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James Fletcher

James Fletcher

Mosquitos kill more than arson, guns and deliberate airliner crashes put together. Let’s legalise arson and terrorism, since we ‘allow’ mosquitos. Don’t lecture me on arson. I already told you I was a firefighter at one of those mass killings. What’s your contribution? Excuses?

Where did I say any of that Gun-controls at best neutral wrt crime but infringement of US constitution & Common Law rights to bear arms on which is based But balance of real evidence v cherry-picked "proof" based on eg US v other 19 or even 5 of G20/G6 is they make crime WORSE!

If you do a proper comparison of legal gun ownership/possession (Switzerland & Israel have high gun ownership but sky-high possession when you include the military-spec often FULL-AUTO guns armed forcesforces often keep at home) v Gun MURDER (not "deaths"=mainly suicides-which...
If do proper comparison of legal gun ownership/possession (inc Switzerland & Israel military guns at home) v Gun MURDER (not "deaths"=mainly suicides-which highest in strictest gun-control nations) Homicides go UP as LEGAL gun POSSESSION goes DOWN And murders FALL as guns rise!
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