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Jan 21, 2023
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Gossamer, a #taekookau "So now I have to meet him for this stupid fashion show?!" Taehyung groans, "come on! You knew he is my ex-husband! Why would you invite him?!" Hoseok sighs, "he is one of the investors, Tae. We can't possibly not invite him?" Taehyung curses.

- Ex husbands - dom/sub undertone - arranged marriage - angst - morally grey characters - past alcohol abuse - toxic relationships/characters (you are warned. Leave if it's too much for you) - minors are suggested to not read this one
"He is coming here for his sugar baby anyway," Hoseok sits on the bed, eyes on Taehyung, "get over it." Taehyung lies down, reaching for the cigarette case by the bedside table. He lights one and hums to himself. "I just," he sighs, "I promised myself to never see him again."
Hoseok chuckles, "and, you don't have to. It's a huge event. Ignoring a person won't be tough." Taehyung lets out a ring of smoke, humming, "yeah. It won't be tough." His mind takes him back to those days. Those days when ignoring Jeon Jungkook was the most impossible thing.
Forgot another tag - age swap. JK is 4 years older than Tae.
Taehyung is glad for the lights blasting over his face. The lines of photographers all over him, obscuring his view of the others in the room. He crosses his one leg over the other, flashing a blinding smile to overpower those flashes of the cameras. His name echoes around him.
'To the right, just a little left.' 'Here, V, here,' 'please a little to your side,' 'smile at the cameras...' Taehyung ignores all the instructions and poses the way he likes. An easy smile with a tilt of his head. Taehyung nods when Hoseok asks the photographers to leave.
“I am exhausted,” Taehyung sips the champagne, “when can we leave?” Hoseok rolls his eyes, “you know we can't leave right now. We have to wait it out.” Taehyung hums, eyes roaming over the others, “where is mimi?” Hoseok shrugs, “getting ready for the ramp.” Taehyung smiles.
The sudden raise of the murmurs in the room makes him alert of someone important's presence, but Taehyung is hardly bothered. He keeps his eyes on the ramp. But, there is a nagging feeling in the pit of his stomach. Something familiar and aching. He looks over to his side.
The first person he sees is a guy. Dressed in rich clothes and accessories. But, Taehyung's experienced eyes scan over the guy to decide, the guy is not rich himself. There is a certain awe in his eyes and smile that screams, 'newbie to this glam world,' to Taehyung.
The guy stops short when he sees Taehyung and suppresses a choking sound when he recognizes Taehyung. Taehyung offers a small smile of acknowledgement. The smile fades just too quickly when his eyes slide over to the man behind the guy. This is the man who belongs in this world.
Hell, Taehyung thinks bitterly, this is the man who owns the glamour world. Jeon Jungkook has that same aura of indifference. His expression is just as blank as it always used to be. Those eyes are on Taehyung and Taehyung swallows. Jungkook's eyes flick away from him.
“Is this our seat?” the guy asks, excitement dripping from his voice. “Yes,” Jungkook's secretary nods, “you are on this one,” she points, “and, sir beside Mr. Kim.” Taehyung forces himself to not react. He forces his muscles to not lock up and freeze. He swallows anyway.
Jungkook unbuttons the one button of his suit and sits down beside Taehyung. Taehyung's eyelids flutter when the scent invades his nostrils. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille. The same perfume he always used. Taehyung digs his nails on his knee, eyes focused ahead of him.
The cameras are blinding again. This time for Jungkook and Taehyung leans on his left, trying to get away from the lenses. He notices how the cameras are trying to capture the two of them. He knows this is an important event for the media. Jungkook and him meeting after years.
Taehyung lets out a sigh of relief when Jungkook's secretary and the staffs of the event ask them to leave. “When's the event starting?” the guy beside Jungkook asks, “soon, right?” Jungkook clicks his tongue, his hand going to rest on the guy's knee, effectively silencing him.
Taehyung finds himself going back years. His mind reeling back to when that hand used to come and rest on his knee. To silence him. To get his attention. To guide him around those prim guests and inquisitive eyes. He cringes at the image of his past self. Just like this guy.
He remembers being starry eyed, new to this world. Letting Jungkook string him around. Letting the man show him off. A naive, little thing. 'A brainless beauty,' as Jungkook's father called him that night. Those words Taehyung still carries with him. A scar, a reminder to self.
'Babydoll.' The name still echoes in his ears. Jungkook's breathy voice calling him that. Those grunts, swear words etched on Taehyung's skin. Those hands leaving marks, pleasure and pain coursing through Taehyung's veins like substances. He was so high on Jungkook. So blind.
