was present there at the time of the incident so I filed the report immediately while Mr. Mîn, I am afraid, is hiding the facts from high council.” Haewan spoke with such credibility that every other member agreed to his proposal.
It was surprising that Haewan ignored Minjoon's snide remarks for the sake of his plan, but he was indeed gritting his teeth in irritation. Bongshik also agreed reluctantly. Minjoon sighed, thinking the whole idea was ridiculous. Blue Moon just went through a fire mishap
on their paddy field, losing a great deal of the food supply they needed for the winter. A dedicated person like Mr. Mîn will prioritise his pack duties over reporting this to council. Something about Haewan pressing this matter further made him suspicious too, but
he decided to stay calm and observe Haewan more to find his intention behind it. He can pledge that it will be something vile to make Mr. Mîn look bad. Haewan always kept an eye on the position Mr. Mîn held in the council. Being the superior strategist and guidance counsellor,
Mr. Mîn was well respected. Minjoon really wants Haewan to understand that everyone respects Mr. Mîn for his hard work and dedication, not for his position.
Everyone got ready to visit the pack, but no one noticed Minjoon sending his close aide discreetly to inform Mr. Mîn. 🍁🍁🍁
Ok the 🌪 is coming... 🍁🍃
🍁🍁🍁 When Mr. Mîn got informed by Minjoon’s personal aide, he rushed to the pack house without any delay. What he saw there was absurd. A few guards of the council were holding Tàe on his knees; the beta was whimpering in pain because of their iron-clad clutches.
Bogum was also held back by some guards from the pack as he roared in his protest against the unfair treatment towards Tàe. Some pack members were watching the scene with amusement. Mr. Kîm and Namjôôn were not in the crowd, which means the council entered without proper
manners and decorum, which made Mr. Mîn's blood boil. He speed-walked towards the scene because he couldn’t let them take Tàehyung. He had to interfere; otherwise, he couldn't promise they would get the beta back alive.
“Let him go, you monisters. Look, he is bleeding. Are you all in your right minds? How can you treat an injured person like this? just because he is a beta. You all are a shame in the name of the high council.”
Bogum tried to get away, but the guards didn’t let him. He can see the blood stains on Tàe's shirt, and he prayed to the heavens that they wouldn't let that wound open up.  “He went feral yesterday. We came here to inspect, but you wouldn’t let us see him,
so we had to use force. It’s not like he has any visible injuries. So stop interfering with our inspection; otherwise, you will also get punished. I won't show any mercy, even if you are the sole survivor of the Silver Moon pack.
Or should I give your share of punishment to him? I think then only you will learn a lesson.” Haewan smirked, looking at Tàe. He started showing dominance, making the beta whimper in pain because of the suffocating alpha pheromones.
“What are you doing, Haewan? Stop hurting him. Who gave you the permission to do such improper conduct of investigation?" Mr. Mîn called out angrily, making everyone freeze. “I have permission from Bongshik.” Haewan recovered and waved it off like nothing.
He did lie there because Bongshik told him to wait till they met Mr. Kîm along with Minjoon. But he has to make his plan work, so he gave the guards an order, saying he had permission. He was so confident that he could flip the facts later, if necessary.
“That’s not according to our law, so I demand you stop this madness. I won’t allow you to tamper with our peaceful environment for your personal pleasure. Release them now.” Mr. Mîn ordered making the guards retreat their hands from Tàe and Bogum.
Haewan let out an irritated "tsk." Bogum checked Tàe and soothed him with his calming scent. He knows it was suffocating for Tàe to be in the middle of such heavy alpha-dominant pheromones. Haewan looked at his personal servant as a signal for something.
“There is something wrong with his hand. Oh! My goodness, it’s evil. He is bad luck.” The guard blurted out, pointing at Tàe, and was acting terrified. Everyone, including Mr. Mîn, was shocked except Bogum, who gritted his teeth in frustration.
How do they even see that? He thought miserably. Before Mr. Mîn can do anything, Haewan rushed towards the beta and ripped his sleeve from the shirt. Bogum couldn’t even react.
“It’s true. It’s CURSE. WE ARE CURSED. OH! NO...NOT ANOTHER SILVER MOON.” Haewan cried out dramatically, making Bogum and Tàe wince in unison for different reasons.
“Baby, he is lying. It’s not true. It’s not.” Bogum whispered to Tàe, hugging him close. Tàe was shivering with anxiety. They are pinning everything on Tàe, just like they did to his sister. He was so young to understand the depth of those accusations, but now he knows.
He can’t let history repeat itself again. Never. “I knew he was bad luck.” “Betas are a curse.” “Banish him.” “No.. No.. Take him away.” Bogum closed Tàe’s ears with his hands to block him from hearing the rude outbursts from the pack members.
“It’s not. You are lying. THIS IS THE AFTEREFFECT OF BEING CUT BY A SILVER WEAPON. I CHECKED THE WOUND MYSELF.” Bogum revealed the reason, but Haewan only scoffed.
“I don’t know why you were so attached to that vile creature that you would make up something like this to save him. Using silver weapons on pack mates is forbidden. I was there yesterday and didn’t see any such weapons. If you want, we can check the weaponry.”
Haewan's confidence made Bogum realise they may have changed the weapons already. This was all planned, and he did let them trap Tàe so easily. If only he had informed Mr. Kîm earlier. No, he shook away those thoughts, even if he informed them that they would never help.
This will definitely be the final outcome anyway. He doesn’t know if anyone in the pack will believe him, let alone get rid of their narrow-minded mentality. So he did the best thing he could do now—comfort Tàe.
“Tiger, listen to me. Do not believe anything they say. They are not the doctor, but I am. This is caused by silver; my sister had the same reaction. Hyung will find a way to escape from here. Please believe in your hyung.” Bogum desperately mumbled to Tàe to make him understand.
He felt relief when Tàe held his hands tightly as a reply.
“What’s happening here? I told you to wait, didn’t I, Haewan.” Bongshik couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Minjoon shook his head and looked at Mr. Mîn apologetically.
