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Jan 5, 2023
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#taekookau Every friday, Taehyung goes to clubs and steals from the rich. Yesterday night he stole from the wrong person. Because Jeon Jungkook, heir to a tech conglomerate, is at his apartment next day, demanding Taehyung to give back the engagement ring he stole from him.

Too bad, Taehyung already sold the diamond ring on the black market. Too bad Jungkook can't propose to his fiancée without it. Now, Taehyung, a bubbly thief, and Jungkook, a grumpy heir, embark in a journey together to find the ring. They might find something else at the end.
💍 Cute thief Taehyung x Grumpy heir Jungkook 💍Tags: crack, high society, jealousy, adventure, pinning, they're both bad at feelings 💍Idiots to lovers 💍 They're both stubborn, so it's complicated 💍'Damn, your eyes'/ 'This is gay!' 💍Drabble, will write if it gets 369 likes
There is a young man in the middle of the dance floor. Glowing in his dazzling costume, fitting in with all the affluent rich kids that surround him. He moves swiftly from one group of people to other, mingling like a bird, flying from one rich pocket to another.
And fuck, is it amazing and addicting. Kim Taehyung is a thief. And a good one at that. He chuckles at a man’s drunk attempt at chatting him up, he cries with a girl at the bar about her failed relationship. He is everywhere all at once. His pockets are heavy and drag him down.
There are bracelets, watches, wallets inside, everything light at the touch and rich in value. Life is good, especially when Taehyung, sober from alcohol, drunk from adrenaline, looks in the faces of all those gold spoons, reeking of their parent’s money.
He doesn’t give a fuck about how immoral it sounds. It’s his ultimate pleasure, robbing them off something that makes them think they’re above everyone else. He’s been doing it for 2 years. At the sweet age of 21 he managed to learn all there is to being an exceptional thief.
He has his network of people who help him sell the stolen pieces for the best price without any trace that leads back to him. All his fake identities help him enter the high class clubs that are rotten with affluent people. This night is no different than others.
Taehyung smirks as he sees his next target. A quite handsome fella, wearing a groovy face, wearing his shirt unbuttoned, raven hair gelled to perfection. It’s his favourite people to rob. because they’re exactly Taehyung’s type.
He can have fun with them both flirting and then stealing from them. The music spikes up, some trap mix that smashes up the entire ambiance of the fancy club. It’s Yoongi’s task. He is part of their team, works as a DJ in different clubs around the city,
offering Taehyung all the information he needs. Yoongi winks at him, as Taehyung slowly approaches his victim. Hot boys with their daddy’s money and an everlasting grumpy face are his favourite type of boys. The man raises his eyes from his glass filled with scotch.
It’s a heavy look. Taehyung has it under control. Almond eyes stare him down as Taehyung sits near the man, who looks quite drunk already. Perfect! “You’re a charming one, what do you think, want to go to yours?” The start is strong.
Taehyung walks his lips on the rim of his glass, pointedly looking at the doe eyed man. The stranger doesn’t bulge, doesn’t even blink at the shameless approach. “I don’t have a car, nor a licence.” “You don’t need a driver’s licence to ride me.”
This time Taehyung’s words wake up a reaction from the stranger. The man chokes on his drink, eyes wide and confused. Taehyung loves these hard nutted men who think they’re so stoic and impenetrable. But one fitting word, and they’re at Taehyung’s knees.
Taehyung leans in closer, eyes filled with mirth, he presses his lips to the man’s ear to whisper sweetly “You look so strong and manly, but your eyes urge me to put you on your knees, to make you be a good boy, to tame you, isn’t that what you want, be good for me?”
Taehyung bathes in the way the stranger’s eyes darken, his teeth gritten. Taehyung takes to stand up and to follow his next victim after the stranger keeps silent for too long, but then a strong arm lands on his thigh, pinning him on the chair.
“Is that all you have? Sweet words and half assessed promises? Isn’t it you who asks to be put in place, to fucking know your limit and not put your fucking loose mouth everywhere?” Taehyung gulps, heart spiking in his chest.
He tries to stand up again, but the tight pressure on his hip doesn’t let him. “Didn’t anyone teach you that talking to strangers is dangerous?” The doe eyed man speaks again, through gritted teeth. And Taehyung is the one lost this time.
On one side, tha man looks fierce, arrogant and quite threatening. On the other side, the same man appears hot as hell. In the end, the rationale part of Taehyung wins, he needs to get out of here. “Yes, stranger is danger, that’s why I am going to leave now and…”
Taehyung’s attempt at leaving the bar fails again. The stranger is now in his personal space, a rather devilish grin on his face, different from the impassive look he had before. “You wanted to go to mine? Let’s do it, I really want to fuck someone…”
Taehyung jumps from the chair and sprints in another direction. He hears the stranger yelling something behind, something very close to “coward”. Taehyung doesn’t look back. And he also ignores the heat forming in his chest. He was played this time, which greatly angers him.
Taehyung exits the club and crunches on the pavement. Taehyung grips the jewellery in his hand and smiles satisfied at his work. He looks at the diamond ring resting in his hand, the ring that he managed to steal from the doe eyed man. This ring will cost a fortune.
This might just be Taehyung’s luckiest night. When he wakes up in the morning, he realises just how untrue it is. There are black sportive cars parked near his apartment building and the stranger from yesterday night is in his apartment with two bodyguards and an angry face.
Taehyung learns that the stranger’s name is Jeon Jungkook, who comes from one of the richest families in South Korea. And Kim Taehyung is absolutely screwed. Because he stole the engagement ring from the same exact Jeon Jungkook, and sold it on the black market.
The engagement ring that is an old artefact that every Jeon uses to propose to their partner. Jeon Jungkook has two weeks to propose. Which means two weeks to find the diamond ring. Kim Taehyung is really screwed.
going to drown myself in chocolates now, let me know what if you think and if i should continue it 🍫
Kim Taehyung is really screwed. His morning goes exactly like that. He is walking in his one room apartment, muttering under his breath “I am screwed, I am screwed, I am screwed, I am screwed…” There is no salvation for him. He's doomed, this is his end.
In the tiny corner of his again one room apartment, that stores both his bed, his kitchen and his bathroom, sits calmly Jeon Jungkook. At first glance, it would seem that he is calm. But Taehyung can see the red splotches in his eyes and the veiny hands, tightened knuckles.
Taehyung is panicking badly. His whole identity has been discovered. “Wait, how did you find me?” He asks, approaching the situation with a curious tone and a light mind. Jeon Jungkook seems annoyed, if judged by his facial expressions.
“I should be the one asking questions now.” Jungkook expresses with a scowl on his face that tells Taehyung he’s really screwed. Taehyung gulps the fear and smiles brightly, his smile can win over everything, or so his friends had said. “So, what exactly do you want to know?”
Jungkook is intimidating, still wearing a suit, a grimace and gritted knuckles. “Where’s my ring?” “Oh, damn straight to the point. I see, I see…” Taehyung averts the glare, his hands sway mildly by his side, gears run in his mind, trying to create some false narratives.
“Should we deal better with the help of the police?” Everything becomes dazy in front of his face, because if there is something he truly fears and despises more than rich people, it’s the police. Taehyung layts on a chair, hand peeking at his forehead.
“Do not joke with such things!” Taehyung pleads. The man in front of him rolls his eyes and flickers a finger in the air, as his tow bodyguards leave the apartment. Taehyung is curious what’ll happen now. When the two bodyguards leave, Taehyunng straightens his back.
