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Thread: Pfizer’s Missing Patients In Pfizer’s Post Marketing Reports there are 20,761 missing from the results at the time of the report. They are categorized as “not recovered at the time of report” or “unknown”. How can this be? Where is the data on these individual? #Pfizer

20,761 missing from the data and yet as far as I am aware this hasn’t been reported anywhere. That many people compared to the reported deaths is a giant chasm so understanding what eventually happened to these people is vitally important.
We cannot know the true incident of SAE’s and Deaths until these 20,761 people’s outcomes are known. As you can see in this table from the report these numbers are very peculiar. Why are these case reports incomplete? (Table 1, p. 7)…
Look closely and you’ll see that the male to female ratio is significantly lopsided as well. Nearly three-quarters (71%) of the 42,086 patients are female; 22% of the patients are male; another 7% have no sex identified
Why are so few male patients included in the Pfizer report? Did Pfizer know that myocarditis was especially prevalent in males so they decided to monitor much less of them to reduce the signal?
The Centers for Disease Control states that, it is in male adolescents and young adults that most cases of myocarditis and pericarditis have been reported. So its a stretch of the imagination that Pfizer wasn’t aware of the heart problems.…
This table further illustrates the sex discrepancy but this doesn’t mean there weren’t problems with cardiovascular conditions as you can see where I’ve highlighted. (Table 7, p. 20)…
Sadly, 1,223 (3.7%) of the 32,686 patients with known outcomes died (Table 1, p. 7)…
So, in 3.7% of the adverse event cases with known outcomes, the Pfizer mRNA vaccine proved fatal. What is the actual mortality rate for the injection?
Well if we knew the number of doses that were shipped worldwide, we could determine the actual mortality rate; unfortunately, Pfizer has redacted that information (p. 6, Section 3.1.1, paragraph 1)…
The Centers for Disease Control suggests that the number of deaths should be much less, around 0.003%. paragraph 2 here:…
Four (0.3%) of the 1,223 deaths occurred on the same day the patients received the mRNA vaccine. These patients died of anaphylaxis, although according to Pfizer: “they all had serious underlying medical conditions, and one individual appeared to also have COVID-19 pneumonia”
(Table 4, footnote b, p. 10)…
Nonetheless, the Centers for Disease Control advises that “staying up to date with COVID-19 vaccines (getting primary series and booster) is especially important if you are older or have severe health conditions or more than one health condition . . .”… Is this advice consistent with the deaths from anaphylaxis?
Pfizer’s 3.7% fatality rate for the adverse event cases with known outcomes doesn’t include patients that Pfizer said had not recovered at the time of the report April 30 2021. Of the 32,686 patients with known outcomes, 11,361 (35%) of the patients are listed as not recovered
Of the 32,686 patients with known outcomes, 19,582 (60%) of the patients are lumped together as recovered/recovering (Table 1, p. 7)…
Did those 11,361 patients not recovered at the time survive the Pfizer mRNA vaccine? I’d venture to say not all did based on what we know. Combining recovered and recovering cases is Pfizer attempting to overcount the number of cases in which the adverse events were resolved.
Pfizer obviously did not do it’s job and track these people adequately. Now why is that? Could it possibly be because of the way the mRNA vaccine was named?
Pfizer requested a waiver of the standard method for assigning a unique name to the vaccine. Pfizer’s waiver request notes that the standard naming method “would be burdensome and redundant”.
Now why would that be? (p. 4)…
The purpose of the unique name is to “secure pharmacovigilance so that the FDA can effectively monitor all biological products in the post market” and to “aid in adverse event report tracking”
Is Pfizer that machiavellian, that they would deliberately request a waiver knowing it would make things more difficult to identify in post marketing surveillance? I’m starting to believe the answer is yes.
Pfizer’s report is anything but clear and raises many important questions, missing people, unknown outcomes, outrageous death and injury reported and yet in Pfizer’s review of adverse events reported after the Pfizer mRNA vaccine was approved by the FDA, they conclude that:
Their review “confirms a favorable benefit:risk balance” for the mRNA vaccine. (p. 29)…
This information is from Pfizer’s own post marketing experience report. This is just one example of thousands of pages that The FDA tried to have sealed on behalf of Pfizer for 75 years ultimately.
I also utilized “Pfizer Analysis Document Reports” a great resource with more than 500 pages breaking down all of the documents Pfizer was forced to released thus far, you can buy it at
There is a good reason the FDA didn’t want the documents released for 75 years, all one has to do is start reading them to find it. Please give me a follow for more to come 🙏🏻
One last thing on this for further context. In the period from 24 hours to 21 days after receiving Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine, there were 394 total cases of cardiac events that included the following:
- Arrhythmia: 102 cases - Myocardial infarction: 89 cases - Acute myocardial infarction: 41 cases -Cardiac failure: 80 cases - Acute cardiac failure: 11 cases - Cariogenic shock: 7 cases - Orthostatic tachycardia syndrome: 7 -Pericarditis: 32 cases - Myocarditis: 25 cases
Imagine if we knew what the outcomes of the missing patients were. I highly doubt they are positive.
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