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Jan 21
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nsfw namkook au// car sex, riding, semi-public sex, dirty talk, oppa kink, filth namjoon and jungkook are stuck in traffic on the way to date night. jungkook thinks it’s the perfect opportunity to test out his new mercedes’ tinted windows, and namjoon can never say no.

he’d been unable to keep his hands off jk the whole drive, anyway, so it’s hardly jk’s fault that he’d started squirming and flushing to the point of whining into the steering wheel every time the cars in front of him inched forward as slow as a tractor with a rusted rim.
now, there hasn’t been any indication of the cars moving for the past ten minutes and jk, cheeks pink and lips even more so, has had quite enough of waiting around. nj jerks in surprise when jk shoves his hand off his thigh and climbs over the middle compartment,
settling down immediately in nj’s lap, straddling his smart trousers and gripping onto his collar with two fists and a pout the way he does when he’s horny. and angry. hangry. nj has a fantastic time imagining two black lop ears fall over jk’s face shyly when nj grabs his waist.
“someone’s impatient,” nj teases, nipping jk’s bottom lip when his mouth parts with a shuddery gasp. he feels up the taut muscle under jk’s thin silk shirt, thumbs caressing his abs. “you practically had your hand down my pants the entire way here, hyung,” jk complains.
nj grins. “who can blame me? look at you. you’re doing it to yourself.” jk’s shoulders shimmy up happily for a second before he masks his glimmering eyes with a squint and a very, very fierce scowl. “this would qualify as victim blaming.”
“this,” nj squeezes jk’s hip, smirking when he hisses, “would also qualify as public indecency.” “there’s nothing public about it.” nj moves hand to the window button, wholly prepared to press down and lower the glass for the cars lined up beside them to see exactly what
is apparently not public at all, and jk stops him with a hand around his wrist and a startled gasp. “/hyung/!” “mm?” jk stares, all big, round eyes and lips glossy with something he’d bought with nj’s card and swiped onto his lips in the front mirror of their apartment.
“won’t you give it to me nicely?” jk mumbles against nj’s lips, shy, shy, shy. “are you gonna make it hard for me?” “haven’t i already?” jk grins, pleased at the offhanded joke, a simple boy with simple needs that nj satisfies with overarching exuberance. nj thumbs his chin.
“this line will be moving any second, jeungugah,” nj says, tasting on jk’s breath the minty tic tacs he had munched down when the extent of the traffic stressed him out an hour ago. he reaches down and presses a finger against his bulge. “how will you drive with my cock in you?”
jk shivers at the feeling and the words in timely succession, tongue lolling out to rest against the inner seam of nj’s bottom lip like a hungry kitten. “hyung.” the syllable drags. jk kisses him then, swallowing up his lips with a soft moan of impatience and straightening his
spine until nj has to tip his chin up to meet his demands, all tongue and teeth. he wiggles and squirms on nj’s thick thighs, his own fighting to stay open with the desperate need for friction against the little secret lying between them. “hy-hyun’—“
“ah, ah, ah,” nj tuts chidingly, fighting to keep his voice level as jk’s tight, firm ass grinds down against the thick bulge of his cock in his trousers. they’ll be spoiled. their date night ends here. “watch who you’re calling to take care of you when you’re this desperate.”
ashamed and almost already out of his mind, jk’s chin wobbles as he whispers out, “oppa.” “good boy,” nj growls, unbuttoning jk’s pants in a hurry and sliding his hand inside before abruptly pausing at what he finds— lace. thin, soft, high-grade. nj glances down and sees white.
“fuck,” he groans, head meeting the seat behind him as his eyes squint shut. jk rakes his nails down nj’s neck and smiles against his dimple. “you came prepared, didn’t you, baby?” jk leads nj’s hand into his trousers again, the back end this time, and nj almost creams his pants
at the smooth, flat surface he feels, cushioned right between the plushness of jk’s ass. “/so/ fucking prepared,” jk murmurs. “tell me what you prepared for.” nj doesn’t give a shit anymore. he helps jk squirm out of his pants and pushes his suit all the way back, only glancing
out of the windshield to see if the cars before then have moved. they haven’t. “you know,” jk whines, chest heaving as he unbuttons nj’s shirt and dips his head down. “oppa knows.” unsatisfied, nj grabs a fistful of jk’s soft brown hair and tugs lightly until jk pauses
his eager descent and blinks up at nj, obedient and still. lips bitten, cheeks pink, eyes wet; he’s fucking beautiful. nj wants to make him weep. “oppa didn’t teach you to be disobedient, did he?” nj asks, voice feather soft and implication concrete heavy. jk taps his fingers
against nj’s thighs anxiously and shakes his head. “good,” nj murmurs. “now, tell me why you came into this car with a plug in your cunt and panties over it all. virgin white, hmm?” “yes,” jk nods, eyes hazed. he climbs back up and straddles nj properly, his weight heavy and hot
“i wanted to be prepared,” jk whispers, his act shy. nj grins at it. “wan— wan’ned oppa to take my virginity.” “in this car? on the middle friday night seoul traffic?” “i don’t care where it is,” jk whines, actually impatient now. nj can feel the lube around his plug seeping.