He arches an eyebrow, hopefully it appears seductive. “Do you want to punish me, daddy?” Taehyung subdues a roar, like a tiger, mirthfully glancing at Jungkook. And Jungkook, well he thinks he’s screwed too.
Taehyung can see the veins cracking and popping on Jungkook’s forehead. “Let’s clarify one thing, Taehyung. If I ask you to bend for me right now, for me to fuck you open right here on the kitchen table, you won’t do it, because you’re all words and no bite. Now let’s talk.”
Taehyung shuts his mouth and ignores the heating lowering between his legs, no, no, he won’t think about it, even if the deep commanding tone is what makes it for him. Taehyung does calculate some risks, asserting numbers in his mind, factors, people,
mimicking with his fingers in the air, and then his mind is set. Taehyung ignores Jungkook’s judgemental eyes at his antics. “I sold your ring on the black market, it’s probably now halfway to China, can’t help you with anything, dude.” He decides to tell the truth.
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Jungkook apparently doesn’t like the truth. His eyebrows furrow and his eyes are becoming real dark, not a good thing “You did what?” “Um, I sold your ring on the…” Taehyung expects a fist in his face, police at his door or a string of curses directed at him.
Surely, he doesn’t expect Jeon Jungkook to put oth his hands in his hair, too calm, too put together. But then the man speaks and “I am screwed, I am screwed, I am screwed…” Taehyung gets the urge to walk closer and comfort the man. God knows, he screwed enough in his life too
But Taehyung is still afraid. Taehyung gives Jungkook time to vent, 20 minutes pass in silence. Finally, Jungkook stops stomping over the floor, cursing himself, he lays on the floor and stares at one single point on the wall. Taehyung doesn’t know if it’s better.
His phone disturbs the settled silence. It’s Jimin, Taehyung’s other partner in his affairs. Jimin is mildly said a spy, a crazy one at that. He has the looks, the face and the style to be walking on a polished stage showing off some famous brands
or act in a drama because damn it, could the boy hide his emotions well and manipulate others. Instead, Jimin chose to be a crazy fucker and a partner of Kim Taehyung. Brown curled hair that adorn his pretty face, an undercut eyecatching and a devilish smile. Jimin is a shadow.
He is everywhere, hearing everything, Taehyung's ears and eyes. Because the power relied on information. Taehyung answers the phone, walking inside the bathroom, because given his apartment’s small dimensions, he couldn’t afford much privacy. “What do you have for me?”
The chuckle can be heard well, Jimin’s laugh is poisonous “Straight to the business, not even ‘My love, how are you doing?’, ‘Darling, you didn’t end up shot in a lake, have you?’” Taehyung loves Jimin’s dramatics, but right now in his situation, he’s not really in the mood.
Jimin can sense it, because he switches to his professional mode. “Kang is a fucking moron, we shouldn’t make business with him anymore.” Kang is the one that ships all their stolen pieces overseas. “What did he do this time?”
“He's keeping some pieces to himself, that fucker, and sells them here in Seoul instead of other countries. Do you remember that diamond ring you gave me yesterday for shipping?” Taehyung’s heart peeks, it’s Jungkook’s ring Jimin’s talking about. He urges Jimin to continue.
“Kang should’ve shipped that ring to China, but instead he sold it to Lee, saw the man wearing it today at one of his meetings with some drug dealers.” Fuck, okay, this can be good. Taehyung shuts off his phone. He walks to Jungkook with a hopeful heart.
The man is still on the floor, silent, but he raises his eyes when Taehyung approaches him. “I have good news and bad news, which ones do you want to…” “Speak, now” Taehyung sighs heavily, no fun for him, Jeon Jungkook is no fun.
“Good news is that your ring is not in China, that’s for sure, it's here in Seoul. Bad news is that the ring is currently at a mafia leader.” “What the fuck?” They’re both screwed.
“Taehyung, please, dearly, tell me what’s going on. If I don’t find that ring, my grandfather will kill me, I can’t propose without it, any fake that I will bring, my grandfather will know. He’s a terrifying man.” “More terrifying than you?”
A ghost of a smile can be seen on Jungkook’s face, only if from an approximate distance, close enough to catch it. Because Jeon Jungkook ain’t someone to grace you with a smile so easily. Taehyung sees the charm.
He thinks that if Jungkook wouldn’t be such a stuck up, he would have an adorable smile. “I can’t disclose anything to you about my network or how we do things, it’s…” “I couldn’t give two fucks about you stealing from the rich, god knows they have enough in their pockets.
What I care about is my ring. So how do we get it?” “We?” “I am one word away from involving the police.” “Okay.” Jungkook stands up from the floor and dusts his pants, glaring at Taehyung “Forget about my embarrassing sobbing on the floor 10 minutes ago.”
Taehyung nods solemnly. He understands that the man needs to keep the facade of a tough guy. “Let’s go to a more pleasant place and talk about /OUR/ plan.” Taehyung wants to be offended, but let’s be honest, his apartment is rotten, on the verge of collapsing,
with mice as his only visitors and supporters. They exit his apartment and proceed to descend the stairs, because Taehyung’s apartment is on the 9th floor and because the building doesn’t have an elevator.
When they manage to walk till the 4th floor, it’s Jungkook who pauses and unbuttons his shirt, two snakes polished with ink are curled around his collarbones, a tail can be seen from under the shirt, tattoo lowered on his chest. Well, maybe Jeon Jungkook is not so stuck up.
They embark on an adventure without even knowing it themselves. The car drives to a fancy restaurant. Taehyung’s mouth is wide open in the interior. “This doesn’t feel like a punishment.” Taehyung retorts when Jungkook is guided by the waitress to a table in the far corner.
“Your punishment is coming, don’t worry.” And Taehyung really is a good guy. He is not horny the majority of the time. He tries hard not to take the words in a sexual way. But a smirk appears on his face nonetheless. “You’re crazy.” Jungkook remarks when they sit at the table.
Taehyung doesn’t protect himself against such claims. The ambiance of the restaurant is elegant, with soft lighting, fine linens and tableware, and polished surfaces. The menu features a wide range of gourmet dishes. Taehyung struggles to pronounce most of their names.
He ends up pointing with a finger at half of the menu. Because he ain’t going to miss such a generous opportunity. Jungkook looks at him sceptically. But Taehyung misses the way the man’s lips curl in a barely visible smile.
When the waitress offers a knowing, suspicious smile to Jungkook, and her finger lingers for longer on the man’s bicep, Taehyung laughs loudly. “Oh, you naughty, naughty boy.” “Is it that visible?” “That you slept with her, yes, so you’re a cheating bastard, I see, I see,
more than rich people I hate cheating ones.” “Wasn't the police on top of your more despised people?” Taehyung furrows his eyebrows, confused as to how the man knows. But then he remembers such frivolities as him talking out loud sometimes instead of in his mind.
“And I am not cheating” Jungkook continues “It’s an arranged marriage and we’re in an open relationship.” “Does she know about this?” “Yes, she does.” Jungkook speaks through gritted teeth.
“We’re childhood friends and agreed to experiment till marriage, we can be with whoever we want until I proposed.” “Nice, nice, I see we started opening up to each other, god knows we’ll become best friends at the end of this.” Taehyung speaks through his cloudy thoughts.
He doesn’t know how he ended up in such a situation. But the truth is he’s not against it. He always wanted to embark on an adventure. After all, life is too short. “You’d want to be friends?” Jungkook asks, a curious look on his face. “Why not?” “You hate rich people.”