“I didn’t join high council so that you people could break the law and intrude inside my pack to make a scene. I demand a formal explanation for this mockery; otherwise, I will be resigning from my position, and I will make sure our pack will retreat from the treachery
we have with the council. I want to see how many other packs will support you when they get to know what you have done. It’s a shameful act in the name of high council. But I believe that you don’t instruct him to do this, Bongshik.”
Mr. Mîn stated the disappointment in their actions. “I only told him to wait, but he did act on himself. I will take responsibility for this incident and will give you a proper apology. I will let you decide the punishment for Haewan. It was indeed misconduct.”
Bongshik assured him and Mr. Mîn nodded, but Haewan seemed unfazed by their talk. He was happy that he had succeeded in his plan. Once the pack is in Mr. Jeôn's hands, no one will dare punish him, and Mr. Mîn will be dethroned from his title too.
“I will take the punishment, but you can’t forget the fact that it’s because of me that you get to know he was cursed. I am ready to go through hell if it’s necessary to avoid another Silver Moon incident, so the punishment is nothing.”
Haewan acted so that he could gain some sympathy from the pack members. He was right; everyone believed his façade blindly. He can see the fear in their eyes. It's more than enough for their next plan. He hoped Mr. Jeôn was satisfied with his efforts.
“That’s enough. Don’t sprout nonsense. I will conduct the investigation from here on out.”, Mr. Mîn stated, then glared at Haewan, “You are temporarily suspended from your position. Not only did you break the law, but you also started a baseless rumour. This is unforgivable.
You tempered with our peace; I will make sure you get severe punishment for this.” Now Haewan’s smugness in the face seemed to be gone. Mr. Mîn was in fury, which means he won’t let anyone act out. Haewan knows he has to take the punishment, otherwise it will
tamper with the next step. He cursed himself for getting caught by Mr. Mîn red-handed. He was so sure that Mr. Mîn wouldn't be at the scene, but it was his calculation mistake.  “Now, you people. I expect you to abide by our law; if you speak or do anything ill in this matter
based on some rumors, I will punish you severely. Mind it.” Mr. Mîn warned the pack members, making everyone’s mouth shut easily. They are afraid of Mr. Mîn, even though Mr. Kîm is the pack leader and is not as strict as Mr. Mîn. He dismissed everyone soon after.
The council members returned immediately, leaving the responsibility of the investigation to Mr. Mîn. Haewan was taken into custody by the guards of the council. But Mr. Mîn has to send Tàe to the dungeon because he has not been proven innocent until the investigation is over.
“I will make sure you will get a fair chance through out my investigation.” Mr. Mîn assured Tàe, earning a scoff from Bogum. "Tàe, come with me. I have to patch up your wounds.” Bogum tried to take Tàe, but guards stopped him.
“Don’t worry. I won’t take him and run away from my responsibilities, unlike some people here.” Bogum said, and Mr. Mîn knows it’s aimed at him. “Accompany them to the infirmary first. I will send someone to transfer Tàehyung to the dungeon. Just be alert.”
Mr. Mîn instructed the guards. Bogum walked away with Tàe, immediately making Mr. Mîn sighs in sadness.
It seemed like he could not erase the scars of the past so easily; all he could do was not let history repeat itself. He will do everything to prevent it. He made an oath to himself, but can he keep it?  🍁🍁🍁
🍁🍁🍁 “Bogum-ssi.” “Bogum-ssi.” Wooshik opened the door of the infirmary suddenly, making Tàe and Bogum flinch in response. “How did they let you in?" Bogum blurted out, as he knew the guards were already guarding the room. At first, they were watching them like hawks,
but Bogum made them go and stand outside, telling them they should not come in during his treatment session otherwise he will report it to Mr. Mîn. That harmless threat seemed to have worked. But Wooshik seemed to be more carefree, even with the guards, and his
reply made complete sense.  “Perks of being the son of the head of the high council, I guess.” Wooshik shrugged before settling down near Tàe and observing the way Bogum was patching up Tàe’s wounds. “Why are you wrapping the two bottles there? ” Wooshik exclaimed.
Bogum shushed him before wrapping it neatly in a way that no one would suspect anything. One bottle had the herbal paste for the wound, and the other contained the herbal decoction he brewed in the morning.  “I have a hunch they won’t let me give him any medicine,
so I am doing this.” Bogum whispered to them. “That’s brilliant.” Wooshik agreed. He sensed Tàe was staring into the distance the whole time. Poor guy; it must be hard for him. Wooshik thought.
“Is this what you wanted to talk to me about? ” Wooshik asked gently, tracing Tàe’s dark marks on the hand.  “Yes, it’s the reaction caused by silver. It seems to be spreading again. I don’t remember the remedy. My sister had the same reaction.”
Bogum replied as he finally fixed the patching. He explained how the marks spread rapidly after they went outside.   "It must be because of heat and light." Wooshik observed. Bogum nodded in agreement.  “HURRY UP.” The guard stationed outside warned.
“Such busybodies, can’t they give us some more time." Wooshik pouted and whispered to Bogum. “I think I know someone who knows the remedy, but reaching them may be a bit risky. I will try my best.” “Who is it? ” “Someone very knowledgeable.” Wooshik casually replied,
avoiding giving a straight answer to that question. They hugged Tàe when it was time. They promised him they would do everything in their power to protect him. The beta only gave them a sad smile.
“He will be alright. We will definitely find a way.” Wooshik comforted Bogum when they saw the guards taking Tàe away.
“I will take it from here.” Namjôôn interfered with the guards in front of the dungeon. “But we were ordered to lock him in the isolated cell.” A guard tried to reason with Namjôôn. They seemed very reluctant to hand over Tàe to Namjôôn.
“I was asked by Mr. Mîn himself to choose the perfect cell, so don’t interfere in my duties.” Namjôôn warned, making the guards retreat at once. “Common.” Jôôn gave Tàe a sympathetic smile before leading him to the darkest and coldest area of the dungeon.