“no? then we can always do it later—“ “oppa, no,” jk sobs as he grabs nj’s hand and presses it over his cock, the leaking tip blush pink and peeking out of his lacy panties in a lewd picture. “please, if i don’t have your cock right now, i’ll go insane. /please/.”
“oppa taught you well to ask for things you want,” nj rumbles, sick of the act now, so hard in his pants he’d have no qualms about coming in them with a grunt and his teeth in jk’s skin. “take out that fucking plug. it doesn’t deserve to have a home in your sweet little hole.”
“and your cock does?” jk asks, breathless and cheeky even with tears in his eyes. nj taps him on the ass, /hard/, and jk shuts up with a squeak and a giggle. nevertheless, he reaches back and bites his lips as he eases the plug out of his lubed up hole, staring down at nj
with his brows and inhibitions lowered but a blush sitting high on his cheeks. the purple lights lining the car’s interior paint him prettier than he already is; a wonder. “hngh—“ jk whimpers as the plug is finally out, tossing it carelessly into the backseat. nj replaces it
immediately with two fingers and kisses jk hard. it takes less than a minute to get nj out of his pants and slicked up with spit that jk coats him with unashamedly, and even less to ease into jk’s slicked up ass and shudder with the heat and warmth. it grips like a vice.
“fuck, you really do feel like a virgin,” nj laughs into jk’s mouth in disbelief, the younger keeps his lips parted in a soundless gasp, eyes crossed up as he eases himself up and down nj’s cock with two hands gripping the seat behind him. the sounds falling from him are sweet,
if a little pornographic, but nj had been an avid watcher before jk and an even more avid experiencer during him. jk looks debauched when he’s being fucked, and even more so when he’s the one getting himself fucked. his hips falter, pace uneven, moans adorably shaky and staccato.
“oppa needs to do everything for you,” nj grunts as he grips jk’s hips and pounds up into him. the sounds fill the car, and he’s 90% sure the care is wobbling enough for their actions to be apparent even to outsiders. he couldn’t care less. he’s got the love of his life in
his arms and on his cock. “kith—“ jk warbles, blindly searching. nj complies, the meeting of lips more spit and tongue than anything, but jk mewls and whines into it as his pace picks up and nj feels his balls tightening, knowing the duration of their coupling will be
embarrassingly short and even more so perfect. jk’s muscles lock up five seconds later, and nj hurriedly grips his pink, pink, pink cock in his fist and pumps it as jk fucks back onto nj’s cook and up into his hand, overwhelmed with pleasure until he looks almost in pain.
“cuh—“ “cum for oppa,” nj urges, making is voice deep and heavy against jk’s ear the way he knows drives him mad. and jk squeals the way that drives /him/ mad, throwing his head back as his thighs clutches together and his cock spurts out quick, thick globs of cum
all over nj’s hand and their shirts. nj grips him close and muffles a long, drawn out groan into jk’s dilf shirt neckline as he relaxes inside the clenching heat of jk’s hole, his cum hardly seeming to stop. relief settles over him like a weighted blanket, his throat scratchy
with his breaths. “oppa,” jk whines. “no condom— cuhm. sticky.” “sorry,” nj says, sounding anything but. he reaches back blindly and feels around until he finds the plug that’d been tossed onto the seat. jk’s brows knit together at the sight of it but nj shushes him with a kiss.
after wiping the plug with the wet tissues kept in the glove compartment, he eases his cock out of jk’s hole and the plug inside. jk sits still and calm during it all, only wincing and shivering every now and then before settling with a pleased hum once the plug pops inside.
“you’re so impatient,” nj sighs. “so dirty.” “hyung’s dirtier,” jk grins back, flushed and shy and proud all at once as he runs a finger through the mess on nj’s shirt and slips it into his mouth. nj’s spent cock almost perks up in interest, like a traitor. “mm, you want?”
“psycho,” nj sighs fondly, kissing jk again, smile and release and all. “oh—“ jk gasps as he pulls away, looking behind his shoulder as a few lights in the distance pull further away. the cars before them begin to move forward almost immediately, and jk hisses and curses
all the way into his seat behind the driving wheel, groaning out load in discomfort when he’s seated. he shuffles around before starting the engine and buckling his seatbelt, mumbling all the while, “hyung— i swear to go, if you don’t get your license soon—“
“you’re the pillow princess, jeungugah, let me be the passenger one,” nj pouts, crossing his arms to play it up. jk gapes at the rare sight for all of a second before, with incredible abruptness like a sun emerging from behind a storm cloud, bursting into the prettiest smile.
—fin. another nsfw thread! i’m on a fuckin roll here heheheh :3 i know i said no namkook car sex but,,, well, sometimes peer pressure works…… i hope all of you who hoped for it (and anyone beyond) enjoyed :) thanks for reading 💗
and please excuse any silly typos (especially of the word cock) LOL, this was written on the spot :>
zinnia 🍒

zinnia 🍒

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