“Maybe I end up not hating you?” Jungkook scoffs and resumes eating his steak. Taehyung smiles bashfully and looks at the many dishes arranged in front of him. Oh, he’s going to have a blast eating all of this.
“By the way, how did you react so calmly to me stealing your ring?” Taehyung inquires minutes later, already comfortable In Jungkook’s company. “In my world, where everyone deceives everyone, I saw worst, don’t think something can faze me anymore.
It’s my time to ask you now, why do you hate rich people?” Taehyung stops chewing, a cloud of sadness, fear and troublesome memories land on his mind. “I had some bad experiences with rich people” Taehyung ends up saying, shoving all the high school memories back.
Jungkook doesn’t ask for more. They eat in silence. When they finish eating, Jungkook resumes his glare and grumpy face. “Let’s talk now about Lee, who he is and why exactly is he bad news.” "Well, Lee Jong Wok has your ring. He's a mafia leader and well... he's also my ex."
“Your ex is a mafia leader?” Taehyung nods sheepishly. “We didn’t break up um… quite peacefully, so I lost contact with him.” “What size is his gang?” “Let’s say he has his men in Japan, China, Taiwan, a large network and…” “Understood.”
“Hey, why do you interrupt me so much?” Taehyung’s voice oscillates between a whine and a roar. Jungkook tells him off with a finger. “People with mafia leader exes are not allowed to speak.” Taehyung looks at Jungkook strangely, “Your jokes are really weird.”
"Who said I was joking?" They exit the restaurant, Taehyung with a scoff plastered on his face, Jungkook with a devilish handsome smirk. “I must admit I wanted to have something fun before I tie my life to my fiancee.”
“I am at your service to deliver all the fun needed. Just hope you include death in the list of funny things too.” Jungkook looks at him, wants to see if he’s joking. Taehyung remains stoic.
“You know best about their network, people, places, think of a plan and I will deliver all the resources needed for it. We’ll meet tomorrow at the same time.” “At a fancy restaurant?” Taehyung asks hopefully. Jungkook shakes his head, enters his car and leaves without a word.
“Rude!” Taehyung exclaims. Taehyung walks back home with his mind filled with riddles, memories altering between high school, rich kids, burnt marks, broken bones and an ex that Taehyung hoped he won’t meet again. Fuck Jeon Jungkook.
The next day comes too fast. And the call that alarms him since morning too. “Where are you?” The grudging voice resonates through his speaker. Taehyung sits on a bench in a park, a sad smile on his face. Jungkook called him, which smoothes the bad mood. “I am in the park.”
“And where have you been all day? I called you non stop” By the frustration voiced in Jungkook’s tone, Taehyung understands that the man wasn’t made to wait for long or run after someone. Taehyung smiles. He listens carefully to the heavy breathing on the other end of the call.
“I didn’t answer your calls, because I was avoiding stress, doctor’s orders.” “Well, we still need to meet today and talk about the plan.” “At another restaurant? I need high intakes of meat in my body, again doctor’s orders.”
“You’re really unbelievable, okay meet me at the same place in an hour.” Taehyung sighs as he doesn’t manage to say his ending amendments, the call is finished in a clip. Taehyung really should eat more meat, avoid stress and not carry heavy things.
But here he is meeting Jeon Jungkook and carrying his heavy problems. At least he does one good thing, eats well. Taehyung didn’t have time today to wear dazzling clothes, he rarely wears them anymore, but seeing Jungkook in a dashing outfit makes perfect sense.
He looks like he was born to dress well. And Taehyung wishes he’d dress to impress too. But it doesn’t make sense that Jungkook wants someone to impress. Taehyung scratches at his oversized white shirt. His baggy pants seize him as a certified outcast.
The bandana on his head holds the wave of black curls. Jungkook greets him with a blank face. They enter the same restaurant. They order the same food. Taehyung doesn’t have an appetite. But he needs to eat well. He won’t miss the opportunity to do so. Doctor’s orders after all.
“So, tell me about the plan.” Jungkook’s short notice wakes him up from the reverie where he doubted with himself how to push more food in his body. Taehyung raises his eyes from the steak and blinks multiple times. “Not even an ‘are you feeling good? How are you doing?’”
Jungkook furrows his eyebrows, angry, and Taehyung forgets about all the pleasantries. “Here’s the plan. Lee organises a Ball for his birthday next week. Guests are only people invited personally by him. To get an invitation, I need to contact a very dangerous man called Jin.
He works for Lee, my ex. But Jin won’t do anything until I pay a price, so the biggest threat in our plan will be this price, Jin can ask us to rob a bank or bring him an exotic animal or vlog him something from the jungles. He’s a mystery really.” “Are you on drugs?”
Taehyun gulps, not expecting this exact reaction, maybe a pat on his back. “I don’t do drugs, doctor’s orders. Also you need to praise me more, also doctor’s words, less stress, more praise. My plan is amazing” Jungkook doesn’t seem amused. But he relents.
“This plan is fire, Taehyung, good job.” Jungkook leans close and his hand lands on Taehyung's head. Jungkook pats his hair gently, still a scowl playing on his face. Taehyung nudges into the touch, closing his eyes and enjoying the attention, like a touch starved man.
Soon, as if burnt, Jungkook retreats his hand and coughs. “That’s enough praise for you. Behave well and I’ll praise you more.” “Am I dog?” “Seems so” Jungkook nods. “Your puppy?” Taehyung rests his face on his palm as he stares at the rosy tint curling up Jungkook’s face.
“You’re cute.” The words slip past Taehyung’s lips, which results in the grumpy face returning back. “I am not cute, I am hot, handsome, sexy…” “Cutie…” Taehyung teases. He enjoys seeing Jungkook squirm under his compliments. It’s not bad to have some fun while he can do it.
They exit the restaurant with some more teasing, which Jungkook seems to grow fond of. They don't know much about each other. But the teasing, small talk, smiles and touches, they’re the most comfortable together. But truly, Taehyung doesn’t know much about Jungkook.
It’s both agitating and comforting. Because Jungkook doesn’t know much about him as well. They stand on the pavement, glancing at each other, a sense of deja vu. “Will you meet this Jin alone? I could be present there as well.”
Taehyung opens his mouth to reply back, but a wave of nausea hits him hard. He ignores the glances Jungkook sends him, grabbing a pack of pills from his pocket and drowning one in big gulps. “Are you okay?” Jungkook is scrunched over him, a new emotion on his face,
other than the grumpy one or the blank one. Jungkook seems to be worried, his eyebrows are furrowed together, the corners of his mouth curled downright. “I’ll be okay, nothing a pill can’t solve, as for Jin, he doesn’t trust anyone outside their gang. So, I’ll need to go alone.
See you tomorrow for another portion of steak. Bye.” Taehyung doesn’t look back, he rushes to the bus station. But he manages to hear Jungkook yelling after him “See you tomorrow, puppy.” A smile curls up on his face all the way to his home.
Taehyung lives in the big city. But the big city is not bright in its entirety. Taehyung lives in a small, bad district. Despite the dark layers, Taehyung loves living here. No limits, barriers, prejudices or judgements. It’s a corner where everyone can escape to
Escape from the demons of their past. Criminals live here, and thieves, victims, the network of the black market, gangs, drug dealers… and Taehyung. But he won’t reveal who exactly he is. And why does he live in this district? Because to all Taehyung is just a thief.
