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#BKDK izuku was the only omega in his clan. his faith had been sealed since the day he was born. he was blessed by the gods, the elders foretold, he was meant to bring good fate for his people and land. on the second day of his birth, he was engaged to the heir of their–

tribe leader, katsuki bakugou. the royals wanted to keep someone as precious as izuku for themselves. an omega such as izuku will surely produce powerful heirs for the generations to come.
This was a political marriage, one more of convenience than anything else. Neither katsuki nor izuku was asked or consulted.  katsuki was only five when he first saw his omega
the three-year-old boy hiding behind his mother. sneaking glances at katsuki. katsuki narrows his eyes at the little boy. the first thought that crossed his mind was “weak” “say hello to katsuki-kun, izuku,” Inko patted the green curls to encourage him.
Izuku chewed on his bottom lip before finally meeting the red eyes. “he-hello ka-ka-chuki-i kun." mitsuki giggled and cooed how cute Izuku was while inko light-heartedly shook her head. katsuki, on the other hand, didn't appreciate the butchering of his name.
how dare he? was he insulting katsuki, the royal prince. “ITS KATSUKI, YOU IDIOT!” The five-year-old prince roared.
izuku flinched in his place. katsuki saw in slow motion as tears welled up in big green eyes, saw how his bottom lip trembled dangerously before he started crying on the top of his lungs. "oh no izuku" inko picked izuku up. the boy quickly grabbed onto his mother for comfort.
“ouch!!" old hag smacked him on his head. "be nice katsuki" the tribe leader gritted her teeth. "this is your omega, you should be taking care of him not making him cry!"
“but, he made fun of me!" Katsuki protested. "izuku is sowwy kachuki kun!" the omega was still crying in inko's arms while inko rubbed soothing circles on his small back.
katsuki frowns his brows. "izuku." Inko wiped away the tears from his freckled cheeks." Its ka-tsu-ki." she said slowly. "now you say it"
"ka- shu -chi !!" Izuku looked at katsuki with big hopeful eyes. "tch. still wrong, dumbass!" the blond prince received another graceful smack on his head from his lovely mother.
"how about kacchan?!" Mitsuki said, and katsuki had never seen his hag speak so softly before. "kacchan" Izuku mumbled to himself, like he was feeling the name in his mouth before saying it again but this time a little louder. "kacchan!"
the greenette smiled beautifully at him and katsuki was whisked away. warmth spread in his chest as big doe glimmered with happiness. inko put izuku down, and with his little legs, he waddled towards the blond prince. "can izuku call his alpha 'kachan'?!!"
/ alpha / colours filled katsuki's pale cheeks as he looked away, "tch. whatever" he muttered. the greenette held on his hand, "lets go play kacchan!" the adults laughed at their adorableness.
katsuki clasped onto his small hand, "ok, but I will choose the game" he says before dragging Izuku. izuku followed him. - - - izuku always followed him.
wherever katsuki went, izuku follows behind. the alpha took pride in taking the omega everywhere he went.


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