“I was told by Bogum Hyung to keep you here because the marks on your body seem to spread more in light and heat. I hope you could withstand the cold and dark atmosphere here.” Namjôôn tried to explain. “It’s okay, hyung. It’s not that cold. If it’s too much,
I will shift to my wolf form.” Tàe replied, and Namjôôn nodded in agreement. He let Tàe enter a cell and locked it from the outside. Tàe was thankful Namjôôn didn't offer him some assurance but a pat. He doesn't want to have hope that he can escape from here.
This must be his fate. He regretted not being able to see Jungkôôk one last time before he left with the guards. It's not like he didn't try; he did, but guards didn't let him. He hoped the alpha was recovering well. With a heavy sigh, Tàe tried to get accustomed to the
darkness in the cell when Namjôôn finally left, but it was too dark, so it took him some time to get adjusted. He rubbed his hands together and placed them on his face when he felt a cold breeze pass through him.
Tàe flinched when he heard groaning sounds. It was like someone was in pain. “Who’s there? ”
Tàe mustered some courage to ask, but no credible reply came. If it was before, he must have been frightened to the core, but now he has nothing to lose. It feels like he's just counting his last days. So he moved forward in the darkness in the direction of the sound.
“Where are you? ” Tàe asked when he felt the wall. He couched down when he felt a body near his feet; he almost missed it but luckily didn't stomp on it. The person seemed not to be too unconscious to respond.
So he tried to touch them, feeling some of the torn fabric of their clothes, but he retrieved his hand as fast as he could when he heard a painful groan. He may have touched their wounds.
Then realisation hit him when he smelled the scent, which was very familiar. He grasped.  “YÔÔNGI HYUNG” 🍁🍁🍁
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🍁🍁🍁 Wooshik carefully looked around the lone corridor once again, making sure no one was present in the area. He slipped his hood on his face, hiding himself properly just in case anyone accidentally saw him. He took quite a few steps towards a particular room
with a beautiful wolf carving on its door. He took out the key from his silk bag. He prayed that it must be the right one. It was really hard to steal it from his father’s office. He should put it back before the end of the day. If his father checks for it now,
he will be doomed, but he is confident that his father will not give him a big punishment like Mr. Mîn. He sighed in relief when the door opened without any trouble. He quickly went inside and locked it again.
Wooshik was awed by the arrangements of the books in that room. The table in the middle was neatly arranged, but there was some dust, meaning whoever used it was not currently around. He caressed a few old pieces of writing equipment on the table.
The room was full of unique antiques and books. There was this woody, earthy, or perhaps something soothing like vanilla scent that was making him calm for some reason. If only he gets a chance to explore the treasure of knowledge in here, he sighed dreamily.
“This is not the time to satisfy your curiosity, you moron.” Wooshik scolded himself before moving toward the direction of the fire place. He checked the scrolls there, but nothing was useful to him. He pouted in disbelief. He was so sure it was here.
Then he noticed a painting that had a familiar design. He carefully checked it, then remembered it was the same design as the one he copied that beta girl's picture from—the one from the High Council archives, so this was done by the same person. He came to a conclusion.
“It better be here.”, He mumbled before climbing on the table to get the picture.   The picture frame was quite heavy, but he somehow managed to get it off the wall.
When he removed the frame, he saw a wooden cabinet on the wall. It was like they used the picture frame to hide it. He placed the picture slowly on the table. There was a number puzzle carved on the small door of the cabinet. He followed the pattern and pressed the number
he got as an answer on the wooden cabinet. He smiled gleefully when the lock was opened. Then he started pulling out the scrolls from the cabinet. He didn’t try to check it; he just put everything in his bag. He can’t afford to spend more time here.
He needs to get out before the guards come back to their posts after the dinner. Once he had collected every scroll, he closed the cabinet and put the picture frame back. But when he was adjusting the frame into the correct position, he heard some footsteps.
He quickly adjusted the frame and climbed down from the table. He hid behind a large wooden cupboard near the book shelves.
“I can’t believe that moron got caught by Mr. Mîn. It will complicate our next moves. We lost an important spy in the council, and we can't even replace him. Now it’s too late to coax someone into my plan.” Wooshik heard someone speaking in irritation.
He can’t recognise who that is exactly. The voices are faint, like they are from a distance. His breath hitched when he heard the door opening sound. Someone is getting inside the room. “Are you sure it’s here? ” Another voice asked, as if in confusion.
“It will be somewhere here. I know that woman is a sly fox. Even after countless hours of torture, she didn’t utter a word about the old scrolls she hid. I only got some accidentally by checking her old study. It has to be here in this room.”
Wooshik clutched his bag. They may be searching for this. He is so in trouble if he gets caught. Then there will be no chance of escaping this alive. “Why are you searching for it now? ”
“It may have something I can use against that beta. The scrolls she had were very helpful till now, but it’s only part of her research.”
Wooshik can hear them rummaging through the room, more like trashing it. He almost stopped breathing when someone came near the cupboard he was hiding behind. Then he heard a commotion.
“What was that? ” “Let’s check it. I heard something breaking.” He let out the breath he was holding when he heard the footsteps go away. He peeked from behind to see if anyone was there. When he found the room empty, he went outside. He saw the door was open;
he checked the corridor, then rushed away from there, entering the garden of the mansion. He yelped when someone clutched his hand. But another hand closed his mouth before he could let out a scream.
“It’s me, damn it.” Hyungsik cursed. He removed his hand from Wooshik’s mouth and let the omega calm down. “I told you to wait outside the rock wall. Why are you here? You dimwit alpha.” Wooshik whisper yelled.
“You were taking ages to come out, so I came in to check on you. Then I saw someone enter that room with a weird wolf in it. I remember what you said about it. I thought you would get caught. So I did what came to mind first.” Hyungsik shrugged.
“What did you do? ” Wooshik asked in horror. “I did throw some rocks towards the glass windows of the mansion. Pretty much broke a couple of windows.” Wooshik looked at the alpha mouth agape like he couldn’t believe what he just heard.
“Close your mouth before you catch a fly with it. Let’s get out of here. The guards will be here any minute.” Hyungsik grabbed the Omega’s hand and ran towards the hole they dug near the rock wall. They closed it with mud and bushes after getting out.
