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Jan 22
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Happy New Year! #YearoftheCat Which is the true energy of the year. One may ask themselves, “but I thought it was the year of the rabbit!” Unfortunately that is not the case and just another example misdirection, misinformation, and false statements made mainstream But why?

If you know anything about the Chinese zodiac, You know that each sign has a specific energy associated with it Look at the characteristics of a rabbit and a cat objectively Rabbits are generally docile & timid animals, while cats are known to be independent, curious & active
This gives us the first clue as to WHY the year is being pushed as a RABBIT and not a Cat. Being timid and docile is a lot easier to CONTROL compared to someone who is Independent, curious, and active!
This year is real powerful energy coming up. Unfortunately many will try to mitigate it, or worse, actively plot AGAINST the energy! So knowing this you can use the energy to help benefit and further yourself, but get this. . . What if you never KNEW this energy existed?!
That is where we are at! Why hide the Cat w/the veil of the rabbit? You will see just how much change the cat brings this year & U will be 1 step closer to finding out what the CAT can be a Catalyst for Unfortunately Cats will get a bad rap this year when it’s all said & done
Without understanding WHAT your energy even is, it will be difficult to use your power to the fullest extent. If you constantly thought you were docile and gentle etc. You will never become the most fearsome sign in the zodiac. Why do I say that? . . .
CATs are LITERALLY interwoven within the space time fabric of the universe CATions are tiny positively charged particles. Which are found EVERYWHERE from a rock to a rocket. They can be helpful or harmful depending on their nature and the amount present. In other words . . .
NOTHING happens without a Cat in one way or another. Your favorite thing in the world exists because of a Cat. The worst disasters in the world exists because of a Cat. There is always a balance, but one thing is for sure The Less active the Cat is (lazy cat) The less …
Cats will influence the current state of existence If you are born in the Year of the CAT do yourself a favor Don’t be timid, docile, & lazy Become ACTive, Curious, & independent this year Do NOT be a Rabbit If you ARE born in a cat year Follow me I’ll show U how it’s done


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