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Jan 20, 2023
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hf drabble / hj’s art studio 🔞 hj is peacefully painting in his studio when he’s interrupted by his lover’s lips on his neck. unexpected but appreciated, a loud moan escapes hj’s mouth while hands encircle him, taking his upper body hostage. flx giggles and a barely audible

“hi” comes out. “hi baby” replies hj, turning around on his stool to kiss him on the lips and grabbing flx to sit him on his lap. surprised, it is now flx’s turn to let out a small moan and he kisses hj back, hands comfortably resting on his shoulder. the two men kiss messily for
a moment, biting each other’s lips while their tongues fight for dominance. the air is getting hotter for sure and hj feels a bulge slowly forming in his pants. he can definitely feel flx’s member harding as well and that thought makes his dick twitch. hj can’t help but grab
flx’s ass harshly, making the boy whine. they stop kissing after being out of breath and flx bites his lower lip, his body overflowed with need. “i want you” he whispers to hj’s ear and the pink haired man groans in return. “wanna ruin you pretty boy” he replies, need really
clear in his voice. both of them are still wearing clothes but flx can’t help, but to naturally dry hump his boyfriend. hj seems to appreciate being used like that seeing how his head falls back and his breathing accelerates. his eyes darken as need takes over and hj stops flx,
making him stand up. “undress for me” he says, sitting on the stool while he admires flx slowly taking off his clothes. of course, the pretty blond has to make a show for the older and removes every single clothe he has in a sensual way. hj can’t help but to lower his pants and
boxer, starting to stroke himself while he watches his boyfriend undress for him. “looking so good for me baby boy” voices the taller one, making flx feels hot and confident. “only for you jinnie” he says, giving him the most innocent look he has while taking off his pretty lace
panties he wore for hj. pre-cum starts leaking on hj’s hard cock and he wants to fill up the blond immediately. once the younger is completely naked, hj gets up from the stool and takes off the rest of his clothes. he grabs flx by the hand, guiding him to that old but cozy couch
they fucked on countless times. hj is ready for flx, but he knows that the blond needs some preparation, so he sits him on the couch and gets down on his knees. “turn around” he commands and flx obeys like a good boy. hj burries his face in the man’s ass, using his tongue as best
as he can, starting to lick his hole in a way that only he knows how to make flx feel that good. flx moans loudly when hj’s tongue comes in contact with his asshole and he cannot wait to feel him inside of him, but he clearly enjoys rimming. hj’s tongue feels magical to him and
he starts seeing stars when hj adds a finger covered in lube, making it move at an incredibly slow pace to avoid any pain. he keeps licking his hole and soon adds another finger, and a third. seeing how flx reacts to his fingers and hearing him moan uncontrollably makes hj feel
even harder than before and he has to stroke himself to free the built up tension he feels in his stomach. flx hasn’t even touched himself yet and he feels like he could already cum. hj just feels too good under him. “hyvne… m’gonna cum if you continue” so hj stops after a
few more licks. he gets up and wipes the leftover saliva and lube he has all over his face. positioning his dick in flx’s entrance, hj decides to tease it a little, making flx gasp and arch his back. the blond is in a doggy style position and he’s more than ready to receive hj’s
cock. “please…” he says with need “just put it in”. hj doesn’t need to be told again as he enters flx without any warning. “hyvnjin-ah! hm, you feel so good!”. hj knows how to fuck him good and he loves how tight flx feels around him. “no baby, /you/ feel good. so tight for me”.
those words make flx’s hole clench and he whines in return. flx just feels so fucking good right now. hj fucks him so right and he knows he’s close to cum, especially when hj’s dick hits his prostate that well. flx can’t take it anymore, so he grabs his untouched cock and starts
touching himself slowly to relieve the tension. both of them moan loudly, encouraging the other to do the same. they’re so close… both of them know it. “want us to cum together” mumbles hj while thrusting into flx faster. “wait…” starts flx “wanna see you”. hj groans,
stopping to turn his lover to face him “then ride me baby”. a smile appears on flx’s face who makes his boyfriend sit on the couch. the look he is giving him is begging him to hurry up and come sit on his cock, which is exactly what flx does. while the dark blond rides hj like an
animal in heat, hj pulls him closer to kiss him, adding some tongue and placing both of his hands on the other’s ass to go deeper inside of flx. the room is definitely getting hotter and both of them are sweating and enjoying this moment. “i’m gonna cum hyvne” voices flx and hj
simply tells him to release. after a few strokes and thrusts, both of them cum in sync, hj filling up flx’s walls with his cum and the pretty blond painting both of their stomachs in white. flx falls on hj’s chest, both of them out of breath and exhausted. hj doesn’t pull out
just yet ; flx’s hole looks like it was made for his dick. so they stay like that for a while, whispering “i love you” between kisses and caressing each other’s skin softly. ~ end ~
i love their chemistry in this :,) i might make a part two if you guys want and liked this! let me know ^^ tags: @🦙🐣📚 @stayter tots 🌷 BINGO CARD REQUEST FORM! 📌 @𝕤✧𝕜✧𝕫 𝕗𝕚𝕔 𝕝𝕚𝕓𝕣𝕒𝕣𝕪 @Pixielix Fics 💞


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