'The only person you are here to please is me,' Jungkook's words still plays like an old vinyl in Taehyung's ears, 'the only person you need to please is me. I got you for myself, and no one else matters.' Taehyung twitches on his seat. There is a question he never got to ask.
'If you were the only person I was there to please, then why I wasn't the only one to you?' The question Taehyung knows he will never ask. His self-respect will always hold him back. He will never be able to look at the man and demand that answer. Jungkook never owed it to him.
Taehyung smiles to himself. Self-respect. He learnt that word and how deeply rooted it was in him the day he left Jungkook. That sham of a marriage. The pretence of domesticity. All of it. 'I want a divorce.' 'The papers will be sent to you.' Just two messages ended it all.
“You want something to drink?” Hoseok asks, leaning in, “you look pale.” Taehyung shakes his head, “no. I am fine. I just want to see mimi walk down the ramp before I leave.” Hoseok winces, “we have to stay for the after party, tae. I am sorry.” Taehyung swallows, “oh.”
Taehyung sits through the show and claps the loudest when Jimin walks down the ramp. The supermodel's expression doesn't change but on his way back, Jimin winks at Taehyung from the corner of his eyes. Taehyung smiles wide, watching his best friend disappear behind the curtains.
When the show is done, Taehyung gets up first. He points at the washroom and nods when Hoseok tells him he will wait in the party. “Change your clothes,” Hoseok eyes him, “wear something casual. Then come back. Yeah?” Taehyung sighs, “fine. Just wait for me.”
Taehyung gets out of the party to go to the washroom. When he walks out of the washroom, there stands his guards. To usher him back to the hotel, where he is to change his clothes and join the after party. Taehyung follows them to his car, getting inside to drive back.
He is in his room when the phone buzzes by his bedside. Taehyung ties the robe around himself, ready to slip into his party-wear. He curses and goes to pick up the call. “Good evening, sir. Mr. Jeon is here to meet you,” the receptionist answers him, “shall I send him up?”
Taehyung grips the receiver tightly, his eyes focused on the ticking clock. It's past eight in the evening. He clears his throat. “No,” Taehyung whispers, “ask him what he wants.” The receptionist sounds uncomfortable, “he won't talk to me, sir.” Taehyung knows that much.
“Tell him to wait by the lobby,” Taehyung murmurs, something crawling up his spine. “I wasn't really seeking permission here, doll.” Taehyung holds back a gasp, “what-” “Tell me your room number,” Jungkook's voice is just as commanding as ever. “Fuck you,” Taehyung hisses.
“I will find your room on my own,” Jungkook's voice is impassive, “and, it won't be good if I have to do that. Yes?” “What do you want?” Taehyung wonders, “we haven't seen each other for six years. You can't possibly have anything-” “Baby doll,” Jungkook murmurs, “room number.”
“It's laughable that you think those words still mean shit to me!” Taehyung says and sits down on the bed because his knees feel weak. The line is silent, but Jungkook didn't hang up. Silent treatment. It always wrecked Taehyung's nerves. He curses, “what do you want?!”
“I can find you,” Jungkook murmurs, “you know very well that I can find you.” Taehyung closes his eyes, “why?” “Room number,” Jungkook answers. Taehyung feels his eyes burn, “why does it have to be always your way?!” “Because, that's the only way for you,” Jungkook whispers.
“I am not telling you my room number,” Taehyung decides, “so, fck you.” Jungkook's chuckle sends a shiver down Taehyung's spine. A type of shiver that is not really fear but anticipation. A sick sense of thrill. “Fine, I was trying to be modest anyway,” Jungkook cuts the call.
Taehyung jumps off the bed to run and struggle himself into his jeans. He snatches his shirt next, hurrying to button it. If one thing he knows about Jeon Jungkook, it's that the man has his ways, and his ways always end up wining. When the doorbell rings, Taehyung expects it.
Taehyung thinks about not opening the door, but his mind takes him back to that one time he did that. He remembers the door broken by Jungkook's guards. The man standing proudly, hands in his pockets and eyes on Taehyung. He does not want to repeat that, so he goes to open it.
His heart beats to his mouth when he sees the man on the other side. Jungkook stands the same. Hands in pockets, eyes on him. Taehyung forces himself to regulate his breathing. “What is it?” Taehyun goes for casual, ends up with a wavering voice. Jungkook stands motionless.
The guards of the man force the door open, and Taehyung is reminded just how defenseless he is against the said man. Jungkook waltzes inside and waits until his guards locked the door behind him. Taehyung glares at the man, blocking his way inside the suite. “What do you want?”