His heavy breathing and the sweat on his forehead give away his visible anxiety. Taehyung is at a meeting with Kim Seokjin. Someone who can open every door, but which comes with a price. Their meeting takes place underground. It’s dark and cold here.
Kim Seokjin looks the same as he did a year ago. There’s a bored flannel look imprinted on his face. “So, you come back uh? Should I let Lee know? You know the heartbreak he went through?” Taehyung winces. He didn’t expect a warm welcome anyway, but it still hurts a bit.
Taehyung can handle pain well though. “Didn’t peg you for someone who holds grudges.” Taehyung tries the light tone, but Jin doesn’t warm up to him. “I didn’t throw a knife at you yet, because I know why you left Lee. That’s the only reason.” “You don’t know anything.”
Taehyung stirs in his seat, eyes bloody angry. “I followed you after you left Lee crying in his office, after you made a mafia boss cry on his knees. I followed you to that place and heard everything. That’s the only way I didn’t kill you.”
Taehyung knows Kim Seokjin has never cared much about him. Jin is Lee’s big brother and Taehyung broke Lee’s heart. A plan comes to his mind. “I stole something big, and now the owner of that thing is after me, I have a week to return it, and that thing is at Lee’s.
I am sure you don’t want him to meet me, so what if you take that thing from Lee and give it to me?” Taehyung expects the laugh that follows. He didn’t hope much that the plan will work, but it was wise to try. “You’re funny, Taehyung, I’ll give it to you.”
Jin remarks while sharpening the blade laying on his lap. “But you underestimate the hate I have for you. I really want you to face my brother yourself and to see what you have done to him. I will hold business with you as I do with other people, you are no one to me.”
“What do you want for two invitations at Lee’s Ball then?” “I need you to do what you can do the best, steal something for me.” Taehyung leaves the underground an hour later. His chest is void of much of anything. It’s hard to breathe, because it’s hard to remember everything.
He arrives home to boxes of pizza and unwashed sheets. Taehyung wraps himself in the duvet, waves of nausea adding to his misery. His phone pings with message after message, calls follow afterwards. His brain feels so swollen. He can’t think straight. His stomach lurches.
He raises his heavy eyelids half way and manages to type a message quickly. ‘Your puppy needs you’. Taehyung hits send, he grabs the boxes of pizza and two bottles of alcohol and heads to the roof, waiting for the guest to join. Today was a hard day after all.
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It's already evening, Taehyung can't see the sun from where he is laying on the roof. He takes a sip from the soju bottle. It tastes bitter. Loneliness is a monster. Steps are heard behind him. "Didn't your doctor advise you not to drink?" Jungkook jokes, while he sits near.
Lichen upon the rooftop brings patches of cream amid the earthy reds. Jungkook arrives fast, surprisingly. “I don’t think I saw my grandfather so often as I saw you in the last three days.” Jungkook notices as he takes the other bottle and sips from it.
It’s a bit maddening, how he got close to Jungkook in such a short span of time. “What about your parents, you don’t see them often?” “They’re dead.” Taehyung remains silent. He never knows how to comfort people in such circumstances. He was never comforted himself.
“Jin agreed to help us, he will give two invitations to Lee’s Ball.” “And what’s the price?” “I need to steal something.” “From who?” “Kim Namjoon.” Jungkook tenses, but remains silent. Taehyung chuckles. “I know he’s your friend.”
“Not a friend, just an acquaintance, I don’t have many friends to be honest.” Again, Taehyung chooses to change the subject, he doesn’t want to start comforting Jungkook, because then Jungkook will start comforting him.
“Kim Namjoon will host a party for his graduation in two days and I’ll steal it then.” “Should I allow you to do that?” Taehyung catches the teasing jab. He notices also how their thighs are touching and how their hands brush on the ground.
“If not me, then another person will steal it, Jin always gets what he wants.” Jungkook nods. He doesn’t care much about any affairs or crimes that happen in high society. “Will you be there?” Taehyung catches himself asking, in a quiet tone.
“I’ll be there, but no worries, I will pretend I don’t see you.” They don’t talk about how Jungkook will be there with his fiancee. They don’t have any reason for talking about it. Taehyung doesn’t have any reason for his heart spiking up inside as he meets eyes with Jungkook.
They’re drinking together, too seemingly strangers brought together for a purpose. “By the way, I saw today a man of yours following me around, I don’t like it.” Taehyung refers to one of Jungkook’s bodyguards who followed him everywhere. “Do you not trust me?”
“I rather do not trust you to take care of yourself.” Jungkook confesses “In such a short time, I came to care about you a lot.” "You care about your ring." Taehyung wants Jungkook to deny it. Jungkook keeps silent. Moonlight, in a quiet garden stretching across the roof.
“What’s your dream?” Jungkook asks suddenly, bringing the bottle to his rosy lips. “I don’t have the privilege of having a dream, I fear.” Taehyung can count on his fingers the amount of times he opens up to someone. But sharing sincerity with Jungkook comes easy.
It’s mortifying how easy it is to talk to Jungkook. "And what's your dream?" Taehyung wants Jungkook to tell him everything, to go on for hours talking. "I guess I dream to not a be lonely walker anymore. I want to feel loved and to feel safe and secure and warm."
In the city lights, in the serenity of eventide, the dreams of night begin to play in sweet imagination. Taehyung and Jungkook are still laying on the same spot, bathing in each other’s breaths. It’s serenity. They talked about the plan to get the ring back hours ago.
For some reason, Jungkook hasn't left yet. For some reason, Taehyung stayed near him. He got to know that Jungkook studied abroad for the most of his adolescence, that he traveled a lot and has a string of tattoos and bright memories.
Taehyung talked a bit too. He revealed he likes to paint, he never travelled anywhere, but he'd like to visit Japan. “I have never met people like you before, to be honest.” Jungkook confesses. They’re drunk. Jungkook’s tongue is loose. He is sincere. He is relaxed.
He wants to know more about the stranger that feels like home. “People who live on the edge of the cliff, as if it’s their last day everyday.” “Maybe it’s my last day?” Taehyung blurts jokingly as he turns to Jungkook with his whole body. Jungkook does the same.
Here on the roof, without his dashing suit and bodyguards and flashy cars and grumpy face, Jeon Jungkook feels so warm. “And I have never met people like you.” Taehyung confesses. “People who wear grumpiness on their faces like it’s their job, like smiling is a crime.”
Jungkook stares at him, stoic and serious, until a smile breaks through all the facade, a smile so bright and adorable, his whole face lights up. “Here, I am smiling.” Jungkook speaks through the smile as he still has his lips stretched. “You have a bunny smile.”
“No one told me that before.” “A crime truly.” They talk a bit more, because they’re drunk and it’s easy to talk when you can blame things on alcohol. “I am always grumpy, because it’s hard for me to open up and loosen around someone.
When your name has more money than half of the country, many people want you for themselves. I still remember when I was 10 and two people kidnapped me, asking for money from my grandfather. Police catched them, it was my school teacher with her husband that kidnapped me.
She was my favourite teacher. Then my parents died because they were betrayed by their closest friend. They were more times in which people caused me pain, it hardened me. It's hard to accept someone in my life now.” 'Then why did you accept me', Taehyung wants to ask.
Their thighs are touching and their hands are brushing against each other, but they’re still not close. Taehyung is afraid a touch will ruin everything. Jungkook seems to think the same. “I am sorry people made you question everyone who offers you warmth.”
Jungkook closes his eyes. “My fiancee, she’s really my best friend, she was near me all the time, the only person who I will never question. She had been there crying with me and suffering with me.” Taehyung closes his eyes as well.