“I can’t believe I agreed to help you with your stupid plan. It was dangerous.” Hyungsik shook his head when they were walking near the lake on the way to Wooshik’s home. “It was fun, right? ” The omega giggled.
“This is your fun; you are one troublesome omega.” Hyungsik scoffed playfully, and the reply he got was, “Whatever, we've finally got the missing piece of the puzzle that will change everyone’s destiny. 🍁🍁🍁
🍁🍁🍁 Yôôngi slowly opened his eyes upon hearing Tàe’s panicked voice. He couldn’t see much because it was dark inside the cell. “Tà.. Tàe..? ” “Yes, it’s me, hyung. What happened to you? ”
Yôôngi seemed to be in no good condition to respond, so Tàe helped him sit up. He cursed when he couldn’t see anything in the darkness, but he felt hopeful when the moonlight started to sweep in through the small window high in the wall.
It was enough to provide dim enough lighting to see the room. Tàe spotted a small pot for water near the iron bars. He poured some water into a clay bowl used as the lid for the pot. “Here, drink some water slowly.”
He got worried when Yôôngi hissed in pain when he tried to lift the bowl. So Tàe helped him. “Please let me check your wounds.” Tàe asked, and Yôôngi nodded. Tàe carefully removed Yôôngi’s shirt. It was torn, and there were splutters of blood. "Oh, my goodness.”
Tàe grasped audibly when he saw the fresh wounds caused by repeated slashing by a whip, it seems. Then he remembered the herbal mix bottle Bogum hidden under his patches. He slowly removed the cotton fabric and took out the bottles. He ripped the fabric into two pieces.
Then he poured some water on one piece and slowly wiped away the blood and the mud from Yôôngi’s back; the alpha was groaning in pain. Somehow he cleaned it a bit. Then he poured some herbal paste on the other cotton fabric. He applied it to the wounds gently.
When he was done, he made a bed with the hay scattered around the cell. He helped Yôôngi lay down. The alpha seemed to be in a better state after a few minutes. Tàe smiled, seeing the medicine start to show its effect.
“How many hits did you get?" Tàe blurted something out suddenly. “Hun…dred may be… lost count” Yôôngi sighed. “Sleep hyung. Let’s talk in the morning.”
Tàe assured him, seeing how Yôôngi was trying very hard to stay awake. He covered the alpha with the unscathed side of the alpha's shirt. Then he collected some more hay to fix a small bed for himself.
Tàe opened the lid of the herbal brew bottle and took a sip from it. He decided to check his wound the next day, as the patches seemed good enough for the day. Even though the cell was cold, the hay provided them with enough warmth to slip into sleep.
Maybe they were both too exhausted to be awake anyway. It was good to sleep for the day, not knowing what miseries tomorrow will bring to them.  🍁🍁🍁
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🍁🍁🍁 “Are you really taking care of my son, or are you giving him the wrong medicine on purpose? Why is he not gaining consciousness yet? It’s been days, and I don’t see any progress.” Mr. Jeôn accused Bogum bluntly. Jîn cursed, as he didn’t like the tone the
old man was using against Bogum. He knows how dedicated Bogum was to taking care of Jungkôôk all these days, and the irony is the one accusing him has never once visited to check on his son. “Answer me. I am asking you something.”
Mr. Jeôn seethed, but Bogum ignored him and just continued to apply the herbal paste to Jungkôôk’s body. Then he poured a few drops of herbal decoction into a measuring glass and gently poured it into Jungkôôk's mouth. He checked his pulse again. “Are you deaf? Can’t you hear?"
Bogum again paid no attention to the snide remarks from the alpha and adjusted the quilt on Jungkôôk. The atmosphere is cold and gloomy, like the useless old man barking nonsense continuously. How tiring. He thought. Then he faced Jîn.
“He is getting better. I assume he will gain consciousness sooner than I thought. Apply the oil to his chest after one hour and give him three drops of the decoction. Check his temperature afterwards and call me if he has a fever; otherwise, let him rest.”
Bogum instructed Jîn, and the omega thanked him. When he collected his bag and tried to walk out of the room, Mr. Jeôn stopped him in fury. “You had the courage to disrespect me, you filthy wolf. How dare you? ”
Even though Mr. Jeôn was trying to scare him with his angry pheromones, Bogum only looked at him blankly. “Jîn, one more thing—make sure to throw away the garbage. The room stinks.”
Bogum left the room after, leaving Mr. Jeôn speechless, while Jîn was having a hard time muffling his laugh because he didn’t want to anger Mr. Jeôn more.
Bogum walked back to the infirmary. He looked in the direction of the dungeon, stopping in the middle of the forest path leading to his infirmary. He watched the faraway, heavily guarded prison with longing and sadness. He sighed and moved forward reluctantly.
When he reached the infirmary, he was tired but was surprised to see Wooshik waiting for him outside with a basket of what seemed like rare herbs. “Good morning, Bogum-ssi. Please help me out. ” The omega raised the basket and pointed at it. Bogum nodded with a long sigh.
Bogum was grinding the herbs together and making a refined paste. He touched it to check the consistency, then again started grinding to make it more smooth and tender. “Add some lotus root now.” Wooshik instructed as he went through his notes.
Bogum looked at the omega and did as he told. He doesn’t know why Wooshik is adamant in making this herbal paste, but the ingredients and preparation seem to be very familiar. He couldn’t pinpoint where he learned it, so he just made the paste and handed it over to the omega.
“It smells nice.” Wooshik exclaimed as he checked the herbal paste. It had a soothing fragrance, like something good for healing nerves.
“Now, tell me the reason why you want it.” Bogum demanded, and the Omega was not ready to answer him at first, then he smiled goofily. “It’s our pack's traditional skin care medicine. I found out from an old scroll.”
Wooshik said the half truth, omitting the fact that the medicine only works for a beta. “Is that it. You could have told me beforehand.” “Now I told you, didn’t I?" Wooshik retorted playfully.