“You need to call Hoseok and tell him you are not coming to the party.” Taehyung blinks, “I am sorry?” Jungkook nods, once, curt, “then, you will pack your bag and come with me.” Taehyung gapes, “seriously, what?!” Jungkook breathes in, as if irked, “I don't repeat myself.”
“Then start now,” Taehyung crosses his arms over his chest, “because, I have no idea what you are saying and what do you mean by this!” Jungkook looks at him, impassive as ever, “you are coming with me,” he instructs, “and, for a few months you are not allowed to leave my side.”
“You are crazy,” Taehyung laughs, “what are you-” Jungkook holds out his phone, flippantly showing Taehyung the screen. Taehyung furrows his brows to read the message there. 'Drop the deal or he will suffer.' Taehyung blinks, “what...?” Jungkook hums, “yeah.”
“No, what is this and how do you know it's about me?!” Taehyung laughs, throwing his hands up in confusion, “they didn't mention me-” “There's no one else in this entire world whose suffering is my problem,” Jungkook snaps, “so, it's you.” Taehyung goes still, “... what?”
Jungkook nods, “pack your bags.” “No!” Taehyung grits his teeth, “you can't come back after six years to tell me whatever that meant with a damn guy hanging from your arm like a candy!” Jungkook sighs, “I didn't have any reason to bother you in these six years. So, I didn't.”
“That's the only clause you had,” Jungkook speaks as if he is stating business facts, “to leave you alone. I did.” Taehyung wants to scream. He hates how Jungkook's words make him feel. “What do you really want, Jungkook?” He says instead, “because, I know my worth to you.”
“I want you to pack your bags,” Jungkook pushes his hands in his pockets again, “I am leaving with you in ten minutes. Either you pack or you come without anything. You choose.” “I choose for you to leave me alone,” Taehyung whispers, “like you did all those years ago.”
“I will,” Jungkook nods, “once the culprit is found.” “Drop the deal,” Taehyung shrugs, “is it one of those drug deals or weapons? Which one?” Jungkook does not answer. Taehyung scoffs. “Still a beauty with no brain to you, huh?” Taehyung chuckles, “get out. I can handle mys-”
“I can't drop the deal,” Jungkook sounds like he would rather not explain but is forced to, “they will know for sure how much value you hold then. I don't know how many are behind this threat, and I need to find them. Send a message that no one messes with me.” Taehyung glares.
“I don't want to go with you-” “I am not asking,” Jungkook shakes his head, “I am telling you. I haven't meddled in your life once since our divorce. I would not come back if it wasn't important. I want nothing in return. Just, come with me. Let me make sure you are safe.”
“I am not going with-” “I have never forced you,” Jungkook steps up to Taehyung, hand reaching to take a hold of Taehyung's elbow, “baby doll. Not once ignored your boundaries. Never crossed a line you drew,” his grip tightens, pulling Taehyung closer, “don't make me start now.”
“I am not going to bring up our past,” Jungkook shakes his head, “I am not holding onto anything. We are way past that. You have a boyfriend, and I am fine in my relationships as I go with them. Just, for god's sake, do this. A few weeks. Maximum. Be rational for once!”
“Call your boyfriend and tell him you are coming with me,” Jungkook instructs, “not a damn hide out. My house. In LA. You can live there, and he can just as well come over.” Taehyung curses, “Yoongi hyung has work. Unlike you, we don't own companies and the underworld.”
“Hey, I am just outside your hotel, what's up?” Yoongi's voice makes Taehyung close his eyes, he swallows and lets out a deep breath. “I have to leave for LA,” Taehyung glares at the guards who are packing his bags for him, “something important came up. Sorry, hyung.”
Taehyung watches Jungkook smoke, standing by the vast window and keeping an eye on the city beneath him. “Can I meet you now?” Yoongi wonders, “before you leave?” “Of course,” Taehyung hums, “can you wait by the lobby. I will-” “Ask him to come up,” Jungkook speaks, “here.”
Taehyung grits his teeth, “why?” Jungkook looks over at him, impassive eyes focused on Taehyung, “I need to meet him once.” Taehyung glares at the man, “we are dating for just two months. He doesn't know about you or-” Jungkook's lips twitch, “just get him here.”
Taehyung does not expect for Jungkook's guards to grab Yoongi by the neck and force him on his knees. He does not expect them to put a gun on his temple. “What are you doing?!” Taehyung shrieks, “he is my boyfriend!” Jungkook taps the cigarette against the ashtray, observing.
Jungkook walks over to the kneeling man, leans in to grab Yoongi's hair and jerk his head up. Taehyung watches Jungkook blow the smoke out on Yoongi's face, the man watching him without blinking an eye. Taehyung feels his heart race, his throat drying out fast.
