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| Pots and Plants | Life of a Flora Spirit is busy, and even busier if the said spirit once decided to be a scientist. Luckily his newly hired assistant - fox hybrid Jimin - is always ready to help. #jimsuary23 day 20 🦊🪴🌱🌿

[ jimsuary'23 drabbles ]
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🦊🌿 Being an alpha of the family Jimin was promised to become very successful. His huge clan of fox hybrids were neck deep into fashion industry: there were photographers and magazine editors, famous designers... but mostly models.
And Jimin too was expected to become one of top nation's faces in modeling, having been pushed to it from a very young age. If he was completely honest, it gave him nothing but anxiety and eating disorders.
With a huge scandal that was still sometimes discussed in press, he left the industry for good, cutting ties with his vain family.
He never finished any college, just several craft courses that seemed interesting to him, and mostly worked simple jobs while living from salary to salary, enjoying the quiet life and simple labor.
Once he was assisting in pottery workshop and saw a note that there was an assistant needed for a scientist who required help mostly around the house. It was also a live-in job that would allow him to save on rent and some other expenses.
He only contemplated for a second before dialing the number. Min Yoongi turned out to be a Flora spirit living in a traditional hanok amongst the busy city.
Everything in his house smelt like deep forest as he was mostly keeping small versions of trees and various types of moss in it, meanwhile studying them all and seeking ways to improve its growth and get rid of diseases.
And as notorious he was in the world of science, as much oblivious, dare he say a little incapable, he was in his everyday life. He was a disaster in the kitchen. A catastrophe in doing laundry. And don't get him started on housekeeping.
The amount of times Jimin had to use his heightened agility and strength to rush to the man to prevent him from falling to the floor when he tripped over his own feet? Or on things he had laying around?
The worst was his ability to look after himself and just relax. He would spend days and days working on a project without a sliver of sleep if his assistant would let him. So Jimin found a perfect thing for him to get distracted with. One of the crafts Jimin learnt to do.
Pottery. They organized it in a small room Yoongi hasn't filled with rocks and trees yet. Jimin would drag his boss there every time he would get stuck in his research and worry himself over it too much.
He taught the elder how to make simple pots he later used for his plants as well. It was a win - win situation. Somehow, their small hobby has gained a new tint to it overtime.
The hybrid noticed how Yoongi would blush every time he got close or when he guided his hand, showing how to shape the pot they were currently working on. His scent would change and the alpha would often get even closer to be able to feel it better.
And soon he realised exactly why when after a successful experiment Jimin was a witness to he got not only hugged but also kissed right on the lips, marking the beginning of a long time courting they decided to perform by both their traditions. ~end🦊🌿
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