In that welcome amber glow the time of slower thoughts has arrived, those moments when Taehyung listens to his heart and doesn’t understand what it’s saying. It’s all confusing in his head too. There’s something tugging at his chest.
“I hate rich people, because I was bulliyed by them.” Taehyung decides to share as well. It’s not scary to do it, it’s scary how easy it feels to share his hurt parts with Jungkook. “It’s nothing special. Poor kid with dead parents and a scholarship going to a good school."
*warning tags: mentions of bullying
"Rich kids like to feel superior because of their parent's money, they also like to hurt others if they're hurt. They ruined me I think. It’s scary how kids truly are. They’re so creative in the ways to torture something. There was a rich girl who especially liked to play with me
One time, she and her friends went too far. I fell off the roof and bleeded so hard, I thought my life was over. It’s also scary how happy I was that my life is over. I ended up in hospital for a month and then expelled from the school. The girl ended up without any punishment."
Tears escape his eyes. He doesn’t want to cry, but it’s still painful, the injustice. Jungkook’s head rests against his chest. He lets Taehyung tear up in silence. They feel the soothing breeze. "I'd kill them for you, the people that hurt you."
Jungkook raises his head from Taehyung’s chest and looks him in the eyes. Something about Jungkook makes Taehyung feel more alive and less lost. Their foreheads touch and they share short breaths. Taehyung is living as it’s his last day. He could kiss Jungkook,
he could shorten the distance and lock their lips. The problem is, Taehyung is afraid that once he’ll kiss Jungkook he’ll never be able to stop. Jeon Jungkook is from another world, and he is proposing to his fiancee in a week. Taehyung is fearless, but not enough to do it.
“So you hate rich people?” Jungkook asks and the words travel between their lips, warm breath hitting their cheeks. Taehyung nods his head. Jungkook smirks. “How wonderful to be liked by someone who hates everyone else.”
Taehyung’s heart swells, he feels so intimately open. “Who said I liked you?” Jungkook lets his head fall on Taehyung’s shoulder again.Something in Taehyung wants more. But he knows he’s not allowed to have more. A pity really. “I feel so calm and safe here.” Jungkook mumbles
“I have never felt so safe in my life.” Taehyung keeps silent. Tomorrow he’ll gather his team, prepare a plan on how to steal from Kim Namjoon. Then in 5 days he’ll attend Lee’s Ball and steal the ring. He’ll give the ring back to Jeon Jungkook. They’ll never see each other.
Taehyung will be alone again. He leaves Jungkook on the roof sleeping, walk downstairs and ask Jungkook’s bodyguards to take Jungkook back home. When he falls alseep in his own bed, Taehyung cries, until now he thought there's nothing bad in living as it's his only day.
Now, Taehyung is terrified of how much he wants to live because of Jungkook, because of someone who's not even a constant in his life. He doesn't know what to expect from tomorrow. But when he wakes up and there is no message from Jungkook, Taehyung tells himself it's all okay.
When the entire day passes and there is no message or call from Jungkook, Taehyung again tells himself it’s all okay. He, himself is not ready to face Jungkook. But it’s longing. The hungry feeling eating at his heart. It’s strange how much a person can make you feel,
it’s not about the time really, it’s not about the days you know someone, it’s about how they impact your life in a span of time. Taehyung allows himself to be sad. But it doesn’t stop him from meeting his team to plan his next big case the next day.
It’s Yoongi and Jimin in his apartment. Taehyung explains to them bits and pieces of what happened in the last days. They joke together, drink a bit and then master the plan. In the evening Taehyung gets a call from Hobi,
who lets him know that all the money from stolen pieces was sent to the donation centre. Taehyung thanks him and ends the call briefly. As he thinks about what to wear to the Ball and how to wear his heart tomorrow, he gets a message from Jungkook. It’s cold and to the point.
‘If you need help tomorrow, let me know. Otherwise, good luck.” Tomorrow Taehyung will go back to his usual bubbly self, he will joke and tease and pretend everything is fine. That’s how one lives as if it’s their last day.
Taehyung falls asleep, dreaming of quiet nights and warm touches. He doesn’t even imagine how tomorrow’s party at Kim Namjoon will ruin him more. What a tragedy, truly, how the broken ones are hurt the most.
🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 “If Jeon Jungkook wants a battle, I’ll give him war.” Taehyung exclaims, sipping from his strawberry liquor, while Jimin and Yoongi encourage his insanity. “How exactly did he declare a battle?” “Well” Taehyung hooks a palm under his chin
and hums in acknowledgement of such a smart question “He ghosted me after we had such a heart to heart conversation, and then he sent me a short cold text, this whole cold intimidating persona is not working in his favour” “You’ll give him hell tonight, we already know”
Yoongi speaks for the first time since he stepped inside the tiny apartment, bumming with loud music. The music is still loud, Taehyung still masks his pain with sarcastic cries and humorous laughs. He will try to disconnect at the party. There’s no other way.
“Aren't you taking your meds tonight?” Jimin inquires, carefully, tone gentle and soft. He doesn’t want to trigger Taehyung’s resistance. “I don’t even know why I take them, is there any reason?” Perhaps it's the first time Taehyung speaks sincerely tonight.
“Hope. That’s the reason” Yoongi crosses the distance between them and threads his fingers through Taehyung’s hair. “We can do nothing but hope.” “Maybe I am tired to hope.” Taehyung is pained to be so intimate with his words. “Well, it’s time for Cinderella to attend Ball.”
He is not Cinderella, far away from it. His body attire would leave someone to beg for mercy not for them to offer help. He’s wearing a sheer see through black blouse with a silk jacket on his padded shoulders. His bloody red trousers are asorted with a pair of platform shoes.
“You’re out for war, just take care.” Taehyung nods and kisses his friend’s cheeks. He manages to leave his apartment an hour later. Yoongi and Jimin drive him to the party. When they stop near the entrance, in the parking spot, Taehyung breathes deeply, hands shaking a bit.
“You remember the plan?” Jimin starts his questioning, eyes pleading for a smooth cooperation. Taehyung nods. “Your strawberry lipstick?” “Checked.” “Your medication?” “My strawberry liquor is with me.” Yoongi shakes his head, but doesn’t voice out his thoughts.
He knows it’ll end badly, he just hopes this bad ending will lead to a bigger happy ending. “Your gun?” “Checked.” Taehyung bends down and curls his hand under the sleeve of the trousers. There lays his favourite gun and a sharp knife. “My ring on your finger?” Jimin asks.
“Checked… wait what?” Jimin laughs upon seeing the confused face of Kim Taehyung. They all laugh, because sometimes it feels like it can be their last laugh together. Taehyung enters the place and it feels like he just got into the lion’s den, the smell of money,
sex and whiskey floating suffocatingly in the air. There are a lot of luxurious cars parked near the mansion. Giant lamps hung above the guests, illuminating the huge hall, which was already crowded. The party is at its peak, people wearing rich dresses and jewelleries
dancing under some pop music Taehyung absolutely hates. Light and gold is displayed everywhere. Bottles of champagne in cold buckets. Taehyung doesn’t wait long, he presents his manufactured invitation. He thanks Yoongi in his mind, when the man at the entrance lets him in.
Then, work proceeds fast, smoothly, just as he planned. Taehyung gets lost in the music, in the crowd, he dances through them. It’s when his eyes spot Namjoon’s figure at the bar, then Taehyung makes his way there. Surprisingly Taehyung doesn’t look for Jungkook in the crowd.
