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fudgeface on the street⁷

fudgeface on the street⁷

Jan 22, 2023
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i love how yoongi is simultaneously an oversharer and a private person. yes, i shall tell you i licked a citrusy bathbomb to know if they taste like vitamin gummies but no, i won’t tell you if i actually have a cat.

yes, you would be imparted the trials and tribulations i went through to download cubase on this laptop but no, no tattoo info.
i think he has struck that unique balance of maintaining an open book but keeping the mystery. we know so many cute tidbits about him but also remain ignorant on some stuff. i like that.
fudgeface on the street⁷
freelance yoongi fluffer, part-time bum prompts writer. 🔞; explicit rating, kinks. she/they ’96 ♋︎ 🍳↓RPF fan account. FUB free. minors dni.
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