“And please take care of yourself. You became so thin, and there are dark circles around your eyes.” Bogum knows he should rest, but he couldn’t. It’s been two days since Tàe was imprisoned in the dungeon, and he has no information about him.
The guards didn’t let him visit even once. He never felt so helpless before. When he lost his family, he was too young to understand that feeling. He even visited Mr. Mîn's house to get permission, even though it hurt his pride to go seek help from the very guy he hates.
But for the sake of Tàe, that’s what he thought. To his surprise and disappointment, Mr. Mîn was away with pack duties. Now he doesn’t know what to do.
“He will be fine, don’t worry.” Wooshik comforted him, but they were startled by a sudden sneeze near the door. It was San; the omega’s nose and cheeks were red. He seemed to have a fever, and he was drenched. “Oh! My goodness. What happened to you? ”
Wooshik asked while helping the omega come inside and sit on a chair. “I was coming here to get some medicine for my fever but got drenched in rain. It was sunny, but suddenly dark clouds came in and it rained.” Bogum gave San some spare, clean clothes to change into.
"Please change your wet clothes quickly. Your fever will worsen otherwise." The omega thanked him and went to the bathroom to change. “I will take my leave then.” Wooshik packed the things into his bag. “But it’s raining.”
“I have something important to do, and I love rain.” Before Bogum could form a reply, the omega rushed away. No wonder he is called the little wild wolf of his pack. He shook his head and started making fever medicine for San. 🍁🍁🍁
🍁🍁🍁 Tàe flinched when he heard the thunder. They could hear the peal of thunder, and it seemed like it started raining outside; the room became more cold all of a sudden. The past two days were hard for both of them. The guards were extremely rude, especially to Yôôngi,
only giving them a small quantity of food, no proper quilt, and even some additional water. They only gave the bare minimum. It was like they were trying to make them fight each other for survival or something, as if they expected Yôôngi to attack Tàe for the food.
But to everyone’s surprise, Yôôngi was calm and only ate a small portion, while giving the major part to Tàe every time. This made Tàe wonder why the alpha behaved rudely towards him about the party. Did he misread the situation? He flinched again when he heard another
thunderclap. Then he felt Yôôngi sitting next to him. "Why are you looking at me like that, Tàe? " Yôôngi tilted his head in confusion. "No.. Just.. " Tàe stammered as he didn’t know how to clear up his own confusion about the alpha's behaviour.
Was Yôôngi nice now because he treated his wounds or because they were trapped together in the prison? Will the Alpha change his attitude if they get out of here? These questions were spiralling around his mind so much that he didn’t hear what Yôôngi said.
Tàe revived from his trance when Yôôngi shook him slightly to get his attention. “You are spacing out again? Are you hungry? ” Yôôngi asked, worried. Tàe shook his head.
“I am just confused about your… ” Tàe closed his mouth with his hand and cursed himself for accidentally speaking his mind. “Confused about my what?" Yôôngi insisted. Tàe sighed and decided to let it out.
“I thought you don’t like me or consider me your friend.” Tàe felt bad when he saw the shocked and hurt expression on Yôôngi’s face. "Tàe, I never thought of anything like that. I swear. Why do you even think like that?” Yôôngi’s voice was desperate.
“But you didn’t let me come to the pool party organised by your friend. You told me it's an alpha-omega party; betas are not allowed.” Tàe pouted, remembering it. “I think you misunderstood. It was not because you are a beta.”, Yôôngi looked at Tàe for a moment before
continuing, "Well, it’s true that we didn’t want to take you to the party, but mostly because the person who organised the party was not a good one. Hôseôk heard him say he would somehow get into your pants if you were attending it.
You are beautiful, Tàe, so everyone wanted to have you. They couldn’t because of Kôôk. He always silently chased away those horny alphas. But that time Jungkôôk was also away on a college trip, so we thought it was better if you didn't go there and get into the trap knowingly.
That's why we lied about it being an alpha-omega party. Now that I think about it, that excuse was shitty. We should have come up with something better. I am sorry if I hurt your feelings.” Yôôngi lowered his head in shame.
“Or you could have told me the truth. It did hurt, you know, to hear those words. Whole my life I heard those from the pack that I am not included in, but hearing those from you, who I thought my safe place was, is terrible.”
Tàe looked at the ground while playing with a hay straw. “I am sorry, Tàe. We spluttered out the first excuse we came up with without giving it much thought. That was wrong. I will be more careful in the future, I assure you that.
I always consider you my friend, and please forgive me.” "It's okay, but I don't want you to walk on eggshells around me just because of it. Just tell me the reason; frankly, it's enough." Tàe gave a small smile in return for Yôôngi’s genuine apology.
Then they noticed the guards were running outside for some reason. They can hear the sounds of heavy rain now. As time went on, the downpour got heavier. Yôôngi hugged Tàe as the beta started to tremble because of the cold.
“Tae, look there. What’s that? ” Yôôngi exclaimed as he saw the mud on the floor of the side wall inside the cell getting shaken. Tàe looked at the direction; the mud was loosening and a pair of forepaws were getting visible. Then a brown wolf peeked out from the hole.
When it came inside, it shrugged off the mud from its fur and started to expand the hole by digging more mud. Then it was trying to pull in a bag, but unfortunately, it got stuck in the hole. The wolf huffed in irritation. Yôôngi stood up and squatted near the wolf to pet it.
Tàe watched the scene curiously. It was an unfamiliar one, definitely not from their pack. No one in their pack had golden, shiny brown fur.
“Let me help you.” Yôôngi offered help carefully; he didn’t want to enrage the animal. The wolf seemed to understand what he said, and it moved away, making room for Yôôngi.
Tàe also helped Yôôngi get the bag out of the hole. It was wet outside. The wolf gestured to open the bag by biting its thread knot. Tàe opened it and offered the wolf a robe he found inside.
Yôôngi and Tàe turned away to give the wolf some privacy. "Damn, that was tiresome.” They both turned around upon hearing the familiar voice. “Wooshik hyung” “Wooshikie”
Tàe exclaimed in disbelief, and Yôôngi was amused. “Wow! I only expected Tàehyung to be here. What in the world are you doing here, Mîn Yôôngi?" Wooshik mused.