His heart doesn’t soar because Jungkook is not here. Maybe because it’ll be a bit sore when he’ll see them together, Jungkook and his fiancee. Not because there is something sharp stabbing his heart at the thought. He has known Jungkook for two weeks.
It can’t be anything other than the fact that in those two weeks, Taehyung got attention and affection from Jungkook, then the man stopped suddenly. And tonight Taehyung will need to see how Jungkook does it with someone else. Taehyung doesn’t have any right to feel this way.
He doesn’t, he doesn’t. He just appreciates Jungkook as a person. That’s why Taehyung needs to finish it faster and leave the place, maybe get lost on the shore with his liquor. He heads to the bar and sits near Kim Namjoon. He needs to steal from him tonight. Thatțs the plan.
Taehyung doesn’t speak first, he can see on Kim Namjoon’s face that he wants to speak, that he needs it, his eyes scream of pain and the hand reaching for another glass of scotch shows it too. Taehyung remains silent, until he is addressed. Just as he expected.
"No one buys their fake smiles" Namjoon tolds Taehyung, pointing to the crowd behind them, "but everyone is forced to pretend, It's all we know how to do right. Do you see the woman over there? She is my wife, beautiful, isn't she?" Namjoon says proudly, pointing to a lady in red
The lady is currently dancing with another man, Taehyung remembers him as a Spanish sponsor that was new to the business world of Seoul, who was also a widower if the rumours went right. "And why is your wife flirting with another man?" Namjoon’s facial muscles tense
a sign that Taehyung pressed the perfect button. "She told me that they are just friends, who spend too much time together" Namjoon hesitates for a moment, to burst into a hysterical cry in the next second and then to continue
"I offered her everything, money, trips to France, her wardrobe is full of Gucci and Armani. What else does she need?" Ah, Taehyung is even a bit sad over Namjoon’s heartbreak. Kim Namjoon is a man too kind in the world full of sharks.
"You probably don't satisfy her as well in bed as he does." Taehyung grits through his teeth and waits for his words to have the desired effect. For a moment Namjoon’s eyes turned completely dark. He is drunk. Taehyung knew how his words would hit the man.
But contrary to his expectations, Namjoon didn’t attack him. He rises to his feet confidently, turning angrily to his wife and starts arguing. Taehyung will take advantage of the situation as well, even better. When Namjoon leans to hit the man his wife flirted with,
when the fight starts and the crowd gets mixed up and chaos burns, Taehyung walks closer to Namjoon. He puts his arm around the man and grabs him from the fight and the crowd. Taehyung pats his head and whispers comforting words. Taehyung leaves Namjoon at the bar, on a stool.
He himself heads to the exit room. In the rear view, he can see it as through a window. The grand ballroom of the luxurious hotel is filled with the wealthy elite, all dressed in their finest attire. The chandeliers sparkle above, casting a warm glow on the guests.
Taehyung exits the club. In his pocket there is Kim Namjoon’s watch that he managed to steal. Taehyung executed the plan perfectly, despite the alcohol circulating in his body, despite his heartbreak. He didn’t see Jeon Jungkook. That’s another success.
But why does it feel as the most agonising defeat? He kneels to the pavement, and leans his back on the cemented wall. It’s less noisy. Taehyung breathes deeply and grabs a cigarette from his pack. It’s another thing he does to tighten the rope around his neck.
He shouldn’t smoke, drink, or stress. But does it really matter in the end, when he can count his days on the brim of the number of cigarettes in his pack. He brings the cigarette to his lips and takes a breath, letting the wind carry away the smoke,
and his longing for someone he knows for two weeks. Two weeks, fourteen days, 336 hours, 20160 minutes, where every second of knowing Jungkook, feels like a century of being close to him. Taehyung drags another smoke, when he sees the shadow hovering over him.
Taehyung turns to the intruder and meets eyes with the source of his longing, heartbreak. He meets eyes with his last wish. Jeon Jungkook looks like heaven, if it was a person. But Taehyung can’t pay attention to the corset hugging the man’s thin waist or the unbuttoned shirt.
Taehyung looks into Jungkook's eyes and he drowns. “Taehyung” Jungkook steps closer and with a swift movement grips the cigarette from Taehyung’s lips, throwing it on the pavement. “Why did you do that?” Taehyung asks with a childish delight.
All his thoughts about ignoring, avoiding Jungkook, treating him with silence and ignorance are thrown out in the wind once their eyes meet. Taehyung forgets his sadness and heartbreak. Jungkook brings a sense of joy to him. He feels alive near him.
“Why do you busy your lips with such poisonous things?” Taehyung knows the dangerous game they just indulge themselves into. He wants to step back, or ask Jungkook about the silence between them. But can you blame Taehyung? Jungkook is his last wish after all.
“What should I busy my lips with then?” Taehyung can see Jungkook’s eyes lowering to his lips, he can see the way his body tends to Jungkook’s. It had been two days since they didn’t see each other, it has been two days since Jungkook told him they’ll be good friends.
But now the word friends seems far fetched. And it comes naturally. They just tend to each other. Their lips meet. And the world stops. And their hearts too. Because there is an electrifying feeling inside their chest, overwhelming all their senses.
They stop for a second because everything becomes too much from a single touch. Their hands are curled in a chaos of movements against each other. “Tae…” “Please, just…” Their lips meet again in a fervour dance. They are bound in a kiss that is so rushed and suffocating
the world stops on its axis. Taehyung knots his fists in Jungkook’s shirt, pulling him harder against him. Jungkook groans softly, low in his throat, and then his arms circle Taehyung’s, gathering the boy against him. Taehyung rubs his thumb along his jaw
and the way his tongue seems to disappear inside his mouth, as if he needs a part of Jungkook to breathe himself, is making him go crazy. He doesn’t know how much time passes until they stop, breathing rushiedly, while avoiding each other’s eyes.
“I am sorry for the silent treatment” Jungkook utters, voice hoarse, breaths coming in strings as their foreheads remain close, touching. “I knew you had a mission and I didn’t want to distract you from it. I also am so confused.
After that night on the roof, I haven’t stopped thinking about you. It’s maddening.” Jungkook’s breaths are berated against his lips. Taehyung thinks he should treat Jungkook gently, hold his heart carefully. Jungkook is his last wish after all. Taehyung is selfish. Damn it.
“Then it’s good I am not alone in my misery” Taehyung says and is surprised to see how not scared he is to be intimate with Jungkook. Things that fall snowflakes raindrops autumn leaves stars Taehyung. He had fallen gravely for Jungkook.
Taehyung steps back, his eyes are suddenly filled with tears and apologies for two hearts that will break tonight. Jungkook looks confused. Taehyung can’t tell the truth. The truth is he thought it’s only physical attraction, that a kiss, his last wish, will solve everything,
but turns out after his confession out loud, after Jungkook’s words, his heart contracted in his chest. It’s not attraction, it's the beginning of love. “I am very confused and scared and lost. I have never felt so intense and so much towards someone, even if you’re a brat
and you don’t listen to me and put yourself in danger.” “We can’t” Taehyung cuts him off. He can see the dark clouds as shadows on Jungkook’s face. Jungkook takes a step to him. Taehyung steps back. “Is that because I have a fiancee? I can’t promise you anything now.
I am lost myself, but we can try and see where it goes until we make rash decisions or we can…” Taehyung’s facade is slowly fading. It wasn’t strong enough in the first place. He wants so much to let go, to step to Jungkook, hold his hand and try it.