Jungkook chuckles, “funny, how a mere photographer doesn't lose his shit when there are more than two guns pointed at his head.” “The only funny thing here is your shit-talk,” Yoongi replies, “as immature as ever.” “Why are you here, Min Yoongi?” Jungkook wonders, “hmm?”
“Not sure what you want to hear,” Yoongi murmurs, “I am dating him.” “You are always hired to kill people,” Jungkook whispers, “you are not going to make me believe-” “I left that path,” Yoongi shrugs, “I am trying to make a living in the right path now.” Jungkook laughs.
Jungkook's grip tightens on Yoongi's hair, “you have a pretty face, Min Yoongi, I would hate to scar it again.” Yoongi's eyes burn, Taehyung shudders when he remembers the elder telling him that the scar down his eye was an accident. “I don't fear you,” Yoongi murmurs.
Jungkook leans in, lips near Yoongi's ear, “you are terrified of me. Who are you kidding?” Yoongi swallows, “I am not here for your doll. I am not a fool to touch what's yours.” Jungkook's eyes are heavy on Yoongi, “why are you here, then?” Yoongi stays quiet. Jungkook sighs.
A cry breaks out of Taehyung's lips when Jungkook shoves Yoongi down on the floor. The sound of Yoongi's head crashing against the tiles is an odd one. Jungkook's boots are right in front of Yoongi's face. “The underdog isn't supposed to have a mouth on him,” Jungkook murmurs.
“You are to open your mouth when I am demanding it,” Jungkook orders, “yes?” “I am here for Park Jimin,” Yoongi coughs, eyes brimming with unshed tears because of the hit his forehead took against the tiles, “there was no other way to get close to him.” Jungkook hums, “why?”
“You know why,” Yoongi sits back on his knees, “I am paid to.” “You used me?” Taehyung whispers, “to get to mimi?” Yoongi looks at Taehyung, “if you are expecting morals from the likes of me, you won't find it here.” Taehyung glares, “I really liked you!” Yoongi stares.
“I wanted to go directly for Jimin, but he doesn't date people like us,” Yoongi's lips curl, “he is too snobby, so I had to somehow enter the circle. His circle is either you or your manager, and your manager talks a mile per second. So, it had to be you.” Taehyung curses.
Jungkook looks at Yoongi with contempt, “who paid you?” Yoongi shrugs, “that you can kill me for. I won't tell.” Jungkook looks at him intently, “I will lock you up. I don't trust you. You will be under my watch until this mess is solved.” Yoongi smirks, “you never succeed.”
Jungkook turns to Taehyung, “now, you have any more reasons to stay here?” Taehyung shakes his head, his eyes glossy, “no,” he curses, “I will change my clothes, and then we can leave.” They both watch Taehyung go to the bedroom, and then Yoongi gets up on his feet.
“Sorry,” Jungkook holds out a tissue, “I used too much force.” “Wonder how that happened for someone as skilled as you,” Yoongi takes the tissue and wipes his lip, “what's the plan next?” Jungkook looks at the closed bedroom door, “taking him out of here. It's getting messy.”
Yoongi nods, “I know. I can't take care of him alone. It's good that you are stepping in.” Jungkook watches Yoongi, “you really like him.” Yoongi tongues his cheek, nodding, “I know. Make sure he is fine. Safe. Otherwise, next time, you will be face-planted on the floor.”
“About Park Jimin,” Jungkook frowns, “he is Taehyung's best friend. If Taehyung goes missing, those people might come for him-” “I can't care less about Park Jimin,” Yoongi wipes his mouth, “his life is not my concern. Won't care a bit. He is a snob and I won't mind him gone.”
“Taehyung is important,” Yoongi murmurs, “I am keeping an eye on him for the last six years and know him up close for two months. I can tell you, you lost a golden chance.” Jungkook watches him, “to keep a few people untainted, you need to let them go, Min Yoongi.”
Yoongi's eyes are observant, “you never make sense to me.” Jungkook chuckles, turning away, “you are still the underdog, and I am the head of the organization, Yoongi. It's good that some things don't make sense to you.” Yoongi watches his boss go and light another cigarette.
“I can't leave just like this,” Taehyung comes out of the room, dressed properly, “I have to talk to Hobi hyung and Jimi-” “Hoseok is already alert,” Jungkook cuts Taehyung's words, “and, Jimin can handle himself.” “No,” Taehyung crosses his arms over his chest, “get him here.”
“If something happens to him, I will never be able to forgive myself.” Jungkook does not budge, “I don't have the time to run your errands.” Taehyung shrugs, “then, I am not going anywhere. Apparently, him and hobi hyung are the only ones I can trust.”
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