“I was punished by my father, for you know...” Yôôngi said, as he didn’t want to explain the exact reason and make Tàe guilty. He knows Tàe will blame it on himself if he finds out why Yôôngi was imprisoned.
“I get it. Your father never changed, ah? Did he even know how the supervisory guards are treating you here?" Wooshik asked, and Yôôngi winced slightly at the question: “I don’t think so; he believes everyone in the pack is as righteous as him.
He won’t see the truth until he keeps his blind eye on things.” “Glad my father is not a strict demon like yours.” Wooshik shrugged before checking his bag for the things he got for Tàe. “I am jealous of you for having such a nice father. Trade him with mine for a week."
“No chance. I don’t want my head cut off by your father on the first day itself." “Help out a friend, man. Aren’t you known as a generous, pretty omega?” “Oh! Mîn Yôôngi, don’t try to fool me with that sweet talk of yours. Use it on your beloved omega, you fool."
Tàe noticed how both of them were bantering like friends, but he had never seen them together or was acting friendly before. They almost treat each other like strangers outside, but something tells him that they were close friends from childhood.
“I only brought things for Tàehyung. I didn’t know you were here. But don’t worry. I will sneek in again when I get a chance.” Wooshik assured them before pulling out a hoodie, a small jar of dried fruits, a jar of herbal paste, some cookies, and a quilt. He gave it all to Tàe.
“Apply those medicines to your wound. It's a special herbal mix for betas, and you will heal in no time. Please hide those other things inside the cell. Don’t let the guards see it. It will get you more trouble.” Wooshik instructed, and they both agreed to do so.
“If possible, can you tell Namjôôn to check on us? They are not providing us with proper medicine or food. It’s getting worse day by day, and I want a change of clothes too. Mine got ripped by the whipping.” Yôôngi asked.
“You are hurt too.” Wooshik looked at him in disbelief and checked Yôôngi’s wounds. He winced when he saw the fresh scars, which had fortunately already started healing.  “I can’t believe your father was a brute to give such a heavy punishment.”
Wooshik gritted his teeth in anger. “He only said 20 whips, but you know how the pack hates him. They tricked Namjôôn into going out saying emergencies, and did the worst." Yôôngi's voice was laced with a melancholy sadness, like it was usual for him to suffer
on behalf of his father. “I will make sure they will pay for it, Yoonie. I promise.” Yôôngi smiled at Wooshik, thankful for comforting him as always. “I will go now."  Wooshik sighed before saying, "I will inform Namjôôn. The guards will be back soon. Please take care."
“Hyung.” Tàe called him, “How’s Bogum Hyung and… Jungkôôk.” Wooshik smiled at the beta, “Bogum-ssi is sad that they didn’t let him see you, and Jungkôôk is still unconscious. It will take a few more days to recover.” Wooshik informed, and Tàe nodded in understanding.
They both dug another hole and hid the things after Wooshik left. Then they covered it with more hay. They covered the one Wooshik came in too.  Tàe sat down next to Yôôngi, munching a cookie the alpha had offered him.
Even if he didn't say it out loud, he was worried about Jungkôôk and missed him too. While Tae was wishing to see him, Jungkôôk was trying very hard to open his heavy eyelids.    🍁🍁🍁
🍁🍁🍁 Mr. Kîm was exhausted from all the work he did over the past few days to secure the rice in the paddy field. If they were careful about using the supply during the winter season, they could barely manage to survive. He was checking the plan Namjôôn had submitted earlier
today when a knock on the door made him look up. It was none other than Namjôôn himself who had a troubled look on his face. “Dad, we have a problem.” “What happened, son?" Mr. Kîm closed the file and listened to Namjôôn attentively.
“It’s raining since early morning. It seemed like regular rain at first, so we didn’t put much thought into it, but it’s changed suddenly, and now it's a heavy downpour. There is a chance of thunderstorms. It will mess up our backup plans for securing more food for the winter.
The vegetables we planted may not survive in this situation. We don’t know how many days it will rain. We are running out of time, and everyone is already exhausted after securing the rice in the paddy field. We cannot overwork everyone at this point too.”
Namjôôn explained the current situation. He looked tired too. He was the one coordinating everything, day and night.
“This is unfortunate. We don’t have any other way; let's wait till the rain stops and restart everything.” Mr. Kîm rubbed his face in frustration. Namjôôn looked at his father sadly. They were trying to do their best to recover from the heavy damage caused
by the unexpected fire, but this is something beyond their control. All they can do is pray that there won’t be any flooding. “Please make the necessary arrangements to prevent casualties during the heavy rain. Secure everything as much as possible.
Prepare the highland caves just for the purpose of emergency pack shifting. Even if it's old, it has facilities to keep everyone safe. Just make some emergency route maps of the deep forest path too if floods come; that's the only way for us to escape.
We will see what we can do after the rain stops. Worrying and wasting time thinking about the unknown will not do any good. Let’s continue doing what we have to do, and if we can’t, find alternative solutions. It's a matter of survival; we should make it out safely.”
Mr. Kîm advised his son, making Namjôôn proud of how capable his father is of leading the pack. It gives him courage too. “I will do my best, dad.” "I know, son. I trust you."
Namjôôn promise made Mr. Kîm smiles at his willpower. He left the room with a new-found determination to work hard. What they didn’t notice was that two people were eavesdropping on them from outside. They both moved toward a more secure place to talk.
“You said you wouldn’t contact me until everything was over, but then why are you here suddenly?" The man asked Mr. Jeôn in irritation. He looked around to see if there was anyone watching them. The paranoia of getting caught by Mr. Kîm red-handed
seems to have intensified after Mr. Jeôn's unexpected visit. “I had no choice. Haewan got caught by that righteous bastard Mîn, so I had to come and meet you. Don’t worry, I came here discreetly.”
Mr. Jeôn waved it off, but the man didn’t look convinced for some reason. “If Haewan is not available, how are you going to proceed with your current plan? ” The man asked his legit doubt.