"It's so rare" Jungkook says "how we feel, the connection between us, that even we ourselves don't understand." Because it’s once in a lifetime that you can meet someone who feels like he was made for you, for your heart. Taehyung was so lonely, so reserved, so isolated.
He wants to let himself try it. He wants to make the step to Jungkook, but a loud noise stops his foot from moving from its place. Taehyung sees the figure approaching them. He can also see Jungkook stepping back, towards the door. Taehyung pretends it doesn’t hurt.
“Kook, I have been looking for you everywhere, my father asked for you and…” Before Taehyung can see the girl, her voice sounds strangely familiar, the cruel undertone of his memories. Taehyung feels heartbreak. Why does he feel heartbreak? Why does his chest feel so pained?
And then he sees Jungkook smiling at the girl that walks to them from the corner. It is so strange, but Taehyung senses his heart bleeding. His stance is frozen and his mouth is dry. His emotions turn jagged and his insides tight. He thinks he is one more blow away from breaking.
Tears make their way into his eyes. Jungkook doesn’t seem affected at all, on the contrary, he smiles so widely. The girl’s raven short hair seem familiar and her vixen eyes too. Taehyung looks at her and remembers how hell started in his life.
Taehyung looks at Choi Aera and sees the person that destroyed his life, that tormented his high school years. And then Taehyung sees Jungkook holding her hand. And he knows this is what death should feel like.
His most comfortable person smiling at the person that holds all his demons and fears in her. Then, Jungkook remembers him, he tries to make introductions. But when the girl meets eyes with Taehyung, it’s clear no introductions are needed. She looks at him differently now.
“This is Taehyung, I told you about him…” Jungkook starts, but as he sees the tension and frozen stares, he closes his mouth. Once, Choi Aera looked at Taehyung with disdain in her eyes. Now there is no mocking there, only fear for some reason,
and some other flavours of feelings Taehyung can’t discern. And Taehyung had enough. Apparently, his last wish just turned into his greatest curse. Taehyung was so foolish to want to let go. “Fuck you” He yells all of a sudden.
Aera still looks in fear at him, in confusion. Jungkook is concerned, his face is filled with worry and he leans closer. “Fuck you all” Taehyung screams again, because he truly had enough. He’s so mad about the unfairness of it all.
Taehyung doesn't know if it's all a plan to ruin him completely. If Aera came back in his life with Jungkook to make sure Taehyung is done. He can't trust any of his feelings right now. Taehyung turns to Jungkook with ice in his eyes
“I will go to the Ball and take the ring, I’ll send it to you through a trusted person. Until then, you do not contact me at all. And after our deal is closed we lose contact. I don’t want to try anything with you.” Taehyung doesn’t wait for anything. He leaves Jungkook.
He leaves Aera there, the girl who was yet to say a word to him after everything. Taehyung rushes into a cab. All the way home, he is in a daze. He throws his phone out. And tomorrow he’ll move from his apartment. There's only one adress in his mind right now where to go.
The cab reaches a small cabin in the middle of the woods in no time. Although the taxi driver seems apprehensive to drive in the wrecked tiny path, Taehyung assures him the forest is safe. Just as Taehyung leaves the car after they reach their destination.
The car drives at maximum speed back. Taehyung smiles, even if his smile is pained. He turns to the stone house on the outskirts of the city. Into the light of night, into the blessed depressed blue of the sky, comes a silhouette that is born of shapen light.
And to the eyes, the adjusting eyes, to the brain still processing the freshly brightened hues, appears doors, windows, a roof of fine tile, a cottage. It nests in a mirth of grass. Taehyung steps carefully inside it. Taehyung knocks. And the door opens immediately.
It’s heaven and pure bliss when he is engulfed in a pair of two tight hugs. He doesn’t feel so alone anymore. Jimin and Yoongi usher him inside the house. Still not detaching themselves from his body. After Taehyung sits on the chair, there is a warm cup of tea in his hands.
There are grey walls, lacking of furniture, flowers in a vase near the window, a wooden chair in the corner that currently hosts Yoongi and a long hallway that Taehyung doesn’t have any idea where it leads to. “I got a message from the doctor.” Taehyung says without any tremble
He needs to cry to someone about it. Jimin holds his tears at bay. “How much more?” A tear gets latched onto his voice. Yoongi is silent, face averting so that he could hide his tears as well. Taehyung tells them about the night, about Jungkook, about Choi Aera…
And then he tells them about the doctor’s latest message regarding his recently sent analyses. “Two or three months at most.” Jimin bursts into tears, sobbing. Yoongi doesn’t hide his pain anymore either. Taehyung just sits there silently. He doesn’t know how to feel.
He accepted it. When he heard the news years ago from the hospital, he knew there’s no other way he would want to live the remnant of his life other than help and prevent deadly bullying that he suffered from himself. That’s how he started playing against everything rich.
That’s how he connected with Hobi and started the transfer of money from his thefts. He would lie if he said that he made peace with it. No one really wants to die. But at least he’ll meet death with his head held high. 🌹No MCD🌹
Taehyung expected Jungkook to not look for him. That’s what he asked from the man. But, when Jungkook didn’t truly look for him after that night, Taehyung’s heart soared more. He wants Jungkook to explain himself, to tell him he never knew what Choi Aera did in high school.
To say that their feelings, that their connection is genuine. He wants to hear it before everything becomes dark for him. He wants his last wish. He doesn’t want anything from Choi Aera. Taehyung had his revenge long ago. When she would brag about her parents loving her
and having a normal life, when she laughed and mocked Taehyung because he was an orphan, it all led to years later Taehyung sending Aera’s mother photographs with her husband cheating on her. Weeks later Taehyung read about the divorce of Choi’s family.
It wasn’t his brightest move, not his kindest. But Aera ruined everything, took away his life from him. The most Taehyung could take from her was the illusion of a happy family. Taehyung is more tired as the days go by, He refused to stay in the hospital.
He refused to get put in a transfer list. He just wants to close all his deals, all his loose ends. He wants to not see Jungkook anymore. That’s why he finally accepted Jimin’s offer of moving in their cottage, living the upcoming two months together.
Taehyung bought a new phone and changed his number. That’s why he is sitting in front of the mirror preparing for the Ball at his ex’s birthday party. Taehyung will finish everything tonight. He got an invitation to the Ball from Seokjin after offering him Kim Namjoon’s watch.
Tonight, Taehyung will end everything, his thefts, the dark criminal world. From tomorrow he’ll live the two three months he has left in peace and serenity. Taehyung got peace with the fact that he will never see Jungkook again. He truly did. Or maybe he is a perfect liar.
Taehyung would say he’s not ready to meet his ex tonight. And that would be true. He owes Lee quite a lot. For saving Taehyung back when he felt in a pit of self hate and misery, for giving Taehyung a shoulder to support himself when he needed the most.
What Taehyung is not thankful for, is being manipulated, getting dependent on Lee till the point that it was used against him. There is an amalgam of contradictory feelings between them. Taehyung took care that there aren’t any loose ends between them.
Because the visit at the hospital and the sudden news weren’t the reason he broke up with Lee. Taehyung didn’t dress up for some reason. He chooses a long tailored brown suit and a pair of elegant earrings, his curls are styled by Jimin, who leaves a sweet kiss on his cheek
After the reveal of Taehyung’s analyses, Jimin bathed him even more in affection, Yoongi on the other hand avoided him. Taehyung understands both their reactions. When Taehyung steps inside the club, his heart doesn’t constrict because of a possible meeting with his ex.
