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Jan 20, 2023
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πŸ”ž dubcon, inspection kink, hole spanking sensitive jk, post-wax, nerves all tingly because he /loves/ how it feels. when he returns from the salon, jm immediately wraps his arms around his waist. "aren't you going to show hyung how pretty you look?"

jk shudders, half out of shyness, and half because he knows jm won't be keeping his hands off him. he tries to untangle himself from jm's iron grip. "hyung, i just got a wax, it's nothing new-" "come on. i just want to see if they took care of you properly." jm pouts.
jk looks at him for only a second before giving in. jm hyung can be so convincing. his face morphs into an expression of pure delight, making jk's heart leap into the clouds. "great!" jm chirps brightly, hand squeezing jk's waist. "i'll come to your room, jk-ah."
it's not long before jk finds himself splayed out in his own bed, jm slowly pulling his sweatpants off him. he flips over, plopping himself ass-up on jm's lap. it's easy to hide his flushed face into the sheets like this. and easy for jm to slide his pants all the way off.
"oh, bun. look at you. all smooth," jm coos, fingers wandering the expanse of bare, pretty skin. jk's ass is still a little pink from the wax, all sensitive. "did it hurt?" jm asks curiously. "it hurt," jk mumbles into a pillow. "but it was alright."
he doesn't see jm's lips curving up into a dangerous smile. "let me see," jm says, pushing his thighs apart. "you're so pretty, bun." the praise makes jk's head feel lighter, makes his cock helplessly jump. it's bare against jm's knee, and he must feel it.
jm hums appreciatively as he spreads jk's ass cheeks apart, just /looking/. jk's face smushes deeper into the bed, but it just makes his ass prop up higher. all the better for jm to see. the first touch comes from one of jm's fingers, just the pad of it. jk's entire body jerks.
"h-hyung!" he whimpers. jm's finger rubs against his hole, ever so gently. it's such a delicate little area, just subjected to a brutal wax. jk's skin must still be all tingly now. "hush, bun. i'm just touching. you're so sensitive," jm scolds him gently with a smile.
jk shivers as jm pets his hole with soothing strokes. "it hurt a lot, i'm sure." "it really didn't," jk insists. he's such a strong boy. "they always make such a big deal out of it, but it really doesn't hurt, it feels g-" he stops himself, but jm is quick to notice.
"feels what?" he asks. "feels... good?" jk is caught between a nod and a shake of his head. he whimpers when jm rubs his hole with a little more insistence, almost dipping his finger in, dry. just the tip. "what were you saying, bun?"
"it feels good," jk whispers. "when it hurts." there's a moment of silence before jm resumes his fondling, delving lower to his smooth balls, and his smooth cock that's just started filling out. jm smiles because jk's getting hard from this. "thank you for telling me, bun."
jk can't hide the hitch in his breath when jm's hand wraps around his cock, gently pulling until it's not squished against his knee anymore. he eases himself out from under jungkook, and props the boy on his knees. still face down. ass up.
"gotta check if they did a good job all over, right? stay like that for me like a good boy," jm tells him. he pulls at one of jk's thighs, spreading his legs apart further. "hyung?" jk asks, confused. he jerks his head up, but jm pushes him down with a hand on his hair.
jk only whines. he's in an embarrassing position, so exposed. presenting his hole for jm, hard cock dangling underneath him. "looking so good, baby," jm says. "just- arch your back for me." he presses down on jk's lower back, letting his t-shirt fall over his back.
jk's ass is propped up on full display, cock and balls just as flushed as his face. the humiliation /burns/. "so cute," jm coos again. his hand strokes over jk's cock, already glistening at the tip. "i love it when you get all red like this. makes me want to take a picture."
jk gasps as jm squeezes his cock before letting it go. his head is all floaty and fuzzy when jm casually places his palm against his rim. "should i make you redder than this, baby?" jm asks. he can /feel/ the heat radiating from jk, precum clearly drooling from his cock.
"n-no, it's going to hurt," jk woefully says. he tries to close his legs together, but jm places his knees there to stop him. "but you liked it when it hurt during the wax," jm simpers. "let me try." before jk can answer, jm taps against jk's hole, making him jump.
"there, that didn't feel so bad, did it?" he croons. "let hyung spank you red, jk-ah. it's going to feel so good." jk whimpers as jm smacks his hole, hard this time. the little furl of it clenches hard, anticipating the next one. a drop of precum drips onto the sheets.
"making such a mess," jm tuts. "you can't hide that you like it so much, jk-ah." he deals out a few hard slaps in succession, sharp sounds that ring through the room and make jk heave out a sob. "are you crying already? just from this?" jk's newly waxed hole blushes red at him.
for the next slap, jm aims lower. his palm lands half on jk's hole, and half on his poor balls. they're already swollen from the need to come, with the way his cock is leaking. jk sniffles and whimpers into his pillow, a continuous muffled sound that's music to jm's ears.
jm finally grabs his cock, punishing the hard, wet thing with a firm squeeze. he slaps it against jk's stomach, before letting it dangle freely. even though jm abuses his most sensitive regions, jk doesn't move a single muscle to stop him. he lies there and takes it.
"so wet," jm murmurs, his hand covered in jk's precum. he wipes it off on jk's ass, making his freshly spanked skin glisten with it. "so fucking pretty." his finger meets less resistance when it dips into jk's hole this time, just the tip pressing in. he does it just to tease.
only to withdraw the digit, and spank jk's cute little hole again. jk's cock jerks, spilling clear fluid. "are you going to come from this, jk-ah?" jm asks. "should i help you out?" he wraps a hand around jk's cock as he spanks his hole again, feeling it twitch in his grasp.
"but your cock made such a mess on the bed. why should i be so nice to your naughty cock, hmm?" jk whines. there's a fine sheen of sweat on his skin, his muscles tense from holding on. he's being so good for jm. it's not really his fault that his cock's so naughty, is it?
jm doesn't seem to think so. he uses more precum to wet jk's hole, the first knuckle of his finger easily slipping in. he fucks in and out, making jk tremble. while his other hand aims for his cock. "okay, baby. let's see how many spanks it takes for your cock to come."


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