“That’s the reason I came here. I changed my initial plan. You have to spread another rumour. Here are the details; make sure to burn it after reading. Everything will proceed according to my calculations if you do this. I have something else on my mind too;
for that, I have to wait till my idiotic son gains consciousness." Mr. Jeôn mused as he looked at the heavy downpour from the nearest window. “What are you up to?"
The man grunted, but Mr. Jeôn didn’t answer that instead, saying, “It seems like the Moon Goddess is also on our side. This rumour will be more effective if the rain continues for a few more days. Don't fret your head with these petty details;
only remember our deal; at the end of it all, your son will be the Luna" The mirth in Mr. Jeôn's voice made the man tremble a little more in fear than from the cold. God knows what this man is going to do. The only thing he could do was follow the instructions without any delay.
The man walked away like an obedient servant to fulfil the order of his master, even though he was struggling with his inner turmoil so that he missed the devilish smile on the face of the devil himself. 🍁🍁🍁
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🍁🍁🍁 Bogum was feeling a bit better after getting some sleep. He was exhausted and didn't know when he passed out in the evening. He looked outside the window, and a deep frown appeared on his forehead when he saw the intensity of the rainfall. This never happened before,
and it's been raining non-stop for two days. He hoped it would not cause any trouble for Tàe in the prison. He sighed, removing the quilt to get out of bed to freshen up. He was planning to visit Mr. Mîn again, but a rushed knock on his door made him come out of his thoughts.
He wondered who it would be in the early morning, and that too in this heavy rain. He fixed his shirt before opening the door, and he tilted his head in confusion when he saw Wooshik standing there with an apologetic smile.
The omega had the same basket of herbs as yesterday. He was wearing a protective hood to prevent getting wet from the rain. “Why are you here so early in the morning?" Bogum exclaimed.
“I went to the infirmary, but you were not there, so I came to check on you. It was unusual that you were not there in the morning. Usually, you are always there on time. I was worried.” Wooshik explained.
“Were you really worried about me, or you just wanted your beauty solution to be made immediately? Who is the lucky guy anyway? I never saw you put this much effort before.” Bogum teased him before moving away from the door to let Wooshik enter. Wooshik just smiled sheepishly.
"I will take a quick bath and help you with it." Bogum told him to wait before going to the bathroom to freshen up. “You will be surprised if you know who the guy is I am putting so much effort for, hyung” Wooshik mumbled to himself before removing his hood and hanging it on
the wooden holder near the mud walls. He saw some herbs near the table. It seemed like Bogum was working on some medicine even here. Wooshik knows what the alpha is trying to do, but he doesn't know if he should reveal the truth to the alpha yet.
He decided to tell him soon after checking Tàe's progress in healing. He doesn't want to put Bogum in danger too if anyone finds out about his doings, especially since he is not from the Blue Moon Pack and they will consider it a very wrongful act.  “Next are lotus seeds, right?”
Bogum asked for clarification before checking the smoothness of the paste. "Yes, and make sure those are fresh.” Wooshik confirmed as he wiped the glass jar for the paste. Bogum filled the glass jar with the content and gave it to Wooshik.
“You know I could make you a larger quantity for you. Why are you adamant on making a small portion of it every day?" Bogum was confused by the omega's weird antics. “It only works effectively if it’s freshly made. If we keep it for a long time, it
will start to darken and go bad. That’s why I am troubling you to make it every day. You are the doctor; you know the consistency better than anyone. Thank you for helping me.” Wooshik thanked Bogum. “It’s not trouble for me. I was just wondering why you are making such
a small quantity. Feel free to come here every morning.” Bogum smiled while helping the omega put on his hood. Wooshik was about to pick up his basket when a distressed, drenched Jimiñ rushed inside the room without even knocking, making them look at him concerned.
“Bogum hyung, please come with me. The guards on the southern boundary of our pack were severely hurt by an unexpected rouge attack. Mr. Kîm asked for your assistance.” Jimiñ said everything in one go before trying to take deep breaths to calm himself down.
The other two were shocked. Blue Moon was one of the biggest and strongest packs, so this Rouge attack that seemed to be without any provocation was distressing and shocking for them to digest. Bogum collected everything necessary to go with Jimiñ.
He informed him they had to pay a visit to the infirmary before going to the southern border. Jimiñ agreed. Bogum put on his protective hood and offered Jimiñ one too. The omega wore it after drying his hair. When they were out, Wooshik bid his good-byes and walked away first.
Bogum walked forward too, not noticing Jimiñ was frozen after getting a whiff of Wooshik’s scent; surprisingly, the omega's natural floral scent was mixed with a familiar scent he loved secretly even though he denied it openly.
The owner of that pine tree scent was none other than Mîn Yôôngi, his rut partner. Jimiñ shook his thoughts away before following Bogum to the infirmary. It was not important anymore.
💥Warning description of blood and violence. When they reached the southern boundary of the pack, the scene that welcomed them was dreadful. It seemed like one-sided bloodshed. There were many guards who were severely injured. Bogum declared seven of them dead.
💥 Their body was butchered in such a horrible way that the head, chest, and body parts seemed impossible to put together. He let the others move the bodies away and concentrated on treating the injured guards first. The heavy rain was making the process even more difficult.
💥 The injured guards were moved to a temporary shed to prevent excessive blood loss due to heavy rain. Some were crying out loud in pain because of the deep claw wounds they had in their bodies. Mr. Kîm was watching everything with a dreadful expression.
They were already in a crisis, but this unexpected attack added more troubles to their survival plans for the winter. “THIS IS BAD. SHIFT THEM BACK TO MEDICAL HUTS IMMEDIATELY.”
💥 Bogum screamed when he found a shred of silver in one of the guards' wounds. The piece was struck on his thigh bones. It seemed like the tip of a dagger. Mr. Kîm rushed towards him.
💥 “What happened? ” “They used silver weapons on them. If I don’t make them drink the herbal portion, the poison will spread in their body, and they will díe soon. ” Bogum explained helplessly. Mr. Kîm's eyes widened in shock. Rouge somehow acquired silver weapons;
this is a worse situation than he thought. He instructed the other guards to move the injured ones to the nearest medical hut. Bogum gave them temporary patch-ups and rushed towards his infirmary to make portions, Jimiñ and San accompanied him to help him.