His heart is somewhere else, with someone else. Because Taehyung has never felt so much towards anyone else, as he does for Jungkook. It’s a pity, Taehyung doesn’t have much more time to have those feelings. Taehyung doesn’t have a plan for tonight.
Because it’s the last and only night when he’ll steal, just like his life was stolen from him. Tonight, he feels free, exposed to all dangers, still his heart doesn’t roar at the pair of eyes he meets in the crowd. Taehyung can’t hear the music, loud and extravagant.
He doesn’t see the naked men and women, or the white powder, the swallowing pills, the other things that reminisce him about his old life. No, Taehyung sees Lee across the stage and he knows what to do. He approaches the man. He smiles and his eyes glow.
Taehyung bends seductively over the man and whispers in his ear. “Want to go somewhere else?” It’s his first time seeing Lee after so many years, but it doesn’t cause him pain or fear or the urge to get close and engulfed in his protection.
Lee however radiates the same arrogant smug grin as he follows Taehyung to the bathroom. Kim Seokjin might have seen a side of Lee, heartbroken, ruined by Taehyung’s love. Taehyung got to see other sides of Lee during their relationship, his manipulative and possesive side.
When the door closes behind them, Taehyung waits for Lee to speak first. He always does. “I knew you’ll come to me, even after years” Lee says, body leaning into him. Taehyung takes a step back. “Am I that imprevisible?” “No, you are weak. And you need me to survive.”
Taehyung shakes his head confidently. He is not his broken young self anymore. “Or, my little tiger, who fights hundreds of battles every day.” Taehyung does. “Won’t it be easier to let me protect you, take care of you.” Lee continues, leaning in. Taehyung doesn’t step back.
Memories hit him full force. That sweet gentle tone of Lee’s voice, the promises of a safe life around him, without worries. Taehyung is tired, maybe it’s physically. His doctor told him about it. Maybe it’s emotionally. But Lee’s words soothes his pain like a lullaby.
Taehyung closes his eyes and lets himself get loosened a bit. Lee’s fingers crawl on Taehyung’s skin and caress it softly. “How did you survive without me until now?” “He survived just perfectly” Taehyung hears the words and for the first time, his heart roars in his chest.
The voice makes him feel alive, it doesn’t make him give up his control, it makes him want to fight for his life. Taehyung opens his eyes instantly and sees Jungkook at the bathroom’s entrance. “Who the fuck are you?” Lee questions with venom in his voice
“His little protector or something?” Jungkook shakes his head, disgust evident on his face. “He doesn’t need a protector. He’s stronger than both of us.” Taehyung sits in confusion between the two men. His head is starting to hurt like if hit by a thunder.
His vision gets a drop blurry. Jungkook notices it, he’s instantly by his side, offering his arm for support. Taehyung doesn’t take it. He sees how hurt flashes on Jungkook’s side. Lee is laughing, loud and arrogant, just like he can.
“You’re a fool if you think that Taehyung will ever choose someone other than me” He turns to Taehyung “Aren’t I right, my doll?” The old nickname tugs at a heartstring. Lee offers his hand. Taehyung doesn’t need to think much before he takes it.
He curls his fingers around Lee’s hand, caressing it gently in swift motions. It makes Lee’s grin even wider. It makes Jungkook’s hurt even more evident. “Taehyung, please let go, don’t choose me, but at least choose yourself. You’re so strong, so cool, so badass,
you don’t need anyone to survive, it’s enough that you have yourself.” Jungkook looks at him with pleading eyes. Taehyung lets the stolen ring from Lee’s finger slip inside his pocket. And then he raises his tightened knuckles and hits Lee in the face with full force.
It elicits a muffled sound from Jungkook and a groan from Lee who falls to the floor from the intense punch. “It’s not me who’s weak, Lee. It’s you who need to feed into broken people to regain your power and control.” Taehyung takes Jungkook’s hand and leaves the bathroom.
They exit the club. And Taehyung feels the adrenaline rushing through his veins. Holding Jungkook’s hand makes him feel so alive. There’s no one place or person he’d rather be with than right here, in the night’s fresh breeze, holding Jungkook’s hand.
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As the night air hits his face as a blow to reality, Taehyung drags Jungkook to a corner on the other side of the street. They enter a tiny Chinese restaurant and sit at a table in the far corner. After they order, Taehyung grabs the ring from his pocket.
It pains him to end all of this, but the quicker he does it, the quicker he’ll go home and cry himself to sleep probably. Taehyung drops the ring near Jungkook’s resting hand on the table. “Here’s your ing. Our deal is closed.”
Jungkook looks at him and then at the ring and then at him again “I don’t need it anymore.” “What do you mean you don’t need it anymore?” “I cancelled the proposal, I mean I cut it. My grandfather threw a bit of a tantrum, but it’s solved now.”
Taehyung thinks that maybe he’s dreaming. Maybe he’s paranoiac, maybe the headache influenced his hearing. “Can you say it one more time?” Jungkook chuckles loudly, eyes filled with fond adoration “What we feel, Tae, it’s worth fighting for. It makes me feel alive
And it makes me thank God that he put us both on earth at this time. I have always closed myself and put in front this cold reserved heir. But to you I want to be myself to make you blush, and feel alive, and joyous and comfortable just like I do in your presence.”
It’s a confession. A confession that makes him tear up unconsciously. A confession that makes him confess as well. “I have an acute kidney injury and I have two or three more months to live. And if there is something that I’d like to do in my last months of life, is do you.”
🌹Jk's pov🌹 The concept is so absolutely foreign that Jungkook can't comprehend what Taehyung is trying to say. “It can be treated, I heard that” Jungkook starts, but he gets cut. “I went to the hospital too late, the only chance is surgery and it has a 20% survival rate.”
"So what? We can still try to go abroad in better clinics or.." A sad smile crosses Taehyung’s face, and Jungkook knows right then what Taehyung is trying to tell him. His eyes never leave Jungkook’s as he finally says the words that numb Jungkook’s soul. "I'm dying, Jungkook."
Taehyung’s kidneys are failing him. “How did it happen?” “I told you that back in high school I suffered from a fall and bleeded a lot, the extreme bleeding caused damage to my kidneys, I didn't know about it until it was too late to do anything to prevent it.”
The moment Taehyung tells him, the blood drains from his face and a sheaf of dizzying images flutter through Jungkook’s mind. It is as though in that brief moment, time has suddenly stopped and Jungkook understands Taehyung better. Why he was living every day like his last day.
"No, no," Jungkook whispers to him, "there has to be some way..." Jungkook’s world goes blank. Because when he finally found his world, he got to know that his world is dying. Jungkook’s head starts to spin, and Jungkook crosses the distance and throws his arms around Taehyung.
He clings to him tightly to keep himself from losing balance and falling on the floor. Jungkook closes his eyes, wanting the whole thing to go away. "I'm so sorry, Jungkook," Taehyung keeps saying over and over again. Taehyung has never cried before.
Not even when he got the news from the hospital. But now seeing how it makes Jungkook sob uncontrollably on his shoulder, Taehyung lets himself mourn his life too. Jungkook holds him tight, not knowing what else to do, failing to be the rock Taehyung needs at the moment.
Jungkook has lost so many loved ones, he can’t lose Taehyung, not him. He cries some more when Taehyung sits in his friend’s car. Jungkook still tears up looking at the car driving into the distance. He has never felt more powerless in his life.


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