They were the ones who first witnessed it. They were going to collect fruits from the pack boundaries.  💥 What they didn’t notice was the figure hiding behind a large tree. The person was wiping away the blood on his silver dagger with a piece of clothing.
He had a sinister smirk on his face, not even phased by the horrible scene he had created himself. He was enjoying it all like a maniac. It seemed like Mr. Jeôn unknowingly unlocked the hidden monster inside him.  “It was easier than I thought. Mr. Jeôn will be pleased.”
He said this to himself before discreetly moving away from there to start another desolation according to their plan. The rain started to bucket down like a very old ally of the evilness, horrendously bringing the ultimate ruination than the wicked plans they devised.
It was sure that it was only a matter of time before it brought their lives to the edge of destruction. 🍁🍁🍁
🍁🍁🍁 Jimiñ was feeling drained and gloomy when he reached Jungkôôk’s medical hut to see Jîn because the older omega was the one taking care of Jungkôôk most of the time. Hôseôk and Jimiñ will help him from time to time. Namjôôn was busy with his pack duties and barely
had time to meet his mate, and Jîn understood the situation well. Yôôngi, on the other hand, completely went missing from the pack. Remembering Yôôngi’s name suddenly sparked some anger in Jimiñ.
"How dare he? He was using the pack duties as an escape to be chummy with that omega." Jimiñ cursed incoherently while entering the hut, making Jîn look at him with curiosity. The omega, who seemed nonchalant about everything and showed off his bratty nature,
looked so shaken up by emotions today. It was like a whirlwind of feelings slowly forming a storm inside him. "What got your pants twisting?" Jîn joked in an attempt to ease Jimiñ’s mood.
"Nothing hyung, our pack got attacked by rogues, and we have heavy casualties." Jimiñ mumbled, it seemed like a deliberate attempt to change the topic.
"Oh, my goodness! That’s horrible. I don’t know why all these things are happening at a time like this. We had not even recovered from the fire incident. I don’t know how they are going to cope with this. ”
Jîn sighed, remembering Jôôn’s tired face when he came to visit yesterday. "Yeah, it was bad, and we lost some of our strong warriors. Bogum hyung said the rogues used silver weapons. So San and I were helping them make portions, and luckily we were able to save most of them.
San is still there with him. I have to go collect the fruits before the evening. We are facing meal shortages due to rain.” Jimiñ exclaimed while rubbing his tired face. Jîn made some tea and offered it to the omega, along with some cookies.
“I was wondering why Bogum hyung was not checking up on Jungkôôk from the morning. So I just continued his usual medicines till now.” Jîn told him while applying some oil to Jungkôôk’s chest. “I hope he recovers soon. We really need him at a time like this. Joon is working
very hard for the pack. Hôseôk is also helping him; you are taking care of Kôôk; unfortunately, Tàe is in j@il; and Yôôngi, who knows where he is?" Jîn wiped his hands with a towel to remove the oil, but he definitely noticed the hostility towards Yôôngi at the end.
“Did you have a fight with Yôôngi? ” Jîn asked but was surprised by Jimiñ's hiss in response. “Fight? I haven’t even seen him for days. He just vanished without a word and may be having fun with some highly desired and beautiful Omega in some other pack. Who knows.”
“Why do I feel like I know this highly desired, beautiful omega from another pack? What are you implying?” Jîn’s question made Jimiñ widen his eyes. He cursed himself for blabbering out too much. Jimiñ looked away when he started explaining,
unable to face Jin's I was right about that smug look. “Wooshik was with Bogum hyung when I went to his room to inform him about the attack. He was there to collect some medicine. But I got a whiff of Yôôngi’s scent on him.” “You know, you do sound like a possessive omega now.”
Jîn’s statement made Jimiñ look at him in shock. “I am not jealous, and why should I be? He is just a heat partner. I don’t care if he fuçks around or not."
"Well, you shouldn’t. As you said, he is just a heat partner, so don’t even try to cross the line you drew in the first place.” Jîn's statement sounded like an unsaid warning to Jimiñ.
“It’s not my fault he went missing without a warning, and then another omega suddenly started roaming around with his scent like they were intimately close. At least he could have told me before going after another omega.” Jimiñ rambled in frustration.
“You know he doesn’t have to inform you if he is seeing another omega. You both are rut-heat partners. He is not courting you. He is free to see anyone.” Jîn didn’t let Jimiñ continue his rambling. “But we had an agreement. It’s not my fault… ”
“Jimiñ, it is your fault to begin with. You always wanted your fated mate and dreamed it would be Yôôngi. Unfortunately, Yôôngi is not your fated mate, and your dreams were crushed. There are no restrictions on mating with anyone. So Yôôngi tried his best to court you,
but your stubborn self rejected him many times. That’s how he settled in as your heat partner so that he could be close to you. He even suffered through your stupid flirting with other alphas. Do you know how much it hurt him when you kissed Sung in front of him at
that college festival? Maybe he had enough.” Jîn really doesn’t want to put salt in Jimiñ’s wounds, but the omega needs to understand that no alpha will wait for an eternity for a stubborn omega.
But the crestfallen look on Jimiñ’s face made Jîn feel guilty for being so blunt towards the omega. “I am sorry. I didn’t intend to say like that.” Jîn tried to comfort him, but Jimiñ shook his head.
“I think you are right. I think I will go and collect fruits now. I need some time to clear my head.” Jimiñ wiped away his tears while sniffing. “You are not mad at me, right? I am sorry if I..”
“No, what you said was right. I thought he would leave me one day if his fated mate came, so I pushed him away. I didn’t think I was hurting him with it. I guess I am too late now to regret anyway.”
Jimiñ gave a sad smile before leaving the hut, picking up the basket he brought along with him. Jîn let out a frustrated sigh, but his expression changed to happiness when he saw Jungkôôk finally open his eyes.   🪄🪄🪄
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